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December 30th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Make a New Year's Resolution That Comes True!

resolution imageRight about now, a lot of you are making your New Year’s resolutions, coming up with loooong lists of things you want to change about yourself, your life or maybe your spouse. HA! We’re going to fix him this year, right?

It’s always a lot of fun participating in this great American ritual of resolving to make things better with the coming of the New Year. Fun, for sure, but we all know that most of the time, talk is cheap — and “resolution talk” is really cheap. By late January, we pretty much forget about everything we resolved to change and go right back to the comfort zone we professed to be really tired of.

But, WHAT IF we actually decided to pick one or two things on our list and, no kidding, really changed them? It’s easy to chuckle about our annual habit of making and breaking New Year’s resolutions, and if it is just that — a fun exercise in fantasizing — then no problem. But if you really want to change something, then realize that the clock is ticking and that this next year, good ‘ol 2010, is about to go by whether you do something to effect change in your life or not.

And, guys, it’s not going to wait on you. Your life is not going to be the same this time next year. Your life is either going to be better or worse, but it will not be the same. If you want to lose weight, but you spend the next year making the same choices and maintaining the same behaviors that got you overweight in the first place, you are going to get heavier. If you want to improve your financial situation, but you continue the same spending habits, your bank account will continue to dwindle toward zero — or worse. If your marriage is plagued with hostility, and you don’t do anything to improve it … you get the picture. It is all about choices and how to implement them.

January 1 is just like any other day, but it’s as good a time as any to take a look at your list of New Year’s resolutions, pick out one or two key items on that list, and say, “I’m going to do something about them.” Don’t feel like you have to completely revolutionize your life and work on 10 different things. For now, focus on a couple of goals, and when you get those in hand, then move on to numbers three and four, and so on.

Look on my Web site for a plan that lays out exactly how you can make real change. It teaches you how to:

(1) Set a realistic, measureable goal.
(2) Identify the small but necessary steps you must take to reach that goal. 
(3) Set up an environment that supports your new lifestyle, rather than relying on some vague emotional “will power.” 
(4) Commit to a timeline, with specific deadlines, that pushes you to achieve your goal. 
(5) Find a “resolution buddy” — someone you trust and can count on — who will definitely help hold you accountable in obtaining your goal.

To see the rest of the steps, click here.

Indeed, this is the year when you can finally make your resolutions mean something. You can make this the start of the most exciting time of your life. I promise you, you can do this. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Happy New Year, everyone.

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48 Responses to “Make a New Year's Resolution That Comes True!”


  2. FosterBoys says:

    Every day is a new day and a new chance for a fresh start. Commit to being human and resolve to forgive your own missteps. The only person’s acceptance in this life that counts is your own.

    The biggest crime isn’t in failing in your resolution, it’s in not having any.

  3. Jill Johnson says:

    Happy New Year!

    Boy, I need a life overhaul, but since that is so huge, I am going to break it down. I need to lose 80 pounds, quit smoking and come to terms with losing my father this year.

    As I see it, I will need to perservere daily and hopefully in 8-10 months I will be thinner, smoke free and more at peace emotionally.

  4. Merry says:

    Happy New Year Dr. Phil and Staff!!! I like to set my intentions on a daily basis, so New Years resolutions are constant for me instead of 1 day out of the year, however, this year I would love to focus on being a loving adult around my health and make it the utmost important thing!!!! Ok Dr. Phil, since I have joined this sight you have come into 2 of my dreams pretty intensely…what’s that about??? (LOL) Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Howdy Dr. Phil… Next to check out UR links you referenced above…

    :) I always kid about Acts 2:38 from the New Testament was the First New Years Eve. Yet, after just Googling, looks like 153 BC.


    I’d love to have a medical, dental and visual makeover for 2010 yet thats not likely unless THE DOCTORS or you call me to offer and haven’t yet. Oh well… one can hope.

    IDK on Resolutions… New Years 2002, to begin a healthier life style and began a baby aspirin a day since touted on morning news shows to ward off colon cancer, heart attack & stroke. By Super Bowl Sunday I was in ER with undiagnosed allergic reaction to baby aspirin cumulative effect. Can be ototoxic and was having first ever horrid vertigo. Since doctor first thought I’d had a mini heart attack or stroke before “maybe” an ear virus… I continued a baby aspirin a day and teetering on vertigo.

