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August 30th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

A New Season Begins

dpNY_3Hey everybody! Well, I’m running around New York City like a chicken with its head cut off getting ready for our opening show.

As I have said, we’re taking the Dr. Phil show to the streets this year — taking it directly to you viewers, where you live physically and emotionally. Today alone, I’ve been talking to people at a hot dog stand next to Madison Square Garden, at the Empire State Building, at Sylvia’s soul food restaurant, even on an Amtrak train, which took me and my crew to Philadelphia and back.

I have to tell you, it feels so good and so right to be talking with people in the real world, because that’s where I come from. Talking to people on the train for example, hardworking people headed in to work, and talking about their challenges — the spirit is amazing, and the sense of humor! HA! I love these people. New Yorkers are hilarious and some do pretty good Dr. Phil impressions!

If you’re in the New York City area Monday the 14th, or in Philadelphia on Wednesday the 16th, I want you come out and join us for our shows. (Click here to find out how to get tickets.) These shows are not only going to be great fun, they are going to usher in a new and unbelievably exciting era for Dr. Phil.

dpNY_1Looking back on the past eight summers that I’ve spent preparing for a new fall season, this one has been, by far, the most challenging. My senior staff and I have been going at it day and night to make our show as relevant and meaningful to you, our viewers, as ever.

I am convinced the world has changed more from the summer of ’08 to the summer of ’09 than at any time previously. Just think about what this country’s economic collapse has done to us. People from every walk of life are consumed with stress, and often, with outright fear. Marriages and families are breaking apart. Men and women are being brought down by depression. They’re turning to drugs and alcohol for some sort of solace. They have no idea what to do with themselves and no idea how to get their lives started again.

And that’s just one problem that has hit us. Add recent trends, such as the Internet explosion that has taken over our kids’ lives — from Facebooking to sexting, to tragically, driving while “intexticated” — and you have a whole other set of problems, some of which no one thought much about a year ago.

bagOfGrocIn other words, the world is changing at light speed, and we at Dr. Phil have to change with it. As opposed to previous years when my heart told me that many people needed a huge wake-up call to get real about their problems, I sense that now, people know what the problems are and are ready for solutions!

In the past, I may have been in your face. Now, I am committed to having your back. I am still going to be direct and to the point, but this is a time that calls for us to do this together.

I’m ready to rise to that challenge. I don’t shrink from that challenge; not even a little bit. I’m inspired by it, and I’m invigorated by it. I don’t care how corny this sounds, but as I get ready for the launch of our eighth season, I want you to know what a privilege it is to come into your homes in America and around the world. I want you to know how honored I am to be part of your lives. Visiting with so many of you around the east here, has really shown me what the challenges are right now. I take your questions seriously and promise you that I’m not going to let you down. We are in this together and that’s a good thing!

See you out and about. You never know where I might pop up next!

By the way, if you are coming out to join us, be sure to stop at Food Emporium and pick up an eco-friendly, reusable tote bag which has the slogan on it: ‘Sometimes I Just Need to Be Held’ (Hope you get the pun).

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136 Responses to “A New Season Begins”

  1. Lynn Moore says:

    Are you serious? I can’t believe that your show is not being shown in Houston on local tv any longer! We now see Dr. Oz, even up here in The Woodlands (just North of Houston). How sad for all of us here that the powers that be have decided there is not a large enough viewing audience to justify airing your show. There are very many Houstonians that are loyal viewers and speaking for just one of them, on fact, I will truly miss your show.

  2. Mitzy Roberts says:

    I have sent you some emails through your website and never got a reply. My family truly needs your help. I refuse to talk to my mother ever again, I refuse to talk to my sister until she can show me that she can act like a decent human being. I am about to cut off the rest of my family also. All I get is greif from all of them. My sister needs help but nobody will give her the help she needs. More info in the emails. I beg for your help.

