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August 10th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Nursing a Headache? Breast-Feeding Doll Draws Fire

OK, I need your opinion.

A Spanish company is making headlines with the creation of Bebé Glotón, a doll that simulates breast-feeding. According to the instructions, little girls strap on a halter and hold Bebé Glotón to their chest. And a gluttonous baby he is! He wails, and his lips move as he makes sucking sounds. Some advocates say the toy shows little girls that breast-feeding is a healthy, natural, beautiful way for moms to bond with their infants. Others argue that allowing a young girl to have a nursing doll will encourage promiscuity.

So what do you think? They have kicked women off of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because they posted pictures of themselves breast-feeding, saying it was not appropriate. Now there is a doll for little girls mimicking the act. Should that go the way of the pictures, or is it OK?

Bebé Glotón isn’t available for purchase yet in America, but if it were, would you buy the doll for a young child? Is this an educational toy, or a provocative piece of plastic? Let me hear your thoughts!

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138 Responses to “Nursing a Headache? Breast-Feeding Doll Draws Fire”

  1. Patty In Hoptown says:

    I think the doll is fine. People are so afraid of anything that is natural and beautiful it is unbelievable. With all the new information about how important breast milk is for babies I think women would love it.

  2. FosterBoys says:

    Like I said in an earlier piece, never underestimate the depths of people’s intolerance for things they can’t understand.

    If this “works” for some people, leave them alone. If YOU don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT.

  3. brenda riley thomas says:

    Oh come on people!!! Breast feeding is a natural, private,and healthy act between MOTHER AND INFANT!!!!!………….Not for our children to mimic something they are’nt going to be ready to do for years!!!!????……A doll to attract more perverts????……Think people!!!! Thinnnnkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

  4. brenda riley thomas says:

    What’s next? Lactating Barbie? Condom wearing Ken? I Could scream!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shelly says:

    I am all for breastfeeding I did my kids till they were over a year but isn’t this going a little far can’t the girls just pretend. My girls do with all their dolls and they don’t make a sucking noise. Let kids pretend the doll is eating isn’t that part of growing up. We use to many electronic things and are ruening good old fashioned imagination. I worry that using this doll will take away the girls ability to pretend. I am aginst the doll not cause it promotes nursing because it takes away from being a little girl and pretending it makes it more real. Kids need to pretend to grow.

  6. Janet Davies says:

    I breastfed my 4 children as long as they wanted, which ended up being about 2 years old. I breastfed everywhere, (disney’s its a smalll world was a great place!) but always discretely so I didn’t offend our less tolerent members of society. I think this doll is great and if a parent sees fit to buy their child one its nobody’s business but theirs. Breastfeeding is bestfeeding and a child’s right to have it.

  7. I was on a train last sunday in the UK when a woman takes the seat beside me with her child and starts breastfeeding right beside me on the train. Its absolutely gross. I know its a natural thing. So is sex and we manage to keep that private. Breastfeeding mothers should do the same.

  8. Heleen says:

    Clever marketing to make a breastfeeding doll. I don’t like this particular doll because its too sucking motion is too life-like, i like to leave a bit to the childs fantasy. But if I would have to choose between bebe gloton and babyborn, I might choose bebe gloton. Anyway, my children nurse their dolls and bears anyway, even if they came with a bottle ;-)

  9. Tracy S says:

    I think that the doll is just to much. There is already enough stuff out there that makes our daughters want to grow up to fast as it is. We don’t need a doll that might encourage these young girls that they want to become a mother at a very young age. I feel that if you chose to breastfeed your child thats fine with me. However I believe that it is private time between an infant and its mother. I don’t think that women should just pull their breast out in public and start feeding.

  10. Donna says:

    Breast feeding is natural, bottle feeding is not. As long as it is done discretely in public, I don’t know why people get in such an uproar.

    My daughters always pretended to breast feed their dolls (shirts down) because they were around mothers who breast fed all the time. For them, it was an absolutely natural thing to mimic, just like changing a diaper.

    Breasts are for lactating people!! Get used to it and get over it!

