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August 5th, 2009 by Dr. Phil



Hi from Down Under. Having a great time with the family and have met tons of viewers. Australia is as excited about next season as we are.   

The Aussies are a fun-loving bunch! I did live events in Melbourne and Sydney and go to Brisbane tonight. The audiences have been so passionate about everything we have talked about! We have laughed, we have cried, and we have shared such a great time talking about things that matter.  

In between shows, the family and I have been visiting some amazing Australian sites, like the harbor in Sydney and the Sydney Opera House. So great to meet everyone as we walk around. Check out the photos below. 

I look forward to meeting more Aussies and seeing all the friendly faces at the Brisbane show!  But first, Jordan wants to play with koalas, so we are off to the zoo this morning, where the curators have been so kind as to make that happen. 

After the Brisbane show, we are off to dive the Great Barrier Reef for a day before heading back home and getting back to work! More pictures to follow on all of that.

If you ever get a chance to go Down Under, you must do it!


Sydney Opera House



Inside the Sydney Opera House



Sydney Harbour Bridge



Jay, Erica, Dr. Phil, Morgan and Jordan


Dr. Phil and his new friend, Willie

Dr. Phil and his new friend, Willie

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61 Responses to “Australia”

  1. Glad y’all were able to see the Koalas and are going to be able to work in the Great Barrier Reef.

    Thanks for sharing the pics…

    Hi to all the Aussie Dr. Phil Website members: Joan, RuthieG, Karen, Megs, Kell and all y’all Aussies.


  2. Vanese J says:

    ‘G’day’ Dr Phil!

    I am glad you are having a great time in Australia! I follow you on Twitter and am so excited that you’re actually here in my home turf – Australia! I can’t believe you are right in my backyard…but unfortunately I miss out on seeing you. Anyways, I am a BIG fan of yours. And if I make it to the states next year, I hope I can make it to one of your tv recordings and be in the audience!

    Enjoy the dive up at the Great Barrier Reef. It is really nice (and warm) up there. Pity you’re not going to Whitehaven Beach at the Whitsundays while you’re there. Just picture crysal clear aqua water and white silica sand.

    Anyways, have a great time.


    (Sydney, Australia)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Those are some great pics. The inside of the opera house is amazing. Keep the pics coming. Glad you all are having a good time. I’m looking forward to next season. :)


  4. alejandra says:

    glad u and ur family are having so much fun! Australia is really a beautiful place :D

  5. Victoria says:

    Great to hear you and your family are enjoying down under Dr Phil. Part of down under is New Zealand, if you like Australia, you’ll love NZ!! Us kiwis can never resist the temptation to poke the bears in the neighbourhood. Do drop over if you have time, the kettles always on. Love your work, Victoria

  6. To: Paradoxis

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting 2 back stage passes to see Dr. Phil in Brisbane after asking @DrPhil for on Twitter. Truly, a miracle and an AMAZING GRACE moment you’ll always remember. LOLz I may too. I’m happy “and” excited for you!!!

    “DrPhil@paradoxi6 Good morning. Yes by all means. there will be 2 passes at Will Call to come back stage to a Meet and Greet before the show! c u!”


    Sincerely, SEA

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m just a tad jealous sitting here, ok ok make that green with envy. I wanna play with koalas!! How does that work, do you just call up the zoo and say, ‘hey this is Dr. Phil and my son Jordan wants to play with your koalas?’ That is just so cool.

  8. Robyn says:

    You came all the way downunder and missed New Zealand! Much, much more spectacular than Australia (nicer people too! LOL!).

  9. Marcie says:

    Glad to hear your having a great time in Australia.
    Sadly I live in a state your family is not visiting but maybe next time.
    Oh and tell Jordan to watch those koala claws they hurt!!
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your stay.

  10. Jen Longshaw says:

    Another Kiwi here- please come over to New Zealand some time. We have enough dysfunctional families here to make your trip worthwhile!

  11. Maria McGeorge says:

    I was unable to go to your show in Sydney, but i watch your show on tv and love it! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Australia and please do come back sometime, we love you. My dream is to go to the USA and be in your audience. May you and your family have a safe flight back home.

  12. Carol from Oklahoma says:

    Hello Dr Phil,

    OkieGray here. Sounds like you all are having the time of your life! I have heard that the Aussies are wonderful people. What an awesome journey you all have been on. The pictures are beautiful. Love the picture of your family. Robin must have taken the picture since she is not in it. I am sure you all had a blast at the zoo! Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is going to be incredible. You all be careful! Your Okie friends are looking forward to having you back in the states. Enjoy your vacation while you live, laugh and love! Take care and God Bless you and your family.

