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March 12th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Avery Elizabeth McGraw

baby1I’ve shaken a lot of hands over the years, but the most powerful handclasp I’ve ever experienced in my life took place a few days ago when Avery Elizabeth McGraw, my new granddaughter, wrapped her hand around my little finger.

When she was delivered, I quickly tweeted that this was going to be a game changer. I was way off the mark. This is such a life-changing event that I don’t even know where to start. No single emotion can describe what Robin and I are going through. There is, of course, the elation that Avery Elizabeth is a bright-eyed, bubbling baby, already so full of life. There is the immense sense of relief that neither she nor her mother experienced any complications during the delivery. There is also the overwhelming pride we feel looking at Jay and Erica, realizing they are now parents, about to start a whole new, wonderful phase of their lives.

And, interestingly enough, Robin and I have begun to truly understand something else. With the arrival of a new generation in the family, we suddenly realize where we are in the continuum of life.  We are at a place where we have to admit that life no longer stretches endlessly ahead of us. We are, indeed, at a place where we can number our remaining years.

In a way, it’s been sobering to recognize how quickly things move on. But we also think of this as a magnificent opportunity to make those remaining years as important and as meaningful as they can be.

How are we going to do that? I’ll tell you one way: we are definitely going to spend the next chapter of our lives being the best grandparents we can. We absolutely cannot wait to provide unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life — as well as cookies, and extra spending money, and on and on. We have promised ourselves that we will be the kind of grandparents who are always short on criticism, long on love and respectful of her parents’ guidelines in shaping their daughter.

I do love how the cycle of life works. Jay and Erica have always made us proud, and they will do so as parents.  We have already seen their loving touch, their gentle nature with their daughter.  Avery is blessed to be born into a happy and stable marriage; a God-centered home with vibrant and involved parents. Robin and I, along with Uncle Jordan, gladly accept the challenge to make her the most spoiled granddaughter on the globe!

HA! Did I say that out loud? Well, it could very well be true. Robin held her every chance she got today, rocking and cooing. And a friend said to me, after watching me grin with delight while little Avery Elizabeth snuggled into the crook of my arm, “That girl’s going to get more out of you than the IRS.” And why not? In just these few days, she’s already given Robin and me a feeling of joy that can’t be measured. And as time goes on, she will be giving us the chance to see the world again, through a brand new pair of eyes. She will take us places we wouldn’t otherwise go. She will show us things we’ve gotten too jaded to notice. She will surprise and delight us, and I hope we do the same for her, sprinkling whatever stardust we can on her life.

I love the old saying, “Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.” God has compensated us well. Welcome to this world, Avery Elizabeth McGraw.

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651 Responses to “Avery Elizabeth McGraw”

  1. Cathy Ripley says:

    WOW, congratulations, she truly is the most beautiful baby ever, Robin was right, that little girl did melt you!! lol…anyway, you guys were discussing what names the baby might call you…I agree that Robin definately looks like a grandma, but you Dr Phil..I truly believe you look like a POPPY!! I can just envision her tiny hand in yours, walking through the park and telling all sorts of stories to “My Poppy”

  2. Kathy O'Brien says:

    Congratulations to the whole McGraw family. There is nothing like being a grandparent, it can be a lot of fun. I have 3 grandsons and I love them all. They are all unique in their own way. Your grandaughter is beatiful and I know that she will have all the love that she needs and more. Enjoy her they grow to fast.
    Congratulations again, Kathy

  3. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on your new granddaughter! I know exactly how you feel Robin. You just can’t get your hands on her fast enough or long enough and you really don’t want to share her with anyone! I was totally consumed when my first granddaughter was born and it continued on with each of the other three that I have. My last grandchild is a girl and I had that “I want her to myself” attitude with her also. So you have many wonderful years of love and hugs! It is also so amazing to watch a grown man (grandpa Phil) melt and to watch a tiny baby wrap him around her finger in seconds that lasts a life time.

