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September 25th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Tweet Talk

TwitterHey, all you Twitter friends, I want you to know that I get a real kick out of corresponding with you. I admit, I did roll my eyes when my staff told me Twitter was the way to go, because I always joke that I’m technologically challenged.  But they were right. I enjoy communicating with everyone and hearing what you’re thinking about in your lives and families. 

I hope you get a better sense of who I am and what I’m doing. I feel like I have a true community of not just “followers,” but friends. 

I do write my own tweets and enjoy reading yours.  I know it is for fun so I try to keep it light yet responsive.  If somebody is using foul language like a kid learning to cuss, I block that person instantly and hope you do too. 

I appreciate each of you for reaching out to me to tell me about your life, making suggestions for show topics and providing feedback about the things we’re doing. The response is phenomenal. And, I will continue to reach back out to you, but I do feel I also need to share a word of caution, in the same way that I have to with guests on the Dr. Phil  show:  We don’t do eight-minute cures on the show and I can’t do 140 character fixes on Twitter!  I’m not perfect about it but I really try to read every Tweet, so know that your stories do not fall on deaf ears. I am simply not able to respond to every “Twiticen,” so if you have a story to tell, we really want to hear it.  If it takes more room than Twitter allows you can go to the Dr. Phil Web site. DrPhil.com has a community board where you can share your thoughts and find support from other members who may be having similar feelings or problems. There is also a section where you can submit your thoughts to show producers, who are always busy planning to deal with the next round of topics.  And, there’s also an advice section that offers solution-oriented techniques from myself as well as experts who have been on the show.  

And if you’re feeling like you need to talk to someone, in person and right now, remember you can call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline in your area. DrPhil.com also has an extensive database of nearly 500 mental health professionals around the country who specialize in every disorder from addictions to post-traumatic stress. And, you can also find a list of very capable treatment programs that we’ve featured on our show.

Now don’t be mistaken. I want to continue to hear from all you about what’s going on in your life. But what I don’t want is anyone falling through the cracks, and the sheer volume of regular mail and e-mail I receive is staggering. Because as much fun as it is, I think those of you with a lot on your mind and who are dealing with serious issues deserve something more personal than a Tweet.  So see you on Twitter, the show Web site and the blog!

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144 Responses to “Tweet Talk”

  1. vince says:

    Becky Bird CALL OPARAH i see Dr oz on her show alot!!! think maybe she can help too, after all Dr Phil and opraha do like each other as friends.

  2. Vickie says:

    I think it’s crazy that our youth are so interested in destructive behavior. It really scarey with HIV, AIDS and other diseases out in the world that they are not thinking about. Not only for the reason of diseases they could die from but they are not thinking about how this will affect their future. Not knowing being exposed on the internet with kids with cell phones with u-tube capabilities. This could affect them at college, future job postions and other aspects of life. School personnel hands are tied and parents have to work and doing the best the can to take care of their family. Who responsible for what the youth are becoming if both of these main force in youth life hand are tied.

  3. Beth Baker says:

    Just watched your show today on tween sex. I never heard anything about having the boys take any responisbility. I could have missed that part, but please tell me it’s not all the girls fault for this going on. I agree that parents are the biggest problem by not keeping their kids in line, male and female.

  4. vince says:

    Dr Phil, why do people on the sugar isle look at you funny if your buying the store label stem? and there always buying DIXIE CRYSTAL ? DO THEY KNOW NOT THAT ALL SUGAR IS SWEET? AND THEM LITTLE CHRYSTALS DIXIE CRYSTAL IS USING WILL NOT DESOLVE ANY FASTER THEN THE CHEAP STORE BRAND! I FEEL LIKE DOING A TASTE TEST LOL, WE SHOP Krogar and layays buy what has Krogars name on it hell we even go to the meat dep and look for the daily specials! you know the meat that has been marked to sell b4 it goes bad,it may have a little brown place on it at times but the meat is still good, if it looks a little darker than we like we just cook it that night for dinner, i would rather help support the store we shop by looking for there labels hell it saves a crap load of cash each month, yeah yall i know this is most likely the dummest question you ever read that relly wanted to know the answer too lol, BUT I HAD TO ASK ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME, I THINK THAT ALL SUGAR COMES FROM THE SAME SUGAR TREE OF WHAT EVER THEY MAKE IT FROM, I THOUGHT SUGAR CAME FROM SUGAR-CANE I CANT STAND FOR NO ONE TO LOOK DOWN THERE NOSES TO ME AS I HELP MOM SHOP hell-fire i still think all sugar is just as sweet as with any brand name sugar is sugar! all splenda taste like splinda too,. hell any one ever bought a big bag of that?

