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October 20th, 2009 by Dr. Phil


22As you probably know by now, we announced on Tuesday’s show that Jay and Erica are going to have a baby in March! I expected to be excited — but WOW, I am really excited!

I’m genuinely amazed and pleasantly surprised at what a significant event this is for me. It takes a lot to move the needle with me. I guess, I have learned to stay focused and take a pretty cerebral approach to life. But now, I have butterflies in my stomach at the idea of becoming a grandfather. I know this sounds a little poetic coming from me, but I am truly, profoundly moved by the march of time — by the passing of one generation to another. Our “baby” is having a baby.

I don’t know about you, but I have kind of frozen my two sons in time, to the point that I still can look at them and see them as very young boys, despite the fact that they are now 30 and 23 years of age! I know it’s a nostalgic habit, but I loved those years, which I guess is why they stick in my mind. I always think of Jay at around the age of 9 when he was constantly wearing T-shirts, his Hawaiian jams and floppy tennis shoes without laces. I think of Jordan at the age of 7 when he wore a bright red soccer jersey and kept his toys so meticulously organized in his room.

It’s pretty mind-boggling to realize that they have grown up, and are successfully building their own adult lives. And what’s especially overwhelming is that Jay will soon have his own child wearing T-shirts and Hawaiian jams! Robin and I didn’t miss a moment when the boys were growing up, and we plan to not miss a moment with the newest addition to our family. I’m sure we will be the stereotypical grandparents. We’ll completely spoil our grandchild, planning our days around him or her (we’ll know in a few weeks). I’m sure we’ll be buying way too many toys for birthdays and Christmas, and probably most days in between. Robin can’t wait to kidnap (errr, babysit) the munchkin! Jay is already just shaking his head, wondering what in the world has happened to his dear old Dad. And Jordan will be the coolest uncle ever! He loves children and is already excited about this whole idea.

14Well, it is what it is! One thing I do know with complete certainty is that Jay and Erica will be wonderful parents. They are naturally great with kids, and they are so loving and selfless in the way they live their lives. Our grandchild is in perfect and loving hands.

And then there is Maggie, the wonder dog. She has been an only child for all of her life, and now she will have scoot over for a new family addition and learn to share like a good dog!

So what do you think the new baby should call me? Log on to DrPhil.com and share your grandparent names.

In the comment section below, Virginia wrote:

Congratulations to all of you. Robin & Phil, you are entering a new chapter in your life. It’s hard to comprehend loving anyone the way you love your two sons …

Here’s my reply:

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278 Responses to “Grandpa”

  1. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi, Dr. Phil! CONGRATS on you and Robin becoming grandparents! That is so awesome for the 2 of you! Believe me, you will just love, enjoy, and even try to spoil this new baby. My parents are the grandparents of 3 grandkids (one of which has been adopted out since 1978), and great grandparents of one baby girl that will be one year old in November. I’m a grand aunt to my niece’s baby, and I’m enjoying holding her every chance I have. Unfortunately, my niece and hubby had to move because of a new job her hubby has gotten, so I’m not able to be around my grand niece right now. Hopefully, I’ll see her during one of the holidays soon! Anyway, enjoy every minute of this that you can, ok? Babies do have a very bad habit of growing up tooooooo fast!!
    Will you please let us know what Jay and Erica will be having–a boy or a girl? Will appreciate it alot! Will keep checking your blog for that answser!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  2. Laura says:

    Congrates! It is an amazing thing when you first baby has THEIR first baby! My oldest has three and while we try not to have favorites, our oldest grandson tends to be the golden child! LOL I have at say that out of the three he is the least likely to give us any trouble. Right now anyway! I constantly wonder who put a quarter in his little brother! That boy is nonstop! Their baby sister falls somewhere in the middle. But she is just too precious for words! Well enjoy the wonderful ride that is grandparenthood! It is the best! you get to love, spoil, and send them home! LOL By the way my favorite phrase is “Grandma Look!”

  3. Linda RH says:

    Congratulations on the joyous news! I can soooo relate to the butterflies, your children are special but grandchildren are something wonderful indeed!

    You’re going to have the time of your life. We have pictures of “pa-pa” (my husband) playing dress up with princess tiaras with the granddaughter, and he NEVER did that with our daughter!

  4. Pat Thomas says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin, Congratulations to you and your grandchild. What a loving environment he/she will enter this world into. Although I don’t know the reason your daughter in law calls Robin Blossom I thought of you Dr. Phil as Bud and Robin as Blossom. Your love for each other is authentic and visible. So how about Grampie Bud and Grammie Blossom?

