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January 16th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

The Tragedy in Haiti

AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

I still cannot get over the devastating images of Haiti that I have been watching on television since a 7.3 earthquake ripped through the capital of Port-au-Prince. Right now, critical life-saving and search-and-rescue operations are underway, and I ask that we all pray that as many lives as possible are spared.

But make no mistake: this is going to be a huge tragedy. Haiti is one of the most underdeveloped countries of the western hemisphere, and there are very few ambulances or even hospitals to take care of the victims. A major death toll is feared. And at least three million other Haitian citizens may be affected, going days without food and water, facing disease and the loss of loved ones.

I am a very proud member of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, and I know very well just what the Red Cross can do in these emergencies. Already, the organization has begun a massive relief effort, contributing an initial $1 million from its International Response Fund to help Haiti. The American Red Cross is also releasing supplies from its warehouse in Panama that will be able to meet the immediate needs of families. Included are tarps, mosquito nets and cooking sets — which are all extremely vital at this very hour.

And there is so much more to be done — all which require money. Please believe me; a small contribution to the Red Cross’ Haitian relief effort can make a difference. So please make whatever donation you can now to the International Response Fund, whether by check, online or by phone.  Donations to the International Response Fund can be made by phone at 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) or online at www.redcross.org.

Let’s help our stricken friends. Over the last few years, the people of Haiti have endured one hurricane after another. They face years of rebuilding. Your gift will provide immediate relief and long-term support.

Thank you.

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59 Responses to “The Tragedy in Haiti”

  1. Kavitha Subramaniam says:

    I have decided to call up my food bank in North Carolina to set up a food drive to help these people out. That way we can collect money and canned items to give to the people in Haiti and then things will be fine!

  2. Lisa Kandes says:

    I am so sickened by the current events in Haiti…..I have donated to the Red Cross because I believe in them and what they do…..and I KNOW my money will be used what it supposed to be used for….If all of the world could just donate anything they have….it will help! God Bless you, Dr. Phil for all you’ve done and continue to do help!! I will be joining you in prayer for the Hatian people and I urge the rest of the world to do the same! Otherwise I don’t think they don’t have much hope, as you stated in your blog!

  3. Blgspc says:

    Dr. Phil,

    If you hear of MORE Direct lines of aide to those suffering in the wake of this devastation in Haiti, PLEASE enter it here on your Blog. I will give further!



  4. Cindy says:

    The earthquake in Haiti is a tragedy. The news says the death toll is over 100k. Everyone should say a prayer for this country.

    An earthquake could happen in anyone’s country, and to anyone in the world. No one is safe from an earthquake. People should stop thinking about themselves for a few minutes and think of how they might be able to help the people in Haiti.

    If everyone donated a few dollars it could add up to much help for these people.

    The pictures on the news and online of these people suffering in the aftermath of this earthquake is terrible.

  5. FullMetalJ says:

    Natural disasters are terrible things. They destroy civilizations, families, clean water and food supplies in addition to causing the deaths of many, many people. While I agree that aid to disaster stricken areas is very important, American sends millions of dollars in donations as well as food, medical supplies and volunteers to assist these countries, when millions of our own people suffer everyday.

    Where is the aid for our own hungry, cold and impoverished people? Yes, we have the flawed welfare system, where alcoholics and other addicts can apply for disability income, where people can be leaches to society and bleed the system of its taxpayer money while contributing nothing to society, where dishonest people can milk the system for every dime they can, but what about the full-time college students who cannot afford health care or get any kind of assistance to keep up with the cost of living, or the hard-working families who can barely afford to keep good food on the table to feed their children? What about our own suffering people? What about our economic situations? I’m not saying we should just say in regard to foreign disasters ‘well &^%% ‘em, who cares’ but I am saying charity begins at home. Yes, it’s a terrible thing. No doubt. So is our own country’s problems.

