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August 10th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

It's My First Day of School

Dr. Phil at workOne thing I’ve noticed about life is that it moves to a rhythm. There’s a rhythm to the change of the seasons, the time for vacations, the annual rituals of your family with birthdays and such. And for all of us, there was a rhythm with the beginning and ending of the school year.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for the end of school — to go rushing out that school door like in the movie Grease, to spend three glorious months sleeping late, hanging at the community pool and having fun. Even the summer job didn’t dampen the spirit because we didn’t have to study and sit still! But by the end of the summer, I was always getting bored with my “freedom” and secretly wanted to get back to school, and friends, and football and all the activities that went with it. Cracking the the books would be endured in exchange for the good parts!

I had gotten away from that rhythm for many years, except vicariously through our boys, but now what with doing the Dr. Phil show, I am kind of back to that school year rhythm. Our shooting schedule pretty much follows the school year. We’re in production from September to May, then we have the summer off, and then it’s back to “school.”

So today, I’m headed back to the studio for the first time this season, taping a show that will run very soon. (Our very first show, the first one you will see, will actually be live from New York City on September 14.) And I have to say, as I head in to Paramount Studios today, I have those same butterflies of excitement in my stomach that I did when I was a kid going back to school after a long summer break.

Dr. Phil in officeI swear, even though this is the eighth season of Dr. Phil, I feel this morning as excited as I did when I was 5 years old, walking into school for the first time in life. That might sound strange, given that this is our eighth season, but this year especially is different. This year is so different, because things are changing so much, that I don’t really look at this year as number eight. I look at it more as the first year of a new era of the Dr. Phil show. I say that because the world has changed so dramatically in the last year or so, and we have decided to change with it in order to meet you, our viewers, where you are in your life and times.

The times have changed, and your challenges and issues have changed with them. Everything from the economic challenges we face to marital pressures from money to kids finding new ways to get in harm’s way, it is a new world out there. We’ve even got divorced couples trying to learn to live under one roof, because in this economy, they can’t afford for one of them to leave. Every day, there seems to be some new problem and challenge. In years past, we have dealt with problems. This year, we will focus on solutions. And that is substantive change, not just semantics, as you will quickly see.

Your needs and interests definitely are changing, so the Dr. Phil show is changing, too. My staff and I have spent the summer talking to so many of you, interviewing you, trying to find out what’s happening with your families and your kids. And I want to keep hearing from you. Let me know what you want us to address that we haven’t talked about yet, and check out some of the shows we’re already working on!

OK, I’ve got to calm down and get ready to go back to school — to walk into that studio today and talk to you. It’s such an exciting time — a time to make a difference. I cannot wait for you to see what we’re going to do. I’m loading up the dog and heading off to the studio, and if I don’t quit typing, I’ll be late, so goodbye!

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28 Responses to “It's My First Day of School”

  1. Luana Flacco says:

    Thanks so much for sharing that. The comparison you used to describe what it’s like for you with the Dr. Phil show really gave me a sense of what you’re feeling. I also remember that “back-to-school” excitement and nervousness at the same time. I am surprised you still feel that with the show, so thanks for sharing.

    So looking forward to how the Dr. Phil show is starting it’s new era by going to the streets. Have a wonderful time and see you on TV. :)

    Ontario, Canada

  2. Joe Faulkner says:

    Hi Dr Phil,

    I can’t believe you’re up to season 8. How time flies. To be so excited after this time is fantastic. It means for us viewers that you may do the show for a long time to come yet !! Im working on towards my passion thanks to your Sydney talk. ( celebrity / entertainment writing ). Ethical / non scandal will be my niche, and following the celebs / shows I love. So am writing about your Australian trip.

    I have followed the show from the start. Just about every episode. More interested now because of your Australian visit. So interested I will come and watch a show there.

    I have been tweeting show suggestions as i get online. Maybe barking up the wrong tree with ideas though. And as new to tweeter not sure im tweeting correctly. All my friends are on facebook, so I joined twitter just to stay up to date with your show and others i like.