  3. pam says:

    i just watched your new showc in newyork its awesome what your doing hope to see you in my town

  4. Lisa Bigley says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I saw your segment today about the young couple troubled by their rocky marriage. It made me think of my current situation. I’m a 25 year old teacher who lives with her 24 year old boyfriend of 5 months. Well, last night he packed up and walked out after having a dinner conversation with his dad. We’ve had problems in the past, but we’ve been working so hard and things have been great…I mean wonderful! His father found out we moved in together this weekend, he was very upset. His religious beliefs made him disappointed that we were living together. His father wanted to have dinner with him to discuss this. Before dinner, my boyfriend (now ex) kissed me, told me he loved me and then went to dinner. Two hours later, he came home. The first words out of his mouth: “I’m leaving tonight”. He said he needed to leave to get over me, even though he still loved me. He was said what he was doing what not where he was suppose to be and that he didn’t know if he saw us together. All of this contradicted what he has told me, especially the past two weeks. Just days before he was proclaiming his love for me. And now last night he walks out. He is staying at his mom’s house for the time being before he “bus a house and moves in alone” as he said. (His parents are divorced, his mother is more understanding.)
    Dr. Phil, I ask you what should I do. I am heartbroken and I know he cares for me since he even said so. It seems he needs space. He has a stressful job and emotionally not very secure. I know there are issues but I know they can be resolved. We fell head over heels for each other and are still. Yet, when someone says something that can influence him, he seems to go with it.
    Do I wait to see if he comes around? Or do I accept that it is over and begin the moving on process and move out? I’ve been through tough break ups before, but this has got me very upset…more than the other relationships.

    Please help me, as I am feeling hopeless.

    Lisa Bigley

  5. Cathy Butler says:

    I want to thank you, Dr. Phil. I watched your show today where you said that animal cruelty figures strongly in a sociopathic personality. I am now forgiving myself for feeling so little emotion when my father died. He was a very gregarious outgoing person to everyone else but to me he was extremely cold and unfeeling. He seemed to take delight in torturing the stray kittens that I would bring home. The incident that bothers me to this day – he took a hammer to a bottle and mixed the ground glass with hamburger and fed it to a kitten of mine until the kitten died. I now realize he was a very sick person and will try to forgive him.

  6. Emma says:

    Hi Dr. Phil
    I’d really like to recommend you do a show on living with herpes. With one in five people in North America reported to have herpes I know there are a lot of people living in shame, not knowing how to deal with the emotional issues related to living and dating with herpes.

    When I was first diagnosed I thought my life was over and that I would never date anyone again. Since then I’ve come to terms with having herpes and really put it into perspective – really is it that big of an issue in my life – no!

    I think you could help many many people realize that they are not defined by having herpes and to help them live full lives instead of hiding in shame.

    Hope this convinces you that this is a valuable topic that you could really make a difference in!


  7. Jamie Becker says:

    Hi Dr. Phil I was wondering if it would be possible if I could talk to you, I have been having trouble deciding if I should break all contact with my father. The only time we ever talk is when I go visit my sister and I invite him to dinner, after that we will not talk for months on end and if I didn’t contact him I probably would never speak to him unless it’s my birthday or Christmas. I have an 18 month old daughter and I don’t want her to have the same feelings of resentment that I have toward him when she gets old and I want to protect her. Some of my family say that my daughter won’t know the difference because this is how she will know her grandfather. I know my father would never go on your show or anything like that so I was just wondering if I could get some incite. I am very torn about this and it hurts me everyday to know that he doesn’t want to be a part of my life. He has just vanished from my life since he married his wife 6 months after he divored my mother. If you could help me with this issue I would greatly appreciate it, if you are too busy I completely understand as well, thank you so much for your time. I love your show.

