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October 20th, 2009 by Dr. Phil


22As you probably know by now, we announced on Tuesday’s show that Jay and Erica are going to have a baby in March! I expected to be excited — but WOW, I am really excited!

I’m genuinely amazed and pleasantly surprised at what a significant event this is for me. It takes a lot to move the needle with me. I guess, I have learned to stay focused and take a pretty cerebral approach to life. But now, I have butterflies in my stomach at the idea of becoming a grandfather. I know this sounds a little poetic coming from me, but I am truly, profoundly moved by the march of time — by the passing of one generation to another. Our “baby” is having a baby.

I don’t know about you, but I have kind of frozen my two sons in time, to the point that I still can look at them and see them as very young boys, despite the fact that they are now 30 and 23 years of age! I know it’s a nostalgic habit, but I loved those years, which I guess is why they stick in my mind. I always think of Jay at around the age of 9 when he was constantly wearing T-shirts, his Hawaiian jams and floppy tennis shoes without laces. I think of Jordan at the age of 7 when he wore a bright red soccer jersey and kept his toys so meticulously organized in his room.

It’s pretty mind-boggling to realize that they have grown up, and are successfully building their own adult lives. And what’s especially overwhelming is that Jay will soon have his own child wearing T-shirts and Hawaiian jams! Robin and I didn’t miss a moment when the boys were growing up, and we plan to not miss a moment with the newest addition to our family. I’m sure we will be the stereotypical grandparents. We’ll completely spoil our grandchild, planning our days around him or her (we’ll know in a few weeks). I’m sure we’ll be buying way too many toys for birthdays and Christmas, and probably most days in between. Robin can’t wait to kidnap (errr, babysit) the munchkin! Jay is already just shaking his head, wondering what in the world has happened to his dear old Dad. And Jordan will be the coolest uncle ever! He loves children and is already excited about this whole idea.

14Well, it is what it is! One thing I do know with complete certainty is that Jay and Erica will be wonderful parents. They are naturally great with kids, and they are so loving and selfless in the way they live their lives. Our grandchild is in perfect and loving hands.

And then there is Maggie, the wonder dog. She has been an only child for all of her life, and now she will have scoot over for a new family addition and learn to share like a good dog!

So what do you think the new baby should call me? Log on to DrPhil.com and share your grandparent names.

In the comment section below, Virginia wrote:

Congratulations to all of you. Robin & Phil, you are entering a new chapter in your life. It’s hard to comprehend loving anyone the way you love your two sons …

Here’s my reply:

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278 Responses to “Grandpa”

  1. Max Allen says:

    Congratulations on becoming Grandparents. Being from the South my son called my parents MeMaw and PaPaw……my yankee husband thought he was saying Meatball and PeaPod. Dr. Phil could pass for PeaPod….but that lovely Robin may not go for Meatball.

    I also just found out that I’m going to be a grandmother (May 15th 2010). I want my grand child to call me Grammie!

  2. Caprice Hawley says:

    I’m a 43 year old Grandma Dr. Phil! and honestly had I know it was going to be this much fun I would have skipped having children all together and went straight to the Grandchildren..lol. IT is very different.
    Have fun and Congratulations!
    The Hawley Family

  3. Mary Sexauer says:

    Congratulations Dr. Phil and Robin! I must say I am very jealous. I can’t wait for grandchildren although my sons are still in college so I am glad to wait. As for the name…A few years ago I rented my extra bedroom to a young marine and his 6 month old daughter. They were with me for almost 4 years. Jeff has a wonderful family that support him greatly and his mother loves her granddaughter very much. As I am not this childs grandmother, I felt like it. “Aunt Mary” just didnt seem right, so it was just plain ole “Mary.” When she started talking she had a hard time saying Mary, it came out “May-yeah”. To this day that is what I am called, May-yeah! This is what I hope my own grandchildren will call me. This also happened to my own children with their grandparents.
    Now my point…Wait until your grandchild starts talking, he or she will name you, and it will be ever so dear to your heart. Everytime you hear the word, your heart will melt to pure liquid. And when they say the name…their little face will light up like the 4th of July!

  4. April says:

    Congrats. I pray all will go well with the pregnancy and birth of your first grandbaby. I am curious about your advice as grandpa and father that you will give about health care and vaccines. Have you heard of Dr. Pompa and what he is saying about the current flu vaccine debate? He has a lot to share about america’s current health and vaccines.

