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February 15th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

The Granddaughter Cometh!

erica3As many of you may know, my daughter-in-law, Erica, will soon deliver our beautiful granddaughter. 

Although most folks are familiar with calm and level-headed Dr. Phil, this granddad-to-be is quakin’ in his boots! I’ve raised two boys; I’m so out of my element. I have no idea what to do with a little girl!

When I first see my new grandchild, I’m sure I’ll be loaded down with so many Baby Gap dresses — not to mention teddy bears, baby booties and pink hair ribbons — unless she takes after her grandfather. Just kidding! By the way, I have promised Jay that I won’t be reading the little one bedtime stories from Self Matters or Relationship Rescue. There’s plenty of time for that later!

Seriously, it’s hard to believe the moment is so close.  On this one, I’m turning to y’all for advice! I’d love to hear from all the grandparents out there: How did your life change when you first glimpsed that bundle of joy? Did you spoil your grandchild rotten and let him or her get away with things you never gave your own child a pass for?

Don’t forget to tell me what you think my granddaughter should call me.  Boy, I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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315 Responses to “The Granddaughter Cometh!”

  1. Anette Barrett says:

    Hi Dr Phil and Robin,
    I have already written a blog congratulating the family, but thought I would add to Robin’s question to what we all thought your precious granddaughter should call you. We are now living in Western Australia, after being born in Zimbabwe, moving to South Africa and then our last big move being Perth, so have found that children call their grandparents different names, depending on which country you live in, but our 3 year old, Charlotte-May was amazing, at about 18 months she named all of the family. For example my name is Anette – she calls me Net Net, her other grandmother is called nannie, grandfather is poppie, her one uncle whos name is Brendan she calls BB and if he does not respond to her requests its “Beeeeeeeeeeb”, and her other uncle, Wade she calls Wah Wah! They live in Broome which is a 2 hour flight from us and from when she was so young she would ask to call us, but with the technology we have now, she always insisted that she wanted to “see” us!
    Spoil her – spoil her, thats what us grandparents are for, after all!!

  2. Linda Wheeler says:

    I was wondering if I missed the show that had your granddaughter on or is it an upcoming show

  3. Air Jordan says:

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  4. Kay Bush says:

    Dr. Phil and Robbin,
    Being grandparents is by far the most exciting and wonderful gift you will ever
    receive. Our first grandson was the focal point of our life. When he was two
    we discovered that he was hearing impaired. When he was three he received the miracle of a cochlear implant. Alex will be nine in May and he has surpassed every barrier ever presented to him. He is at the top of his third grade class and
    last year won the school spelling bee. All the love he has received from all of his
    grandparents has helped him to be the successful kid that he is.
    We now have four grandsons and each addition makes you thank God for all the
    blessings they bring to us. We are called Grandpa Freddie and Grandma Kay.
    Our best to all the McGraw family. Congratulations
    Kay Bush

  5. Sharon Jenks says:

    Dear Robin, As to your question about being a grandparentit is and will be the most rewarding, wonderful experience of your lives. I have 2 grandaughters (1) is my stepgrandaughter and the other is my biological grandaughter. I must tell you my step grandaughter is MY GRANDAUGHTER. I Love them BOTH THE SAME . You will find that anything they need they will have. When they are sick or hurt you will worry just like you did if not more when you had your own. Enjoy her and always remember to make the time what ever it takes be there. Good luck and God bless you and your beautiful family.

  6. kathy allard says:

    I studied the grandaughter really good and Dr. Phil that grandaughter looks just like YOU!!

  7. vera says:

    Avery, 3/18 = tennis player.!!! Avery obviously was blessed with the beauty and brains to do anything!!! B U T, she WILL become a professional tennis player. No doubt. It is in her “dna!!!. I know that Dr Phil would agree. He’s got game. Her birthdate suggests great athletism. I know. I was born on march 18 and not only am I the club champion but an accomplished tennis player. p.s Hey Dr. Phil, why don’t you invite me on your show? GO AVERY

  8. shawncree says:

    i am a grandmother of a wonderful 1 year old boy my daughter was very young when she had him but i wouldn’t change it for the world hes a joy to me things happen that you can’t change in life i guess

