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August 25th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Canine Corner

















Michelle from Texas sent in these pics of her Newfoundland puppy, Solomon, and her chocolate lab, Lyric. Those dogs look pretty happy!

I encourage everyone to adopt rather than shop. You could save a dog or a cat from a terrible life. My pup, Maggie, is a rescue, and she’s the best dog ever!

Keep those photos and videos coming!

E-mail your submissions to caninecornerphotos@gmail.com. The maximum file size is 10 MB. By submitting a photo or video to Dr. Phil’s official blog “Turning Point,” you represent that you are the copyright holder of the photo or video and you consent to use of the photo or video on the blog. Professionally shot photos will not be accepted. Pets only please.

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18 Responses to “Canine Corner”

  1. Annie says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I know just how you feel about your Maggie. Their unconditional love for us is just precious. I just love walking in the door at home at the end of the day. They are always the first to great me and do so with such joy and excitment. Gracie my pit bull is the most lovable animal I have ever met. Just try to sit on the sofa by yourself. Not going to happen if she spots you. She’s about 80 lbs and thinks she is a lap dog. Dahlyla who I raised as a pup is very smart and has perfect manners. She gets so excited to see me when I walk in that she shakes her tail to the point of us thinking she is going to dislocate the back half of herself. Just to funny. Oh and one more thing. They are both deaf. Gracie is totally deaf and was rescued from the humane society and Dahlyla can hear a very loud bark and was rescued by my daughter from people trying to get rid of her on a corner. I am over joyed with love for these two. I am going to try to email the pics. Take care.

  2. Introducing Cyndee Pooh “da” Pretty Pooh aka The Biscuit Bandit

    Cyndee Firessa(3) Pooh hails from Mesquite, Texas, courtesy Southwest Airlines owners. Lynn picked out with my Christmas money out of a red truck under red Target sign from a HUGE red plastic box with ten puppies in 1992. So many IRISH SETTER puppies I couldn’t decide so Lynn did cause Cyndee kissed his ear, Lynn said.


    Pic I mailed in IS of Cyndee Pooh. First pic I gave above was on Dr. Phil Blog Canine Corner was of Tigger my beautiful Collie Mix dog from a no kill shelter I was weekend receptionist at. I, literally, took my work home with me. I had two Irish Setters and totally did not need a third dog. So I’d bring Tiggs home with me one night a week to enjoy backyard and took Cyndee to take Tiggs for a walk. It was like a Walt Disney scene in the making as Cyndee was appalled to see dogs in runs and cages. Refused to get in car to leave like she was going to bust loose and go let loose all the dogs in there or, at least, get Tigger. Tigger did eventually come to live with us and that was ten years ago.

    (Tigger was found at Starbucks at Beltline & Preston Road. Ttaken to shelter near death. Had been returned twice since 1) too bossy (a herding dog) and 2) too big a bark. Told both lies. Nope herded both Irish Setters bossing around & levitates when barking at postman.) Yet we all had issues too including Irish Setters, Cyndee Pooh and D.C. too so worked out. Although, D.C. did try to knock the points off of Tigger’s ears for being too friendly when he first met her. D. C. Couldn’t stand him until she saw Cyndee Pooh had eyes for Tigger’s then D.C. put Tigger on a short leash as ALL HERS.

    Cyndee Pooh was a good traveling dog and would literally point with nose straight and paw up and tail straight when saw the Golden Arches “or” smelled. The bank would give her biscuits. McDonalds would give her courtesy cups of water on trips and bitty bags of cookies that go into Happy Meals if she went through drive through. See, she sit like person riding in passenger seat.

