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March 29th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

A PRISM Award for the "Dr. Phil" Show

prism1I am so proud to say that a show we did earlier this year on OCD — obsessive-compulsive disorder — has won a prestigious PRISM Award from the Entertainment Industries Council. The council puts on a nationally-televised awards show recognizing the best and most accurate depictions of substance abuse and addiction, as well as mental health issues, in film, television, interactive media, music, DVD and comic book entertainment. PRISM Award submissions are put through a rigorous nomination review process, judged by members of the creative community and scientific experts for “entertainment value,” “accessibility of the message,” and “scientific accuracy.” After all the submissions were reviewed, our OCD show was recognized as the “Best Talk Show Episode.”

Part of our goal at Dr. Phil is to open up a dialogue about mental health and mental illness. We want you to know that whatever you’re facing, you don’t have to be ashamed about it. It is estimated that 2.2 million American adults live with OCD. Some clean their houses for hours on end. Others wash their hands up to 30 times a day. Still others spend much of their days checking to make sure their doors are locked or their appliances turned off.

But what we did on our show was not just talking about this baffling disease. We discussed solutions. We went into depth about the treatments that are now out there that can turn people’s lives around. We offered hope.

Congratulations to everyone on my staff who worked on the show. You can find it here, and you can also find additional links on DrPhil.com that not only will provide you with invaluable insight into OCD but also offer places to go for help and treatment. And, as always, I would love to hear from those of you who are dealing with this disease and have stories to share.

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17 Responses to “A PRISM Award for the "Dr. Phil" Show”

  1. I think I have OCD politeness. Even if I have a bad day and say everything incorrectly I sometimes will almost bend myself into a pretzel to mend instead of accepting I’m not perfect. I found, too, that the same hook I won’t let myself off of others tend to not let me off of as well. It is hard for me to not answer every email or tweet or post to me or even not to me if I see nobody has answered as I hate for persons to get their feelings hurt.

    You say “If you name it you can change it” so this is sort of an almost midnight confession I cannot do it anymore. I’m exhausted, my email is jammed w/spam and unanswered personal emails… I’m happy to see others answering posts instead of me and feel like a parent when their children take the training wheels off their bikes and am proud of their responses. Your being online helped me because if it is okay for you not to answer every correspondence it is okay if I’m unable to too, for I’m not even Dr. Phil and I’m just me… and it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do care…

    All the best to you and all… always…

    (my initials backwards nickname I chose for me…
    Since my dearly beloved mom loved the beach & I miss her & reminds me of mom.
    I just wanted to share that…)

  2. Oh, N.B. CONGRATULATIONS ON PRISM AWARD to you and your staff!!! I tweeted you CONGRATULATIONS too yet not sure if you saw or not… Dr. Jim Sears, of your son, Jay’s, THE DOCTORS gave us the inside info on y’all being at PRISM Awards… on Twitter. So I think I was first on Twitter to congratulate you. IDK.

    Dr. Jim Sears definitely deserves a Klondike for all his hard work on Twitter & Facebook from Ask Dr. Jim Tuesdays to you name it… Dr. Jim was hinting at a trip to Hawaii last summer… and he and his family definitely deserve one for being such good sports with all his efforts online etc. Yikes if you haven’t seen Klondike commercial you won’t know what that means. If not just Gichi Gichi GOOgle or voila’ bada bing Klondike Commercial on Youtube. You and Robin and all your staff most definitely deserve a Klondike too, Dr. Phil. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  3. Linda says:

    Congratulations to you for making a great show!

  4. Dear Dr Phil and Robyn,
    Hello.I am emailing you from Johannesburg in South Africa. Your show airs every week day at 12.30pm-unfortunately while we are all at work!- but I tape it. My sister Rochelle and I have enjoyed the show for several years now.My sister’s one wish in life is to be in your audience! Mine would be to meet your lovely wife Robyn. The Dr.Phil episodes are shown out of sequence here e.g your Christmas holiday show aired in April but it is still fun to watch. Hearty Congratulations to you and your team on the award you have won and so very well deserved indeed. Your honour,principles and decency are always a motivation for me as we live in a world where so many people are at times so desperate for help and support.
    I would so like to know what has happened to that lovely little girl – Kate McRae. I was in tears when I watched the episode about her brain tumour and I cannot forget her. Is she better? Please let us know how she and her family are doing? Thank you for taking those gifts to her house in order to bring such a sweet girl some happiness. It makes you wonder why a little angel like this gets a brain tumour while some dangerous people sail through life wreaking havoc.
    I am wondering if your grand-daughter has arrived yet? We can’t wait to hear what her name is going to be?

    We wish you well Dr Phil and thank you.

    My sincere best wishes and kind regards,

  5. TCarter says:

    Congrats on the award to you and your staff! What an accomplishment! I did a little research. Prism awards aren’t handed out to just anyone. If you get one, you’ve definitely earned it.

    Keep ‘em coming, Dr. Phil.

