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December 7th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Have We Forgotten What Success is all About?

AP Photo: Gerald Herbert

AP Photo: Gerald Herbert

I’ve done my best to refrain from commenting on Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the polo-playing socialites and hopefuls to be on the upcoming reality show, The Real Housewives of DC, who seemed to have crashed the White House state dinner.

For now, let’s not even think about how shocking it is, if they were not invited, that they actually wound up standing next to the president. I wanted these two bozos to disappear as soon as their five minutes of fame were over. But, alas, it’s clear they aren’t going away anytime soon. They apparently will be subpoenaed to appear at a congressional hearing, and there will no doubt be major prime-time television interviews, and magazine cover stories and book deals to come. No doubt, some media wise ass will name the duo as among the “Top Newsmakers of the Year.”

For a lot of those people, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Yet who does the media focus on? The two gate crashers, of course.

Here’s all I ask of all the reporters and commentators who continue to cover the fame-crazed Salahis: When you do your next story on their pathetic attempts to become celebrities, take a couple of paragraphs to mention all the people of achievement who actually were invited to that state dinner.

Just take a look at the guest list. Arriving at the White House that night were genuine stars in medicine, film, literature, public service, journalism, classical music, diplomacy, business — a list ranging from General Colin Powell to Steven Spielberg to Deepak Chopra.

Look, as we learned from last month’s Balloon Boy fiasco, there will always be someone hoping to find fame through tabloidish reality TV. No matter how much we rant about it, there will always be somebody who will be glad to walk through fire, or sit in cow dung or eat worms to get headlines. And, sadly, they do get headlines. It makes me wonder if the culture of celebrity in our society has begun to erode our understanding of what constitutes genuine success.

I’ve actually listened to some people speak admiringly of the Salahis, saying that they must be very creative, highly intelligent, remarkably savvy and certainly motivated to do what it took for them to get into the White House. Well, then, why don’t we go ahead and praise all criminals who pull off bank robberies? Why don’t we call them true symbols of American success? Seriously, are we at a point of rewarding those who don’t know the right way to behave?

I wish we had a rule that the only time we can use the word “successful” is to describe people who live with dignity and social responsibility. Imagine if the news media focused on them. Imagine if they took the time to laud real role models instead of those just hoping to land roles on reality TV shows.

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50 Responses to “Have We Forgotten What Success is all About?”

  1. Leah Laumbach says:

    I agree that success and fame are no longer as connected as they once were and should still be. Everyone is out to get their 15 minutes of fame and the shocking part is that some people will go to extremes and use dangerous stunts including their OWN CHILDREN! And in society now days these attention hungry people are being rewarded for their so called accomplishments! So what about the people who actually accomplish good things and want to make a difference? The true accomplishments of these people are not as talked about as the people who have their dirty laundry all over the United States!!!! It is sickening

  2. FosterBoys says:

    “Social responsibility” is a little vague here. Definition, please (yours, of course). That would be a good lecture…I mean blog.

    Current drugs laws are extremely socially irresponsible.
    Most people in positions of authority are morally reprehensible.
    And television (in general) is not a reflection of who we are as a society. If you believe that it is…I can’t even finish the sentence…what hope is there for us?

    I have NEVER seen anyone like me on TV. And I’m not unique or special. At this point, I don’t know if I could handle seeing someone like me. What if I didn’t like her? I suppose that’s a real possibility. That’s reality. Can’t please all the people all the time and sometimes you can’t please yourself.

  3. Linda says:

    I think this seems to have become a lot more common also. I don´t remember that is was like this in the 80s or am I just to young to remember?

  4. Lee Ann Bush says:

    Dr. Phil: You are so right in saying that the Salahis have gotten there 15 minutes of fame. But I will go one further. What were the Secret Service thinking? Were they sitting around eating donuts, drinking coffee and playing poker. I mean they are supposed to be checking for invitations and they really failed at this event. I agree that the guest list of the people that were invited was tremendous. I wish that I could have been an ant on the wall to just to have taken it all in. It would have been a real joy. Thank you for your post it was truly enlightening.

    Lee Ann and Mark Bush.

  5. Linda says:

    Sadly I think the media only cares about one thing and that is to make as much money as possible. These type of “stories” brings them the money and that is why they print them. The press is not as free we like to think. It is owned by large media corporations and we should be aware of that.