    I wish I knew this info when my kids were little and getting sooo many shots.

  5. Deb Rumsey says:

    I used to work for a superb lawyer. He was very smart as well as very caring and humble. I worked Criminal and Family Court with him. Two very emotional areas to be in court on. He truly cared for every person he came in contact with. Alot of people couldn’t even pay him but he didn’t make a big deal out of it. He loved helping people.
    His Daughter was a lawyer also . She had four boys and they called him “Chief”. It was very fitting. You also fit the profile.

  6. Janie says:

    Congratulations! I can tell you it is WONDERFUL to be grandparent. I have 5 children all grown now. I now have 8 grandchildren 4 years and younger. The youngest grandchild is 3 months and her mom and dad live with me. So I really get to spoil her. I love all my grandkids and do not favor any. They are all so precious and unique. It feels so good when I visit and as soon as I pull up to their house my little angels are running out the door yelling “Grandma is here!!” It is so wonderful to feel so loved by these beautiful babies!

  7. laney says:

    I think “Doc” is great and very easy for a kid. My kids and their kids call my Dad “Brick” his real name and so very fitting for him.

  8. Gail Hallam says:

    Congratulations, and I so agree that once one gets the news that your baby’s having a baby, the anticipation and the memories and fantasies start coming, and every detail of the pregnancy and picking out the names can be such that sleep even becomes deliciously interrupted. I must say it is delightful to see you Dr. Phil taking on a different persona during your sharing of this personal event. Robin’s just always been so “out there” when it comes to her earth Mother side, but YOU Dr. Phil, who woulda thought? I’d suggest the little one could call you Gampaw, because it’s hard for a baby to pronounce “R’s”, or Paw Paw. Robin mentioned Erika calls her “Blossom”, which is darling; but for the baby, how ’bout MiMi (pronounced me-me), which is Italian for grandma; or Gammie (note no “R’s”) to go with Gampaw. Yes, Gampaw and Gammie –or, PawPaw and MiMi– cute, huh?

  9. Nancy Lee says:

    I would bet that your grandchild will be smart and cleaver enough to come up with a name all his/her own. My daughter called my Mother E-Mama. Don’t know where that came from and a friend’s grandson called her G G. She was trying to get him to say grandmother with a G. Very original.
    Congratulations, your world will never be the same.

  10. Cindy Land says:

    I am so happy for your family, Dr. Phil! I am a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 4 and your life is about to change in ways you never imagined!! I once told my dad that I thought he had “held out” on me by not telling me just how much you love your grandkids and how “differently” you love them. He laughed his head off and then told me there was no way any one person can ever explain to another the love you feel for a grandchild until that person becomes a grandparent and even then, the explanation leaves one a little lost for words. He was so right. I am 54 years young, my dad is 73 years young and I count on his wisdom every day still!! He and my mom have 10 grandkids and now my 4 great-grandkids and he really loves it when I bring them around!! So, I’m thinking that since Robin said your boys used to call your dad ‘Poppa’, the baby should call you ‘Poppa Doc’, and you could get your ‘Doc’ in there, too. Robin should absolutely be ‘Blossom’! She even looks like a ‘Blossom’! So, there you have it–I like it–Blossom and Poppa Doc!! And can I just say from one grandparent from another, your life will never be the same and you are going to be the happiest people in the world!! I have identified with your sister-in-law, Cindy, because I had a bad accident about the same time in my life as she had her accident, I was divorced, raised my children alone…. well, anyway, as you always say “long story short”… I thank God every night now for the beautiful blessings that are Gavin, Jackson, Rylee, and Ava Grace!!! They are the precious little angels who call me “Mamaw Cindy” and gave me back my life when I didn’t have much to hang on for!! So, congratulations to you and Robin, and, oh yeah… Jay and Erica and Uncle Jordan! I will be praying for a healthy and happy birth and delivery come March!!

  11. Marie Woodford says:

    OK…Here’s the deal. Your grandbaby will end up with a cute name for you both on it’s own. But you could start out with something cute like Oma for Robin and Opa for you Dr. Phil. It is easy to say and I think it is unique.