  5. Diane says:

    i am watching your show and to be honest I’m just not surprised about how kids are acting these days…..another thing the kids are doing like crazy is sex’ting. I randomly check my son’s cell phone and see pictures and videos of girls masterbating on a regular basis. They also also ask him to send them videos and photos. I feel like it’s just completely gotten out of control!

  6. pixi says:

    Ok after watching the show today (teen sex) I have to say that yes I agree there is a problem with parenthood these days… My ex-husband is still active in our sons’ lives however the example he is setting leaves a lot to be desired… he has our boys 8 days out of 2 months and in that time my boys not only meet the women (there have been several) he is seeing they are spending the night with him when the boys are there and the boys have reported on several occasions hearing them having sex… I as a single mom I have NEVER and will NEVER have a man spend the night here when the boys are home nor have they met the men I have seen… I do wish that this would be addressed. Not only are my boys being taught that it is OK to have several sex partners but also that sex comes before commitment. OK so I am old fashioned in my way of thinking but it hurts me to think of your youngsters be raised in a world where sex is #1 and maybe commitment sometime. Not to mention respect of ones self and of the other sex as well

  7. Mitzy Roberts says:


    Have a long talk with your ex. When I was young I remember my father introducing me to several of his girlfriends and that he was dating them all at the same time. My two older brothers became womanizers. They cannot be in a commited relationship with anyone. Even though they have both been married. One has 6 boys from 5 different women the other has 4 kids by 3 different women. You do not want your boys to turn out like them. Try to have them around good positive male role models also so they know and see that not every man is like their father.

  8. Mitzy Roberts says:

    Vince shop at wal mart I doubt anyone will look their nose down at you for buying the store brand there. Heck you could go there in your pajamas and nobody would even look at you funny there, lol.

  9. Mary Dicks says:

    First of all I would like to say that I really enjoy your program. My day isn’t complete if I don’t get to watch it…I see you have been visiting some cities in the US. My question is do you think you would ever have the interest to visit some Canadian cities…I live on a little Island called “Prince Edward Island”….You have probably never heard of it…Well, just to let you know you have a lot of fans that live on this little Island…
    I watched your show on sexual active teens. Well, it caught my interest…It seems to be an epidemic…I am not sure what the answer is to straighten it out…
    I would like to see a show or two that focuses on the stress people are under in the workplaces…There are so many unhappy people that are caught in the workplaces. I feel the employers should be held more accountable for their actions. There seems to be little to no protection for the employees…I am not sure which is more stressful being without a job or working under the pressures & stress….
    In conclusion, I would like to extend congratulations to you & Robyn on your first grandchild. You both will make wonderful grandparents….I think Poppa & Nana suits you and Robyn….All the best!


  10. Nita says:

    I absolutely love love ~Blossom~ for you Robyn and Pawpaw for you Dr. Phil. And congratulations on your first Grandchild!
    I just watched the Tween/Teen sex show and I am in disbelief even though I know so many things have changed and our tweens/teens are not making good choices.
    I cannot imagine going to a school dance with no underwear much less having sex there!! My parents would roll over in their graves.
    Thanks for always showing us what is really going on out there even if it is not what we would like to see or hear, Dr. Phil.


  11. vince says:

    NASA Set to Dive Bomb the Moon Tariq Malik
    Managing Editor
    SPACE.com tariq Malik
    managing Editor
    space.com – 1 hr 14 mins ago
    A NASA spacecraft and its trusty rocket stage are drawing ever closer to the moon to intentionally crash to their doom Friday, all in the name of science.

    The cosmic collisions are expected to kick up tons of moon dirt in giant debris plumes that will then be scanned for signs of water ice suspected to be buried beneath the floor of a permanently shadowed crater at the lunar south pole.