  8. Donna says:

    Hi Dr. Phil: I think taking to the streets is a fantastic idea. I hope someday you come to Arizona. My question is this:
    I had rectal cancer three years ago, although my oncologist says “I am out of remission and in a curable state” When he saw me two months ago he told me he is going to push my appts with him 6 months out I must haave gotten the deer in the headlight look because he asked me if I was happy with that. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that. So to make a long story short I will have a blood test every 3 months and see him on the 6 month. My question is this:
    How do I let go of the fear of someday in the near future not seeing my oncologist? Just in case you are wondering – I am not attracted to him.

  9. Cindy Durham says:

    Dr. Phil Great ideal for taking it to the streets, if you ever get to Indiana you’ve got to come to Kokomo, the biggest city for divorce due to the GM/Delphi and Chrysler plants.

    But I need help on another subject, this town use to be very racial and I was raised that way but in 5th grade I seen the light, now my parent have dis-owned me and it’s killing me. For the first time I will not back down from my parents, I’m 49, pay my own bills and my parents will not have much at all to do with my. They are in their late 70’s and I don’t want it to end that way. My sister has done somewhat the same things with taking people to their house to spend a week in FL but yet I am the BAD SEED.

  10. virginia says:

    i am having a really hard time now. like a lot of people i have been out of work since february. they said i was incompetent although all evidence was to the contrary. i think i got caught in the budget crunch. except for the first week, when i cried all week, i have looked for a job constantly. i have had some temporary jobs, but all the rejection is keeping me down.

    now i feel i have another rejection. when i look at it logically i know it is unreasonable, but the tears are coming again. i took a job working sundays and wednesday nights in my church nursery, so i have limited time to worship with others. i volunteered to be a mentor for a confirmand (i’ve done it before), but they didn’t need me. i volunteered to teach a Disciple bible study course (all the others are taught on wednesday nights, but not enough signed up, so i’m doing that by myself too. i want to start a unemployed support group, but i don’t think i can take another rejection. i am sure of faith in God, but my faith in mankind is dropping.

    needless to say we are out of money. we have borrowed $1500 from mom, but still we are out, my Dori’s college tuition is due, I need a doctor’s appointment because my cronic depression is worsing. i have put on 50 pounds since february.

    i have two parttime jobs starting the first of october, but for the first time in my 37 years of working, i’m scared to death. i have a degree in education and one in biology and 21 graduate hours in education and technology and i feel scared to do an administrative job at a series of flu clinics.

    my husband just works and comes home and sits in front of a computer and plays dominoes all evening. my daughter is away and my son lives on a basketball court. i feel all alone. i don’t call friends, because i spent 23 years being a social worker, so i am used to being the caretaker. it is hard for me call someone and talk to them about being a failure.

    sorry i have rambled so much. i would appreciate any advice you could give me. if you have any information on starting a support group that i could take to the church, i would appreciate it.


  11. Carol says:

    Dr Phil I truely love you and your wife because I can truely see you love one another and like you we have been married almost thirty-four (34) years in December and somehow it grows every year but we have no money at all and I am always afraid of losing our home because we can’t find jobs in our area because we don’t speak Spanish. We are throw aways in this part of our Beautiful Country better know as Hialeah, Fl.

    There is something I need you to help me with and I want to change a law that is important to all rape victims like myself.

    I want to change the law from rape to manslaughter because once a person is rapped they are never ever the same person like they were before it happened.
    Actually right before you are raped and then one second after the person you were to become is gone and when you wake up the next day you are so totally different even down to the way you walk or talk or any other thing in life.

    I was raped for nine (9) years by my brother-in-law from the age of twelve (12) to age twenty-one (21) and the only reason he stopped was because I got married to run away from him but I went from the frying pan into the fire because he was abusive as well.

    The reason why I never said anything was because he told me if I spoke about what he was doing he would kill my family starting with my mother and let me watch. My father was very ill from a stroke so he stepped in and took over the “father” image and helped my mother with things that my father would have done around the house and his payment was me but my mother never knew and she had to take care of my father 24/7 and plus had a job outside the home she had a full time job.