    By day 54 my face begin to flush like my usual allergic reactions, if I have one, so contacted online Ryes Syndrome link, since experts on aspirin, to ask if sounded like allergic reaction and told did. http://www.reyessyndrome.org/

    Leaned up against wall to sit on floor since everything spinning and laid down on floor. A manager jerked me up & my head fell back & my neck popped & to this day cannot lie on my back very long due to pain in neck. I LOVED sleeping on my back too. I cannot help but wonder how much dizziness and vertigo is undiagnosed medication related like mine was. A stellar pharmacist, when I told him what happened said, he couldn’t believe nobody made the aspirin correlation sooner since at least two medications allergic to contained aspirin. Cannot tolerate motrin and an NSAID as well.

    Resolutions after some thought just now:

    1) Less online time which should be easy since adverse reaction to Bactrim for secondary respiratory infection caused vision loss Sunday, December 27, and vision still blurry and makes me dizzy to read & proof what I write so uncomfortable. Very depressed about that yet trying to be thankful for the many years I could see well -to- decent. My face was blurry trying to put on makeup today and I sure hope resolves over time and not permanent as i love to observe the beauty of life in its many aspects.

    2) Already began one New Years Resolution early, recently, & kicked “my” living room chair to curb for a son & mother to have. Replaced with recumbent bike to exercise an hour via Tour de’ THE DOCTORS or Tour de’ DR. PHIL SHOW (with a side of hand weights). Had to stop during allergic reaction to Bactrim for secondary respiratory infection yet “HOPE TO” resume tomorrow. I was enjoying exercising A LOT! (I use to want to be a Physical Education teacher and use to coach adult women’s B League Softball when 26. Use to go on powerful, prayerful walks to happiness (my first choice) until injuring knees slipping on hay & tripping over pumpkins October 27, 2008… Recumbent bike (with side of hand weights) is Plan B since I was craving exercise & told wouldn’t further injure knees to do and walking would.)

    3) PROJECT LESS IS MORE to a simpler Henry David Thoreau(ish) type life aka SPRING CLEANING life from diet to surroundings to TBA… simplifying overhaul & already began today.

    ✞GBU and all✞ :)

  6. Janet Davies says:

    Happy New Year Dr Phil, family and staff and all the fans out there! My resolutions are as follows: lose weight, exercise, see doc about non life threatening health probs, be all round better person than last year and that about covers it!

  7. Patti says:

    Happy New Year Dr Phil and Robin!!!! Also, to your family and your entire staff!!!!
    My resloutions were to be healthier and pay more attention to my health. To go back to school and help others more in the community and do more voluneteer work for breast cancer and heart association. But I received a real hard hit on Monday of this week 12/28/09, we found out that my hubby has Lung Cancer and if he does the chemo he will have maybe 12-18months and if he doesn’t maybe 6months. I have been married to this man for for over 30 years and I admit we have had our ups and downs which were all my fault. But I do love him very much and I don’t know how to help him in the best way but to give him all my love and support. He has 3 grown children for previous marriages and 2 beautiful, smart granddaughters and nieces and nephews. He is the most giving,loving thoughtful man I have ever met. He is my hero!!!! He still has friends from his teenage years,there is noone that doesn”t like him. He will give you the shirt off his back,he has never has met a person he doesn’t like. He has been an excellent provider for us. He is a workaholoic. He lost his mother to lung cancer in her 80’s,his sister to breast cancer in her 40’s and his brother and father to heart attacks. He has always supported me in everything I have done, whether is was right or wrong. He is just one of those that we will remember forever. He is really knowledgeable on alot of things, but his love is cars, which is what he made his living at and has now made it into his hobby. He was a smoker when we first met but he stopped and also stopped drinking acohol.

    I always thought that I could face anything in life,but I don’t know how I will survive this one. I keep a very positive attitude and outlook when in front of him and I discuss things with him and let him know that I think this or this. I have gotten on the internet and educated myself with any and everything on Lung Cancer and treatments,to reassure him things have some options. I just need your help Dr Phil!!!!

    I want to know what I can do to make this better for him. I know that there are other people out there with a similar situation. I want to know how they cope.

