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October 9th, 2009 by Mitch Albom

Have a Little Faith

The following inspirational post is from a good friend of mine, Mitch Albom. Mitch is the bestselling author of “Tuesdays with Morrie,” and he recently wrote “Have a Little Faith.” His dedication to the good people of Detroit is evident in his generous support of programs such as I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry and S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic. Please enjoy.


Mitch Albom and Rabbi Albert Lewis

Ten years ago, if you had asked me about faith, I would have bitten my lip. It was one of those taboo subjects. Keep it to yourself. Don’t reveal too much. Especially if all you have to say about it is cynical.

It’s not that I lost my faith. It’s just that I had wandered away from it. I was healthy. Work was going well. I figured God goes his way, I go mine, we have a truce of sorts. Besides, when I thought about organized religion, I tended to focus on the scandals. The hypocrisy. The bad headlines.

Then, as often happens in life, something random happened. I was giving a speech in my old hometown. A clergyman came to see me. He was 82 now. My family had belonged to his congregation since I was a child, and since I’d never joined another congregation, he was pretty much the only clergyman I’d called my own.

He pulled me aside. He smiled gently. And he asked me the strangest question.

“Will you do my eulogy?”

That began a journey that spanned nine years, a journey that ultimately took me back to, all around, and deeply into faith. As someone who hardly felt worthy of doing a eulogy for the man who does eulogies, I insisted on getting to know this white-haired, smiling, wise old man on a personal level. One visit led to another. One month led to a year. He lived until he was 90, by which point, I was finally prepared to do his eulogy, but not at all prepared for him to die.


Mitch Albom and Pastor Henry P. Covington

At the same time, I was working with the homeless in my current home, Detroit, when I came upon a church that was old, magnificent and falling apart. Homeless men slept on its floor and ate in its kitchen. Its pastor was a large man named Henry Covington, who had once been a thief and a convict, but had turned his life around on a night he thought he would be murdered. Twenty years later, he had traded in the high and dangerous life of a drug dealer and now lived in deep poverty as a pastor, his church saddled with a giant hole in its roof through which rain and snow fell during services.

And over time, through multiple visits, I came to know him as well. And although he couldn’t have been more different than my clergyman — one black, one white, one inner city, one suburban, one Christian, one Jewish — I found what they had in common, and what comforted them in their struggles, was faith. Real faith. Not religious scandal faith. Not hypocrisy faith. Quiet faith.

The kind that made my clergyman believe that despite his decaying body, there was a heaven waiting for him. The kind that led Pastor Covington to believe that despite his decaying church, God would not abandon his congregation.

Slowly, quietly, through righteous behavior — not through lectures and finger wagging — these two men brought me back to a place where faith could be a part of my daily life.

I remember sitting with my wise old clergyman once and hearing a baby scream. He looked at me and said, “Did you ever notice how babies come into the world with their tiny fists clenched?”

Yes, I said.

“Do you know how our sages explain that? They say that babies, not knowing any better, clench their fists because they think they can have everything.”

He smiled. “But now, look at me, an old man. How am I going to die?”

He opened his hands wide.

“Like this,” he said. “Why?”

“Why?” I repeated.

“Because as an old man I know, you take nothing with you.”

That really hit me. Because the difference between his two examples, between a young child thinking he can have everything and an old man knowing he can take nothing, is the gap for which only faith will fill us.

When material possessions mean nothing, when job success, status, accomplishments, homes, bank accounts, envy of your peers, when all that means nothing, you realize the only thing you truly have here on earth that may serve you once you’re gone is your faith, your belief in something larger than yourself.

I was lucky to have two very different men teach me that in hundreds of little ways. And I’ve come to believe faith is something that can pull us together, rather than rip us apart.

This is the story of my new book, the true story, Have A Little Faith. Dr. Phil was kind enough to tape a show with me recently about it. I thank him for the rare and wonderful opportunity to share the events with him — and his audience — and I hope whatever situation you find yourself in, a little faith will help make it better.

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80 Responses to “Have a Little Faith”

  1. Bernadette says:

    I can definitely agree with Mitch that my faith has carried me through a great deal of trial and tribulation and will continue to do so. I think hope is also important too. I have been unemployed for almost two years and if it was not for my faith that God will take care of my needs if I just try to live my life as he would have me do and always keep my faith I can make it. When I lost my father 8 years ago, my life was shattered. Knowing he was going to die didn’t make it any less of a loss or less painful. I hated God for taking my Dad from me and for one year I was the most miserable person on the planet. Why??? I had lost my faith. It took me a year of grieving, being angry, lonely, tired and just plain missing my best friend, my dad to finally come to peace with it and know that I will see him again and the thought of that reunion is what keeps me going. This was a great blog. I would like to get my hands on the book now.