    I look forward to the new season and what it will bring. Wonder what the set will be like this season. Unfrortunately as Im in Australia I dont get to see the live shows.

    Break a leg ( good luck ) Dr Phil for the new season.

    Joe.. (Dr Phil show No 1 Fan).

  3. http://www.garageband.com/artist/TheStephensonCompany

    Reading your blog, I was just thinking about very first day of school and how TG&Y would have all the school supplies up by the cash register well organized. Or, my mom did, since she worked there at TG&Y. On Main Street in Norman Oklahoma in Downtown Shopping Center across the street where mom and I went to first grade at Washington Elementary School. My grandfather built house at 817 W. Eufaula (still there) a block from school. How’s that for an autograph as his birth date. I wonder if it was from a 1908 – 1940 SEARS Honor Bilt kit plan house shipped via railroad.


    It was losing my home in 1994, in home town and the GREAT feeling of owning a home that led me to suggest a home renovation series to SEARS and I still have SEARS thank-you from February 7, 2002. I added to my Extreme Makeover application question #46 that my dream beyond a makeover was to see my home renovation series idea come to fruition.

    It was my last idea that mom shared with me. Mom clipped a newspaper article when Neiman Marcus used an idea of mine that I have with Neiman Marcus letter from 1986, and mom sent me a copy of a SEARS Honor Bilt home being moved in OKC newspaper to include with my promoting. Mother passed away February 10, 2003, Extreme Makeover Home Edition aired so she never got to see that idea materialize like your dad didn’t get to see Dr. Phil Show.

    No Extreme Makeover and no home yet glad Extreme Makeover Home Edition built on idea right down to sponsor SEARS as sponsor helps others. Or, at least, I hope does. I sent copy of my thank-you from SEARS letter with application. Nonetheless, because of shopping at SEARS since buying first clothes for school with babysitting money in 1969 and SEARS Honor Bilt homes… SEARS seemed like the perfect sponsor to help others while advertising their vast line of products. My idea wasn’t as grandiose so more could be helped. I told SEARS what good is an idea if not shared and the best way to invest in America is to invest in Americans.


    Loved your blog and I got an image of my first grade PINK math book. Now, that might be a good way to get young ladies interested in math. I LOVED SCHOOL. If ever I have my own home in my home town again I’d love to attend OU and/or work there. I wonder if person who built Stephenson Research Center there is a relative of one of my Grandfather’s siblings.

    Oh, oh, oh, DR. PHIL y’all ought to have a Convention at Lloyd Noble Center there where Elivs and Frank Sinatra performed out by South Base. Montford Inn Bed & Breakfast a few blocks from my childhood home area (where I hope to live) is GREAT place to stay and walking distance to OU. Most OU visiting speakers stay at MONTFORD INN as has an Astronaut, actor and actress and even Queen of Persia. All that’s missing is y’all. Homesteaders room my fave & would love house like Prairie house senior friendly(ized) w/o steps and Energy efficient solar roof etc. with bathroom like Morning Song room. Well, I guess you can tell I’m Oklahoma proud. Oh, and Westheimer Airport is out by National Weather Service facilities and Red Cross on old North Base.


    You and Robin are the Epitome of ‘BORN IN OKLAHOMA” song my bro and dearly departed mother wrote. Click my name then click GREEN ARROW to hear. Click title to see words. Has question marks since not for sale on there and just available to listen to FREE. I love “LORD GOD ALMIGHTY “too and Robin might as well. God Bless Y’all and all those on Dr. Phil Website and Blog and Twitter “across the boards” and behind the boards. Sincerely, SEA

  4. cassie c. says:

    Hell Dr Phil…you’ll be fine. once you get there and get into it..you’ll love evry second of it. Meeting all those new friends and catching up with the old ones.
    I do not what you mean though.
    This year has been different for me with some rather big events, and you know I do not think I am quite ready for life to continue just yet.
    1.Mum and Dad 50 years married in March
    2. Dad passed away in June
    3. Mum turned 70 in July
    I think that is enough for one year . Iam dropping out of school till further notice!!
    So you go get em while some of us just watch from the wings.
    Seriously I hope you and your family have a great season both on and off the screen. Make the most of that family time. You can never get it back!!