  11. Erin says:

    Sorry, I am not seeing any difference between these dolls and the baby that wets and you have to change the dippers or the one that cry and you have to feed it. You are still pretending to be a mother. When the dolls came out that wet and when the doll came out when they had to be fed we were not worried about talking about their periods. If you do not like the idea don’t buy the toy. I do not worry about these dolls promoting little girls to grow up, (I do not think there is any difference between these dolls and other dolls that are already marketed to young girls). I worry about the halter tops and wearing push-up bras, thongs, mini or micro-mini skirts, sequined crop tops and other hooker-style “fashionable” outfits that are advertised at young girls. I personally would rather see my child play with that toy then want to get a halter top (that is targeted towards four and five year olds).

  12. Stephanie says:

    I think that as the girl grows up and starts having identity issues and other problems with self esteem and self confidence, that she will remember this doll (probably self conciously) and how good it made her feel. This will increase her likelyhood of having sex at a young age in an effort to fufil a need in her life. A girl at 12 or 13 is already having self esteem issues due to puberty and family problems, and a couple years down the road she may feel that having a baby will fix her problems.

    People need to look at issues from a psychological standpoint, and not simly dismiss controversal topics.

  13. Essie says:

    Ohhh my goodness. Well I can say for sure I will not be buying one here.

    What on earth? Yes breastfeeding is natural blah blah blah, we all know. But little girls do not have breasts, so what is this doll supposed to be latching on to? The kid is supposed to strap on a fake bra with fake nipples attached to the outside? The whole thing makes no sense.

    The doll is bizarre and creepy. The idea is not so strange.

  14. Linda Rose says:

    We live on a farm where there are nursing babies with mothers every spring! It is just as natural for a human mother to nurse her babies. But in the case of humans society has dictated what is acceptable or not. Women parade almost naked on TV shows, on beaches and on the street and no one objects but people object to a mother nursing her baby. No one objects to a bottle feeding of baby in public.

    I had four babies and nursed them all when ever they were hungry and where ever we were. I was discreet because I guess I am shy about strangers staring at me. I would cover my shoulder and breast with a small blanket or towel and try to find a quiet place to sit and breastfeed my baby. Babies can’t always wait to be fed until it is convenient for others.

    As for the life like dolls that can be bought now I think they have gone too far. We had dolls growing up that could drink water from a bottle and wet We also pretended to nurse them and feed them but we knew they were only dolls. When I was tired of the doll I could put her away or discard her if I wanted to do something else.I had no illusions about the unreal reality of my “baby”.

    I can’t help but wonder if little girls today ; playing with dolls that imitate with sound and movement real life; might get confused in their subconscience and being accustomed to shuting the doll off in childhood someday be frustrated when they can’t shut off their real life baby! I believe there is a line that should not be crossed between reality and pretending. Holding a doll to her chest and pretend nursing is no different than holding a bottle of pretend milk to a doll’s mouth and pretending it is drinking. But to add real life sounds and movements to either action to make the doll life like crosses the division line between pretend and reality and leaves nothing to the imagination of the child. That’s just my opinion.

  15. Kate Cardwell says:

    I wouldn’t ban the doll but the market will have to be the place for testing.I breastfed and felt always it was a normal way to have the health pluses for me AND my children.I DO think the doll won’t be a big hit and more positively have an effect in adolescent teaching (high school) for parenting classes.As a child my DAD wouldn’t allow me or my sisters to have or play with Barbie dolls.My mom tried to breast feed me and only made it for 2 or 3 weeks.I snuck and played w/ Barbie…I just never associated her with anything but beautiful!I was also sexually abused by my father later.The more we normalize some fundamental bodily functions(Lord only knows how far that will go) is healthy to pass on to our sons and daughters.

  16. Rose says:

    When I was a young girl about 12 or so, I used to babysit occassionally. One lady I just loved was nursing her infant when I arrived to babysit and it had quite an impact on me. I was thrilled to find that I had learned that such a beautiful bond could be formed between Mother and Child. I had five children and nursed them all. It makes your tummy go away as the calories you burn are alot and the tummy muscles contract as the baby nurses. It was a very hard time with my first newborn because my mother-in-law thought it was awful. People in 1959 thought that mothers should bottle feed but it never detered me. I had extremely healthy children and felt very lucky. Now about the doll I think maybe there has to be a more natural way of encouraging a child to continue their maternal instincts. I have a granddaughter 2 1/2 years old and we play dolls but I wouldn’t buy a breast feeding doll. It just doesn’t encourage modesty. Women that breast feed in public are just fine by me as long as they have a light weight blankey to protect their modesty. Thanks for your gift to the public Dr. Phil Robin is so beautiful. Rose