    “If I would have known grandchildren were so much fun I would have had them first.”

  4. linda says:

    I think dr’ phil is a poppy ‘ and robin is a meemee like mee . luv the pic wondering when she was born ‘ what day haven’t seen that date hope march 5th on my birthday ?

  5. Patti says:

    Congratulations to you…..I think you should be pappa and mema…..it feels right!

  6. cheryl says:

    congrats to dr phil and robin and family avery is truly beautiful and your family has come full circle and every day will be more blessed for all of u

  7. Joanne Dietz says:

    Hi Grandma and Grandpa, congrats. I see that Avery has a dimple in her chin, just like her Dad. And, the reason for this dimple is that God thought she was so sweet, that He kept a piece of her for Himself.

  8. Thank heaven for little girls. Know exactly the same feelings you are both experiencing. You’ll also feel the same way when Great Grandchildren come along. (starts all over again). CONGRADULATIONS to both of you and to the happy parents.
    Pa Pa and Na Na?

  9. Bonnie Farkas says:

    I have to agree with you, Dr. Phil. She is indeed an extremely cute baby. Enjoy every moment with her.Best wishes to the entire McGraw family.

  10. ginger brown says:

    well welcome to to world of grandparenting. you have just entered a world that will fill your hearts in a way they have never been filled before. congradulations to all of the McGraws…what a blessed child she is and oh what many blessings she will bring to all of you

  11. marie says:

    wow dr.phil,and robin,and brand new parents!!! little avery is beautiful!! congradulations to the brand new parents,and grandparents!! what a lucky little girl!

  12. Karen Walker says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you!!!!…AND…Welcome Avery!!!…She is BEAUTIFUL and Soooo healthy looking!!! Good job mom n dad!!! Watching THE show yesterday brought tears to my eyes; I felt your joy! I have 8 beautiful grandchildren, and each one is a miracle! Just a little story: when my now 10yr. old grand-dtr. Taylor was learning to walk, she took a few steps towards the coffee table that was between her mother (my dtr. Kelli) and me; when she started to stumble; I screamed out “KELLI”!!!! My dtr.; who had already lunged forward to grab her, yelled back “I’m the mother; I wasn’t going to let her fall!!” I replied you’re right, and I have never forgotten that day!!! That’s when I realized the hardest part of being a grandparent, is remembering I’m NOT the mom. My “children” are very loving parents, and my grandchildren are happy; who could ask for more?! I’m 57yrs. old?!…and my 16yr. old grandson once told his friend yrs. ago when describing me, “She’s not like one of them old grandmas”!!!Lol. Have Fun!!

  13. Donna Minicola says:

    Congratulations to you & Robin & of course to the mommy & daddy.I live in Canada & am the grandma to twin girls.They are the light of our lives.What a wonderful date to be born on March 18th.My birthday is March 20th.You were not sure what little Avery should call you.Well you have a little while to think of it.You can be sure she will call you whatever she wants and you will melt when she does.Our little angels call us grandma & poppa.I think poppa suits you.Just like it suits my husband.Don’t hurry her to talk though because they grow up way too fast. Congratulaions again.& treasure every minute.

  14. Congratulation’s. God Bless you and your Family.

  15. Kathy C says:

    Congratulations Dr Phil and Robin. I watched the show when you introduced Avery to the world. She is so beautiful. Congratulations to Jay and Erica she is so beautiful. Thank you for showing her to the world. I love your show.

  16. Editha says:

    Everyone says that she will decide what to call you. True, but they only know what they are taught. Make it unique to you. None of this Poppa, MeMa, G.Ma, G.Pa, that everybody in the world has. You’ll always be glad you made that choice.

  17. Toyia says:

    You and Robin are looking for grandparents names: I go by “Grana”. My husband is “Popie”. And the grandkids can say it.


