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September 10th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Patrick Swayze: Another Loss from Cancer

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AP Photo

I would be remiss if I let this week pass without saying something about the death of Patrick Swayze. What I admired about my fellow Texan was that he fought the good fight and didn’t seem to let the disease of cancer dominate the time he had left. During his fight to survive, Patrick not only raised awareness about pancreatic cancer, he still continued to work up until his death, shooting his drama series, The Beast, and writing a memoir with his wife, Lisa.

As the nation grieves the loss of this gifted man, my heart goes out to the many individuals dealing with a similar devastating diagnosis. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and according to the American Cancer Society, more than 10,700 kids will be diagnosed with the dreaded disease this year. Those statistics are heart-breaking. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Kate McRae is a 5-year-old battling brain cancer. While her parents, Holly and Aaron, pray for her recovery, they also journal about the realities of her condition. You can still follow their very powerful updates here.

I’ve always said that when someone gets cancer, the whole family “gets” cancer, because they are impacted with the emotional challenges of the disease. That means the whole family has to actively cope. If you’re going through the devastation of watching someone you love fight cancer, never forget that it’s OK to feel angry or resentful at what has happened. But at the same time you cannot let the emotions consume you.

What’s more, you will most likely need to redefine the relationship with your ailing loved one. You have to come to a new understanding of what is “normal.” Before, you may have gone for walks in the park or had movie nights, whereas now you’re visiting the oncology clinic and sitting in waiting rooms. And as hard as it may be to see your father or daughter in pain, you have to accept that he or she is not invincible. It’s especially tough to watch a parent struggle with a terminal illness, considering that you’re used to seeing him or her in the role of a caretaker. We never know when our time is up, so make sure you say the things that you need to say before your loved one passes. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

No one likes talking about the dreaded C word, but I promise you, you don’t have to feel powerless when confronted with disease. If you have a terminally ill relative, and you aren’t sure what to do, let me hear from you. Or if you want to share your remembrances of the great Patrick Swayze, then do it here. He will be sorely missed.

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75 Responses to “Patrick Swayze: Another Loss from Cancer”

  1. Partrick Swayze will be missed. Yes, the dreaded C word effects many. I hope someday that it won’t be so many effected. That there won’t be cancer. That has to really hard on Kate McRae’s family. It is so sad!
    I want to say that September is also National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
    I was dianoised with Stage IIIa in September 2005. That was the same year I lost my mom to COPD. So it was really had on me and my family. My dad passed away in 1998 with Parkinson’s and my daughter that was 14 in 1998 was dianoised with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, two months after he passed. Also, in October 2005 my daughter’s Lupus started attacking her kidneys. She was 21 yrs. old.

  2. Pat says:

    My heart goes out to Patrick’s wife Lisa. What a wonderful actor and human being he was. You never heard any scandals about him. How devastating this has to be for his lovely wife.
    Although I haven’t lost anyone in my family to pancreatic cancer, I have lost all the women in my family thus far with different types of cancer. My mother was only 45 and after giving birth to her twelfth child, she died of ovarian cancer.
    I lost two of my sisters thus far with the dreaded disease. One from breast cancer and another from a back tumor. I have a niece, mother of three who recently had to have a double mastectomy while her husband was serving his second term in Iraq. One of my brothers has bladder cancer right now and there is no cure for that. There are others as well (aunts, cousins, etc.) I pray that one day there will be a cure.
    Patrick Swayze will be missed not only by his family, but by all who had the priviledge to see him perform.

  3. Ramona says:

    My favorite memory of him was when he was so cool and did that crazy fun skit on SNL with Chris Farley. I remember how much my Mom laughed at that skit who herslef had died of complications from cancer as well. In life we have to live, love and laugh but most of all love. Take care everyone.

  4. My condolences to Patrick Swayze’s wife, friends and loved ones. The View did a tribute to Patrick Swayze the day you were on THE VIEW, I believe.

    What you said about the whole family gets cancer… reminds me of a Show Idea post on your son’s PRODUCE THE DOCTORS Website September 17, 2009, about a mother’s three angels with a similar title. A fellow member there that lost her triplets on September 11, 2009, said it was hurting the entire family, including her grade school aged daughter.


    I saw too today what you said to Mary in Pennsylvania who lost her son, Adam, in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mary began in memory and, now, will continue to celebrate Adam’s life:

    “Operation Bedding: https://drphilfoundation.org/donate/index.php

    Kudos to all the places like SEARS & K-Mart etal who contributed to celebrate Mary’s son, Adam’s, memory as well and in honor of all the soldiers still serving.