  12. Patricia Crow says:

    Congratulations on the upcoing birth of your grandchild. Enjoy this little one.

  13. Ramluver says:

    Congrats on your 1st grandchild! A lil girl…..Robin is goin to have so much fun with this and many more to come. I never miss your show and was in tears when I heard the great news. As for the names…….I think the lil Ms Mcgraw will find her special names for her grandparents! Thank your for sharing the wonderful news with your fans, and thanks to the new parents as well!

  14. Darlene Thietje says:

    Congratulations!!! Couldn’t be more proud and happy for you and Robin. When we heard our daughter was expecting their first it was like a big bubble that just burst into our lap. We were so thrilled and excited I cried and cried with joy. May you be Blessed with joy and happiness in this new arrival. I still like the old fashion of being called Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Dale so think you should be called Grandma Robin and Grandpa Phi

  15. Danielle says:

    dr.phil without a question you will be an amazing grandfather just like your are an amazing father and i hope that one day im as good of a parent as you!

  16. Gerrie Ferdelman says:

    First of all my congratulations to all of the McGraw Family, This baby does not know it now, but will, that he/she has it all. meaning ( A Family )…the best gift he/she will ever get. My vote is for Grandma and Grandpa old fashion? maybe, but I personally think we earned the title and why stray from it. The bottom line is that your grandchildren will inevitabaly have there own unique name for the you both, enjoy whatever it may be, and wear it proudly. I have 9 grandchildren, ALL GIRLS. and its been either Grandma, or Granny. & Grandpa, or Papa.
    May God Bless, and watch over you and I wish you all the very best.

  17. Julie Draheim says:

    Wow, I just wanted to say congradulations!!!

  18. Laurie Thurston says:

    Dr.Phil: Big time congrats on the little one. Being a grandparent is the most wonderful thing in life. My daughter has 3 children and one more on the way.
    She has Meghan who is 7 and soon turning 8. Dayden who is 5 and Katie who is 2 1/2 and she is due January. The one thing is that you can get them hipped up on sugar and then send them home. They are the best and I love them so much, just as you will love the new bundle of joy. Again congrats to the whole family and cherish them.

  19. Valerie Mae says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, Robin, Jay and Erica

    Congratulations and Best Wishes on the upcoming birth of Baby McGraw….My wish for you is a healthy, happy baby. I am a grandmother of 6 and I cannot stress to you what joy grandchildren bring. Yes, you have sons but wait til that grandchild arrives. It is a totally different world, honest. God Bless all of you and enjoy each and every minute of it.

  20. Row says:

    Dear Dr. Phill, Robin, and Family,
    A HUGE congratulations from our home to yours. The first grand baby is always a wonderful experience. ( you know…spoil ‘em and send them home!) I’ve only three grand children, all grown. They’ve always called me MA-MAW, or Gram and my husband is Pop-pa. There are now two great grand children. I’m called Gee-Gee for great gramma. As another has said, the little ones will come up with their own names that they will call you that wil be endearing whatever it is.
    Best of luck to the new parents also.

  21. dksp says:

