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September 25th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Tweet Talk

TwitterHey, all you Twitter friends, I want you to know that I get a real kick out of corresponding with you. I admit, I did roll my eyes when my staff told me Twitter was the way to go, because I always joke that I’m technologically challenged.  But they were right. I enjoy communicating with everyone and hearing what you’re thinking about in your lives and families. 

I hope you get a better sense of who I am and what I’m doing. I feel like I have a true community of not just “followers,” but friends. 

I do write my own tweets and enjoy reading yours.  I know it is for fun so I try to keep it light yet responsive.  If somebody is using foul language like a kid learning to cuss, I block that person instantly and hope you do too. 

I appreciate each of you for reaching out to me to tell me about your life, making suggestions for show topics and providing feedback about the things we’re doing. The response is phenomenal. And, I will continue to reach back out to you, but I do feel I also need to share a word of caution, in the same way that I have to with guests on the Dr. Phil  show:  We don’t do eight-minute cures on the show and I can’t do 140 character fixes on Twitter!  I’m not perfect about it but I really try to read every Tweet, so know that your stories do not fall on deaf ears. I am simply not able to respond to every “Twiticen,” so if you have a story to tell, we really want to hear it.  If it takes more room than Twitter allows you can go to the Dr. Phil Web site. DrPhil.com has a community board where you can share your thoughts and find support from other members who may be having similar feelings or problems. There is also a section where you can submit your thoughts to show producers, who are always busy planning to deal with the next round of topics.  And, there’s also an advice section that offers solution-oriented techniques from myself as well as experts who have been on the show.  

And if you’re feeling like you need to talk to someone, in person and right now, remember you can call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline in your area. DrPhil.com also has an extensive database of nearly 500 mental health professionals around the country who specialize in every disorder from addictions to post-traumatic stress. And, you can also find a list of very capable treatment programs that we’ve featured on our show.

Now don’t be mistaken. I want to continue to hear from all you about what’s going on in your life. But what I don’t want is anyone falling through the cracks, and the sheer volume of regular mail and e-mail I receive is staggering. Because as much fun as it is, I think those of you with a lot on your mind and who are dealing with serious issues deserve something more personal than a Tweet.  So see you on Twitter, the show Web site and the blog!

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144 Responses to “Tweet Talk”

  1. vince says:

    twitter is the one thing i cant do as i have tried in the past but had no such luck in learning what to do or how to use it lol, better stick to the things i can do as i dont want to ask my kid how to use twitter i dont want him to know just how stupid dad relly is hahaha.

  2. melissa says:

    oh how i love twitter. let me count the ways. be careful though, dr. phil. you’re liable to get sucked into the black hole of twitter like the rest of us!!

  3. lifeflows says:

    Don’t forget those of us on Facebook too Dr. Phil. We can have discussions here too… you just have to stick around a bit for it.

  4. Kim says:

    I really need some solid advice for landing a job. I have been out of work in the Knoxville, TN area and I feel that younger prospects are beating me out of a job. I have my B.S. in Organizational Management and no one is willing to give me a job. I have been applying for clerical jobs and no results. I even applied for a call center position and was turned down. I go on interviews and then get the old “thanks for meeting with us, but we are pursuing other candidates at this time.”

  5. amanda says:

    Hey dr. phil,

    well first of all i want to say that i am a huge fan and i watch your show everyday. I have a question and im not sure if i add it here or not. I am new to twitter but i wanted to ask you. I have just been recently diagnosed with GAD and its really affecting my everyday life. When i start the medication. they say it may take 2-4 weeks before it kicks in. My question is, is what can i do so my family doesnt falll apart in the time frame before that works. I havent eve got a perscription yet. And with GAD im one of the worst. .Please help

  6. Melanie says:

    I still think you should go indepth more on post military familys and how war has affected them, and where they are now in terms of emotional stability, finance ect..going from military structure as a family and in terms of health care, and finance, and then “civilian” life–crazy! Especially with this economy right now. Just a thought.