    I always think of too what John Edward of http://www.johnedward.net says to “validate and appreciate loved ones while here”. I agree with you to not wait and hope everyone who reads your blog calls or tweets or visits someone dear to them even if in the next room. You are right we just never know when our times up.

    True, what you say too, that sometimes those even under the same roof are not keeping in touch emotionally. Hugs are healthy and the 50th health tip on your son’s TV show, THE DOCTORS, today. So, off to give some hugs to Tiggs and… words can feel like hugs, too, spoken or written.

  5. Cathy says:

    My prayers are with the family and friends of Patrick Swayze. I know first hand what cancer can do. My husband’s parents both fought cancer for 2 – 3 before passing away – his dad on December 23, 2008 and his mom on December 31, 2008. My husband did exactly what you said – he let them know how much they meant to him. He wrote messages about them that were read at both of their funerals, but he also read the messages to his parents before their passing. We made sure our 8 year-old-son visited with them during their last few weeks. My husband is an only child, so this has been a hard hit to our little family.
    This has taught us to TRY to live each day as if it were our last because you never know when it will be. I have learned not to stress over alot of the small irritations that I used to stress over – it’s not worth it. And, I TRY not to miss opportunities to let my loved ones know that I love and appreciate them.

  6. Denise says:

    I must say, I know what Patrick Swayze’s family is going through. I am dangerously close to losing my mother. I honestly never thought I’d see this day. To me, my mom, who is 89, was Superwoman. All that changed in December 2007, when she came down with congestive heart failure. They said she’d die within days. Last year, she had to have a toe, and later a leg amputated. And just a week ago, she was admitted to the hospital for weakness. She hadn’t been eating or sleeping. Sunday, I found out that her kidneys had stopped working and she needed to start dialysis. 2 days later, she stopped dialysis, because it made her sicker. She came home Wednesday night. Now I feel it’s only a matter of time before…

    I am not ready for this to happen. I really don’t know what I’m going to do once it’s done.


  7. Michael says:

    I will really miss patrick,he was a great actor, I loved dirty dancing,and roadhouse,and I am sorry that i never had a chance to meet him,and tell him,but he was also just a really great guy,very very respectful,and he will be missed,I myself have lost 2 very special people to cancer,my thoughts and prayers are for his wife lisa and there family, God bless patrick swayze

  8. Jo Barber says:

    As a 10yr. survivor of Mutiple Myeloma I have to tell you just thinking about a child going through tests, and treatment breaks my heart. As an adult you can at least
    understand most of what is being done and why. But a little one..they just know that they don’t feel good and want it to stop. I am doing very well and I know I am truly Blessed. Please remember how precious your health, life and family are. Even though our lives are so very busy please take the time each day to say a little prayer asking God to guide the doctors and the research teams towards better treatments and for some maybe even a CURE. Thank you Dr. Phil for ALL you do.

  9. Katie says:

    I was so sad when I found out Patrick had cancer. My thoughts and prayers were always with him and his family. I was even more upset when I found out he passed away. Patrick was my first Hollywood teen crush. I watched him in The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and then came Dirty Dancing! OMG…I thought he was super hot and from then on, I was hooked. I watched every movie that he made. Road House was my second favorite. Patrick was amazing. I always liked that bad boy good boy character and Patrick pulled that off well, especially in Road House. That movie made me adore him even more. Patrick Swayze movies were a big part of my teenage years, and I have happy memories associated with him. Thank you Patrick Swayze for being my first teen hollywood crush and I know your looking over all of us and smiling with the angel wings God has given you.

  10. Jenni says:

    My dad died from pancreatic cancer on April 28th. He was diagnosed on Janurary 26th. Pancreatic cancer is a silent killer. It is pretty much a death sentence, as the symptoms don’t normally show, until it is too late. I was doing pretty well until the loss of Patrick Swayze. I sure miss my dad. :(

  11. i loved him in all his movies but especially ‘dirty dancing’ where he shows off his dancing abilities, ‘ghost’ and of course ‘road house’. never got to watch his last tv series. but i’m grateful he at least was able to do what he loved doing which is acting.
    i most certainly will miss him. he was soooo talented and dang was he ever good looking.
    at least he is not suffering anymore and is with his family and friends and pets he had while he was on this earth.

