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December 15th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

New Teen Drug Epidemic?

teenDrug1I wanted to make sure you saw yesterday’s startling headline about teenage drug abuse — a report that most newspapers, for reasons I can’t understand, buried in their back pages. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that after a decade-long decline in teens’ use of pot, the trend is going back up. And get this: Although teens have cut down on smoking cigarettes and binge drinking — thank God — more teens than ever are getting high on prescription pain pills and attention deficit disorder drugs.

You might remember the show I did a couple of weeks ago on this very issue. Parents, you have got to realize that there is a new attitude developing among your kids about drugs. What I found really interesting about this latest study is that this generation of teens doesn’t think marijuana is all that dangerous. Why? The researchers believe teens have been affected by the ongoing national debate over the medical use of marijuana as well as the headlines about the movement to legalize marijuana in various states like California.

What do you think we should do here? I have to say, I’m really bothered when I see marijuana use edging up among kids after a decline for nearly 10 years. And I was truly staggered to see that the use of OxyContin and Vicodin rose among this year’s 10th graders. Tenth graders! What do you think? Are we on the verge of another big drug abuse problem among teenagers? And what do you think we ought to do?

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95 Responses to “New Teen Drug Epidemic?”

  1. heidi says:

    When I questioned the illegality of pot…. I “looked up” both sides of the issue, and, of course, history. Alcohol prohibition. Then “how marijuana became illegal”. The “black market” effect on the economy. And, whether the crime rate goes up or down during a prohibition. How is it that no one has ever smoked enough pot in one sitting, to overdose and die? What are people, users and non-users, here, and around the world, being saved from? The enforcement methods of “prohibition” does more harm to a user, than the effects of smoking, or eating pot. Is there less War in the world than there was 80-100 years ago? What was War about back then? (I’m thinking of the Drug War, as I ask that question.)
    I think it should be for sale at the liquor store, behind the counter where the cigarettes are. I think you should have to be 21 to buy it, and that the penalties for selling it, or giving it to minors, should be no harsher than for the alcohol and tobacco. It’s grown illegally now, and we are persuaded to “fear” what else could be on it because it’s not inspected, or “controlled”, by the FDA. What about the Food and Drugs, and pesticides, that are “inspected by our FDA, now? Have you watched all the drug commercials, and listened to all the possible side effects? Haven’t you been watching Dr.OZ? Every Thing in this world, can be good or bad. Think about it. It is the intent of the user. The intent of the use of: power, love, war, education, food, gambling, shopping, playing ‘games’, drugs, alcohol, words, scripture, music, computers, missles, bombs, guns, escapism(mental or physical vacation), freedom, every… Thing….

    It’s Intentions based on perceptions.
    One diabetic with high blood pressure takes “medication” to manage his physical health… Another diabetic with high blood pressure can eat optimally, exercise and avoid the “synthetic medication” program. One believes “medicine’ will helps people live longer, the other one doesn’t. But both could have the same intention, to live longer. Is breast cancer on the decline association with less hysterectomies being performed? What is the intention of the U.S. government when it comes to spending money that doesn’t exist? What’s the difference between the Fed and a “counterfitter”? What’s different between the way the Fed does business, and Bernie Maddoff? The world is the way it is for a reason. “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved through understanding”… Doctors, politicians, judges, Laws, have been “wrong” before. That’s why studying history is important.
    Are you in favor of “free thinking”? or, should we be told, persuaded, or conned into thinking what “our fearless leaders” think we should think? Does individuality have any importance or, significance, or does it just confuse, or get in the way of “socializing” everyone?
    Truth is mixed with error at every turn….. Seek and ye shall find.

    By the way I love your show, and have read though all of your advice on your website and love that too.

  2. Pam says:

    very impressive Heidi. I agree with you 100%. Marijuana should be regulated and made legal.
    And I agree with Dr Phil in regards to the prescription meds being abused. I have personally seen what it can do to people, when not taken correctly. It isn’t that hard to get a prescription for the ADHD meds. These meds when taken and not needed seem to change a persons personality. It makes them paranoid and edgy, especially when they are out of the medication.

  3. Diane says:

    Apparently alot of people who are “pro” marijuana have never had a loved one who has experienced dire consequences due to it’s usage. My son could be a textbook example of the l930’s movie “Reefer Madness”. He has had many psychotic episodes and suffered for months being treated in pschiatric wards year after year, primarily due to marijuana usage. His drug screen in emergency usually ALWAYS test positive for marijuana. He is in denial that it is a problem for him so the vicious cycle continues, he doesn’t learn from his experience and so it continues to get worse. He has a young son now who is waiting for his daddy to protect him, be responsible, and basically grow up. This will never happen if my 30 yr. old son continues to avoid reality. My grandson’s mommy and daddy are both addicted to marijuana. His mommy doesn’t believe marijuana is a drug and has been raising all four of her children with it since they were all in the womb. I don’t believe it is healthy for children to literally be in the dark all the time while the parental figures want to sleep most of the time when they are not smoking reefer or drinking, etc. You want to talk to me about marijuana? Or how about gambling… I used to be married to a compulsive gambler. I know what all these things can do to the individual and to their family…It’s not pretty and goes on for years.

  4. Dr Phil I had to write to I was so angry about today show I wrote to you months ago. And I never heard back. My son was on drugs of every kind he stole from me 35000 he took jewery and pawned it I took all I could so I kicked him out I loved him just as much as these parents on your show but I knew loving him wasnt enough in three weeks he seen living on his own and paying his own bills wasnt easy he turned his whole life around now no drugs a new job working to be a manager at Mc donalds some might say that not a great job but its a start and he only worked there 1 month and they started to make a manger of him he did that he worked hard he goes to work at 400 in the morning he told me the other day Mom I now know what it takes to get where I need to be that was the day he became my hero. If we can do this why cant others I will telll you why we as parents love in the wrong way. we should love in a way that makes these kids responible and not make life easly for them. Thats when you really show that you love your kids. I wanted you to help us what I found out was it was in us to help ourself. So thats why I am writing to you listening to the parents upset me so much because all they did was make excuses

  5. Dr phil I forgot to tell you my husband got on the internet and give away over a million dollars so I am not a nut case I know what living in hell from other peoples mistakes can do I also adopted 2 children from China I am 65 years old and I have been though alot in the last 3 years trying to go on after your family is tworn apart by life and all of its lessons. I have began a stronger person because of it so I have to say Im glad it happened because nothing in my life would have really changed so much if these terrible things happening in my life. I look at life defferent now I dont expect anything to just be there for me I take each day at a time and see each day as a learning lesson what am I going to learn today.