  2. Heidi says:

    i love that..its beautiful, it also helped me to understand more about myself. what you have described about the conversation between you and your pastor, showed me that the way i feel is ok. This is how ive felt for years…probably my whole life. I feel that faith is the most important thing and that material things mean nothing to me. i dont remeber ever being taught this, tho i did attend a church from time to time growing up. its weird because when i talk about these feelings with friends and family, they look at me like im from another planet. Like its crazy that i dont want the best clothes out there or thrive after money and would do anything to get it…im sorry but im quite content and happy with the way i feel when it comes to faith and life. Its just the way that god made me and im thankful he did make me like that because i feel i live alot simpler and happier than most people i know. He also gave me a couple other things that i cant help no matter what..and thats honesty…dagg dont ever ask me to lie for u cause i could never do it. yet i see soo many out there lie like its in thier nature…..and sometimes i wish i could be like that..but then i get a wake up call and come back to loving the real me because i see the blessings when i stick to my beliefs.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I rememeber growing up how many times I prayed to god to save me from the stitation I was in. From my mom kicking me out when I was approx 14 years old. Feeling abandoned, feeling like she didn’t want me. She made me live w/ my dad who was a violent drunk & hit me all the time. I prayed yet again for him to save me. But nothing. Thats when I started turning to food. I still kept praying for that miracle or that answer. The 2 people in my life I was suppose to trust I couldn’t. I turned 18 & moved out of the bad situation I was in. I thought finally I’m free. I moved in w/ a married couple. I rented a room there. The man was cheating on his wife & she damaged all of our cars. We thought we’d get back at her & did the same thing to her car. Only to find out it was her dads car. He pressed charges & of course I got into trouble. I was approx 18 or 19 at the time. Again I pryaed to god to help me. I was easly manipulated into doing that. I had gone from one nasty situation to another. My relationship w/ food kept growing & growing. My faith has been shaken so many times I can’t even tell you. As the years went on & started growing up a bit. I realized what I had done when I was 18 or 19 has desrtoyed my life. I wish I could take it back but I can’t. Yet my relationship w/ food was bigger than ever. I met my husband soon after that. To make a long story short. I lost my job of 4 years approx 9 moths ago due to what I did when I was 18 or 19 years old. I’m now 40. I’m not a bad person. I never have been. But now not only am I being punished for this yet again, but so is my family. So yet I pray to god again. What did I do in my life that was so wrong? My realtionship w/ food has hit it’s all time high. Now I’m obese. I’ve had 3 stomach herina sugeries, gall bladdder sugery, appendix sugery, a miscarriage, I have asthma, oseto arthris in my knees, which I’m suppose to wear compression hose for, but can’t most days because my legs hurt to much to touch them. Now my left knee is bone on bone. I can barely walk. I just started injections in my left leg so I can still walk. I’m probably going to die now. The way I’ve been eating. It’s pretty much the only way I’ve ever known. That 20 + years of eating this way. Yet I pray to god everyday that someone will help me but yet no one has. Something inside me keeps bringing me back to my church all the time. Even now my kids are involved w/ awana’s. My kids are 12 & 7. I want to be around for them, but not sure if I will be. Maybe through faith & praying to god maybe someday my life will change. Lord knows I’m so ready. Just have no clue how. Because the truth, my husband is the only person I’ve ever let in. Everyone else I’ve pushed away for fear of getting hurt again. So I will keep praying & going to church.


  4. Tarasview says:

    I just received his new book to review on my blog and am excited to read it!

  5. This article reminded me of three Pixiku three line poems I wrote.

    (Hope to Cope (prayed by SEA))

    When I don’t lose hope
    I always cope


    Are the bread crumbs of finest wheat
    That lead to God


    It is not original… it is eternal
    God Loves Y’all

    Today, I went to a church on the corner of Walnut Hill Lane and Midway Road in Dallas, Texas. I sat in the prayer garden outside then walked into small chapel and lit four prayer candles near altar. I walked around the church and stopped at another stained glass prayer area and lit another candle then continued on to main entrance.

    Then I back tracked to main chapel and around to next stained glass prayer area and around then back in front of main altar… Then around and back to go out back at small chapel. Paused at petition book, that a woman asked me what was, and saw persons writing petitions of things hoped for. I said, “I guess you write down what you hope for and others pray for you.” I jotted down on petition “a head to toe/inside and out “Ultimate Makeover” on THE DOCTORS”. I didn’t see what she wrote down and we both left in silence with faith our prayerful petitions would be prayed over and hopes our prayers would be answered. Sincerely, SEA

  6. Michael says:

    On april 15th 2006,was a day that changed my life forever,thats when i was babtized,confirmed and had holy communion at my parish which is St.Patricks,and now here it is 2009 and even though i have been out of work for over a year and no insurance or anything,I can honestly say what has gotten me through is faith,and since i came into the faith,the good Lord has blessed me with a music ministry,and so much more,God bless all of you

  7. lewysgal says:

    Mitch always makes me cry! I whizzed through 5 people you meet in Heaven, sobbing all the way. But then he wrote “For One More Day” and although I own it, I haven’t been able to read it just yet. I lost my dear mother 4 years ago. She and I fought our whole lives. I suspect it was because we were so much alike but I’m not really sure. I was there with her when she passed from this earth. Hardest thing I ever did. But here 4 years later, it doesn’t seem finished yet. It’s hard to explain. I figured before time ran out, we would settle our differences but that just didn’t happen. Now. . .oh, what I’d give for that one more day!! I’m going to read that book one day, but just not yet.

