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November 25th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Thanksgiving at the McGraws

turkeyI, for one, love calling a timeout in November so that I can not only reflect on my many blessings but also say my thank-yous. It is a very relaxed family day at the McGraws that starts around noon as people begin to arrive.

I always get up early on Thanksgiving Day and head off to play tennis. I figure I’ll get in a good work out so I can pig out without feeling too bad about it! By the time I get home, Robin has the house buzzing! She always has the house fully decorated for Christmas by Thanksgiving Day, and she will have Christmas music playing inside and out. Every television in the house will be tuned to a football game (one of my long-standing traditions). Football and Christmas music: Who could ask for more?

Robin is a superb cook who starts preparing the meal three days before Thanksgiving. I love the way the house smells when she fires up the ovens and starts getting ready. We have a pretty traditional menu with a few southern touches. I love the dressing and giblet gravy! Besides our own family we are usually joined by friends who don’t have family nearby. Can’t have our friends hanging out alone! But if you come to our house, you have to participate in a McGraw Thanksgiving tradition. We go around the table, and everyone shares about what has happened in the last year that he or she is most thankful for.

It is just kind of a ritual, and I think rituals are important especially for the kids growing up. Kids appreciate that sameness over the years, even if they don’t admit it early on. In fact, our boys are always saying, “Oh jeez, here we go!” They roll their eyes and start looking for the door! But they do it and don’t really resist much. They just like giving me some good-natured grief. They talk about their blessings. Despite the eye rolling, I can tell they’ve put some thought into what they say. Deep down, I have a feeling that this is a tradition they’ll carry on for years with their own families. And that makes me feel very proud.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ll say this Thanksgiving, and I won’t know until I say it, but as I write this I’m thinking that I’m thankful that everyone in my family has found something that they are passionate about — I think it’s so important to find something in your life to be excited and passionate about every day of your life. Whether it’s your kids, a hobby, your job, your spiritual life or even your front lawn, we are all blessed if we love our lives. So I will tell Jay that I’m so eternally thankful that he and Erica are so passionate about their baby who is on the way and that he loves his career in television production. I will tell Jordan that I’m thankful he’s about to finish college at USC and is totally devoted to pursuing his career in music. I will tell Robin how thankful I am to have the opportunity to watch her excitement about becoming a grandmother, and how proud I am about the new book she’s written and about her volunteer work with underprivileged children.

turkey2As for me, I continue to be thankful for the Dr. Phil show and the opportunity to impact people’s lives, and for The Dr. Phil Foundation and the work it’s doing. And like Robin, I’m over the moon about our grandbaby on the way; I can barely see straight! Most of all, I’m thankful that I‘ve gotten the chance to see my boys’ lives unfold — to watch them become the excellent young men they have become.

On Thursday, we will eat, watch football and listen to Christmas music, and maybe one or two us will take a little nap (not ME, of course) — and just like last year and the year before we will be together. Thank God, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wishing each of you and your family peace and continued blessings throughout the year. I would love to hear how you will celebrate.

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73 Responses to “Thanksgiving at the McGraws”

  1. I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving.
    I hope you have a wonderful day

  2. Debi Stringer-Lund says:

    We, too do the thanksgiving at the dinner table. It has been a hard year that started really rough with my having to live with a daughter and hubs having to live in another state with a son. Hubs finally found a job and I am very thanksful for that. We are now living together with one son and soon will have another son, his wife, and their 6 month old baby come join us. Slowly our family is coming out of this recession and we will make it. I am thankful to God for all the blessings along the way of which I would not have received had we not lost our home, car, or jobs.

    Other parts of the Thanksgiving tradition for our family are watching the Macy’s parade in the morning, football games, and Christmas movies including It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Thank you for your show and your uplifting messages. They help tons.

  3. CarolNY says:

    Oh Dr. Phil, bless your heart! I choked up several times while reading about what your Thanksgiving will be like. Hearing what you are thankful for brought tears to my eyes. You and Robin are going to be the best grandparents and a whole new way of life happens. It’s amazing what grandchilden do to a soul. You help so many with your talent of really getting others to help themselves. That’s one of the things I’m thankful for, is you. You have really influenced my life and I think you would be pleased with your work. :)

    Today is the last day of my husband working. He is about to retire and we both will be taking a new path in our lives. We are very excited. We have 5 grandchildren, and 5 wonderful children. We are blessed and so very thankful for all we have. I am about to have major surgery to help me be able to live my life in a fuller way. I see a light at the end of a tunnel that I’ve been in for awhile. I’m so very thankful I have insurance and there are good doctors that are able to help me. Bless them all!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Dr. Phil.