  6. kelley says:

    Marijuna IS A GATEWAY DRUG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way around the FACT that starting with “just weed” opens the door to being able to “try” other things! I wholly believe that in MY EXPERIENCE, that weed let me shut my sensible,know better, side down and made it easier to do something else next time. This horrible roller coaster started for me in 9th grade, the exact age its starting for most kids now.I do think constant parent involvement is key!! BE THERE PEOPLE!!! NOT DIGGIN” THROUGH THEIR STUFF, REALLY ENGAGE!!! DIALOG EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your kids are amazing creatures,watching their lives unfold is a gift!!!!!!!!! FUN, HARD,SCARY, FRUSTRATING,EXCITING!! Isn’t that what we all want in our lives? If you have kids, then its yours for the taking!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kay Smith says:

    Anyone that thinks marijuana is not a precursor to drug abuse is not thinking clearly. My son started at age 14 smoking marijuana(a friends father had it hidden?) and went on for 15 years using every drug you could possibly think of using. He was in and out of treatment centers until he was old enough to make his own decisions. His counselor always told me she thought that he was using so much that he would be another statistic. His life is now the miracle I thought would never happen. He has been clean for 4 years and made a complete turnaround. I’m so proud of him, but he wasted so many years that he will never get back. It has been a journey that no person would want to have and it all started from smoking marijuana. Parents be aware!

  8. Leanne Love says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Below is a letter that I have sent many times to plead for help. I will not give up on my search. My son is with me now and has been clean for 10 days. The state has said they will place him in a rehab but his counselor is telling us he only needs 30 days then extensive out patient. My son is even saying he is so tired of his life and he knows he probably needs more then that. They will not be able to get him in somewhere for a least a week maybe two. He is attending a meeting everyday but it is a constant struggle for him. I think he has used in the time here but I cannot prove it. This is his last shot at getting support from his family and he knows that. I continue to write and hope that someone will hear my prayer. I will not give up until….. That’s what you would say “you do it until”. I am forwarding this letter to OPRAH in hopes that see can either lead me to some help or contact you to help me. I am done enabling. I know that if this last chance does not work I will be burying my child in the near future. Please give me some direction. Thank-you Leanne


    Dr. Phil or anyone that will hear my plea!
    I have so many times asking for help but I will not give up. I am a mother on a mission to save my sons life. I look on the internet and contact anyone and everyone that will listen. I am an enabler in the process of recovering. I watched your show today on “The enabler” as I do everyday. I see the help that you give and I don’t know how to get someone to pay attention to my story. I have written for years. I have taken everything I have learned on your show and others and have tried to use them in my situation. I admit I am not always the best at it. My son has three young children and I made a promise to the oldest one that I would never give up helping her to get her daddy back. I stood next to her (she was 7 years old) while she talked to my son on the phone begging and crying to him to stop doing drugs and come home to her. She is now 9 and her sister is 6 and brother is 5. My son was the best dad before he started shooting up Oxycodone, cocaine, meth, dilaudid and morphine. One day about 4 years ago he walked in his house after being out of town and caught his wife in bed with another man. The children were all there in their rooms. He left the house that day and his life has gone down hill since. Robert met a girl that introduced him to IV drugs and that’s when hell started for my family. Early on I would go to drug houses and literally drag him out and make him come with me. I put myself in danger many times. I allowed him to live with me because I thought he was trying to get into a rehab. I did not know at the time that druggies were climbing through my son’s window at night and they were doing deals right in my house. There were fights and people would show up at my door with guns behind their back asking for my son. I would stand strong and tell them to leave before I called the police while I stood there shaking and fearful for my son’s life and myself. The day finally did come where Robbie called me screaming saying there had been a shooting. I just kept thinking “this is it, this is the call I knew would come one day”. Robbie was not shot that day but the bullets had missed him. Unfortunately his fiancé that was lying next to him in bed was shot 3 times. Shortly after that I tried to detox him at home after he had overdosed and I had to watch him vomit, convulse and go through the worst pain anyone could imagine. I took him to the hospital so many times and they would not help me with him. They said they could not admit him unless he was abusing alcohol because you could not die from withdrawal from opiates. They would give him ativan and send him home. I helped him get into a rehab and he only stayed 13 days. After that I made him leave and I went for a few months only talking to him on the phone. He did come home for Thanksgiving last November but ended up using in his brothers house. I knew I could no longer fight him and try and make him quit. I have a good friend that told me “Leanne he may die and there is nothing you can do about it, you have no control” I really related to the mother on your show today that said “I am preparing myself for my Childs death”. I feel so guilty because there are times that I just want some peace. I am single and I am a nurse, I work long hours. I don’t want to live the rest of my life working and fighting for his life. I have not even dated anyone in 2 years because I don’t think a relationship would work for me once they found out how much I go through with my son. I need help Dr. Phil! I know that I continue to enable him some and every time I go through something with him I get stronger but I am not quite there. He is here now at my house and on his 4th day of detox. Before he came his brother and I wrote a letter to him stating the rules and conditions of us doing this one more time. I am done! If he goes back to the drug life I cannot allow him to drag me down any further. I heard what you said about helping him to make myself feel better and you are so right. I have allowed things to slide by because I did not want to feel the pain or be forced to make him accountable. He lies to me, manipulates, steals and anything else that he can do to get drugs. I just lost my mother a month ago and have a lot of her jewelry. I had to take it out of my house and give it to a friend to lock up because I can’t trust him. It seems that every time I get him detoxed I can’t get him help right away and then he slips back in to the drugs. He is dying and I know that, he is so skinny and his complexion is very poor. I know if he goes back to it he will be dead. I am going to post this letter on every subject that even comes close to this subject and maybe someone will pay attention to my plea. I bet I have written 40 times in past few years. I will not give up, I know that you probably get tons of these letters but maybe just one of your producers will hear my pain and hear the pain I have described in his children’s eyes. Thank-you all for reading this and I pray one of you hear me. Leanne