  7. Dr. Phil I love that: “Twiticen”!

    Here’s a Birthday poem I wrote for your assistant Barbara:


    Someone asked me this morning what I wanted for my birthday and I said: A head to toe/inside & out Ultimate Makeover on Dr. Phil Show and/or The Doctors. For years when the phone rings I ask, “Is that Oprah, Dr. Phil and for past year add to that “The Doctors” too.”


    BTW: Above is another great link with a link there too to DR. PHIL SHOW FAQS

    Both hands up cheering and waving from the bleacher seats in cyber space from Dallas, Texas. My thanks to Dr. Phil Show for suggesting you learn to tweet, Dr. Phil. Having you and Jay and The Doctors and y’all’s family and saff to tweet and comment to on UR blog is like catching a home run in cyber space. THANKS Y’ALL!

    N.B. Dr. Phil, I’m so computer challenged that I went to Pet Smart to get my first mouse. Seriously, though, I don’t have all the latest equipment to video or bubble tweet a request for an Ultimate Makeover nor a big family as both parents have passed; nor do I have a lot of friends. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make me need an Ultimate Makeover any less. An Ultimate Makeover remains my hope, my dream and my prayer. If you have a spare prayer whoever sees this please pray for me to have a head to toe, inside & out Ultimate Makeover before I have another gallbladder attack or abscessed tooth from an incorrectly seated crown etc. THANK YOU. My hope, my dream and my prayer from here to God’s eyes to, hopefully, a thumbs up from producers. Amen and Amen.

    Ms. Stephenson

  8. Tammi says:

    I love the Twitter and follow both yourself and your lovely wife Robin. Thank you so much.

    Grand Rapids, MI

  9. Will Davis says:

    I know you prolly get thousands of tweets a day but I sent you one yesterday from WillCDC It be awesome if you could read it I think I have an life experience that I can share with you that could help some people out there recover from or get out of recurring sexual abuse. If you don’t read this or my tweets I know its not meant to be. Good luck and you have an amazing show.

  10. Barbara says:

    Dr. Phil, I often wonder how you manage to do it all and remain sincere and helpful. You provide a great service and lots of information. Keep doing what you do, there are those of us that don’t say much but appreciate all you do.

  11. Janet Davies says:

    Hey Kim,

    Why not create your own job! Do you like animals? If so start a pet sitting business like I did! The start up costs are low, the hours flexible, the animals are always glad to see you, think you look and smell great, never complain if you are a few minutes late and are about the best stress relievers on the planet! All you need to do is register a business name, get a business liscense, have some business cards printed and hit the dog parks, vets, pet shops and anywhere else you see people with their pets and your on your way to a great career! If this sounds like your cup of tea I will be glad to help you. Just drop me an email with any questions. Good luck!

  12. Patty says:

    My daughter was part of bullying. The school seen my daughter as the problem because she was hurting herself and they were not looking at the whole picture. She now goes to another smaller school with counselors. She is gone from the school, but the girls still make comments to her brother about her. When my daugher and her brother went to a festival and they seen her, they ran in the other directions. Since my daughter has been gone from the school, alot of issues have been worked on and she is getting stronger and realize that she is not the person the girls and the schools have made her out to be. The parents of these girls have severe problems because they don’t see their monsters in action.

