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December 30th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Make a New Year's Resolution That Comes True!

resolution imageRight about now, a lot of you are making your New Year’s resolutions, coming up with loooong lists of things you want to change about yourself, your life or maybe your spouse. HA! We’re going to fix him this year, right?

It’s always a lot of fun participating in this great American ritual of resolving to make things better with the coming of the New Year. Fun, for sure, but we all know that most of the time, talk is cheap — and “resolution talk” is really cheap. By late January, we pretty much forget about everything we resolved to change and go right back to the comfort zone we professed to be really tired of. (more…)

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December 30th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

A Gift at the End of the Year

GivingI read the other day that 21 individuals or couples in this country made philanthropic pledges in excess of $100 million in 2009. I immediately had two thoughts: Thank God for the generosity of those who have been financially blessed, and I hope and pray such news doesn’t make everyday Americans think that, when it comes to giving, there is very little they can do. 

Yes, it’s staggering to look at the accomplishments of an organization like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is spending billions around the world to wipe out diseases like malaria and provide educational opportunities for kids living in extreme poverty. But the fact is a small donation — and I’m talking about $10 or $20 — can still work small miracles for a lot of people in need.  (more…)

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December 24th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Pregnant Pause

teen pregnancy2OK, did you see this in the news from my old stomping grounds in Texas? Mackenzie McCollum, a pregnant 17-year-old high school volleyball player in Fort Worth, Texas, has filed a federal civil-rights complaint after her coach first benched her for several games this season and then later required her to get a doctor’s permission before she could continue playing. She alleges the coach and school discriminated against her by not letting her play, and therefore, she may have lost the chance at getting a college athletic scholarship. Hmmm. 

The coach and his bosses at the school district contend that their primary consideration must be for the health and safety of one of their students, especially one who happened to be carrying an unborn child. 

Let me say from the outset, I’m the last person in the world who will ever condone teenage pregnancy. I am sickened when I read that unplanned pregnancies among teenagers are on the rise again. Children having children is never, ever, a good idea.  I guess the question the court will be asked to decide, if the case goes forward, is whether or not the teen mother-to-be was damaged by the school’s actions, or was it right to act to protect the mother and her unborn child? Again, hmmm. (more…)

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December 23rd, 2009 by Dr. Phil

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas family2So the other day, I heard one more talking-head television commentator announce that Christmas isn’t like it used to be, that the economy is still tough, and that everyone is cutting back, trying to do more with much less. Gee, I said, thanks for pointing that out, because without your clarification, parents across America wouldn’t have noticed.

On reflection, what I really thought was, “Wait a minute. We don’t want to pronounce the Christmas holiday DOA or even seriously wounded because we have less to spend this year. Have we forgotten that this is the time of year when less is supposed to be more?” (more…)

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December 15th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

New Teen Drug Epidemic?

teenDrug1I wanted to make sure you saw yesterday’s startling headline about teenage drug abuse — a report that most newspapers, for reasons I can’t understand, buried in their back pages. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that after a decade-long decline in teens’ use of pot, the trend is going back up. And get this: Although teens have cut down on smoking cigarettes and binge drinking — thank God — more teens than ever are getting high on prescription pain pills and attention deficit disorder drugs. (more…)

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