    Cyndee Pooh was the biscuit bandit and since D.C. her adopted Irish Setter sister from Anna, Texas and Tigger would push her out of way to go outside 1st EVERY time. After Cyndee finished her biscuit and was ready for theirs she’d act like going out. They’d push her out of way to get out and she’d mosey on over to eat their biscuits. Pooh Pooh got up to 107 pounds until vet got onto us for her being Buddha Pooh from snacking on biscuits like bon bons watching THE DR. PHIL SHOW. Vet was at a loss since no Ultimate Weight Loss Solution book for dogs. I must admit Cyndee felt as well thee should be doggie psychiatrist day on Dr. Phil Show. Anyway, just cutting out biscuit supply of “da” biscuit bandit she got down to 80 pounds with vets seal of approval. Cyndee Pooh passed away in 2005 yet will never be forgotten… as you can see.

    N.B. Lynn hopes Dr. Phil Show or THE DOCTORS kick my gallbladder to “da” curb via an “Ultimate Makeover” from head to toe and inside and out tweaking teeth & eyes and the ultimate works so I’ll be healthy “and” so when the phone rings I quit asking if that’s Dr. Phil or The Doctors for over a year now. Think Lynn feels badly since he can go to VA Hospital for medical care and I cannot especially since a former Green Beret Medic from Vietnam Conflict with one silver & two bronze stars. BTW: I read that PTSD first coined from studying Vietnam vets in 70’s. Lynn graduated from NTU in Denton like you except in Fine Arts. Got 100% on written and oral private pilot tests. Lynn is a genius I think. LOVES planes and has built models, painted and is now doing 3D plane models online. His middle brother, an engineer, makes drone planes for military. It’d be cool if you had men camp for fun to do fun outings like mock fighter plane or astronaut camp with you for men. Jay could have fun outings for guys too. Jordan for teens that love music and Robin for spa day or week and Erica to teach young newly weds how to cook.

    N.B. Put my joke on wrong comment:
    I’m so technologically challenged I bought my first mouse at PetSmart.

    Ms. Stephenson
    twitter handle: SEAangels14

  3. Janni Glover says:

    My helper dog was a dalmation/rottweiler mix. I just don’t know how I’m going to live without her. She passed away a bit more that 3 years ago. My daughter in law got me a black lab puppy ( three years ago) and gave her to us. We named her Coco. Problem is that I can’t controll her and can’t walk her since she yanks the leash so hard I fall down. Since I can’t walk her, I was able to get a tread mill so I can walk. I can’t afford to get to buy a pricacy fence for Coco so I can let her run in the back yard. My hubby is not getting her in to training class’s at his work. He works at a pet store. I have been trying to get Coco a new home but no one wants her. Do you think you can help me? I’d really love to get help to get a privacy fence so I can throw a ball or a frisbee for Coco.

  4. Speaking of “helper” dogs, or, Assistance dogs. I would love to see a show exposing just how rampant imposters are, buying vests off the internet, and claiming their dog is a legitimate working dog. It really makes life difficult for those of us who do have real Assistance dogs. I raised and trained my own, and according to Federal Law, certification is not required. Yet I’ve faced some horrible discrimination, and I’m in a wheelchair, not a hidden disability to say the least. I’ve been denied justice in a court of law, because the restaurant who threw us out claimed I pitched a fit, so they had the right to refuse service.
    Now there’s a whole slew of folks claiming “emotional support” as Service dog work, muddying things. Heck most of us have dogs for emotional support! I would love to see a hidden camera on a legit team, and show just how often, and the extent of discrimination we face.
    Please give Maggie a big kiss!