  4. Nadia says:

    Dear Dr Phil,

    Thank you so much for sharing your family’s holiday plans & traditions – they sound lovely.

    As a single mom of 3 teens life is usually so hectic just getting everything done that I am extra grateful for a day set aside to be grateful. I am grateful every day but when it’s on the to do list and theme of the day it is a no-miss activity!

    This year has been rough on SO many people. I know that it has been particularly harsh on my family. That is why I am SO glad that years ago – right after my divorce 9 years ago, I started a tradition with my children.

    There was so much that we were feeling the loss of…’official’ looking family, house, space, a lot of our belongings etc…. I wanted & knew we all needed to focus on what we did have….and could never lose if we kept cognizent of it all.

    We each write a thank you note to each person at the table listing what we were thankful to them about (or thankful for them about) this year specifically. These thank you cards were placed at each person’s place setting like placecards….so I had 3 – 1 from each of my children that all said Mom (2 in crayon), my daughters and son each had one from me as well as one from each of their siblings. Amazing how much love & gratitude can be expressed in using your favorite stickers to decorate your sibling’s card!!

    We still do that to this day – we are all thankful we have a home TOGETHER….I have custody, they are safe, they are healthy, they are all honor roll students two of whom already started college early and the third will be this fall…we have a car, we have food in our fridge…some of these were not always the case for us….. The year we had chicken drumsticks, rice, and chocolate chip cookies because I had borrowed $20 to make us a meal will never be forgotten….and here we are – YES in an apartment where my son has to sleep in the living room because I can only afford a 2 bedroom apartment….but we are safe, together, and have a lovely home no matter how small and no matter how much bigger we dream.

    And this year…..we have pie!!! :)

  5. JessieLeigh says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day ripe with good food, gratitude, and blessings. Much joy to you and yours!

    During this season, we always start recalling and recounting our daughter’s 4-month early arrival nearly four years ago… we will never cease to give thanks!

  6. Jen says:

    My 1 year old baby is blind. It’s been a challenging year full of a roller coaster of emotions as well as a new world for my whole family.

    This year, instead of wallowing in self-pity, we will turn off the lights and eat our Thanksgiving dessert in the dark. We will be bringing our son’s world to us. I am thankful for my vision, and all the 34 years I have had to see the sunsets, trees and all of God’s beauty.

  7. Tonya says:

    Last year I was alone. I was divorced and my son was with his dad visiting relatives in Florida. It was a sad day for me. This year I am remarried, I have my son with me for Thanksgiving and I am pregnant with a baby girl.
    And although I have no insurance, I have a stack of medical bills higher than a cats back I am so very thankful to be married to a wonderful man and I am very thankful to have so far had an uneventful pregnancy.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Dr. Phil.

  8. Joann MacArthur says:

    My memories of Thanksgiving past is watching my Mother preparing for a feast of just the 6 of us.The pies,cookies,fudge,she also made sweet potatoe pie.Now I prepare my Thanksgiving for my family for 22 years I cooked for the 4 of us last year was just for 3 now this year is differant we have the my In laws coming,I will be seving 8 people.Almost done making the sweets.Tomorrow will be the smells of Turkey and stuffing cooking.Eating about 2 here in Maine.I just love coking though.Like you my Husband his brother and Father will be napping also,while all us women will be doing the dishes and but of course there will be football.After the Macy’s Day Paraide.Christmas music but of course.Now you and your family have a fabulous Holiday,don’t get to full save room for PIE cause there is always room for pie.No eating in between save room for the Turkey and the fixings.Have a Happy Thanks Giving.

    P.S.I am thankful for my children,husband,and our health.Thankful for our families and the spirits of our Mothers My husbands and Mine I call on them for help when cooking and crafts.So they are always with us and really thought about alot on the Hollidays.Christmas is spent (plit times) with our fathers and sibling what a great time we have.Thanks for listioning.Have a great Thanks Giving
    Joann MacArthur