    I am 35 and have two children. My son is 16 and my daughter is 14. When I was born I had only one set of Grandparents and that was my mother’s parents. My father’s mother passed away when he was 14 or 16 with Tuberulosis and his father died in a trailer fire when he was in his early 20’s. I called my Grandmother : Granny and my Grandfather : Pa. My Grandfather passed away the day after I had my son 16 years ago. My Grandmother is 90 and I still call her Granny and so does all the other Grandkids. She only had 24 grandchildren, has over 20 Great-Grandchildren and growing, and about 5 Great-Great-Grandchildren. She hasn’t seemed to mind being calling Granny.
    When my children were born they were so lucky and had so many Grandmother’s, Great-Grandmother’s, Grandfather’s and Great-Grandfather’s that we had to call them by their names. Examples: On my husband’s mother’s side was Grandma Quesenberry (my children’s Great-Great- Grandmother), Granny Gardner (my children’s Great Grandmother), and Granny Juanita (my children’s Grandmother, they called her Granny then her first name). On my husband’s father’s side was Popy Padgett (my children’s Great Grandfather), Granny Es (my children’s Great-Grandmother, by her first name), and Popy Jack (my children’s Grandfather, by his first name). On my side: my mother’s side was Granny Stone (my children’s Great Grandmother), Granny Fredia (my children’s Grandmother, by her first name), Popy Shockley (my children’s Grandfather, by his last name), and Boyd (my children’s step Grandfather, by his first name).
    If I had to choose two names, I do like Nanna Blossom or Nana Robin for Robin and Pa P or Pa Phil for Dr. Phil because I think McGraw would be to hard for the child to say and it may become shorter than that depending on what the baby can say. I also think Dr. Phil, Doc, or something of that nature wouldn’t be appropiate and would be to sopisticated for the child to say. The names that I picked colud change over time as the baby grows.
    However, I say you and Robin should be proud to be called whatever the child is able to say because I have an Aunt (passed away 6 years ago) and an Uncle (passed away 3 years ago) that never got to see their Grandchildren because they passed away with cancer. My cousin’s wife was seven months pregnant when my uncle passed away but before he passed away they found out what the baby was going to be and had narrowed down the names and let him pick the name.
    I wasn’t pleased with the name I got as an aunt but my nephew couldn’t say my name so I became aunt Dot Dot and that is what my nine year old nephew still calls me and now two other brother’s and sister call me that. My nephew is now able to say my name now but he still call me Dot Dot at times without thinking. I quickly figured out after my aunt and uncle passed away that it is not the name your sister, brother, niece, nephew, children, or grandchildren give you as much as it is of how they love you and or show you that love.

  22. Jayme says:

    I am so happy for both Robyn and Dr. Phil, they will br grandparents!! They are such lovely people! I met them both at Klenfelds, I was one of the brides from the New York City episode. You both are so down to earth and will make fantastic grandparents. I hope they have a girl because Robyn you need to dress a little girl up! Love always, Jayme

  23. Lea from Israel says:

    To Dr. Phil and his lovely wife,

    Congratulations on becoming Grandparents. I’m a “Senior” Grandmother (Just in age but not in mind… ;-) ) of 9 Grandchildren, and I wish you mush happiness and pleasure from your children, and many more to come Grandchildren. It’s really the best interest that we can have from our children, isn’t it?

    Love and admire
    Lea from Israel

  24. Lea from Israel says:

    My Grandchildren call me: SAVTA NENA … :-) )

  25. Betty says:

    Congratulations. You and Robbin will find out the joy. If you have heard that grandparenting is different than raising your own children, you will now understand just what that statement really means. It is a different kind of Joy, but still joyous.

  26. Jeannette says:

    It is SO awesome to be a grandparent — like the old saying– if I had known being a grandparent was so great I would have been one first!
    I LOVE my grandchildren — totally different than being a parent. The same responsibilities are not there so you can enjoy them without having to take care of them 24/7.
    You know– love them and leave them !
    I have 2 grandsons and 3 granddaughters.
    I love them all the same but there is — at least for me– a special bond with the first grandchild.
    I am hating to see them go from babies and toddlers to teens etc.
    But each age is fun and exciting !!
    So enjoy every month of Erica and Jay`s pregnancy — it really IS an exciting experience for everyone involved.
    By the way– I am just called Grandma — and love it!

  27. Shelly says:

    Congratulations on the up coming new addition to the family. For me I have always called my grandparents on my dad’s side Nanny and Grampy. On my mothers side, I never met them, as the had died before I was even born, and refer to them as Grammy Berry and Grandpa Berry. Now really even though you have asked us what we think you should be called it should be desided by you and your family and something you both feel right being called. The baby will also I am sure have so other name that may be used for a while, that you will find odd and cute. That name just might end up being the name that sticks. Congratulations again and I wish you and your family nothing but the best.


  28. Linda Rose says:

    Hi Dr.Phil and Robin; Being grandparents is fun for sure! Did Erica and Jay find out yet if they are having a boy or girl ? If you are amazed your children are adults and can take care of themselves wait until the grandchildren are grown and on their own! It will blow your mind ! Also means we are getting old!

  29. Jean says:

    Of course I am happy for you both on being first time grandparents yet I have a little ‘but’ that won’t leave my mind. This may not be the best place to say or ask so here goes perhaps nothing.