  5. Tami says:

    Hi Dr.Phil @ Robin: Congratulations on becoming grandparents for the first time. I’m also going to be a grandma for the first time a month after Erica is due, with my daughter is due, she was told she could never have children because she has NF2 so we are all very happy, but can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby.

  6. Carol says:

    I am so happy for you and your wife Dr Phil I don’t think that you could smile any larger if you tried.

    Your new grand child has no idea how lucky she will be born into your family there will be so much love that she won’t know what to do with it but remember you are the grandparents not the parents.

  7. Brenda Kay Perry says:

    Hi Dr. Phil and Robin,
    I tape your show everyday and am known to quote you often in my dealings with people as a registered nurse. I love your no-nonsense approach to dealing with people. Your recent show with the family and your wonderful announcement was great!! You’ll be an awesome grandpa for sure! I wanted to suggest names for you and Robin. I think Mimi and Papa are nice. I’m a Mimi and my grandson is the best. I often tell my three sons that if I knew grandkids were gonna be this much fun, I’d have had them first. LOL I missed the episode of The Doctor’s where the triplets found out if any of them were having multiples and I’m about to die to find out. Will you tell us on your show or here on the blog? Please!!
    Much love to you and your family and keep up the good work!
    Brenda Kay Perry, RN

  8. Brenda Kay Perry says:

    Well, duh! I found the link you have on this site to The Doctors so now I can find out about the triplet’s pregnancies. As always, you’re on the ball, Dr. Phil!!!

  9. lorraine says:

    Dr Phil, I think your Grandchildren should call you POPA, whenever I hear someone called by that name it seems it always is said with such love.

  10. Miranda Weiss says:

    Hi, my twins have a name for each of there grandparents, for the 3 grandpas they are Papa, Grandpy, and poppy.. they chose them all on their own.. Hope to help you,

  11. Linda says:

    Congratulations! I think you and Robin will be great grandparents. I´m guessing it´s a girl like the cousins.

  12. Anita says:

    There is always the chance that the grandchild will decide what the grandparents will be called. My husband’s grandmother was called “Gick”, because my MIL’s second daughter couldn’t say “Granny” and said “Gick” Gick she remained till her dying day. It caught on and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren called her “Gick”.

  13. Lori says:

    I think the baby should call you Dr. Poppie!

  14. Marti Bell says:

    Concerning what Dr. Phil and Robin should be called by their grandchild. Congrat. to every body. I think a good name would be Papa Doc and Nana Blos.

  15. cheryle says:

    I was wondering what Erica and her sisters parents were thinking about having all their babies, having babies at the same time, and will they live close enough to spoil all the grandchildren?

  16. sarahcaiafa says:

    My vote grandbear. Just saying my kids use it and cracks me up everytime. You remind me of a gentle bear. YOu have the intimidation aspect of you, yet you are so not. I will just keep putting this out there for you =)


  17. Diana says:

    Congratulations Dr. Phil, Robin, Jay and Erica!! My son and daughter-in-law waited until they was almost 40 years old to have children. I kept wondering when, when???? Now I have a beautiful 6 yr.old granddaughter and 18 month old grandson; it definitely was worth the wait. I like the traditional Grandpa and Grandma; there are three Grandma’s so I am Grandma DeeDee (the cuddly one). We all have classifications on our personalities!
    Blessings to your beautiful family!

  18. BRENDA RICHIE says:

    I watch your show everyday. you are the smartest man in the world. i was so
    happy to hear your good news. I just sat in my chair with a big smile on my
    face. i think that ” PAPPY” is a grand name for a Grandpa. you are the best.
    Brenda Richie

  19. Regina says:

    CONGRATS to y’all!
    That’s such awesome news! I hear you are looking for a name for that sweet grandchild to call you. I grew up with grandma & grandpa myself. But my cousin’s little boy calls my uncle G-Daddy. I’m really not sure where it came from, but i absolutely thought it was so cute! I will continue to watch as usual to see what you eventually end up with..i’m so excited for your family…Congrats again!
    Regina Gargiulo

  20. Marsha Weidenhaft says:

    Congratulations to you all!! Wonderful news.
    Dr Phil, I watched the story about the husbands lies financially hurting his family. I have a 20 year old son who has lied to me so much I just don’t believe anything he says. The lies are so senseless. My questions is how do I know if he has a serious lying problem and as a parent we can I do to help him? I feel it is very serious and it really scares me when I watch shows you have had about lying. I would very much appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks so much for your time and your wonderful show.