  9. Sherry Barnes says:

    Well like you Dr, Phil we will be will be at my sons house this year with family and friends. He has some friends that have no place to go so the more the merrier, I am cooking things at my house to take. My son has put in his request which makes me feel so good that he only likes certain things that his mom makes. He has a heart of gold when it comes to his friends that have no place to go. Then we will do Christmas at my house. Then after the big dinner the Cowboys come on so we will watch that and then i am sure some of us will take that well deserved nap.
    As far as my kids that are great kids, My husband and i are so thankful they did not get into the trouble that i hear other kids have been into. It could have been so much worse. But we also had them in church their whole lives. And I want to think that is some of the reason they turned out to be such great young adults. They work hard and are raising two wonderful grand children, which i just adore!!!
    Then this weekend as he always does my hubby will go hunting and that leaves me some good me time after a few days of being in the kitchen which I enjoying doing for my family. So hope you and your family have a great time and enjoy each other and just think next year there will be an extra little on at the table.
    I remember the news of our first grand child and i went crazy making little blankets and things. I made a room for the baby at my house so he would always have his place at our home. And now we have 2 and they still have a room thats just for them.
    Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Phil from our home to yours.

  10. Denise says:

    This is awesome Dr. Phil. I love holiday stories. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it’s all about food and getting together. I have four boys and am so thankful for them, they are the greatest part of my life. BTW, I love your show. :)

  11. Marcie says:

    Wishing everyone a very happy thanksgiving, from Australia.

    To be honest Dr Phil I’m not sure about giblet gravey!
    I am sure traditions are treasured by all, even my husband.

    After reading Christmas in my Heart and Home, I can say Robin’s passion is a little contagious!

  12. We have a large gathering for Thanksgiving we will be going over to hubby sister. As always a lot of family and friends. If I counted right they should be 20 to 25 people there.
    Lot of great food, good company, and plenty of left overs.

    Coffee is on.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Dr. Phil- Thank you for sharing your traditions w/ us. I to have traditions that have been passed down. Like on thanksgiving day after eating of course. We all go to the tree farm and cut down our x-mas tree & bring it home, put it up & decorate it. My kids love doing that. The tree farm always has new puppies to look at & pet, plus theres other things to do there to. I enjoy there gift shop. While my husband likes there snack shop. I just enjoy the family time we all have together. Have a happy thanksgiving. :-)

  14. Nancy Calderon says:

    I love reading other families traditions. It sounds like you have a great Thanksgiving.

    My family, like everyone else, has been hit hard by the economy. I think my 2 teenage kids are in shock. What, we can’t spend money whenever we want to? Thanksgiving this year will be about teaching my kids to be thankful for being healthy, for having a home and food, for their grandfather (without my dad helping with bills we would be out on the street), and having family and friends that love them. Yes. These are the things that should have been taught from the very beginning but I think we just get caught up with our busy lives and forget what is important.

    Our family tradition is going over to my brothers house to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  15. Peggy says:

    My husband and I have been married 9 years now. His second my first. Since we have been married we have his kids and family come on Wed. before Thanksgiving so we can spend more time with them, since they have other houses to go to on Thanksgiving. That give us the whole Thanksgiving Day to ourselves, football… food relaxation…..We get together with my side of the family on the saturday after Thanksgiving…It’s all good. Thank you for sharing your day and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU.

  16. Irene says:

    Dr. Phil, you have a beautiful family. I enjoy watching you w/ them. I am most grateful for my wonderful husband and I tell him everyday as does he tell me. He even watches your show w/ me. Also I’m thankful for my 2 grandsons. Just today the 5 yr. old called to say he missed me ,even though he saw me yesterday and will see me tomorrow. Wishing you happiness always. You’re a wonderful persom.

  17. FosterBoys says:

    I’m thankful for my family.
    I’m thankful for my friends.
    I’m thankful that I live in a free country.
    I’m thankful that I have a voice.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  18. Sarah says:

    Hi Dr Phil,

    After reading your wonderful, joyful words – I really wish we had a similar occasion in the UK!

    Everyone I know seems to be going through a tough time at the moment and it’s at those times it can be difficult to see clearly and be thankful for the positives.

    I’m 31, I’ve been happily married for almost 11 years and we have two phenomenal children (Toby 7 & Lara 3). We’ve been trying to run our own business for the past 6 years and for the past 2 years it hasn’t been able to provide an income. My husband works obscene hours and I’ve been trying to help in anyway I can. I spend as little as possible and pay for our utilities & food shopping by making cakes for friends/ selling my things on eBay etc.

    But all of that horribleness disappears when I see our children happy & healthy and for that I’m truly thankful.

    All my love & best wishes


  19. Glynis says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even in trying times, there is always something to be thankful for. It is this time of year, I miss my grandpa the most. Ever since I was a child he reminded us at Thanksgiving to be thankful for what we had because there were many people out there who didn’t have food or a warm place to be. Grandpa passed away 3 years ago, but his words stay with me. Having lived through the Depression and other hard times, he never forgot that and always reminded our family of what we had, rather than what we didn’t have. I am thankful for the almost 95 years he lived on this Earth. He was a good person that never took life for granted & was always there to help someone.