    I lost so much in my life from the anger I carried and I never knew where it came from all I could tell you I lost a lot of family, friends, jobs. my first husband because of anger. When I finally got the help I needed many many years later almost lost my second husband I finally realized through a lot of help what he did to me. As the man told me I was the rape and the rape was me I was always afraid to speak because I was always afraid I might say something about what happened to me. If someone would approach me in a way I didn’t like or say something like he would have said to me or touched me in a way he did I would explode in anger but I never knew why so he changed everything about me.

    When I fall to sleep me eyes would open even if I were sleeping I would see someone standing at my door watching me sleep because they caught me with my brother-in-law and it was my husband or if something was hanging on the door after I fell asleep my eyes would open it would look like a man coming into the room like my brother-in-law I would wake up screaming to the top of my voice in total fear. But I would do this up ten times a night sometimes I would run away in my sleep and find myself in other rooms.

    This man changed my entire life and this is what happens to so many more rape victims everyday and it not really treated like a big enough crime and it is I think worse than murder because in murder at the very least all suffering is over.

    I know that you will tell me that I am wrong but I think I am right because if they would get a stiffer sentence just maybe that would stop these rapes that are happening more and more everyday.

    Would you be willing to help me with what I think the law should change from rape to manslaugter?

    I don’t really expect an answer but I will keep trying as I asked you this before and never got an anwer.

    Thank you for listening.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I watched your taping on the streets of NYC. I watched the guest that was burned in rescuing her brother. If you wouldn’t have told me she had been burned I wouldn’t have known. Maybe it was makeup or maybe it was television irregardless, I thought she would beautiful. I myself have cerebral palsy. If affected me in the way I walk. I have an MBA and a BS in Economics. I have a four year old son. My CP overpowers everything I have accomplished. When I see myself, all I see is the CP. I can relate to how your guest feels. I wanted to hug her and tell her she wasn’t the only one that felt that way. To me she was beautiful. Can you please pass this along to her. I think we all need to know “we aren’t the only one” Please tell her she is beautiful and God loves her.

    Elizabeth Cates

  13. Michele Petacciato says:

    Hi Dr. Phil
    I’m still trying to decide whether or not I like your show indoors or outdoors like this new season. It just seems so cluttered with people and not a one on one like you always had. It’s fun for you I’m sure not being stuck in a studio all day long. But I’ll get used to it because I love your show. No matter what you’ll do great as always.

    I’ve been fighting ovarian cancer since Feb. 08. I get pretty down about it but I have to try to keep my spirits up to try to fight this thing. I was in remission for a very short time (4 months) and it came back. I’m now taking a chemo that is keeping it at bay but won’t be shrinking it. I feel good a week after my chemo and can pretty much live normally except for doctor visits, blood work, and anything else that gets in my way. My husband lost $60,000 from his salary in the past 18 months also and we are struggling to say the least. He’s 62 years old and sends out resumes and goes on interviews when called, but nothing. The ones that do want him do not offer health insurance which is a must for us. I carry a lot of guilt because he has to stay at this job with the healthcare because of me. If it weren’t that I was sick, he could probably go almost anywhere but really, people aren’t jumping out of their skin to give people jobs today. He doesn’t have college behind him, but he did own his own business for quite a few years. We need a break because it’s getting harder and harder to live in New Jersey.

    I’m just venting I guess. Need to do that every now and then. Thanks for listening to me. I’ll continue to watch your show and hopefully it will “grow” on me.

  14. Donna says:

    Hope I am leaving this in the right place. I was very interested in you conversation with Mary.
    I too lost a son, a year and a half after losing my husband to cancer. I was a total basket case for years.