    “Everybody is feeling very excited,” said Victoria Friedensen, NASA’s program executive for the LCROSS mission at the heart of the moon crash. “There is a great sense of anticipation.”
    Moon crash

    NASA launched the LCROSS probe in June along with a powerful lunar orbiter that is currently circling the moon to determine whether water ice, which could be a vital resource for astronauts in the future, actually exists in the perpetual darkness of craters at the moon’s south pole. ==================== hahahaha dont know what yall think but i personaly think a manned mission sent up to go in that crater and LOOK WITH THERE EYES would be a smarter move hahahaha nasa seems to think blowing the moon is a better way to see what it has in it lol, maybe just send up a few relly powerful nukes would relly show them something, hahahaha look out alilens nasa is after yall hahahaha. i know this aint the place for this kind of post yall but i cant help my self it just hit me in a funny way when i read this especaly when the world is in a ressision, maybe we should get nasa to bail our country out they do seem to have plenty money to waste trying to blow water off the moon hahahahaha OMG what will they think of next, Dr Phil i want what ever nasa is on hahaha its got to be some relly good stuff lol.

  12. vince says:

    nasa should just hire a crew of oil drillers to go up and drill hahahaha i saw a movie where they hired a team to drill a comet and blow it up hahahaha.

  13. Anthony says:

    Hi Dr.Phil I just say your program on girl world. I just wanted to say that it was very moving and that i have 3 girls of my own. I’m a single dad with custody of all 3 and they are 12,15,16. I told them at a young age that bullying wasn’t cool. I aslo told them that they would never get into trouble by me if they was sticking up for someone that couldn’t stick up for themselves. Even if they got into trouble at school for sticking up for someone. But i also told them if they was bullying someone just to be mean to them then there would be trouble at home. They would be doing alot of chorse.

    Thank you

    Anthony from Kansas

  14. Linnet says:

    do you read your fb?

  15. Teresa Fennel Alford says:

    I was wondering if you ever attended John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City, OK??

  16. Mitzy Roberts says:

    Teresa who are you asking?

  17. prefer anonymous says:

    I am not a user of twitter, but I would like to respond to the question about racism. I am Caucasian but have very dark skin. I normally have the same skin color as Obama and in the summer if I am in the sun a great deal I become as dark as Oprah. Although I was beautiful when I was young I was never able to get married because all of the men who were attractive and successful with social skills (in the area of the East Coast where I lived) married the white-skinned blondes, preferably the high society girls. It didn’t matter what their personality was or what mine was, the only thing that mattered is that men feel the need to have a trophy wife as a requirement of being seen as successful. I was very hurt that the men of my own ethnic group measured their success in terms of marrying a woman whose looks were the opposite of mine. I am aware that African American women face the same problem. I feel the effects of this decades later, as the white skinned women got the love and built a family whereas those of us who were left behind in the “marriage market” are still alone and have no children or grandchildren and no support system. What is worse now is that the white women exhibit self righteousness because they are living in a family as their lifestyle and they act as if they are better than a person who is single. I also feel that in a professional career the doors open up more for a woman with blonde hair and light skin.

  18. Mitzy Roberts says:


    My opinion is that it has to do with the area you live in. When I lived in NJ and went to high school there for a short time the guys only wanted blond bimbos. I was discriminated against because I was a size 14 not a size 4 and am hispanic. Living in Tulsa Ok I never had a problem getting a boyfriend and most guys that I know prefer dark complected women. I am attracted to tall blond preppy guys who most of the time prefer skinny girls but I found one that likes me for who I am and married him. So not all men that are attractive and successful are that shallow.

  19. Sharon says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Your are the best! You have helped so many people in this world. Thank you for your committment to your proffession. You are a blessing to everyone who takes your advice to heart. IGod has blessed you with a talent very few have.
    I’m so happy you and Oprah met. I love your accent. I’m from Oklahoma and our accents are alot a like. Also, I think your very handsome! I’ll tell you a little about me. My husband Jerry and I have four children, ages 7-17! My husband and I married 17 years ago and nine months later our oldest son J.D. was born. I was 33 when he was born and 43 when our last child Sheri was born. Also in the middle is Luke 10 and Breanna 16. My mother thought I was going to be an old maid. I was just waiting for the right man to be the father of my children! I’ll write back to you later.

  20. A Frustrated Teacher says:

    Dr. Phil,
    You are so AWESOME!!! I try to watch your program every day!!!! I appreciate all that you have done for our society.