  12. April says:

    Dr Phil…the loss of Patrick Swayze hits home for me since the loss of my Dad two years ago to cancer. I can relate to his family on a very deep level after watching my Dad suffer from several different types of cancer starting with lymphoma, to skin cancer, to prostate cancer, to bladder cancer. Doctors said that he survived more cancers than anyone they had witnessed…until the bladder cancer got the best of him. I cried when I heard of Patrick’s death because I knew exactly what he went through and what the family is now going through…and I thought of my Dad. It breaks my heart to think that any human being or animal (as far as that goes) has to suffer that way. I just wonder if that feeling of helplessness and hurt ever goes away after watching your loved one suffer, and to not be able to help them. I hope the Swayze family can find peace in their hearts and take pride in the fact that he touched and inspired so many people with his acting, dancing, and good nature. I think it is funny that even my 15 year old niece can remember my sister and I swooning over him every time we saw him on TV or a movie. He will be greatly missed…but he is now in the arms of an angel, and he suffers no more! As we said on the program in honor of my Dad at his funural, “May my works speak for me”…may Patrick’s works speak for him also. Best wishes to the family and friends.

  13. Mrs. Thomas says:

    Patrick always reminded me of my brother in looks and gentleness. My heart was saddened to hear of his passing. The “C” word also is close to my husband and I.

    He too is fighting cancer. He is working this very night in Long Beach Ca. In o3 right after we got married he was diagnosed and given a year. Today, he oversees the safety of several hundred trucks hauling petroleum up and down Ca hiways. He is an amazing man. -A Vietnam USMC Sniper, both of us with roots in Texas! When I got the news in 03, I was numb and in denial and to date he has been clinicly dead 20 times with treatments recieved in Columbia S.A. I have never been able to be by his side which grieves me but I have to hold down the fort while he is gone. (Our Lord has been so good to us.) My husband has been the most courageous man I have ever known. His Marine discipline that never left him has made his life and is making mine.
    Imagine my 60 year old “beautiful” man who just got back to the states with new blood in his veins…lol perched up in a tree at 2am (in his zone) watching his drivers through binoculars making sure they are following protocal… I love him. There is so much I could say… You just never know the people we bump into everyday and the sacrifices they may have made to keep or us safe. In my experience these people are the most humble.

    Patrick had a humble gentleman spirit about him and so does my husband.

  14. Vicki Chandler says:

    I lost my grandmother to cervical cancer. It was very tramatic being she was never sick only with the common cold periodicaly. She was a very courages lady and at least she didn’t suffer long. Patrick will be missed greatly by all. Whats sad about this is I don’t feel he got the regognition he deserved as with others that passed not to long ago. He was taken by a devastating illness when others od’d. Granted he had help. What is wrong with society today when the people that are supplying the drugs should have seen there was an addiction and instead of trying to get them off of them continually gave them to him? I guess money will also buy death. Vicki C.

  15. Janet Davies says:

    My mother died of breast cancer when I was 16. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t think of cancer. Its like this little grim reaper following me around. I’m sure one day he’ll pop out to surprise me. I just hope I can handle it with as much dignity as my mother and Patrick did.

  16. Shirley Codner says:

    I really hoped that Patrick would beat the cancer but he was afflicted with one of the deadliest forms..it gets such a hold before it ever has any symptoms. I’ve fought cancer for three years and am currently in a good place…with no presence detected…God has been good to me… but I know what it is like to have that death nell constantly ringing in your ears. He did a whole season of TV
    shows in that state and went about life as though nothing would stop him; he “had cancer but cancer didn’t have him.” Besides entertaining us so well (how could anyone not enjoy “Ghost”?) he has my admiration for being such a devoted husband…in the Hollywood arena, that is a rarity. Patrick, we will miss you; you’ll “take the love (our love) with you.” My deepest sympathies to his lovely wife.

  17. Tsukihime says:

    RIP Patrick, you will be missed.

  18. Cynthia Ruff says:

    I thought a lot of Patrick he was one of a kind,he was so talented he could have made a mark with he’s singing. I don’t know why he didn’t. He will be missed greatly. Love ya Patrick.

  19. Anita says:

    Yes, it’s sad to hear of the passing of Patrick Swayze. A great actor and one who avoided scandal. I found out about Kate McCrae on this site and have been praying and keeping up with her updates. It’s almost a given that most or all of us are affected by family members having cancer(both my late parents) or friends or acquaintances being diagnosed. I hope someday soon a cure is found.