    We keep sending foreign aid to help these countries while very little is done to help our own people. Again, charity begins at home. Keep sending foreign aid, sure. I’m sure the countries are grateful for the Americans’ help. Pretty soon, it’ll be taken for granted. Just look at South Africa….And what relations do we generally have with these countries in the first place? Little to none. Let’s not forget Hurricane Katrina…since we all know how well THAT went…When it comes to disasters within our own borders, well, it’s just natural selection…But go on, donate a few bucks if it helps you sleep better at night. Just don’t bother looking down the road, or even next door. You might need some Ambien afterwards…

    America loves to run a good PR show to the rest of the world while our own people are suffering every day…

  6. FosterBoys says:

    This is terrible and heartbreaking and I just don’t understand how anyone could believe that people deserved this.

  7. kelly says:

    Haiti Earthquake help…send water to disabled people http://www.portlight.org

  8. FullMetalJ says:


    Just ask Pat Robertson. He & his followers also believe that Hurricane Katrina was punishment by ‘god’ for New Orlean’s ’sinful ways’….

  9. FosterBoys says:


    My Grandfather was old, senile, and said ignorant things too. Nobody allowed him to be on TV. Who keeps asking for this guy’s opinion?

  10. Linda says:

    Great post! I am going to make a donation.

  11. Sandra says:

    In regards to Pat Robertsons eroneous comments
    Are Natural Disasters Punishment From God?

    God does not use natural disasters to punish innocent people. He never has, and he never will. Why? Because “God is love,” says the Bible at 1 John 4:8.
    Love is the wellspring of God’s actions. Love does not call down hurt on the innocent, for the Bible states that “love does not work evil to one’s neighbor.” (Romans 13:10) At Job 34:12, the Bible states: “For a fact, God himself does not act wickedly.”
    True, the Bible foretold disasters for our day, such as “great earthquakes.” (Luke 21:11) But God is no more responsible for the destruction caused by them than a weatherman is responsible for the damage done by a typhoon that he forecasts. Well, if God is not behind the human suffering wrought by natural disasters, what is the cause?
    “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one,” Satan the Devil, reveals the Bible. (1 John 5:19) He has been a manslayer from his rebellion at mankind’s beginning down to our day. (John 8:44) Satan sees human life as cheap and disposable. He is governed by self-serving ambition, so it is no wonder that he has created a global system that thrives on selfishness. Today’s world system condones human exploitation even to the point that many defenseless people live in harm’s way, in places where natural or man-made disasters are very likely to strike. (Ephesians 2:2; 1 John 2:16) Thus, greedy humans must bear the blame for some of the calamity that victims experience. (Ecclesiastes 8:9) How so?
    A surprising number of disasters are at least partially man-made. Consider, for example, the woes that afflicted residents of the hurricane-flooded city of New Orleans, U.S.A., or the houses flattened by mud slides off the coastal mountains of Venezuela. In those instances and others, natural phenomena, such as wind and rain, turned catastrophic largely because of human environmental ignorance, shoddy engineering, flawed planning, unheeded warnings, and bureaucratic bungling.
    Consider a disaster in Bible times. In Jesus’ day, the sudden collapse of a tower claimed 18 lives. (Luke 13:4) This disaster may have been the result of human error, “time and unforeseen occurrence,” or both—but assuredly not a result of God’s judgment.—Ecclesiastes 9:11.
    Have any disasters ever been caused by the hand of God? Yes, but unlike natural or man-made disasters, they were selective, they had a purpose, and they were extremely rare. The global Flood in the days of the patriarch Noah and the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah during the days of Lot are two examples. (Genesis 6:7-9, 13; 18:20-32; 19:24) Those divine judgments swept away incorrigibly wicked populations but preserved alive people who were righteous in the eyes of God.
    As a matter of fact, Jehovah God has the means, the desire, and the power to end all suffering and to bring relief from the effects of natural disasters. Regarding God’s appointed King, Jesus Christ, Psalm 72:12 foretold: “He will deliver the poor one crying for help, also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper.

  12. Kate says:

    If money will fix the situation, how come more celebrities are not willing to step up to the plate and donate TONS more money? (Thank you Dr. Phil!) There are sports stars that make $20 million a year. If the Red Cross needs more money for nets, these stars could buy thousands of nets on one day’s pay. There are actors that make $10 million+ for one movie + royalties.

    Several big box stores are proudly donating money. I heard Walmart donated $1 million. That’s it?!?!? Some Walmart stores make that in a couple days; many make it in one week. For a billion dollar corporation, $1 million seems like nothing.