  5. doggiekisses says:

    I, too, understand your love for Maggie, and all who love these wonderful critters. They give us much more than we give them. We benefit from their unconditional love, loyalty, affection, non-judgemental attitude and all those antics unique to them that make us laugh every day. We’ve had dogs that run in a figure-8 pattern when excited, place their toys in their water bowl, take their toys out in the yard to “bury” them after supper every night, howl with their noses in the air and “shepherd” everyone in the family into one room every night. What a gift God gave us in the form of these loving critters! I hope our pets will be in Heaven when we get there; how could it be a Heaven without them?!!! What I don’t understand is people who sell and buy dogs, when there are so many millions of dogs being euthanized every day in our country because of animal overpopulation and shelter overload. When people do not neuter or spay their pets, this is the result. There are purebred dogs and cats in these shelters. If you ask animal shelter staff to call you when the type of dog or cat you want is brought to the shelter, you can rescue a homeless animal that may be destroyed if you don’t. There are more puppies and kittens than there are people to buy them! Breeders and those who buy from them are causing the deaths of innocent animals who could be rescued if there weren’t so many purebred animals to buy. Please consider rescuing a stray homeless animal from a shelter, and support the no-kill shelters in your community financially, or by volunteering your time to care for or walk the animals without homes, stuck in those cages because there are too many animals. Older or less desirable animals are often euthanized because the shelter staff has to make a decision to weed out the un-adoptable ones to make room for the adoptable ones. All of my pets have been rescue animals, and they have been mixed breeds and purebred breeds. All have been exuberantly loving, appreciative, loyal and precious family members we were thankful to be able to love. Saving lives is a privilege and a joy. Neuter and spay your pets. Adopt a shelter pet. You’ll never regret it. Try it!!

  6. Bill Mason says:

    My “Lhasa Apso” dogs
    My youngest son went to Europe a couple of years ago, and left his cute little “Pekingese Poodle” pup (named: Mortimer) for me to take care of for a month. His older sister gave this pup to him – when she decided to reside in Chicago, and couldn’t care for him anymore. He is a part of our family, which I’m sure you all understand well.

    When my Son returned from Europe, little “Mortimer” went back to him. I had become very attached to this little “Peek-a-Poo” pup. After a month or so past, I found myself browsing the local pet rescue groups until I came across a local “Shih-Tzu Rescue” listing on the internet. I even searched for a pup that looked like my son’s “Peek-a-Poo”.

    I found a precious little silver gray Lhasa Apso, named “Ms. Sophie Loren”. She favored my son’s pup, and I fell in love with her when I saw her photo on the adoption listing. I immediately submitted the adoption form, and shortly after adopted her on my first visit. Another little pup tried to force his way in my lap while I was picking up “Sophie”. I was told that he was Sophie’s play mate while at the adoption agency. His name is “Chi-Chi” and it appeared no one wanted to adopt him because he was 11 years old where Sophie was only 21 months old. I felt bad having to leave Mr. Chi-Chi behind. He had lived with one owner all of his life until she past away. Also, I did not have the finances to adopt both pet’s at the same time. Additional, I was not sure I could manage both pets at one time as well as the additional expenses for food and proper medical care. I felt Chi-Chi and I had much in common (both being seniors) with our current life situations. This pup was alone, and had the odds against his being adopted soon enough.

    About one month past, and I couldn’t get “Chi-Chi’s” out of my mind. This little guy was depressed as seen by the tears on his eyes (missing his life time owner), and he so needed the comfort of someone to love and be loved by in return. Well, as you expected, I called the pet rescue owner, and she said I could also adopt “Chi-Chi” if I wanted to. I strained my budget, and picked up “Chi-Chi” as well. The reunion of both pets was heart filling to me.

    I was able to get “Chi-Chi” his surgery he so needed, and all of the usual medical needs for both pups to be up-to-date. Now I have two wonderful companions to give me purpose and comfort in my own aging years.

    My facebook Pet Photo’s link:

  7. Karen Rojas says:

    i am a single lady who lives alone in the country. years ago an old mixed breed dog and a rottweiler surfaced in the junkyard next to me as strays. One sad day the rotty got hit out here on the highway and the old mixed breed was left alone. gradually he befriended me, one day making his way to my door where i invited him in and from that moment he became not only a resident but my best friend, and eventually my hero.
    i am on oxygen and in my last stages of copd. one night in a groggy state i got up to use the bathroom and upon returning to bed; forgot to put my bipap mask back on. i started to slip, my heart slowed and as i was drifting away a wet tongue and loud wimpers gradually brought me back. it was the dog on top of my soaking my face urgently with his tongue trying to bring me out of it.
    he has spared me a lonely existance in my last days and i believe i do the same for him. he is my best friend and i feel so safe with him here.