  17. Janet Davies says:

    Whats all this about modesty? Just because goofy men have brainwashed our society into thinking of women’s breasts as sexual objects doesn’t mean us women now need to cover up while breastfeeding to protect our modesty! Callin BS on that one! Breasts are designed to feed our offspring. If a woman flips it out for all to see thats her choice if she feels comfortable about it. I wouldn’t judge her as modest or immodest. Its her body, her baby, her breasts, baby’s food and last of all her personal choice. We need to get over these silly hang ups!

  18. I would not buy the doll for my girl. I do think that breast feeding is natural thing between a mother and her infant. Its natural between a mature women who know the meaning of what she is doing, not just playing with a doll. I am a firm believer that we are forcing kids to grow up to fast, and I think this is one more way to do it. Its not even every educational, its not real. You mine as well give your daughter the doll that acts like a baby and when it cries you stick a key in its back. Some things young girls are not mature enough for and this is one of them.

  19. Jane says:

    I just want to say to those who have turned this into a pro/anti breastfeeding in public debate, you are missing the point of this particular story. The issue here is whether or not this doll is an appropriate one for little girls, I don’t think that it is, however I do believe breastfeeding is normal, healthy, and beautiful and it saddens me to read comments by Eoghan Gallagher and others who still view the practice with contempt. It is not like having sex in public, there isn’t a need to have sex in public, there is, however a need to provide milk to a baby in public, or wherever you may be. These are very backward, disrespectful and impracticable views and I hope it’s only the minority who feel this way.

  20. vince says:

    i would sue them my self lol i lie i would just not buy a toy to teach a child its ok to have her breast sucked on doc, kids will know by nature when that time comes TRUST ME DOC! i would just go to there country and take all there drugs away from them too!

  21. Marty W says:

    Little girls have been playing with baby dolls forever. They mimic all kinds of baby-care actions, but I’ve never seen a little girl pretend to breastfeed her doll. Little girls interact with baby dolls on the same level at which they interact with real babies; a level that’s appropriate for little girls. This is true even in cultures where breastfeeding is common and not controversial. Shouldn’t this tell us something? I really think we should be guided by children in the development of toys, and not by ideologues.

  22. Cynthia De Baie says:

    Hello! Dr. Phil
    Last year on one of your showed about sexually abuse a little boy was by the grandfather. The grandfather kept denial it. This show me that I have the courage to start dealing with my abuse. I was really anger at the grandfather I hope you were able to put him in jail and he also was going to work at a summer camp with kids. I just hope the mother of the child and the child was able to get through with the pain that he cause. I wanted to kill him and my grandfather. I am anger because my grandfather had no punishment for what he did to me. And really think it is to late too take him to court. Nothing to do with the subject but i really do not know where i can blog Dr, Phil

  23. Kimberly says:

    I think this is a little too much. I would never let my nieces or my future children buy a doll like that. That is a private thing, that should be kept private, just like sex in the bedroom.

  24. Jane says:

    Hi Vince,
    Firstly, even if I did approve of the doll, you’re drawing a rather long bow to assume I would then be into kiddie porn, that is highly incorrect and rather offensive. Secondly, I believe I stated quite clearly that I did not approve of the doll or the idea of buying one for my own daughter. May I suggest you read the posts a little more thoroughly in the future before making your comments. Have a nice day.

  25. Barbara Lineberry says:

    They pee, they poop, they cry, they talk, they walk now they breastfeed, give me a break. Why not give your child a real baby. What happened to common sense. Let a child be a child, let them pretend. They don’t need to deal with all this stuff. My doll didn’t do all this stuff and when I grew up I somehow new what to do with a baby. This really is going to far. It’s just my opinion and I have nothing against breastfeeding but really a doll!!!!!