  13. Carol says:

    You know I really looking forward to seeing your program on bulling because I have been there but so many years ago.
    Everyone speaks about it as though it is something new but it has gone on since the beginning of time.
    It happened to me in the 50’s and 60’s but nothing was done about it and I was on my own taking it and I wanted to kill people that wouldn’t leave me alone but of course I never did but it did go across my mind so many times.
    I had very curley hair at the time and the kids would pull my hair to see if it were real on a constant basis.
    If I would get really angry they would call me grape face and would really get a good laugh at me.
    I was born in the Panama, Canal Zone and they would ask me if I lived in trees finally I had enough and told them that I lived in five trees and I would swing from tree to tree and when I landed my tail fell off. That kept them quiet for a while.
    I had a student throw freshly chewed gum in my hair because they thought that was cute I pulled out of my hair and threw it back but guess who got into trouble? Me because I reacted to what was happening to me.
    They would tease me because my shoes and clothes weren’t the best because that is all my mother could afford and they thought that was funny as well.
    They would follow me in the hallways and laugh at me on a constant basis because I didn’t have what they had no matter what they wouldn’t leave me alone.
    I never did well in school because the teasing was to much and I was always afraid of what they might do me because in those days that was not looked at as a bad thing the teachers never did anything to stop them NEVER.
    The worse thing for me is I had a twin sister that was one year ahead of me because I failed second (2nd) grade and my mother would demand that we were to dress alike and my twin sister would send over to me and they would say OH you are Fran’s twin sister and I would say “yes” and they would say to me OH you are the stupid sister are you? What happened to you that you aren’t as smart as she is? I never got to tell them that I was very ill when I was in second (2nd) grade and didn’t attend school a lot and that is why I failed (2nd) grade they just assumed my twin was right.
    Not only would I get teased at school I got it at home from my twin all the time she would call me names of all kinds she always thought she was the best of the twins and my family made her feel that way and they would make me feel badly so it just never ended.
    When my husband and myself went to our first class reunion one of the boys that we both knew said to me “that if I knew you would have turned out the way you did I would have never teased you”. I told him very quietly that if I were a man I would slap you in your face.
    The one person in school I really thought likeed me told me he thought a football player had run all over my face because I had awful pimples.
    When my husband and I became engaged we went to see that boy and I asked him what was the name of that football player who walked all over my face? I hope he was handsome.
    He turned to my soon to be husband and asked him you told her? He said yes because I felt she should know what was going on behind her back.
    All what I told you is just the tip of the iceberg that happened to me and I never ever reacted like so many of the children today do NEVER I could have but never ever did.
    Thank you for allowing me to speak.

  14. Elva says:

    Dr. Phil, I love the Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace worlds. I respect your views on most of the subjects that you present on your show and Twitter/Facebook, and appreciate your keeping the gates open to the public.

    I live thousands of miles from my son, two daughters, and 3 grandchildren, two on the East coast and one in Colorado Springs (and grandchildren) and I keep in contact with them without wracking up telephone bills. Plus, I get to see pics of them and my grandchildren while growing up, since they live so far away. I have a 14 year old grandson who is just learning about girls and it’s great that I can see what’s on his mind and comment on it if needed.

    I’ve also connected with hundreds of family members from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the US. We’ve never met but we’re able to communicate and compare our family notes and pictures. It’s fun to see the resemblances on such a vast scale. We started our family heritage fan page where we post everything we can about our families. Because of Facebook we feel like we’ve been together.

    Growing up on the West coast, I only know my relatives from that part of the country. Since my eldest daughter went to NYU and is now a Professor at Bard University in New York, she has been able to meet those relatives from that part of the country face to face. It always bothered her that she had no family on the East coast, but now she has more family on the East coast than she ever imagined.

  15. Janet Davies says:

    oh dear amanda

    I hate to think of you not feeling your best. Why haven’t you got your perscription? If you need money I will buy it for you. In the meantime if you have vitamin b complex take it! It has helped me in times of stress and stress depletes vitamin b. Also maybe just find a quiet place and just meditate on things that make you happy. Take deep breaths and let that stress go. I am praying for you! Peace to your dear soul.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hi Dr Phil,I think the show you are doing is a great way for kids to exspress them selfs i was these kids i was beaing bullying my a gilrs in school this needs to stop this breaks my heart makes me think back when i was in school thank you for doing this on your show thank you to Jay for doing what hes doing i live in N.H. and see all kinds of kids beaing mean to one anothing here it just is so wrong i am crying over this this makes me so angry,to here this what a great show thanks Dr Phil,

  17. dillion says:

    dr.phil hi my name is dillion from beckley west virginia i have a comment about the girl that was getting bullyed i just wanted to say that its not rite for her and i was once in her shoes i was always being singled out and gettin beat up and picked on but i just ignored them and they did it till they noticed i didnt care anymore i was always stressed out and felt like there was nothing i did and a true friend wouldnt just back down from you and pick on you too they would be there for you and step up for you well thanks for your time bye