  6. WOW! That was a long list… I hadn’t even retained the names of the couple that crashed White House party and won’t quote here. Several reputable news entities reported that for years over 100 a day shamelessly enter USA dishonestly so not much of anything surprises me anymore. Most of those who followed rules to enter the USA honestly are really miffed about that. By the way, that is enough to fill a city the size of Muskogee OK a year with persons entering USA dishonestly. I still think the Emmy and Academy et al Award shows are pretty well guarded so you can’t just walk in. Too bad America and the White House isn’t.

    Would be nice to have a modest home in my home town again before I die yet every good deal like recent home for $20,000 at 904 E. Comanche goes so fast that still, 15 years later, I haven’t replaced house I was forced to sell during multiple family illness. Plus, lost $7,000 in medical bills in past year that I’d saved to replace home just to find out knees injured yet not to fix because place that said to call if I needed any help didn’t help with anything and have zero guilt for cheating me and adding insult to injury. So, no, not much of anything surprises me anymore of how people cheat their way up the ladder. I have footprints on my back from some who have.

    I’d like a head to toe/inside & out (the works) medical, dental & visual Ultimate Makeover yet not for 15 minutes of fame and since I need. Fifteen minutes of fame isn’t paramount to me since I’m shy and if anything is the one drawback to having done. However, I would like to have my medical, dental and visual needs tweaked as best as possible by doctors I trust like You and Jay’s THE DOCTORS and y’all’s colleagues. [I would like to be tweaked into tip top shape SO MUCH SO that I'd rise above my shyness to be on show.]


  7. Fleur says:

    Yes, it is very sad to see how just anyone get famous anymore. It seems as though reality TV and press just existing for the point of making money has ruined American culture even more than it already was.

    I’m sure theres alot more intelligent and savy people out there than the Salahis. And really there neither.

  8. Linda says:

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  9. Joyce says:

    In my opinion this couple should have been arrested for trespassing. Some people that were supposed to keep such stuff as this from happening should be fired immediately. I mean really no matter the breach in the secret service that was supposed to know what they were doing, above all this couple knew what they were doing was wrong, they knew they didnt have an invitation, yet they trespassed anyway and should be criminally prosecuted. But instead they are getting more and more undeserved attention. They should be in jail.
    They took away from all the great people that were there by invitation, worked hard all their lives and made successes of themselves, and these two come in and take away from that. Some people want their fifteen minutes no matter what they have to do to get it. It is sickening.

  10. Pat says:

    No one’s mentioned the social secretary (whose name I don’t recall), asleep at the switch. It is her responsibility to monitor the guest list, and had she done her job, the Salahis never would have made it pass the Secret Service.

    And note also that the social secretary has never been called to testify before Congress. Why she’s being protected by the Press Secretary, who grew testy when asked about her part in this social fiasco, is disgusting.

    Who cares about these dim wits? Who cares about Jon and Kate Goselin, who are a couple of jerks that put their narcissistic slice of fame before their children?

  11. LindaRH says:

    I agree with Joyce, these two should have been arrested.
    On a side note, during all the hoopla surrounding the Salahi’s, nobody made a big deal about the convicted felon that was on the list and in attendance. His name is Robert Cramer, or maybe Creamer, I haven’t seen the spelling.
    This character was a lobbyist that was investigated by the FBI and consequently convicted on 16 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. While in prison, he wrote a manifesto on how government can force through government run healthcare in a short amount of time.
    Do we need to be worried about our president? Is he in trouble or just in bad company?

  12. Cindy says:

    One of the morning shows said that the couple would not tell their story without being paid alot of money. I cannot remember how much money the couple requested.

    It sounds like to me they were looking for their fame with some money along with it.

  13. Joyce says:

    We sure do have a lot of people looking to make a name for themselves no matter what the cost. Someone before mentioned John and Kate, how about octomom, and the Duggers. Their show is call 18 kids and counting. She is expecting number 19, and she is in the hospital with gallbladder problems… I mean for the last 20 some years this woman has been pregnant.. Somehow this has to be taking a toll on her body. It is simply horrible the lenghts people will go to to get a free ride or 15 minutes of fame.

  14. BANSHE says:

    What happened to the Good ole days when the secret service knocked yer A** to the ground?