    Thank you for listening!!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    My new years resolution is to get healthy. So I can take care of my kids. I’m in a catch 22 situation right now. I’m approx 365lbs. I have severe oseto arthitis. Which has eaten a hole in my leg & in that same leg I’m almost bone on bone w/ my knee. I have cirulation problems in my leg which I’m suppose to wear a compression hose for, but don’t most of the time. Due to leg being so swollen & it hurts to put them on. The blood flow goes down my legs but not back up. It hurts to sit, stand & walk. Even some mornings I have to use crutches just to get out of bed. I need to excrise & move. But I’m having a hard time moving at all. I also have asthma. I’ve already had 3 stomach hernia sugeries, gall bladder sugery, appendix sugery & a miscarriage. I’ve been to a sugerion about my leg. He won’t do the surgery I need until I lose at least 100lbs if not more. He also told me I could be in a wheelchair within 6months to a year if I don’t get this weight off. I’m an emetional eater & have been since I’ve been approx 14 years old. I’m now 40. I have 2 young kids 12 & 8. I want to see them grow up. But I’m not sure if I will be able to. I need help & I’m in WAAAAY over my head here. My new years resolution is to get healthy & get the help in need to do so. I need someone I can be accountable to. Right now I don’t have that. Dr. Phil please help me.

  9. Patti says:

    Also, I don’t want to stop here with this diagonises, it can’t just stop here. But he is just settle on what the doctors are telling. I don’t want to give up and stop here!!!! He deserves to live a much fuller longer live than this!!!!! I want to help others with this knowledge as well.

    Please help me Dr Phil!!

  10. RE: Patti says:
    December 31, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Saw UR posts, Patti…

    (HUGs) Praying for y’all… Not sure if below will help or not so mostly wanted to say praying for y’all… First link is clinical trials which you may have already checked out and the second is a support group which you may have already checked out. Third is where you can ask for your husband to get help on THE DOCTORS and if I see you do I’ll vote for your idea and, hopefully, others will as well. I’m sure your posts will touch Dr. Phil and others’ hearts as much as did mine. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man… Stay strong…






    Hugging prayers,
    Ms. Stephenson

  11. Joyce says:

    I for one dont make any resolutions…. Like you said we make them and by the middle of January they are all but forgotten anyway so I never bother to make any… Another thing Dr Phil said is things wiil not be the same next year and that is so true. While I see no light at the end of my tunnell I certainly hope things dont get worse, yet I know they will be no better… Actually that is not exactly true because for me they are going to be much worse…. much, much worse!!!!

  12. RE: Patti says:
    December 31, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    N.B. I noticed on cancer support link they have a link for Hospice. Hospice has helped me and others I know A LOT with loved ones. As well, hospital Social Workers are a wealth of helpful information. Hospital chaplains help too. You have some great goals and a lot of love to share so I see why your husband chose you for his wife.

    Hugging prayers,
    Ms. Stephenson

  13. B. Burnside says:

    I’m surprised that is has taken me all these years to post or look you up on the net. I watched you every show when you were on Oprah once a week and I loved it that she told you that you didn’t have the right to withhold the help you have to offer from the nation. I have a deep respect for you and believe you when you say something. I am very grateful the country has your knowledge and advise. What a gift to us all you and everyone involved in presenting your show are. That being said I would like to address the topic of resolutions and their success. I want to point out your observation that we all do things for a reason and that there is some sort of a payoff. In addition, we all know that most of the time there are several possible outcomes resulting from our choices. It’s not always as cut and dry as it seems but for simplification purposes it is good. Like yourself, I want to make a positive difference in someones life everyday. I want to make choices this year that are based on analysis of the most ethical outcomes. I want to have unconditional positive regard for all people always, because sometimes it’s hard. I want to remember to maintain that regard (No expectations, no judgments, and total empathy) regard. But mostly of all I want to be better to myself. A big part of success to me has been altruistic. Now, I want to take care of myself. I’ve had an unbelievably hard time and some really bad luck. From broken hips and legs to multiple deaths in my family. From out of control relationships to peacefulness. From the DUI man slaughter of my beloved brother to the suicide of the next oldest brother. From being bullied to having my son bullied. It is rare that wouldn’t be discussing a topic that hasn’t touched me. And now as good as I have been to others I would like to be my own best friend like you have said often. I can be the best me, I can be a better and better person everyday. More and more stable everyday. And stronger, I just know it. I wonder though if I will ever get a break. Life has been such a struggle for me. Forgive me for not editing my ramble, it might never get posted then.
    Happy New Years to all of us anyways! Love Brandon Marie

  14. sharon says:

    Happy New Year, Phil & Robin & Family! May 2010 be filled with more love, joys, blessings, personal victories, shared dreams realized, answered prayers, and the happy and healthy arrival of your baby grand daughter! :) May God give you the desires of your heart as you continue to make His heart smile. You’ll never know how your caring helped me to get through 2009. Thank you, again and again. :)

    I don’t usually make resolutions, but I do want to continue to keep counting my blessings and working on getting back to loving myself more again, and forgiving myself (my achilles heel and toughest challenge. I still feel a bit upset with me.) and be as good and kind to myself as I like to be to others. Why is that so hard sometimes? I used to be better at being my own best friend, as you call it, but kind of lost that this past year especially, through some heart breaks and blindsides that are taking a bit of time to heal from. I have more hope than I did even a few months ago and I’m so thankful for that. I want to keep trusting God more and to believe He still has good plans and corners ahead for me and still loves me and that’s it’s not too late. I want to be a blessing as much as I can.