  5. cassie c. says:

    Hey Dr Phil, did you honestly get that box with the fish painted on it, coz Im thinking that would be too much of a good thing to happen to me at the moment especially if you liked it. I would actually paint another one for you if you did not get it… You could even pick the sort of fish.
    Thats it I am signing off and out of school past midnight here and I need to get to work in a few hours. Have a good first day back at school, remember to take an apple for the teacher (do you do that over there)

  6. Joann MacArthur says:

    It has been thirty years sence I was in school.I do understand the feelings of excitement.I was at a job that I loved for 5 years.I was someone of many that got downsized in the Company,I worked my way from a seasonal employee to a regular.They have Christmas Peak and I just got my letter to go back for Christmas Peak.I am excited to back for the seasonal job.It’s exciting.I was a regular and now my badge will say seasonal.But I can’t wait to see the people that they kept on that are my friends and the friends that said they weren’t going back that are.I also can’t wait to the job that I love so much.I am a Packer,I pack the Idems that people order on the Internet,Catalog.I am the last person that sees the order you ordered check it out and put it in the proper containers weather it be a bag or box,I put the right inserts in there and orderset seal it up put a shipping label on it and send it on it’s marry way.Love this job.Can’t wait to get in there and do it again :) Love the new blog.

  7. Paradoxis says:

    Love your enthusiasm Dr Phil. It’s inspiring! :D

    First day of school is first day of “official” education. Does that mean that you are a student, as well as a teacher? If I know you at all, after all these years of watching your show, I’d say yes, you are definitely both. :D

    You are a psychologist, and you’ve decades of experience with mental health issues. That’s what I’m interested in hearing about from you. Mental health. Understanding it and maintaining it.

    I’d like to see more in depth shows about common (and uncommon) mental illnesses and stress related problems. I’d like to see more shows that describe and explain things like personality disorders, for instance. I’d like to see more shows enlightening the general public to issues such as self-harm (and NOT just in teens), suicide, and long term affects of complex PTSD. So little is known about these issues in the general public and yet they are so shockingly common.

    Personally, I’d like to see you expand your views on adoption related issues as well, because although you may be unaware of it, you’re shows involving that topic reveal a bias that I’d like to address.

    Teach us more about how to truly see, hear, and help each other. Help us understand each other’s pain, instead of fearing it.

  8. briana says:

    i love you so much dr.phil!
    i am your biggest fan!
    i would do anything for you(:

  9. Holly says:

    It’s great to see you’re so down-to-earth and haven’t gotten a power high or an inflated ego after all this time, I mean, you’re DR.PHIL! It seems that so many celebrities start out humble and are really there for the greater good, but after awhile the fame gets to them, or the tabloids, or the riches, and eventually they taper off and are no longer on the road toward compassion and healing. But its good to know that you are still YOU after 8 seasons (not the mention the Tuesday afternoons on Oprah, too!). Thank you for all you do!

    Anaheim, CA

  10. Jennifer says:

    Dr. Phil- I know what you mean. I’m getting my kids ready to start school now. Not sure who’s more excited at this point me or them. (HA) The first day of school I know I’ll be doing a big happy dance. It’s good to see you so excited about your work. Looking forward to season 8. :)


  11. Sandra says:

    Dr. Phil

    It is great to see your sincerity in what you do, it certainly demonstrates your concern for people and wanting to help real people with real problems.
    I am also involved in a education work that is designed to help people cope in difficult times. I have always recognized that real change comes from reaching peoples hearts, and I do believe thats why you are successful because you do try to motivate from the heart. Keep up the good work.

  12. Janet Davies says:

    On my first day of school I was really upbeat and glad to be in a new place with new friends to meet but then I saw my dad walking away and it seemed to me that his shoulders were a little slumped and I thought he was sad because his little girl was growing up! I wanted to run to him and tell him even though I was starting school I was still his lil girl but they stopped me going to him and thats when I lost it and started to cry. I put my head down on my desk and went to sleep till a lil boy next to me gently woke me up and told me it was time to go home. All the best for season 8 doc!