  9. Sabrina says:

    I have used pills, many times when I was trying to forget what bothers me inside.
    To me 9x out of 10 its the parents fault.
    Im sure Mothers out there will either hate this comment or agree.
    But I come from a broken home with a Step Father that has molested me for 5-6yrs..
    Drugs ARE a way to forget and teenagers want to forget there pain.
    Any pain.
    Mother not paying attention to them, the boy/girl who broke up with her/him.
    My Mother just always told me “awwww…you will get over it”
    But at that age we dont know that, all we know is that we are hurting and no one will listen and it hurts and your life is falling apart around you.
    School..so much pressure and all I heard was..”Get over it the real world will be allot harder than that.” But at that moment that was my real world..and whats better than to take a pill or a drug to just forget.
    I dont know why she/he is taking drugs..but something is wrong inside with that person and sh/ he is trying to forget.
    Once the drugs are taken and they know the feeling of it, its one rollercoster to get off of it. And staying off of it will be a challenge for a very very long time, because the knowing of the pain, the forgetting is very hard to do. What im trying to say is..Parents forget to be there for there children like there child needs them to be there. Im a Mother of Two now, My daughter is five and I am in her life 100%. She tells me everything and I want her to know how Im always there for her…But I know how teenagers are so why not make sure they always have someone to talk too even if its a doctor?!
    We know our children, we know when something is wrong and they are to embarrassed to talk to us about it.
    Parenting is so hard its not easy..but Im gonna do it and I will do my best to not let my life come between the life of my babys..I know us moms/dads are only humans too so im not judging anyone but that is MY opinion.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  10. DJB says:

    i started smoking weed the summer before 8th grade. it helped me be more social, make more “friends”. Those “friends” found a new high, and i was right along with them. i would not have tried the pills or coke if i hadn’t been so comfortable with weed. Once i tried the cocaine, i thought that other drugs were so weak, and they just made you tired and lazy. i found a new surrounding and quit using. but my “friends” were still smoking oxy and cociane, and just trailed on to the next drug someone brought around. my bestfriend got into meth when i was away. Her one and a half year stint with that drug left her with 6 felonies. i went to visit her in jail when she was clean and talk to her about why we started to smoke weed and try other drugs. it was because we were masking alot. and the drugs helped us, it numbed us. she was molested when she was young by her own cousin, then later in highschool our friends dad raped her. she had to talk to a counselor in jail and once she opened up to her about what happened she felt so much better, she said better than any drug has made her feel.

    we need to talk to eachother.
    talk to kids.
    be involved.

  11. Strategies to Avoid Emotional Eating…

    Most likely you have never heard of rebounding? No, it has nothing to do with basketball, but it could improve your ‘ball game! A rebounder is basically a mini trampoline, furthermore, the act of bouncing on one is called rebounding….

  12. Richard says:

    Hi Dr. Phil, I have left a few comments on your website, but heard you say today, this was the best way to reach you. I am an Addict and Alcoholic in Recovery. I took my last drink on dec. 27,2007, went to treatment, followed an outpatient program, got into AA, got a sponsor, worked the steps, and have recovered. I now am going for my continuing education in the field and am currently a registered RASi with the Breining Institute in CA. I worked for 18 months in a Treatment center, and now work for Ken Seeley at Interveniton 911. We help educate families much the same way you are, and I love your shows on ” The families roll in Addiction and recovery” It follows exactly how we believe and operate. I would be available to be on your show to let people know IT WORKS. People can recover one day at a time if they know what to do. I think it is the most important thing facing the young people of today, and too many are dying for lack of information. Thank You for all you do.
    Richard Dow

  13. Jana says:

    This could indicate that health education needs to change to include drug abuse. If it’s attacked like the health issue it is, it would problably cut the problem in half. Also since drug rehab is often target at adult addicts, the programs for teens are thread bare, and need to be beefed up a bit. Plus most teens are on drugs because the parents have neglected them in some way, so the parents need to be counseled about their own behavior as well, it isn’t always the environment (peers) that causes drug abuse.

  14. Phillip says:

    Alcohol is the gateway drug I swear it is!!!

  15. choy says:

    Hello everybody,
    I’m from The Netherlands, where softdrugs is legal. It’s legal on goverment terms. You can buy from age 18 and only use in closed rooms. Not in public.
    Now I am 40 years old and in my time, when I was a teenager, there were no issues about softdrugs or harddrugs. Why, because I lived in a envirement where there was no any kind of drugs.
    Now I have 2 daughters, one is 18 and the youngest 13 years. I believe that forbidding something, will not work. I choose to give the right information about using drugs. I choose to trust my children, that they will make the right choices, after I have given them the information that they need.
    I don’t talk about people that maybe are users and look at them. I talk about the choice you make, will have an effect on the people you have to live with.
    Can you take that responcebility?
    Can you live with the consequence that goes along with the choice of using any kind of drugs?
    Can you look at yourself after you find out that you cannot control your drug abuse?
    Can you stop yourself, if you find out that you are on drugs?
    When one question is answered with no, than don’t do it, or live with it. When you cannot live with it, than you must make another choice. I truly believe that the more you say no, the more our kids will be drawn to it.
    I believe that by telling them the truth about the subject, in this case it’s about marijuana, pot, softdrug, or even medical prescription, that is the only way.
    Why, because it’s them who must make the right choices.
    The children can only make the right choices if we give them the right information! The information must be based on clinical explaination.
    Soft drugs, pot, medical prescription is not always bad. It depents on the person that will use. It’s basicly the same as alcohol. Some will be depending on it and some won’t. If someone is incertain, then the chance will be there, that this person will need more any kind of drugs. When the person is strong and confident, than this person probably won’t try a second time.
    Basicly, it goes two ways, parents and children. Parents must prepare themself with a lot of information, about everything, about what is going on. Children must trust their parents and we as parents must trust our children.
    It always starts with the right information, than the choices. As parents we are responsible of our children, not the goverment, not our neighbours, but us, the parents. Than we are obligated to our children to inform them in the right way.
    It is so simple to call a doctor, to let your child be fixed by someone else and then claim our children back. Where is our work? Where is our effort? None? Then we don’t deserve a child.
    To chance a situation, you, we, all of us, must chance the environment. We can only do that, if we have and give the right information. It’s is hard working, and it is worth it. My children can not grow as individuals, when I don’t grow and learn as an individual.