    I need your advice. I am so frustrated and I don’t know how to begin a chain reaction. I am a teacher and I am so frustrated with the lack of parenting!! I know, I know! Teachers have been saying that forever, but in the 20 years I have been teaching it has gotten sooooooooo much worse. I think our country should STOP focusing on test scores and start focusing on the souls of these children who are our future!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, there are children who not getting fed, washed, or talked to at home. I don’t understand why some people have children if they are not going to raise them. I could tell you stories you would NOT believe…seriously. If I wrote a book, most people would not believe my stories. Why does our society pay lip service to most everything? Our society does not put kids first! Our society doesn’t value honesty and hard work. I am starting to get very bitter. I have spent my life trying to make my corner of the world better and I am becoming very discouraged.

    I am wondering if we could clone you because I need you to bring common sense back to every parent in the world. “Common sense is making a come back” but it is not fast enough for me =)

    Please keep up the good work! You have brought me hope! I just want it to come faster for the little children who are entrusted in my care each day!!!!

  21. Mitzy Roberts says:

    To Frusterated Teacher

    I know exactly what you mean. I am not teacher but I can see that parents are not parenting and that kids are getting worse because of it. I wish we all could do something to these parents who expect day care and schools to raise their children for them. My mother was one of the worst parents ever and she was a stay at home mom. All she wanted to do was watch tv or play video games she was never there for me or my brothers and sisters. Thankfully I didn’t turn out that bad but the rest of my siblings have sever problems. The youngest 18 in high school and is doing some very disgusting and damaging things to her body. The oldest thinks its ok for a man to cheat because thats what men do and I don’t want to get into the other two. Anyway point is I know what you mean and that parents need a wake up call. They need to be there for their kids and actually teach and raise them and not expect day care or school to do the job for them. Oh and local story teen stabs teacher to death in his own classroom and is going to get away with it. What do we do?

  22. Wm. Frazier says:

    Dr. Phil
    You were the first person I followed when I joined up with twitter and your wife was the second. The two of you make the whole idea of joining this place worthwhile.
    Your show is the greatest and I seldom miss it. Its people like you that bring sanity into the world of twitter.
    William Frazier

  23. Kathleen says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I would love to hear from you. I am so stressed out and overweight. Please tell me something that will encourage me to get my life on track. I watch your show every night and love to listen to you and Robin help so many people. It would mean so much to me to have a letter of support from you that I could read to help motivate me. I hope to hear from you.

  24. allison says:

    dr. Phil just love your show. You are the most compassionate person I know. I really would like a show on men who committed adultery and wife divorced him.Now 12 years later he wants to come back but his bpd is stopping him from telling other woman. I would love for you to tell women who are thinking of taking them back what boundaries they must expect of the man and tell the men what boundaries they need to follow to obtain the trust they think they deserve. This is one of the main problems in life today. Everyone wants to fool around and then are so sorry years later we need you out there telling it the right way. Thank you so much.

  25. Mitzy Roberts says:

    Dr Phil

    I have a show idea

    Ever think to have couples and parents learn the zodiac personality traits of their spouse and children? Now I don’t beleive that astrology can predict the future but I do believe it has a lot to do with a persons personality. If couples knew more about each others personality and knew why he or she acted the way they do then they could better understand each other. If parents knew their kids zodiac personality then they can help their children work on their flaws and give them what they need. My friend Heidi is a Pisces the most emotional of all the signs and her husband is a sagitarious the most unemotional sign and they cannot understand each other at all. My 3 year old is an aries very quick tempered, impatient, gets bored easily and is very bossy. I work hard to help him control his temper. I also encourage his leadership skills. It is very very tough though. An aires child is hard work thankfully the new baby is a Cancer. I am a pisces on the cusp of Aries so I can understand my 3 year old a little better than his father.

    It really does make sence. There is something to this. After learning more about this me and my husband understand each other a little better. It does help. I am not asking to be on the show about this just sugessting you ask people what they think.

  26. Deb says:

    Dr. Phil,

    This is URGENT to our family. It appears that our family is an involuntary subject of a media intrusion that appears to be a “game” or “social experiment” of some kind. I have called and written tons of lawyers, legislators, debuggers, police, celebrities, family, friends, you name it. Nobody seems to want to help even though it has sent me and my son to the hospital due to the stress and misery it has caused. The media states that it is “simple,” a “no brainer,” and they even appear to enjoy our misery. It has caused me terror, humiliation, confusion, and robbed our family of peace, energy, and has estranged us from friends and family members we believe who know about this. I have heard people are “sworn to secrecy.” The concept seems very cruel to me, and I cannot imagine people being put through something so tortuous for so long. It is inhumane. I am all for improving my life and know I need changes, but this seems socialistic and I am also not into “reality” shows. I cherish my privacy. I have gone out to do volunteer work as a way to begin to change my life and even book discussion groups and it seems people know about this and play mind games with me and say strange and often cruel things. Has the world gone mad? I am not perfect, but we don’t deserve this treatment. There seems to be a time limit on this “game” so please respond asap. Please help!