  15. prefer anonymous says:

    I just watched today’s show on infidelity and the comments about self worth tie in with the topic of success. Dr. Phil talked about the idea that people generate what they think they deserve. I am worried about this. I think I deserve a high quality partner, and I haven’t “settled,” but here I am 58 and never married. I worked my way through school and believe I deserve a responsible job as I have had before the recession, but this year I have applied for almost 300 jobs and I am still unemployed and now broke. Not only do I feel I deserve a good job, but coaches have evaluated me as deserving such a job, and I have people giving me references, so they believe I should have a good job.I am able to walk down Main Street feeling good about myself morally. So many people give me praise, but none of them seem to be a hiring manager with a job opening and a salary. I believe what Dr. Phil said about wearing a nonverbal Kick-me sign. I probably give off this vibe. The problem is I have no idea how to change it. I grew up with an abusive, destructive mother who undermined and thwarted my success and accomplishments. But I don’t agree with my mother’s negative assessments. How does one change and get rid of a non-verbal “kick-me” image?

  16. Matt says:

    You bring up a vital point. The media should mention who was actually invited. The main topic that should be discussed is how security in the USA still sucks!

  17. I don’t know that I would call what these people get fame, more like infamy, because they acted like a couple of morons. But, if this woman is going to be part of the Real Housewives group this behavior is par for the course. Don’t they realize how stupid they look?? Don’t they know that people are laughing at them?? So pathetic. I’m embarrassed for them. But you’re right, Dr Phil, some people will do anything to be seen, regardless of whether they are seen in a good or bad light. There was a time when movie stars and wealthy people seemed to live an amazing life, that time was before reality TV – now that we can see that their lives aren’t any better (usually much worse) than anyone else, I don’t understand the draw – I’d be running away as fast as I can.

  18. Michiel says:

    I think you are a frustrated person so you just blame others. Really, you just analyse things to not feel empty and lonely. Look at you standing on that picture in the background; arms crossed; defensive. You just take yourself way to serious. There is no good or wrong way to behave; there is such a thing as taking things as they are. Funny things do happen. Can you laugh? We all die in the end; no matter how we acted. Who are you really, stop being frustrated about things so little as this!

  19. Anita says:

    What really stands out for me in this situation is that those 2 people got into the White House and actually met the President. In thier case, they are just simply 2 people with an agenda that is not going to harm anyone, they seem kinda pathetic IMO. But, BUT, how is this going to look to someone out there who might actually have a different agenda? Could a bonified terrorist with death and destruction on thier mind(thier own included) get that far and wreak havoc? The whole security chain of command needs to be looked at under a microscope.

  20. Paradoxis says:

    Sometimes it takes extreme measures to be noticed and heard. Imagine if more people had the means to do so.

  21. Nancy Downing says:

    I didn’t know anything about these people. I don’t have TV. I didn’t see it online, but I have to say I find nothing interesting about anyone who would try to upstage P. Obama, who I hope can make this world a better place. My thoughts maybe simple, but I won’t be interested in anything this couple might have to say.
    You don’t go where your not invited.

  22. Janet Davies says:

    I am disgusted that these people have not been arrested and charged with trespassing, fraud and theft!! I, as an american taxpayer, paid for this state dinner for invited guests only and I don’t appreciate what these people did. They crashed the party so they stole taxpayer money! I don’t like people who cheat and steal and neither do alot of Americans! They should be raked over the coals! They are of the elite class so the rules that go for the rest of us don’t apply to them do they? Throw them in jail with Bernie! Thats where thieves, cheats and frauds belong!

  23. LindaRH says:

    I think the secret service is being thrown under the bus here. They would not have let these two in if SOMEBODY very high up had not given them the OK to be admitted.
    The woman was obviously lying through her teeth in the Matt Laur interview.
    The fact that this SOMEBODY is keeping quiet and allowing the secret service to take the fall is disturbing.
    Like I said before, is our president in trouble, or does he use the media and keep bad company?

  24. Kathy says:

    One of the posters (Joyce) mentioned The Duggar Family as seeking fame in the show “18 Kids & Counting”. I think America can learn alot from this family! Yes from the surface people think they may have too many children, BUT, they built and own their own home, the mom home schools all of the kids, they live debt-free and the children & family are loving and caring due to their strong belief system. These people live totally within their means. I can’t remember if Dr. Phil ever done a show on this remarkable family, but he really should consider it. If this family can make it with 20 & counting people within the household, then those of us within a household of 1, 2, 3, 4 or more should be able to do the same thing!

  25. vince says:

    you asked some relly good questions Dr Phil, i ask only one, what kind of drugs are the ones who are suppose to protect the president taking? yup i say some drug tests are in order on this one for sure!