  8. Terry Acs says:

    I have always had faith in the Lord, I have not always had faith in the people who preach the word of the Lord. Like everything in life, there is good and bad in everything wherever we live and that definitely does not exclude churches. I don’t like the fact that a few times when I went to church and did not have money to put in the basket, that I was looked down upon. It was a matter of feeding my children or donating to the church. Shortly after this had happened a couple times, the church sent people to my house and asked for a yearly donation. That is the last day that I attended church. Everyone has a story to tell, they neglected to ask me if I was okay and if everything was okay with my family, they just assumed that I was being cheap I figured. There are more reasons why my immediate family and I do not attend church, although that one was the last straw for me.
    I believe in God, Jesus and the Bible, I do not believe that I have to pay any person or congregation a penny to continue believing, if that makes me a sinner, then so be it. I am a good person, I do good things for others and do not only think of myself.
    It would be a good thing if people did not judge people that do not attend church, it is a matter of choice, it does not mean that they do not cherish God or any other entity.

  9. Linda Rose says:

    God I learned about from my Grandma reading the Bible every day. Faith I first experienced when I was about seven years old. I had a cat who prematurly had kittens. Two were dead and the third was very tiny and barely alive. I held it in my hand crying as it gasped tiny breaths. Daddy said he was sorry but the kitten was too tiny and weak to live.

    I remember looking up to heaven and pleading with God to not let my kitten die. I said to God I know you are real because my Grandma tells me all about you from the Bible.She says you always here our prayers so I know you hear me.Please help my kitten.

    Well needless to say my kitten survived and grew to be part of our family. But what really happened was I knew beyond a doubt in my child mind God was real. From then on to the present I talked to my Father in Heaven.

    Through the rest of my childhood, teen years, and being an adult I suffered much and experienced many horrible things no one have to endure. But through it all God has been there with me and helping me and comforting me and finally delivering me out of deadly circumstances.

    It was God who heard my pleas for help and answered my prayers. I ended up two thousand miles away in another country with a new life. I know He will continue to be with me right through the end of this life and into his heavenly kingdom.

    Mitch Alburn reached faith in God through two very different people. I came to faith as a child because my Grandma read her Bible and taught me about God. One never knows what influence they are having on someone else. I have had my own bad experiences with organized religion but you know I have never had a bad experience as a Christian with trusting faith in God.

    The whole eleventh chapter of Hebrews in the Bible has a lot to say about faith and gives many examples. The definition of faith is in the first verse. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

    To me faith is simply believing and trusting God knowing and believing Jesus when He said. ” I will never leave or forsake you. I am with you until the end.”

  10. Robert says:

    I agree w/Mitch as well. I have been thru two Cancer Surgereries & two Chemotherapy Drug Protocals & I am now (in 2010) a 35 yr Cancer Survivor. Thru it all Faith has been my constant comapnion.

  11. Sandra says:

    I agree with Mitch..faith in these difficult times is priceless, faith is akin to hope, which must be based on evidence—not gullibility
    The Bible stresses the importance of evidence when it defines faith. It says: “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” (Hebrews 11:1) True faith in God should be based on evidence that demonstrates the reality of the Creator. The Bible shows where you can find the evidence
    Taking time to reflect on the amazing design of our own body and of other living things fills me with awe at the wisdom of our Maker. Every part of the thousands of systems that cooperate to keep us alive is ideally designed. Also, the physical universe displays evidence of mathematical precision and order.

    The Bible itself is a rich source of evidence about the Creator. after taking the time to examine the consistency of its 66 books, the superiority of its moral standards, and the unfailing fulfillment of its prophecies I was overwhelmed with abundant evidence that its author is the Creator

    As I examine the evidence my faith grows, I have become convinced that when you read the Bible, you are listening to the Creator himself. He says: “I myself have made the earth and have created even man upon it. I—my own hands have stretched out the heavens, and all the army of them I have commanded

  12. Gina says:

    Jennifer, I know how you feel. I am 44, weigh 425lbs, I have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, PCOS, Glaucoma, Depression, Anxiety attacks and Overactive Bladder. I also have a 3 year old son, that we adopted 2 years ago. I want to be here for him, but, I am so convinced that I won’t be around long (my dad died of heart disease when I was 6) I am actually pulling away, because I feel like no one needs me. My husband does a fabulous job with the baby and the baby is very close to him. I don’t even do a good job taking care of my family. I’m extremely inactive and recently lost my job. I keep everything under control with medication, but feel my days are numbered. What I wanted to tell you though, is that I have spent years trying to figure out why my Father wouldnt take care of his health, why he left me, wasnt I worth staying around for? And even though I struggle with the same issues, I am begging you from the bottom of my heart, please, please, don’t allow your kids to go through that! Start litterally one step at a time, just do one thing today for your physical and mental health, and tommorow, do one more thing…. whether its a prayer, a step or one less soda. Just keep building on that… I have started and have good days and bad, but every day, no matter how I feel, I do just one more thing… As for faith, I’m challenged at the moment. I used to have a very strong faith, but events unfolded that left me shaken. You have to believe that you are worth the steps you need to take to correct your issues. Don’t doubt it for a minute! You are here for a reason. Embrace it and take control of your life back!!! God Bless you and give you the chance to suceed. Take care