  27. kelly lachica says:

    PLEASE DR.PHIL,I AM DESERATE and need to make sure you read my question,statement,CRY on ask Dr. PHIL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Nancy says:

    Dear Dr Phil, After watching todays show on prescription drug abuse I have decided to be a strong presence in my sons life. I will be confronting him this evening. The mothers on the show just broke my heart ! My son is a 45 year old divorced father of 3 teenagers which are being raised by him. He had a car accident about 3 years ago and was given a prescription for percocet. He swears that he only takes a pill when the weather is bad but my grandaughter tells me different…….I will not take any more lies from him……Thank you from me and all the mothers with this problem for airing the show…….Sincerely, Nancy

  29. Kristin says:

    Dr. Phil~ My name is Kristin. I have 2 small children ages 21 months and 5 months. My husband beats up on my and I need help geting away from him. I dont have any family around here and the police wont help. I have called them twice and they told me he lives here they cant fource him him but they can ask him to leave. Calling the police was a waste of time and not worth the beating i took after. He often takes the phone, tries not to leave bruises and doesnt bring me out of the house. I dont have a job or a car. I am a fulltime student. I have called shelters (no beds), churches (not a member of the church), no buses, no taxis, no nothing around here. So i am turning to u. We need to get away from him. He dosnt hurt the kids just me. We deserve better and i am hoping u will be my hero.

  30. AmyLynn says:

    Dr.Phil …. I reached out to you over the weekend desperate for help to find a rehab center for my son. We live here in FLORIDA where the oxycodone flows like cheap wine in the cooler at 7-eleven! Your show today was about that very problem. I detailed our situation to you in a prior Email over the weekend and am really hoping that you can give us some direction. The very last thing a parent wants to do is watch her child take their final breath before his time. Thank you once again for listening.

  31. Bre McGowan says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I call myself a heroin addict on vacation, but I actually got addicted to oxycontin back in 2001. Thanks to my father, I was able to go to rehab in July of 2005 and I’ve been slowly, but cleanly rebuilding my life since. My darling of an ex tried to kill me by breaking my neck, but only succeded in messing up my spine but good. I was going to the Syracuse NY Upstate Medical Center Pain Mgmt. and they handed pills out like candy. I could take handfulls of pills daily. I started on 10mg Oxycontin and ended up on 40mg’s 5X daily. When swallowing an snorting them wasn’t enough, I started shooting them. Finally, Oxy’s weren’t enough, and I started shooting Heroin.
    In my opinion, Oxycontin is just synthetic Heroin, and it played a big part in messing up, not just my life, but my daughter Jillian, and now my daughter Irelynd. Watching your show today caught me by surprise and I must say that what you said to Robert? was amazing. You really understand addiction.
    That’s why I’m writing. I’ve been clean for nearly 5 years and I’m starting to struggle more with my addiction than ever before. I got clean by the grace of God, and with the use of Suboxone, which I definately recomend to anyone trying to get off opiates. It saved my life, and just by mentioning it on your show today will have people aware that this medication is out there. I’m thinking of asking my Doctor to put me back on it for a little while. My family was recently ripped apart by my fiance leaving me.
    I’d really like your opinion on this. Is it a good idea to go back on Suboxone?