  20. Amanda says:

    For the 3rd year in a row my husband and I will be working a 6 hour shift at work. We will be going to my mother in laws after work for our dinner. I am thankful for my family – my daughter and my wonderful husband. I am thankful that since we decided to work Thanksgiving, that we should get Christmas Eve off to do the traditional tree decorating his parents do. :)

  21. Hello Dr. Phil and Happy Thanksgiving.

    I live in Canada so we already had our Thanksgiving in October. Now I will celebrate a day of thanks in honor of all my neighbors in the United States.

    In our home Thanksgiving is truly a day of thanks, as my son was two years old when he was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia on Thanksgiving day in 1987. Today he is 24 and is engaged to get married. For 22 years Thanksgiving day has had a profound impact on our family. Thank you God for the Gift.

    warm regards,
    Sheila Ethier

  22. Jen says:

    Its going to be really hard to talk about what our family is Thankful for since my dad died less then 2 weeks ago.. I always loved sharing my birthday with Thanksgiving but this year i’m not too excited about it.
    Not only will I miss my dad on a holiday I’ll especially miss him celebrating my birthday.
    I’m trying my best to stay positive and be grateful for all that we have but we’re all just so SAD!! My dad had 4 daughters who now miss him more then we could’ve ever imagined, (his death was so sudden) I know he’s in a better place & he’s now with our Heavenly Father…. So because of that I will continue with our family traditions tomorrow of saying what we’re grateful for.
    Thank you Dr. Phil for reading & you responded to my twitter last week about my dad, I showed the whole family & everyone was grateful you were praying for us.
    Give Robin a Big hug please!! May God continue to Bless your family!!
    Jennifer Yettaw

  23. Sharon says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin – first of all Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. AND, congratulations on becoming grandparents!!!! Rest and relaxation – that is usually what is so needed by this time of year. Also, to remember what we have to be thankful for and to take some steps back from just “wanting”. That is what I want to pass on to my children. Being divorced can be difficult – but when you are able to still get along then the holidays are good. As a matter of fact, this year, HE bought the food and my mom and I will cook. Our daughter is thrilled – and that is what really matters. Then comes all the Christmas wonders – and of course our faith is first – then all that really matters are he kiddos if you ask me. To see the absolute joy in their face and twinkles in their eyes — what more could one ask for. God bless and have wonderful joy-filled holidays.

  24. Kathy says:

    Dr. Phil & Robin, and your wonderful family, it is so heartwarming to hear about Holidays at your home. I am Greatful I still have my 93 year old mother and our two pups a place to live and something to eat and such a wonderful GOD that has carried us this far and is going to carry us the rest of our journey That is what I have and very Thankful For. That is certainly nothing fancy nor ritzy for some but it is 24kt gold to me.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you for sharring your life and wisdom with us all.
    One Thankful Kajun

  25. Kate says:

    I wish I could spend Thanksgiving dinner at your house, sounds fun! Sadly I will be working all day long, from 11AM till approximately 11PM. Being a college student I am in desperate need for the money. As much as I am upset I don’t get the chance to spend this holiday with my family and friends, I am happy I get to work at a restaurant and make other peoples Thanksgiving dinner amazing. Hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday!

  26. Kimberly Ohmacht says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

  27. susanne lind says:

    We dont have Thanksgiving day in Denmark, but if we had, we would do exactly like you and your family, be together and be thankful for that opotunity.

    I have so many things to be thankful for, I`ll list some.

    What Im thankful about….
    Im thankful that the accident I had, only left me a dammaged back….I didnt die
    Im thankful for the wonderful life I have despite the pain/sever pain every day
    Im thankful that doctors now can continue the serching for a cure for me
    (stamcells and working with embrios)
    Im thankful, that my boys are healthy
    Im thankful, that my boys are doing fine in school and highschool
    Im thankful for the wonderful young men they already are
    Im thankful for my loving and caring husband, who stayed on after the accident
    Im thankful for my husbands love
    Im thankful for all the love we share in our little family
    Im thankful for our wonderful friends, who care and offer their help to me/us
    Im thankful to live in a country, that takes care of me, now that Im unable to
    Im thankful for living in a country, where crimerate is low and guns are illigal
    Im thankful for living in my wonderful house/home
    Im thankful, that I can help by donating money when a collector rings my bell
    Im thankful, that my husband has a job, despite the difficult times worldwide
    Im thankful for living, I love life itself

    I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life

  28. Angie Morgan says:

    I to love Thanksgiving it is going to be a hard one this year my mom just passed away Nov.But Im thankful that the rest of us are going to be together.And let me tell you I would love to have dinner at your house Robin sounds like my kind of mom.have a good day ,

  29. angela says:

    I am a Canadian but celebrating US Thanksgiving this year as my sister and neice are coming for a visit this weekend! Can’t wait. Thankful for the new relationship with my sis. Thankful for all the caring and support of my church family. My 2 new great nephews are also reasons for great thanksgiving. I enjoy your show Dr. Phil.