  16. Pegi Spencer says:

    Leanne, I too am ‘fighting’ with a ‘Bottle’ or a ‘Bowl’ of ‘weed’. My Son ‘Greg’ started when he was 12-13, or ’started’ by a ‘Disabled’ Man who kived down the street. NO! I’m not blaming him ‘only’, he gave many of the young kids pot, so he could sell his them his Gov. alloment or what he got from his ‘Dealer’. His 13yr. old mildly retarted son came to live with him, so he had many buyers, & thought there was nothing wrong with anyone smoking pot.
    Now he just turned 32 & doesn’t want to get clean. He’s been in & out of jail, for minor things, alot of ‘Drunk in Public’. We have taken out ‘Restrating Orders’ 3 times, he was homeless for 3yrs., when he’s drunk or high, his ‘friends’ drop him off here. I’ll try to explain how ’sicking’ he is when he’s drunk, he spitts on the floor, blowes his nose without a tissue, many times he has lost control of his bowle’s. A few weeks ago at 1:30a.m. he started a fire in the barbecue, that singed the roof, he says he wanted to cook hot dogs. There is something wrong with him ‘Mentialy’(?) he’ll tell ‘us’ that hes a ‘Record Producer’ with a major record Co. how he’s friend’s with a local Newsperson. There’s more but you get the idea, he’s such a ‘Pain in the A**’ when he’s drink or high, no one wants to be around him. Then he wants to ‘help’ with things or the Animals, he break’s everything he touches, still he won’t ‘pass out’ It’s not just the drinking, which now he’s starting to get abusive, it’s the pot & for a few mons. it was Meth/Coke. I don’t know if all these yrs. of ‘using’ has had more of an affect on his ‘Thinking’ then we know, or what to do about it. He even tells us about his ‘new car’, his ‘Jetski’ he has to get ready for the Summer. Where doe’s ‘this’ come from? We live with him & know it’s all crap. I have no idea on where to get help for him.
    He doesn’t want to do anything else, read, play video games, no ‘Hobbie’s’, & we have a computer, the ‘main’ sites are, ‘att.net’ or ‘yahoo.com’ He doesn’t want a job, hasn’t had one since his early 20’s.
    Too bad we can’t exchane e-mails, I don’t think that’s allowed on this site, I need a few pointers. Good Luck to you & your Son. Hugs, Pegi Spencer…’ktynanny’
    P.S. wonder if ‘Facebook’ has a AA type site? I’ll look at the Member’s list, ‘read’ this book, e-mail me, got it?

  17. Barb says:

    Hi All,
    My son is 25 and has been addicted to Vicodin for at least 7 years that I know of.
    My husband and I paid $25,000 (actually still paying on the loan) to put him into rehab that was a complete disaster. He seemed to do okay for a few years but now things are full blown again. He switched from vicodin to methadone because it was tearing up his stomach. Now he says he wants to quit. His solution is a lovely place called the methadone clinic. Who knew the government provides free drugs for the drug user on the pretense of helping them. It seems to me my son has just found a way to do the drug he now prefers legally and FREE. It has now been 2 weeks and all I have seen is that my son is higher than ever on a daily basis. I can’t see how this is ever going to help him. He talks non-stop, is paranoid about everything, and cannot settle himself at all. I tell him he is obviously getting way too much, more than he is used to. The clinic tells him his parents need to stay out of it because he is the only one who can decide if it is too much. The doctor says they need to fill up his receptors first, what the hell does that mean? All I can see coming from this is my son on this drug for the rest of his life and losing his 5 year old daughter. (Don’t worry she does not live with him). I am at my wits end and do not know where to turn at thi point. He says I should be proud of him because he has been clean for 2 weeks now. Are you kidding me??? What kind of place is this? Does anyone have any advice or experience with these clinics?

  18. Kym says:

    Well folks, I am at a lose!! I have two son’s, they both like their weed!! But my oldest son and his wife also likes heroin and are very addicted! I don’t now what to do! They are two very smart kids that are blinded by drugs. My oldest son and his wife had the most perfect high school lives. Jay was a athletic and Annie was a cheerleader story book here.They both graduated with 3.0 or higher in 2006 and went off to college. They both quit! Then it all went down hill from there! They hid it for a very long time, in September of 2009 they got married at 21. It was a beautiful wedding. In November 2009 Jay got arrested for growing and possessing marijuana.( He has finally pleaded guilty and is being responsible for his action took almost a year, July 2010.) In May 2010 Annie got arrested for herion use, that’s when I found out they were both using and my life has been very hard since, and do not now what to do. They both admit they have a problem and say they want their old lives back, but I don’t believe them. They seem to be manipulating me and I am falling for it!!! I have tried counselling but dont feel comfortable telling stranger about my problems, so I am just taking one day at a time. I just want them to help them selves get better. Can some one help with a little advise? And then there is my youngest son, 16 and loves his pot. He has been staying at his Dads since school has let out, because I think but do not now for sure, but his Dad lets him smoke it! So that’s were I am, lost, worried and taking one day at a time!

  19. nick taylor says:

    I dont feel that weed is a threat, i mean i would rather have the kids smoking weed than doing pills no one goes and does horrible things when on marijuana. Honestly i reaaly think we should just legalize it and make a age limit

  20. eve says:

    Do we parents understand that the marijuana sold on our streets is many times stronger than that marketed 20-30 years ago? Do we parents realize that this marijuana is often laced with other more potent drugs? Perhaps this lacing acts as a marketing ploy by the distributors and sellers to better insure recurring revenues from users.

    Marijuana use dulls a teen’s capacity to retain information; to move fluidly and predictably in sports or behind a car’s steering wheel; and to stay focused on mature, life affirming dreams. Marijuana use has been strongly associated with an increased risk of anxiety, paranoia, and even mental illness. It can alter a user’s blood pressure, heart rate, natural immune mechanisms, reproductive health, and respiratory well being. Because a potent chemical in marijuana, THC, is fat soluble, many effects do not just last for hours. They last for days! These effects are greatly enhanced with chronic marijuana use. For some users, marijuana serves as a gateway drug to stronger, more disabling drugs.

    In my humble opinion, we parents and other caring adults should assertively profile a respectful message of drug and alcohol intolerance in our teens’ schools. We must formulate and employ better tools to deter drug and alcohol use. When possible, we should compassionately support in a proactive and non-punitive manner those teens who do use drugs and alcohol. We must strive to ultimately lessen the use of drugs and alcohol among our invaluable teens.

  21. This is the exact same secenario that was on you show;. Help is needed!

    My friends have a 32 year-old who has 2 drunkin driver redcords – RECORDS SUSPENDED.. He was put in jail for 2 weeks then went into a 1/2 house for maybe 30 days with other offenders. wHICH HE DIDN’T BELIEV HE NEEDED TO STAY WITH “THESE PEOPLE”. Since he doesn’t have a place of being before the parents went on a vacation – which they almost put their life on hold (feft worringly if they were doing right or wrong). The next day they went on vacaion.

