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March 3rd, 2010 by Dr. Phil

The Disappearance of Susan Powell

suPow1I’ve heard from many of you on Twitter and the DrPhil.com message boards, and I know that a lot of shows were preempted by the Olympics. But there is one story that I want to make sure y’all know about, because it can’t get swept under the rug. That’s the case of the missing mom from Utah, Susan Powell.

The Dr. Phil team and I were just astounded when we heard the details about this story. The whole thing makes me shake my head and wonder what’s happened to common sense. Susan’s husband, Josh, was the last to see the young mom before he went camping with their two young children in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures, more than two hours from their home. Josh is now a person of interest and is allegedly not participating in the search for his wife.

When you look at the circumstances, we don’t know if Josh is involved or not, I can’t speak to that — he has not been charged with a crime — but common sense tells me that Josh needs to be cooperating with authorities to find Susan, and according to his family members, he’s not.

Susan’s parents, Chuck and Judy, and Josh’s sister, Jennifer, who was very close to Susan, joined us on the show to share their viewpoints and feelings about the case. As you can imagine, Chuck and Judy are just devastated by their daughter’s disappearance. And Jennifer is really torn, because this is her brother, but she says she cannot explain why he won’t cooperate in the efforts to find Susan. 

The family is afraid that in our fast-paced society, that this case is going to fall off the radar, and people are going to forget about their missing daughter, sister-in-law and friend. Personally, I’m baffled by Josh’s story. Our producers checked the weather and even visited the campsite, and it was 15 degrees there with snow. And then, he forgot what day it was? It just seems totally inexplicable.

The father of Elizabeth Smart, Ed, also joined us. His perspective is so insightful, because at one point, he was a person of interest in his daughter’s disappearance. One of the first things I asked him was to contrast his behavior with Josh’s behavior. Ed completely cooperated and did everything he was asked to do. 

SuPow2I’ve done many shows about missing persons, and each one just breaks my heart. You hope for an outcome like with the Smart family, where the child is found, but as a parent, there’s nothing more heart-wrenching than the thought of something happening to your child or fearing that they’ll be abducted. I’d like to caution everyone to pay attention to the warning signs. If there’s something that’s just not right in your life, that you fear for the outcome, reach out for help: call the community mental health center in your area, go to your church, tell a friend or a family member, but please don’t just push it out of your mind. It could save your life, or the life of your loved one.

Let’s not let Susan Powell’s disappearance fall off the radar. Talk about it, share your comments below. And, if you have any information regarding the disappearance of the young mother, please contact police at (801) 840-4000.

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48 Responses to “The Disappearance of Susan Powell”

  1. Mary Gill says:

    Well I don’t live in America, so do not know what my comment is worth, but it stands to reason there is something amiss here. Who in their right mind would take young children out in freezing cold in the middle of the night to go camping.
    The police no doubt have a good reason for seemingly not doing anything about this man.

    Perhaps they have something up their sleeve we are not aware of. I do hope however this lady is found very soon.

  2. Jodi says:

    I do not believe that he could possibly say the things he is and not be guilty. He is suppose to love his children why would you not look for the mother of your children. then if he is a suspect why would they let him have those kids and then on top of it he moves.

  3. kelly says:

    If i were josh, no matter what pain i was dealing with i would be ravenous about finding my loved one even if it were a friend. If my child or husband were lost, i would turn the world upside down with great effort. It’s very fishy what he’s doing and just plain nasty. I hope the police don’t give up because it would be great to make that tight lipped man an example.

  4. Nathan says:

    I know very little about this investigation, so there may be things that I’m unaware of that could change my opinion…

    But as a general rule I will say that although I love my wife and children very deeply- if any of them dissapeared and I was named a “person of interest” I’d immediately exercise my fifth amendment rights.

    Investigators usually deem this as “not cooperating” and will argue that an innocent person shouldn’t have anything to hide. We need to understand that this is a gross misrepresentation of the fifth ammendment. The “right to remain silent” is a protection that INNOCENT people are afforded so that their statements and answers cannot be used to unduly convict them of crimes they did not commit.

    So, I hope that Josh is innocent and that he is actively looking for his wife (even if it’s not in conjunction with the police). And especially if he IS innocent, I applaud him for remaining silent (if that’s what he’s doing)- I wish more of my fellow citizens understood what “the fifth” is for and used it to protect themselves and their families rather than bowing to the pressure to speak out and have someone unjustly twist their words into a false conviction.

    More importantly, however, I hope and pray that Susan is found alive and well.

