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February 26th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery?

cosSurg1On Thursday’s show about “Repeat Offenders” — people who make big mistakes over and over — one of my guests is a woman who’s already had seven cosmetic surgeries, which she says were to improve her looks, and she openly admits that she wants more. Of course, what’s she done to herself is nothing compared to the young reality TV star Heidi Montag. As you probably know, she recently told interviewers she underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day! She went on and on about how much more beautiful she looked after having had an eyebrow lift, a nose job revision, fat injections in her cheeks, a lips and chin reduction, neck liposuction, her ears pinned back, a breast augmentation, and liposuction on her waist, hips and thighs.

And this is after she had a nose job and breast implants just two years ago. Oh, and by the way, Heidi is only 23 years old.

Maybe, as some cynics say, what Heidi did was nothing more than publicity stunt — a PR move to get her on the cover of magazines and to help ignite her singing career. But I do wonder what all of Heidi’s talk about the joys of plastic surgery is doing to younger girls who look up to celebrities like Heidi.

In fact, I’m more concerned than ever that the new generation of young women, who grow up bombarded by media images of the “ideal” female body, are becoming more and more obsessed at fixing their supposed flaws — even if those flaws are invisible. They believe, just for the sake of “beauty,” that they should have themselves surgically altered.

There are right and wrong reasons to seek plastic surgery. If you don’t expect it to “fix” your life, but instead do it to enhance your body image in a reasonable way, it can make sense. Sometimes a woman wants a “mommy makeover,” like a tummy tuck or a breast lift, to reduce sagging after breast-feeding. That can make perfect sense.

But when I read about teenage girls asking for nose jobs or breast implants as high school graduation presents, I just shake my head. And you want to read something that will really boggle your mind? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that more than 333,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients 18 years of age or younger in the United States in 2005, compared to approximately 14,000 in 1996.

Get this. A few days ago, the Undersecretary of Health for the Italian government, Francesca Martini, had a bill sent to the Italian Parliament which would prevent minors from receiving breast implants. The bill, the first of its kind in Europe, would require a medical basis for any breast surgery for young patients. (Italian law currently allows girls under the age of 18 to undergo cosmetic breast surgeries if the minors have parental consent.)

It’s an intriguing piece of legislation, and I’m interested to hear what you think. Should we do the same thing here in the United States? Do you think at some point, we’ve got to put the brakes on this very disturbing trend? I look forward to reading your comments.

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29 Responses to “Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery?”

  1. MARIA VITALE says:

    I think they are crazy. Love yourself the way you are, ok? God made each n everyone of us with a special kind of beauty and you should be grateful. I have a very small upper lip, very tiny bottom teeth, a crooked toe that’s a birthmark on my right foot, but so what? I am no raving beauty, but plastic surgery will never touch me. It could be dangerous too. Most of all no matter what you do, we all age, and the thousands you spent to do this stuff will not stay the same. Please be grateful to your God, higher power, whatever for what you do have. If you are over-weight, diet, exercise, want big boobs,well why? Why would you want to be loved or liked for that reason? Pooh on plastic surgery.

  2. Selena Thomson says:

    Unless plastic surgery is needed for rectifying a life threatning medical condition… Leave your body alone..

  3. Krista says:

    This is yet another disturbing trend for young girls. Our media has so ingrained in them that only perfection is acceptable that it is frightening. I feel like one of my daughters, if not both will be affected by body image or sel-esteem issues. How can I fight this trend by myself? It is frightening as a mom who herself has had body image issues.

  4. Nansie says:

    Dr. Phil, This plastic surgery fad is out of control! But I believe it starts with the producers and the folks who are selecting the people that will be in the media limelight. When we watch TV shows, read magazines and see advertisements the most beautiful people are portrayed. The average population is not represented here so that images portrayed can be a little more realistic. The big push out there is if you buy this/do this you will look like that. AND…if you don’t look like that you are not measuring up. Someones, somewhere are making alot of money on this theory they are planting in the public mind. Our children are vulnerable to these messages and some adults want so much to find quick fixes that they buy right in. There is an image of beauty and happiness being portrayed to the public that resembles that of a Cinderella story. Eating disorders, low self esteem and criticizing the less fortunate are just a few of the outcomes that have happened as a result. The media is defining beauty to the world and we just accept it. This is not responsible advertising. It is not a wonder why all the push on cosmetic surgery. We are taught to believe that looks are the most important thing in life. Where is the end to this? When is enough work on one’s looks enough? This stuff touches everyone in one way or another. It would be great to begin awareness on it and work toward a more realistic outlook on beauty in our world.