    I’m glad people are donating, I just keep thinking some businesses and people with big salaries could contribute more.

  13. Marsha Austin says:

    Keep watching Wal-Mart’s donations Kate… this is probably just the first of many… also they will be sending water and an unbelievable amount of help if they continue what they have time after time after time after time. I am not a “Wal-Martian” but I do live close to Wal-Mart ville and they have given so much time and money and so on that it is amazing. I did work there when the hurricanes struck and they had a call center set up for people to find their lost family and they were a lot quicker than FEMA to help… they were even consulted by the govt to find out how to handle the disasters more efficiently.

  14. FullMetalJ says:


    I agree. Pat Robertson is just mean; I don’t understand why he feels the need to say things he does.

  15. My dog of ten years, Tigger Tiggs, passed away Saturday January 9, 2010, so I was already devastated when catastrophic 7.3 earth quake hit Haiti with I think 12 aftershocks of 5. I saw on news last night that former President Clinton & George W. Bush or senior Bush are going to Haiti. I still have a letter from President Clinton about Haiti from when he was POTUS.

    I saw, too, that y’all’s Dr. Jim of THE DOCTORS wants to go to Haiti (he tweeted on Twitter) and definitely pediatricians are needed I saw on news. The death toll of over 45,000 with speculations of over 100,000 are very saddening. The relief effort as been faster than relief for Hurricane Katrina from MANY countries. So many that relief planes had to wait to land. Water & medical staff especially needed. Red Cross is always one of the first there; my brother taught CPR & First Aide at Red Cross for 12 years & went on a flood relief w/Red Cross. Y’all’s efforts to get the word out here & on twitter etc. are commendable





    Kudos to y’all & all Dr. Phil & The Doctors Staff getting word out on important matters.

  16. As well, my prayers are with all in Haiti and all those dear to them (including relief effort personnel) and those requesting us to team up and back these honorable relief effort organizations like you, Dr. Phil, et al.


  17. Rita Marquez says:

    Dr. Phil,

    What do you think of Rush Limbaugh telling his listeners not to donate to Haiti? I thought he hit a new low. His heart is cold.

  18. I have an idea says:

    It is horrific what has happened. I don’t know why they don’t drop supplies in via helicopter. Maybe they are and we don’t know it. The only difference between this tragedy and Katarina is the lack of flooding. Very, very sad.

    What makes sense to me, once they recover is to make this country into a tropical paradise that attracts visitors worldwide. It is beautiful there. They could really turn it around if the right people get involved and make the citizens self-sufficient. I don’t know why the billions sent there before wasn’t better utilized so these people could really prospert. I suspect it is the same reason Cuba is so poor. A few corrupt at the top.

    Sad to say we are headed in the same direction. When our politicians can be bought, deals made behind closed doors (that are unfair to the rest of the country) and the lobbyists are abound. Very sad. We are losing our freedoms daily.

  19. Realist says:

    Rita Marquez – it is comments like yours that let me know people are not really listening to the entire thought process. Just like when Rush said he wanted Obama to fail. He wants his agenda to fail because if he gets his way we will be a socialist nation.

    He doesn’t say don’t donate to Haiti. He says find a legitimate outlet (like the Red Cross) – not one that will misuse funds like they have and continue to do in New Orleans. Please get your facts straight before you go spreading lies. There are too many people doing that.

  20. At least . . . says:

    Post this – People misconstrue Rush Limbaugh very easily. Please don’t believe everything you read and hear. You really should listen for yourself.

    Now that isn’t too bad is it? Please post that. I think it is only fair if you post some of the things you do.

  21. Georgie says:

    Hey Sandra from above posted Jan 14, 2010- I started reading your comment and immediately thought to myself, Hey, this sounds very familiar. As I continued on I knew for certain that I had read those very words not long ago out of the Watchtower or maybe Awake magazine. How cool to see that right on explanation of natural disasters here on Dr Phil’s website. Hope it helps somebody understand the situation a little better. Sandra, you go girl! :)

  22. Adam says:

    I am livid at all the remarks here! Haiti has been in poverty for years people. Where was everyone then? I fully understand the affects of this earthquake however these people were in need long before this tragedy and once again it’s human nature to only react during a crisis! We should all be ashamed!