  20. Carla says:

    “It’s amazing, the love you have inside…. You take it with you”
    So true! I lost my mother 12 years ago to cancer, and I learned first-hand the devestating effects it has AFTER you lose a loved one to this horrible disease. There is not a day goes by even after this long that I don’t miss her…… As I will miss Patrick and think of him often. My heart goes out to his lovely and devoted wife, Lisa.

  21. Kerry says:

    I have been following Patrick since he first did the series North & South…but he became my “boyfriend” (as my husband has always called him) was when he did Dirty Dancing…which is exactly the way my teen years were spent…It was such a sad time to find out that he had cancer but he had such a spirit that he was sure he could beat it….And maybe he could have if he would have had a little more time…My heart goes out to his wife Lisa…Their love and long marriage was an inspiration to those who have chosen their profession….Patrick will always remembered and I hope they continue to show Dirty Dancing frequently!!!!

  22. Karen says:

    I lost my father last year to lung cancer, and have always been a fan of Patrick Swayze. I so admired the way Patrick fought the cancer, never letting it define him or the remaining days of his life. I will always remember the character he played in “Ghost” – Sam – and the famous line from the end of the movie… “It’s amazing, Molly. The love you have, you take it with you” In Patrick’s case, I believe that’s true. The love he had for his wife, so intense and all-encompassing, I know he took that with him into the next phase. I wish to extend my condolences and best wishes to his wife, Lisa, and to thank her for sharing her wonderful husband with the world. We are all better for having been touched by his talent, his love for life, and his attitude toward adversity. He is forever my idol, and if I can be half the person he was, I will consider my life a success. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

  23. Linda RH says:

    I didn’t know Swayze personally, only as an actor that I enjoyed watching. These days performing artists, sportspeople, and other celebrities have a difficult time leading private lives if they wish to do so. For good or ill, they are examples to the rest of us.
    Patrick Swayze was an example of responsibility, dedication, modesty, fidelity, compassion, and courage in the face of one of life’s cruelist dilemmas.
    I can only hope that should I be called upon to face the test of true courage, I might have the grace that he has shown.

  24. Debbie says:

    I will miss Patrick Swayze, he was an extremely gifted actor and my heart goes out to his wife Lisa and the family. Such a loss. He fought the fight as many do
    I lost my mother in 1986 to multiple myeloma she was only 60 so I can sure
    understand how the family feels. You know I truly believe that they already have
    a cure for cancer but the prescription companies are just too greedy for the money they make on all the medication they make I dont believe they will ever
    allow the cure come out. Of all the years of fund raising and thousands of dollars raised towards cures for different kinds of cancer I just dont believe they havent reached a cure for one or more of them.
    RIP Patrick………..Love and our deepest Sympathy to your Family

  25. Leesa Black says:

    Hey Phil,
    Leesa Black here. Just wanted to say that we lost my precious Daddy, George Yates, that served on your first board of directors in Dallas, 2 years ago to lung cancer. From diagnosis to death was only 5 weeks. It rocked my world as he was the best daddy anyone could have. He was our rock. What I want people to know is that you need to talk about it. We made sure we surrounded him and loved him till his last breath, but part of that was talking about EVERYTHING. We left nothing unsaid. It seems too many people are afraid to admit how bad things are even to the end because they don’t want to upset anyone or lose faith. However, they are missing an incredible opportunity to truly have incredible memories even in death. He was himself completely till he died. He uplifted all the nurses and doctors and gave us incredible gifts with his words his last days. He gave his whole life, but one of the greatest gifts he gave me was the day before he died. It was just the two of us and he took my hand and said, “I am so sorry to do this to you, because I know the pain of losing a parent, (then he smiled real big and said) but, just know that I’M GONNA BE OK!! It’s all good. I know where I have been and where I am going.” What a great comfort he gave me with that one statement though there were many, many. I am so thankful that we were real about what was happening, because when I have a melt down, I see him smiling saying, it’s good, I’m gonna be ok! So people, talk about it, deal with it and you will find comfort in days to come. I know he and Dr. Joe have laughed and had a ball together! Daddy is probably asking him, now what was that funny thing you used to say?……. Glad you are still going strong Phil! Love you man!