  18. Sunny says:

    Dr Phil, I’m a seventeen year old girl with a volatile relationship with my mother. I a lot of the time feel that I don’t even have one. It would be really informational if you did a show on a topic similiar to that, I would watch it and try to take advice from it to maybe get a relationship with my mother back. Thanks

  19. sharlene says:

    Dr.Phil I have a bullying problem no its not school, not my siblings but my dad. He calls me ugly and says I can’t wear makeup because I’m so ugly. He tells my other sister how pretty she is but not me. He says I need plastic surgery and that if I dont I will have no friends or a boyfriend. My friends like to put makeup on me, tell me I’m pretty and says my dad is nothing but an asshole. My dad sometimes isolates me from my friend so i feel ugly I cant even look at a picture of myself. how do i stop my dad from being such an asshole.

  20. Judith says:

    Watching your show today brought back memories….in high school i got beat up once a week, every week , just because they felt like it…they enjoyed watching me cry and cower . I grew up basically in wheel chair and when i was in high school finally was out of the chair but became over cautious on what i did in fear of hurting my legs, because of this they treated me like a punching bag andtook advantage of the fact i was in fear of hurting myself.

    The girls you had on the show did not even look like they ever had troubles they are so pretty and confident. Nothing like the girl that was being abused and if she was me i would be thinking how in the heck can u understand how i feel? you don;t even look like you could have ever had my problems , if i could have seen a picture of them at the time they were having this trouble i then could believe them, and not just think they are going through the motions of pretending to understand what i went through…

    I now know i am an amazing person, and i had to get into an abusive relationship to make me realize this !! The abuse went past school and i felt like this is a natural part of my life and i should accept it.

  21. sharlene says:

    I was bullied throughout my whole school life from grade 4 and on. It just got worse as I got older. In junior high I did a drama play in front on the whole school and one guy started laughing and then the whole school starting laughing. I thought they thought I was funny and then after I realized they were laughing at me. I was teased and bullied for the rest of the year throughout the whole school by everyone is the halls. When I got to high school it was excruciating.I was called names and bullied in the middle of classes, hallways constantly everywhere. I have always been angry and hurt by this and have hard time getting over it. I have suffered from anxiety all my life because of this and have to take medication. This is a serious issue and I am happy to see people are standing up.
    I have 2 daughters now and I do not tolerate them bullying anyone. They are the kindest girls around. They like everyone.
    My one daughter was bullied a few times in school and would come home crying and I marched down to the school straight to the principle and made sure it was addressed immediately. This is ridiculous.

    People say, just believe in yourself and dont believe what they say. It is not that easy when you have dozens of people ganging up and bullying you, putting down your self esteem. It is humilitating. That is exactly how I felt and it is painful and affects you for your whole life.

  22. sharlene says:

    I was bullied throughout my whole school life from grade 4 and on. It just got worse as I got older. In junior high I did a drama play in front on the whole school and one guy started laughing and then the whole school starting laughing. I thought they thought I was funny and then after I realized they were laughing at me. I was teased and bullied for the rest of the year throughout the whole school by everyone is the halls. When I got to high school it was excruciating.I was called names and bullied in the middle of classes, hallways constantly everywhere. I have always been angry and hurt by this and have hard time getting over it. I have suffered from anxiety all my life because of this and have to take medication. This is a serious issue and I am happy to see people are standing up.
    I have 2 daughters now and I do not tolerate them bullying anyone. They are the kindest girls around. They like everyone.
    My one daughter was bullied a few times in school and would come home crying and I marched down to the school straight to the principle and made sure it was addressed immediately. This is ridiculous.

    People say, just believe in yourself and dont believe what they say. It is not that easy when you have dozens of people ganging up and bullying you, putting down your self esteem. It is humilitating. That is exactly how I felt and it is painful and affects you for your whole life.

  23. sharlene says:

    This is my proper email. I put the wrong one in. sorry,

  24. nicola daley says:

    I am sitting watching your show on Girl World and what dumbfounds me is that when you enter the work force you learn very quickly that bullying co-workers verbally,physically or sexually is a big no no and will end your job or get you arrested, yet in school we are basically told to not worry to just forget it and the kids that bully get to just walk away scott free. so much for schools giving our kids the life lessions they need to succeed in this world.

