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April 4th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Teens under Pressure Update

NSPILogo_lgI’m happy to share with you the following letter that the Dr. Phil show received from John Draper, Ph.D., the director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, informing us that with the broadcast and re-broadcast of our show “Teens under Pressure,” substantially more callers sought crisis assistance from the Lifeline’s national network of more than 140 call centers. The day the show aired, the Lifeline had a 45 percent increase in calls over the previous week.

I’ve always said that we use this show as a platform to make a difference, and this news just reminds me of why we do this. We were very sensitive to the research-based requirements those in the media need to adhere to when reporting on teen suicide. The “contagion effect” presents unique challenges in responsibly having a much-needed discussion about this critical issue. Those guidelines and others that parents can use in talking with their own children can be found on DrPhil.com.

Death by suicide is on the rise, and it’s the third leading cause of death among teens. Please reach out to a young person who is hurting, and let him or her know that there are resources to help. You can find more information on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Web site

Here is the letter from John Draper, Ph.D., director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

I am writing on behalf of the federally-funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to express our sincere gratitude to the Dr. Phil Show for performing a potentially lifesaving service for viewers via your recent broadcast on March 12th and rebroadcast of “Teens Under Pressure”. On that broadcast, your staff ensured that viewers were educated to the warning signs of suicide in youth and repeatedly displayed the Lifeline number with Dr. Phil’s direct call for action to viewers to seek help immediately if they or someone they knew were in crisis. As a result, substantially more callers sought crisis assistance from the Lifeline’s national network of 146 crisis call centers, centers which are linked to that toll free number.

On March 12th, the Lifeline network answered a total of 1,730 calls, a 45% increase in calls over the previous week. The peak period was between 3pm and 8pm EST. Unquestionably, Dr. Phil’s prompts to viewers to seek help enabled thousands of people in crisis to receive assistance that might have otherwise suffered with suicidal thoughts in isolation.

We hope that Dr. Phil and his staff will continue to promote public awareness of mental health issues and utilize the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We are truly grateful to Dr. Phil for his continual feature of the vital work of crisis call centers in his broadcasts to help the public become more aware of how access to lifesaving assistance is sometimes only a phone call away. We also appreciate his support of our efforts and participation by creating an avatar and sharing his story on our Lifeline Gallery: lifeline-gallery.org.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss further ways in which Dr. Phil can collaborate with the Lifeline to promote help and hope.

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32 Responses to “Teens under Pressure Update”

  1. FosterBoys says:

    I’ll rewrite my earlier message in this forum, too. Since bullies work in the shadows, every school should conduct a bi-annual BULLY CENSUS. Every student would have the opportunity to anonymously name the bullies in their lives.

    The following scale could be worked out better by someone else. I’ve reconsidered some of my earlier numbers and outcomes:

    1. Students named by 25% or more of his/her classmates will require a mandatory parent-teacher conference.
    2. Students named by 25% or more of his/her classmates in two consecutive censuses will be barred from extra-curricular activities.
    3. Students named by 25% or more of his/her classmates in three consecutive censuses will result in both the child and the parents being referred to CPS.
    4. Students named by 25% or more of his/her classmates in four consecutive censuses face expulsion and both parents and child will face charges of criminal harassment.

  2. Susan Jeffries says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I watched a previously saved show of yours when Tracey was on, regarding her burn scars making her feel unworthy. My heart goes out to her. I was burned on 47% of my body (both 3rd and 4th degree burns, through muscle and nerves) when I was six months old. A fluke accident caused a homemade vaporizer set fire to my crib during the night. Gangrene set in and as a result I did lose all ten of my toes and a good portion of my right foot. Both my feet are about 6″ long. Needless to say I spent about nine months in the hospital and for the following 14 years had surgery once to twice a year.

    Now, the good part. If only Tracey’s parents had lived, they may have been able to help her through the trials she would encounter. My parents and actually my entire family helped to keep me secure, happy, and self confident. My dad told me I would never be able to do everything–nobody could do everything! But if I didn’t try, I’d never find out if I could accomplish what I wanted to do. And, if I couldn’t do something, then I could find something else I wanted and could do.

    It was’t all peaches and cream, but we did work through the rough times. My dad was my rock and he passed away when I turned fourteen, the age Tracey was when she was burned. I’m so sorry she had to go through this trauma alone, without her family support. I’m grateful you told her she has to become her best friend. I think it was harder for her at age fourteen, than to have lived with this her entire life.

    I think you helped her. Thank you.

  3. Amen and Amen, Big Pa McGraw. Suicide is a lie of depression and NEVER the answer. I have been posting suicide prevention such as 1-800-273-TALK and other help information since 2003, online, on Dr. Phil Website “and” AllPoetry then on “The Doctors” when The Doctors TV website created. For two years 2003 – 2005 people requested I be first to post help resources on the beginning of each new Dr. Phil Depression message board until became a continuous board when revamped in 2005.