  21. Jan Hennings says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin,
    Biggest conrats on becoming Grandparents to Jay and Erica’s baby!

  22. Adrienne says:

    Hi Dr. Phil and mazaltov on becoming grandparents.
    I still think that ’safta’ (grandmother) and ’saba (grandfather) are still the best sounding. As u have realised, they r hebrew for the above.
    Lots of love,
    Adrienne ….in Israel

  23. Adrienne says:

    Hi Dr. Phil and Robin mazaltov on becoming grandparents.
    I still think that ’safta’ (grandmother) and ’saba (grandfather) are still the best sounding. As u have realised, they r hebrew for the above.
    Lots of love,
    Adrienne ….in Israel

  24. Gloria Puskar says:

    Before we had grandchildren, people would tell us how wonderful it was but I really didn’t quite get it. Now that we have 3, I can tell you how wonderful it is! It is the most exciting, most fun, wonderful thing that has happened to us. Of course, we love our son and daughter but a grandchild is also so special! You get to go through all of those milestones again, first smile, first steps, first word etc. You get to do pat a cake, ring around the rosie, nursery rhymes, Sesame Street and many, many more. All of this, without having sleepless nights, no responsibility and no worry about getting to doctor’s appointments, formulas, discipline etc. Our job is just to love them. I do babysit a lot but it’s different than having the responsibility that parents have. We are so blessed to have our children only about 40 minutes away so we see them often. Congratulations!

  25. Pam Resemius says:

    Hi Dr. Phil. I am so excited for you and Robin to be grandparents… it is the best time in my life right now with 2 GB’s. My granddaughter calls her grandpa “Boppa” or “Bappa” and I think it is so cute. Just thought I’d let you know. LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!

  26. Rose kalavsky says:

    Congrats to your family! I am Grammie to 10 grands, my husband is Poppie, but as our grands get older one (7 year old Dominic) has taken to calling my husband Chief. You see my husband is a Police Chief and I always call him Chief, so Dominic has taken up the title. My husband thinks its great, so maybe when your little one is older Dr. Phil will be Doc.

    When you see this baby for the first time, you will fall in love, like you never knew was possible. I wish Jay and Erica all the best and health, happiness and love to baby McGraw. Try Grammie and Poppie, I’m a good sharer.

  27. teri says:

    Congrats on becoming grandparents. Jay is just so handsome and his wife erica is beautiful, so the little one will without a doubt be gorgeous.
    I have 11 grandchildren and they bring so much joy to my heart. They call me MeMom, our first grandchild said MeMom so thats what stuck.
    So let your little one mumble his name for you & Robin. Again Congrats

  28. Mary Ellen Davis says:

    Congrats to you and your family Dr. Phil!! We had names picked out for our son to call the grandparents- alas, no matter what you do, they seem to pick their own names! Granny Faye was turned into GaGa at an early age for my mother. He just couldn’t pronounce it! Grandpa was added to – Grandpa Booie! My father in laws name is Louis and we call him Louie on more casual occasions. Therefore we now have a Booie. You will be whatever they want you to be!!
    So good luck! What you pick may or may not stick!!!!
    Prayers for a healthy and happy baby coming your way!

  29. terrib says:

    How exciting for the families! My first grandchild just started calling me “Purple Nana”. We don’t know why but it has stuck. He’s 17 now. He did give permission for his first cousin to use the name too but no one else can call me that. (I think he will make an exception for Little David’s baby sister….we’ll find out at Thanksgiving)

    I wanted to remind you of when you first fell in love with Robin and your heart felt like it could never love anyone more than her. Then you had children and you would gladly give your life for them. Well, grandchildren are even better!!!! Hold on for the most wonderful ride of your life. You can already tell how your world is changing. Congratulation Poppa.

  30. terrib says:

    Sorry Robin…..and Nana

  31. Shari Pumphrey says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, I just want to say “Congratulations”! For me,this is one of the most wonderful parts of my life! I have 5 grands and they call me Grandma and my husband is Grandpa. Plain and simple. My grandparents were “Mamaw & Papaw” and “Mammaw & Granddaddy”. So, it really doesn’t matter what they call you……….all that matters is that they CALL you! LOL! They may have their own ideas of what to call you, ya know? However, I love “Blossom” for you, Robin! With the love you and Robin will give them, along with Jay & Erica and of course, Uncle Jordan………this child is blessed beyond belief! I will keep you all in my prayers and I look forward to updates on the baby and your family.