    I will go on the assumption Erica’s parents want no part of the lime light that you and Robin and family perhaps are used to. Perhaps her parents are not in Califorinia as I don’t remember where Jay was when it was announced by you folks he asked for Erica’s hand in marriage by going to her parents. May I assume they maybe in Texas? Regardless it appears from all the blogs and for lack of better more tackful wording perhaps everyone in the excitement of this there is another set/pair of grandparents. Without attempting to put my foot in my mouth (and I am an 80 year old grandmother of 2) I am one could say a bit curious. It could be a bit awkward overall and perhaps as I said above maybe Erica’s parents who will be ‘triple’ grandparents within months of each other that is something to be “spanking” proud of as well don’t you think? So again not to detract from you new part in life it is I guess I feel rather sad, not sorry that Erica’s parents seem to be ignored by their choice. All this means is remember there are two sets of eager grandparents. One for the first time and the other with triple grand children ‘all at once’. And I’m just as happy for them believe me. Coming from a regular viewer when the show doesn’t get pre empted for something silly. Cheers to both grandparents, ok?

  30. Karen says:

    Just be Grandpa, don’t do anything confusing for the kid! Congratulations and best wishes! My grandson will be two in January and being a grandparent is the best ever!! All the fun and not so much responsibility as a parent. What more could one ask for? Unfortunately my grandson lives across the country but technology is great to bring us together. Besides, I play grandma to all my nieces and nephew’s kids too! Make sure to take time out to enjoy the baby (and let me tell you, your heart will melt the first time you hold him/her) and shove the parents out the door at least once a week for date night so you guys get to babysit! Oh man, I can see Robin going nuts buying stuff but let her have her fun and don’t say a WORD! It’s very important to us! :)

  31. Kelli Demers says:

    I found out I was going to be a grandparent at the age of 44 (which I considered way too young– but now have changed my views). Ever since our grandson, Ethan came into this world, it has been SUCH a pleasure to be his Nana. I too, was stumped at what to have him call me, but his parents kept calling me Nana to him (which they picked out for me), and I love it. He calls his other grandma Nana Terri, so that’s ok.
    My husband, he calls Papa, along with two other grandfathers– one being a great. They just inserted their names after the Papa for them (Papa Josh and Papa Bernie). He’s 2½ now and it’s so cute to hear him talk and call them by their “names”.
    I think you, Dr. Phil should be called Pappy & Robin Gramy. :)
    Congrats! Did we find out if it’s multiples yet??

  32. Gail says:

    Congratulations! I know that you both will be great grandparents!
    My parents love it when I had my first baby. You are going to have
    to take lots of pictures!

  33. Carolyn says:

    Hi Dr. Phil

    Congratulations to you and Robin.Those butterflies you are feeling are nothing compared to the surge of love and joy at holding your first grandchild.It is awesome. It is overwhelming . It brings tears to your eyes to hold such a miracle.
    The other thing I personally found is that it is perfectly acceptable to “brag” about your grandchild and not give it a thought! After all this is our heritage, our gift,and a continuance of our love. Having our own kids , it was something that we refrained from doing too often, at least I did…and of course we were younger and more reticent, perhaps. Grandchild..you just can’t help yourself…(:

    God bless you all.

  34. amy swells says:

    hi dc. phil,

    i just wanted to say congradtuation on the new member of your family. i am so thrilled for you. i am sending my best of wishes to your daughter, son-inlaw, the baby, and the rest of your family. may God bless the new bundle of joy and it’s family.
    sincerly: amy

  35. Nonni says:

    So, I know I am late on this posting and Dr. Phil may not even see it, but here goes anyway:

    I was a young mother and therefore a young grandmother and that is ok by me. However, my first grandchild was not the first grandchild for any of the other grandparents, so they all had their names! What to do?

    I considered letting it just come naturally to the child, but then I thought about my own grandparents. My Mom is Italian and we called her parents Nonni & Papaw. I embraced Nonni and somehow, my husband ended up being Poppi and that is what both our grandkids call us still.

    Being a grandparent is an indescribable experience. I don’t fall into that category who spoils the kids and lavish them with gifts every time they come over. I still have a teenager I am raising so my finances are limited. I just love having them over (usually to spend the night) and hang out around the house, go to the zoo, little things that allow us to maximize the quality of time.

    I could talk about my grandkids (and my kids for that matter) all day so I’ll stop here. Congrats to Phil & Robin and the whole McGraw family.