  5. jennifer says:

    I agree w/ selena. Unless it’s for a medical condition leave it alone. people who spend money on plastic sugery are just waisting there money. In the end gravity will hit & it will all sag again anyway. we all get old it is a fact of life. Leave your body the way god intended it to be.

  6. Anita says:

    Those under-18, over 333,000 surgeries that were performed last year, had to been okayed by the parents/guardians. Funny me, when my daughter was young, I wouldn’t even okay for her to take a medication for a fungus on her toe, because it was the type of medication where you have to have bloodwork to make sure your liver isn’t being damaged by the medication. For my daughter, at that time, the toe fungus was a terrible thing,(middle school) but I just couldn’t see taking medication for a problem that would eventually resolve itself. I suppose each case is different, but I’m not so sure cosmetic surgery is a fix, in itself, for a teenager’s self esteem problems. At any age, that has to come from within. Do I think the government should mandate whether or not an underage child has cosmetic surgery, NO, I DO NOT. For God’s sake, our government is trying to mandate things to the point that it is getting scary for me, and I voted for Obama in the first place.

  7. Dr. Phil I do think it is possible to be addicted to cosmetic surgery from hearing about a few who are. Also, some who SI are addicted to piercings & tattoos. A healthier alternative for some “might” be donating blood to Red Cross occasionally. IDK. Just wondered “might” be a healthier alternative to excessive piercing and tattoos yet that’s another topic. Sorry… having a Rosanna Rosanna Danna moment.

    I got braces at 15 due to peer pressure being called Bugs Bunny teeth by a girl bully. Dentist pulled wrong teeth by accident he said (two on top instead of two on bottom) for pre-dental work before braces. I already had a space on top teeth in center… a family trait of parents I treasure yet didn’t need more space.

    Well, braces repossessed because orthodontist said mother only made two payments. Braces are expensive so an undue hardship that wasn’t necessary because, before braces, my teeth looked much like famous model, Lauren Hutton who has a slight over bite & space between her top front teeth too. Wished I’d known about Lauren Hutton and Ali MacGraw then.

    So, my teeth looked better before braces yet braces “can” help those who especially need and some do especially need for a healthy mouth. I didn’t. I still have the same over bite because I use to measure with finger before I got braces. I have crumbling bonding that except causing dental pain of upper teeth I’m glad IS crumbling because dentist who did felt certain I’d want space filled in so didn’t ask. My family trait space is perfection to me. So, periodically, I grieved for family trait space between middle front teeth dentist bonded over. So be on same page with doctor whatever procedure you are getting. Patient has to be an active participant in medical/dental care to avoid miscommunications.

    Before space closed with bonding in my 30’s… twice people said I looked like Ali MacGraw. In fact, a man came up to me in a restaurant to ask if I was Ali MacGraw. Actually, I didn’t ask for bonding and dentist suggested so I thought I needed. Nope… as made gaps from teeth pulled on upper teeth look like two HUGE teeth on sides. Even people I worked with said teeth looked better before bonding, first, so disheartening what I noticed others did as well. Plus, bonding I and co-workers didn’t like cost $1,400. Perhaps, bonding not done correctly and if had been would have looked good. IDK As well, the bonding nightmares you hear can happen I’m experiencing.

    I think I “had” mentioned to dentist when he asked if anything I didn’t like about my mouth… I said spaces from when braces repossessed as a teen. Yet if he said to fix would make two HUGE teeth on sides that’s just as odd looking so pointless. I’d told him, when he inquired about anything I didn’t like about my smile, about how when I tried out for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in 1985… The judges smiles that had seemed impressed with my dancing vanished and left their faces when I smiled. How I felt due to gaps in my teeth from when braces repossessed.