  5. Jami says:

    I watched the episode on Susan Powell’s disappearance and was completely blown away by the behavior of her husband! There was one clip in particular that I recall in which he was being interviewed by a tv reporter who was asking simple questions about the days’ events leading up to and shortly after her disappearance. His visible discomfort, shifting eyes, and constant fidgeting during the short interview were VERY suspicious to me; a person with nothing to hide would not have been so obviously nervous and uncomfortable. On top of that, his failure to show up for scheduled interviews with the police and (in my opinion) complete lack of concern for the well-being and location of his wife are outrageous. THIS IS HIS WIFE AND THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN and he is not cooperating with the police to help find her!

    My husband and I discussed this situation as a “what if it happened to us” scenario and both agreed that, if either of us disappeared and the other was a suspect in the disappearance, we would absolutely do WHATEVER it took to find out what happened. We agreed that, even if we could not think of anything new to tell the police, we would go to the police station five times a day if that’s what they asked and that’s what it took to find the truth. To us, that seems like normal behavior of a person whose spouse has gone missing!

    My biggest concern in this situation is, of course, the children. If he had a hand in his wife’s disappearance, the children are in danger by remaining in his custody. And even if he didn’t, his parenting skills are questionable since he thinks it appropriate to take very young children camping at midnight in below freezing temperatures…or so he claims.

  6. Susan says:

    This case gives me a VERY bad feeling, as I have read quite a few true-crime stories about missing wives. In several of these heartbreaking stories, the one responsible turned out to be the wife’s husband. While I certainly hope this is not the case here, and hope that Susan Powell will soon be found, I have to say that given her husband’s unwillingness to cooperate in helping authorities find her, I am not very optimistic.

  7. kathleen says:

    Wow, Nathan,
    If your wife or child was missing and you were named a person of interest, you’d clam up? You’d withold information that could lead them to the abductor? The spouse or parent is almost always a person of interest! Most people are killed by a family member or someone they know. That’s just a cold ugly fact. If it were me, I’d accept that probably uncomfortable spotlight as the routine, and tell every fact I knew to help find my spouse or child-that is, if I was innocent. Look at Elizabeth Smart’s father… he didn’t give being a person of interest a second thought. If he had exercised his 5th amendment rights, they would never have known about the worker on the property who turned out to be the abductor. Taking the 5th would be like turning your back on your loved one when they need you most.

    As for your hope that “Josh is innocent and that he is actively looking for his wife (even if it’s not in conjunction with the police)” that sounds a little like OJ searching for the real killer… from a golf cart. Since Josh fled the state to Daddy’s house in Washington, I doubt he’s searching for anything but an escape.

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  9. Russell Vlaanderen. says:

    Russell Said. I think Susan Power was murder by her husband in Colorado. Not on-
    ly in Colorado but in United States of America. By the way Doctor Phil. Welcome-
    to Colorado. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.——————————–

  10. I agree with legal analyst Lisa Bloom.

    Also, kudos to Shelby et al creating the Susan Cox Powell Foundation for a positive endeavor:


    INTERNATIONAL links for help IF anyone in a Domestic Violence situation:


    HPP was added to General & Mental Health Resources live link on Depression Message Board I suggested in 2005, around 2007, after I suggested to Dr. Phil Website moderators/tech staff.



    I am a survivor of abuse by a grandfatherly type babysitter at age 4 where we rented in St. Petersburg, FL, in 1959… Who lied about my mother to create a diversion to CYA that led to my being in a foster home my 5th birthday, Thanksgiving & Christmas, 1959.

    Then, later assaulted by neighbor children when I was 5, 6 & 8…

    Predators count on persons trying to handle on their own whether trying not to add to drama in their homes if a child of a parent, disabled like my father, or whether person is embarrassed to or has “learned helplessness” from being threatened etc. Non-predators are no match for persons who have zero conscience. People, like myself, feel like others will do the right thing. Not always. Most predators have had the opposite experience where persons did the wrong thing with them and instead of taking the higher road… some choose to be predators continuing the cycle of predator doing the wrong thing with them.

    I actually wrote an unpublished book “No Purple Hearts” about how people knowing my father was a disabled WWII veteran instead of having empathy often saw opportunity to exploit that I was home alone since my mother worked 2 jobs. Why would three teen boys sodomize a five year old and say didn’t & that their five year old brother did? Their father said about “five year old” (”Boys will be boys.”) So we moved to a farm and my mother’s car was totaled when a speeding car had to run into mother to miss school bus pulling out on Old Hwy. 77 just outside of Norman, OK. (When mother dropped me off for school bus when I was still 5 or just turned 6, 1960.

    Why would a fellow American think, “Oh, here’s this teen girl at home with her mom working two jobs and her disabled veteran father at Bonham, Texas VA hospital so I think I’ll rape her & hit her in the face & stalk her & terrorize her to get my jollies?”