    Please tell Mary until she is able to stop greiving so deeply she will really not be able to conect to her son as she would like to. I only felt the pain of loss when people would mention his name. Now I can recall all the joy he brought to me and my family and it makes me smile. I was so lucky to have him for the short years I did, he blessed my life. She will never get over the loss, but she can get to a place where she can be happy again and remember the joy he gave to her life

  15. Bernice says:

    Dear Dr.Phil,
    I love the idea of takin it to the streets. I wish you could come to my town! I am so lost, I don’t know what to do!! In 2006, I lived in Ohio, My mother lived in Florida, My sister was living with mom.Wilma damaged moms trailer, Sis and her hubby talk mom into getting a new DW trailer. Mom gets sick, sis calls me, me and my husband drop everything to move to Florida to help take care of mom. Sis and hubby move out leaving mom behind on the morgage and lot rent Plus the electric!!!! Now moms back in the hospital, she has COPD, CHF, Diebettes. On sept. 14 mom had to have a colonoscopy. Today, Sept.18, she is on a ventalater again. I don’t remember my childhood, the time that I have with my mother now is all the memeries I have. And ontop of that, this all is affecting my marriage. HELP!!!! Please?????????

    Sincerely Bernice

  16. Hi Dr Phil

    Thank you so much for your show from Philly! My husband James and I made a cross country move from Chester PA (a Philly suburb) last November when James was transferred to Spokane WA for his job. Jim grew up here, but at first I felt like a fish out of water, because thiough I have travelled to other states, and even other countries, this is the first time I have lived outside of the Philadelphia area. There are things I love about Spokane. It has a lot of the small town mindset, where people will readily help each other out, and people actually know their neighbors. The hardest part for me, is that the majority of my friends and family are still back East. Also, even though it has been almost a year, I can still get hit withrandom bouts of homesickness. It was recently compounded because two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, By the grace of God, it was caught in the early stages, The tumor was a little smallIer than an inch, and there was no lymph node involvement. I had the surgery last week, and will be having radiation starting next week, twice a day for five days. After that I’m told my treatment regimen will be over. My problem is, when I found out I wanted to jump on the first plane back to Philly. Fortunately, peoplev here my health care team, my church family, and my husband James who is my hero, have been so supportive, and my lifeline. James has taken up the housework, changed my dressings, driven me to appointments, and made sure I’ve kept that connection with the folks back East. We have struggled so much with finances even before we moved here, and now I will not be working til the Dr, gives me the green light. Now we have these medical bills. I want so much to take some of the burden off James, and to show him how much I appreciate all the sacrifices he’s made now and always. On a lighter note, we’d both love an authentic hoagie or a cheesesteak. (By the way thanks for the piece on Pat;s or Gino’s! That was the best laugh I’ve had in two months!) Thanks so much for letting me vent, and all you do! Keep up the great work!

    Elizabth L. Forsyth (breast cancer survivor)
    Spokane WA (and Chester PA)

  17. Farris P. Fast says:

    I am so frustrated that our local TV station is not carrying your show this season. I was so looking forward to the new season and especially after seeing that the first Dr Phil family is going to be back on Monday, I am really upset. I wanted to see what is going on in their lives now, after having followed them so closely the first time. Is there any way I can see or know what is happening with them. It would be nice if you would have live streaming at the same time your show is on. HELP ME PLEASE…..what can I do?

    Farris P. Fast
    Houston, TX

  18. Susani Sacca says:


    I am glad you are the Doc because so many people have so many stories and everyone has a legit cry for help too. So who do you help? Who do you profile?

    Who is the most worthliest? So many people are in need expecially with the way the world is today but Dr Phil why cant people reach down with there change TRULY and SEND THE DR PHIL FOUNDATION a CONTRIBUTION from your website because of all of the great work you and it does?

    I need to run to the store right now but when I get back home I have decided no matter how small it will be today I pledge to make a difference to THE DR PHIL FOUNDATION AND TO DO MY PART!
    SUSANI SACCA…Delaware Ohio

    They say it takes a villiage to raise a child
    It takes a person one person at a time to HEAL A NATION
    Let it begin with me….

  19. Susani Sacca says:

    Before I went to the store I discussed it with my Husband who agreed with me.

    I did as I promised and I must say I/ WE FEEL WONDERFUL WORLD!