    Mother nature is healing her earth from the wrath of human nature. I strongly believe her message is wake up people stop living in your own little world till something such as this happens. We are disgrace to this planet.

  23. Adam says:

    Go Katie! I strongly agree with you! Just like cooperate banks everyone is asking the little people to help again. Please!

    Where are all the rich people Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah, and all those over paid sports figures?

    This is why the earth is turning on human’s there are too many greedy ones that need a wake up call! Your killing us all!

  24. vince says:

    Rita Marquez, rush and pat robertson both have cold hearts, i stopped listening to rush years ago, i thought he no longer was on the air lol, people like him get there just reward in the end!

  25. d b cooper says:

    Why does the US owe Haiti Billions? Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, stated his foreign policy view as the “Pottery Barn rule.” That is – “if you break it, you own it.”

    The US has worked to break Haiti for over 200 years. We owe Haiti. Not charity. We owe Haiti as a matter of justice. Reparations. And not the $100 million promised by President Obama either – that is Powerball money. The US owes Haiti Billions – with a big B.

    The US has worked for centuries to break Haiti. The US has used Haiti like a plantation. The US helped bleed the country economically since it freed itself, repeatedly invaded the country militarily, supported dictators who abused the people, used the country as a dumping ground for our own economic advantage, ruined their roads and agriculture, and toppled popularly elected officials. The US has even used Haiti like the old plantation owner and slipped over there repeatedly for sexual recreation.

    Here is the briefest history of some of the major US efforts to break Haiti.

    In 1804, when Haiti achieved its freedom from France in the world’s first successful slave revolution, the United States refused to recognize the country. The US continued to refuse recognition to Haiti for 60 more years. Why? Because the US continued to enslave millions of its own citizens and feared recognizing Haiti would encourage slave revolution in the US.

    After the 1804 revolution, Haiti was the subject of a crippling economic embargo by France and the US. US sanctions lasted until 1863. France ultimately used its military power to force Haiti to pay reparations for the slaves who were freed. The reparations were 150 million francs. (France sold the entire Louisiana territory to the US for 80 million francs!)

    Haiti was forced to borrow money from banks in France and the US to pay reparations to France. A major loan from the US to pay off the French was finally paid off in 1947. The current value of the money Haiti was forced to pay to French and US banks? Over $20 Billion – with a big B.

    The US occupied and ruled Haiti by force from 1915 to 1934. President Woodrow Wilson sent troops to invade in 1915. Revolts by Haitians were put down by US military – killing over 2000 in one skirmish alone. For the next nineteen years, the US controlled customs in Haiti, collected taxes, and ran many governmental institutions. How many billions were siphoned off by the US during these 19 years?

    From 1957 to 1986 Haiti was forced to live under US backed dictators “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” Duvlaier. The US supported these dictators economically and militarily because they did what the US wanted and were politically “anti-communist” – now translatable as against human rights for their people. Duvalier stole millions from Haiti and ran up hundreds of millions in debt that Haiti still owes. Ten thousand Haitians lost their lives. Estimates say that Haiti owes $1.3 billion in external debt and that 40% of that debt was run up by the US-backed Duvaliers.

    Thirty years ago Haiti imported no rice. Today Haiti imports nearly all its rice. Though Haiti was the sugar growing capital of the Caribbean, it now imports sugar as well. Why? The US and the US dominated world financial institutions – the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – forced Haiti to open its markets to the world. Then the US dumped millions of tons of US subsidized rice and sugar into Haiti – undercutting their farmers and ruining Haitian agriculture. By ruining Haitian agriculture, the US has forced Haiti into becoming the third largest world market for US rice. Good for US farmers, bad for Haiti.

    In 2002, the US stopped hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Haiti which were to be used for, among other public projects like education, roads. These are the same roads which relief teams are having so much trouble navigating now!

    In 2004, the US again destroyed democracy in Haiti when they supported the coup against Haiti’s elected President Aristide.

    Haiti is even used for sexual recreation just like the old time plantations. Check the news carefully and you will find numerous stories of abuse of minors by missionaries, soldiers and charity workers. Plus there are the frequent sexual vacations taken to Haiti by people from the US and elsewhere. What is owed for that? What value would you put on it if it was your sisters and brothers?