    I loved to dance so much and was having so much fun at Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryouts in 1985 and was so use to gaps in teeth I’d forgotten to cover my mouth when I smiled at tryouts. However, after my bonding, my co-workers gasped when filled in spaces, bonded, made for two HUGE teeth on sides when I smiled. Plus, LOLz, co-workers were use to gap in middle of my two front teeth too. So co-workers faces looked like judges faces when saw my bonding when I smiled, SHOCKED.

    Sort of like the song “Garden Party: It’s alright now. I learned my lesson well. You see, you can’t please everybody so you got to please yourself.”

    Now, the “Brezhnev brows” and Cha Cha Chia Confucius chin I could live without. Is there a way to permanently fix that so I don’t have to pack tweezers along with my toothbrush when I travel?

    Even though I’ve been teased about having Terry Thomas teeth I’ve always liked family trait space between top front teeth. I just want dental work to make my mouth look/be/feel healthy & as normal as possible and since in pain with what I hope isn’t another abscessed tooth. Only 2 abscessed teeth I ever had before… caused by a crown “seated incorrectly” a dentist said. (Allowing normal bacteria in mouth to penetrate and abscess crowned tooth & tooth next to.) So, a $600 crown ended up costing me $3,000 more later on to fix abscessed teeth caused by.

    Needless to say I just pray a dentist as qualified as Dr. Dorfman can fix up my teeth one day so I can have a healthiest mouth possible. One who knows how to seat a crown correctly “and” not pull incorrect teeth like a dentist said did to me when prepping me for braces when I was 15. Shortly after got braces off got hit in face by a rapist busting bottom middle front teeth into jagged nubs requiring two root canals and two crowns afterwards. So some cosmetic dental work & surgery IS necessary for physical and/or dental and/or mental health.

    Since I like sports never cared for my “sought after breast size” when I was a teen of about 36″. A tomboy so having guys chase me as a teen since I was 35/23/35 was not my cup of tea. Nowadays a breast reduction/firming up sounds good via exercise if doable or w/a doctor as skilled as Dr. Ordon just since large breasts are a nuisance to me. Oh… and one day in my forties I went to bed and woke up with my grandmother’s breast and I was like “Which way did they go?” Then looked down and was like OMG(osh) I’ve morphed into my grandmother. What seemed like just grandmother on grandmother and perfectly fine seems shocking on me.

    I guess what I’m trying to say IS a big stresser in marriage and “life” in general… is debt. A leading cause of divorce is $$$. I worked with a young woman $10,000 in debt by age 20. She got a new blouse to impress a guy she met and I said I think he’d be more impressed if you used money for blouse to instead pay down your debt. She said, “Oh, you sound like my dad.” Well there you have it ladies. I would opt for not running up a lot of debt to change what makes you unique unless truly disrupts your life emotionally and/or physically.

    Debt is a major stresser in life so don’t run up debt to fix something a bully or current trends in society say needs fixing. If you like you don’t empower others or trends that are not or don’t have to become you. “To be original… be yourself.” Latest fashion whether breast augmentation, eye color, clothes & accessories etc. isn’t something you do to empower someone else if not what you in your heart of hearts truly want and need “and” can afford. Definitely, nothing to run up a lot of debt that causes stress lines and personal, family and/or marrital discord.

    The reason I got braces wasn’t for me and to satiate and fix what a bully who taunted me deemed needed to be done to fix my “bugs bunny teeth”. Famous model Lauren Hutton embraced her uniqueness and that acceptance of herself within is what made her so pretty to others. My mother couldn’t afford braces and so instead caused more problems than any imaginary problems a bully had projected onto my psyche’. Although, I accept responsibility for empowering bully internalizing to the point of getting braces.

    I have applied several times to be on THE DOCTORS for a medical, dental & visual “Ultimate Makeover” and those things would be for me this time to look and feel in tip top “healthy” shape. Not to empower a bully like when I got braces and because “I” want to be in healthy tip top shape. I want/need dental work, healthiest vision possible and possibly need to kick my gallbladder to curb etc. Dr. Phil and THE DOCTORS have given me renewed faith in doctors. Any dental or medical procedure isn’t something you get to fit in and ONLY because fits what you really need to be your, emphasis YOUR, healthiest authentic self.