  26. Joyce says:

    In reference to the Duggers. they can make it with that many people and live debt free because they have a tv show, and multiple specials on tv.. They are not living within their means on their own, They are making loads of money off tv, specials and magazine articles. They ARE NOT DOING IT ON THEIR OWN.
    Yes the children are loving and caring and seemingly very well disiplined and very well behaved, and it is obvious they do a lot of work around the home and all that, however they do make their money off tv.

  27. LindaRH says:

    Dr Phil, I feel like you’ve fallen for the spin on this story. The reason the media is making such a big deal about the Salahis is because the WH didn’t react normally. With any other administration, these two would have been stopped at the first checkpoint and hauled off for searches and interrogations.
    The fact that they got into the party, and pressed flesh with everybody there including the most arduously protected man on the planet, our president, means there’s a big story behind it.
    People are missing the point when they focus on the fame these two say they were looking for. The point is, they made it into the presence of the president, somebody knows why, and the White House is allowing the spin to take over. Or, as I speculated, they are allowing all the attention to focus on these two to diminish attention on who WAS on the guess list.
    The White House is responsible for this particular conspiracy theory and they could squash it with 1) using normal protocal to begin with or 2) an explanation.

  28. KateinKentucy says:

    I agree with you Dr. Phil. What is going on with our media??? Didn’t 9/11 show the world how lacking in security the United States we were??? Now again, we are announcing to the world that two “ordinary people” can just walk right into the White House! Isn’t that just adversting to the world that we are once again lacking in our security? I’m not all that knowledgeable on who was in attendance to this event, but I’m sure there were tons of important people along with our President and his wife. Come on people covering these stories. Protect America by not advertising that our security was totally not doing their job on this night!!!! Hmmm, just wonder how much we Americans are paying our security personnel for not doing their job??? I can imagine they are making more than my below $25,000 salary! Heck, I could check people in as well as they did and make more money. Maybe I should apply for the job!!!!!

  29. Blgspc says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Linda RH and Joyce.
    See, I don’t mind the Salahi’s BEING in the news as long as they are hand-cuffed and appropriately dressed -wear those ever so criminal-identifying orange jumpsuits! (I’m kinda tired of seeing that flashy, crimson Forget-Me-Not-RED dress, myself!) I’m even angrier that these people were brazen and arrogant enough to breach White House Security then have their ‘representative’ contact network media to advise ‘everyone’ to ‘put in their bid’ for an on screen interview with them! (The news said that they were looking for a six figure price for the interview, too.) AND, what did they have to say during that interview with Matt Lauer?!?
    Essentially, they painted themselves and their situation as ‘misunderstood’ AND ‘You Do Not Know The Extent of Our Grief.’ Really?!?

    Oh, Linda RH, my Dad was angrily fussing about the invited, ‘convicted felon’ at that same gathering. I DID NOT know everything you have mentioned, here! That IS profoundly ODD! AND, ADDS ALL NEW MEANING TO THE TERM……“Success”.

    Darn! NOW I will be forced to change my To-Do-List to include THAT and Orange JUST isn’t my color!!!

    BG :-0

  30. Janet Davies says:

    I was on a college campus (dressed as Wonder Woman) where President Bush was coming to speak. The secret service approached me and told me I had to leave the campus or be arrested! Of coarse I immediately left and joined the other “Keep the JFK in Jacksonville” activists in front of the college. Bush’s motorcade was some site! The motorcade was preceeded by a army helicopter which scanned the areas up ahead for any hidden dangers, various army trucks, hummers etc. Then Bush’s car sped past doing about 45 mph. He was smiling and waving at us. You don’t mess with the SS! I think the Obamas know these party crashers and its all being covered up. Business as usual.

  31. FosterBoys says:

    Just so I’m not confused;
    Racial epithets spouted by posters on the Dr. Phil blog — OK
    Calling Dr. Phil passive-aggressive — Not OK

  32. LindaRH says:

    FosterBoys, now I’m confused. Who spouted racial epithets, where are they, what are they?
    Who called Dr Phil passive-aggressive, where and what were the words?
    I haven’t combed all of the posts, but my cursory read through didn’t turn up anything like this.