  30. carolyn says:

    I am trying to be thankfull but its hard for me this year a little my husband lost his job for the 3rd time and we are finding it hard to celabrate the holidays this year we probably wont be haveing much of a christmas eather because we have bills that need paying first. house to pay for and everything else is getting to overwhelming for me to handle. but i am thankfull for my 5 wonderfull grandchildren that are home to visit.

  31. Linda Rose says:

    Thankyou for sharing what Thanksgiving means to you and your family Dr.Phil. It sounds like you will have a wonderful day! Here in Canada Thanksgiving is in October. In Canada people are more low key about holidays than in the US except for Remeberance Day. Even Christmas isn’t as extravagant as in the US. People are still thankful but not as demostrative about it.

    I remember growing up in the US in Ohio. My Dad, Grandma and sisters and I always had dinner with my Aunts and Uncles on Thanksgiving. I used to really look forard to those times. They only lasted a few year when I was was very young but are still good memories.

    I am thankful for many things; God, love, freedom, health, family and friends.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and God Bless you all.

  32. Susani Sacca says:

    GIVE my sight to the man who has never seen a sunrise.
    A baby’s face, or the love in a woman’s eyes.

    Give my HEART to a person whose own heart has caused endless days of pain.
    Give my blood to the teenager who was pulled from the wreckage of his car so that he can live to see his grandchildren play.
    Give my kidneys to the one who has to rely on a machine to exsist from week to week.
    Take my bones, every muscle every fiber and nerve in my body and find away to make a crippled child walk. If you must bury something, let it be my faults, my weakness and all my prejudice I may have commited against my fellowman. Give my sins to the DEVIL, Give my soul to GOD.
    If by chance you wish to remember me, Do it with a kind deed or word to someone who needs you. If you do all I have asked I will live forever

    BY Robert N. Test

    Life is way too short….I appreciate you Dr Phil and all the lessons you have taught me over all these years. This Thanksgiving I thank MY HEAVENLY Father for all my blessings big and small in my life!

    I send you and your family love and holiday joy! I look forward to having a small group of friends over to eat and to watch my sweet doggie lay in front of our fireplace and to start and decorate for the christmas season!

  33. Joyce Long says:

    This year will be a very sad time for us as my dad passed away last month so it will be our first holiday without him. And we are all going through rough times. However tradition will go on and we will all gather at moms for a big ole meal. Me and the girls help mom prepare everything then I do all the cleaning for her.
    I am thankful for everything I have!
    I am thankful that I have a mom who can still get around and cook and all that and she is now 70 yrs old.
    I am thankful that so far she is is such good health that at 70 she doesnt take one single pill for anything.
    I am thankful that I have my daughters and my 3 beautiful grandsons.
    I am thankful that God gave me my neice to raise, she is truly a blessing.
    I am thankful that while it may not be much, I do still have a roof over our heads and food on the table.
    I am thankful for friends, my internet friends, thats all I have and I am thankful for each one.

    I am thankful for people like you, Dr Phil and Robin that make such a big impact on so many lives, changing them daily.
    Most of all I am thankful to God that he sent his son into the world to save us all, so that one day we can all be together with him in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I think there are those of us that wish holidays would just go away! We don’t often share on blogs on these days because we know we are different and it seems rude to remind people that we are still here.
    The mental illness in my family has really become more apparent then ever and I have a little three year old grandniece that lives nearby that is at very high risk. The funny thing is that her mother, (and my mother many years ago), can put on a lovely dinner with a most beautiful presentation and food that is so perfectly delicious that it compares to what Martha Stewart would have. They place perfection ahead of all else and want the world to see only that side of their personality, but they also place such impossible demands on their family members, that they make them miserable, and this usually has long-term consequences.
    Me, I’m happy to be able to decide what ever it is I choose to do on a holiday like this one. I just wish I could help the little three year old that deserves so much better than what she is getting from her mother.