    Why would a grandfatherly type man where my mother rented since my father was hospitalized in VA Hospital during our vacation in Florida, in 1959, try to molest my brother and I? Then, when we escaped, to CYA say that my mother skipped town without paying rent, adding insult to injury, taking mother’s rent money with my brother & I winding up in a foster home? Most predators have a plan B if get caught to create a diversion SO please when someone seems calm & collected that doesn’t mean innocent and often instead well rehearsed. Why? Because over and over we see not everybody is nice so take note of red flags and intuition.

    It is for this reason and others I’ve seen in the news that I suggested to President Clinton Administration the summer of 1998, when Clinton Administration sent me addresses of EVERY Department of Education in every State et al under U.S. Jurisdiction… that I suggested to former President Clinton “and” those entities:

    EMOTIONAL and LIFE SKILL EDUCATION K-12 (daily) class of age appropriate topics since our EQ’s are as important as our IQ’s. With texts like Dr. Phil, Jay’s & Robin’s & their colleagues, ROLE PLAYING, field trips, watching programs like THE DOCTORS and DR. PHIL about age appropriate topics. How many times do we need to see things can go horribly wrong to realize that we all need to be well rehearsed in what to do in a crisis BEFORE we are in a crisis?

    The police told me June 7, 1976, when they thought a stalker had planned to kill me. “You need a BIG man to protect you because we cannot protect you 24/7 and we think person stalking you didn’t have rifle on table because he was considering suicide and because planned to kill you.” Well, most BIG men I’ve met had zero intention of ever helping me and every intention of further exploiting me… Teaching/bullying me into how to treat them via “learned helplessness.” That doesn’t make me a victim… that makes me a survivor of HOW IT IS IN THE REAL WORLD for one in four women!!!

    One Dr. Phil show years ago when Dr. Phil said a man who’d mistreated a woman who was on his show ought to be “kicked to the curb” for doing so… It was SO liberating to be validated that how I was done wasn’t right even though I knew wasn’t. I needed to hear what I knew to be validated. My mother’s first two babies/sons died at birth and that day Dr. Phil was like the older protective brother I always wished I had.

    See, ironically, not only did I use to look a lot like Nicole Simpson… the man stalking me used as softball number the number 32 since idolized O.J. Simpson. Well, I don’t look like Nicole now so you had to be there and I was lucky that even though police thought man intended to kill me June 7, 1976, I SURVIVED albeit though with “learned helplessness.” What I learned… Ladies, don’t threaten leaving… IF you need to leave… leave w/o a trail if possible which realistically isn’t easy to do with creditors who still want to be paid where ever you are. If a man says may kill you… he may have just lost cool or he very well may… we see again and again.

    I oscillated from not asking for help to not worry anyone to being almost embarrassed to death to say anything since embarrassing to say someone called me “a bitch, whore, and a slut like a dog in heat.” Why? Because I didn’t want to date the person since I was 16 and he was 20. If the N word is tabu why aren’t those degrading words that every race and both genders call each other? Thank God for stalking laws post Nicole Simpson and post my being terrorized when I was told not to call police for a man yelling up obscenities.

    In the book THE GIFT OF FEAR the author says that predators target polite persons and, true, as I don’t know HOW many times I was told IF a Christian I should forgive & should not be judgmental. It is just as judgmental if someone stifles you from being your authentic self. Folks in John 8:7-11 when Jesus said, “Go and sin no more” He said just that NOT go and continue as before. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to stick around for more abuse from person for even Jesus said, “When not accepted… kick the sand from your sandles and move on to where you are.” If God is love and your relationship isn’t of love whether married or not… it isn’t of God. Don’t be embarrassed to death to get out of a situation that is killing you and don’t stay if you fear for your life so much you tell your boss if doesn’t hear from you your spouse may have hurt you.

    How many times do we need to see things can go horribly wrong to realize that we all need to be well rehearsed in what to do in a crisis BEFORE we are in a crisis?

    I was told by Police once to not go outside since the “object of his anger” after a man stalking me beat me up. Object? Well, most my life I’ve been under bully imposed house arrest. Can I come out now? IDK if I want to with the likes of Joshes around. Yet I feel blessed that I’ve only just been hit in face as a teen by a rapist, threatened with knives, almost suffocated with a pillow, put into head locks and called vulgar names etc. and all the above and more. Why? Because I’m still alive to canvas to former President Clinton and Dr. Phil et al now to begin Emotional and Life Skill Education K-12 (daily) classes NATIONWIDE. What does it say America? That fellow Americans would do such things to one another as I’ve mentioned and worse? It says we need to learn better and when know better DO BETTER. Yell it! Spell it! DO IT! Emotional and Life Skill Education K-12 (daily) class because parents cannot teach what they have not learned or protect children who don’t speak up and try to handle on their own.