  33. LindaRH says:

    Blgspc- I don’t remember what the questions and answers were during the Matt Laur interview, what I remember was the body language of the woman. Her eyes were darting all over the place and she was obviously in discomfort answering questions.
    I resent all the media coverage, except for the FOX news channel, that focused on their search for fame instead of the fact that they perpetrated an act that puts the president’s life in danger, got away with it, and the reputation of the secret service is now under question for something that they shouldn’t be.
    From all accounts by those that know proper protocol, these two got in because they were given the go ahead by somebody high in power, and that somebody isn’t coming forward to explain their actions.
    It doesn’t matter what their excuse is, they did it. So why are they being given all the attention instead of incarceration and interrogation? How can they “decline” to show up for official questioning? This is insane!

  34. Kathy says:

    Joyce – The Duggars did not make their money through television! They made their money through real estate deals that the husband made before they were even featured on television. The husband bought real estate (commercial rental properties) before the real estate bubble burst. They are both licensed real estate agents & have been since their marriage in 1984. Their family was first featured on The Discovery Channel long before they even had a TV series. I admire them because of the principles they live by and their strong sense of family.

  35. Joyce says:

    I am in no way saying I dont admire them for their principles or anything like that.. I am in no way saying they didnt have money before they started a TV show, I am however saying there is no way they make all their money just from working, most of it comes from tv. They sure are not doing it for free…. And they Are not the only ones with this many children… They do seem to be great parents, have very well behaved children, yet the older children have had to raise the younger children there are so many of them.
    I admire them to, raising that many childre and having them all so seemingly well behaved but the point is they are making money off TV. They are not doing the shows, websites and all that for free.

  36. Mandy Odle says:

    When I first read this , I had to wonder how does two uninvited people get into the White House and how do they get so close to the president of the united States. Does this worry any one else about the security of our president? I am not the biggest fan of our President but it just shows how close some one can get to our president…after 9-11 I was hoping that security would be a little better than that.

  37. Robin Davis says:

    My problem is that if these morons got that close to our President, what if someone smarter & meant to create chaos got in? These peeps actually tlk to him & shook his hand!! My thing is if they can do it these peeps that are against us could have too. We play hell getting through security at an airport, & they just walked right into the Whitehouse state dinner!! I think that when they do go to trial,it should not be publizied!! Because, for ex. you know how when say bank robbers go to prison & tlk to other bank robbers they tlk about how not to get caught & try it again? Well same principle. I’m afraid the “bad guys” will watch & learn & possibly figure out a way to do it better. It may have been a one time thing but,it could have been ALOT worse, & that really bothers me. I’d like to know how they did it,but nows not the time to make it public.

  38. LindaRH says:

    Bingo Robin Davis! It doesn’t matter what they say their motive was for crashing the White House Party. The fact that they did it, and there is no reassuring, normal response from those in power, does 2 things:
    1) It encourages other nutjobs to attempt the same thing and
    2) Undermines the nation’s sense of security, and trust in our systems of security like the police, FBI, etc.

    This second consequence, taken together with N. Pelosi’s allegation earlier in the year (that has yet to be investigated) of the CIA lying to her, seems to be an aim of this administration.

  39. Robin Davis says:

    It will end being the lowest guy on the totem pole that catches the heat & in the mean time the problem isn’t solved & the idiots that mean harm are plotting & scheming!!! NOONE wants to man up!!

  40. FosterBoys says:

    Dr. Phil,

    Do you ever wish that there had been a charitable children’s foundation that would’ve helped YOU growing up or do you believe that your success comes in large part from having to fight for every inch of ground that you ever gained? Do you believe that success involves separating the wheat from the chaff?

  41. Katie says:

    Why is it always this kind of story or these kinds of people that get our attention? It doesn’t make sense. We should be focusing on the dinner itself and who was there because they DESERVED to be. I think with the invention of reality TV. came the idea that anyone can be on TV and famous for doing anything.

    On the whole secruity breach, secret service agents and security guards are human, so they’re bound to make mistakes like the rest of us, but still we can’t assume that someone else will correct our mistakes for us. I’m refering to the fact that the first person noticed that these people weren’t on the list, but he let them through anyway assuming they’d be stopped by someone else!

  42. Joe says:

    It all about greed and money!!!! People out in this world are always looking to take shortcuts in life. The media takes things to extremes, They give these people so much attention. that your gossip papers pay for these kind of stories.. If the media would stop giving so much attention to these people , they would stop trying to do something better than someone else s has done.

    These people at the white house that got in. You just showed the world how weak we are when it comes to security in this country. If people would be more Proactive than reactive that these situations would happen as much. The media shows people and terrorists especially the way in to do what they try to do.