  26. Debbie says:

    I will miss Patrick Swayze, he was an extremely gifted actor and my heart goes out to his wife Lisa and his family. Such a loss. He fought the fight as hard as he could. I lost my mother in 1986 to multiple myeloma she was only 60 so I can sure understand how the family feels. You know I truly believe there is a cure for cancer with all the money that has been raised over many many years but the prescription companies are never going to let it out because of the money they make, its sad to think that to me they only think about the money they collect on chemo in the many ways it is done that this takes priority over eliminating the disease.


  27. Lisa says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Patrick Swayze’s family. My dad passed away over 1 1/2 yrs ago to lung cancer. He was brave and strong until the end like Patrick. Thank you Patrick for all the awesome movies you acted in…you always showed style and grace..God Bless.


  28. Thanks for mentioning childhood cancer awareness month.
    Let’s do a show on Childhood Cancer and the Late Effects of Treatment.
    visit us on our website http://www.kidswithcancer.ca and see all the support we provide to children with cancer and their families in Northern Alberta.

    I have been involved with childhood cancer as a mother, a nurse and a volunteer for 22 years. Heart breaking work, but necessary.
    regards, Sheila Ethier

  29. My brother, William H. McRae, and I are owners of Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, SC, (near Charleston), where John Jakes’ trilogy, North and South, was filmed for television. Among the stars of the mini-series was a young actor, Patrick Swayze. He was not, at that time, the most famous member of the cast, but he was surely one of the nicest and most professional. The series was filmed during a hot, humid Charleston spring and summer, the period costumes were complicated, confining and heavy, but Mr. Swayze was among the actors who never complained.

    My brother and I were saddened to learn that Patrick Swayze had pancreatic cancer; we lost an uncle to the same disease. We followed his heroric fight. and hoped for his recovery.

    We offer our sincere sympathy to the Swayze family, and pray that they will find strength and comfort in this difficult time.

    Elizabeth McRae Petersen
    William H. McRae

  30. Lisa says:

    Pancreatic Cancer is a horrible disease. My mother passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer in November of 2007. Like Patrick she was young, just 58. She was gone just 3 short months after diagnosis. I was so rooting for Patrick, but I knew from personal experience that there are precious few who beat it. People like Patrick Swayze and Randy Pauch who were able to beat the odds and survive longer than most are able to, give hope to so many others and bring awareness to this disease.

    My thoughts and my prayers go out to the Swayze family. I’ve been there and it’s not an easy road to walk.

    I want to see all cancers cured in our lifetime…. for my mom who lost her battle, for my grandma who beat colon cancer and is now battling breast cancer, for my dad who beat testicular cancer but eventually died of heart problems brought on by the treatment, for my friend who’s breast cancer just went into remission for the 2nd time.

    I urge all of those who care about this issue to get involved in some way… whatever way you can. livestrong.org is a good place to start … or the American Cancer Society is another. I’ve volunteered/done events for both. Currently I’m working with the Relay For Life event in my home town.

  31. Linda Lowes says:

    Dear Dr phil,and staff I remeber seeing a vibrant young man as Mr.Swayze was in the the movie theater on a Sunday back in 1987,watching Dirty Dancing.I feel it is time we as American stand up and write our congress and Senators and even,The President of The United to stop playing political games and get with the American people to find a cure for this awful disease.We have lost many wonderful celebraties and family and friends.Mr.Swayze will be missed as other’s are.I wish his health and happiness for their futures.Linda Lowes

  32. Wayne Tedder says:

    I really liked Patrick Swayze he seemed like a great guy. I’ll miss seeing hem on TV.

  33. Brenda says:

    I so admired Patrick Swayze. The first time I saw him was on the mini series North and South, and I knew then what a great actor he was and would be. Years later as I enjoyed him in Ghost and Dirty Dancing and even had a handsome cat that I named “Patrick Swayze” because of the way Patrick was; sexy, handsome, loving, strong, and the list goes on and on. My Patrick died a year ago from a feline illness; at that time we found out about Actor Patrick having this dreaded disease. I have had several friends die from pancreatic cancer, as well as my mother-in-law in 2004. Other family members have also died from some form of cancer. I hate it, and am after my adult children to put down their cigarettes!! That is just so much more a chance to develop a “death” of unnecessary means!!!

  34. Marilyn says:

    What a class act Patrick was. Another precious life snuffed out by the “C” word we don’t like to talk about. I lost my Mother to Multiple Myeloma in 2002. What a helpless feeling for the entire family. You try to be strong when what you really want to say is WHY?????