    US based corporations have for years been teaming up with Haitian elite to run sweatshops teeming with tens of thousands of Haitians who earn less than $2 a day.

    The Haitian people have resisted the economic and military power of the US and others ever since their independence. Like all of us, Haitians made their own mistakes as well. But US power has forced Haitians to pay great prices – deaths, debt and abuse.

    It is time for the people of the US to join with Haitians and reverse the course of US-Haitian relations.

    This brief history shows why the US owes Haiti Billions – with a big B. This is not charity. This is justice. This is reparations. The current crisis is an opportunity for people in the US to own up to our country’s history of dominating Haiti and to make a truly just response.

    (For more on the history of exploitation of Haiti by the US see: Paul Farmer, The Uses of Haiti; Peter Hallward, Damming the Flood; and Randall Robinson, An Unbroken Agony)

    Bill is Legal Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights and a law professor at Loyola University New Orleans. He is a Katrina survivor and has been active in human rights in Haiti for years with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. Quigley77@gmail.com

  26. New on twitter is Haiti hit by a second strong earth quake:

    http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23Haiti Help people in Haiti.

    Retweet http://twitter.com/DrPhil @DrPhil Donate to @redcross Intl Response Fund. Visit http://www.redcross.org Follow http://newsroom.redcross.org


    I was praying for help from God
    When I saw help…
    In my own two hands

    Now is the time for all good persons to come to the aide of their fellow persons today & always… Amen and Amen… Let’s get busy being good stewards of the earth and one another… “Be the change you want to see” NOW! Thank you.

  27. N. B.

    Dr. Phil you ARE starting a “CHANGE REACTION” by putting the me in “Be the Change You Want to See” and encouraging us all to as well.

    By quoting “Be the change you want to see” I meant all of us commenting and reading your blog and comments here.





    BIG THANKS to y’all, Dr. Phil, at the Dr. Phil Show and your son, Jay’s, The Doctors for keeping us up-to-date on important issues. Helping us and showing us ways we can return the favor helping others. God Bless Y’all & Us All here, in Haiti and around the world. Amen and Amen.

    Ms. Stephenson

  28. Maureen says:

    Of course we are all going to help. We all jump in with compassion and generosity coursing through our veins when there is a disaster but we are not so aware on a day to day basis when people are dealing with the normal disasters of their lives. Because of the earthquake Haitians have nothing to eat. Before the earthquake they had little and in fact thousands of the poorest have been clinging to life on dirt cookies. Dirt cookies are exactly what they sound like. Cookies made from animal fat, sugar and dirt. Please donate to the disaster relief but also please always consider donating just a little for everyday relief after the emergencies are over.

  29. unknown says:

    I have to agree with FullMetalJ,, while I definately agree that these people are in desperate need of help::: Where is the help for the millions of suffering AMERICANS.. People right here in our own country that are doing without,, thousands and thousands of starving families and children???? Where is the help for people that dont have a thing??? Cant even get income based housing unless your credit score is 500 or above??? There are so many people right here in our own country that needs help… More and more families and children are becoming homeless every day>>> Whats being done for people here??? I tell you what::: nothing is being done…
    Honest hard working people,, people that have worked all their lives have to go through yrs just to get disability, when they are no longer able to work…

  30. Cindy says:

    I am in awe over what I see on TV. I can’t even begin to imagine what those people are going through. I think of children without parents walking through the streets looking for them, just walking not knowing what to do. It makes me realize how blessed I am. It is amazing to watch the citizens of the United States come out to help even when a lot of them are going through tough times themselves. God Bless the USA and God Keep the people of Haiti in his loving care.

  31. unknown says:

    Sitting here watching HOPE FOR HAITI.. It is so horrible what these people are having to deal with.. While I still agree that people here in our own country are in desperate need of help, I in no way am saying we should turn our backs and never help out anyone else… We may not have much,, but these people have NOTHING…..No food, no shelter, no water, NOTHING…. I am so proud to live in a country that will reach out and help others in need… I havent been able to give anything (but prayers) yet but you can bet no matter how little I have I will be donating on Wednesday when my husband gets his monthly check…. These people need everything we can do for them….