  11. ritareplies says:

    The disappearance of Susan Powell is heartbreaking. It seems that every time we turn around we hear on the news about yet another “young wife a/o mother” who has “gone missing”. Pretty Laci Petersen in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy when she “went missing”; killed by her husband Scott Petersen. Anastasia King of Mountlake Terrace, WA who disappeared and later was found murdered by her husband Indle King, Jr. after she was brought to this country from Krygyzstan as a mail order bride. There are many others. There is also the obvious (to us regular folk anyway) of “foul play right away” by the husband such as OJ. (How he wasn’t found “guilty” of Nicole’s murder I’ll never know). For Josh Powell to claim to “even us regular folk” that he took his two toddlers “camping” at midnight in the middle of winter is “ridiculous” at best. Then when he came home Susan was “gone?” It seems “obvious” to me that he had something to do with Susan’s “disappearance”. I ask myself whenever I hear of another case like this; “Why can’t these men just seek a divorce?” I will end this on a high note with this: Back in Nov. 2009 a young man named Nicholas Francisco was found in Los Angeles after having “disappeared” from Seattle, WA in Feb. 2008. His wife was pregnant with their 3rd child and an extensive search was initially made. Turns out he changed his name after leaving the state and his explanation was he did not want to be married anymore and did not want to pay child support. My husband was “very angry” at hearing how this selfish jerk could do this to his wife and kids. I simply told him, “Well, at least he didn’t murder her or his kids.”

  12. Nathan says:

    Wow Kathleen,

    The very fact that you (and everyone else) seem to know that “…Most people are killed by a family member or someone they know…” is why I’d be hesitant to talk to the police about ANYTHING.

    This idea has nothing to do with me not caring about my wife and family. I would give my own life to save any one of them and would search for them endlessly if any of them turned up missing. But it would be impossible for me to continue to protect my family if I were falsely convicted of a crime due to something that I’d said that just “didn’t sit well” with investigators.

    Once more, the real issue is finding this woman- and I truly hope that she is safe and alive. But I don’t like it when people are accused of crimes merely because they don’t want to “talk to the police.” That’s not fair to those of us who use our Constitutional Freedoms for what they were originally intended for.

  13. ritareplies says:

    To Nathan who says that if his own wife and kids were to “go missing”, that he would excercise his “fifth amendment” right. You are correct in how this right is used and what this right represents. However, I agree with most commenters here that it looks “suspicious” when a “person” a/o “person of interest” keeps quiet and does not assist law enforcement to find their loved one. If this happened to you Nathan and I pray that it never does; would you “really” be more concerned about the possibility of your “statements” to the police being “twisted around” to be used against you for future possible “conviction” than to be concerned about the “immediate urgency” of finding your wife and kids? In other words; Would you waste your time and the police’s time by worrying about what would happen to “you” in the future rather than what is the future outcome of your wife and kids if you excercise your “fifth amendment” right? Who is more important to “you”? In Susan Powell’s case her husband Josh is “clearly” showing who is more important to him; “himself”. After all, he’s excercising his “fifth amendment” right.

  14. God Bless Susan, her boys, and her family! We will keep them in our prayers. The reason for the husband’s camping trip, truly do not add up. Especially the time in which he left and the temperatures that were taking place.

    Happy Anniversary Dr. Phil. Was on the show 1 year ago yesterday!

  15. ritareplies says:

    Nathan, in response to what you said to Kathleen about how it would be impossible for you to continue protecting your family if you were falsely convicted of a crime due to something you’d said that just “didn’t sit well” with investigators?
    For starters; a person cannot be “convicted” for a crime without “evidence”. I know that there have been some people “wrongly” convicted of a crime, but I doubt that they were convicted because of something they said that “didn’t sit well” with investigators. Also, invoking your “fifth amendment” right would do “nothing” to protect your family as the police would be more focused on you and why you weren’t talking rather than focusing their attention where it needed to be: finding out what happened and who did it! People like you who go around with their “I don’t want my constitutional rights to be violated or ignored blah, blah, blah,” generally do more harm than good in situations like this.

  16. JenLaw says:

    I feel horrible for the family in regards to Susan. Mainly the Children. This type of dissapearamce is so hard on everyone close to the victim. They are all victims at this point. I just don’t see a Mother leaving her children. I know Women and Men have left their children and know things happen, but most Mother’s are not going to just up and leave her children just because.
    Also the Husband not participatig in the search and cooperating with the police only makes him look bad. If he can go camping in the middle of the night in freezing cold temeratures, then why wouldn’t he be able to be on a search for his wife. This whole thing is a lot bigger than a husband not going out to help search for his wife. He is acting like a person with a lot of guilt. I do hope for the children’s sake he is not involved, but it’s looking real slim for him.