  8. Sondra Acker says:

    I know how folks can feel about thier canine friends. I have a Service dog that is such a good little Dog. Beau is a mini poodle.Has saved me from serious problems by alerting me to oncoming health issues. I got Beau when he was 2 and 1\2 months old. He just turned 6years old. I raised him and trained him. I am in a wheel chair, Have chrons disease, diabetes, and Several other issues. He is really a good dog. I don’t know how I would live alone if it were’nt for Beau. I just wish that the general public would leave my dog alone so he could focus on his job. I Ordered cards from a site for service animal owners that states, that it is both is against both federal and state law to distract a service dog in any way. I checked it out and its true. It is so stressfull to go out because most folks dont get it. WEll anyway. It is good to have him to help pick up what I drop, and help with the laundry. Not to mention the company, and comfort he gives.

  9. Stef says:

    I have never and will never purchase a pet. Paying money for a “pure breed” does not make them a better pet. Every animal I’ve ever had has come from someone who’s pet had puppies or kittens and just gave them away. Excpet the cat we have now, he showed up in our front yard at about 7 weeks old, which was very odd since we live about 1/2 mile from anyone. There are some bad pet owners out there, which just breaks my heart. Our dog has been gone nearly a year now and I’m still not quite ready for another one, but I’ve decided when I am it will be from the pound.

    Don’t forget to spay & nueter!!! It’s one of the most responsible things a pet owner can do in my oppinion.

  10. Sondra Acker says:

    just a quick note to Steph. My poodle Beau was a gift from My mother. Also. I would have chozen a poodle or a poodle mix for the simple reason that they are 2ond in intellect only to the border-collie. They learn quickley and easily, they dont shed, and are easily tollerated by folks with allergies. Adoption is great. And it is a simple matter of to each his own. When you are ready for a new pet, enjoy.

  11. Linda Rose says:

    Hey Dr.Phil this is Isaac here! I’m Frugal Grammy’s feline [ aka- CAT!}– I was abandoned at a camp ground last Spring and nearly starved. Then I found Grammy and I adopted HER. Now she thinks she chose me but I’m telling it like it is. It was my choice to t adopt her. You can read my story at lindarose-afrugalabundantlife.blogspot.com

    Oh Dr.Phil I learned about tweeting the other day and pawed over Grammy’s keyboard and sent Robin a shout! Love twitter! Tweeting to a Robin can’t get much better than that for a CAT! Twitter is really all about the birds!

    Seriously Dr.Phil too many cats and dogs and bunnies are abandoned every year by humans who claimed they loved them! As for me I don’t need that kind of “love”.

    For me life was almost over and I was saved in the nick of time. Now I have a loving home that is almost purr—fect! I say almost because I have to share the house with a six pound Yorkie who thinks he is boss. That is one doggie who has alot to learn!

    Only complaint I have is Grammy took me to a lady who took away my manhood! I think she was called a “sanitarian?” or maybe it was a “vegetarian?” . Could have been Presbatarian?”—Oh, the pup just said the word is “veternarian!”– Soo– pups do know some things I admit!

    Life is good now! I still am scared of strange people coming to the house but have many places to hide. I bird watch from the safety of the window. When animal friends ask if I miss the great outdoors I meow and say; ” ARE YOU NUTS!” The only thing great about being outdoors was when Grammy brought me to my forever home on her bike! Now I watch the rain from a lovely sunporch swing!

    All us adoptees here wish you would do a show for pets and inform people how we need to be treated. We have feelings and need care and love even “dogs”. Lucky and Molly my new siblings were unwanted in the past. They tell me life is fun here and you know they are right!