  36. Danielle Cassoff says:

    congradulations!! i hope everything works out perfectly you and your family only deserve the best!

  37. Patti Shute says:

    Congratulations to all the McGraws. Being a grandparent is the most awesome thing ever. My grandson Ben was born 21 months ago and I can’t believe how wonderful it is. It can’t be explained, you have to experience it. I want Ben to call me Grammie but as he is learning to talk it has changed to Gammie. I love that too. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than this I found out Ben is going to be a big brother in April. I’m even more excited about becoming a Gammie a second time because now I know how wonderful it is. Best wishes and prayers for all of you.

  38. Cristy says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,

    Congradulations to you and your family on the new grandbaby!!!!!!!!!!!
    With it being a granddaughter it will be a change, but the way you help
    everyone else out, god will be there for you. Also Robin is going to be a awsome
    grandmother, and she will get to dress up the new baby girl in lots of
    girly things that she didn’t get a chance to do as a mom, with your sons. My daughter called her great grandmother mamio. So i would suggest papio for you!!

    Best wishes to the McGraw’s,and Erica’s side of the family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Barbara says:

    Hey Dr. Phil,
    Congrats to you and Robin on becoming grandparents and to Jay and Erica on becoming parents and to Jordan on becoming an Uncle!
    Let me tell you, you are in for the most surreal treat! My husband and I became grandparents in June of this year. It’s so cool because we both look to young to be grandparents, but we are! :-)
    One would think that one knows love, and as a spouse, you do. As a parent, you do. As a grandparent, it is another level of love which is truly overwhelming. I still get overwhelmed by my boys and they were born quite a few years ago. The overwhelming love which we have for our grandson is a chronic one causing chronic smiles, chronic laughter, chronic peace…maybe perpetual is a better word? …if that makes any sense, but I am still trying to find something which explains this feeling of being a grandparent.
    On what gp label should you go by? Is there any ethnicity in McGraw? Scottish? Irish? Perhaps you should go by the ethnic name, whatever it might be. My husband and I go by Granny and Gramps. My daughter in law’s parentas go by Oma(dutch) and Pakke(heavy dutch).
    I am so happy for all of you and can’t wait to see the chronic, perpetual, constant, smiles on your faces once the little bundle arrives :-)
    Wishing you all well as you wait and prepare.

  40. keyna says:

    Dr.Phil & Robin its great to hear of your granbaby..I was with my Grama tonite and she cryed…Her son has been missing for 20yrs now and she is 71 yrs old…I want to know if you can help us fine him…her gradson is all she got of him and it would be nice to know if we need to have a real close deal…love ,peace,happy,hope,trust in god that what we been doing…would love to talk to you..about lot of things..

  41. kj says:



  42. Carol-Ann Wodehouse says:

    I was so happy for you and Robin and Jordan, but most of all of for Jay & his beautiful wife. I lost my l9 year old son Jordan to a drunk Driver 7 years ago and it feels like yesterday…I miss him with every beat of my heart. I will never become a gramma as he was our only son. I think it is great that all three are pregnant at the same time but I was wondering on the Doctors when they were celebrating with cupcakes why none of the ladies including Robin didn’t even take a bite. They just unwrapped it. Life is way to short (I know this for a Fact) to be not celebrating every minute and that includes cupcakes on the announcement of their new baby girl, I know they are watching their weight but they are also carrying their only thing they can love unconditionally for the rest of their lives. After Jordan (my son) passed away, my love of being “normal” was not that anymore “The great sadness” came over me and has never left, I miss him so much no one knows and I don’t wish that upon anything. But please tell your daughter-in-law that a bite of a cupcake won’t do anything but celebrate the birth of a newborn. It is a wonder she is not showing, how many months is she now. You can always lose it after, Jordan was 13 lbs 2 oz when he was born and when he passed over he was 6′6″ 250 pounds and I loved every part of him. Tell the girls too relax and take a bite of delicious food every now and then, they have the money to get a trainer and work the baby fat off. I do love your show Dr. Phil but I was really annoyed when I saw them just keep peeling the cupcake paper over and over, take a bite, life is way to short. Respectfully yours