  17. Catherine says:

    Hmmm…. Nathan something is amiss! He says he would go to the ends of the earth to find children/wife, but he also says some very simple things he would not do such as cooperate with authorities because the police “might” twist his words and he would then be falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit because of it!!!!!!! So he would keep quite! I can’t even begin to state everything that is wrong with that logic and presumptious paranoia that goes with that line of thinking! Really amazing! Just goes to show that a person can completely understand what an amendment is and means and have no idea when it would be prudent to use that right!!!!

  18. FosterBoys says:

    One of the comments seems like a case of choosing to be right over being happy. You’re right — the worst case scenario is that prosecutors may consider you a suspect based on your answers. Do you want to be ruled out as a suspect or are you so self-absorbed that this issue stops being about a missing person and becomes your own self-righteous crusade?

    The fact remains (among, at least those who study the subject) that violent crimes are, in fact, seldom committed by strangers. Let me know if you have a hard time swallowing that — I’ll point you in the direction of the databases.

  19. kathleen says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Facts are facts. Most people are killed by someone they know… it only makes sense. In order to find a missing person, you have to rule out the obvious, and that includes looking at family or SOs. Being a “person of interest” is a long way from being convicted. I would be completely fine with this approach–again, IF I WAS INNOCENT. And if my loved one was missing, the last thing I’d care about would be my constitutional freedoms.

    What you say, that you’d give your own life to save them, doesn’t ring true when you claim you’d refuse to talk to police. If you’d give your life, why wouldn’t you give your privacy? Or risk jail? You’re right, the real issue is finding this woman. But it’s going to be a much slower process without cooperation. What if she’s in a time-sensitive situation, left tied up without food or water? Don’t expect the police to work miracles without the information they need.

    And by the way, how can you be convicted of “something that doesn’t sit well”?

    Again, it’s hard to believe you’d give your life for your family if you’re not even willing to chance losing your freedom. But it’s certainly your right.

  20. Lorean Siller says:

    You’ve said it before Dr. Phil. People who have nothing to hide, should be cooperating and participating in the search. The fact that he is not leads me to wonder if camping out with the kids was something he did often? There simply needs to be more investigation into the relationship and what others (friends, co-workers) have to say about this couple. Mental health issues can arise in late 20’s. Is there a history in his family? There are many questions the police should be asking him.
    The comment you made about reaching out to professionals when you feel something is terribly wrong and you fear the outcome. I would like you to stress this to women in fear, to listen to their instinct and to tell their boss or their friends when they don’t show up for work or important meetings. We need to empower women to be more proactive. Yes, you love them — but if you are right, do you think it is right that 2 little boys no longer have a mother because you didn’t speak up, act, or take that one necessary step. Please keep stressing women to tell at least one or two confidants. Its so important because God gave us our instinct as a gift – a gift that is there to protect us.

  21. Nicole Dover says:

    It does not all fit together. Why you would take the kids camping in the cold of winter and why you would live in the middle of the night, but sometimes things dont make since. Then when the police don’t have any leads they just seems to put is aside which is not right either but that happens in a lot of places. My friend here was killed he was found in his front yard dead in a garbage bag but once he was found then it falls off the radar. We have not heard anymore about it. They are not investigating anymore and it seems like the police say oh well. It makes you look down on the police like they wont help or go very far for justice.

    The family of Susan Powell are in my thoughts and prays. I hope she is found.

  22. Elissa says:

    It is a prime example of how the justice system fails women and children. There is no doubt in many, many peoples minds, that the father is guilty, yet let him keep his children, so when he decides to hurt someone else, it could be them. The children could stay with the mothers parents until he is proved innocent. The truth is, in America if a woman is in danger of her life, there is no real protection. (Restraining order?! Ha!- it’ll take at least an hour for the police to get there, and by then you’ll be dead. It’s just a peice of paper after all.) And if you live with an abusive husband, (knowing no one will truly protect you or your children but you) dcf will accuse you of secondary abuse by staying in the situation. But look, even if there is obvious domestic abuse, the father still gets the children. While that poor mother quite possibly turns in her grave. Women try to protect their children. Leaving an abusive husband with no proof of their abuse does not protect them. That is one reason they stay. I pray for this woman’s children and hope to god they discover who did this, before it is too late.

  23. Anita says:

    I can see Nathan’s point, but at the same time, I do believe a guilty person would also plead the fifth. But, I have said to my husband, if it were me, and I was innocent, and I felt that the police were trying to pin the crime on me, I might clam up. It certainly has happened in the past. But, also, this whole thing is fishy, the camping story, the fact that she told her friends and family that there were problems and she was thinking of leaving. That he was controlling… on and on. IF he did it then he is getting away with it, if he DIDN’T do it then there’s a killer out there who is getting away with it. I wish this case could be solved. I wonder if it ever will be solved. It’s just so sad for Susan, her kids, her family, even her husband, if he’s innocent. Hopefully, eventually, there will be some kind of a break in this case, one way or another.