    They next morning he was totally drunk – and a friend found him. They had a feeling the day they went on vacation he would start drinking immediatrely at their home”.
    Provided plenty of food, etc. at their home…..and all the liquor was gone. Evidentally a parent’s suspision is rightl.

    Witnhin the 1st ten mintues, of leaving, they had a suspicion something was wrong….and that he was on alcohol again.

    They can pay – but dont’ know where to go besides a 30 day committment.

    Note: The problem is all acholol as far as is parents know. Any by the way he has a loving mom and dad and believes everything’s going to be fine since they are going to asssit. But I dodn’t know if they know what “asssistance really meams? How much, how far, how long? This son is making money and life off of his parents wealth with very little to do. Let’s try to help these great people. Let’s give them options and some sort of direction.

    I pick them up Monday morning at the Indianapolis Arirort at 5;30AM. I kept your recording from this show this week about Dr. Mark Houston Recovery but can’t find anythng on the intenet. However, I will keep this show for them to watch.

    Seriously thank for a great wide opener and options. I just want to find out more about MARK hOUSTON rECOVER so that I can forward to them. AMU. AMU assikstance you can give would bve apprecaited.

    Would really like to help my dear friends out so they can get thieir son. Please advie.

    This yound man needs more than 30 days (he doesn’t think he has a prolem) – and he needs professiona help that parents cannot keep fortgving. WHERE DO THEY GO? There are terrigly afraid that he may “give up” and committ suicide. WHERE CAN HE


    I’m just an outsider that loves all the family and I can’t give advise .. especillay when we have no children -m even tough there times we think we may know.

    Can you help! cAN YOU SEND A NAME ALONG!

  22. CAROLYN says:

    Dr Phill, I have been raising my two grandchildren a girl two and a half and my grandson 5and a half months. I am 53 and am raising them wih my husband. I had too tell my daughter too leave June 30th after months of working nites and going out after work for hours with freinds too Philliy. My daughter has been smoking weed since she was 16 and now she smokes wet alot. She did not fight us too take her children after i threatened too shut her cell phone off if she took them she told me too keep them. We heard she had the children out all nite and started smoking while they were with her. My daughter is only 20 but she was a loving mother untill a month ago she started going down hill. We told her if she goes thru rehab andturns arround we will help her find a place too live and later if she is ok get her children back. She never calls anymore about them and it breaks my heart. My husband and i are going too raise the children and later apply for custody. Now my daughter has np perm,anent address either does the father so we cant serve them. I pay for my daughters cell and i will leave it on so i know he is ok . Once in a week ill text her and she will reply but not often. I am praying she goes too rehab i will take her. We changed our locks because we are affraid her freinds might steal or she will come in the window again. I know she is smoking wet and possibly more.I try too bring the children by her so she can see them she cries then leaves and we dont hear anything again. Yesterday she got fired she is a waitress and her boss had it with her being high and all the drama. Her car insurence ends Aug 2 and she has not paid. I dont know if i should just sit back and wait for her too call for help im affraid being a follower she will not call.We love our grandkids and will not let them be in a car all nite or at parties. I will 302 her and call the police if she tries too take them. I told her prove me wrong get tested go too reahab. Im lost and dont know where too turn.

  23. Lori Payne says:

    My husband has been an addict most of his adult life. With that being said, He was in an auto accident in 1999. After having back surgery, He was sent to pain managemment to have a dr. manage his pain for him. That was a joke. Those dr.s fed him up to and moreover 380 lortabs a month and a second pain med of oxycodone with some muscle relaxers. He was so bad on those that he was losing family and real friends replacing them with addict friends. He has kicked that bad habit for another. He has not taken a pain pil in months. The way that he kicked them was by using the new “fake” marijuana that is sold legally in stores. I still do not agree with the use of that either, but, it seems that he is doing better now than he was when he was dying on the pills. I think it is wrong for any type of drug use if abused but i also like the better person he is now.

  24. Kym says:

    Kym says:
    July 18, 2010 at 10:27 am, was my last comment, Well more on my kids. Annie my sons wife just OD’d on herion Tuesday night, my son Jay had no idea(so he says) that she took some. While at Annie’s parent house to visit their cats she fainted and stopped breathing, Jay realized this when he notice her lips were blueish in color and started CRR and called 911. Annie was taken to the hospital and release that night. On Wednesday Annie went to her court appointed class and told her counselor and PO officer what happened and they arrested her right there, she is in Washington county jail and may be in there for two weeks. She is scared to death but I hope and pray this has snapped something in her head and will get fixed. Jay is also very worried and scared. Please pray for them.

  25. michelle says:

    I believe a lot of the problem is with the Doctors, they are all too willing to write a prescription. They do get incentives and gifts for the amount of scripts they write. Narcotics are widely available on the streets and not just from the thugs, there are business owners and middle class people with families who sell illegal drugs. And a lot of times these dealers are on state medical, so you and I are paying for it. Right now I am dealing with a family member with an addiction to pain-killers so I know first-hand what goes on. I’ve tried everything I can think of and recently just threw my hand up in the air and quit trying. Open for suggestions :( You know how it goes…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink :(

  26. wendy says:

    After watching your show today Brandon Returns” i have more confidence that there is a rehab or detox center that could work. I have a sister who is bi-polar (not staying on meds.), drug addict (heroin, oxicodone and crack) and alcoholic. She has lost her husband, new home, large family, two adult children, grandchildren, self respect, and so on. I have seen her go through rehab and detox many,,many times but the same results..laps. The family has cut her out of our lives for almost a year when she reached out and called me. She was being beat by a man who stole everything from her and had a drug and mental problems. She refused to call the police. I took it upon myself to call the police due to hearing the abuse in the background and afraid she would die. She insist on detoxing herself but i know it won’t work (just as you said on the show today) I am at wits end, love her with all my heart but can not live a life enabling her in the line of communication. She really has hit the rock bottom and wants help. Please can you and your staff help. I just want my sister back before she dies!!