  35. Julie Hoge says:

    What I remember most about our Thanksgiving was that my favorite relatives would all gather at our house. I loved watching my mother and her sisters cooking, especially the homemade noodles. Since having my own family i have started creating our own memories and traditions. i also have the house decked out in holiday fare. I start right after the Halloween decorations come down. The children and I go our church service on Wednesday evening and we always make to talk about what we are grateful for. My children would tell you their favorite time is Thanksgiving morning when we always have the most amazing creme horns from our local bakery.
    God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving

  36. Marie Reinhart says:

    Dr. Phil & Robin,
    I enjoyed reading how your family spends Thanksgiving day. Robin has so much love in her heart for her family. I am so inspired by her positive, joyful attitude. The two of you are going to be such great grandparents. My husband and I cherish our family traditions. We have three grown children all married, with loving spouses, we love so very much. We have five beautiful grandchildren who we adore. I start out cleaning on Wed. while my day care kids are napping. When my hubby gets home, he joins in helping me prepare the basement toy room/family room, so we can bring in two large tables so we are all able to eat together with our family. By night time he and I are exhausted, but so very excited.

    Thanksgiving morning, I wake up early to stuff the turkey, yep, giblet dressing. My Mom’s recipe who is no longer with us. I pop the turkey in the electric roaster and then hubby comes down and we have breakfast and then watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. When Santa arrives, I always call my grandkids to make sure they see him. Then we begin all the fixings so we can eat by 3:00 p.m. I love how my sons are at the door by 1:30 ready to eat, so we make sure we have a fruit tray, crackers and cheese, and another snack to hold them over. My grandchildren are so filled with excitement they can barely contain themselves. When we sit down to our beautifully set table, we say our blessing and then its, “Pass the potatoes, I’ll have some cranberries, can someone pass the gravy, I’ll have a couple dinner rolls, can you pass the salt, these sweet potatos taste so good, etc. I sit and take in the chatter and just revel in the fact we are all together for one more year. I take a ton of pictures and at least one has to be of the most funniest, ridiculous faces on everyone. Oh how they make me laugh.

    I am thankful for my faith, hope and love. I am thankful for all God’s blessings…my family, friends, health and happiness. I am thankful my husband, my sons and their spouses and myself still have our jobs. I am thankful for couples like you and Robin, who display the joy of being in a committed marriage, loving family, and your excitement the two of you share in your upcoming blessed event of becoming grandparents.

    Thank you Dr. Phil & Robin, may you and your family have a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. Our Christmas decorations go up the Friday after Thanksgiving. Our home is turned into a Christmas Wonderland. Tradition is a gift we give to our children and grandchildren.

    Love~ Marie & Joe

  37. Blgspc says:

    Dr. Phil,

    Thanks for sharing your McGraw Thanksgiving rituals! As I was reading the list of things that you are thankful for I felt compelled to STOP cursing at the food I have been preparing-(the food has been a bit uncooperative…)(yeah….that‘s it the food that is flawed(!)) and instead I thought of all of the things that I’m Thankful for!
    I am truly thankful for my father. He’s 80 and I love him!
    I am thankful and very proud of my twin sister and all of the things she and her husband bring into MY life from 3000 miles away!
    I am thankful for my 17 year old niece- who is Brilliant and funny and sweet!
    I am thankful for ALL of my very large extended family- I love them all though some are particularly dear to me.
    I am Thankful to be Home so that I CAN curse at the food instead of being in a hospital environment due to ‘Emergencies’!
    I am very Thankful that the Good Lord has seen fit to bless me so bountifully.
    I am Thankful to EVERY SINGLE soldier this Thanksgiving for placing themselves in harms way so that I might continue to enjoy freedom! I want them to know that I love them and will keep them in my prayers!
    I am Thankful to the FAMILY of EVERY SINGLE soldier who have empty chairs this year and for the many other families of those soldiers who will always have an empty chair. I want them to know that I love them and will keep them in my prayers!

    I am EVEN Thankful that at 9am each weekday I can watch a PhD prepared Psychologist, with a Texas drawl, who thinks that others believe it’s possible to “slip sunrise passed a rooster!” HA!