    I applaud doctors like Dr. Phil and Dr. Ordon who don’t believe in just doing procedures because can and believe there are times when, “No” is something the doctor needs to say if a patient isn’t a candidate for a procedure. Cost is a major factor is cosmetic type procedures from latest fashion, generally speaking, or medically speaking. Peace of mind is worth WAY more than braces you don’t really need and are only getting to fit criteria of a bully (as I did) or latest fashion trends etc. Quite often some of the most famous stars have little unique natural qualities born with that might not fit perfection mold of the times yet fit person’s individual uniqueness mold.

    Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ” So, don’t consent like I did empowering a bully that taunted me and getting braces I didn’t need and my mother couldn’t afford. It isn’t the end of the world to look like you normally do. Accepting your authentic self like Lauren Hutton did is what makes you beautiful. SELF MATTERS INCLUDES YOU just the way you are. Sure tweak if YOU really want to and can afford to yet don’t sell yourself short or run up a lot of debt or become a fashion/trend junkie at the cost of losing your authentic self. As far as laws… “Life isn’t cured it is managed.” So, if we are unable to manage reasonably without laws… laws are made to manage things better.

  8. Sandra says:

    Pressure to Conform
    A government survey of 500 teenagers in England suggests that young people are “struggling under increasing pressure to conform to idealised images in advertising and the media,” reports The Guardian of London. While girls tend to cope with such stress by confiding in close friends, boys find it more difficult to communicate their feelings, with the result that many express their anger in aggressive or criminal behavior. With feelings of low self-worth and increased depression, boys are three times more likely to commit suicide than girls of the same age. On the other hand, girls are four times more likely to harm themselves intentionally or to suffer from such eating disorders as anorexia and bulimia.

  9. FosterBoys says:

    End air-brushing. They don’t look like that in person. Why the deception? Because everyone else is doing it? Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing — right?

    Oh well, let the celebrities fight over who’s the fairest of them all. We’re talking about it, so somewhere, someone’s getting their fix.

  10. Pat says:

    This plastic surgery phenomenon for older teens and twenty somethings is sad, sad, sad. I know younger girls have body image issues; I did too. It’s not only about conforming to an ideal that the media perpetuates, but about attracting guys.

    One thing I know about men is that the majority of them don’t care about young women being the physically perfect ideal. They’ll take you with small breasts, big hips, and overweight. If you keep yourself well-groomed and make an effort to enhance your femininity with clothes, perfume, hairstyle, and makeup, and have confidence in who you are, you will attract men, period.

    I am a woman on the late side of middle-age, who is overweight with gray hair, and a few wrinkles, and men are more attracted to me now than they were 30 years ago, when I was at my correct weight. And I’m talking about not only older men, but men in their twenties!

    I attribute this to my high level of confidence and the way I carry myself. And another thing, I’m not desperate to get a man’s attention, which they sense, and so they feel safe being attracted to me, because they know I will not show interest in return.

    But, for the most part, you can’t convince young girls this is so. Now, breast implants replace what we called falsies back in the day; so how much have things really changed? We had teen pregnancy back in the day too, the only difference being that is much more open and prevalent now.

    Two examples of stars that Hollywood wanted to make over are Barbra Streisand and Sophia Loren. Barbra is so very beautiful, and the most feminine woman around. Sophia is a piece of fine architecture, whose looks are unforgettable.

    As others have said, we’re all growing old, and the best way to deal with aging is to be active in all areas of life: physically, mentally, and passionately. Take the focus off yourself and your self-centeredness, connect with other people on more than superficial levels, and your inner beauty will shine, shine, shine. I know; I live it.

  11. Christopher says:

    Heidi Montag is my new hero!!! If I had gobs of money I, TOO, would get a few cosmetic surgeries… AND I AM A MALE!!! I am sick and tired of my pale sickly, buttunattractive visage and loathesomely average, disgustingly plain, bod!

    I want to be the guy I have always been in my mind’s eye.