    Bruce and Carol Gray

  13. Debbie says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,

    I came to your Melbourne Show on Wednesday night and loved it! Can’t believe I was in the same room as you!

  14. Jane says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,
    I saw your show in Melbourne and was privileged enough to meet you before the show, thanks once again, and thanks to Robyn also for the tickets and the very unexpected, yet much appreciated meet and greet. I dragged my husband along to the show and he walked away motivated and inspired, he said he thoroughly enjoyed it. We couldn’t stop recounting your stories on the drive home, so very touching, moving and some incredibly funny you have a wonderful sense of humour. I’m still pinching myself that I actually got to meet you, it was a moment I will never forget and for my husband and I, it’s 2 hours worth of information we will never forget, we’ll take on board, and I know we’ll live much more worthwhile, successful and happier lives, our kids will benefit from that too, and I can’t ever thank you enough for that. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here in Australia, and I’ll continue reading your blog and watching Dr.Phil.

  15. Joe Parrent says:

    Hi the wife and I went to Oz in 2007. You should go see the Red Rock in Alice Springs and have dinner under the stars.We found it great to see the sun sset over the rock and the moon rising too.

  16. Nicole says:

    Dr Phil,
    It is great to see you are having a great time in Australia. I was so fortunate to meet you on your Melbourne Leg of the tour and was truely inspired by your show. It was great to see your beautiful family there supporting you and it inspires me to be a beter person and better mother and wife. It was an amazing experience and hopefully one day i will make it to the US to see you again in person. Enjoy your QLD experience as even though I am from Melbourne nothing beats good old sunny QLD!!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures once your Aussie tour ends!! And don’t forget to come back and visit us soon. NICOLE

  17. April says:

    Really enjoyed hearing you speak last night, you were very engaging, humorous and with a wonderful message for all about how to live their lives. I hope that you can put up a better photo of you on stage so that we can see you better. Enjoy the rest of your trip & I look forward to the next series. Thank you for coming out here – so glad the weather has been spectacular for you too!

  18. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m the one in the family who is always saying, “well, Dr Phil says…..” I love counselling my family and friends, lol. Anyway I run my own florist business here in Brisbane (a venture I started after a cancer diagnosis) so if you would like me to arrange some Australian native flowers to be sent to Robin, I can do that! Mates rates too ;)
    See you tonight.

  19. Jocelyn says:

    Just about to leave to see your show in Brisbane tonight! YAY CANT WAIT!!!
    Hope you are having a great time in Aus and pass the word on to Oprah to get her butt down this way too!!!! :)

  20. Sharon Doucette says:

    Hi Dr phil,

    Thank you for the pictures! I hope you have a wonderful time.

  21. Claire Wallace says:

    Thank you Dr Phil for coming all the way out here to Australia, I really enjoyed your talk in Sydney, you really inspired me! Thank you so much for bringing mental health issues out into the open, and keep up the good work, we Aussies LOVE your show, as there is always something helpful to take away from them.
    I hope you guys enjoyed the Zoo yesterday, especially the baby elephant,
    Best Wishes,

  22. Deb Henry says:

    G’day to the McGraw family,

    Welcome to Australia and thank you for a great show in Sydney last night.
    Yes we laughed , cried and had a great time. Please also thank Robin for interacting with fans at the Acer Arena. Never anything to fear from Aussie fans! Safe travels and I do hope you enjoy some down time down under. All the best! Regards, Deb Henry

  23. carolyn says:

    Enjoyed all the pictures and reading glad your haveing a great trip in Australia love to your family

  24. Janet Davies says:

    Just want to say hello to all the aussie fans! Will never get down under to see your beautiful country (because I never seem to get a holiday) but thanks Dr Phil for sharing your pics and experiences with us! Almost as good as being there!

  25. Ana says:

    I am a fan of Dr Phil’s show. The subjects are really interesting and there is a constant invite to serious meditation about our behaviour and the way we choose to live our lives.
    I am deeply thankful for what I have learned from Dr Phil. He helps me to understand that our own happiness is in our hands, if we decide to be responsible for it.
    Greetings from sunny Portugal!

  26. Jane says:

    P.S. Sorry I wrote Robin with a y instead of an i. oops!