  13. Thanks for this post Mitch…very touching and true to the heart. Faith has gotten me through this past year. I was caregiver to both of my parents just a little over 2 years ago. My mother died 10 months ago today and dad followed her 6 months later. During their last days they both instilled their faith and love in me that is unexplainable. My dad carried this little plastic statue of the Virgin Mary wherever he went. It survived a deadly car accident 50 years ago with my dad. While in his last days at the hospice I placed the statue next to him. It offered him peace. He always motioned to it asking to hold it. I would often place it in his hands and he would ask me to hold his hand. His favourite word in his last days was “Forza” – meaning strength in Italian. He told me to have faith in God and live my life. He always reminded me to be strong. I buried him with the statue placed between his crossed hands. I loved both my parents and am missing them greatly. I have relocated to Venice California, where I am getting my life back and healing – healing from the loss of losing the two most important people in my life. I am in the process of finishing up my first book and have already thought of the second. I was on the Dr. Phil Show a few years ago for losing 151lbs. The good news is that I’ve been able to keep the weight off, take care of my parents and live my life – with faith of course. I pray each an every day to my folks to guide me in this whole new world I’m venturing into. My dad, before he died told me he had a good feeling I was well on my road to success and that I would be changing lives. He and mom were so happy when I lost all of that weight. Dad especially, he felt guilty for me giving up writing while I took care of him. He had me promise him that once he passed away that I focus and finish my book. So here I am in sunny Cali living not only my dream, but my parents’ dream. I can’t stress enough how much I have changed and evolved into the man I never knew existed – thanks to faith of course. I write poetry to my parents often – it’s my way of communicating with them…my mother loved it when I read her my poems. Even though she did not understand English, she was able to sense my emotions that went into the writing. She would always hug me afterwards. I wrote and read both of their eulogies and I tell you, it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do in my life – but I did it and I know it would have made them both proud!

  14. Pat says:

    Thank you, I am a nurse on a critical care unit, I needed that tonight.

  15. Mitzy Roberts says:


    I suggest forgiving your parents and to get rid of those demonsof abuse and really commit to God. Always pray out loud and in the name of Jesus. You will be in my prayers

  16. kathy says:

    Mitch is a wonderful writer, I have read every book thus far that he has written and can say they have left a lasting impression on my heart. Being a person that has had my life turned upside down and inside out due to health issue these books have just help me not question my faith. As I have told my oldest who has been effected the most by our challenges as a family people should remember the following:

    Don’t judge a book by the cover, unless you have turned the pages and read the story that has made the marks on the cover. Everyone becomes who they are perfectly imperfect by the life experiences they endure, young and old alike.

  17. Anna says:

    Will Mr. Mitch i loved you other books. 5 people you meet and for one more day. loved them. but right now i have lost my faith. it not that i dont belive in god i do. but i feel lost and left out. right now we are stuggle to keep are home my huband has lost his job. and because of his age no one will hire him. we are the type of people who help everybody and they brother. we even stop on the side of the road to take trultles off the road so the wont get hit. we have no health insurance. and you cant get any help for goverment. so how does one get they faith back, ????????

  18. Elizabeth Daly says:

    I grew up a Christian, attending church every Sunday. I began to lose faith when I was 20 years old. At age 20, I had to have a total hysterectomy due to extensive endometriosis. Then at age 22, I lost my beloved grandmother to breast cancer and I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. My health declined over the years and I was forced to stop working 10 years ago and go on total disability. My faith in God continued to decline over the years. Then, this year, I lost all faith. My mother, my best friend, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in April 2009. She was fortunate to catch it early, since it is one of the deadliest forms of breast cancer. There was no lymph node involvement and no spread, but she began 4 rounds of chemo in May 2009. She tolerated it well, with just fatigue and bone pain. She had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago. Since that cancer is so deadly, we elected to do 4 more rounds of “insurance” chemo. She began that this week.
    Over the summer, I reconnected with a cousin from Seattle, WA, that I grew up with. She is a Christian woman with all the faith in the world! She began to pray for us and encouraged me to join BSF International. I joined BSF and attend every Monday night. I also began attending church services again and praying, alot. Things in my life are quickly changing for the better. My health has improved to the point that I am able to take my mother to Duke Medical Center for her treatments and appointments. I take care of my mom and dad when she is feeling bad. I do the cooking, cleaning, clothes washing and take care of their 3 cats and dog. 1 year ago, I wouldn’t have been physically able to do this. My mom is considered cancer free and after she finishes chemo in December, will have no greater risk than the general population of contracting cancer again. All of this is because of turning my life over to God, prayer and having faith! I am a true believer and thank God for my blessings every day.

  19. John Lyle says:

    I can’t say enough about the help you are providing. This is a very worthwhile organization & we will keep them in our prayers. Keep up the good work you are doing especially bringing organizations in need to the forefront.
    Best Regards & God Bless,
    John & Joan

  20. The faith of a sincere person is contagious, and while I am only rarely gifted with it, I have sometimes been blessed to serve as a conduit for others.

    “Real faith. Not religious scandal faith. Not hypocrisy faith. Quiet faith.”