  25. Shawn says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I’m glad to see that u and Robin are both on Twitter. I wish I could come to the show I”m Disable I have C. P. in a wheelchair. Someime I tweet u I also tweet Robin. Maybe I will get to meet u both one day.

    Your Friend Shawn

    P.S. My Twitter Name is ShawnBlevins31 It was Sshawnbl007

  26. Keisha says:

    The bad thing is, that bullies grow up to be mean spirited and at times, abusive. If nothing is done right at the time of bullying, it will continue. Maybe, through their whole their life.

  27. B. Olson says:

    First of all Dr. Phil, I want to start by saying that I think you are absoulutely amazing. You have touched the lives of so many people! Your caring and compassionate nature is breathtaking! The Lord is at work in you! I wish I was fortunate enough to have you step into my family (or should I say “family feud”) and work your magic. I would welcome the opportunity, somehow, to share with you exactly what has been going on over the past 40 years and see if you would be willing to step into the ring and help to resolve some of our issues. Life is too short and I know that you always say, “Every family needs a hero”, but I just don’t feel like I have the strength anymore to play that role!

    Anyway, like I stated earlier, I think you are an amazing individual with an outpouring of compassion for people. Keep up the good work. You will be rewarded richly!

  28. debbie says:

    Dr Phil i understand how that girl on you show feels about girl world.When i was a teenager i always got left out.I always feel like everyone was talking about me when i walked into a room. I remember one time when some girls just asked me to go to the mall with them just to make fun of me .But now im doing good .I have a wonderful husben. Two beautieful kids and the life i always wanted. So to all you bullies out there you need to take a look at your self and make sure it that the proumble is that everyone elas.That matbe your just makeing fun of your self

  29. Catherine H. says:

    I am the mother of five children, four daughters and a son. My 10 year old was bullied last year and we bought Jay’s book. It was immensely helpful. My daughter’s teacher, counselor and school administration were great during that terrible time. My problem is that this year we have a neighbor who used to be friends with our family. The Mom has decided that my nine year old is bullying her daughter. Of course I am very sensitive to that because of my eldest daughters experience. The truth is my nine year old isn’t even remotely bullying as described by the same teachers, counselors and even the other child. I don’t want my daughter labeled as a bully when she is truly innocent. I am fearful that because of this other Mom, and the way moms talk, my daughter will be wrongly characterized. I don’t know how to fix this situation. Any suggestions?


  30. Karen Sullivan says:

    Karen says:
    Oct. 1, 2009
    I just finished watching your show on bullying. My daughter and I left Ozark,MO in 2003. They were starting to crack down on bullying then, and we later heard that their policy is: The first offense, the bullying student is called into the office. The second offense, the parent is called, asking them to get involved. The third offense, the student is expelled from school. While this is a plan that I’m sure has a positive effect, you have to have school authorities that possess a back bone!! Unfortunately, today we have school officials that don’t wish to “rock the boat”. STAND UP parents, organize a group, attend a school board meeting and demand that they adopt a policy to STOP THE BULLYING! Thanks for your time. Karen Sullivan

  31. Jane says:

    I love following you and robin on twitter and reading your blog….it keeps me up to date on your show as well because Dr Phil doesn’t air here until months and months after it has in the US. Keep up the great work!

  32. Mary Tansy says:

    I am responding to the show on “Girl World” which was on today. I was verbally and mentally bullied starting in 7th grade through high school. I am now 67 years old and remember it as if it were yesterday. I was a year younger than the other girls as at that time you could start kindergarten at 4 years old and I did. Therefore I was less mature and it really came to light at the year of 7th grade. One girl turned the other girls against me during that time and my life was affected by it from that point on. After leaving high school and going out into the working world I made many friends and people loved to associate with me but the feeling that developed during that period never left me. I remember her name to this day – I no longer wonder why she did it because I think I have learned that over time. I went from a happy, excited and full of life little girl to a depressed and extremely unsure of myself person. My life could have been very different had I not experienced this humiliation and degradation at that point in my formative years.

  33. Andy says:

    Hiya, Dr. Phil!