    25 dollars to DR PHILs General fund. For DR PHils FOUNDATION!~

    I left my wallet and credit card in the car locked up of course but me and my Tommy I hope today have started a NEW TREND!

    I used HIS MASTER CARD on Dr Phil’s secure site and it took a whole 5 minutes
    to make our COUNTRY and Our people a better world.
    Check out Dr Phils website and ALL the GREAT WORK DR PHILS FOUNDATION DOES!
    Susani Sacca Delaware, Ohio
    Follow my lead and report back here JUST HOW GOOD IT FEELS

  20. Dr. Phil:

    I am a mother of three special needs children. We adopted two children who were later diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder. About five years after adopting the girls, our oldest son began showing some serious signs that something was terribly wrong. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 17. He is now 26 and doing very well. It has been a challenging road that we did not anticipate traveling in a million years. I have said this before, your website and show has been a huge resource for us and I am thankful for all that you share with the world!

    I would like to know how much you know about reactive attachment disorder and if you have written any material or ever done a show on this subject matter?

    Felicia Watts

  21. Wendie Haines-Whalley says:

    Hey Dr. Phil,
    My husband Bill & I really enjoyed the 1st week of this season. I liked what you said to the daughter about her mom’s guilt trips. Just so you know, some of us moms do try to exercise a modicum of restraint in our pressure on our children for contact. Of course we all dream of adult children who call us every day and want to gather frequently as a family. However, I have discovered that there is a beauty to allowing each of my children the space and time to decide when or whether to “call Mom”.

  22. Erin says:

    So, any solutions on getting to see you in Houston, Texas. I’m shocked like all the other posters that we can’t see you anymore. I taped you everyday and learned alot from you. Very bad decision not to have your show on anymore.

  23. Debbie Brooks says:

    I am sure you are being inundated with even more requests for help than usual since you have announced your being on Twitter. I know I was encouraged when I heard the announcement. I went and got a account.
    There are so many people in such dire straits these days and I know I am one among many and as the old saying goes ” if you think you have it bad, just look around”.
    I have written your show several times and even got a reply from a producer last September. I replied but was not contacted further. I seriously don’t see a way out and to a better life without someone who is not afraid sticking up for me. My family is a mess and it is so difficult to explain all the situations that I face.
    I have realized the main person who needs to change is me and I need real serious help to do it. I cannot find the inner strength to make lasting changes and the additional circumstances do not help.
    Right now I am in St Louis,Mo with the man who used to be my husband but has been an ex for 16 years now yet we are on and off together. I think the biggest thing I need help with is figuring out why I still want someone who doesn’t really want me and who has not been there for me. He wants me to go home even now but I told him last week that I was not going until he went again because there are family issues with our son and his girlfriend and grandbabies that need tending to and I am to the point that there has to be some relief. Please help us to see if we have earned our way out of this relationship and help us with the entanglements that keep us trapped. I really do feel trapped like an animal in a cage and would be willing to chew my leg off if it would free me. Today is 31 years since we first had sex and 30 years since we got married. I was 17 and he was 28 and we have both served what feels to me like a life sentence. I have lived a Counterfeit life and I want a real life where we are both free to be happy. I have lost both my parents in the past three years and countless other relatives and it makes me realize how short life is and if I died today, this is so not the life I wanted.
    I watch you and Robin and friends and think how it is possible to have a good relationship.
    You say the only thing worse than staying for a certain length of time is that amount and one day. Please help me soon. I’m sick and tired of chasing the elusive love of a man who doesn’t really want me. Not in the way I want to be wanted.
    I am READY and WILLING to follow the advice you give me. I need verbs for action and someone who has my back while I do it so it can be done safely.