    Gotten quite a few gray hairs hoping/praying several teens “and” adults I’ve met along the way… chose life. In fact, one teen I met on Dr. Phil Website in 2003, recently told me that she is expecting her first baby November 12th. I read two of Jay’s books with another Canadian teen who said she’d wanted her parents to read with her yet they declined so I said, “I will.” Jay suggesting parents read his books, like “Closing the Gap,” with teens is an EXCELLENT idea.

    Below is live GENERAL AND MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES link I suggested be added to Depression Message Board in 2005, that was added when boards revamped in 2005 to a continuous board. I’d also suggest on every mental health board on Dr. Phil Website that the Suicide Prevention avatar “and” GENERAL AND MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES link below be added as link below is on Depression Message Board.

    I use Suicide Prevention Lifeline green & white picture here as my profile pic on Dr. Phil Website. If ever any member is concerned about another member, the SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE number IS good to know plus link below PLUS knowing can contact tech staff to alert. Even though tech staff read posts it can bring peace of mind to members to know that they can alert staff of someone suicidal. Life is a team effort “one for all and all for one” as Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, say in their books. Prevention is the best intervention so I hope everyone familiarizes themselves with help information Dr. Phil has provided and remember to Google or bada BING if need quickly online.

    Again, schools should hand out General and Mental Health info billfold size cards to students and have a larger version poster in ALL bathrooms and lunch room. Life is mostly habit. It behooves us all to get into the habit of PREVENTION IS THE BEST INTERVENTION arming ourselves with such helpful information as Suicide Prevention Lifeline number 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and link below.



    You are you
    I am me
    We are WE

  4. Melanie says:

    Hi Dr. Phil,
    First, thank you for such great, sound advise over the years on all aspects of human health. It’s been great over the years. I think that it is wonderful that you are so active in the area of childhood bullying! To get the ball moving when children are young is so important but I do feel a great need to look at the generations in the workplace. These children learn behaviours from someone and you and I both know it’s usually from the family or other adults close to the child. Looking at the source and holding them accountable is imparative if we are to live happy, healthy lives.
    I have been bullied as an adult and it has been horrible. And like children that are bullied in school, a place were they are to be protected, I have been bullied in a hospital setting as I worked to help others. Please Dr. Phil shine a light on this issue.

  5. I know all too well about teen suicide. Nov. 30, 1998, my only daughter, Tara Wainman, took her own life by shooting herself in her school bathroom in Hancock, NY. She confided in my son, who was 8 at the time, that she was always getting picked on, because her father and I were not together. She was 14, and living with her father, because I did not have my life totally together. I know I made mistakes with her, but, I will never get the chance to make up for those mistakes.I don’t know if being picked on was the only cause for her choice, but it played a part in that choice. Parents need to know how cruel children can be, and to pay attention to how their kids feel. It will be 12 years this year, and the pain is as bad now as it was in the begining. No parent should go thru this pain.

  6. lezlie says:

    I can certainly understand how it feels to be bullied, although I am a middle aged adult with a Masters in Social Work. I was working in a state licensed facility as a Professional when I reported suspected abuse/neglect, financial exploitation and violation of these residents rights. I have detailed reports and documentations that can prove these allegations. Within 24 hours I was suspended without pay or explanation and terminated shortly. During this process I agonized over the the proper way to proceed with this mandated report. My first mistake was to contact the owner of this facility. However I contacted numerous agencies, the OFHC, the Ombudsman, the case manager, etc. I one point while I was still working there I feared for my safety and well being by the owners. They have quite a bit of money and I’m sure they have access to attorneys.
    I understand that I have a right to legal counsel for damages that occurred because of this retaliation. I was finally able to convince 2 other staff to report as well. One was terminated the same week I was and the other left on her own due to the way she was treated by the agency.
    I had worked in the field of social work since 1986 and have not been able to return to work since this occurred. I landed in jail for 3 days and had to pay over $6,000 in attorneys fees. My self esteem and trust have been seriously damaged.
    We have to get this message out to caregivers who work with the vulnerable because one day we might be under the care of one of these abusers. I continue to be greatly concerned because the abuse has not stopped. I called up there to talk with one of the residents that I have known for about 30 years and staff refused to let me speak to him over the phone. When I informed this staff of who was calling her response was, “Oh, I know who you are . . ” I then proceeded to inform her that I would be reporting this to the CEP to which she replied, “Good luck doing that at this time of night!, Ha”. I was about 7:00 p.m. I also check into obtaining guardianship of this resident, as he is a ward of the state, and I was informed that the county would contest this. This happened almost 2 years ago and I am getting no where, except crazy all over again. It is truly an emotional drain on me and my family. There are stories in the news all the time of agencies who are noncompliant to guidelines. Can you help me?