  32. Linnet says:

    I hope for your grandbaby’s sake, that he/she doesn’t wear Hawaiian JAMS! lololol.

  33. Michael Watts says:

    Hey Dr. Phil, First of all I know It’s been a while but I would like to thank you for your comments at the 2008 Road to Recovery Conference for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes in Orlando Florida. I am the Director of Photography for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes an Organization that supports or wounded Troops. Now I am a Grandfather and my Grandson calls me “Gippa” which is the name I wanted him to call me, because it has

  34. Michael Watts says:

    Hey Dr. Phil, First of all I know It’s been a while but I would like to thank you for your comments at the 2008 Road to Recovery Conference for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes in Orlando Florida. I am the Director of Photography for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes an Organization that supports or wounded Troops. Now I am a Grandfather and my Grandson calls me “Gippa” which is the name I wanted him to call me “One for the Gippa” thats you Dr.Phill.

  35. Cheryl says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Phil and Robin on becoming first-time grandparents!! I know the feeling well. I found out on June 9th that I am going to become a grandmother for the first time in January of 2010. I was way beyond excited!! To say that I was excited would have been putting it very, very mildly!!!! I found out on August 10th that I will be having a granddaughter. Her name is Evelyn Grace Russell, and I can’t wait for the day when she is born!!!! I cannot think of any two people who are more fit to be grandparents than you, Dr. Phil and Robin. You are a loving and compassionate couple, and I know that love and compassion are qualities which you will seek to pass on to your grandchild. Please extend my sincerest best wishes and congratulations to the proud parents-to-be, Jay and Erica, and also to Uncle Jordan. I loved seeing the excitement in Robin’s face on your show when she talked about becoming a grandmother!! I remember when I first found out that I was going to be a grandmother, I was flying so high that it probably would have been a little hard to peel me down off the ceiling!!!! LOL!!!! I already have three “adopted” grandchildren, and they have always called me Nonnie. I think Grandpa Phil would be a good name for you, Dr. Phil, and I would be honored if Robin agreed to be called Nonnie Robin. May God richly bless the entire McGraw family, and please know that I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  36. Gail Yingling says:

    I wrote to Robin and told her I thought since she wanted to be called “BLOSSOM” you should have your grandchild call you “BUD”. Congratulations, such an exciting time for all of you. We had our first grandchild in July of 08.

  37. Elaine Warren says:

    Welcome to the Idiot Club , all grandparents become idiots. I have 5 grandchildren 1 great granddaughter. You will be surprised at how cute that is but, a nono when it was your children. CONGRADULATIONS (oh you say I will not act like a idiot, Ha JUst wait , it is so fun!)

  38. Karen Daniels says:

    My suggestion is PaPhi (pronounced Pa-Fee)

  39. pamela griffin says:

    I was blessed to have the best grandparents in the world. My Poppa and Granny was the foundation of our family. Though it is a “generic” term—I think Poppa Phil and Granny Robin Blossom would be a fantastic name for the little one to call you both. Congratulations there is nothing as fantastic —then to look into the little one that your baby produces. Makes life worthwhile.

  40. madu bose says:

    congratulation grandparent, very excited news. baby can call you DADU AND DIDI . DIDI FOR ROBIN . goodluck love madu

  41. Rebecca Cordner says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,
    Much Congrats to you and your entire family! I truly rejoice with you as me and my family are big fans of yours! God Bless you!

    I just finished watching today’s show, and you invited us to blog you with any show ideas so I am compelled to contact you. My Dad and I always used to watch your show and we’d talk about it over dinner every night when I would come home from work. I am a hard working, responsible, Daddy’s girl who has spent my single years living at home to save up until one hopeful day my prince would come along and I would have something to help start our life together. You know the housing market has been crazy, and it takes years to save up a down payment on an adminstrative salary. Well, my prince must be lost and never asked for directions!

    I have had a great relationship with my parents. Though I have a lot of friends and am active in my church and community, my parents have been my most treasured friends! People tend to look down on me and some of my friends being in our 30’s and still living at home, but they don’t understand that there is nothing wrong with us, we help our parents and enjoy them as the wonderful people they are. So great to talk at the end of the day to the one’s who made you what you are and share your same views and opinions.