  24. Brunie says:

    As a married mother of 2, I would expect my husband to do everything in his power to find me, moving out of state is not consider helping to find me. I understand that because there is no body and or weapon then there is no crime. But in a normal mind, would a father of 2 small children take them out in the ‘middle of the night’ not day, in freezing tempatures???? This might make him a person of interest, but the alabi qualifies for an arrest. This is not a normal excuse, beeeeep – you flunked the test. Unfortunately the law is following the book even though they know who did it. I pray for Susan’s body to be found so that justice can finally do their job.

  25. Lorina says:

    My prayers are with her and her family… This is just a horrible situation and every parents and families nightmare!! She and her family need all the prayers they can get. I’m just heart-sick that her husband has left the state with the kids and that he isn’t cooperating to help find her! I really hope they can find out soooooon if he is guilty and get those kids back with her family! What a night-mare. Please God, if she is still alive, help the police and her family find her, and help the one responsible to be held accountable.. Pleading with love, hope and prayers…

  26. kayla says:

    I’m from washington where Josh moved to and MURDERS are not welcome here. Poor childern :(

  27. Delyse says:

    The perspective of actions speaking louder than words applies to Josh Powell His behavior makes him far more than just a “person of interest”. After his initial interview with the authorities its no wonder his attorney told him to zip it. His ridiculous “alibi” leaves no doubt in my mind that he was responsible for her demise. He skulks around, won’t make eye contact, has gone into “hiding”, and has pretty much moved on with his life. I’m wondering how long he’ll wait before having her declared dead so he can collect Social Security death benefits for the boys. There are many places to dump a body that would never be found, or possibly not found until next hunting season within an hour drive of his home, north, south, east or west. Do you remember Mark Hacking…he just put his wife in a dumpster and it took nearly a month to locate her body in the landfill by authorities. One of Ted Bundy’s victims was never found, she lived about 15 miles from the Powells. Josh is smart to utilize his fifth amendment rights because he isn’t a very good liar. But his body language and his actions and activities since his wife’s disappearance speak volumes. There is a real possibility that Susan’s body will never be found and even with the incredible abilities of criminal forensics if her body is found, they may never know the circumstances that caused her death, but common sense tells us Josh has all the answers and isn’t jazzed about spending his life in jail or worse. His boys will grow up and just maybe have a memory of that night they went “camping” in subfreezing weather.
    I believe the West Valley Police are probably getting their ducks in a row so Josh should enjoy his freedom while he can.

  28. Tammy says:

    Hi, I have read many of the comments posted and as a sister of a man who was murdered by his wife I have to say that you can NOT say how you would react to a situation like this until you have experience it. I can honestly say that the reaction I had when I found out about my brother was not the reaction I would have thought I’d have. Some of these comments are outrageous! Fifth ammendment?? Please, Nathan you mean to tell me that you would really be more concerned about how it might “look” if you were to say something that could be construed as suspicous, instead of finding your loved one? Don’t get me wrong I know there is cases where innocent people get convicted for a crime they didn’t commit, however with most of those cases there is more then just a comment that convicted them. If Josh is hindering the investigation I believe he should be more then a person of “interest”. And to be able to move out of state with children that could possibly be in danger, is totally absurd! I mean for real, what is wrong with this system to allow him to do that. Don’t get me wrong he could have visitation but to have full custody? I am totally blown away with how he can do the things he has done. I live in Wyoming and I know how cold it can get, I would never take my children camping in those tempetures, let alone in the middle of the night. If he has nothing to hide, why move? Why not help find the woman who he’s married to? The woman he’s suppose to love? My heart goes out to her family and friends and I pray for a happy ending. I truly hope they find her.

  29. Beth Gaddy says:

    I am totally disgusted with the show today. (March 8th, Monday) These girls brough this on themselves and for Dr. Phil to CONTINUE to aide them in their self destruction is totally uncalled for. There are so many people out there that really need help and actually try to help themselves and cannot, it just seems ludicrous that Dr. Phil seems to keep aiding these self destructive individuals. Katherine, Alex and the mother Erin. Erin truly needs to STOP allowing these girls to run all over her. She is the enabler.

  30. Rachael says:

    As a woman who lived with domestic violence for 10 years and feared for my safety, I am disturbed by this story.
    Subponea the husband and make him talk…I am sorry but he is guilty..of something. His children and her parents deserve more and better than this.
    I hope and pray that he is moved, for whatever reason, to speak up and grant everyone some peace.