  35. colleen gurnee says:

    We were on vacation when hearing about Patrick Swayze. We both were so shocked. We were also sadden but knew he was better then going threw the pain he has been. It is a very hard diease to go threw. He fought it hard but God knew he had enough.

  36. colleen gurnee says:

    We were on vacation when we heard about Patrick Swayze. We were so sadden and shocked by this. We feel that God felt that he had gone threw enough pain so now he can feel as he use to. Bless him and his.

  37. Dana Coffland says:

    I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer last year it was so hard to hear that Patrick Swayzy got it and to watch him go thru what my dad went thru and Patrick looking like my dad in the end. My heart goes out to Patrick’s wife I know what she is going thru its not easy but I will have to say to her you will never forget but as each day goes by it gets easier right now she is hurting and don’t think she can see another day but Patrick was a fighter just like my dad I know Patrick would want his precious wife to fight back and live her life to the fullest. I wish the best for his family.

  38. Karen says:

    I have been very lucky to not have lost anyone to cancer. But I was very saddened to hear Patrick had cancer and then to lose him. He was a class act, in his acting and in his life. What more can be said? Except he will be greatly missed.

  39. LORI says:

    Partic Swayze was a wonderful actor!
    He was great in Dirty Danceing!
    A shame to loose a great Actor as he .

  40. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    I hear those awful words, “another loss” and my heart sinks more. You want to know what I think? Both loss and grief sucks. Is that ok to say here? I know it’s a part of life and all but I think it’s still one of the hardest things to deal with and process and go through. I’m always sad to hear of loss of this kind, at any time, but especially when someone is so young, like of late. It’s tough. Today, I saw the movie “Love Happens” (good movie imo) and it was about loss and grief too.

    I haven’t said too much lately because I’ve still been trying to work through some stuff, there’s good and bad days, but I did want to tell you something that was special to me, if you see this. God blessed me, through you again, and you didn’t even know it.

    Last night (Friday), I had trouble sleeping again (like now) and had a lot on my mind. My friend (who left me awhile ago) and who I still miss, had a good friend of his pass away from cancer earlier this month. I knew his friend for awhile too but have been out of the loop for months because of everything, so I was shocked to hear they’d even been sick and it just made me so sad. They were only 44 and not only is my grieving more now but also to know the pain my friend would be going through as well. I reach out but it’s met with silence. My little butterfly is still flying free but it hurts still, and even more now. I try not to let all this consume me although it does sometimes. I still care about him so much.

    Anyway, it was 3 am and I still couldn’t fall asleep and had been crying and telling the Lord how I felt and then, I know it’s a no-no to do if you can’t sleep, but I flipped on the tv and surfed through the channels and was surprised to see your face on there, on Larry King Live. I’d missed you on there earlier, but didn’t know it re-aired so late at night here. As you said, it wasn’t a “fun topic” per se but I watched anyway and felt such grief in my heart, especially for that dear mother who’s looking for her missing daughter. I was crying and praying for her and then you said, “we’re all praying for you, sharon” and I know you were addressing her, not me, but in that moment it felt comforting and the same words I’ve seen you so kindly write to me, I was blessed to hear your voice say, including my name.

    It may seem like a little thing but it was meaningful and special to me because it was like God was reminding me that He has you guys praying for me and that He hasn’t forgotten me, even when it feels like it. So I thank Him and you, Phil, for that comfort, yet again, right when I need it most. I have a lot on my heart but it’s just been too hard to talk about. But this always helps. God bless you all.


    P.S. I’m shy and am terrible at making small talk too, so that was cool to learn about you…but I think I have ya beat because I’m even too shy to twitter. ;) But I’m glad you’re having fun with it and the pics are great. Who’da thunk you’d become a verified twit? (just kidding, you know I love ya guys…sending hugs)

  41. Jamie says:

    My inlaws came and visited a couple of weeks ago, and I had just told my mother in law that the night before I had watched the movie Dirty Dancing. She knows that it is my favorite all time movie, I remember the first time she watched it with me, and when they showed the dancers cutting loose, dancing in their cabins, she looked at me and said, is it getting hot in here? I never laughed so hard. Anyway they left on Saturday and it was the next day when I heard that Patrick Swayze had passed away. May he rest in peace now, no more suffering our dear Patrick!

  42. Ann says:

    ditto Patrick. I wonder how many times he said that to his lovely wife… Im sure many times. Bless you all. Thanks for the wonderful, tearfull moments and joy you shared.

