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January 11th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Start Shooting for the Arts

camera1Not long ago, at the encouragement of my son, Jordan, The Dr Phil Foundation launched Little Kids Rock Across America, and I cannot tell you how passionate I am about what we’re doing. At a time when budget cuts have forced so many schools to eliminate their music and arts programs, our goal is to provide middle school kids the opportunity to play instruments, learn music and form bands — in other words, to get a chance to embrace their own artistic talents and watch them flourish.

And now, I am honored to be the spokesman for another unique program that will promote the arts throughout our communities. It’s called YouTube Video Volunteers, and interestingly, it requires your participation. What we want you to do is use your own artistic talents to create a video to help your favorite local non-profit arts organization. You can write and perform a song in favor of your city’s modern art museum, make a short film in honor of a theatre group, or choreograph and perform a dance promoting another arts organization close to your heart. The list of things you could do — a rap act, a dramatic soliloquy, a comedy skit — are endless. 

If you need some help finding an organization that needs your help, check out the YouTube Video Volunteer’s Web site. Once you’ve created your video — and it can only be,  at the most,  three-minutes long — you must submit it by January 23. Then, at the end of the month, the top three videos that meet the guidelines will be featured on the YouTube home page alongside my own video about Little Kids Rock Across America. 

Did you get that? The YouTube home page! If you win, you are guaranteed that you and your arts organization are going to get a lot of attention. It’s a great way to show off your creativity — and, in the process, to keep the arts alive. So get out there, everyone, and get those cameras rolling. I can’t wait to see what you send us.

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8 Responses to “Start Shooting for the Arts”

  1. GREAT idea! I already have something in mind. Oh, Dr. Phil, is it free to upload videos on youtube? Thank you. Time for bed so I’ll get busy on this in the a.m.

    Ms. Stephenson

  2. Tierney says:

    Yes, it’s free to upload videos onto YouTube. I wish I were creative and clever like that, but, It’s just not me. Great idea, Dr. Phil….Good Luck, Everyone…

  3. Blgspc says:

    I Love what you’re doing in promoting the arts for kids, really. But, FOR ME this is SO MUCH BROADER than the traditional Music, Dance, Theater etc. It’s about the ‘stupid stuff’, like taking a mundane/ordinary topic/situation and turning it into something that leaves people laughing til their sides hurt and they have tears rolling down their faces!.
    Having people get in touch with their own unique creativity, I believe allows them to look beyond the ‘Arts’. It allows folks to reach down and pull out other ways of using creativity to resolve Life Issues, REALLY!


  4. Dr. Phil, is there another way to submit a video too? See, on youtube you have to have a mobile phone to join and I don’t have one. Thank you.

  5. Jana says:

    This is a positive way to use the channel known as Youtube. Bravo. At least somebody figured out a way to combat the negative videos often seen on Youtube.

    Thanks so much.

  6. peggy says:

    The arts do SO much for minds, both young and old. Some years ago I was the victim of a head on car crash and suffered TBI, forgetting so much of my past – including that of my art background. Only after being pushed to “just try to paint again”, I labored until – yes, the gift I’d been given came rushing back and I’ve been painting ever since. IF it were not for that “creative ability” that was somehow re-triggered, my own being would not have been fostered and renewed. If creative arts can help an “oldie” like me, well, I feel so strongly that the abilities of young people can be benefited in many more ways than making music, being creative, acting or any creative arts. It helps to develop the mind, gain self confidence, gain insight, even think with a logical insight. I would enjoy being able to help in this type venture.

  7. Dr. Phil…

    Here’s my video entry as I am unable to upload on youtube since i don’t have a mobile phone.

    IN MEMORY OF MY COLLIE-MIX TIGGER TIGGS (who passed away January 9, 2010.


    I hope you like. Be sure to watch all the way to the end after Tigger is seen waiting for kids to learn to play an instrument. For Tigger Tiggs has more to say at end of video. I think the best boy is cute in his Tiggernomics 101 and I hope you do too.

  8. brenda weavelring says:

    I seriously can’t believe what I heard on the show today, Dr. Phil. In my eyes and heart Shelly stole Kim”s children. I am a mother who used to do some awefull things with my kids in my presence. I hjave been down a very dark road. I have realized that I needed help and asked CPS to put drug charges on me. I have since jumped thru many hoops to do whatever it took to get my kids returned to me. I currently have PTSD, I am bi-polar, and pschyzo-affective. According to the expert Shelley I shouldn’t have my kids, because I would, in her eyes, be an unfit mother. Who in the world does she think that she is,? Being such a devot christian, she sure judged someone on their mental history. Medication does make a person right. I think that the state they live in needs to come into the 21st century, and update their laws. Why was Shelly the only one doing all the talking? Why was her husband so quiet? Did he have some kind of illness that would make him unfit? is that why he didn’t speak.Who in the hell do these people think they are?

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