  27. Deedee says:

    Hi Dr Phil and Family!
    You guys are so much fun! I am so glad you are all on twitter now! Just love the tweets and, of course, the photos are fab! It is a breath of fresh air to experience a bit of your family vacation in Australia this summer with you thru twitter! I have been watching your show since it started and was enjoying your ‘Phil’osophy on Oprah before that! I am a ‘tell it like it is’ person and have learned and reaffirmed many insights from you along the way! Hope to get tickets to you show in LA this season so I can meet you in person…Robin is a doll and I enjoy her bits of advice on womanhood and staying young and hip looking as we age! (I just turned 50!) Keep up all of your good work and have a safe trip back to the States! Take care now!

  28. Dennis and Jedonia says:

    We are so happy to see you all having so much fun. I missed my opportunity to visit Australia back in 71-72 while in the service. We love the photos and enjoy following your family on your web site. We are looking forward to more posts and photos.

  29. Paradoxis says:

    Ms Stephenson, having the honour of meeting Dr Phil last night was the high point of my entire life. Hearing him speak has also inspired me to find passion in my life. It truly was a changing day for me. :)

    When he was on stage, in front of thousands of people, he still managed to make it feel like he was talking directly to ME. That’s amazing.

    But DANG, the man is tall! LOL! :D


  30. Linda Rose says:

    Dr. Phil; I have so much enjoyed following yours , Jordon’s, Jay’s and Robin’s tweets and pictures about Austrailia. I am sure people there appreciate you as much as we do here back in North America. It is nice to know you and your family ae having a wonderful time together. Just love the pictures of the animals too! Thanks to all of you for sharing your travels.

  31. Fran Hamilton says:

    Yeah! Happy to see you are “down under”, Australia, my home country. Enjoy your stay! Sydney is just a tiny spot in a large versatile country that has something of interest for everyone.

  32. georginathelas says:

    Great to have seen ya Phil in Brissy!!!! loved the show, hubby and me were laughing a lot. You sounded the same as on tele lol Shame Robyn had to go back and we didnt get to see her. I have had great admiration for you because there are many people in the world that go for therapy and pay loads of money and get no where. You came along and just sort people out. Fantastic. We all will save a hell of a lot of money in therapy since you came on the scene. You do us proud;)

  33. Sarah Moore says:

    Dr Phil,

    Thank you for your amazng show in Sydney last Thursday. My friend and I were in the 2nd row and just found you so inspiring. Both of us have been through some hard times lately, but hearing you speak was just what we needed to give us both a bit of a boost.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have inspired me to follow my dream of studying Psychology next year as through my personal experiences I feel like you, I can influence others to get well. Like you say…life is not a dress rehearsal….and I think finally, at 30 years of age, I get it!

    Sarah Moore.

  34. Steve says:


    I am from australia in Sydney, I went and seen Dr Phil on Thursday nite, Wow what a great time i had really picked up a lot, It was so much fun, Dr Phil really knows how to give people value for money and a really good laugh at times. I found it very good. Dr Phil your a Star. cant wait to have you back soon.


  35. Really enjoyed your Melbourne show on Wednesday night.
    Hope you have a safe trip back home

  36. Joe Faulkner says:

    I am glad I made the effort to travel half way across the state to see and meet Dr Phil. The seminar was entertaining and informative. And I couldn’t help but laugh at Dr Phil’s humour. I listened with intensity and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed and will utilise the ten traits, characteristics, and values that Dr Phil says successful people embrace. Dr Phil, I got a wake up call…………..

  37. Debby McKenna says:

    August 6th was my birthday & I got to spend it with Dr Phil at the Acer Arena, Sydney! Best Birthday ever!

  38. Blgspc says:

    To Paradoxis

    CONGRATULATIONS! So nice to hear that someone who posts got to meet Dr. Phil.
    I’m truly delighted for you! Green, actually!
    I went to LA in February with the intent of catching one of Dr. Phil’s shows, BUT NO LUCK…That was the ONLY week in that month that he WASN’T taping. I DID get a VERY NICE shot of his AWNING though, when we toured the Paramount Studios Lot. That tour was really GREAT! I liked that! SO much Hollywood history was played out on that lot!

    Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to catch one of Dr. Phil’s live shows, who knows?


  39. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  40. Pam Doig says:

    Hey there Dr. Phil, So glad you made it to Oz but New Zealand id further down under than there, and you have lots of fans here too. Hope you enjoyed the Great Barrier, as it’s our turn next year. Can’t wait.

  41. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    I’m sure you all made a difference and left quite an imprint on people’s hearts there. Thanks for sharing your Aussie pics. My favourites are the one with the family with the bridge in the background (missing sweet Robin in it though), and of course koala Willie. They look like natural born huggers…my kind of animal. Glad you all had fun Down Under but it’ll be good to see you get back Up Over. ;) I’m sure Maggie feels the same way. Praying for a safe trip home. God bless.