  13. Kitty says:

    I do remember I was very excited about going back to school at the time the summer was over when I was kid. New clothes. New lessons. New experiences. I also remember on my first day of school at an elementary school in Williamsport, Pennyslvania few months later after I left a special school for all disabled kids in Philly. Meeting new deaf friends and new teachers in the special classroom on the first floor there made me a nervous and a curious. I was then 7 at that time.

    I am looking forward to watch your new season show soon. Can’t wait! :-)

  14. kbakl13 says:

    I like your blog very much Dr. Phil.

    I miss my school life…


    FTP Servers

  15. Toni says:

    Where there’s passion, good work will follow… you’re obviously passionate about what you do! All the best for your 8th season, I know it will be GREAT!

  16. Blgspc says:

    So, Dr. Phil, what is/are the MOST extraordinary thing(s) that you have learned since beginning the Dr. Phil Show?
    I know that you, Robin, Jay and Jordan have sacrificed a good chunk of privacy just by doing the show and even further by starting this blog. (I, by the way, LOVE this Blog!!!)
    Lastly, if YOU were a Dr. Phil fan when would YOU choose to come be in the Dr. Phil Show audience?!?



  17. Anita says:

    It is only in the past five years or so, that I have stopped dreaming about being in school in my underwear, or being in high school and searching desperately for my class schedule or my locker. I graduated from high school in 1972. I wonder, DrPhil, do you have crazy dreams about your show?

  18. Von Saunders says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,

    I’m a school psychologist in training and I believe a worthwhile show could be done on the topic of mental health and special education in the schools. Specifically, the show could clear up some of the myths about intelligence tests, special education, and disabilities (Emotional/Behavioral, Cognitive, and Learning disabilities). Very few parents understand these terms and some react very negatively to their child being diagnosed with a disability.

    On another note, I want to thank you for bringing psychology to masses through televison. It was you, and Dr. Joy Browne, that inspired me to go to into psychology and make a career out of it.

  19. Anne Carlson says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,
    I have really enjoyed watching the classic shows this summer. I have not missed an episode of your show (or when you were on Oprah) in all these years and I love the ones you chose to replay. The best part of course, is your opening and closing with updates on the guests and what the new season will be holding. You finally talked me into checking out your blog and I’m glad I did. It’s great to hear your thoughts and I’m so glad you are going back to basics for the new year. We all need more of that. I just watched the episode on negotiating in marriages and it was a great reminder of one of your best lines ever “How much fun are you to live with?” I remember the first time you said it and how it affected me years ago and I think now that I have teenagers and a 20+ year marriage I needed to hear it again. I could fill a page with all your one liners that have changed me for the better. Just can’t thank you enough for 10 years of being my life coach. Wish I could thank you in person, but please know you have helped make us a phenominal family. Looking forward to this season with great hope!!

  20. Donna Madison says:

    My eldest chld will be going off to college in one and a half weeks. He’s so excited but I feel like someone who’s going to have surgery! It’s that feeling of “Let’s just get this over with!” I’ve had a few weepy days but the anxiety of worrying “what it it be like” is making me crazy. I know this is just one of the stages in the life cycles but I am not looking forward to the feeling. My comfort is that I know he is going to have a ball!! Any thoughts?

  21. Good Luck with season 8!!!!! I know I will be learning a lot this year. U always tell us how it is!! I love that. Be straight up, in a loving way!!! Go fore it Dr. Phil.

  22. kidsedmhnet says:

    Mentioning school is a special time for my kids I do vounteer work for foster kinship children who are being rasied by grandparents so many of my kids have so many problems with anxiety and stress and a lot of them have learning disabilities because of drug problems. So for these poor kids its very difficulty sometime grandma has no idea on what is needed and so they struggle in school until they finally give up and drop out. Some of the things we re doing is starting grandparents clubs in the school so if the grandparents have problems with their children we can help them get th help they need.
    I also volunteer for foster a dream and ever year we use to have Santa land where they would serve over 400 children Christmas gifts from Santa Land fund have been so badly cut that it looks like our kids from Northern CA. wont be seeing Santa this year.
    But I guess we are all hurting because as I am out and about I see this all around my city and state. I just really feel the foster kids have enough pain so what I and the people I work with can give them help them take one step closer to having some happiness.