  43. Matamich says:

    When you’ve loved someone for so long and your love has endured the temptations and difficulties of being a celebrity and having to read what the tabloids are saying about you, when it has remained strong and you have gone through cancer with the one you love and ultimately lost him, how do you go on? I cannot even imagine the pain Lisa must be in.

  44. Katie says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of his, I think I’m too young. What I don’t understand is the whole thing with Kanye West happened around the same time and people won’t let that go, it’s making the news and it’s all over the place. However, Patrick dies and he get’s mentioned for like 30 seconds and people are already moving on. I just don’t get it!

  45. Nancy Duckworth says:

    I feel a great sadness in the loss of this great actor. I have been a great fan and
    feel his life has been short. I shared in the life of my pastor who also died of pancreatic cancer. Before he passed away, he was given a Celebration of Life ,
    by his loved ones. If you know before death happens. please tell your loved one
    how much they are loved.

  46. Robyn Kennedy says:

    will always be missed the way he danced always took me to another place…what a great man…prayers to his family and fans

  47. Sharla says:

    Let me just say that Patrick Swayze was one of the most amazing and versitle men I have ever seen. Every movie he was in you believed his character and sometimes like with “Dirty Dancing” you got totally lost. I can remember being a love struck 12 yr old at the time. Playing and rewinding that tape until I had all the steps right. Then I would fantisize that I was dancing with him…tee hee.
    In “Too Wong Foo” he was stellar not many male actors would be able to pull that role of the dainty, feminine character.

    Lastly my sincerest regrets and sympathies go out to his wife Lisa. May the Lord wrap you in his arms at this horribly tragic time in your life.

    You will always be my first love Patrick. RIP my sweet angel.

  48. Sherree says:

    Dear Ms Lisa; You and your beloved husband put up a good and courageous fight. I can’t even imagine the pain and feeling of loss you are going through. I’ve had 3 girlfiends who lost their “best friend” to the dreaded “C”, it broke my heart to see them in such pain. But I thanked God that in a world of microwave marriages they were granted the gift of true love. So in the days to come I pray you will find strength in your memories of love and laughter with your one true love. Thank you for your gift of sharing him with all who loved him. May you find comfort in knowing so many are standing by you in prayers and love. You were the best medicine he could have ever had.

  49. Kari V Hansen says:

    I’m so glad you brought up Childhood cancer awarenes month!

    We know all to well how cancer affects the entire family. Three years ago, we got the devostating news that our little baby girl had cancer. She was not two years old, and we never even thought about the possibility of her (or her big brothers, for that matter) could get cancer. Sigrid had wilms tumor, and a nurse managed to say: As far as cancer is concerned, you got the golden ticket! Well, after major surgery, chemo, radiation, high dose chemo with stem cell rescue – we did NOT feel like it was any sort of “golden ticket”.

    We lost our precious girl this february, she had just turned four. We’re still struggeling with the loss – our family should have been five, but we’re only four. We will never stop grieving her. I struggle with the meeninglessness of it all. There is NO meaning in having a child bravely fight cancer for more than two years and loosing the fight. No point at all. We got to have her for four years, but she should have gotten to be here a LOT longer – our precious child. I cry for her every day. I cry for her brothers having lost their little sister. I cry for my husband, having lost his only doughter. I cry for our family, whom never will be complete again. I’m so happy we have the boys to care for, whom depend on us, unless – I don’t know if I would be here if it wasn’t for them.

    Cancer sucks.

    We hope there will be done a lot more research in medecines for KIDS having cancer – it’s not the same as adults, and there is far to little done. We can’t afford to lose even a singe child.

    With lots of love
    Sigrids mom forever

  50. Kelly says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Lisa and their families. My mother in law went through breast cancer, which resulted in a double mastectomy, however I did not know her at that time. My heart goes out to people that are dying of cancer and their families and hope that someday that there are cures for this horrible disease.
    My children lost their father when they were young from an accident, and I have always tried to look back on the happy times with what they may remember and from the photo albums, and so with Patrick- As a young a girl “Dirty Dancing” had to be the best- oh my, in fact just saw it last night on ABCFamily- what at “hunk” corney hey? I also like him in Ghost again so hot he was. I thought “Next of Kin” was a great movie as well as Roadhouse. It’s nice when one can leave behind so many memories and great stories that they will always live on in our hearts and minds.
    May God Bless you all

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