    Carol-Ann Wodehouse

  43. Judy Schmitt says:

    I am so thrilled about you becoming grandparents. There’s nothing like it. Between my husband and I we have a blended family of 6 children that all get along superbly. Even when we aren’t around they call each other and stay in touch with what’s going on in each other’s lives. It has worked very well for us. NOW we have 7 grandbabies, ages 2,3,4,5, 2 six year olds, and an 11 year old. 3 girls, 4 boys. They are all precious in their own ways and we make no difference in any of them. We do for whichever one needs whatever at the time! The hardest part is trying to get them all together at once to get a pictures. They are scattered so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. I was so anxious to see the Doctor’s on Friday to find out if you were having a boy or girl. Just before they got to it the show was pre-empted due to a local trial. I was SOOOO upset and I’ve looked all over the internet all weekend trying to find out. If you could drop me an e-mail or put it on Dr. Phil’s home page asap I would really appreciate it. I was so looking forward to seeing all their reactions and missed it all! Thanks and Congratulations! Oh yeah…I had all these names picked out that I wanted my grandbabies to call me…my 1st on began calling me MeeMa and my husband Poppi Jack and it stuck. That’s what we are to all of them now! Sometimes they just come up with their own name no matter how hard you try to change it! HaHa!

  44. Vera Myers says:

    Everyone loves their spouse like no one else,then the babies come and the love you have for them is like no other. Before you know it those babies tell you that they are having a baby of their own and you are about to be a grandparent.
    The first time they put that little blessing in your arms you get this feeling of love that I believe God sends an angel to each grandparent this angel opens a part of your heart you never knew was there, and floods it with a love, that fills you like no other. I swear it goes from head to toe. I have never felt such a love as I did when I held my Kelsey girl 13 years ago. The good news it is the same with all of them, and to this day I feel it when I see my grandkids. There are no words to explain the feeling. I told this to a friend and she told me I was just a softie, until she held her Granddaughter and called to tell me how right I was. Bless you all!
    By the way I think Grammy & Pap Pap are good names. However what ever the first on sticks you with will continue for all of them.
    I love your show. Let me know if you come up with the words to explain how you feel when you hold that baby!!!

  45. Kathy Callahan says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin, I can only echo your sentiments about the excitement of becoming first time grandparents. How exciting for you! The choices over what your grandchildren will call you come over time. Some of my grandchildren call me “Nana” and my husband “Papa Charlie”; however, some of my grandchildren call me “Gramma Kathy” and still call my husband “Papa Charlie”. The children will know which grandparent you are regardless of where you are or who you are. By your behaviors and the way you present yourselves to your audience; you are exemplary parents which will only be emulated by your children, passed on to your grandchildren. We currently have 12 grandchildren and love each and everyone of them! And they aren’t done yet!!!!! (we watch our money going…and going….and going) But it is worth it!
    Many blessing to all of you!

  46. Sharee says:

    Congrats!! I know as a 27 year old mommy of a beautiful 7 year old daughter that her grandparents are amazing additions to the “village” raising our child. Of course they get more of the sneaking candy before dinner and taking her out for ice cream but they are such a blessing. If I ever have a question, even if it’s 2am…anyone of her grandparents or great grandparents are willing to sit through whatever it is I need to talk about. They all love her more then any child has ever been loved. I know you and Robin will be the same to your grandchildren….so even though you know you will enjoy it more then words can express…..remember you are also so appreciated!

  47. Jean Mitchell says:

    I think that Papa Doc for Dr. Phil and Mama Robby for Robin. I wanted Gigi for grandma Jean, but my grandkids call me Mom-mom and my husband Papa. It works.

  48. Denise says:

    My baby chick will be leaving the nest soon and I have found it surprising what events now seem so much more exciting then when I was younger. I recently went to a friend’s baby shower and had a wonderful time unlike all those I had attended when I was younger. Some new emotions come out of the blue and take me by surprise. Even my son getting his Driver’s License almost brought a tear to my eye as a right of passage for the both of us I guess. It sounds like these new feeling and excitement for ourselves and our children are completely normal. How about that, we’re actually normal – well sort of !!!

  49. Marge says:

    there is nothing and I do mean nothing as wonderful as being a grandparent.
    I have three grand daughters and another grand child on the way due in May
    It is wonderful!!!
    I can’t say congratulations enough!!

  50. Natalie says:

    I think you should be called Nana Robin and Papa Phil…:)

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