    One of the most unexpected, untutored, and remarkable extensions of faith came from by brother a few years back. I had a friend who was dying of cancer. She was led by faith — had gone to seminary, and then on to teach there (but happily, was also somehow free of academic constraints). Her death, while horribly painful, was an open, public act of faith that touched many, even those who had never met her.

    Like my brother.

    (Just an aside? I have the greatest brothers in the history of SiblingDom.)

    I used our telephone conversations at that sad time to get my grief and frustrations out. In public, I hoped to appear oh-so-Christian, oh-so-church-y. With him, I confessed my pettiness, my desire for her to go ahead and die, already, as being a witness was wearing me out, heart and mind.

    He listened, he asked questions. He cried when I told him she asked after him.

    And out of the blue, toward the end of Her Story, he said, “I’ve never done it, but I am going to try and pray for her.”

    And then it was her turn to cry, as I told her another person was whispering her name.

    He continues to astonish me, to pull out and use that old line at moments when prayer is precisely the only thing that makes sense. He prays for me, I know, and his act of faith, inspired by the story of a woman he never met, with whom he never spoke, quiets me, steels me, and helps me make it through.

    I have to say… I don’t have much use for people constantly assuring others they are going to pray for them, over and over, or making of their faith and prayer life a public display. They tend to be the ones who loudly assure that they “judge not,” and then judge like judgmental maniacs. It is the negative force of judgment that keeps me far from most organized religion. I try to remember that the hypocrisy is of man, not God, but I have a hard time…

    And I’ve little patience, as well, for people using prayer as a cover for a sense of entitlement run amok. The way I figure it, God being God ‘n all, He only needs to hear my petition once. One of the few real insights I have about prayer is the wonderful assurance of being heard, immediately, fully, and more intimately than I ever thought possible.

    My brother remains for me the touchstone of a faithful life — in the space of a moment, he knew it was okay to be vulnerable, to really love, and to turn to God despite not having the “right” words or the church indoctrination. All that, and yet he has probably only mentioned “God” or “prayer” a dozen times, total.

  21. As I was reading this beautifully touching post and am writing this comment, my 19-year-old son is on his way home from a retreat at a monastery in Kentucky. He knew that one of my favorite authors, Thomas Merton, was a monk at that abbey, and he felt called to go there and experience God’s presence in a more unplugged way that he could at home. The love, compassion, simplicity and inclusiveness of what he’s heard there has touched him profoundly. I know he is returning as someone who is seeing everyone as children of God.

    His God-sized hole (and mine) is a gift. I wasn’t raised with much faith at all or gave it much thought growing up. Some of us seem to yearn to explore the meaning of life, yearn to believe in a Creator whose essence is love, and possess a crazy, optimistic view that allows us to see hope, beauty and God in even the most unlikely of nooks and crannies.

  22. Lisa Winslow says:

    I am going to start this post with a quote from my inspiration; Deepak Chopra: “Belief in God is a cover up for insecurity.The reality of the divine must be known through direct experience.”

    I don’t believe in God, the Christian version anyway. Y’all are incredibley dependent on a transcendent god; someone “out there” that you “pray to” to save you from some terrible circumstance. Put some faith in yourself, know that you ARE god, because there is nothing else you can be, and you save yourself.

    When I got cancer, I did not pray to a god to make me better, to ’save’ me from this horrible disease, but rather I understood, that although my body and I are connected, my body is not me. I did not allow cancer to define me. I understood that this was just a vehicle repair and I have been cancer-free now for 8 years and counting because I am already thankful for my health.

    There is so much more to ’spirituality’ than religion. Understand that prayer is not different than thinking. Thoughts are things, and you create your own circumstances from these thoughts. If you are constantly praying for something that you ‘want’, all you will experience is the “want”. The trick is to feel thankful that you already have it.

  23. Debbie says:

    I can’t imagine going through one day without relying on God & Jesus Christ in my life. They have led me through so many valleys, my faith & my testimony of them have kept me strong. I’m grateful for the trials I have been given, because we grow stronger in our trials & our faith is strengthened. Prayer is vital in my life, knowing I can “talk” to God and have His presence with me & His guidance to make correct choices. I believe in God, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, I know without a doubt that I am a better person because of my faith in them.

  24. alissa hadding says:

    I watched today’s show about faith and I heard the discussion about people still questioning why God could let bad things happen to people. My answer to this is that God is not in control of the Earth. If he was, all this stuff wouldn’t be happening, because He is a good God. In Genesis it says, That the Earth has He given to man to have dominion over, He even had Adam name everything. Lets say you buy a property for your child and give it to them. Do you expect your child to run that property or do you plan to do it? Any parent in their right mind would expect their child to take care of the property and if the child asks for the parents help then the parent would be more than willing to help. This is why God gave us a free will. He is not pushing Himself on us, He wants us to want Him and turn to Him for help. This is why He tells us to pray “Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on this Earth as it is in Heaven”. Because God’s hands are tied unless we literally ask Him to come and help us, and once we do that then He can get all up in the middle of the situation. Don’t ask me why it is set up like this, but it is just the way He set it up. His hands are literally tied unless we pray and ask Him for His help. We are not waiting on God to help us…. no, He is waiting on us to ask Him for His help. This is just the way it is.