    God bless and sending you guys hugs to start the new year,


    P.S. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Robin!! :) just wanted to say it again, in case you didn’t see my message to ya in an earlier blog, as I don’t twitter. ;)

  15. Patti says:

    Thank you Ms Stephenson for all the helpful information,I really do appreciate it. It means alot to me that you would take the time to extend your thoughts and prayers to us. I am serious about not stopping until I get him more of his lifetime back…I really want to help others not only with cancer and heart problems but with all kinds of health issues to understand better what they are up against. I won’t stop till I get the story out there…Again thank you and I will keep you in my prayers!!

    I hope for a Happy New Year for you!!!!

    GB and Hugs!!!


  16. Barbara Muller says:

    Barbara Muller Years ago my mother put a restraining order against my dad from seeing my brother and I.( Which we never knew) For several years we wondered if dad was still alive and prayed if he was that we would be able to let him know we still love him. I became a private investigator in hopes of learning how to find people. One day my brother and I got together and I put my PI skills to work and after 40 some odd years, God Blessed us with being able to call him in Glendale, California. My brother and I live in Louisiana and are not financially able to see him. Dad is now 82 years of age with a pacemaker. My New Years wish and hopes are that 2010 will bring us together again. I would LOVE to get a Daddy hug after so many years of not knowing if he was alive or not, plus a few hours conversation would be wonderful. I got dad to get on facebook and he sent me this just before the new year….

    Cline Clark luv u 2 Babs – Daughter I wanna hug!

    I am barbaraemuller@gmail.com, just in case you can do anything to help us visit one another. After sooooo many years I would probably cry for the first hour, but that is OK!!!…

  17. aicha zitouni says:

    happy new year Dr Phil
    that 2010 will give you happiness, success, love and health
    thanks to have persons like you to help people who suffer
    and thanks to have en entourage like you and operah to make sure that the dream can be true and can be realised
    thank you a lot

    one fan from tunisia

  18. Happy New Year, Dr. Phil!

    I believe an attitude of gratitude is very important. We all have so very much to be thankful for. I think it is time to let people know that we appreciate them by writing thank-you notes.

    My new year’s resolution is to write 365 thank-you notes in 365 days. I will be blogging about My Thank-You Project at http://mythankyouproject.com.

    I would love for you and your readers to support this effort by reading my blog and perhaps writing some thank-you notes. I challenge everyone to tap into the power of THANK-YOU in 2010!

  19. Sonya Walker says:

    happy new year dr. phil, robin, family and staff. my husband and i decided many years ago that our new years resolution was to never make another new years resolution. amazingly enough it has worked. we are a military family and he is due to be deployed to afghanistan in march. not looking forward to that but i keep praying that all will be fine. i enjoy the dr. phil show very much and watch it every day. i wish everyone a safe 2010.

  20. Keith says:

    There are so many things I NEED to change for myself and my three boys, but I don’t know how to make them. It’s easy to say I’m not going to or I’m going to, but it is also easy to say next time or tomorrow or what the heck. I’m lost.

  21. Maureen says:

    As the past two years have shown we all need to get our house of cards (credit cards) into order. Take care of ourselves and our money and get rid of debt which only holds us back – prisoners of our own lives. I resolve to start acting my wage.

  22. Anita says:

    I always feel a sense of renewal and hopefulness at the dawn of the New Year. I never make resolutions. Not that I don’t have many things to resolve, it’s just that I try steadily all year, sometimes succeed, sometimes fail. I have received my first seed catalogue and it makes me dream of spring and things coming to life. Meanwhile I will take it a day at a time. See what each new day brings.And deal with whatever it is, however best I can, at that given moment. Last year God gave us a granddaughter! Happy New Year and Blessings to ALL!