  27. stacey b says:

    i just watched your show Brandon returns”, WOW something hit me and it hit me hard. That is my son right down to the mannerism. He countlessly tells me he can stop on his on, but he cannot , it’s not only me it effects but my parents to. you see i moved in with them about 15 – 16 yrs ago. My mom and dad are retired dad’s gonna be 72 and my turns 70 this year. me and my husband don’t live together but have been in each others life pretty much the whole time me and the kids have been with my parents. my husband is an addict, or i should say a want to be recovering addict, and i guess if i have any chance of dr. phil helping me i would have to admitt that I AM AN ADDICT TO……….I ENABLE TO…………….and with that i have to try to reach out to dr. phil and robin. he helped me once a long time ago when he started on oprah. with all that self matters and the rules i did get up the nerve to finally leave my husband. BUT WHAT HAPPEN I NEVER WAS FULLY HONEST……….i thought things would get better so what if i take a zanax or furacet (that is my drug of choose)i’m not an addict but guess what I AM……..THE CYCLE NEEDS TO STOP KNOW. i need help getting clean and so does my FAMILY. i believe in order to get clean i need to let my parents know that i am an addict and an enabler and it needs to stop with my son. SO MUCH TO SAY……

  28. Cathy says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,

    Today I watched the previously taped show “Brandon Returns.” Drug use is not just a teen problem. In recent months my girlfriend’s son came to live with me (his mom passed away last year from a diabetic coma). He had a drug problem in the past, but assured me he was clean and would not ever use again. Six days ago I woke up in the morning and found him dead on my sofa. He must have used heroin shortly after I went to bed. When I found him in the morning, he was already in rigor mortis. I have been suffering such grief and sadness. He was like a son to me because during my divorce I lived with he and his mom and they became my extended family. I’m being treated for depression and anxiety and although I’ve seen my psychiatrist during this time, I have such overwhelming guilt that I should have been able to do something. He showed no signs of use and I base that on one of my own sons drug use in the past. Could I have saved him had I woken up during the night? I don’t know that I’ll ever get past the vision of him lying there and the condition of his body. There are so many unanswered questions in my mind and I’m not functioning real well since this happened. I wish I could find the person that sold him the drugs, my anger is so great that I want to do that person harm. I have 3 young grandchildren and worry for their safety in the world we live in.

  29. Bea says:

    Show Idea: When good kids go bad, why does this happen, how bad can it get, and how to get them back before it’s to late.

    Please show us how to talk to our kids when they are little ones.

    My young 4 yr old girl and 9 yr boy talk to me I feel about everything (especially now that I became a stay at home mom 2 years ago). It was hard before to make time for those one on one talks, I will return to my local university soon, but I promise myself and challenge myselft to make them my priority.

    Please, show us how listen and to ask the right questions. This would help so many of us community youth mentors, parents, and others. Many kids are hurting and nobody listens or does anything. Show many of us out there to love them. We can love ours and open our hearts to another young heart that needs someone to care.

    I know of a family in my local church whose son is now on drugs after a major family crisis. I want to help them so, but even our local community has a large waiting list for rehab. I pray that help doesn’t come to late.

  30. kh says:

    I am 26 years old, and up until five months ago, was a chronic pot smoker. I had my first taste of pot when i was 12, smoking often by 14, and full time chronic by the time I was 16. I somehow managed to be a highly efficient pot head. I would smoke pot before high school, during school, and of course, after school and I still mananged to graduate principals honour roll. I know that I smoked pot because it balanced out my roller coaster emotions. It made me feel okay when i was feeling bad, bored, upset, dissappointed, discouraged, etc. It was a social tool to meet more people that also smoked and a way to make new friends. I wish someone would have told me that it makes you OKAY with being bored, average, isolated, underachieving…..
    I started dating K when i was 19. No surprise that we both smoked pot. we ended up enabling each other with it. we would smoke pot all day every day. sometimes more than 8 joints a day. we normalized it for each other, and we kept friends that smoked like we did. I was forced to quit smoking pot for a drug test for my work five months ago. I passed the drug test after three weeks of quitting. those were some of the hardest weeks of my life. There was insomnia, night mares, night sweats, moodiness, irratablity, mood swings, anger, frustration. Once I passed the test, i could have started smoking again, but i didn’t. I knew I couldn’t go back. It’s been five months now, and while there are still hard days occationally, i have found my stregth in my conviction. I will not smoke again. i cannot smoke again. I have decided to leave my boyfriend (who continues to smoke daily) and broke it off with him four days ago after seven years together.
    I am trying to get my life back on the course that it should have been. I will be strong, but it has been a hard battle.
    Pot is addictive. It is habit forming. It is a depressant. It can control someones life. It can hurt, harm, and distruct. I think about where i might have been in life if i had never smoked pot. i’ve always been fairly ambitious, so it saddens me to think that i’d be somewhere better in life without pot.

  31. theresa says:

    Hi Dr. Phil! I have a son that started his drug abuse with POT! Over a quick 2 year period, it finally escalated to iv heroin use. No one will ever convince me that pot is not a gateway drug! Baloney!!!! We have had him in several rehabs and are on our last attempt to get him clean. We have exhausted alot of money and time on trying to save his life. He was/is an intelligent and athletic young man that took a wrong turn in life! I am not writing to ask for help, just to let parents know that pot IS A BIG DEAL!!! Dont discount it and its “harmless” affects!

  32. Marie says:

    My son is 28. We’ve just recently found out he has been doing drugs for sometime. His drug use began with pot and has escalated to Oxycotin, orally and IV. Not sure if theres anything else. He realized he had a problem and decided to fix it himself. He chose the methadone clinic. This has been about a year now. He just recently started to withdraw by 2-3 mg every other week. He has since moved in with us with the understanding he is to attend NA meetings daily. He has relapsed a couple of times and restarted his NA meetings although I still don’t think he has a sponsor. Am I kidding myself? I think he thinks he can quit on his own which should already be obvious it’s not possible. Is it time to put down the law and put him out of the house. Methadone withdrawal is pretty painful I’m told if done cold turkey. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m at a loss. I want to help any way I can but don’t want to be an enabler and this continue to drag out for an extended period of time.

  33. melody buerkle says:

    I would just like to ask those who are pot smokers/ alcohol abusers/drug addicts if they have suffered a broken heart becuase of a son’s suicide. Our son could not stand for the life of drug use even after getting clean (numerous times). My advice to parents of those using—do what you have to do to save that child’s life!! What I wouldn’t give to give my son just one more hug!! Drugs do kill and it DOES start with pot. Alcohol is the worst legal drug on earth, simply because it is so widely accepted. Alcohol ruins more lives than can be counted. Thank the good Lord for the work that Dr. Phil is doing to help those involved with drugs.