  23. Candice says:

    I agree with Von Saunders, my elder son seems to be very advanced for his age, for example he learned his ABC’s and 123’s at 18 months and learned to read when he was 4 but he’s not caught up socially for his age so his preschool and public school suggest he continue to be in his grade level. He struggles with boredom ALOT! He was given extra homework that was harder last year in kindergarten but he zipped through that as well. The other option is the “gifted school” which costs SO much and I can not afford it. Then my youngest has a speech problem and many have suggested he has a sensory disorder. UGH! Two different scenarios, one single mom who’s in school and works and not enough money or time! Hearing about others who have experienced these issues and what they did would help SO much. I know I can’t be the only one, especially in this economy!
    I’m so excited to see what you cover this year! I always walk away with something:)

  24. Joanne Tracy says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,
    I am unemployed. I lost my job July 12. The place I worked for tried to make me quit, but, I do not quit. So, I was called into the conference room in July, and was told that my job was eliminated.
    I feel sadness because I miss some of the people I worked with for the past 5 years. I feel like a failure, but that feeling is lessening. I am still having problems sleeping. I know that will go away. I hope.
    I am taking on line courses through Ashford University. My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in Crinimal and Social Justice. This course is difficult, but I am trying my best.
    I am taking medication for chronic depression. I would like to get off it completely, but I am afraid of the side-effects. Please, answer when you can. Thanks, Dr. Phil. I watch your show daily. Joanne

  25. Janet Davies says:

    Hey Dr Phil,

    I would like to see you do a show on children being denied court ordered visitation with their mom or dad by a custodial parent who refuses contact or moves away leaving no forwarding address. Please look into this case of little Madison Tenn.


  26. Janet Davies says:

    Dr Phil,
    I think my son has schizophrenia. He’s been seeing a psychologist who’s mentioned anxiety, depression. I know in my heart its what I have feared for many years. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia so I have always had a secret fear one of my children would be afflicted by it. My son was always a great kid, no problems except night terrors when he was 5-8 years old, got good grades and gifted artistically. It started when he was 17-18. He can’t keep a job, he always having irrational thoughts, dropped out of college three times, just not functioning right. I was hoping it was a phase but nothing changes. He’s 24 now and has been seeing a psychologist who’s said he suffers from anxiety and depression. I imagine anyone with schizophrenia would! I find the word terrifying so I think I may have been living in denial about it. I feel awful about that. That may have more to do with my brother’s death and the trauma that I experienced during that loss. His father, my former husband, took over the situation when I literally kicked him out (and nearly broke my tibia)after he became abusive to me. He’s done alot better in dealing with this than I and he’s more able to deal with a grown man than I am. He’s going to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist. This is very hard to deal with because I don’t know how. It breaks my heart to see my beautiful boy like this. I am surprized the psychologist didn’t mention it. If someone told me he was just a lazy faker it would be a relief. Its light a great weight hanging on me and feeling rather helpless. Help!

  27. Janet Davies says:

    Dear Dr Phil,

    I know you realize that the foster care system is broken but the problem may be with child protective services removing children illegally for profit. States receive federal monies when children are removed and placed in foster care or adopted out. No federal money is received if the children remain with the parents and the families receive help. Judges are even tipped off in their bench guidelines about detaining children in foster care and that they will lose these federal funds if they don’t hang on to them! Not only do these kids suffer the trauma of being removed from their families but they are also drugged out of their minds by child protective services. Some kids die from the drugs and others commit suicide! Dr Phil we need to expose the exploitation of children by this broken system! Senator Nancy Schaefer is speaking out internationally on these issues. Below you will find her stance and info plus video.