  12. Dr. Phil,
    I have 3 amazing little Yorkies.. I bought one and adopted two… They are a part of this family… They are family members… They go everywhere with us and I just can’t even imagine how sad I would be if one of them were suddenly gone…
    I just heard about Jessica Simpson’s dog Daisy… I am heartbroken for her and Daisy… That was awful… A coyote snatched that poor dog right out of her own backyard… And people are actually being mean to Jessica… Don’t they understand that she is heartbroken??? Leave her alone people… She didn’t do anything wrong…
    My dogs NEVER go out by themselves but that’s not to say that the same thing couldn’t happen to them… right in front of me… I would be horrified… It’s one thing to have your pet die… that’s very sad… but, to have it die this way is just awful…
    I can’t quit thinking about poor Jessica and Daisy… I have no way of reaching out to her with love and compassion so I say a prayer instead… I pray that God would help her and comfort her in this very sad time… I pray that he would wrap his arms around her and love her and bring her peace… I ask that He would give her beauty for ashes… I ask that he would turn this terrible tragedy into her greatest blessing… He’s a BIG God and nothing is too hard for him…
    Dr. Phil.. thanks for giving me a place to write about this… it’s been laying on my heart so heavily… I hope you have a blessed day… Nicki Scroggin

  13. Glinda Barnett says:

    dr.phil, why can’t we get you here in Houston anymore?
    Dr. Oz has taken your place on Channel 2. Dr. Oz is good but I sure miss watching your show. I must have missed an announcement somewhere. I have checked and cannot find where to watch you. If you could let me know where you are listed here in Houston, Tx I would sure appreciate it and be forever greatful.
    Glinda Barnett

  14. R. Burt says:

    Dear Dr. Phil

    I just wrote a comment but not sure if it went through – you may have to from me.
    I am a Canadian fan of you and your show and am wondering whether you will help promote a couple of ideas that would help a lot both Canada and the United States. A few people are already doing it but there is room for so much more to be done. I think if people hear on your show people telling about how how they got started and how it’s grown and become successful and so on more people will do the same things and become successful too! and help a lot.

    The two ideas that can be reseached on the internet are “PET FOOD BANKS” and “FOOD RESCUE”
    Both of these help those who are struggling and both ideas are being done in both countries but one of the places in Canada that is doing this is Quest Outreach or Quest Food Exchange in British Columbia. Their website says they direct 5.77 milion pounds of surplus food from landfills each year which adds up to $7.12 million worth of food…feeding 40,000 people a month, yet they are only capturing 1% (one per cent) of the food being wasted.

    They also say we do not have a hunger problem, we have a food distribution problem!

    I think people need to see that others are doing it, how they are doing it and that they are legally protected while they do it in the United States by the “Good Samarital Law” signed by President Bill Clinton and that the Provinces in Canada have laws to protect those who are doing it in good faith like in Ontario where I am called the “Donation of Food Act, 1994″ in order to be incuraged and motivated to do it where they live.

    http://www.questoutreach.org and http://www.avivacommunityfund.org first page “Community Kitchen”


    Pikes Peak Pet Pantry – Colorado

    Save Our Pets Food Bank – they have a list of Pet Food Banks they are aware of

    Charlies Food Bank (BC SPCA) – British Columbia, Canada


    In Toronto, Ontario Second Harvest collects unused fresh and frozen perishable food, vegetables, fruits, meat etc and they collect enough of this type of food to feed 15,000 meals every day!


    Boston University Community Service Centre has an award winning program where the students are involved in “FOOD RESCUE” and they collect 150,000 pounds of food annually

    )checking the term “FOOD RESCUE” even brought up examples of little children helping their parents do it!