    Oh, one other thing, Dr. Phil….if Robin’s still cooking tell her to be mindful of the Bittersweet Chocolate because it REALLY IS ‘Bitter’. In fact, the package I bought EVEN had a hidden agenda! It did a ‘No-No’ as I was working on the Chocolate Mousse! That’s alright, though the menu has been changed from Chocolate Mousse to Chocolate- Chocolate Chip Mousse! AND, after I ‘disciplined’ it, with the mixer, I placed it in the fridge- for a four hour Time-Out! Mess with me while I’m busy preparing the Thanksgiving meal! I DON’T THINK SO! LOL!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  38. Mary says:

    I want to go over your house Dr Phil for Thanksgiving! I have only memories of my Thanksgiving traditions. Most of my family are gone now, but I do have the memories of when i was a chid and my whole family would gather in the middle of the night preparing the Thanksgiving dinner! My grandma, aunts and uncles and my mom and dad would be busy preparing the feast that would be to come~Slicing the fruit for the giant fruit salad, making the desserts – the homemade apple pies and lemon pies – and the salads and of course the guest of honor – the turkey! I could hardly sleep the smells from downstairs would waif through my bedroom from the heater registers! I would be so hungry smelling those smells! The smell would continue into morning! I could harldy wait for the feast! I will always remember those holiday memories for the rest of my life! I sure miss everyone! :-( I am greatful that I do have those memories to look back on with fondness!

  39. Lynn says:

    This Thanksgiving will be spent with my husband and two sons. One is in college and the other in high school. Football will be on the TV and because turkey sandwiches are our family favorite, just the turkey and a loaf of bread is all that will be served. I’ll be in my jammies in front of the fire and paper plates will be the dinnerware. Great day for relaxing and just enjoying our family time. The thing I am most thankful for is the time my husband and I had together this past summer. He was laid off from May until November and while it wasn’t exactly a great thing, we looked at it as a gift. Our sons were old enough to be left alone and we have a BIG camper. So we took off to a local campground where we could be home shortly if need be. And we did come home every few days to check on the house, not the kids. LOL. Anyhow, I am also EXTREMELY grateful that my husband got called back to work in time for the holidays. God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving Day.

  40. Laura says:

    We do the same thing you do BUT we each have 3 kernels of corn on our plate and we pick up one at a time and tell what we are thankful for. It kind of makes it tangible for the kids. We also sing the doxology along with the blessing. We started that when my daughter – in – laws grandfather was there one year. He passed away soon after and we continued the tradition.

  41. Helen Austin says:

    I know that this is about Thanksgiving but we are Canadian and have already had out thanksgiving so here is our Christmas tradition.

    Both my husband and myself don’t have good holiday memories of our childhoods so we have created a totally different Christmas for our kids. We have perogies, smokies and mash (a family favourite), we dress in red (so the pics look fun) and only one person can open a present at a time so it takes a long time open them (we don’t have much in the way of extended family so there aren’t a lot). The kids really enjoy that we do something different to all their friends and it make us really feel our family bond.

  42. Ramona says:

    Dear Dr.Phil,

    first of all, Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your family!
    I would just like to say I watched couple of your shows broadcasted in Egypt,
    but I’m in Hungary,Europe now and I can’t watch it here because they’re not braodcasted:(
    I really miss your shows.
    About Thanksgiving….we don’t celebrate it in Hungary since it’s a traditional American holiday.
    There are so many bad things happening here.
    Sometimes I’m asking myself why God doesn’t help us,why did He leave us?
    If there is really a God somewhere,He should really help the people in need.So many people are dying of hunger,fighting. So many homeless and without a family.Who should they be thankful to?And for what?….Rich people don’t give a sh** about them,and whatever u’ll say,I’m sure they only care about going home to their luxury and not noticing what’s going on around them.They will never understand how it feels to go to bed hungry,how it feels growing up in a communist country with a dictator running it (I was born and raised in Romania).How it feels when u’re not allowed as a minority to speak on the street ur mother language or going home after school as a child and doing ur homework at the candle light because the elecrticity was cut after 5 pm.And I could go on and on with my story.
    Anyway,Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  43. Kelly Gertonson says:

    You are truly blessed with a wonderful family and great traditions. We just really have one pretty simple tradition, we really don’t falter much from the menu, with ine exception..new deserts. My daughter LOVES to bake-cook in general, but is always finding new baking recipes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and looking forward to new inspiring shows. Gotta tell you, I have twitter messages come to my cell phone and Robins cute messages bring a much needed smile to my face everyday! Thanks Robin! :)

  44. Patty In Hoptown says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Phil & Robin & Family & Friends~
    You All Are Wonderful~
    Thank You For Sharing & Caring~
    Love & Hugs,
    Patty & Allan


    I’m thankful for my dearly departed loved ones I was blessed to have for the time here who are still here in my heart and loved ones still here, thankful for Lynn, my brother and our Collie mix, Tiggs… and this beautiful earth. I pray we will all be good stewards of the earth and one another. I pray for tenfold healing of anyone in my life that I could have treated with more graciousness for graciousness is a goal I strive for.