  19. amy says:

    Congrats on being grandparents. It is an exciting time in ones live when your children grow up and have kids of their own. I am a grandma of a wonderful grandaughter and have another one on the way. Just remember that you can spoil them and send them home to mom and dad. It is wonderful.

  20. Sheri Anderson says:

    Hi Dr. Phil and Robin: I watched the show when you introduced your beautiful granddaughter Avery Elizabeth to the world and I cried she’s absolutely beautiful and I was amazed that she didn’t cry once when the audience applauded . Congratulations to you and especially to Jay and Erica. Dr. Phil you were asking Jordan and Robin what they thought Avery should call you and my nieces and nephews call my dad “papa” I think suits you.

    Take Care
    Sheri Anderson
    Toronto, Ontario Canada

  21. Barb Beck says:

    Congratulations to you and Robin on becoming grandparents. I have a granddaughter who is almost 2 1/2. She is a delight and so much fun. Granddaughers are just the best. Enjoy every minute you can with Avery Elizabeth. ongratulations also to Jay & Erica.

  22. Stacey Wotruba says:

    Cute pictures of Avery, but why can’t I watch the whole show. Missed it when it aired. And I’m new to this so maybe I’m doing something wrong. Any ideas, let me know.

  23. Mara du Plessis says:

    Dear Dr Phil and Robin. Congratulations and welcome to the Very Proud Grandparents Club!! A Grandchild just fills a person’s whole being. Enjoy Avery.

    To Jay and Erica. Congratulations on becoming parents of lovely Avery.
    Thank you for sharing her with the world.

    Mara du Plessis
    Pretoria. South Africa

  24. Ginger says:

    Hi Dr Phil,congads on your sweet grandbaby,I know Robin and yourself will be amazing Grandparents.Dont worry little girls will love to all kinds of things that boys do also.some of my best memories are fishing with my grandparents.Enjoy the simple things in life.Warmest congrads

  25. mARIE says:


  26. VICKI THOMAS says:


  27. Iraida says:

    Welcome to the world of Grandma & Grandpa. Those are the most beautiful words you can hear from your little granddaughter. I have eight grandchildren, six boys and two granddaughters. After having three boys myself when that granddaughter came it was such a wonderful feeling, not that I didn’t enjoy my grandsons, cause they are great.

    Congratualtions Dr. Phil, Robin, Jay and Erica. May god bless you all always.

  28. Lori says:

    I watch your show everyday (dvr mostly) and I just had to write you about your beautiful new baby girl. I was blessed with a beautiful grandson Aiden Alexander on February 22, 2009. I flew out from California to Texas were she is stationed at Fort Hood on February 19. She went into labor that night at dinner. I was so blessed to be there with her. Her husband was deployed in Iraq, so I was the only one there with her…let me tell you it was amazing, and I as Jordan got pulled over on the way to the hospital. Even after 36 hours of labor, and no sleep for either one of us, it was the most amazing thing to see your child (who happens to be a twin) give birth to your first grandchild. He is the most amazing boy and we found out that he will be a big brother in October. A girl would be nice, but healthy is all I ask for.

    And for my name as new grandma?? My sister called me Doodle while we were growing up (and still does), my nieces sons call me Aunt Doodle, so the only name that would work of course is “GRANDOODLE”. Although until he learns to talk a little better I am known as Doodoo, but he can call me anything he wants!!!

  29. Denise Evanichko says:

    CONGRATS! I just watched the video of your new grandbaby, she is adorable. Good Luck to the new parents, im sure she will bring you so much joy.