    Just found out about The Doctors, and Jay and Jordan Mcgraw going to Haiti.. May God bless them and keep them safe… The people of Haiti need every bit of assistance they can get….

    Yes we need help here, but these people need it too and we should do everything in our power to help wherever we can….

  32. Linda Rose says:

    My husbands Aunt was a nurse missionary in Haiti 70 years ago. She is 94 now. Back then the Haitian people were suffering. They have had a long history of suffering due to an enormous debt to France as a result of fighting for their freedom. Then the country had to borrow money from other countries to survive.All those debts should be forgiven including money owed to the US. Then there were corrupt government leaders and thugs. The Haitian people never had a chance to prosper.

    Haiti started out as a lush country. After the trees were cut down erosion happened and then wars were fought. The country was devastated never able to recover. Missionaries and other groups have been helping for years but were often hampered by a corrupt government. They tried but lacked enough resourses. Add to that hurricanes and now an earthquake and Haiti has become the saddest place on earth.

    These people have suffered so much but still retain a hopeful attitude for the most part. For them anything is an improvement from what they have.Why did it take complete devastation before the amount of help needed would come? Is that what it takes for most of the world to pay attention?

  33. belli says:

    I’am praying for help
    my heart with you

    >>>> from Saudi Arabia

  34. Kristin says:

    Dear DrPhil~ I am 27, a sahm of 2, a fulltime student and just became a single parent. I was in a marriage where he beat me up everyday couple times a day. I left him on Dec 31 and moved in with my sister, her 4 kids, her husband and her attitude. I moved into there unfihished basement where my son cannot breath. She told me I would be downstairs. But that isnt my issue my issue is she calls my children names and thinks I should beat him. My son Aiden is whinny because he is sick and she wants me to beat the heck out of him and I do not hit. She calls him “an annoying little shit.” to his face he is 2. My daughter is to little she is 8 months. What i was wondering is if maybe you can help me get a house, and car. I would say help getting a job but she is who i would turn to to watch my kids and I just cant do it. PLease help

  35. Robin Davis says:

    I have been following Dr.Jim on twitter & he is doing a great job!! It wrote about a 80 yo woman that had been pulled from one of the buildings & had broken bones & other injuries. She had been in this hut for like a week without treatment. They helped her & was taking her to a hospital of a sorts. They have helped A LOT of women & children as well. He posted a video & it was sooo sad!! If anyone wants to follow them drphil.com has the link. I do encourage everyone to check it out!! It makes you want to help somehow seeing whats going on there from someone who is there!!

  36. just nancy says:

    Dr. Phil, the thought of adopting a child from Haiti has crossed my mind but I have a question and I don’t know how this question will sound so I’m gonna lead into it first if that’s okay. A few months after our 18-month-old son was placed with us for adoption, we found out that his birth mother, a drug user and prostitute, came up positive for Hepatitis. My son was tested, and, thankfully, he was negative for both Hepatitis and HIV. I remember the thoughts of those diseases crossing my mind before that (because of his mother’s situation) and I was told that babies under a year old couldn’t definitively be tested for HIV/AIDS. I also remember how much worry we had back then over this. My husband and I would love to adopt another child. Also, our son is quite an extrovert and has repeatedly expressed a desire for a sibling.

    I’ve heard and read that there are many people in Haiti who, sadly, have been infected with AIDS. How much of a risk would this be if adopting a child from Haiti?

  37. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    Thank you for today’s excellent and yet heart-wrenching show. I’ve been praying for your boys, and the doctors, and all those involved in helping these precious Haitians, since I heard they left on this mission. He promises to assign His angels charge over each of them and is tenderly watching over them in His love and safe-keeping and hears all these many prayers being offered. God bless you all.


    P.S. Robin, I’ve also been praying for your sweet, motherly heart to be filled with a peace that goes beyond all understanding and feels like a big hug from God with a deep knowing inside that they’ll be ok, and are under the protective shadow of His “wings”. :) (Ps. 91)

  38. L.W. says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Thank you for keeping the spotlight on this traged. And keeping the focus on HUMAN SUFFERING instead of politics. I am an American-Haitian and I was in complete shock when I heard about the earthquake. Haiti is such a beautiful country, and the people of Haiti are so proud and generous and family/community oriented. If you can’t give a little alot, give a little. The Haitian people need us now and I thank your show and the Doctors for stepping up!