    Page 100-13
    “JUDICIAL TIP: Failure to make this finding (of abuse or neglect) may cause permanent loss of federal funding for foster care. See discussion of other required findings in §100.36. The court may make this a temporary finding pending the continued detention hearing.” I would like you to familiarize yourself with senator Nancy Schaefer who is speaking out on behalf of children and their families about child protective services corruption.

    Nancy Schaefer Speaks at the World Congress on Families

    Nancy Schaefer
    President of Eagle Forum of Georgia Nancy Schaefer
    August 27, 2009

    Nancy Schaefer, President of Eagle Forum of Georgia and Eagle Forum’s National Chairman for Parents’ Rights, spoke at the World Congress on Families V in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on August 11, 2009.

    Pro-family leaders and groups from 63 nations attended the World Congress of Families V. 900 delegates were Dutch and other nations represented included, United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, the U.K., Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Moldavia, Slovakia, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, the Democratic Republic, of Congo, Kenya, Pakistan, Australia, and the Philippines. More than 3,000 people around the world watched the live telecast via the Internet.

    On August 16th, Schaefer delivered, via cyber space, her speech to the Nordic Committee for Human Rights (NCHR) in Gothenburg, Sweden on the protection of Family Rights in Nordic countries.

    Schaefer spoke on “The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services” (CPS).

    She told her audience “children are seized unnecessarily from their families due to federal aid created in 1974 entitled “The Adoption and Safe Families Act.” It offers financial incentives to the States that increase adoption numbers. To receive the ‘adoption incentives’ or ‘bonuses’, local CPS must have more children. They must have merchandise that sells… this is an abuse of power. It is lack of accountability and it is a growing criminal/political phenomenon spreading around the globe.”

    To hear the entire speech click here.

    Nancy Schaefer wrote a scathing report on “The Corruption of Child Protective Services” while serving as a State Senator of Georgia.

    To read or to get a copy of Schaefer’s “Report” or her speech in Amsterdam, please visit the Eagle Forum of Georgia website at http://www.eagleforumofgeorgia.org

    “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”
    Psalm 33:12

    Eagle Forum of Georgia
    Phone: 706-754-8321
    Web-Site: http://www.eagleforumofga.org
    Email: nancy.schaefer@nancyschaefer.com

  28. Michelle says:

    Hello, Dr. Phil! I could echo so many of the things written above, but will mention just a couple. I, too, LOVE your one liners and can apply so many of them to my own life! (How much fun are YOU to live with? is one I’m working on right now, with a whole LOT Of introspection thrown in there! NOT so fun!) :) I also love “putting some verbs in my sentences” (it’s very easy to say things and not always to DO them, isn’t it??) and so many more. I really enjoy this new blog, and now that I just found (made) the time to come online and visit it, I think I will be spending a good deal of my day off today reading through it.

    I most enjoy your show because of what others have also already said–you seem so very down to Earth for a celebrity (one gets the feeling that although you KNOW you are a celebrity, you don’t see yourself as one at all…unlike how some would act.) and you have a wonderful ability to not take yourself so seriously and to be able to laugh at any blunders or shortcomings you might have. I don’t know of any, but Robin might be able to give us one or two. ;)

    That’s another thing I greatly admire about your life. (When I mentioned this to my husband, he wasn’t convinced. He doesn’t *dislike* you at all, he just (admittedly I don’t either) feels I’m crazy, I think, for thinking I know how you are in ANY way….LOL! He thinks you could be ANY way….that the show is just how you are portrayed. I guess I could get to what I actually admire (another trait that drives my husband crazy….walking around something and talking it to death instead of getting to the actual point! I guess I CAN see how that would be annoying! ;) so…here it is) I LOVE your relationship with Robin….at least what I have seen of it from the show and the small bit of interaction we see there. I love that she comes to nearly every taping and walks off with you, I love that you “bicker” back and forth with one another in a joking manner, I LOVE (and will never forget unless with old age one day!) when she was on and showed the book you made her for (ok, I think it was Valentine’s Day… “never forget” huh??) :D a holiday one year….it brought tears to my eyes, just the love that was so apparent between the two of you. I so want my own marriage of 4 1/2 years to be like that.