  31. Kristin says:

    I agree that the rights of our constitution should be used by anyone who wants to excercise those rights. However, you can use plead the 5th and participate in the search to find your wife! In this case, Josh is NOT talking to anyone at all about anything that happened that day. He is not participating in finding his wife. He has moved out of their home in UT and back to his hometown in WA. His story is not adding up, he refuses to let Susan’s parents see the boys, he has not pleaded in newpapers/tv/or any other forms of national communication to “Please find my wife!”. Where I would be perfectly content with him pleading the 5th, the lack of action is not helping Josh’s case. I am not saying that he is quilty of anything at this point, but I am not seeing anything that screams “innocent man” either.

  32. Donna says:

    I believe we all tend to jump to conclusions. I don’t honestly know what I would do. I hope I never find out.

    I find it odd to take two little boys camping in the cold. The fact that she disappears on that night – odd as well. Him not talking – I find strange. If the father of my children vanished I would hope that when they asked what did you do to help get him back – I would want to answer more than “nothing”.

    I understand wanting to protect yourself from becoming a suspect but everyone who touched her life and was over 18 likely is.

    I would hope if I ever go missing my husband tells them everything about me. EVERYTHING he can, no matter how irrelevant he thinks it is – just to get me back to my children and him. But that’s just me.

  33. tammy says:

    this man is guilty in my eyes, this is why we are seeing so much of this is because all the killers are getting by with killing. it shouldn;t be so hard to get these people behind bars,

  34. patricia says:

    we here ever day about another missing person there are a few around where i live we need to learn to protect our selves the police shure as heck wont i am abused i have a restraing order oh well it just dosen’t seem to matter any way he keep getting away with stuff he kn ows how far he can go now he is threating my life and the life of my doge through others i call the police they keep telling me ther is nothing we can do unless he physicaly dose somthing to me the neighbors all though we had a happy marriage so did all our friens i guess no one pick up on what was relly going on after i kicked him out thatn comon freind told me he had a history of this why didnot they tell me before we were married i guess i should have seen i comming there were a few fights before marriage
    he had attempted suicide when married to his past wife he convinced me that it was all her fault and that the restraining orders were put on him so she could have sex with other men boy was i gullable iguess you have to go muissing to get any help because in a small ruel area they ether went to scholl with them or there sister of ther parents are freinds the other day he was on my property i called 911 no one showed up to help later that night the office told me i don’t know what happened an officer was dispatch they just didn’t arrive it was going to be investigated then the office had the gull to convine me not to press charges for him going agai9nst the restaing order it would just look like i was retaliating against him so if i dissapear don’t even question what has happened he got his wish they proubly wont find my body for a few years thisn is quit proubly what happented to this poor girle it happens everday more that we ever hear in the new thnk you phill for atleast geting one story heard

  35. Rochelle says:

    I was so hoping that the young lady and her son would be found safely. What happened to them is heart-wrenching! We are living in trying times, people seem not to have any regard for HUMAN LIFE anymore! My prayers go out to her and her little boy, as well as, her family!

  36. sharonjones says:

    I dont live in america but i watch your show every morning and i do think that the police should be looking at susans husband if he had nothing to hide why would he not cooperate and do everything to find his lovely wife his story seems very strange to me and probaly everyone around him who knows him so well hope she is found safe and well for her childrens sakes.

  37. elizabeth bowen says:

    I’m so tired of so many women being murdered by their spouses, children molested by perverts and relatives, women raped, women disrespected in popular music, sleazy ads in magazines, tv commercials and shows that have obvious sexual overtones throughout.
    Sex is coming at you 24/7 these days. I hate to think of the increase in violence and sex crimes that will erupt as the current teen generation grows up.
    Susan’s creepy husband is guilty and I hope they get him on it soon.
    I can’t believe they allow him to see his children.

  38. Carter says:

    The fact that this man has chosen to exercise his constitutional rights does not afford anyone the right to pronounce the man guilty before he has been given a trial. However, if the man’s silence was the only thing suspicious about his behavior, a lot less would probably be being said about the case at all. People go missing all the time, especially women and children. I dare say that the public never hears about most of them.

    Anyhow, I, like most people, only know about this case what I’ve learned from the media. I obviously don’t have all the facts but if the media has accurately presented the truth so far, then I’d say that the man’s credibility is quite questionable. For instance, the man’s alibi. Really difficult to buy into. Even if the man was so lacking in judgment that he would take his very young sons out into the freezing cold in the middle of winter intending to spend the night there for a supposed father-son camping trip, I cannot imagine it would have been a pleasureable experience for any of them. Anyone who has been aroung children that young for any length of time would know just how vocal they can be when they are unhappy or uncomfortable. I can just hear the crying and so forth. A dad would have to be pretty determined to accomplish that little spur of the moment camping event to endure the chaos. And where was his concern for their physical welfare, if his story has any truth to it at all? Did pneumonia, frost bite and at 15 degrees, the possiblility of death not occur to him?