  34. Jea says:

    I watch Dr. Phil daily. I wanted to mention my nephew, who has a very bad (as if there is any other kind) addiction to oxycodine and such. We are in Florida. My sister tried an intervention, but it was unsuccessful due to lack of a follow-up plan. She’s just way over her head. I’ve not heard about it on the show, but there is another avenue that can be tried and we are in the process of it with my once artistic, smart, handsome, and loving nephew, who has now been addicted for many years. The avenue is called the MARCHMAN ACT! All the addicts know about this and are scared and paranoid about it. Anyway, it is similar to the Baker Act, but this this designed to obtain an intervention of sorts from the legal system when the addict refuses help or says he is now clean and off these horrible drugs, can quit on his own, etc. We’ve heard it all. A person (my sister in my case) must petition the court under the Marchman Act. The court serves the documents and a court date on the addict. They must show up, or a warrant will be issued for their arrest. The addict shows up for the court hearing and replies to the allegations. If the judge sees fit, the addict will be required to go through a screening process. If the counsellor determines the addict, in fact, is addicted and out of control, then the court will require he get drug-tested almost daily, go to NA meetings – no excuses or they will get clean in jail. Anyway, there is a plethora of requirements, but we are still in the process. My nephew has an addicted enabler/wife, who has burried 2 husbands (maybe 1, but no matter), and she’s doing everything she can to keep her clutches on my nephew who is almost 20 years her junior. Anyway, Dr. Phil and others, try looking into THE MARCHMAN ACT if you do not have the resources to help the addict in your life.

  35. FosterBoys says:

    The Gateway Theory is one of the few arguments marijuana legalization opponents still cling to because of their anecdotal “evidence”. Seems they all know someone with a serious drug addiction who started out smoking pot. Maybe high school should start teaching the “correlation does not equal causation” revelation instead of saving that intellectual nugget for the college-educated.

    Legalization opponents are getting desperate. Their go-to argument these days is that proponents are being hypocritical by not agreeing to have all drugs legalized. Thankfully, the days of hypocrisy and ignorance surrounding marijuana are quickly coming to an end. It’s a great time to be alive.

  36. I believe that drug dealers and drug gangs are actuallymarketing drugs to kids and using social media and other public relations techniques to promote drugs. They start by telling them that pot isn’t bad for you, then they get them using pot regularly and then move them to pills and ultimately heroin. They want addicted customers to make the most money.

    Kids are falling for the scam, so sad!

  37. C STEWART says:

    This is a heartbreaking situation as I have had first hand experience with this. Both my older kids, (19 and 18) believe that marijuana is not harmful – it is a herb… their father (we are divorced) has been a habitual smoker since his teens and both kids are aware of this. I completely believe in marijuana being the gateway drug and I believe this generation of kids is so busy numbing themselves from the realities of growing up, that they abuse drugs not only as recreation, but as a substitute for the natural good feelings that they don’t know how to achieve because of their lives of excess. I am deeply saddened that our teenagers of today do not know how to appreciate the simplest things in life. Because of drugs, (which escalated to heroin), my son has ended up on probation, in prison for six months, rehab for 60 days and is now on a tether for 6 months. He is angry at the world and us and thinks we should still pay for his mistakes. My daughter is an 18 year old with an 19 month old son, trying to get her GED in between hanging out with her friends, partying, drinking and smoking pot. To top it off, legalizing medical marijuana is a mistake in a generation where drugs are running rampant and stealing our youth of their childhoods. It sends them a very mixed message. DRUGS have devastated our family… short of a terminal illness.. this is the most horrific thing a family can go through. I am at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to help these children… did we make mistakes as parents, sure, but so did my parents – and thank God I didn’t resort to drugs. I would be happy to start a group like MADD – I am lost as to where to start with such an epidemic, but our children are being lost.

  38. marnie says:

    i have 2 daughters addicted to heroine. this is the single most excruciating, horrific, and devastating disease. We have been through countless programs including; counseling, rehabs, mental institutions. my oldest daughter became pregnant and was prescribed methadone. I am mortified that anyone on this planet would ever consider this a form of recovery. my grandson suffered withdrawals and was in nic/u for one month. my daughter still nodded out while she was on it. the only difference between heroine and methadone is that one is legal and one is not. once they started weening her off of it, she went straight back to using heroine again. heroine, methadone, suboxone, is all the same.
    my youngest daughter is now in jail on felony drug related charges. she had just spent 8months in intensive inpatient treatment. she was back out using within a week of her release and in jail within the same month. this has been almost 10 years battling this addiction with my children. i have a serious gut feeling that we are at the end of the road. My children are now facing the ultimate choice, life or death. i am quickly learning that i dont even a say in any of it.
    i am beginning to realize that THERE IS NO CURE. there is no amount of begging, pleading, manipulating, fighting, talking, or praying our way out of this nightmare. this may sound cruel, but at this point in my children’s addiction i can only save what is left of my own life. my children have had every opportunity and outlet to recieve all the help they could ever want. they have refused.
    after all this time i can honestly say that i am completely without hope that they will ever recover. when hope is all i once had to guide me through this. i am preparing myself for the worst. completely letting them go is my last ditch effort to save my children, my grandson, as well as myself.

  39. Charissa Waller says:

    The answer to this question is something I ask myself often. I am a mother of an 8 yr od girl, and a 5 year old little boy. I am also a mother that has suffered from prescription drug addiction.
    I have been in a program for 5 years, and in there I learned that addiction is spiritual in nature. It was my root problem…addiction was just the symptom.
    It is imperative that we give our children something to believe in. Someone or something to fill that void that we all have been born with. If they cant find something pure to fill it with, they will grasp desperately at ANYTHING.
    I make sure my kids are safe and fed. That is physical. I make sure I ask them how they feel, and shower them with love. That is emotional. I problem solve with them, and help filter things they are not ready to understand. They also go to a counselor for things they need more help with than I can give. That is psychological. But if I do all those things, and leave out their spiritual health, then I have failed as a parent.
    I think most parents lack in this area themselves, so they dont know how to incorporate spiritual things into their children’s lives. Still others dont teach anything to keep from “messing” up or dont want to seem radical to outsiders.
    Here is the thing….our children need moral compasses. They need to know that there is something out there that is more powerful than themselves. And since we have taken prayer and moral codes out of our schools, we have to make sure we do this at home.
    If we want our kids to win the battle against drugs, then we are going to have to give them tools to fight with. We are sending them into the battlefield unarmed and vulnerable. Its no wonder we are losing so many of them to this awful disease! Much love!