    As a society love gossip. We are are own worst enimeies. Sorry Dr. Phil for blasting the media. But this country has OCD when it comes to gossip. Yes I know what OCD is my wife has it lol


  43. William T. Cleare. says:

    Dear Dr Phil; The intire American Society should realize that it is a big hole in the security systerm. You need now to look into it and see where you are falling down; Is it your way of life, or your behaviour in life, or your connections with other countries, that could have
    very well had been a spy from the other side of the world (America’s Enemy). Who knows
    what have been experienced by the enemy by this slackness by the protectors of which so much confidence have been put, and so much money are been spent.Ask yourselves could this be an invation Test. The most powerful man in the world and his surroundings always need more protection then that no matter what color or creed he is. “That’s a huge WAKE-UP Call.

  44. Dewald says:

    Sadly I think the media only cares about one thing and that is to make as much money as possible. These type of “stories” brings them the money and that is why they print them. The press is not as free we like to think. It is owned by large media corporations and we should be aware of that.

  45. Marty says:

    I am really feeling like a complaining senior citizen as our country becomes more and more filled with rudness, laziness, and attitudes that others owe us. I think the plethora of reality shows reflect both the best and worst of Americans. Unfortunately, the worst appear to be in the majority of the shows. I personally love Dr. Phil and Judge Judy, who tell it like it is and who call people on their B… S… As a child, I learned a lot from radio and television shows. I hate to think what children today are learning.

  46. Jana says:

    Reality Tv has become unreality in American Life. You aren’t anybody if a realuity Tv show isn’t aobut YOU. this is why the secret service screwed up, or is there something we aren’t being told?

    Did Our President have a hand in this? did OUr President know the couple begore? If he did, it’s so obvious. He didn’t act too threatened when they tried to shake his hand. Normal we feel uncomfortable with people we don’t know. He never said, “Who are youa gain?” the President looked suspicious.

  47. Faith Coleman says:

    The words we choose have a profound effect on the significance/effectiveness of communication. The White House party crashers were referred to as “Bozos.” Does that lable improve or harm communication?

    Phil, I’ve heard you describe yourself as the least judgmental person you know. Isn’t that statement itself judgemental?


  48. Frances F says:

    About alcohol abuse, I have watched your show about alcohol abuse and have sat in my living room burning up. Yes I am an an alcohol sobered upDec.24 1981 and have never had another drink. When I hear people on your show say they feel sorry for that person, or show them compassion, no, if that person goes out and gets drunk and kills part of your family, how would you feel. Neither of the above. Tough love is what you use on us. I never lost my job but I had a few bad years. How many people do you hurt, you may not want to hear about this but every one around you. Alcohol people love to hear people say oh we will help you, Go though the 12 steps and be honest with your self, it’s hard at first, but it gets easier. Change your friends, your as lonely as you want to be and your not alone. The longer you are sober the closer you are to picking up a drink. You think it will be ok, NEVER. You are always an alcoholick. I could keeep going for hours on this , but remember we are all great B.S Bull Shitters

  49. Linda Logue says:

    It is Monday December 28,2009. I just finished watching the Dr. Phil show, the topic was alcoholism. I liked much of what was said until I listened to District Attorney Rice give her thoughts on how this lady going into treatment could possibly help her in her criminal case actually in regards to her sentencing. There is a piece of the puzzle of addiction that the court is not choosing to recognize. We in the program use the phrase: ” Whatever it takes to get you here”, if someone gets into treatment to avoid going to prison or jail this is a huge step, and the courts especially here in California, specifically in El Cajon California do not take any plea for recovery into consideration and continually lock up those addicts who have commited even the smallest of drugs charges. We here in California voted for rehabilitation not incarceration! I think I need to share a little of my own background. I have 21 years clean and sober. I have been to jail on more than one occasion, I was actually at one time a three time felon. All of my cases have been closed and I was granted a “Certificate of Rebabilitation” which gave me all of my rights back. I am a registered Drug and Alcohol educator, I recently earned a AA with highest honors in psychology, and am currently a junior at SDSU. My short story is: I went from county jail to the International Honor roll. My saving grace was that I had a judge that was in recovery and let me choose prison or rehab, I went to rehab. I disagree with the DA and know that her way of thinking is killing the addict that would otherwise have a good chance of becoming a person in recovery. I would love to speak to Dr. Phil about this problem, as he is very visable and could help with this piece of the puzzle. Thank you all for your time. Stay safe. L

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