  25. Sherri Romanuk says:

    I have a little issue with faith. Raised Mormon in an abusive home I tossed my religion as soon as I could. However after running from God, I met a Christian man and he led me to the Lord. We married soon after. That marriage took me to a little Bible College Village where my new husband worked.
    I started working for the College and Seminary shortly after. While working there I was exposed to sexual harassment, discrimination and hypocrisy. They laid off my husband four years ago because they simply did not like him. While suffering the whole discrimination of my workplace I became mentally ill with depression. It was then that more discrimination ensued. I was belittled for my inability to cope with the enormousy of the discrimination. I was demoted and my wage went severely down.
    I recovered for 3 years. Coping quite nicely until I suffered an injury at work. The Christian workplace accused me of falsifying my injury and they belittled me more.
    I eventually was demoted again.
    I now had to deal with the setback and trying to support my family. I had a breakdown. This was after they kept telling me how much I needed to leave my husband.
    I went to hospital and was told I could not collect disability if I went back to live with my husband.
    I was then told that my job was at risk because i had become ill.
    Dr. Phil, I have been out of work on disability and my doctor finally cleared me to work. My workplace has laid me off saying that my position is deleted. They admitted to lying and not being honest with me. These people teach the Bible. I am now without a job and they are laughing at the fact that I am without a leg to stand on. Im frustrated with their act of showing this Christian love..what can I do? :(

  26. Susan says:

    While I grew up in the Catholic church, it was not by MY choice. It was a decision made for me and my siblings by my parents, specifically my mom. For me, going to church and Sunday school was something I intensely disliked, and by the time I was 18 years old, I was very happy to leave the grim atmosphere of religions and churches by the roadside. I have been much happier for the last 25+ years without ties to any religion or church than I was before when I felt forced to participate in it when I didn’t choose to. These days, I consider myself a secular humanist, although some would probably say atheist.

    Regarding the religious disagreement between Matt and Millie, I was also surprised that they had not had a lot more discussion on this issue before they got married. I hope she’ll be able to accept the possibility that her husband may never decide to convert to Christianity, and if he doesn’t, why would that matter? They seem to have a great marriage in every other aspect, and I agree with Dr. Phil that she’d be wise to just let Matt make his own decision on it, and not pressure him in ANY way.

    Personally, I wouldn’t marry anyone who was of a very strong religion, regardless of what that religion was, because I know my lack of faith would become a constant issue. Therefore, a potential partner’s being very religious would, for me, be an automatic deal breaker. And I would definitely make it a priority to find out where anyone I chose to date stood on the matter of faith, long before any relationship became serious. It just makes sense to me.

  27. Tiarra says:

    Great episode of Dr. Phil today EST 3:00 P.M. Reading all you guy’s comments about God, problems, faith, ETC, has gotten me charged back up with Jesus. I’ll be praying for everyone here.

  28. LYNDA LYNN says:


  29. LYNDA LYNN says:


  30. Amanda Lopez says:

    Faith, religion, gods are absolutely the biggest fraud of this humanity. Fraud perpetrated by shameless priests (of any kind) over naïve, unintelligent people.

    Does not exist largest lie ever told by deceitful shamans, “holy” man, priest and repeated by so many naïve people to others, their children …

    Somehow understandable in early development of humans, people lacking basic knowledge about the world surrounding them, needed explanation of the natural processes, were manipulated by their pears into believing the different stories. Stories turned into tails, those into believes and finally into religion, known nowadays.

    However, believing, today in the age of science, knowledge and information into something like that is just shameful. People looking for explanation WHY is something happened, like somebody really controlling every thing, every situation that happens on this world is extremely naïve.

    Of course that every church, even majority of governments enjoying having so naïve, stupid people to rule and influence in every possible stupidity they can came up with.

    Lets not forget that organized religion always asking you for more and more MONEY. If God is that powerful and controls everything and everybody, how come he is so poor, and unable to create something simple as MONEY?

    Please, good people, wake up!

  31. Sandra says:

    Many of the comments are based on a misunderstanding of the definition of faith
    “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” (Hebrews 11:1) True faith in God should be based on evidence that demonstrates the reality of the Creator.

    The skeptical view of religion is understandable. Many religious organizations are mired in political intrigue and moral hypocrisy and are drenched in innocent blood from countless religious wars. However, while rejecting the religious organizations that are sullied by hypocrisy and deception, some have made the mistake of also rejecting the Bible, which they think condones such practices.

    In reality, the Bible condemns hypocrisy and lawlessness. Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you resemble whitewashed graves, which outwardly indeed appear beautiful but inside are full of dead men’s bones and of every sort of uncleanness. In that way you also, outwardly indeed, appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”—Matthew 23:27, 28
    Instead of being “intolerant and divisive, religion, based on the Bible, is “broadly inclusive.” The apostle Peter said: “God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.”—Acts 10:34, 35.
    So lack of faith in Religion should not be confused with faith in God

  32. Ms. Parker says:

    I don’t believe anyone has the right to force their religious beliefs on another person as your first guest is trying to do with her husband. She spends 4 days a week in church? This should of been settled long before they had children. I am not rich by any means and have had much tragedy as do most people in my life, but am a realist and have no religious beliefs and am fine without believing in stories from long ago.