  40. Dr. Phil, I don’t even know where to begin on the subject of drugs. My 18 year old son is addicted to heroine, not marijuana, not prescription drugs, but heroine. I have to believe that this is the worst drug to be addicted to and it has become the drug of choice in our city. My husband and I have tried everything, from taking him to the emergency room, sending him for 10 days to detox, calling and scheduling appts. at rehabilitation centers and he keeps going back to it and refuses to get help. It’s killing me and my family, but sadly enough, it’s either going to kill him soon or he is going to end up in prison. We as a family have finally decided that tough love is what’s going to have to happen. We have to go on with our lives, and stop blaming ourselves for what he has become. Any advice would be appreciated.

  41. marjie nelson says:

    I have a 17 yr old son dx with bipolar (on resperidone and seroquel) that has been in the psy hosp x 2 since april for suicide and manic episodes. Hes also been charged as an adult for MIP of tobacco/pot/alcohol, was caught in school drinking and selling pot. After the 1st hosp he came home depressed and seemed that way x 4 months, about 4wks ago, and the meds had been increased he seemed happier. We found out he was using spice since we took everything away and he couldn’t get anything he became manic, and is currently back in the hosp. The problem is we can’t take care of him because he doesn’t care if he dies or goes to jail, just wants to be left alone to smoke. His PO won’t let him out of the state of MI and there is no place in MI that has a dual diagnosis and is inpatient and he will not go voluntarily. I’m afraid/know he will end up dead or in jail if he doesn’t get some long term help.

  42. PJ says:

    My 21 year old son is addicted to heroin. Anyone who thinks this can not happen in their family is fooling themselves. My son tells me that heroin is becoming a drug of choice in the high school community.

    He became addicted to opiates stemming from a visit to the dentist. He tells me that many people he knows become addicted this way, either through an injury or dental procedure.

    We are very close and he talks to me about everything to do with his habit. He has been arrested three times and now has a felony on his record. The problem I have with drugs being illegal is the ruining of a young person’s life, over a problem created by the medical industry.

    Children should not be prescribed opiates, period.

    Addicts should not be considered criminals. The amount of money spent on incarcerating these young people should instead go to treatment programs, like the ones on your show, that the average family cannot afford. We are offered crappy clinics, quickie treatment plans, which do not give long term help and court.

    Decriminalizing drug abuse and instituting treatment instead would allow the addict to maintain some hope for the future. At 21, my son’s future is very bleak, since the chance to obtain future employment with a felony record is slim, at best, in our present economy.

    Treatment for addiction is entirely too expensive for most families to afford. Long term inpatient treatment is probably the only route for opiate addiction, but the “affordable” places are frequently booked up for weeks, leaving a family to search on a daily basis for openings.

    Please realize that these addicts are people. Someone always loves them, until their addiction and the lack of available treatment leaves them alone and hopeless.

    We are currently seeking somewhere to take my son that we can pay for. He is still using and I am afraid I will lose him before we find him a place willing to help.

  43. salvatore says:

    You people need to understand that its not the pot that is the gateway drug. Whats one of the first thing kids try? Take a minute and think about it……….. Cigarettes!!!! 9 out of 10 times thats what they try first. I know most of you doubt thats the case but look deep inside yourself and you’ll know its true. Im 21, and my dads been smoking all of my life, it was the first thing I tried, then alcohol, then some pills, THEN I TRIED POT!!! And another thing, its the goverments fault that all these kids are trying these hardcore drugs e.g (heroin, crack, cocaine, meth) because they goto these street thugs, and when they dont have pot they offer something else to make some more money.

    I have been smoking pot since 10th grade, and I graduated, I still manged to get a job, and yes I went to college. You need to stop blaming a harmless plant and start blaming yourself and your goverment.

    I do agree, pot is not for everyone just like sugar isnt for diabetics or aderal isnt for someone who doesnt have add/adhd.

    One more thing, I suppourt the legalization of pot, and all other psychedelics!!!
    Put yourself in a cancer patients shoes, or someone who is on the verge of dying.
    Dont you think they deserve some kind assurance or happiness? Do your research before talking, you dont know everything.

  44. praying4change says:

    My 18 year old son has a major issue with marijuana, the worse part is his denial and addiction and the fact that he doesnt care about how hes hurting his family and putting us in a dangerous position . Im so scared and heartbroken and so exhausted from trying to watch over him and protect him , He is becoming violent and verbally abusive towards me , He tries to completely control our household, I wish I could let go and stop letting this situation control my life , He says its my fault that he does the things he does and acts the way he does , he actually told me its because i failed as a mother cause I should have spanked him more when he was younger. I try to convince myself that hes only trying to pass on his guilt but I still cant help but wonder if it is partly my fault , I try to find other discipline other than spanking my boys, I have two other boys ages 13 and 11 and im so scared that I wont be able to protect them from smoking marijuana , and partying, Im so heartbroken that my oldest refuses to show any love for me unless he wants something or hes in trouble , theres always 8 – 12 extra teenagers laying around in his room and sneaking in and out of my house all times of day and night , Ive begged for respect and for everybody to go away and not come back , Only way I can clear everybody out is too completely flip out and throw a fit and threaten to call 911 , its ridiculous and stressful , and even worse when the very next day my house will become the free hotel again as if Id never said anything about it . My son jumps on me and says im disrespecting his friends and refuses to even speak to me , I need a miracle but something has gotta give

  45. Kip says:

    Dr. Phil perhaps you should listen to a real Doctor, America’s Doctor Sanja Gupta, when he says and quote, “We have been duped”. And for anyone who thinks marijuana is the source of their child’s mental illness. I suggest you lay the blame where is should be at the feet of your own genetics and our insane civilization.

    Cannabis is one of the four oldest plants for the human species to have a relationship with. I am not going to waste my time however educating the willfully ignorant about the why we have the policies on hemp/cannabis that we have today, except to say it had everything to do with paper, plastic, steel and rope and nothing to do with “Reefer Madness”, as one moron here suggested.

    We are very dumb nation and getting dumber by the day, thank Doc Phil for doing your best to keep the stupid, stupid.

    Dr. Phil you are a vile opportunist who feasts and profits off the disease and damaged; feeding to your audience as the most disgusting type of entertainment. You have more in common with Jerry Springer than Jung…

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