  30. mary Koering says:

    WOW! I know just how you feel Dr Phil and Robin. I love you guys, everytime I see you Dr Phil I see my oldest son, (49 yrs old) He has your eyes with that certian twinkle and the same little silly grin you have at times. Anyway about your new grandbaby, she is beautiful but mine were more beautiful and thats every grandparents right to claim. I have six children, 16 grandchildren and expecting the 9th great grandchild in Aug. We are just excited as each one enters this world and joins our family. So to say this….CONGRATULATIONS and many more to come! Enjoy each one differently as they are all wonderful in their own way. P.S. We live in the country and they have ALL chose to settle down within a three mile radious of us so we do have lots of love around us. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jean H says:

    I missed the show when you introduced Avery, but I’ve just seen the video. She’s a very pretty baby. As I watched, I could feel the joy in your hearts. And it only gets better.

  32. Donna says:

    Please send me details on Averys bith . date, weigh, how long ect. i missed that show. Thanks and Congrate

  33. MARIA says:

    Felicidades para los abuelos MACGRAW. My first granson was born in 1999. Same day my husband was laid off from HONEYWELL after 21 years of service. I tell you if it wasn’t for the joy we felt of becoming first time grandparents, my husband would have had a heart attack, which he ended up having anyway 18 months later. Our grandson is by-racial and many members of our family(matter of fact all of them) disowned us for accepting him. But you know what? We don’t care because ISAIAH (that’s his name) has brought us more joy,love and laughter then anyone in our lives!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this 10 almost 11 year old little boy!!! There is so much to this life story it would take a book to share with you all the events. Just keep in mind he is our HERO and there are 2 more boys and a girl after him!!!!!!!! Congratulations and God keep you all safe————-Maria

  34. Lindylouoz says:

    Just watched the show introducing Avery to the world!! Our grandfather has always been called *Grumps* by us kids – really very cute.


    What a precious gift you are, Avery Elizabeth
    To your Mum and Dad and grandparents, too
    You bring such joy to our lives. We love you oh so much
    And we delight in everything you do

    No baby on earth will be better loved than you
    Such new beginnings, they change everything
    But, nothing can compare to the love we feel for you
    And the joy that we know you have come to bring

    A bright-eyed bubbling baby, you are so full of life
    Your future lies ahead for you to know
    And we will always be there, to guide and to love you
    Throughout your life, wherever you may go

    © Michelle Tetley 2010



    Congratulations Jay and Erica on the birth of your beautiful daughter Avery Elizabeth. Enjoy the journey of being parents.
    Congratulations Dr Phil and Robin. I can see that the role of grandparents fits well with both of you. Thank-you for sharing your delight with us. Enjoy every moment.

    I wrote this poem for you after seeing your show aired in Melbourne Australia.
    The joy that radiated from all of you when you were talking about Avery Elizabeth inspired me to create this gift for you.
    I wish you all the best.
    From Michelle Tetley

  36. Linda Opperman says:

    I also have 6 (SIX ) granddaughters ages 8,7,6,5,4,3 . We also have an Avery Elizabeth , she is 7. I have been raising 4 of these beautiful granddaughters, my son is a single dad,( Mom left when the little one was 7 months, she is now 3. I know why God gives you children when you are 20-30 instead of 50-60( I am 62. I love my children ( 3) and my grandchildren, would do anything for them. You do not get to be the fun-loving grandparents when you have to be the mother . I would not have it any other way as they would never have the life they have now, or even near normal.

  37. Diane Northrup says:

    Grandchildren don’t make us feel older. They give us a new lease on life. I have 14 grandchildren including the newest-twin girls. I find I have enough love for them all and they are all unique. So bring them on!

  38. Sarah says:

    Congradulations on your beautiful granddaughter. She’s perfect!