    The Dream Center in Los Angeles visted by President George Bush because it is runs so well takes the food that is rescued to the public schools where the moms in the needy areas in Los Angeles can get the food at the school while they are picking up their children from school so that they do not have to leave them at home when they go grocery shopping. I think that’s a great idea.

    With so many struggling, I think if we get all the big cities, the towns, villlages and little communities doing this bringing excess and perishable foods from everywhere it would help a great deal.

    Dr. Phil, do these ideas sound good enough for you to have a show on them?

  15. R. Burt says:

    IIMPORTANT CORRECTION re wording and FOOD RESCUE section
    – the food is re-directed. Taken away.
    So it is not disposed of and then taken to the landfill sites.

    The food is picked up at places like restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, coffee shops and specialty shops etc. It is good food that may be from excess supply being sent to a store or food from a restaurant that has not be “plated” and is perfectly good, or day old bread which we would all eat at home but a bakery and coffee shops only sells it freshly made that day.

    Please see the websites provided for the examples of where they get their food from and notice that food banks specialize in Non-Perishable foods ie tinned food where as “FOOD RESCUE” is the perishable foods and PLEASE correct where I missed the “re”.

    Thank you
    R. Burt

  16. R. Burt says:

    One further correction re FOOD RESCUE should not be “grocery stores” but should be “small grocery stores” as I think the large grocery stores are already contributing

  17. R. Burt says:

    One additional comment that may help, that others may not have thought of for their community is having a Pet:


    in their area.

    There are several examples and locations that can be found on the internet that are strictly for that purpose and cost is based on each circumstance.

  18. R Burt says:

    I am writing because of the experiences I have had, what I have seen elsewhere and what I hope will not happen to anyone else.

    I am writing about human shelters and the need for humans to be able to bring their PETS with them to the shelters.

    I was told I was welcome at a shelter, in Ontario, Canada, but my pets were not. As a result, I had to stay with an abuser longer than was wise because I could not leave MY PETS alsone with an abuser and the shelter would not welcome US.

    Another time, another city, another year, I took my cat with me to the shelter. We travel together and I was moving from a small town with few jobs to a larger town with I hoped more jobs. When it was discovered that I had a cat, I was given two hours to decide whether I wanted the companionship of my cat or shelter. I chose, as many would, to have the companionship of my cat. My cat and I were asked to leave. This occurred in the dark, in a snow storm, in winter. We could have frozen and had no where else to go and knew only one person in town – a pastor’s daugher.
    The pastor heard about our plight, spoke to the shelter and the shelter kindly invited me and my cat back.

    It is my concern, that families stay intact. That means, to me, pets and their humans.
    As a result I am requesting that everyone

    a. Find out where your nearest local human shelter is.
    This is good to know for your own benefit as well as anyone in your neighbourhood who has an emergency and needs a place to stay to sort things through before the next stelp.

    b. Find out whether your nearest local human shelter says “NO PETS ALLOWED” or “PETS WELCOME”

    c. If pets are not allowed, and this is not the type of human shelter that you want in your community, gather all your friends and relatives in the area and ensure that the human shelter in your area is as you wish. If you wish the entire family kept intact, humans and pets then make sure that is what you have or start another human shelter in your area that if PET AND HUMAN FRIENDLY

    d. Put the information on your refigerator of where the closest human and pet shelter is so that if any of your friends or neighbours have an emergency and need to know where to go quickly, you will be able to give them the information immediately. Also, if ever you or your family need a quick escape, as you run out the door with your pet(s), you can grab the information about where the closest pet friendly human shelter is and be first in line, because you prepared ahead of the emergency.

    There are many humans shelters and many animals shelters, but there are few human shelters that welcome humans and their PETS AND KEEP THE FAMILY INTACT -whole animals and people. It is my understanding this is a world wide issue. Therefore this information can be useful in any country.

    Everyone needs to know where their closest human shelter is and especially shelters where humans and their pets can go. And, if there is not one close by, then their community needs to organize together for one to exist before an emergency occurs.

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