  33. Lisa says:

    In a day and age where talking about religion of any kind is not the “politically correct” thing to do, it is so inspiring to hear people talk about their faith and to stand up for it. This country has taken a detour somewhere in common sense and morality. Faith has carried me through my entire life. It is there when nothing else is. Our heavenly Father deserves for us to stand up for Him. We were made for Him. We have trials and tribulations and it will either strengthen our faith and bring us closer to God, or it will pull us away from Him. If you don’t have faith, you really don’t have anything. Cars and money and clothes you can’t take with you. Your faith is eternal.

  34. Andy says:

    My faith has gotten me through a TON of trials and tribulations, especially over the last two years, when I had to give up my teaching position due to certification issues, followed by budget cuts. It was by no means an easy time. This past year, though, new doors opened for me. I learned how to do accounting work, and Excel work in a State sponsored training program. I graduated from the program with excellent scores, and am now a temp with Bank of America. I owe it all to God. He has done amazing things for me, including showing me that I can handle driving on some of the trickier roads in my State to get to work, and get home.

    Do I still get upset and question Him about some aspects about my life? Sure I do. But you know what I hear Him say? “At least we’re talking. And there’s nothing you can say to Me that I haven’t heard before. Let it out, and know that I am especially fond of you”.

  35. Gloria says:

    I have just finished watching the show with the Catholic wife and Jewish husband. Religion is not something we force on our spouses. Those of us who practice our religious beliefs practice faith. We live by faith. And our lives are a testimony to what or who we believe in. The live we live is the best sermon, so “preaching” to my spouse about joining my church is not, in my humble opinion, the best way to convince or convert anyone. Just love them. Respect their decisions. In heaven, there will not be marrying anymore. We will be like angels. Let´s enjoy our life with our loved ones, and let us live the future in God´s hands. We pray for our loved ones and let the Holy Spirit work the conviction in their own hearts. We can do no more than love them. I agree with Dr. Phil´s comments. Choose your battles wisely. If your spouse (in this episide, her spouse) gives her the freedom and libery to worship her God as she wants to, what´s the problem? I know many couples of mixed faiths whose spouses do not enjoy that liberty, and live miserably. That is not the case in this episode. Faith is something very personal and intimate. You just have to live what you believe.

  36. mary Lawson says:

    I just want to say that Mitch’s book The Five People you will meet in Heaven changed my life, in 2004 I was strucken with a deadly illness, that at the time I knew nothing about I had the flesh eatind diesease and if it wan not for my daughter I would be dead, I had come home from work and I thought I had a boil on the back of my thigh and layed down when my daughter could not ewake me up she called 911 needless to say they did not expect me to live thru the night and i ws on life support and in a coma. to make a long story short after i came out of the coma and after many surgeries I did survive, but at the time I was in so mcuh pain and went into a serious depression, because it had eaten up so much of my body and has put me in a wheelchair, but one of the kind nurses that was taking care of me biought his book for me and it totaly changed my life. Right now of course I am on disability and trying to go to school to finish my degree so that I can hopefully rejoin the work force, I will be trying to find the money to purchase your new book, just seeing you on Dr. Phil todat gave me a big lift. God Bless you

  37. Kristin says:

    DrPhil~ You said on ur show to keep the faith. But what happens when every where u turn nobody wants to help. I went to the police they told me they couldnt do anything. I called shelters, churches, women help group,and online help sites. Nobody believes me just like he (my husband) said would happen. I am a fulltime student and a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful babies. I need to get away from my husband because he beats me up everyday. I am in “hell” and i cant get out. I dont have a car, job, or any money. My family cant help or wont. My sister would be able to help for about a month and then me and my children are back on the street. I want to move near Angel my sister. She lives in Chicago but like i said i have nothing but 2 kids. And no where else to turn. So please contact me. My husband isnt home during the day only on Sunday because the one and only FOOTBALL Day.lol. You can reach me threw email everyday all day. :0) PLease help me and my children

  38. delma says:

    Dr. Phil, I truly enjoyed the story about the caregiver who is a retired coach for his ailing wife. I was very impressed with the supportive system which included the daughter, grand daughter as well as the coach. I was disappointed to hear the coach explain the differences between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. I was quite surprise that he did not mention that Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of Dementia. Instead he compared the two, which was a poor comparison as well as misinformation.
    Overall the story was beautiful and I feel other caregivers will benefit from his story but it is important that people are not misinformed.

    I am MSW and I work with the elderly population.