  39. louise eberle says:

    avery has the most beautiful, limpid eyes i have ever seen. they truly are the window to her precious soul,louise eberle

  40. louise m. eberle says:

    dear dr. phil, avery has the most beautiful, limpid, blue eyes. they truly are the windows to her precious soul!, fondly, louise m. eberle

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  42. Emma Nolan says:

    Congradulation to you and the proud parents. You are truely Blessed By God with this lovely child. I know you have discovered very quickly why they are called
    “GRAND-CHILDREN” you are in for joy you have never had and happiness that is unbelieveable! Every time she reaches her little hands to you to be held and then the first time she calls you by name ( what ever that may be) I wanted to be called grand mama but my first grand daughter Ashleigh just look at me when I came through the door of their home to see them and said NANA and ran to me.
    so the other six have all called me nana, then everyone of them as they got older added my last name to it so I am Nana Nolan, their grand daddy became papa.
    she will probably come up with her own name for you both. But, you know something My oldest is now 27 and I don’t care what she calls me , but I do care that she loves me and she “CALLS” me! Enjoy and God Bless You all.

  43. When I was little, there were times when my mom worked and times when she stayed at home. I have to say I was much, much happier to be able to come home from school and have her there as opposed to having to go somewhere else and wait for someone to pick me up to go home.

  44. Coleen Kinnear (South Africa) says:

    Dear Dr. Phil & Robyn. I have seen the latest photos of Avery and she is so beautiful and looks like a little Princess. She is so blessed to have grand-parents like you and also beautiful parents. She is one lucky lady and I truly believe that she will grow up to be a absolute blessing to everyone that she comes into contact with. My two beautiful grand-children Brittney age 12 and Jason age 11 live in the Los Angeles area.{Venice Beach}. I sometimes sit and wonder how it would have been or could have been to live close to them to see them on a regular basis. So treasure each and every minute with the blessing that you have to see her constantly.

  45. Coleen Kinnear (South Africa) says:

    Coleen Kinnear – Cape Town – South Africa.
    Dear Dr. Phil & Robyn. I saw one of your shows in the week where they showed a photograph of you holding Avery and noticed the twinkle in your eyes. She seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. I have two Beautiful Grand-Children Kirra 10 and Bree 9 who reside in Australia. When I see photo’s of grandparents holding their precious gifts then tears flow quite easily. Knowing that the Good Lord has his hand over them gives me the comfort and the strengh to accept these circumstances. You are truly very blessed.

  46. Betsey (Taylor) Bauguess says:

    I am a huge fan and was so excited when u announced Avery Elizabeths name i was floored and thrilled…you see my daughters name is Avery…and i have only heard of a couple of little girl averys since she was born…8yrs ago!! So i wanted to say congratulations first and i am very happy that the world is blessed with another Avery!! I almost forgot my Avery was extremely impressed that your new baby was given “her” name. lol

  47. Combat Games says:

    Boy… this really takes me back. Both to the first time I held my granddaughter (by marriage), and to the first time I saw my own children (triplets). Moments like that you can never forget, can you? Awesome!

  48. Roxanne says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Phil and Robin on the birth of that beautiful grandbaby girl. Welcome to the world of a grandparent. Lucky is that little girl to have been born into your family as well as you are the lucky ones to have her also.

  49. Ramesh says:

    Audrey Soukup – I heard a perfect word to dcbirese her Avery is the cutest little nugget! She’s just so beautiful. I especially like the lounging pictures in the color series that’s the Soukup gene, we know how to lounge in style. Can’t wait to meet her!

  50. Sad Grandma says:

    So happy you will be able to be normal grandparents. I just became a grandmother on October 31st God bless me to allow me to be there for few days. My husband and I were planning to go back to visit on Thanksgiving weekend, when we hit a big wall, BOUNDARIES has been set we have to ask when we can travel to go and visit our adorable granddaughter. Boundaries from the distance break my heart… Ho! well I guess we will have to wait until she is a year old to see if we get invited to her birthday. How sad our heart shatter, my husband almost had a heart attack he spend all night so sick. Where is the times where you could express your love without worries.. Just been grandparents was such a joy.. And now is such bitter times don’t know if only lost my son but also our beautiful granddaughter… We can definitely understand those boundaries for grandparents that are there all the time but, the amounts of times we are able to travel are so limited. CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you never have to go through a set of boundaries that take away your joy..

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