    I was a single parent of a *wonderful* child named Corey (now 16) for about 10 years, and now married to a man from England. We went through about three years of immigration hoops to be together (we were only apart once we decided to get married for a few months, though…some of the hoops continued after we were already together/married.) I’m glad we got married, but we do have a lot of problems along with a lot of love. Sometimes I DO forget why I married him, unfortunately, and vice versa I think. I wrote to you a couple of times, but I never received any response and I’m fully aware why….with the thousands and millions of letters you receive, I didn’t really *expect* a response….but I thought that perhaps you would read this and if the topic held any interest whatsoever for you, it might put the thought in your mind. I would be willing to be on a show sometime, but I know my husband would not…and even if I never was on a show ( I would MUCH rather watch one…it’s dream of mine to come to one but financially it just will not happen for a very long time, if ever…we, like many, live check to check and no savings/etc.) I know I would benefit from *watching* a show about couples from different countries. England (where he is from) and America are so similar in some ways….we don’t have the language barrier to overcome that some couples do, etc….but the cultures are SO different. My husband spent two years in a deep depression and I reacted to that very badly. I wasn’t there for him in the way I should have been…too busy wallowing in my disappointment over what started like a fairy tail and ended, seemingly, the minute he touched down and things became more real for him. Now, even if we split up, he wouldn’t move back to England…he misses his parents and family a great deal, but his life is here now….so now he is ok, but we are in tatters. We have recently recommitted to trying to work things out with counseling (going to start with his Pastor) and spending more time together…after briefly considering divorce and almost going through with it. Your words rang in my ears even as I looked things up about Wisconsin divorce….”you’re not even close to ready for a divorce if you are angry, etc etc etc…..” And…I realized…I’m not ready. If I didn’t care one way or another…THEN I might be ready…but I still love my husband and he says he still loves me..so, we’re not ready. Please, please at least consider doing a show on couples from different countries who get together and the problems they face. There are SO many possibilites there…culture differences, language even for some (how do they communicate??), immigration (SUCH a big one….a hassle. Understandable but a very costly and time-consuming hassle!!). Also, we met online and spent hours talking daily so after months felt we knew one another. He did spend 3 months here, me two weeks there, and he another 3 months here *right* before we married…so we had some time together…but some couples don’t even have that. I would do so many things differently now, though….I would like a chance to warn others about what it could be like after living a fairy tale thousands of miles apart…it’s very easy not to be aggravated with someone when they aren’t home leaving messes all around the house, etc etc!! :D haha!

    Ok…I’m very sorry this got so long. I signed on to tell you I fully understand your back to school feeling…I remember it well and I miss it! (Plus, I just got my own two-year associate degree two years ago even though I’m 37! I really miss being in school; I love education!) Anyway…my 16-year old son, Corey (only child) just told me a few days ago…not even a week ago…..’I'm actually ready to go back to school. I miss all my friends and the football and basketball games and stuff…’ I’m sure he doesn’t miss getting up early, homework, etc….but he misses his social life….even with a computer and cell phone and and AND….what would he have done back when WE were younger, Dr. Phil?? HAHA! AND we live right in town! (granted it’s only 2000 people…not really a booming metropolis or anything..hah!) We can relate to your back to school. I SO enjoy your show and the great example you are…..to us, to other celebrities concerning what they say about you in the media (laugh at it and ignore it though it must be difficult sometimes), to anyone with your seemingly (and I believe it is) wonderful relationship with Robin (I love her too and am soon reading her book….my apologies that I haven’t yet. I have also read some of yours and intend to get the rest from my library soon. I always mean to and then real life creeps in….I’m sure you understand…). God bless you and your family and if you see fit to leave me any comment that will let me know you read this, I would greatly appreciate it! (I feel so ridiculous asking that…like a little kid. hah!) If you did read this, I sincerely thank you for taking the time. I know you have SO much you could be doing. Take care, blessings to you, Robin, and your boys. Sincerely, Michelle,Wisconsin

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