  39. CHARITY says:

    FAITH……I have Faith, sure at times I question God. why are things happening to me. I lost my mom last year to a stroke at the age of 56, I have been going from job-to-job for the last 5 years. I have been in a relationship with a man for 15 years, of whom doesn’t want to marry me, I have no outlet, because it seem since we have had our twins a few years ago, I cant find reliabl work that isnt temporay. I pray to God every night that a change comes in my life,however, I got a job offer but, I had to wait to take the job at the hospital because my b/p was 236/140 extremly high,now I must work on that to get it lowered, no insurance to see a doctor, just home remedies, execersise more and pray. I know this is only a test I am going through, I sometimes wonder when will I ever see the breaking of day, I know if I continue to pray, he will provide and make a way for me…

  40. Karin says:

    My heart goes out to you, Millie. I was in a very similar situation with my husband as well. He was not against me going to church, definitely believed in God, but had not really accepted the Lord as his personal Lord and Saviour. I would go to church alone. I could not talk to him about the Lord in that very special way that only two born again believers can. It was the most lonely part of our marriage. We were unequally yoked. I can fully understand why the Bible warns us about that. It broke my heart when I thought about where my husband could spend eternity. I prayed for my husband’s salvation. Fervently. I asked others to pray for him too. The Bible tells us to live our lives in such a way that our husbands will be won for the Lord. Millie, cling to your Lord, be gentle with your husband, keep believing for his salvation (the Lord’s Hand is not too short that He cannot save) and pray without ceasing. I will pray for you too. My husband is now a practicing, born again believer. We are no longer unequally yoked. There is no greater joy than being able to share with your lifemate the things of the Lord. God bless you and keep you.

  41. JoAnn says:

    I watched your show today and was especially interested in the Alzhmeimer’s segment. My husband was diagnosed over two years ago with alz and is currently participating in a blind clinical trial. I would love to have one of Coach Broyles books. How can I get one? Thanks for anything you can provide.

  42. Karen says:

    I watched your show today and my ears perked up on the Alzheimer’s segment. My husband was diagnosed last October with early onset Alzheimer’s, he’s only in his early 50’s. I would also like to know where I could get one of the Coach’s books, he had a lot of good tips on how to cope with the changes. Thank You

  43. Dr. Phil, let me firsts say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!, on the new addition to your family. I really am happy for Robin and yourself. On Friday, October, 16th, you did a segment on Ahlziemers and I was not able to get the information, that you gave. Please, if at all possible, I need you to send me some information. My best friend’s father-in-law is suffering with this and she does not know what to do. It would really be great if you would help. Thanks again! Chaunteil

  44. Robert Barrett says:

    Mitch Albom has always been one of my favorite persons in life. I first knew of him when he wrote in the sports section for a newspaper, it’s a good thing I liked sports or I may not know of him. I saw him on Sunday mornings doing TV for Sports Center and I thought way to go Mitch. Then I saw he wrote books and made TV movies with famous people about real life important stuff, and I thought way to go Mitch. Now I go to Dr. Phil’s website for the first time in my life hoping for some answers, knowing the reality of that happening, and there’s Mitch. Way to go Mitch, except this time it matters more than all the other way to go’s. I often wonder why and how things happen to people, because let’s face it some extraordinary things have happened to Mitch in his life and I so love that. Way to go Mitch.

  45. Martina Kruger says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I really appreciated the openness with which you spoke about your faith. I had suspected for quite some time that you & Robin were born again Christians. Praise God, I was right!!

    I was very impressed by what you said about teaching your children about your faith. You said that as an earthly father you had to reflect the attributes of your and your children’s Heavenly Father. If they trusted their earthly father, then they would probably trust their heavenly father. What a wonderful reflection!!

    I too am a born again Christian, but I’m sad to say that my son who became born again 10 years ago has backslidden, but he still believes in God and sometimes asks for me to pray for specific situations. I believe that God has his hand on him and in God’s time he will return to the fold.

    I thank God for you and your openness and your show.

    Sister in Christ

    Martina Kruger
    From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  46. FosterBoys says:

    I’m like (the younger) Mitch in that I can’t get past religion’s scandals, hypocrisy, and bad headlines. Organized religion is just a social club that members use to exclude people who aren’t like them. Faith and Religion are mutually exclusive. You don’t need one to have the other.

  47. Janet says:

    Mitch, it was so nice to see you on Dr. Phil! I thought you gave Millie and Matthew excellent advice — to focus on the extensive common ground they share. I fully agree. In fact, almost all of the Bible Christians use (except Luke and Acts) were written by Jews, and for that alone, we Christians should give Jews a great deal of gratitude.

    In fact, St. Paul writes in Romans chapter 3, v. 1-2: What good is it to be a Jew? What good is it to be circumcised? It is good in a lot of ways. First of all, Jews have been trusted with the very words of God.

    Later on in that chapter, Paul explains that we all belong to the same God:
    There is only one God, and He accepts Gentiles as well as Jews, simply because of their faith . . . The Scriptures say that God accepted Abraham because Abraham had faith. And so, you should understand that everyone who has faith is a child of Abraham. (CEV version)

    I believe that you and I are both children of Abraham, and I’m grateful to your people for bringing us the sacred Scriptures. And I appreciate the wonderful books you’ve written, Mitch! God bless you!

  48. Linda RH says:

    I’m a huge fan of Mr Albom’s books, this one sounds like another keeper.
    Loved the story of leaving with nothing. How will we prepare ourselves for the transition without our earthly trappings?

  49. Sandra says:

    The advice it would have been nice to hear which did not come from Mitch or Dr. Phil would be what the bible says 1 Peter 3:1. In like manner, YOU wives, be in subjection to YOUR own husbands, in order that, if any are not obedient to the word, they may be won without a word through the conduct of [their] wives, 2. because of having been eyewitnesses of YOUR chaste conduct together with deep respect.

  50. Sandra says:

    The advice in which I was talking about was to Mathew and Millie

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