  26. charlene says:

    I was 3 when my sister was born and 5 when my brother born. I remember my mom breastfeeding them and watching. My older sister and I always pretended to be breastfeeding our dolls. Children know and mimic what they see, it’s how they learn. If there is a doll that is meant for breastfeeding I don’t have a problem with it, if the parents want to buy it. Even if parents don’t buy that particular doll, the child will pretend. I do agree that it is too much and takes away from the imagination and creativity of the child. But its up to the parents weather they want to buy it or not. Its just another toy that can be used to babysit a child, parents need to go back to the basics and be involved in their child’s lives, not give them another toy. The toys I played with growing up were my mom’s from when she was a kid (toys designed 30 to 45 years ago required a lot of imagination to make them work). If I did get something new it was from a one of the 2 birthday parties when I had friends over, when I turned 5 and 6. And at Christmas a teddy bear from the dollar store.
    Forget about toys, if a child wants to pretend to have a tea party with their mom, maybe the parent and child can actually make real tea together, use a nice tea set that the parents have and sit down and drink tea. If they want to play house they can go into the kitchen and make something with the parents, like rice crispy cake, and then they can help with cleaning up afterward. That is the same thing they would have done if they were playing house.
    I’m not just against this toy, I think any toy, that is meant to babysit the child or get the child away from the parents is not needed. Isn’t the point of having kids so that you can be with them whenever you can, instead of costing you a lot of money. If time is money spend time with your child instead of spending money on your child.

  27. sharonsd says:

    to sharon on post 7:20 pm, i didn’t know that either. I’ll change mine to sharonsd since your were using sharon first.

  28. Sheri says:

    I disagree with this beast feeding doll idea for sure I think our children grow up fast enough and that there are plenty of dolls out there without adding such a doll to the market. The ideas people come up with sometimes to make a dollor makes a person wonder.
    I agree with Charlene as well; spend quality time with your children while you can as a parent because children grow up fast enough and before you know it they are gone from home; do traditional things with them so that when they are grown the possitive traditions can be remembered and carried on.

  29. Pam says:

    While I don’t think this should be a big thing, I’d have to say that in my opinion it’s not an appropriate toy. Children need to have fun playing house and make believe and jump rope and all the things that help them grow but knowledge on how to nurse a baby is just not something that I feel they need to learn to grow into healthy adults. Where will we go next? I mean someday they will need to know about how babies are born, how sex is performed, what happens at a funeral – just to name a few but do we really need them to know everything now? I mean, would they create a doll where a pregnancy develops and then pops out after nine months? Or a funeral director doll and a little coffin with a pretend dead doll and I can’t even imagine the issue of sex. Just my two cents – I have all boys but even if one was a girl – I wouldn’t buy a breastfeeding doll.

  30. Sally says:

    Some excellent comments on this blog. Letting little girls pretend and play with dolls is absolutely acceptable. Providing them with a doll that sucks and makes noises is a little much. Breast feeding is beautiful between a mother and child when done discretely. I did breast feed all 3 of my daughters for at least a year. Yes it is natural… What will they come up with next – doll’s that have sex…

  31. Marielle says:

    I think it is not that easy to say it’s either a good or a bad thing to have a doll that can breastfeed. But for me the issue doesn’t lie with the breastfeeding as the main point, but toys in general. I remember when I was a little girl that they introduced these new dolls that could go to the bathroom, and my mom was horrified by it. Then a few years later they introduced ‘Furby’ and ‘Tamagotchi” which were also discarded by my mom. The main reason for her rejection was one that I can now fully understand and support. The toys that are there for kids these days leave so little room for imagination! The ‘American Girl’ dolls (I believe they are called that) have their whole life story written for them. The toys they make for babies and toddlers have all kinds of visual and audio stimulation etcetera, but they leave little room for imagination. All I think a little girl needs is a doll that looks like a child and then the little girl can make the stories for herself! Whether or not that involves going to the bathroom or breastfeeding the dolls is up to the little girl.. Give a kid something like ‘Lego’ and let them build something. Just give kids space to imagine and make up their own stories, it’s good for them!

  32. Stacy says:

    This is going to far. I don’t have a problem with mom breastfeeding in public if it done tastefully and I don’t have a problem with most toys but our kids need to be kids just a little longer. why teach them something they don’t need to know for several years ( we hope).

  33. Debbie SanGabriel says:

    It’s a TOY, folks! Don’t over-react! Why does everyone always over-react?