  23. Catherine says:

    I’m pulling that this is going to be the year I can make a few of my resolutions stick. I don’t try to overwhelm myself with a lot of changes but I have been putting “lose weight” on my list for over 19 years and I want this to be my last. Every year I try and try and try but rather then losing weight I tend to hold at my current weight until I get mad, upset or distracted by something. Then I’m back on track for gaining weight. I always wondered how I could go from being an active athlete to a single mom that is so overweight that if I don’t change it now my son will be without a mom. It breaks my heart to think of such things but I will get there one step at a time. I’m hoping your thoughts and ideas to make the resolution stick works. I’m working on small goals to get to the end result and what I need to do to get there. Keep the advise coming…..it’s so helpful to me. THANKS

  24. LindaRH says:

    I’m going to stop spending so much time on the computer and replace it with some form of exercise.

  25. Lorraine Ryan says:

    Dr. Phil,
    My New Year’s resolution is to complete all my IVF directions until I’m pregnant!!! I don’t know how long it’ll take, but we already have hubby’s little guys frozen and ready! It’s going to be a better year. It has to be… and it has to be a healthy pregnancy once it starts. After our last one ended with a funeral, God has to be faithful and bless us this time with one healthy child. Any gender will do… we’ll take whichever we get! I’m going to be a nervous and scared mom-to-be, but I’m willing to go through it all again. The first round of IVF begins THIS MONTH! I’m so nervous! I wish I knew how to handle my nerves.

  26. barbara says:

    happy new year dr.phil love your show .

  27. Katie says:

    I had what I thought was a good one until an aquaintance of mine lost his brother on the 30th. The young man was only 20 and only 14 months younger than I am. My new one is to remember how precious life is and to not take mine for granted.

  28. sardrey says:

    I appreciate these steps to help me achieve my goal this year. I have decided also to blog about my journey this year. I feel if I am accountable to people, that will also help me stay on track. I will lose 35lbs. After reading your list, I am going to break it down in to achievable steps. I will keep you posted. thank you again and Happy New Year.

  29. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    Great resolution show today with you and Steve Harvey, and Kathleen, that was so hilarious! :) Thanks for all the laughs today, it’s a good way to start off 2010, and a great way to end my day, and definitely is a good medicine. Although I gotta say that Steve lost a vote with me about leaving the dog in the mountains (yeah I know he was kidding…I hope) and your one guest certainly gave new meaning to doing something until the cows come home, eh? ;) In 2010, God bless you & Robin and fam…and of course yours AND Robin’s dog, Maggie. Too funny.


  30. Kathy says:

    Every time I make a new years resolutions I break them so I dont make any

  31. Amanda says:

    I am so ready to feel less of a burden…..financially for sure and also emotionally. I know good things are coming this year….my husband starting his business in February and me going back to work full time. It may sound strange, but finances have a HUGE impact on emotions, and until you have to start counting your dollars so you can buy food you may not get that. I am by no means poor, but I am looking forward to financial worries and a happy year!

  32. Irene says:

    I prefer to make an new years ‘intention’ rather than goal. Things like being Kinder, less reactive , more peaceful ,being my true self, then the ‘goals’ naturally appear as steps toward it. The goal idea often tend to bring a fail. when the intention idea one can always course correct and still be on a win.

  33. Adam says:

    Thanks for the advice. I actually had this planned almost exactly as you advise in the post. I took my three resolutions and have broken them down into over 25 smaller steps. I am very excited that I am finally committing to making my life what I have always wanted to be. I know I will be successful if I just follow the small steps I have made.

  34. Opal says:

    Today’s show “Don’t Do It Again in 2010″ with Steve Harvey was really great!

    Kathleen Madigan was fantastic – the segments that she’s been doing this season are hilarious and really fun!

  35. Ashley says:

    I think too often people set such goals for themselves that produce failure. Reevaluating circumstances and your personal situation EACH MONTH will allow for shorter goals that one can achieve. It is always best to recognize what you have done and not dwell on what has not been done. Keep moving forward, even if the pace is slower. For example, even some who works on saving money for a living (myself) sometimes finds herself with the occasional splurge (a basket full of groceries and no coupon) – especially when circumstances (two kids under 2) don’t always allow for ideal situation to achieve my goals. Take a step back, focus on what you want to achieve long term, and work on it short term with a new focus of your resolution each month.

  36. Skitchy says:

    Instead of a resolution (thanks to a friend of mine for the idea), I pick a word that will help guide me through/with my goals for the upcoming year. Last year it was “choice” because I wanted to remind myself that I choose a lot of the things that happen to me. I chose to eat too much; I chose to watch too much tv, etc. etc. It helped me see exactly how I was living and the results were all up to me. I am fat and slovenly – all my choice. No one was forcing me to eat too much and watch too much TV. It was all my doing.