    P.S. Just wanted to say again thank you for your care and prayers, they’ve been helping and you’ll probably never know till heaven just how much it means to me.

  42. Lisa Ains says:

    Hi Dr Phil & family – it’s fantastic you’re enjoying our Aussie sites and way of life. It’s a beautiful country with much to see. I’m glad the audiences have been welcoming and passionate. I’m just sad that I am too ill to get to the Brisbane show, when I only live 4 hours away too. Maybe you’ll all come back to Australia again soon and I can catch your shows then.

    Tell Jordan to enjoy the Koalas and know they aren’t as cuddly as they look sometimes – they can scratch, bite and well, urinate on you *laughs*. Enjoy though – they’re gorgeous creatures.

  43. Donnas_turn says:

    Hi Dr Phil family,

    Glad your having a great time down here, ive got to say though i loved it, loved it, loved it, your concert that is, I was in Melbourne and up the front, i got so much out of it and your wife Robin was just beautiful in person and life….thanks for a great night.


  44. Tsukihime says:

    I see Paradoxis was able to meet Dr. Phil, I am so happy for her. (^_^) I think it’s great Dr. Phil was able to take the show on the road internationally, how exciting!

  45. Christine Granger says:

    I flew from New Zealand to see ‘Dr Phil in Melbourne’. ( I gave you the All Blacks Beanie).
    I would like to say, for someone who is so well known, you are the most down-to-earth, nicest guy. I was so nervous waiting in the line to meet you but you managed to put me at ease after a big friendly hug.
    I met a lot of your fans that all had a story of how you had inspired their lives. ( Hello to my new ‘piggy bank friends’). I’m now back home and back down to earth but wanted to thank you for an experience I will never forget and one that my friends and family probably wish I would stop raving about…

  46. Paradoxis says:

    Blgspc says:
    August 8, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    To Paradoxis

    CONGRATULATIONS! So nice to hear that someone who posts got to meet Dr. Phil.
    I’m truly delighted for you! Green, actually!
    I went to LA in February with the intent of catching one of Dr. Phil’s shows, BUT NO LUCK…That was the ONLY week in that month that he WASN’T taping. I DID get a VERY NICE shot of his AWNING though, when we toured the Paramount Studios Lot. That tour was really GREAT! I liked that! SO much Hollywood history was played out on that lot!

    Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to catch one of Dr. Phil’s live shows, who knows?


    BG, thankyou so much for your post. Your awning story really made me laugh because the psychiatrist I’ve been seeing twice a week now for nine years took a holiday to the US a few years ago and went on what sounds like the same tour. Remembering how I loved Dr Phil she took a pic of his DOOR and sent it to me via email!


  47. Paradoxis says:

    Tsukihime my friend, thankyou. How amazing is it to post over the internet, from your own home, and actually contact/connect to someone on the other side of the planet?! Let alone someone as busy as Dr Phil?

    That he would read my message AND respond to it, and then be so generous as to actually speak to me face to face…well it just changed my life. It changed how I feel about the world. He’ll never know what he has given me. All that I can do to honour it is to share it with others with the same generosity as he showed me.

    Sorry. I’m gushing again. LOL!

  48. Tsukihime says:

    Paradoxis, gush as much as you want, you deserve it! I can’t tell you how excited I was that you got to meet him and sit in the VIP section for the show. As for generosity, you show it to me every day and I’m sure Quasi and Karen feel the same way. I feel like MY life has been enriched by meeting you on this blog.

  49. R Bensley says:

    Hi Dr Phil,

    I am a HUGE fan of you and Robin. I have seen your show sporadically for years but this year, I am have been fortunate enough to watch it nearly every day. I am so inspired by your forthright honest advice. I am inspired by the relationship you have with Robin and your sons. It amazes me that there is actually a talk show host who is down to earth and who truely cares about the problems of others enough to help them as you do. Thank you for your show and please come to New Zealand some day. We would love to welcome you to our little paradise.

  50. sharon says:

    Awwwdorable, you posted the hugging Willie pic on your blog too. :) Sweet. That made me smile. I’m watching today’s “classic” show now and cracking up at your classic chocolate bannana toothpick cake. I’d eat it, and then I’d even have something to clean my teeth with afterwards. Very efficient of you. ;) I didn’t see its original airing, you & Robin were so playful and cute on it…almost as cute as Willie. ;) Thanks for the laughs today. I needed that. God bless you guys.


    P.S. Robin, your “is that your victim story, Phillip?” line was hilarious. I wonder how long you’d been waiting to ask him that one, eh? Now THAT was classic. :)

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