    I find I’m better at following events on twitter than I am at posting. I prefer reading and replying to blogs myself. I find you really can get to the heart of the matter easier with a blog. Anyway, I’m glad to have found out about yours. You can bet I’ll post when inspired so to do:-)

  34. Paradoxis says:

    Dr Phil, I’ve been following you on twitter for a while now, and have had the honour of receiving responses from you several times. In fact, I got to meet you in Brisbane before your show when you were out here, as a result of a tweet I sent you. That just blew my mind! LOL. It was a genuine turning point for me.

    Knowing what a busy life you have, and how many thousands of people reach out to you every day via twitter, email, postings here and on your messagebords, getting any response from you at all is a HUGE deal. That you would take the time to read, let alone reply to tweets says a lot about the generous and genuine person you are. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. In fact, it has changed my life. Seriously. You’ve restored hope for me.

    The other thing I love about following you and Robin on twitter, is seeing the photos you take as you go about your daily lives. Just awesome!!

    Thank you and your family for embracing this new technology. :D

    Take care,

    PS. Jordan has the BEST sense of humour!! He just cracks me up sometimes.

  35. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    Thanks for being you and caring the way you do. :) God bless you guys, always.


  36. Judy Hilton says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,

    I have been watching the show “Girl World” and it brings back my childhood which was filled with so much pain. I grew up with an acholic father. He was a hard worker but unfortunately he drank up the money he made. We went hungry many times. Many of our neighbors would not allow their children to play with us. Our clothes were hand-me-downs or handmade and boy was I teased about that. My worst memory is giving my lunch money every day to these two popular girls just hoping they would like me. I hate remembering that sad girl. I happy now and I love myself but it took a while to get there.

    Please tell Rebecca that I will pray for her everyday and that I think she is beautiful and so does God. One day this will seem so small. Dr. Phil, not that this matters but it seems to matter to Rebecca can you help her get braces? I think she is beautiful how she is but this seemed to really bother her.

    Thank you Dr. Phil for all you do. I wish you had been there when I was growing Up.

    God Bless,

    Judy Hilton

  37. Jane says:

    oooooooooohhhhhh………..how do you put your photo up here? ——>——–>

  38. Jane says:

    Also, I agree with Paradoxis, I have also had the honour of receiving tweets from you, one in particular when I had a really bad day, a simple hello from you really made a difference, it was something you didn’t have to do, but you did anyway, such a simple thing, yet for me it was big. I also had the privilege of going to your Melbourne show because of a tweet I made and you were kind and generous enough to respond, Robin also helped getting those tickets for me, and to tell you the truth, I had no idea if someone was on the other end of a computer somewhere pretending to be you and Robin and totally taking me for a ride. It was a massive leap of faith I had to drive 2 and half hours to Melbourne that night based on a conversation I had over the internet on twitter with people that may or may not have actually been you! Anyway, the tickets were where Robin said they were going to be, and to top off what was an absolute thrill, there were backstage passes to meet you before the show. BLEW. MY. MIND. Totally unexpected, yet very much appreciated. Thanks again Dr Phil and Robin.
    Jane :)

  39. Rebecca says:

    I am new to twitter also. I love reading your tweets! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dr Phil show. I am getting a DVR so I can record your show if I get called into work early. My daughters (ages 6 and 3) like to watch also =0)

  40. Tina says:

    I love every show you have!! I hope you read my question for you. It is I am a single mother of a 7 year old son. I work full time and go to school at night. My son is having a lot of problems lately with anger.I know I do not see him as much as I should but I am attending college to get a degree so I can support him and I without the help of my family. He sees his father every other weekend,but he does not help much with the anger because his dad has this problem also. I wonder if my son is still angry about the divorce that was a few years ago or is he angry because I am not showing him enough attention. I do not want to quit school but I worry about him. He says he misses me all the time. I feel very guilty for going to school even though I know it will be the best in the long run. What would you suggest?