  6. Debbie Johnson says:




  7. Elin says:


  8. jennifer says:

    Congratulations Dr. Phil & Staff on your Prism award. :-)

  9. Toni says:

    Congrats on achieving recognition for your hard work and dedication. It is obvious to all that you have passion for what you’re doing (as do your staff). I am very happy for you all, so well done and keep it up :-)
    (You have loads of fans in S.A.)

  10. Kristin says:

    Dear DrPhil~ I have tried to reach you over and over again. I have tried twitter, your blog, your producers, and your interns. I am tring to get you help for my child. I was in a very abusive marriage and had the couage to walk away. It took alot of planning and talking with one of your interns (who helped me and talked to me so much, she was great!). I got away from the beating, the punches, the wipping, and the bruises. The worse thing David has done is choked me to the point I blacked out. He taught he killed me and was proud and drinking a beer when I came too. I am proud to say I walked away he was home my brother helped me pack the truck and I got to 2 best things in my life out of that house. So proud! I took the 16 hour drive to Yorkville, IL on December 31st. And, havent looked back. Until now. My children are my world, my rock, my heart and soul. I moved in with my sister Angel, her husband Bill (he is a hard working U.S Marshal), Bry (13), Kylie (5), Zack (4) and Cole 18 months.. Then there is mine Aiden who is 2 and Danika she will be 1 next month on the 5th. My sister moved into a nice house BUT my son Aiden has very bad ashtma and cant breath in the basement where we stay. He was in the hosptial 3 times last month becasue his breathing was so bad and the treatments wherent working. I finially got an interview for the 20th and I am hoping to get the job. But even then I dont think I could get out of here into a home that would be healthy for Aiden. I want to know if you could find it in your heart to help me. Like I said I am a single mother who cant get anybody to help me. If I had family to ask I would have. If I had friends to stay with I would have asked them. This has been the roughest year and I have been threw alot. I have been threw rape (54 stitches up inside), I have been threw my parents hating me, I been threw my family turning there backs on me, I been threw the beatings, the bruises, the pain, the makeup (2xs)two differnet relationships. I have had it rough since 17 ten days before my 18th birthday ever since then its been down hill. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me I think I would have given up if it werent for them I would be in the ground. I am not asking for a manison (thats not me), I neeed to clean it ..lol I am asking for alittle help, a hero, somebody just to take some weight off my shoulders. I am a mother before student, I am a mother before I am Kristin. I wont stop writing, I wont stop blogging to find someone to help me. I need help and I hate admitting that heck any mother doesnt want to admitshe cant take care of one of her children. I care for him in every other way. I am in the hospital wit hthe first sign of terrible breathing. I am begging you can you please just think about it. You would be saving my sons life and you would help me breath easy knowing my baby boy can breath and the weight is off my shoulders of knowing we are all safe. Please thank you for listening to my story. Your friend and fan Kristin

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  12. FosterBoys says:

    Come on Doc, give us something to talk about so I can get back to my fantasy life where someone’s interested in my opinion.

  13. Lisa says:

    I’m sure glad that I put myself out there to win Dr. Phil an award. It was good to enlighten the community as such. I just wanted to congratulate you all on the award and was a bit surprised that the episode I aired on was chosen. Wow!!

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  15. Nancy Hopkins says:

    I am glad you won the award. Be very careful about how you follow up on that episode with Michael and Jennifer. My son is OCD and I thanked God for a solution. I borrowed every dime I could and spent our retirement to take him from VA to CA for three weeks. The office was a disaster. We would be given an apt. at 6:10AM and then when we arrived asked to return at 9:45. We would then return and sit for another two hours before being seen. Dr. Gerner and Dr. Jordan were both seen sitting in a restaurant with the Office manager, Jo Ann. They were screaming at each other. The techs were nice but not trained. One tech, Margo, knew what she was doing, They depended on her and some nights she worked til one in the AM. My son is better after 33 treatments. Others had 50 treatments and were no better. The parents put all their money into it. One young man, age 32, said he was going home and committing suicide because it didn’t work. I worry today about him. My son is NOT cured. He still really has problems but I think He is trying harder. I don’t know that the treatments really helped. Most cases we saw, the treatments didn’t help at all. I can back this up with names and phone numbers. Dr. Jabour is making Millions off of this. And for a lot of patients he gave them some free treatments, I overheard a speaker phone conversation with Jo Ann that He said it was better to give free treatments than get bad publicity. My son and I received 13 free treatments because they weren’t treating him in the right place on his head for the first 6 treatments. Dr. Jordan caught the problem. Dr. Gerner had set him up.

  16. connie says:

    hi my name is Connie I’ve been sick most of my life for 41 years I’ve had mental illness and addiction I’ve lived on the streets I’ve worked for organized crime I was facing a 10 years in prison I attempted suicide by cop today I have over 4 years sobriety I also need college I also work for the National Council on Alcoholism drug dependence I would love to share my story because today I’m alive my job is to help those new community that I serve a consumer provider today because that’s the door I came in through anyways if you contact me all share the rest of my story and I do have a story

  17. connie says:

    I have two diseases of an addict I suffer from mental illness I work for a nice crime I’ve lived in the streets I have destroyed every relationship I’ve ever had do to my addiction and illness I really would like to talk to Dr Phil I have a story

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