  34. Janet Davies says:

    Has anyone considered if their child would want this doll? Are ya’ll saying if your precious lil child asked you to tell Santa Claus to bring her/him a Bebé Glotón you would say no? How would you explain that? “No Sarah, you can’t have a Bebé Glotón because I think its disgusting!”

  35. Bob Harlan says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the concept although my initial reaction was, “Are you kidding me?” I’m now thinking about what parents must have thought when the first “Betsy Wetsy” first appeared in toy stores. I guess the real problem here is that the concept focuses on only one thing. Anyone remember the “Joey” doll? Big time buzz for a short time because he was anatomicallycorrect. Problem is: kids just weren’t as interested as their parents. Maybe if the doll came with a. cell phone? Just kidding. :-)

  36. Janet Davies says:

    LOL! I just watched the video. That doll is creepy-freaky!

  37. Janet Davies says:

    Whats next? I know! How about a baby doll that projectile vomits after each feeding? We can call her “Bebe Vomitus!” The kids will love it!

  38. JoAnn says:

    I wish all babies had to be breast feed. Our kids need more chemicals like they need another hole in their head. The breast is best! Yeah for the doll !!!

  39. John says:

    Well about the breast-feeding doll I think that is really unappropriate if we let this not be a big deal later on the future we’re gonna start seeing dolls doing more mature stuffs, before this dolls for thousands of years mothers have breast-fed their babies without experiencing this as a child, woman have a natural instinct to breast-feed their children and I don’t think this doll is needed at all

  40. Tasha says:

    This is so ironic to me… many people seem to be arguing that the doll is fine because breastfeeding is beautiful and natural…but this doll is not natural! That is not a natural activity for young girls. I too believe that breastfeeding can be a beautiful thing, but only in the right time and circumstance. For a 6 year old girl, it is not the right time and circumstance. Especially with a hunk of plastic.

  41. Louveda says:

    I don’t have a problem with this doll. Is it a little over the top? Yes….but so is the peeing, pooping & crying doll. I’m absolutely amazed at how much power so many people give to a toy. A breastfeeding doll is not going to cause a child to be promiscuous & have sex at a young age. Nor is it going to entice child molesters. Pedophiles are attracted to children because they are sick….not because the child holds a doll to their undeveloped breast. That kind of mindset is exactly why so many children remain silent about their abuse. They think they did something wrong or caused the abuse in some way.

  42. J.R. says:

    The intricacies of puberty ,and the complexities of sexual maturity to include nursing are very much age appropriate. Meaming , that the child may as well be pantomiming the sex act for all the meaning that they could derive from it. Even if they come to understand the purpose.They cannot relate as an adult and the ritual might cause frustration ,doing more harm mentally than any benefit that might be had.

  43. Cassandra says:

    Well, to be honest, I really don’t know what to think.

    On one hand, I do think it’s cute. Breast feeding between mother and child is a really beautiful and lovely bonding experience. It’s natural, nothing wrong with it at all. I definitely want to breast feed my future children. I have to say that this doll is indeed an interesting educational thing for young girls.

    On the other hand, I do greatly fear the people who will take it the wrong way, especially the possible dangers that could happen.

    So, in all, I think that if people really want to show their daughters how it is done, buy the doll. I definitely would buy it if I had children. And for the people who don’t want that, they don’t have to buy it.

  44. Corrina says:

    this should have been categorized under the “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” section! I have no words other than that….. OYE!!!

  45. sharon says:

    to sharonsd: it’s such a minor thing that I felt bad to even mention it but just wanted to avoid any confusion for either of us. bless your heart and thanks.


    P.S. You have a great first name! ;)

  46. Christina Marie says:

    one reason i didn’t breast feed… even though i was told it was healthier. i wasn’t comfortable with my own body. I’m a pretty girl, sure. but I didn’t want to be gawked at when i go out, if I had to feed my child, and why should i have to pump milk, into a bottle, and THEN feed it to my child? I was okay with it at home… i even felt embarrassed in front of my husband and family. public makes breasts out to be some sexual, dirty thing that can only involve sex, porn or other thing. So i felt kind of… disgusting.. dirty… when i wanted to feed my child.

    I wish i had the opportunity to feel comfortable with my own female body, instead of being looked at like I was a prositute when I wanted to feed my baby in public straight from the breast… it came natural to want to feed him that way… but being discouraged by the rest of the world because the idea is ‘unfathomable’.