    I want hair flap surgery, by Dr. Richard Fleming in Beverly Hills.
    I want to use ilizarov to break my arms, and then stretc them so they can grw a little longer.
    I want a little liposuction in my gut and under my chin.
    I want to reshape my face just a tad, I got a sickly and most disgusting profile.

    My body is making my soul sick, and I’m heartsick!

    Like Heidi, I, too, want to get into the mucis biz. Looking like I do, I’ll have to be soooooooo good to make up for what I AIN’T GOT.


  12. Christopher says:

    Heidi Montag is my new hero!!! If I had gobs of money I, TOO, would get a few cosmetic surgeries… AND I AM A MALE!!! I am sick and tired of my pale sickly, buttunattractive visage and loathesomely average, disgustingly plain, bod!

    I want to be the guy I have always been in my mind’s eye.

    I want hair flap surgery, by Dr. Richard Fleming in Beverly Hills.
    I want to use ilizarov to break my arms, and then stretc them so they can grw a little longer.
    I want a little liposuction in my gut and under my chin.
    I want to reshape my face just a tad, I got a sickly and most disgusting profile.

    My body is making my soul sick, and I’m heartsick!

    Like Heidi, I, too, want to get into the music biz. Looking like I do, I’ll have to be soooooooo good to make up for what I AIN’T GOT.


  13. erin says:

    Yes, I do think there needs to be some kind of regulations about this to get this issue under control. Coming from someone who has had two cosmetic procedures, I can say that all cosmetic surgery is not bad. However, if you misuse it or get totally unnecessary procedures, it can do more harm than good. I have had my breasts done after I nursed my child and, believe me, there’s not a woman in the world that would’ve been happy with what I had if they were me! As far as my nose goes, I had a slight “tucking” procedure without having it broken and it looks better. My nose is still big- it will always be big- but it’s not the first thing you see when you look at me. Cosmetic surgery is almost like alcohol. One or two drinks is fine, but without limits you can become someone you and others don’t recognize.

  14. Sheryl Tompkins says:

    Unless children have had a horriffic acident and need plastic surgery I feel they should wait til they are done growing physically. My youngest daughter broke her nose diving in a wave pool and needed a plastic surgeon fix it. Thank goodness I have a friend that is one of the top ten surgeons in Canada. I had to go for an appointment myself cause I hurnialted my c-section badly and I’m sad to say most regular surgeons just slap it back together. So I hired him to do the closing and do a little touch up at the same time. He took one look at her and had her scheduled for the next day to fix her broken nose. He knows that I would never allow my girls to have thier body altered until they are full grown and is apposed to it himself. If my breasts had sagged badly i would have had them fixed too but I was lucky and no stretch marks and the girls (breasts) stayed the same even after nursing.

    I think the media plays a big part and thier friends in how they feel about themselves. They don’t understand that a lot of the pics in magazines are air brush and on tv they use soft lenses so you don’t notice the flaws so much. Eat healthy, exercise a bit and not eat tons of junk food or fast foods and be happy with what the good Lord gave you an life is so much easier. My body is not perfect and I’m not a super model. I’m very happy with the way I am and comfortable in my skin. That is what the kids of nowadays need to learn first and foremost. Then again that is my opinion.

    I have two girls that are total opposites. One is taller than me and slim with a small chest. The other is a bit shorter than me that got the family curse with the big chest and curves. They are both happy and secure with the way they look and how their bodies are. I tought them not to be ashamed of it and to take care of thier bodies cause its the only one they will get.

  15. you are absolutely correct!!! PASS THE BILL…the reason i say this is these CHILDREN do not need plastic surgery to become more beautiful, all of gods children are beautiful….and what you want at 16, you will not want when you are a mature adult, whatever age that means. this continues throughout life…you slowly learn common sense…at thiry i had a life i didnt like, at 40, i love myself, the way i am, stretch marks and all!!!! kids just wait, you will love your breasts as you grow and learn to love yourself..
    thank you

  16. Carter says:

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with an adult choosing to alter his/her body via plastic surgery, although this obviously can be overdone. Plastic surgeons should be held accountable for being on the look out for those who may be obsessed with plastic surgery. They should be required to make appropriate referrals for psychological consultation/counseling and even refuse services to those who becomes regular patients for significant alterations to their bodies.