    I’m thankful I can see and move around and I count these as a blessing every day for all those who never could or wish they could again and pray for research that they will or will again. I pray for healing and protection of all those of every age in need now or ever in need. I’m thankful one more day I sit here blessed able to see well enough to share with y’all and stand up after I do to walk out into this beautiful day God created. “Thank You God.”

    I’m thankful most say I made a positive difference volunteering online providing help information 6+ years and very thankful for those who said so. I’m thankful for the Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors and all my fellow fans. I’m thankful for the many who have blessed my life… many of which are fellow Dr. Phil and The Doctors website members.

    I’m thankful for all our answered prayers with hopes you don’t miss a single blessing I’m praying y’all’s ways for happiness and good health and peace of mind and always enough to find a smile each day. May we always find what we need in oneself and each other and in life and not only be blessed and be a blessing. Believing is seeing… So lets remember to raise our bowed heads and believe our prayers will be answered and, too, remember our prayers to give thanks today and always. Y’all have just been hugged by a hugging prayer… pray it on.

    Amen and Amen

  46. Cathy Nel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Dr Phil! You truly are a special man and I religiously watch your shows every day for the past 5 years!!! I thank you for your valuable, straight talking advice! I am a true fan. Have an awesome thanksgiving
    Cathy from South Africa!

  47. Linda Rose says:


    Lord thankyou for my mansion
    Even though this is one room
    It is warm and dry
    A shelter against the storm.

    Lord thankyou for my health
    And the life you did preserve
    Though I lost my legs in battle
    My hands are here to serve.

    Lord thankyou for my family
    And all the love we share
    Though we’re not related
    They do really care.

    Lord thankyou for this meal
    Of broth and bread and whey
    We hold our hands together
    As we bow our heads and pray.

    Lord thankyou for your blessings
    Your love and guiding way
    May we share with others our bounty
    This Thanksgiving Day.

  48. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Robin & Jay & Erica & baby granddaughter on the way & Jordan & Maggie…and all those you love and hold dear to your hearts! :)

    I hope and pray that this is your most blessed Thanksgiving yet! Have a fun and wonderful holiday as you share it together! Thanks for being there. God bless!

    hugs to you all,


  49. Annie Lamorie says:

    In response to your tweet, I almost didn’t have a house to live in, the mortgage company tried to foreclose on us, and thru my attorney, they withdrew their claim. So I have alot to be Thankful for today!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  50. Cindy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Dr. Phil and Robin.

    This is a Thanksgiving I will never forget. I was walking to the grocery store yesterday and a car stopped along the road. A lady got out and asked me if I wanted a ride. I told her no that I was trying to lose weight and get some exercise. The lady got back into the car. The car kept just sitting there in the driveway of a house that it had pulled into. I was waiting for them to leave and I finally walked around the car when it did not move. As I walked around the car the lady got back out on the other side and started walking towards me as she put a black jacket around her face.

    I yelled at her and told her to stay away from me. She started running towards me and said she needed my purse. She yanked it toward her. I yanked it back.

    She told me if I did not give it to her that she was going to have to try something. I said okay you can have it and I gave it to her. I told her I had her license plate number and I was going to call the police. I walked towards a car that was coming my direction and put my hands up for it to stop. These 2 ladies stopped and called 911 for me. I told them to tell 911 what the license plate number was. The car then sped off real fast and left.

    The police arrived a few minutes later and drove me home. The policeman recommended me get my door locks changed which I did.

    My Social Security card, ATM card, and Drivers License was in this purse. I did not have alot of money in the purse.

    I forgot today was Thanksgiving day. I turned my Christmas lights on that I had around the window.

    I am writing this so that maybe someone else can learn from this experience I had.

    Those 2 ladies that called 911 for me said they gave them all their information. They also gave them a description of the car.

    Before I left yesterday my next door neighbors were outside. I told them as I was getting ready to walk to the store, that I was going to maybe buy some blue Christmas lights if I could find them.

    I think maybe I must have had a guardian angel watching over me.

    At this Thanksgiving I am thankful that the situation was not any worse than what it was yesterday.

    I am currently unemployed with no car. My food stamp card was also in my purse.

    I did not want to argue with this lady. So that is why I told her she could have the purse. The worst thing is that my social security card was in there also.

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