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August 1st, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Canine Corner


Hey everybody. Check out my new feature, Canine Corner. Reader Tina sent in this picture of her Siberian Husky, Lexus. He’s a good-looking dog. What do you think?

Keep those photos and videos coming!

E-mail your submissions to caninecornerphotos@gmail.com. The maximum file size is 10 MB. By submitting a photo or video to Dr. Phil’s official blog “Turning Point,” you represent that you are the copyright holder of the photo or video and you consent to use of the photo or video on the blog. Professionally shot photos will not be accepted. Pets only please.

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23 Responses to “Canine Corner”

  1. carolyn says:

    cute dog you should see what my dog can do

  2. Alyssa says:

    He’s very photogenic :)

  3. alejandra says:

    awhh. soo cuteee:)

  4. Shelley says:

    That is an awesome picture, Lexus is looking very academic in that picture. This will be a wonderful addition to your site Dr. Phil and thank you for including it.

    Oh hey, it’s 3 p.m. in Houston. I need to go watch Dr. Phil. Can’t wait for your new season!!

  5. BudgetMaven says:

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  6. Jennifer says:

    Cute picture. He looks like he’s ready for lunch. (HA) Love the glasses.


  7. Janet Davies says:

    Hey Dr Phil don’t you like cats?

  8. Daris says:

    Aw…Lexus is a doll!

  9. Anja says:

    Wow, what a great picture, hehehe, but let’s not forget that dogs are not human okay. This is funny, absolutely, but never forget that a dog is a dog and wants to be treated that way, because they don’t understand our language… Lexus is ready for diner, that’s clear :D

  10. Erin says:

    Poor dog, he is probably thinking, “What are my owners thinking”

    Cute dog though.

  11. joanne says:

    This canine should be signed! Hollywood is calling ….Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf!Except he could be the big intelligent wolf!

  12. Lexus is a precious. One of my favorite movies was about Huskies, “Eight Below”. A tear jerker yet one of the most amazing movies I ever saw.

    BTW: I do believe cyber fur will be flying if the isn’t a Feline Corner soon. Especially if SuzyQ sees this… who also has a bunny that almost picketed Pet Smart for not having bunny stockings. Calm down folks as pretty sure Dr. Phil use to have a cat too IF I remember correctly from Robin’s first book, “Inside My Heart.” Or was that a Dr. Phil Show about leather green chair???

    Looks like our screams when twitter and Facebook crashed during “DOS attack” today was heard all the way to ABC News with Charles Gibson tonight, “Twit Apocalypse”.


  13. Annie says:

    The eyes blow me away. Beautiful!

  14. LESLIE says:


  15. Joe Parrent says:

    cutie dog pic.We watch show @ 5pm here in welland,Ontatio Canada.Can’t wait for season 8

  16. Linda RH says:

    We have some neighbors that have several dogs, I think a mother and pups by the sound of the regular baying at certain times of the day when they all want back in the house.
    My husband and I were watching “Marley and Me” this weekend, and at the end we were both wiping our eyes when the chorus from the neighbor’s yard started. The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate and we shared a smile through our tears.

  17. Geri Herb says:

    Thanks Dr. Phil for putting the pic on your new site. I think it is great and so personal. I love dogs i have five of them myself. Lexus looks so cute.

  18. karen on the coast says:

    Dogs Rule … Cats Drool !
    Canine Corner is a great idea. Thanks Dr. Phil.

  19. Patti Meador says:

    wow…still here.
    Great pic, but are you ever going to change it? :(

  20. Paradoxis says:

    I love The Pug Head Tilt from utube that you’ve got up at the moment. Absolutely cracks me up. They’re so gorgeous! :D

  21. Corrina says:

    Pug Head Tilt: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! The last lil fellow looks like, HEY…i’d rather ride!?!?! LOLOL

  22. Tami says:

    Have you all heard of FreeKibble.com? A website started by a young girl in Bend, OR to help feed sheltered animals. Cute website with a trivia question and for every day that you go on and answer the question, 10 pieces of kibble are donated to shelters. One for cats too with a link on the website. Great idea, fun trivia and for a good cause. Give it a try.

  23. Marty W says:

    Is there a place to see dog photos your fans have submitted? I sent mine in, but don’t know where to go?

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