  32. Please let us know in Houston TX. if you are going to be back on the air here.
    Really really miss your show.

  33. A Frustrated Teacher says:

    After watching your show on stay at home moms and working mothers, I am thinking about a recent event where this mother left her children home alone for 3 days and a child died. We have bigger issues than who is working and who is not. It is NOT about whether you are working outside the home or being a stay at home mom, it is about what you are doing with your children when you are with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a teacher in a public school. The REAL issue is the children and what they are or are not getting from their parents whether the parents are working or staying at home. It is hard to find parents who are dedicating their time and energy to their kids and from my perspective it is both parents who work and parents do not. Which parents are taking time to read to their children, listen to their children, feed their children, etc. The schools have become responsible for many parental duties. How can I teach children academics when they come to school without eating, sleeping, peeing IN the toilet, etc. How can I do that when twins are sent to school and the mother can not tell the two children apart….when I can tell them apart after one day? Each day I bust my butt to be a nurturing, caring, loving, but I can not do IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOCIETY NEEDS TO CHANGE SO I CAN DO MY JOB AND TEACH MY STUDENTS TO READ AND WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE HAS NEGATIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE SCHOOLS….LET’S STOP A MOMENT AND TALK ABOUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY. WHEN WE FIX SOCIETY THEN WE CAN FIX THE SCHOOLS. STOP BLAMING THE SCHOOLS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Amy Peterson says:

    Every mother out in the world has to do what works for them. For me being a mother who does not have the ability to work, being a stay at home mom has been quite efficient. As for a mom who can bring in an extra income, more power to them. My husband is an over the road trucker which has been very good for us. Not always much money, but he was unable to be there when the kids were growing up. I did the rest but it worked. I say do what works for you and not for someone else!

  35. Mitzy Roberts says:

    A Frustrated Teacher


  36. Mitzy Roberts says:


    I hope Dr Phil can help you and if not him then somebody. You will be in my prayers. Nobody deserves that. I would say kill him in his sleep but that would only send you to prison and nobody to raise the kids. I am so very sorry that you are going through that. I wish you lived near me. My mother in law is a pastor and she definately would help you wether or not you go to our church. I can’t believe that churches turned you down. What is this world coming to? Take care and keep praying. Have faith.

  37. Debra says:

    I need to know the name of the book from Frank Broyle & where i can purchase it. tks Debra

  38. Aubrie says:

    Dr Phil,

    I just want to say that I’m only 15 and i LOVE your show.
    your an inspiration to alot of people, and even…a hero.

    one day, i’d love to be on your show, just to chat, or to comment on whatever topic your covering. :D


  39. danby says:

    could you please have gerrard gossens on your show, he is a blind athlete from brisbane, australia, who was on dancing with the stars last year. He is a true inspiration

  40. Does anyone have solutions our young friend is 14 born with a liver condition in NZ came to Aussie waiting for liver transplant years ago anyway 2 weeks ago admitted to hos with twisted bowel since then many ops lata and less bowel as had acrually died over and over requiring it to be cut off lots of excrutiating pain for this young man who is so incredibly strong an exhausted family his will to live his positive attitude the love of friends and family alike to have him return just to live as good a life as possible is so overwhelming he has had outer body experiences but doesnot want to go is on a mission to live to fulfill his purpose to live to be able to teach teenagers about drug and alcohol abuse i know surgeons are doing their utmost bit what else is there out there

  41. Maria Logan says:

    Dr. Phil I always watch your show I also sent a thing about being on you show.Because I need you help on trying to cope and deal with the stillbirth of my daughter I cant do or go anywhere and deal with seeing babies. Todays show was really hard for me to watch about the girl who buried her stillborn baby and that she didnt tell anyone that she was pregnant i feel sad for her that her baby died but in 2004 my daughter was stillborn 2 weeks before my due date and I still cant seem to move and and seeing and hearing that she was pregnant and didnt tell anyone then seeing the picture she took was really bothersome to me I think she could have went about this in a different way like telling someone that she was pregnant and calling someone after she gave birth. Please send me a message back and I hope you receive my information I sent to you few days ago about being on your show and needing your help with the loss and stillbirth of my daughter

  42. Lee justus says:

    Dr. Phil me and my wife love watching your show. You have helped us. When we we’re having trouble in our marriage and one of your shows on troubled marriages when we watched it. I think you saved our marriage. Thank you!!!! Keep the good work up. I don’t know if you know how many people you help.

  43. D. HAMMOND says:


  44. Michelle Strickland says:

    I really need dr Phil’s help I don’t know where else to turn I would end it all if I wouldn’t go to hell I’ve been through it all childhood abuse,rape teen pregnancy divorce adultery on both sides drug ETOH partying losses of spouse and now family or
    Y kids don’t speak to me what do I ha e left please tell me I’ve tried to better myself no drugs ETOH and got a job I am a nurse it without my kids whats left someone please tell me helpe

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