    This year, my word is BALANCE. I still want to eat bad stuff, but I will not go cold turkey on french fries, but be conscious of my choice (see last year) and balance it with good food as well. I want to watch TV, but will make deliberate decisions about what and how much I watch (yeah, I’ll keep watching the occasional Dr Phil, but won’t be tied to the tv at X time every day – if I’m around and have time, I’ll tune in. I will not live my life by one hour or half hour increments any more).

    I encourage you to try this – picking a word, or even a phrase instead of a specific “resolution”.

  37. Hope says:

    Hey Dr.Phil,
    My New Years resolution is to keep the fight for my life with a very serious disease that has taken over my entire body!! I would like to also keep fighting to be a guest on the Dr.Phil show and tell the world about this disease and the devastation it causes. Its about real human lives who are suffering in pain that no one could ever imagine in there body.It totaly destroys your spirit,soul,beleifs,mentaly,physicaly,socialy,and so on. It dont matter how strong you try to be this disease will shack you to your very core.

    It prevents you from being the person you once were and your family is sick with me as well and at a low because they dont know how to help. I have suffered for 9 long agonizing years with this disease FULL-BODY and its pure hell. I have written to everyone I possibly can and to much research over the years and speaking out about it to who ever would listen or would ask me what it meant and what it is.

    I am determined to try and get on the Dr.Phil show for awareness and maybe some help if possible.WHY DR.PHIL because he is brilliant,kind hearted,takes these kinds of situation with alot of heart and its his passion to see or find out the answers of why things happen the way they do and what he can teach everyone from a situation on which most dont understand.

    I have alot of respect for Dr.Phil and Love the show I want to keep up my fight with my disease and to possibly getting on the show.Im willing to let others see me the way my disease has effected me which is hard.

    So Please Dr.Phil will you help me make my dream and my new years resolution come true? I would be honored to be on your stage and help bring this to light so I can educate others of this disease so others who suffer like myself they can know there not alone and if I can get better I would love nothing more then to help others fight the fight and to help them with there everyday struggles with our disease and also I would love to raise money some how to give to the foundations who are working so hard to find a cure but dont have the funds they so despritly need.

    It will be hard and embarrising but Im ready to show my courage and let everyone see what such a disease or conditions can do and how important it is not to be ignored,dismissed,yelled at,scare you out of there office so they dont have to treat you! With all that said I would love to see this come true I want nothing more then this! Will you help me Dr.Phil and your Staff????
    HOPE K.

  38. Hope says:

    Thanks for teaching me alot from your shows and guests! Im a huge fan of your show and watch everyday and even if it dont pertain to me I still watch because it may help someone else or me later in life.As I already know you never know what will come your way!!! Im a big beleiver on getting help from anyone or anywhere you can it only makes a better you!!!! I hope to have the honor to be on your show someday soon!!!

    Hope K

  39. Kim says:

    My resolutions:
    1. To do more good things for myself: such as eating right, exercise and not always putting myself last after my kids. LOL
    2. To further build my kids bonding and attachment to me and for us all to learn how to “fight the right way”.
    3. To start the adoption on another child or at least make steps to be matched with another child.

  40. Russell Vlaanderen. says:

    Russell Said. Doctor Phil/Robin. I have a agree that this New Year will be a good–
    one. Except I spent my New Year at the Hospital in Wheatridge, Colorado with L-
    ow Oxygen. See you soon. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.——————

  41. Ann Williams says:

    After almost two years of trying to get pregnant for the first time (I am over 40, so it’s no quite so easy), a battery of tests showed that while there was nothing specifically wrong with me, that my insulin levels were very high. Basically, I need to lose weight – quite a lot of weight! (50kg – that’s about 120 pounds)
    Various efforts before have not been successful, so at the beginning of this year I decided that the best way to get something done was to make it very public. So I have started a blog http://www.2bhealthy.co.za , where others can follow what I am doing and what I have found out and share our experiences together.
    Not only is this to make me accountable, but it’s also to put my intentions ‘out there’. I am also hoping that by having to write regularly and do research etc that my focus on becoming healthier will turn into results.
    So here’s to a year of becoming healthy and becoming healthily pregnant with a healthy child/ren! Wish me luck.

  42. Dr. Phil, My friend and I made a New Years resolution 2 years ago to get fit to feel good and boost our stamina. We have found that 40 min. at the health club 5 days a week (same time every day) has done the trick. We are still on track!