  41. Michelle says:

    Dr Phil,

    I read your above blog, I read everything you have practically written. I need you advice, and am soon about to give up on getting it. I have written to your show many a times,I have tweeted to you, and never hear anything back. Please Dr Phil, for my childrens sake, I dont know what to do, it would prob. take less than fifteen min. of your time, and would greatly appreciate it. I am starting to feel as though I will never ever get through to you, and dont know what to do …

    Please contact if you get a chance.
    Thanks, Michelle

  42. Cheryl says:

    Dr. Phil, I don’t usually comment on shows on the Internet, mainly because I’m never sure I’m doing the right thing for it to go where I want it to go. However, I took a chance this time after watching your show today about girls bullying other girls and such.
    This subject brought back so many painful memories that I thought I had dealt with years ago, but apparently there are one or two that I still need to work on.
    The girls in elementary school bullied me constantly, name-calling, tripping me, laughing at me and the clothes I wore, and so many other things it would take a book for me to cover them. What made things worse was that I could not even talk to my mom about it because she abused my sister and me, and would tell me that the girls were just telling me the truth. You have no idea how that hurt coming from my mother.
    That young lady displayed more determination and confidence that it surprised me that she allowed these girls to get to her. I wanted to pick up the phone and call just to tell her she has so much going for her; she’s wasting precious time and energy letting them get to her.
    I think it was great that she got a lot of positive feedback from your guests in the audience, your son, and you. When those girls start to tease her and try to hurt her, tell her all she has to do is go back in her mind to the things that she was told today. That feedback can be so empowering, if only she is willing to push aside the old words she heard in her head and replace them with the things she was told today.
    Thank you for allowing me a chance to comment on the show. There have been many times when I would want to comment on something,but didn’t know how to go about it.

  43. I am thrilled you are in the Blog world and in the twitter world. I was supposed to be on your show in 2003, called;Hormones from hell, with your beautiful wife Robin and other ladies. But, I was working at a school at the time, and could not take anytime off. Boo hoo!!!

    well, congrads Dr. Phil, everyone loves you! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to be a better person each and every day!

    P.s. My 17 year old son Andrew with Autism, MMR, ADHD, Phychosis, has a Dr. Phil figurine. LOL

  44. oh and both my other son Jesus whom is now 12 years old and my daughter, Meliesa, whom is now 20 were both bullied. Jesus was pushed everyday till he finally told me and I kicked it in the butt every quickly as the 5th grade school, has a no bullying policy.

    Meliesa on the other hand, had a water bottle thrown on her in Junior high and other stuff, felt unsafe and this resulted in a harrassment order brought against the other girl in the court of law. She stated that she is going to be tutoring children and can’t have this on her record, and the judge said, well you should of thought about your mean actions before you acted upon them.

    I was livid about them picking on her. Meliesa is a beautiful girl and I believe that is why they picked on her all of the time. she just wanted to fit in, just like the rest of the girls. The ending result for Meliesa after the fact was she cut her wrists, took pills, drinking and took drugs. She had a hard time dealing with a low self esteem and then I took her into the emergency clinic for help. I could not believe what was happening to our very happy, warm family, but, we dealt with it.

    Sometimes even in my life at the age of 45, I get bullied myself. cuz I was raised poor, beat, without food, etc. and I never had been depressed. I just knew I was better then the way they made me feel. I still get bullied at times in my life as I don’t have nice things to make me happy. I have happiness in my heart and my family and don’t need things to run my life. I feel like I have such inner strength and wish this for others.
    thanks! :)

  45. Juletta Aycock says:

    Hi Dr. Phil, Any chance I could get a Tweet Happy Birthday Greeting Sunday, Oct 1? Love you, your show and Jay’s Doctors!

  46. jen says:

    thank you drphil for being so open about what you are doing through twitter and your blog. keep up the great work

  47. Dr. Phil,

    There was a female guest on your show today who was very outspoken and set in her views about getting married…I was amazed as always at how you handled the interview…I believe that though she was set in her views and was very outspoken that you gave her every opportunity to hear from you and the professional you had present…I can see down the road that the guest who is 48 will down the road most likely want to be back on your show when a relationship she may establish most likely will fail…At least you gave her an opportunity to hear you before she plods along and drifts into a land of difficulty…

    I am 63, divorced for 25 years after being married 21 years…Divorce will not kill you, but a bad marriage I believe will…I feel very blessed to be single at this point and certainly would marry if the right person, right time, and and feelings present themselves; however, I do not believe in settling for less than my values speak…There are deal breakers as you say…There are too I believe great people out there who could fill the bill for many others…It truly is up to us…I loved your comment about the 80% /20%(without deal breakers, I think you said — but things to work on)…

    I remain amazed at how in a mass coverage you are able to help so many people including me…Too, your staff I think led you right with twitter…I love your show too…

    You may appreciate a quote I wrote “Marriage without God is like mother’s soup without a bowl.”