  7. Jeremyah says:

    I saw some of the show today and must say that I was blessed with the cure to bulling when my innocent son was murder. It is based on the belief that murder has a pattern; if one disrupts the pattern one can disrupt the murder. It is applied to all ages and the community regulates it. Stopthemurders.org is the website.

  8. Mona S says:

    As I am watching your show on bullying I am angry.I have a teenage daughter about to go into high school and she has been bullied since 3rd grade.She was fat , she was loud, all they did was torment her. She hated going to school and I was always calling and complaining about it to the teachers and the school.It always seemed to be my daughters fault because she was outgoing and never showed it bother her.In 6th grade they even pretended to give out shots that kept you from getting my daughter germs.Did they do anything?No the principle always said I will look into it.Then one day she called me and said I had a girl come in and tell me she was bullying my daugher and that she should have done something the whole time.What a load of crap!!!! Did I always teach my daughter to never care what stupid people think of you YES!! And then came junior high I am suprised we survived.Cell phones stolen, phone calls, terrible things written about her. And then the topper of them all a couple girls thought it would be funny to make a myspace page called (the sluts of our town) and tell everyone my daughter made it.Now I should tell you I work for a school district and I was appalled at what happened next..Nothing they pretty much said nothing could happen because both of the girls that were behind it were on indepenent study and they had no control over what they did.Do the schools not get money from kids that arent in school , but still are enrolled? Explain that to me?And why cant myspace or facebook be required to give out login information to schools without a court order? Non of these kids should have them anyways, and they say they monitor them for underage kids.Bully poo my kid has had one since she was 12 and so do most of the school kids around here.Where is the monitor , somewhere there is no internet? I just wanted to say thank you for doing this show because it shows my daughter that there is a reason I am so involved. And for those parents that think your kids are so great and perfect and would never do it? Get a clue because it is your kid and they are doing it and they should be punished.What happened to being parent and not a friend?

  9. Mona S says:

    I meant they called her fat and loud among other things. She is a beautiful being

  10. emily wilfore says:

    i grew up in a small town in fl. i was bullied so bad by the same kids over a ten year pieriod that i contumpaited suiside many many times !i now have 2 boys myself and i love to share my story with my kids and there friends . There was one girl that was the leader all those years . she was RELENTLESS !!! She enjoyed every moment of hurting me and others ! 5 years ago she made the news , in our small town , she had just reiceved her ELEVENTH DUI in 5 years ! There she was… on the front page in an orange jump suit , standing in court . a broken human beaing . she would lose her 3 children,all from differant fathers , not married, and looking very allone and looking also alot like she made me look neerly everyday of my childhood !! When ever i speak to a young person that is being picked on i tell them to picture the bully in that orange jump suit !!

  11. Madmom says:

    My third grade daughter has a learning disability. The school DOES NOTHING to protect student safety. They claim to have an anti-bullying campaign but they are hippocrates. In second grade, the first time she was bullied, the principal’s comments about the accused child were: I KNOW THESE PEOPLE, YOUR DAUGHTER PICKS HER NOSE, I KNOW WHO ALL THE BULLIES ARE. I told them I was going to the police and I was told : YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS GOING TO THE POLICE.

    This year, in third grade, my daughter was kicked in the crotch on the school bus. Again, no-one sees anything. The accused is in my daughter’s class. I filed a report with the sheriff’s department and made sure the school got a copy. I did not file a report last year, because I was new to the area and did not understand the protocol.

  12. Crystal Mays says:

    I watched the Bullying show and it really touched my heart because my daughter has had this issue for about five years now. I have reached out to the school and they have tried some different methods but kids can be so cruel. My daughter recently tried to take her own life. I have removed her from the school and she is trying to get into another school/counseling place. I also started a campaign against bullying on facebook called Stop Bullying Me! I would like everyone to come by and check it out. You can leave some comments and share some of your personal experiences. Any feedback is well appreciated.