    A teen getting plastic surgery is another matter. Their bodies are still changing and have usually yet to reach a maturity level that is necessary to make a decision like this one. In addition, teens often have difficulty with body image as they are adjusting to the changes going on with them. In my opinion, teenagers are just too young to make a decision about plastic surgery. A parent who allows a teen to have this surgery is in essence saying to the young person that they agree with them, that there is something wrong with their appearance that requires permanent altering.

  17. face lift says:

    I have heard so much about Heidi.Well sometimes people get addicted to cosmetic surgery as they get newer look which is completely not a bad thing.I think more older women are interested in face lift surgery.In this way women can get new and younger look.

  18. I had plastic surgery after major weight loss to remove excess skin and tissue. My surgeries both ended with major complications and left me deformed in both areas. Would I do it again? Yes, but with a different surgeon. My insurance doesn’t pay to fix plastic surgery errors, so I am now left deformed and looking worse than I did fat. Unless it is to correct a birth defect or to make you able to live your life, don’t go under the knife. You can’t know what the results will be, and you may end up worse than you started.

  19. Bobbie Jo says:

    I myself am recovering from rhinoplasty. I dont care what anyone says. It’s painful and its a long road of recovery. Im entering my 3rd week since the day of surgery. If I could turn back the clock to March 17th, I would and I would have never went to the hospital that morning. My opinion on Heidi Montag and her 10 procedures in 1 day is absolutely rediculous. I think the doctor was totally irresponsible for taking part in such a thing.

  20. Sheil says:

    I would like to see similar legislation in the US. There are great pressures on kids today, but those under 18 are not able to truly understand the long term consequences of cosmetic surgeries.

    There can be financial consequences as well (no one seems to mention this) as implants dont last a lifetime and the surgery to replace them is by no means inexpensive.

  21. I watched your show today; April 7 2010 about FAT people. You had some pretty RUDE ppl on your show today, especially that idot with the “No Chubbies” shirt on. Well Dr. Phil, I just want to say what were your thoughts? Have *YOU* ever looked in the mirror? Do you really think YOU don’t need to lose some of that fat you have? I’m just sayin”

  22. liposuction says:

    Don’t deny if you have undergone in a cosmetic surgery.. there is nothing to be shy of.. Thanks for the post.. I just realize that there are people that are not proud they have undergone surgery..

  23. Danielle says:

    It’s so sad to see that people are looking outwards to fix their problems, instead of turning inside. Problems with low self esteem can’t be fixed by getting a new nose or so. The key is to search for the path that leads to loving and accepting yourself. There is no quick fix, although people nowadays are always looking for a quick fix.
    On tv and in magazines we see all this beautiful people and we think “they are gorgeous and they look okay and happy, so being beautiful and perfect is the key for feeling okay.” But it’s not.

    It scares me that youngsters are having plastic surgery and I think there sould be a bill to forbid that. I don’t live in the US. I live in The Netherlands and here it isn’t such a big problem. Yet. It will only take a matter of time though.

  24. britney says:

    Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.
    mls listings

  25. Leslie Anne says:

    I recently underwent my second breast augmentation procedure, 10 years after the first. My initial surgery was because I was very asymmetrical and much smaller – shockingly “changed” after 5 years of breastfeeding 3 kids. I elected to repeat because I had another child during the past decade, and after the nursing and weight loss it was again difficult because one side became very lopsided. Both times my husband encouraged me to do what would help me feel more comfortable with my appearance (and stop stuffing the “off” side). I am very happy I did, and underwent a virtually-invisible incision via the belly button. I feel much more confident in clothes, and in my private life.

  26. Nataliya says:

    i LOVE plastic surgery! had done my nose, breasts and lipo. now look 9! before was 8 :]
    would do it again in a heart beat!!!! i also do injections to make my face look younger. i am almost 40 but look 30 the most. it’s a great boost for women’s (and men’s) self-esteem.