    All that to say that I suddenly lost my Dad 2 yrs. ago when he collapsed three weeks after having a standard knee replacement. He was perfectly healthy and then boom! Two months after that, my Mom almost died of a freak thing with her blood pressure med and incredibly I came to find her in the same emergency hospital cubicle where my Dad’s body was waiting for me. Mom got better, but in 08 she suddenly was struck with a very rare immune disease that has attacked the arteries in her head and neck causing a series of strokes. She almost died, but the doc saved her by stenting one of the main arteries in the base of her brain. She then spent 3 month in a nursing home, and I worked my butt off to prepare the house to make it handicap accessible for her to return home. I have not been working so that I could facilitate her care the past 10 months. When she came home this summer, I cared for her with hired help. Because she needs 24 hr. care…it was killing me even with help and I placed her in a facility 2 months ago which killed me too and has been a whole other crazy story. I cannot believe that my vibrant, articulate, upbeat Mom aged 10 years in just 10 months.

    Now my parent’s house is in my name and I am doing my best to keep it cute and honor my parents with the upkeep. And, mom can come home for visits and see her home of 45 yrs. :) But, I cannot believe how much this all hurts! How much I enjoyed coming home and eating dinner with my parents, and now I come home to their empty and an empty dining room table. It’s very strange. Now, I grieve my Dad while I do his jobs and all of the responsibilities he used to do and have had quite a time learning about snow blowers, hedge clippers, and man jobs! This Dad’s girl was spoiled! :)

    Ok, I am ending now. I hope you stuck with my blog. I am frustrated because I don’t find information out there to help us grieve our parents. There’s so much about losing a spouse and a child, but just because we are supposed to lose our parents does not mean it hurts less. It has completely altered my life and has been crushing! My Dad was the best man in my life! I never thought he would be taken before he walked me down the isle. Anyway, I am trying to write and book, and have written a tribute song for my Dad that I will post on Utube when the music video is completed. I want so much to reach out to other Daddy’s girls who are hurting so badly to let them know they are not alone. Why do all of the “bad” relationships…absent fathers get the attention? No one ever pauses to visit the most devastating blow of the loss of a great Dad. I find it is more difficult being single and carrying on with all of the dreams we had together that died too. Also, the caregiver role at my age 37 is hard too because all of the people coming to the home where my Mom is are 15-20 older than me. It would be great to somehow let people in my shoes know that they are not alone. Do you think the loss of parents and difficulty of grieving and caregiving and taking care of yourself could be a good topic for a show?

    God Bless you, Dr. Phil. Thank the Lord, He brought an awesome job to me 2 wks. ago which is close to home. With a light commute, I will have extra energy to see Mom everynight. I can’t believe that I am now a Mom to my Mom. It is an honor, but it hurts. Gotta be upbeat for her,…and can’t believe how much energy it is to hide the tears. I am exhausted! More than anything I wish to go back in time just 2 yrs. and sit down to eat dinner with my awesome parents again! Can’t wait till Heaven….

    Thank you Dr. Phil for listening, and I hope that you would consider this topic. In the meantime, I am working on how I can help others like me know they are not alone. I have other single friends like me who have recently lost a parent and we all agree, no one understands how this has effected us. Why does the world expect us to have 5 bereavement days off of work and be back to our normal self?

    God Bless you and your family, Dr. Phil!

    Rebecca…a proud Daddy’s girl

  42. Monica says:

    Dr. Phil, I am so happy for you and Robin. I didn’t see the show. Sorry! Being Grandparents is the greatest blessing there is. I sometimes think even more so than having our own children, You can send the grandchildren home, HAHA. Take care and enjoy another blessing from the LORD,

  43. Russell Vlaanderen. says:

    Dear Doctor Erica Jay Jordan Phil/Robin. Congraulation on beining a Grand Parents
    and also congraulation on Erica who is prageant and Doctor Phil/Robin on beinig a
    Grandparents aswell. Good luck. Well I had better close now. Sincerley Your. Rus-
    sell Vlaanderen.—————————————————————

  44. Susan Wells says:

    Dr Phil & Robyn, I think you should be called Papa Doc or Papa McDoc and Nana McBlos…I am having my first grandchild in 2 weeks…my daughter has named me grandma chi chi….I think the name I gave you is much better!!!

  45. Deneen Stout says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Congrats. I am a grandma of 8, all 7 and under. BUSY but they are all different.
    I missed Doctors program, is it just one. I am in college and really busy right now but wanted to give my ideas for your names. Yours should be PaPa Philly and MaMa Blossom. Just wanted to tell you I have my grandchildren call me Gammy.
    They will be extremely nice to watch. Spoil them and send them home. Nothing like raising your own. You are able to enjoy them so much more.
    I wish your family all the luck, joy and love this baby or babies will bring to you.
    I love your show. This baby will be able to watch PaPa on tv every day. AH
    Good Luck and God Bless

  46. Nichole says:

    CONGRAT’S on being gradparent’s for the first time..My girls call their grandpa (Papa) and grandma (nana)..My 3 girls are my parent’s first grandkids..They spoil so much, it is so great to see the girls with their grandparents..