    My “NEW” New Years resolution is to focus on my artwork and work on my goal of a major gallery show…hopefully in NYC

  43. dksp says:

    A resolution that I wished would come true is to get rid of our bad luck some how! So far we have lost 3 pets in a little over a year and we have another animal that has developed cancer. It has been very devestating. This Christmas however was not a very joyous Christmas because we just found out Thursday December 17, 2009 that one of our dogs has bone cancer and it is so far advanced that our local vet can’t do anything about it. She said that VA Tech (animal research facility) is the only one that could possibly save him but they most likely would have to take all the way up to his hip bone off. We don’t have $2,000 to pay for his surgery, we are barely able to keep them fed because my husband has been laid off since May 2008 and can’t find a job. We may have to give away our other animals due to our financial situation. The Vet said she had no idea how long he has had the cancer and even if we had caught it very early there was nothing she could do. We are faced with the decision of going a head and having him put down or giving him pain medication and letting nature take its course. One lady at the Vet’s office said this is the time for miracles and that is what we are praying for. It hurts so much because he is only 5 years old, if he was a lot older we could be at peace with it. We are also going to have a difficult time with our other dog because both of them are brothers and they have been together since birth. We have also had them since they were two months old which makes it harder. We would like to keep them inside, especially the dog that has cancer but four (my husband, my son 16, my daughter 14, and me) of us live in a 14X70 single wide mobile home and the dogs are over two feet tall and weigh about 75 pounds. What is so devastating is that this will be the third animal we have lost in a little over a year. In November 2008 just before Thanksgiving my 14 year old daughter’s rabbit passed away all of the sudden (she had it for about 10 months), my cat of 12 years passed away with bone cancer the same day I had surgery in August 2009 and it hurt very much but I finally made peace with it, and now we are about to go through the same thing with our dog. On January 12, 2010 my daughter lost her cherished cat of two years old to Leukemia. I don’t know which is more devastating finding out about her dog or her cat just up and dying all of a sudden to Leukemia. At this point we do not know whether to get another dog for my daughter, to wait awhile, or what to do. I just hope that when our dog is gone the other dog doesn’t grieve himself to death.
    We have sent an application to ABC’s Extreme Home Make Over in July 2005 and August 2009 but we haven’t heard anything back therefore I figure that we haven’t been chosen yet. We are not “Heroes” but we would like to have a home big enough to take in abused animal’s like we have been doing (we need a bigger place though).
    I have so many questions! How do we say good-bye to our animal’s? How do we help our daughter through this? How do we keep the other dog from grieving himself to death? Can you tell us what to do ASAP because the vet is expecting him to go at any time?

  44. It was an amazing article! A writer like you should be given credit for your dedication to work as your provide good quality articles with the good purpose. I like to read such articles for they tackle different issues in our society as well as different practicalities and knowledge that a certain person should or must know. I will keep reading your next post that will be an interesting article again as usual.

  45. My third resolution “Less is More” haunts me now because my precious Collie-mix, Tigger, we had ten years passed away January 9, 2010. I haven’t kept up with my Tour de’ The Doctors and Tour de’ Dr. Phil Show on recumbent bike (w/side of hand weights)… yet try to do to ease anxiety from enormous grief losing Tigger. Sobbing enormous grief with heart wrenching pain so much so my chest was too painful to life my hand weights and prior to Tigger’s illness and passing etc. I was lifting handweights for 180 repetitions.

    *tears* Only click 2nd video below if you are able to handle seeing my precious Tigger the day before he died January 8, 2010. Tiggs quit eating New Year’s Eve due to sepsis infection from complications from dog bites Tigger sustained when he and Lynn were attacked by two 80 pound dogs October 28, 2009.

    Tigger October 17, 2009, before attacked all healthy.


    Tigger January 8, 2010, day before passed away.


    While donating things of Tigger’s to Collie Rescue, January 27, 2010, I found two Collies I felt a bond with, Lacy and Romeo, and think Tigger would want me to adopt them. I did not go to Collie rescue planning to feel that way and in fact hoped I didn’t hurt Collies feelings if I didn’t feel up to petting any of them. Out of 15 or so Collies only felt bond to Romeo and Lacy who sat on either side of me and cuddled with me like Tigger use to. Although, Bonnie & Newton (son of one of Lassies in Lassie movie made in Ireland) are sweet didn’t feel that bond w/them. ONLY Lacy & Romeo in links you can click to see below.

    Romeo and Lacy both have been returned like Tigger was and are same age Tigger was when I adopted Tigger. Since adopting Tigger, besides these two Collies, I have never felt a bond to another dog, besides Tigger, like I do to Romeo and Lacy. I feel like I’d be rescuing them like I was unable to rescue Tigger from dog hospital.