  24. Angie says:

    Dear Dr Phil,
    I am writing to ask if you have ever done a show on Parental Alienation Syndrome? My Children are 11 and 14 and they are going through a severe case of P.A.S. They live with their father and his new wife. She is 21 and he is 33 and I went 5 years without seeing my son at all and 4 years without my Daughter. He sent my Daughter home to live with me and I had her for 15months and he wanted her back so the courts gave her back to him. My babies call me by my first name and tell me how bad they hate me for what I am doing and what I have done to their dad. I cant find them again at this time he has disconnected his phone number and cut all ties with me calling them. He left and took my babies to New Mexico 5 years ago and I am in Alabama, so there is no telling were he is gone to now. He has not only alienated them from me but from mine and his whole family. My Son has so many issues. I seen in the court records were he was making sexual advance to my Daughter. And he has been hitting her and his Dads new wife.
    I have done a lot of research on P.A.S. on the internet but no one seems to bring it out in the open. I believe there is a lot of people being victimized by this whole situation and they need to hear some solutions. Everyone also needs to know how to get their voice out there were they can let the court system know that this is real and we are not the bad people thar our ex’s say we are.
    Dr. Phil Thank You for you time.

  25. Sue Kirchoff Clayton says:

    hey dr. phil

    I truly enjoyed your live shows. They were great. I am currently living with my parents and I’ve been working on losing weight. I have lost about 11 lbs so far. I’ve written to ya a few times in the past. I did drop one size so far and i’m so very happy about that. Your weightloss book is great. I started walking on July 22 this year. Its hard for me to stay focused on losing weight living here at my mom’s house. They bring in the junk food. I do drink diet caffeine free coke. Some days i drink too much soda. I do drink a lot of water every day. My family thinks i drink too much water. I’m gonna continue walking every day that I can so I can drop another size before the holidays start. I weigh about 254 lbs and I’m wanting to get below 200 lbs and out of the plus size clothes. I hate shopping in the plus size department. They are ugly clothes. I could use some help with how to cook healthier meals for myself and what other foods i need to be eating.

  26. Hi Dr. Phil,

    I have not been able to find your new season shows. They put Dr. Oz in your old time slot & I can’t find you anywhere.
    I guess this is a dumb question, but what time are you on in Houston, TX? And what station?

  27. Lisa KEYMASTERS group says:

    Hi Dr Phil,
    I am sure you answered the sisters question in NY but of course I missed it. Did you tell then they should or should not tell the 80 some year old mom about the other daughter?

    And the second part, That mom’s PAYOFF for keeping her home in such clean cluttered chaos. I don’t know about her, but my PAYOFF is letting it go, means I don’t have to use what little time and energy I have to do something different like clear it all out. I would also have to give up the control of what leaves the house if I call 1800 got junk or someone like them. I have tried to organize a get rid of me party but I have found it more trouble than the amount I get rid of. And then there is that little tape recording that of course has been playing a big part, that says why bother? It’ll just end up the same. You have been trying this for how long? How many times? in just the last two years? Okay lets just count this last year. That way you won’t need the neighbors fingers and toes to add up the count. Then of course when I have had it and can’t take it anymore. I throw out something I need within the next week and have to purchase it again, or wonder didn’t I get rid of that already. And if that isn’t bad enough. When I start making progress and feel really good
    about what I have accomplished, someone I know comes over and makes a remark that of course I allow to fester inside of me and again will give in to those negative tapes in my head. I feel like I am always settling for less than I want, so why not this too. Then I have my father, Who comes over to help, but does what he thinks I need NOT what I want. And if something gets broke along the way, well eventulally I will fix it or learn to live with it. Or in some cases without it. Like the heater, the bathroom sink, and the oven, But that’s another story.

    I have made a list of what I would like to keep, and what I would like to FIND, (and keep) that I know is somewhere in the house and let someone come get the rest. I would like it to benefit a charity that helps animals, but at this point I’m not going to be picky. But what I don’t want is a lot of people to come to me and say ARE YOU SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO KEEP THIS? If I was sure don’t you think it would be on my list.