  47. Josette says:

    Congratulations on joining the grandparent club. The baby will treat you like his toy and you will love every minute of it. I believe that your father was called Pop. I think your grandchildren should call you and Robin Grandpoppy and Grandmommy. Mine chose that name for us, since the other grandparents are called grandma and grandpa. You will have so much fun with the new little bundle, especially Robin. We love them small, the biggest thrill for us is when the baby sleeps in our arms and men prefer them a little older, so they can play with them.
    Have lots of fun with your new addition to the family.

  48. Dana Allison says:

    Dear Dr. Phil:

    Please, do not equate paying attention to a grand child, or to any child as spoiling him/her. By paying attention, positive attention to a child you are nurturing. When you do not pay attention to a child is when a child becomes spoiled, especially if you mean that the child is a brat. You and Robin will never spoil a grand child as you have seen to much of what happens due to neglect.

    Yes, the dog will have to move over, but this can be accomplished with little rancor. Use the same tactic one uses when a second, or third, or more children arrive. Do not allow the baby to replace the dog, unless circumstances dictate that a new home must be found for him. (For instance, allergies.) When my grand daughter was born we were a bit apprehensive because of their dog who was half Rottweiler, have Doberman, stood 32″ at the shoulders. He could have had the baby as an appetiser. The first look he had of her intrigued him. “Aw, isn’t she cute!” When she cried he would run to Mom, whining, upset, because the baby was crying. Once Mom took care of the crying baby, the dog was
    satisfied, went back to what he had been doing.

    I am happy for Jay and his wife. Their lives will change, just as mine did when my first baby was twins! There were three more. My oldest is an English professor, first in China, now in Korea. His twin is a lawyer in Washington, DC. My older daughter is in her master’s program in social work, is the mother of my grand daughter, my youngest son is a commercial pilot, and biological researcher, the father of two boys, my younger daughter is a gastroenterologist.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my grand children, and am happy that their parents are very good parents. The rewards of seeing my sons and daughters being successful in their occupations as well as in their parenting are beyond description. Words are inadequate to express my feelings. I had a good time raising mine, and am enjoying my times spent with them and their families.

    This is an addendum. After seeing your program when Jay was telling about the book he had written to teen agers on how to cope with bullies, I bought a copy, and read it. I liked it so well that I bought more copies, presented them to the local superintendent of schools to be placed in the middle school, and high school libraries. The librarians told me that the books have been well read.

    I had a problem with bullies during my grammar school years. At the age of twelve I was a half inch shy of 6′, weighed 110#. At school one of the scummier kids began to call me, “Totem Pole!” It was a remark meant to pull me down, to get under my skin. During WW II my town had the schools organize Hallowe’en parades. Class room students would work up Hallowe’en themes, or, if kids wanted to, they could dress up individually, and enter the parade. Prizes were given.

    I took a page out of that brat’s taunts. My father got some drafting paper which was 5′ wide, and 5′ high. I drew faces on one section, made some “ears” out of construction paper and glued them to the top of the drafting paper tube. Mother used another piece of drafting paper to make a vest upon which I drew a face, and this went over my torso, to be attatched to the totem pole tube placed over my head. Believe me, no one could miss that entry which extended 11′ high! Not only did I no longer have to put up with taunts from that kid, I received a
    prize! Other kids who might have taunted me at other times, didn’t bother.


    Dana Allison

  49. Virginia Pifer says:

    Congratulations to all of you. Robin & Phil, you are entering a new chapter in your life. It’s hard to comprehend loving anyone the way you love your two sons. But, I can assure you that once you hold your first grandchild, you will experience feelings you didn’t know you had. It is instant love that can’t be described. You will be great Papa & Nana or whatever the babies start calling you. I’m sure you will come running, no matter what they call you. god bless your family.

  50. Martha says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin…. you reminded me of my parents when they found out I was pregnant. Made me cry to see how happy you both are with this wonderful news. That’s going to be one spoiled kid…. :-) )) Congrats to all of you. Great news and it was so great for you to share. I watch your show everyday TWICE… lol, so I feel like you are part of my family. Hell, I quote you everyday around here.

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