    So much for less is more if by some miracle I’m blessed with Lacy and Romeo since I’d have two dogs instead of one Tigger. However, Tiggs missed his older sisters that passed 7 & 5 years before he did. Romeo and Lacy look like Tigger & DC use to when played and both the same age that’s same age Tigger was when I adopted Tigger. It was so uplifting and relaxing watching Lacy & Romeo play January 27, 2010.

    Yet really cannot afford them since I need dental, medical and visual care yet could afford to care for them (and would care for well). Plus, cannot afford dental, medical, and visual care even if I don’t get Lacy & Romeo.

    Lynn trying to save Tigger his last week of life cost $10,000. However, I’m so lonesome since Tigger passed away. I cannot call or go see mom or dad cause they have passed. I can’t go to see grandmother for her cure-all of a bowl of potato soup because she has died. Never cured everything yet I did feel better eating something. I cannot make potato soup for myself because our stove/oven broke before Thanksgiving and Lynn doesn’t want a new one. *tears*

    I wanted to keep Tigger home January 4, 2010, because I could tell he wasn’t going to make it. You can see in Tigger’s face his last day alive… he felt like he’d been returned since had to stay in cage at doggie hospital A WEEK. Tigger was returned twice to pet orphanage, he lived at a year, before I adopted him when he was about two.

    You can see in 2nd video that Tigger felt like, “Why when I feel so badly did you return me… don’t you still love me?” I have heart wrenching grief that has made my chest sore from sobbing. Whatever good doggie hospital felt physically did… you can see in Tigger’s face he was heartbroken emotionally thinking he’d been returned like had been twice before we adopted him. Would not let me take Tigger home.


    ROMEO http://bit.ly/9LDNHF

    & LACY http://bit.ly/7XEl4P

    get to move here from Angel Bend Road &live healthily & happily ever after.

    Woman who runs Collie Rescue said a woman who said a sister of Dr. Phil was unable to find a pet there she liked yet I bet she would, now, if she saw Newton…

    NEWTON: http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=15604551

    I so hope I’m blessed with Lacy and Romeo to fill this big hole in my heart since I lost my best boy, Tigger… It was relaxing watching them play and my blood pressure soared the week after Tigger died to 188/80 and 170/94 and pets lower blood pressure. Although, prior to being heartbroken by Tigger’s last illness and passing away my BP had been 140/77.

    Never heard back about getting medical, dental and visual care on The Doctors or Dr. Phil Show. Funds I’d be using for Lacy and Romeo I’d been saving 16 years to get a modest cottage in my home Norman, OK. I just finally realized that not likely I’ll ever have a home in my home town as I’m already 55 and still haven’t replaced family home lost during multiple family illness in 1994. And, I don’t have enough to fix my medical, visual and dental needs. Yet “maybe” Lacy and Romeo could help mend my broken heart since Tigger passed away January 9, 2010, if I’m so blessed to have them as my pets. I do have enough funds to care for Lacy and Romeo.

    Prayers please as I haven’t felt such enormous grief since my mother passed away when Tigger began getting up in bed with me when I was sobbing to scoot his back up against mine. I miss you Tigger and I’m so very sorry you died in a cage w/o having any more of your ice cream cups angel boy. I hope there’s a heaven and you are playing with DC & Cyndee again and that I see you again one day too. We didn’t return you Honey Boy… Lynn was trying to save you and couldn’t see what I could see that you wanted to stay home to say good-bye. He does now… since doing video to try to get owners of dogs who attacked you to pay your vet bills. However, won’t pay lawyer fees or bring my best boy back & unbreak my heart. *tears* Miss you Tigger.

  46. carol says:

    my whole life i have struggled with my weight. up and down and up and down. upset i eat , nervouse i eat, boared i eat. and now i am borderline diabetic. i don”t want to go on meds. i do not have a buddy to do this with and cannot afford to go to any kind of work out place or even buy a home work out gym i also am manic depressive by- polar. i have anxioty issues. i need something to get me on a regular track but do not have the will power. please help.

  47. Guy Farmer says:

    Thank you for the insights Dr. Phil. I’ve found that one of the major things that get in the way is that people think they have to do everything at once. It’s sort of an all or nothing proposition. I’m glad you’ve pointed out that people don’t have to make gigantic changes, they can do one small thing at a time. The great thing about this approach is that we can see results and celebrate along the way. We’re also less likely to become frustrated if we have achievable goals.

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