  27. Frat says:

    Addiction isn’t just frequency. How about those who have kids to support whose spouse uses the little money we have to have plastic surgery when we’re unemployed! If it was spending $3,000 on a gambling trip or shopping spree it would be called an addiction, but since it’s liposuction and it’s only a few times over a decade it’s not an addiction? And as a spouse I’m completely helpless (other than divorce) and struggling as my spouse goes ahead and drains our savings. Their answer is, “If I have to, I’ll get divorced, get 50% of what we have and then get the surgery – your choice”.

    -Struggling with kids in the balance

  28. TRISH says:

    OMgosh Dr. Phil will no doubt be asked to help clean up the mess that Heidi and Spencer Pratt have created while filming the reality show THE HILLS.

    We (the viewers of the Hills) are now aware that some portions of the show are scripted, howerever, it is not the scripted portions that bother me it is the true to life things that are going on, for example all of the “typerware parties” (my nic name for plastic surgery) that is going on in Hollywood!! I keep thinking about the statement that Joan Rivers came out with “you should have seen all of the stars walking down the red carpet that have had work done”. Yes, I am sure this is true but not at the ripe age of 23. I do not think there is anything wrong with having a few drops of botox to freshen up a look around retirement age, or bless their soles women who have been struck with breast cancer and decide to have implants. However, I do not agree with, is having hours and hours of plastic surgery at any age in order to create the plastic doll look.

    First, a doll is not REAL so any girl who wants to have the same look as a doll well they certainly can. Just look at Heidi Montag she DOES NOT LOOK REAL, instead she looks like a manican that you see in dress shop windows. Heidi and a manican have the same crazy look or stare!!

    I can not get over how much joy Heidi gets when she brags about how she almost died due to taking to much demerol for the pain, that is nothing to be proud of thats just down right ignorant, in fact I watched an interview where Heidi’s Plastic Surgeon addressed the “almost dying” statement and he said Heidi did not even come close to death and she was breathing with in the normal limits while being treated for pain. This girl just loves and feeds off drama, and I think the common denominator here is her husband Spencer who has his own issues and should be admitted to the nearest Physiciatric Treatment Centre in order to get treatment for “bi-polor disorder” . Those crystals Spencer uses to centre him self are just not cutting it!!

    Anyone who has followed the Hills has watched Heidi’s life crumble and every turn and change in her life were not decisions of her own but by Spencer, check this list out: Heidi was introduced to Spencer and the drama has now officially begun,
    -while dating Spencer there was drama due to Spencers womenizing
    -Lauren dislikes Spencer but Heidi chooses to move in with Spencerr (drama)
    -getting engaged and meeting Heidi’s family (there was drama)
    -wedding planning (elope/court house/church) all drama
    -once married having kids became a issue so then more drama started up
    -Spencer purchases a home with out Heidi’s approval caused drama
    -Heidi made friends with the neighbors and their child but Spencer became anti social and that caused friction and more drama
    -at the ripe age of 23 Heidi decides she wants to create a barbie doll look and to invest millions of dollors to do just that, which we all know caused nothing but fights, crying, and conflicts (drama, drama, and more drama)
    -there is much more but I think I have made my point loud and clear

    I hope that parents who have young kids who watch the show “The Hills” monitor the story each week prior to letting them watch. I get scared when I hear or see girls wanting to have their breast size increased prior to their bodies being fully developed.

    I had a friend in high school who was teased so bad about her extremely large breasts and ended up having a breast reduction. She was having health issues (ie her back ached constantly). She also, had a terrible time trying to find the proper clothing and was sent to the principles office on a regular basis because she did not want to participate in gym class. That poor girl, I shed many tears on her behalf prior to her breast reduction. Oh yes, she was councelled through out the process, and I was really proud of the way she handled herself before, during and after her surgical procedure.

    Now that the Hills Series is comming to an end for good most of the kids will likely continue watching the spin off series “The City”. This is a good one to watch but just to be on the safe side I would continue to monitor these kind of reality shows.

    My comments have almost turned into a novel so I appologize. Its just that I had so much I wanted to comment on. Also, please ignore my spelling I was never very good at spelling or grammer. lol lol

  29. Arun says:

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