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August 5th, 2009 by Dr. Phil



Hi from Down Under. Having a great time with the family and have met tons of viewers. Australia is as excited about next season as we are.   

The Aussies are a fun-loving bunch! I did live events in Melbourne and Sydney and go to Brisbane tonight. The audiences have been so passionate about everything we have talked about! We have laughed, we have cried, and we have shared such a great time talking about things that matter.  

In between shows, the family and I have been visiting some amazing Australian sites, like the harbor in Sydney and the Sydney Opera House. So great to meet everyone as we walk around. Check out the photos below. 

I look forward to meeting more Aussies and seeing all the friendly faces at the Brisbane show!  But first, Jordan wants to play with koalas, so we are off to the zoo this morning, where the curators have been so kind as to make that happen. 

After the Brisbane show, we are off to dive the Great Barrier Reef for a day before heading back home and getting back to work! More pictures to follow on all of that.

If you ever get a chance to go Down Under, you must do it!


Sydney Opera House



Inside the Sydney Opera House



Sydney Harbour Bridge



Jay, Erica, Dr. Phil, Morgan and Jordan


Dr. Phil and his new friend, Willie

Dr. Phil and his new friend, Willie

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61 Responses to “Australia”

  1. Jodie Daniel says:

    Hi Dr Phil (and your beautiful family),

    I attended your Melbourne show with so much anticipation I thought I would burst! I took along a good friend who has had a really rough 18 months (and a really rough life). Your show was amazing, inspiring and motivating. You are a wonderful speaker, and I encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to go to a Dr Phil show.

    Thank you so much for coming to Australia…. and I really hope that you will come again (and stay a little longer). (any chance you can bring Oprah too??..hehehe)

    My friend and I have set a date…. 5th August 2010. We’re going to have a ‘girls night out’ and review our life. I have written down my present “life” situation, and I am going to make great efforts to improve the areas that need attention.

    just an added note. My father-in-law is Israeli and doesn’t speak a word of English. When I was visiting my in-laws in Israel a few years ago my FIL was in his room watching the Dr Phil Show. I was so excited when I heard the theme song and went into his room and sat with him. From then on, my FIL would call out “DR PILL, DR PILL!!” each time you came on.. and we would sit together and watch (you were one of the few English speaking shows in Israel at the time). It was a very bonding time for FIL & I…. and a treasured moment… bought together by Dr Phil (or Dr Pill as FIL calls you).

    thank you.


  2. Irene says:

    So glad you enjoyed our country! What is an everyday view for me is a special treat for visitors. Even famous ones like you all.! Saw you in Sydney. we love you and all your fam x

  3. vince says:

    hehehe nice pics Dr Phil i knew you were having a blast, thanks for sharing your vacation with all of us those pics are the next best thing to being there, wish i could go places like that one day but me job be here in georgia hehehe, i do love it tho looking at the pics i mean.

  4. Kylie Mark says:

    Really loved your Melbourne show! It was awesome the whole family came along…

    Please come back so I can get better seats and a photo with you :)

    I have marked 5th of August 2010 to make sure my life has changed and I follow everything I set out… Thanks again for caring enough to come all the way to Australia!!

  5. Sally says:

    It is fun seeing your family pictures! Was Robin with you??? My husband would love to go to Australia and New Zealand! Some day….. Right now we are trying to help our kids through college (& medical school). Tuitions are incredibly expensive compared to the 70’s when I attended university.

  6. Samantha says:

    Hi Dr Phil,

    I’m 18 years old living Brisbane. My friend invited me along to your Brisbane show and i absolutely LOVED it..! I have recently lost my Best Friend 3 months ago and I’m going into the Navy in November. Your show really helped me to get back focus on what I’ve been working so hard towards and also help me with dealing with Steph’s death. Just want to thank you for coming down under..! I’m sure if/when you come back you will be welcomed all the same..! Glad you had a great time and loved our beautiful country as we do. And I’m making that point for 7th of August 2010. =) I will definitely be a changed young lady by then..! Thanks again for coming and sharing your advice with us all..! Much appreciated..!

  7. Eralda says:

    Hi Dr Phil i am happy you had a blast in Australia but i am sad that you did not make a trip to New Zealand ,remember you have lots and lost of fans in here as well ,so i wish you will pay as a visit soon ,All the best from us Kiwis ( NZ )

  8. Maria Di Benedetto says:

    Hey Dr Phil,

    thanks so much for coming down under to visit us. I was so glad to have had the priviledge to see you at the Sydney show. My only disappointment was that it went far too quick. I took my 15 yo daughter with me and she thoroughly enjoyed it. When are you going to come back? Robyn looked fabulous that night and so did you.

    When and if I have the chance to come over to USA I am so going to go to one of your shows. I will never forget the first time I saw you on Oprah and it was the episode where the wife henpecked her husband even telling him how to eat and drink, you were just awesome. Your response was just like I would have hoped and you asked the husband if he had any b….ls? You tell it as it is and that’s why you are the best.

    Anyway, gotta go, take care Dr Phil

    ps when are you gonna be a Granddad?

  9. Moneka Kohler says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, i hope you and your family had a great time hear in Australia especially Melbourne. I wish i had been able to come to you show however i had to work and i really couldn’t afford it.

    I hope that you and your family will return to Australia agian in the future and i will be able to attend your show.

    Take Care :-) XO

  10. sue says:

    Hi Dr Phil
    Thanks for coming to Australia,we were lucky & got free tickets so I was able to skip work for the night & take my oldest daughter along to we’ve all been throw a few hard years & really enjoy your show,I’m glad you enjoyed your time in our country & hope you visit again thanks for the fantastic show we learn t a lot
    regards to you & your family : )

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