    Again MY PAY OFF is NOT having to change it

  28. What in the world are these television stations thinking? Where in the heck is your show here in Texas city, Tx I put the channel on and who do I see but Dr Oz?????What the H–l? I was so looking forward to your new season. Hopefully the ratings will be low on Dr Oz and then they will bring u back but I would sure make them grovel for a bit. your show comes to us on a Houston station 02 but at least it was coming through loud and clear until just a few weeks ago ….but Dr OZ!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that , your show is awesome and now what will i do with my hour from 3-4 Please lets send a petiotion around or something to get you back where u belong I know u have plenty of faithful viewers myself being one of them. We sure will miss you and your beautiful sweet Robin everyday .I keep flipping channels everyday at 3 hoping to find you but s far no luck what is going on Thanks Karen Williams

  29. julie says:

    dr. phil

    as i read some of your letter, i guess that we can not watch you in houstontx why is this. im very upset about this problem. as you can see we can not watch you so if you have an answer to this you will have to e-mail your great veiwers that miss watching your show. and how can we fix this problem. you can go around and fix other people problems please fix this one. the people in houston miss you and robin

  30. Martha Chapman says:

    I did not hear the answer to question “Do we tell the Mom about the other daugher?” I have been unable to find it.

  31. Lisa KEYMASTERS group says:

    Susani Sacca says:
    September 19, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Check out Dr Phils website and ALL the GREAT WORK DR PHILS FOUNDATION DOES!

    I agree and for my part, my daughter and I make up Dr Phil Baskets with 1-2 Dr Phil cup depending on how many cups I have collected that year. I purchase at least 2 cups every time I go to a taping, I add and cocoa or tea or coffee and a book he or one of his family members have written and a note card that has Dr Phil’s website and foundation information on it. I ask my gift receivers to donate at least a dollar a month. Last Christmas we sent out 200 baskets.

    I always ask for a dollar for any fund, because most people can spare a dollar and a thousand people can make a huge difference.

  32. Susani Sacca says:


    That is such a wonderful idea. You and your daughter are thinking outside the box for

    I also suggeted on THE DRSTV website because Jay and the others are asking for show ideas that DR PHIL have a convention over the weekend and include, The Drs TV and have seminars, keynote speakers, in the lobby sell DR PHIl’s books and Robins and Jay along with whomever else will be at CONFERENCE and in the center where everyone signs in meets and greets a full display of DR PHIL FOUNDATIOJN all the great works and projects they are looking forward to do.

    Pictures ceiling to floor of all the families, woman and children who lives have been effected By Dr Phil and his show and his FOUNDATION.
    PEOPLE bring there checkbooks when they travel and I would love to work that booth and request checks from people willing to donate!

    The new season is just beginning and with SEASON 8 Dr Phil shows just keep geting better and better.

  33. Sandra Heymann says:

    You are an amazing man with talent beyond belief and a heart of gold.

    I would give ANYTHING in the world to come work with you again. I miss that “real world.”

    YOU make a difference in our society. YOU make a difference in so many people’s lives.

    THANK YOU Dr. Phil. Thank you so much!

  34. Evelyn Gilbert says:

    Dr. Phil Will you be back in the Houston Area. I am not the only one that misses the show. Please reply to us

  35. L.W. says:

    Where did he refer the women who had a fear of childbirth? I live in the Philadelphia area and am having similar issues with the idea having children? Where did he refer her??

  36. LISA JONES says:

    I live in a small town near Beaumont,Tx. it’s name is Winnie,Tx. and I’m so frustrated because I can’t get you on my t.v. I’ve called my provider which is DISH Satalite and they can’t seem to help me, I thought they were full of it,.. Now here’s the kicker, because I live in an area tht is considered “houston” for my local provider I can’t get you, but just 2 blocks down the oad, my sister can get you because she is considered “beaumomt” for her local station… I’m mad!! Don’t get me wrong, I like Dr. Oz.. he’s good for my “physical well~being” but I NEED YOU for my “mental state”.. I don’t understand why you’re not being aired in all of Texas, you’re from Texas..! that should be a right of passage..


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