    Juanita Pittman-Brown

  48. Denisce says:

    Good morning Dr. Phil ! I just wanted to tell you that I never miss a show! I work only Sat and Sun of each week to ensure that I dont. I even tape your shows because it gives me the opportunity to go back and watch again the show(s) that I am dealing with at a prticular time in my life, rather it be me, my children, my husband, my marriage, my work, etc ! I am sooo glad that we have YOU because I can sit in my living room, watch your show and get something out of each and every episode that will at some point help me — and with an 18 yr old son, a 5 year old dtr and my first grandchild due next month…I need it at 45 yrs old !! Thanks again for all that you do Dr. Phil and God Bless You and Your Family !!

  49. justnancy (nancy031394) says:

    Dr. Phil, I didn’t know what your show was about and this morning as I was folding laundry, I turned on the T-vo and happened to see the topic was bullying. Talk about timing!

    We have a beautiful 6-year-old son who has a bit of a weight problem. (We’ve been working with him on that, limiting snacks and desserts and serving low-fat foods in the home. Also, he is taking judo and playing football. Last night, he didn’t go to sleep and then he started crying. He told my husband and me that the “all” of the kids at school were calling him “stupid” and “hippopotamus.” My eyes are welling up with tears even as I type this because he is so young and it broke my heart to see my child so hurt ~ he is so young! He’s only in first grade.

    I think he has been carrying these things around with him for awhile and it was only last night that he was able to tell us because he felt so bad about it. (Now I am crying!)

    Of course we hugged him and reminded him how precious and beautiful and smart he is. And, my husband especially talked to him about not letting the other kids get to him and some other things. (Among other things, my husband said the kids who were being mean were “losers” ~ now that may not have been the best thing to say but I think he was struggling with how to best help his son who was hurting.) Our son seemed to feel better and he went to sleep. And, my husband woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning and I think the reason he was awake so early was because he was thinking about our son. And, as I watched him walk into school today, I couldn’t ignore the feeling of helplessness that I had. He was walking into that school building and I couldn’t go in there with him to protect and help him. I know I need to let him grow up but this is different!

    Thank you so much for addressing this topic! I am determined to find out as much as I can to find the best way to help him!

  50. Judith C. Ebel says:

    Dr. Phil:

    I listened to your show this morning (10/02) in the TampaBay area and felt compelled to comment on school bullies and people who bully in general. I faced a double whammy when I was growing up. I was bullied at home by my Mother and siblings, and then I was bullied and called names at school by my classmates and teachers (expectations). Beleive me, I still carry a lot of emotional baggage from these experiences in my childhood. Consequently, I am still very good at beating myself up even though I know that I honestly don’t deserve it. My siblings, their spouses, and their children (my nieces and nephews) still bully and ostracize me after all of these years.

    The sad part of this story is even though I am much older, I am still being bullied by people in my everyday life – at work, in my life, and even at church. For some reason, I am an easy target because I have health problems, financial problems, and I am single, live alone, and I am much too vulnerable. Also, I am much too idealistic and naive about life. I have had many hardships and battles along the way but I am a survivor. If it weren’t for the grace of God, I would not be alive today. A lot of who we are is learned behavior but you are right . . . it is up to the individual to make the right choices. My brother says it is too late for me to find fulfillment. Is it?

    On this note, I would like to mention an organization called the Peace Learning Center that addresses relationship issues like bullying. You should look into this community resource in Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis that would be an outstanding resource for you and your Midwestern audience. I wish there were more Peace Learning Centers across the country.

    With kindest regards, Judith

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