  40. Shawn says:

    I’m sad to here about the Earth Quake in Haiti. It will be months before that country gets back to normal. My Grandpa went there a few time with some people on mission trips.
    Thanks My Twitter name is @SCB0607

  41. FosterBoys says:

    Welcome home Doctors and congratulations on a job well done.

  42. Michele West says:

    I feel so badly for the people of Haiti for the death and destruction and I feel bad for the Africans, and others, however, I also feel badly for the victims of Katrina, of which many still have not been helped, not to mention the people of California who have had all the fires and flooding/mudslides, and, and, and. Go to the shelters of this country and see the people who have no homes due to the economy, no decent food, no medical care, etc.. Then explain to those Americans why the people of Haiti and elsewhere are so much more important than they are. I am all for donating to worthwhile causes but it infuriates me to think that all these other countries are getting so many of our dollars when there are so very many right here that truly need help too. I don’t see top named stars doing any telethons to help Americans in need. Americans put on a wonderful show for the world to see. The problem is those who see the show do not live here and see what it is really like in America, or the needs we have right here. I have always wondered why it is that even fellow Americans seem to put blinders on for our own and open their bank accounts to those of other countries.

  43. Donna Markland says:

    Dr Phil- After watching your show and having already made a donation I really would like to do more. I was so struck by your sons and Dr Stork mentioning how basic the needs are. Pillows, blankets, shoes and clothing are among the needs. I really feel as though I could inspire my community to donate these items, however, I have no idea how to get these things, nor do I have the money to ship them myself, to the people who need them. If you could give me some direction, I would gladly do my part for these amazing people who are suffering so much. Please respond to me and let me know what I should do. Thanks for all you do! P.S. Your sons are truly amazing young men. You and Robin, I am sure, are extremely proud.

  44. Hillary says:

    I completely agree with Donna (above). My mother and I would like to collect shoes for the people of Haiti. We figured that this was a very basic essential that others may not think to donate. Likewise, we do not know where to send these items and are not sure if we can afford to send these. We are hoping that our community also reaches out and we will do whatever we can to help. Please let me know where to begin! Thank you.


  46. vivi says:

    I feel helpless. I am so broke right now being unemployed that it sickens me that I can’t even make a donation. Is there going to be any need for the likes of me, a teacher, in the future to help rebuild schools as in New Orleans? I would go in a heartbeat.

  47. vivi says:

    Maybe these things could be sent to the red cross??? Don’t forget things as basic as toilet paper, soap, tampons, under garments, clothes etc.

  48. Linda Rose says:

    Here in Canada the Red Cross is telling people NOT to send food, clothes, blankets etc. to Haiti but SEND MONEY to them. They can buy goods needed cheaper and packaged in boxes in such a way to easier to deliver and distribute to the people.They can get companies to box food in a certain way to supply a family for a week. They can also get things closer and not have to transport them so far.
    They said when clothes, food, water etc. are sent that all has to be sorted and there are no facilities in Haiti or people to do this. The churches here in Yarmouth Nova Scotia collected several tons of goods to send to Haiti and it sits in a ware house here with no way to transport most of the things to Haiti. People here are known for their genorosity but they really need to listen to those who know Haiti and those who know how to go about delivering aide.Anyone collecting goods should first find out if it is practical and wanted. It might be better to send money.

  49. Jennifer says:

    I understand that this was a disaster and its extremely sad..but what about our own country?

    There is so much poverty here in the US and so many hungry children, yet everyone rushes to help these people who HATE our country! Why can’t we fix our problems before we rush to everyone else’s aid??

    Dr. Phil, you always say that as mothers, we should be taking care of ourselves in order to give our children the proper care. That the best thing we can do is take care of our childrens’ parents..can’t this apply wityh our country?? I think we could help others better, if we set the example and take care of our own first..just my opinion though

  50. nicole says:

    Iam saddened when i read peoples posts about we should take care of our own first..what would you do if you were in those situations??who would help you??if everyone took the comment well we should help ourselves first then people are going to die..as for donateing donate to an orphanage like gods littlest angels..theyll take formula money etc…

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