    Futhermore, I don’t know what child protection laws govern their state, but in Texas, as a precautionary measure until the verdict of the trial was determined, the father, at the very least would have been asked to place the children with a relative in the best interest of the children. If he had not done so willingly, a court order may have been obtained due to the man’s own statements regarding the camping trip. Even though no actual physical harm came to the children, the father placed his children a risk of harm that night. Family law is very clear on this. I, like others here, hope to goodness that the man is innocent, otherwise the children could be in grave danger.

  39. Joe says:

    I can’t say the husband is guilty or not, I can say that I love my wife and would stop any nothing to find her if she came up missing. I think that her husband is a coward and really upsets me that police have done almost nothing to figure this whole mess out.

  40. Douglas Gerber says:

    It is strange that as soon as I looked at picture of Susan that I had de ja vue about a woman that I met a couple days ago that looked allot like the picture. If I could get some more information about Susan, maybe I can make sure that the woman that I met is the same woman in the picture.

  41. Jacquelynn says:

    I think her husband killed her. The reason he was gone so long camping is because the ground is hard and he probably couldn’t dig too deep. Look at the rental car’s total mileage and divide it in half. Subtract 40 miles. Draw a circle of that mileage away from his house. That’s where the body is. He didn’t have that much time and he had to move the body, then return the rental car. I camp all the time with girl scouts as I am a leader. They are in third grade and I don’t take them camping if it’s less than 30 degrees out. It’s just too darn cold.

  42. Susan Powell says:

    [...] investigation into the disappearance of Susan Powell. A local newspaper reported the body was foundSusan Powell – West Valley City police confirm they have been in contact with Idaho police there as part of [...]

  43. ROBIN EARLE says:

    I was never aware of the real evil in our world and I am 56 year old women. I was 33 when my brother died and I just turned off my TV and never watched it again. Then I was unable to walk for several months so I started watching CNN a few years ago. I then started watching Nancy Grace and Jane. When I saw this case come up from the bigging, I have taken this case much more to heart. I am learning more and more about the increase in crime against women. I did follow the Laci Peterson case as I was in a gym on a tread mill when I heard the day she went missing. Yet, this case is so hard to handle as I just can’t see how Josh Powell can not be involved. One fact after another does not add up and his stating he took his kids camping in the middle of winter; even if it WAS his day off work is off the top. We who are mothers know. I would not let my husband walk out that door at midnight, in the dead of winter to take my kids camping no matter what the age! I could go on and on but it all has been said. Pleading the 5th? I can tell you I would do what ever it takes for any one I love to help Police be able to get on with the search. If you have nothing to hide, there just won’t be any thing to prove other wise. Our justice system is set up in a way to my surprise just how much proof they have to have before they could ever convict an innocent spouse. I pray for Susan Powell every night and hope that God reaches down and guides the police in this investigation. I have to believe that when something so horrible is done to a mother who does not have the kind of husband who would do whatever he could do to help, then we all must keep this story a live. He must have to answer to this either way. I just can not believe that what little he has said has any truth in it. I am so afraid the police are letting him slip away. I know we are to assume innocent before guility but how can any one believe this man and his otr rageous story! I will continue to Pray for Susan Powell, because if this story goes away and justice is not served we will continue to see more and more women find the same fait. My praryers go out to her family. Please don’t stop fighting for Susan!

  44. edmund says:

    For anyone with a normal intelligence and normal intentions and with finacial difficulties–there would be no lawyer–no failure to cooperate.

  45. The Disappearance of Susan Powell | Turning Point: The Official Dr ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)

  46. Paulette says:

    As I am a New Zealander, I am unsure of your laws in the USA, but I feel the Police should be able to convict Josh Powell on circumstantial evidence. The fact that his alibi is incredulous, the probable cover up of DNA evidence, where the carpet was cleaned and drying by fans,and the probability that Susan was a victim of domestic abuse. What was the analysis of the wet carpet? What did the children have to say about that day? C’mon detectives! Solve this case! Its staring at you in the face and laughing!

  47. Mimi says:

    Morning I believe Susan Powell her husbend kill his wife in the house & at night time removed her body from his geroge & strapped the boys in & left then dumped her body there then came back put the boys too bed then call too Police his wife is gone too cover his butt I think the Father too Susan should change his mind about his Son -In law. Mimi

  48. Mimi says:

    Morning All now about the woman hot souse down her Son s mouth & cold shower that is toldely child abuse I am not that stupid too do that too my children witch I have a Cat 13 & puppy who will be 4. Mimi

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