    I wish we did’nt live in the world that only had sex on their mind. It’s discouraging, and I think the people who think sexuality is involved when breast feeding are misinformed, and make it so much harder for us to feed our children the right way.

    the doll, it’s a natural way to feed. dolls years ago. i’m certain weren’t fed by a bottle.

  47. Danielle says:

    Ok, this is an educational toy right? Then there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are teaching the girl what the doll is used for. I have three girls (all teens now), and when they were young (under 7), they would “breastfeed” their dolls. I think my girls would’ve gotten a kick out of their doll actually making the sounds of the sucking.

  48. Veronica says:

    I’m a 100% for women to breast feed anywhere they are when their child needs to be fed. I believe that it is 100% wrong to push and exploit children in any manner. What is wrong with this? Hummmmmmmm
    I believe pedophiles will get off on watching this.
    This is not natural for a CHILD to do.
    The creepy individuals who created this have taken what is clean, pure and natural into an all time low for their own $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ making greedy pockets.

    I believe every cent made on this item should be donated to each and every fund that protects, defends, houses and nurtures abused children.

  49. Anna says:

    This breast-feeding doll is one of the most absurd products on the face of the planet. Do we really want our daughters to be conditioned to embrace the message which this toy has the potential to silently propagate?–> The idea that girls should spend their valuable time practicing tasks associated with caregiving from an early age so that when they grow up they will be able to satisfactorily fulfill the primary role of a woman in society– the self-sacrificing mother. (Note the sarcasm which accompanied that last sentence– it’s being pointed out explicitly because tone of voice doesn’t translate well into text.) Being a child is supposed to be about having fun, running around, playing. Does anyone honestly believe that a girl who is sitting in a corner with a halter around her chest, holding a plastic baby up to her nipple for hour after hour would be even remotely amused? Why not give girls stimulating, educational toys, and let them scurry about outside, engaged in a game of tag? Let them discover all the world has to offer besides babysitting. Encouraging young girls to focus on taking care of whining plastic dolls all day long, day after day is tantamount to hindering their development of a sense of self. In spending so much time focused on another being (and an inanimate one at that) girls won’t get a chance to find out who they are: their diverse interests, natural talents, personality traits.

  50. Annie says:

    I agree with Janet Davies and Jane, who commented earlier. First of all, about the doll: I don’t think it’s gross or bad in any way but I do think it cramps a child’s creativity. I remember when my older sister got pregnant with her first child. I was only 7 and I went around all the time with a pillow under my shirt, pretending to be pregnant too! It was as much about admiring my older sis as it was about wanting to feel maternal I guess. The point is, I played “chef” on a play stove, I played with dolls (whatever came to mind), and even dressed my cats and dogs in baby clothes and pretended they were human. Maybe this sounds weird to some of you but it’s called having an IMAGINATION. I would much rather see my 2 yr old talking to an imaginary friend than strapping something onto her chest and pretending to breastfeed a doll! She’ll learn that naturally when she has a baby brother/sister and watches me nurse them or sees her pet cat/dog have a litter of babies and watches the babies nurse (this was great experience for me as a kid, I thought it was the coolest thing to see the kitties and puppies nurse, all lined up in a row) As for the nursing in public thing: ATTN MEN: Women’s breasts are not just for YOU guys! They’re first and foremost for feeding our children the way God intended. Get over it, once and for all! I can’t believe that we’re the world power, one of the world’s most advanced countries (supposedly!), and still have people that think giving your baby the best start in life is in any way GROSS!?! You people baffle me! As far as needing to nurse in public…Newsflash, babies don’t care where they are. When they’re hungry, they’re hungry. If the baby is being nursed, he/she deserves to be FED whenever and wherever they get hungry! Women’s breasts = the BEST Food for babies, not JUST sex toys for men! We should take a lesson from the African nations in this regard. Africa is a third world country and yet the women there have enough sense to know that breastfeeding their babies is the best thing for them. Why? I don’t think they’re taught this…it just comes naturally for them, which is why they have no shame about doing it in public. If you have your legs wrapped around a dancing pole and your breasts are on display, then shame on you! If you’re on a park bench trying to just feed your baby, then shame on ANYONE who judges you for that! There’s a big difference between the two scenarios, ya know? People should catch a wake-up!

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