  9. Just Me says:

    I just watched you show, June 15, about the surrogate parents. While on your show, a tape was played where the surrogate parents were being asked questions, the surrogate mother replied to one question with “Isn’t it a hoot” HOW could you have missed that comment Dr. Phil???? There were 3 of us watching and as soon as she made the comment we all looked at one another. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO lacking in character that it is disgusting. Also, when she prentended that she was so upset and put the kleenex up to her face then put it down and had a couple of tears, if anyone was as upset as she pretended to be she could not have recovered so greatly, no more tears and no problem speaking. Really!! She seems no different than the evil people who do something to their kids then go on tv to PRETEND they are upset and everyone can tell their being upset is not real. Both the surrogates were disgusting and possibly love the attention of being on tv?? Pretty much like the family you have been interviewing forever, seems like they all love the limelight, during their tough times they have no problem with smirking and smiling (for the camera??) Why don’t you offer them help from their home town like you do others? Used to love your show, watch it, maybe once a month. Got tired of that family!!!!!

  10. Dear Dr Phil

    After everything you have done for me (and the rest of the Planet!) I wish I could impart some profound pearls of wisdom to help you with your transition to grandparent-hood. However, I am neither a psychologist nor a grandparent, so the advice which follows may not be as erudite as I would have liked, but it does come with much love to you and your family and to the new-arrival in particular:

    i) LOVE HER UN-CONDITIONALLY (especially when she’s scribbled all over the wall with red crayon, or stayed out an hour past her curfew) but DON’T interfere in her parent’s discipline of her;

    ii) MAKE TIME FOR HER – take her to the park, buy her an ice-cream (get one for yourself too ‘cos parents never do that!) and tell her stories of your youth. Just make her feel as if she’s NEVER on the clock when she’s with you;

    iii) SLIP HER LITTLE EXTRAS – cash to supplement her pocket-money, a new sweater that her parents may think is excessive. Grandkids are born to be spoilt!

    iv) FINALLY, GIVE HER PARENTS AS MUCH SUPPORT AS YOU CAN. As you know, the greatest gift she can receive is a strong marriage between her parents.

    I hope this helps.

    Much love and gratitude,

  11. nike tn says:

    After everything you have done for me (and the rest of the Planet!) I wish I could impart some profound pearls of wisdom to help you with your transition to grandparent-hood. However, I am neither a psychologist nor a grandparent, so the advice which follows may not be as erudite as I would have liked, but it does come with much love to you and your family and to the new-arrival in particular:

  12. Ruth says:

    I too are about to become a grandparent for the third time over. No matter if they call you grandad or grandpa, just enjoy the experience. By all means spoil them a little. I did find that I did things somewhat different from my own child. Grandparents should have the good times, as we have in the past had to deal with both good and bad. Hanging out with my grandparents as a child were the best days of my life and I will treasure them for ever, and be it boy or girl, it makes no difference. Congratulations to you and your family, and hope you have as much joy with your grandchildren as I do.

  13. replica tiffany jewelry says:

    Just curious, how does Robin like your cerebral approach? She seems so emotionally connected and “soulish” for lack of a better word. Does she think you over analyze things? Catorigize them? Do you annoy her? JK But, really your approaches seem so different, how do you blend them?

  14. philomena brown (PHIL) says:

    Hi Dr. Phil and Robin.First of all congratulations on soon to be nanny and poppy…I am A mother of 4 daughters …my oldest 30 and youngest 23….My oldeat daughter Bethina had Thomas just 7 yrs ago,,and our second daughter Pamela has a little girl Auvi who will be 2 in March..and let me tell you as educated you are you will spoil her ,but it will be a good spoil ..Believe me when you go out shopping ..especially Robin ypu will head right for little girl things and really forget yourself that I can promise you .:) They are so drifferent from your own and yes she will get off with ALOT more than your boys ..There’s nothing like when they look at you (no matter where it is to.or who is there )and tells you they love you..Enjoy every moment you have with her .and believe me that won’t be hard …I try to get to ONT to see Auvi at least onc a yesr ..and times they get down at least once ..It will be a whole new experiences for the both of you,,,and once again congratulations to you both I know she will have a wonderful life of loving and understanding but don;t spoil her too much .and I know just from your’s and Robins believes that she won’t be a spoiled rich kid ..just spoiled like any other kid and she will have values and lots and lots of love and Robin if she get;s anything from you she will be one pretty girl and of course her mommy ..we got to leave the guys out of this lol..Have fun enjoy and may god bless you all.philomena (phil) Brown bonavista nl Canada

  15. air jordan says:

    nike jordan…

    The Granddaughter Cometh! | Turning Point: The Official Dr. Phil Blog…

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