  13. MARY K BURKEL says:

    Dr Phil ,

    I beg you to allow me to attend your show if you do this bully issue again. My son has been physically , mentally , emotionally, etc since grade one. Misdiagnosed , I am studying for advocacy for him and others in our shoes. This child is now 12 he has a triple digit IQ tested and was in the 97% in our USA however he has been failing every class. He will now be home schooled with a teacher from the district as he mysteriously hurt his back and cannot carry anything or walk . He is STILL SUFFERING from 31/2 yrs old when his “teacher” pulled his arm out of the socket and then just left for the day leaving him in pain for FOUR HOURS until my husband came to get him. However, I have documentation completely legal records and Principals and teachers at meetings telling us in no uncertain terms that they were blaming my son for being stomped on and beaten by school aids and emotionally bullied by teachers. I have a counselor who was there his whole last year at that horrible school who said if we ever take them to court she will come and testify as to what she saw. Denial of food for not finishing a math paper. It goes on and on. Three minutes of him on tape begging sobbing to not have to go back . Please MOM Please. This school is dangerous ,he was taken off the schoolyard after being stomped on his head and neck and then his lower belly by another student while his teacher and class watched , he needed a wheelchair to get off and they put in the paperwork that he started and basically caused this (his jaw still clicks to this day) . I have tape from the meeting where the teacher states that he did nothing to deserve this and the Principal clearly stating that he put that in the chart to protect the school and himself? Again ,these are all legal they were taken and agreed to at the meetings but they will show what people like us reg parents go through with a child being bullied just because he is outside of the box. Please take this into consideration , I would love to tell his story and help HOPEFULLY to empower parents to know their rights and be able to get this HORRIFIC SITUATION under some kind of control. Thanks for listening God Bless , Mrs Mary Burkel mother of a very depressed 12 yr old .scored 18 out of 11 tested for depression will now need meds. Please help us to help others .

  14. Susanne Gow says:

    How can we teach our children not to bully, when Fox and friends show how the professionals do it every day? They name call our President and issue threats to our Congress people. They bully, bully, bully and everyone says it is free speech. I frankly don’t see how that is free speech, but the kids do it and that is bullying.
    Where am I wrong?

  15. Becky Young says:

    I just watched the show on P. Prince’s suicide. I have taught special needs students for 35 years. I can tell you that when I worked with high school students, I had students who were suicidal. I was one of the teachers that the students would run to, call, or run away from home to. This is very stressful! I did report any bullying and suicide threats to our counselor who was to handle it. I also met with a psychiatrist as to how to respond to the students until help was made available. I don’t know if parents even realize how serious this situation is. I am glad to have seen your show. I am concerned that schools don’t have a formal proticol to follow for all teachers. I know that I had one counselor tell me that she didn’t have time to see the suicidal student until the next day. Well…that didn’t settle with me!! Please plan a show that would address the proper way for a school teacher, principal, and counselor to handle the bullying situation.

  16. Darlene Nieuwendorp says:

    I listened with interest to your program on bullying. I can tell you I am so happy that this is coming out in the open. Our son who is in early forties now went through so much bulling in Junior High and High School and the awful affect it had on later life was heartbreaking. He was a tall, slim boy and a boy who had been his friend turned on him and got others to join. They made life miserable for him. They would taunt him because he wasn’t athletic. He rode his bike to school a couple days and they let the air out of tires. He would come home from school and stay in the house. These kids would get together at one house where no parent was home and they would call us and when I would answer they would leave obscene messages and hang up. We wanted to go talk to the principal but he didn’t want us to for fear that would make it worse. We finally did do it and the principal called the main culprit in his office with my son there and confronted the boy. He just got smart with him and the principal grabbed him by the shirt and slapped him against the wall. But that was not the end of it in off school hours. One night the doorbell ring. My husband went to the door and a pizza person was standing there to deliver us a pizza. We were all in bed asleep not waiting for a pizza. Our son was awake in bed though and said to us “that was because of me wasn’t it.” His grades suffered for all of this too. Then as a high school senior. His so-called advisor called all the kids in individually to discuss college plans. When he called our son in said there was no sense in even discussing college plans with him and that he was not college material ~ another put down. He did want to go to college though and was wanting to determine his advisor wrong. So he started out part time in a college here the first two years. He had a wonderful advisor there. She was livid when she found out what his high school advisor said. Then after his second year he knew what he wanted to go into but that was not available there. It was at a technical school. So he enrolled there. One of his professor who was a former highway patrolman and he strongly urged him to go on to get his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He would have more options open to him for a job. So he got an associate’s degree at that school, then went to a four year college in our city and got a criminal justice degree and he got a job right away. By that time his grades had improved to the point where he started to get scholarships. But that isn’t the end of the story. He no longer lived at home then but we suspisioned he was geting into the alcohol world. One night we got a call at 2:30 in the morning (Christmas Day). I answered the phone and the person hung up. A couple minutes later the phone rang again and again the person hung up. By that time I sat up in bed with my hand on the phone and when it rang again I answered it immediately. It was him. He said “Mom, I’ve got something I need to tell you. I am an alcoholic. Could Dad come over”. I said sure. We’ll get you all the help you need. My husband went and found our son under the influence yet. They took the alcohol around the house and poured it down the drain. My husband stayed with him until later morning on Christmas Day. Our son came over to house and ate dinner with us. He had been carrying a little writing in his billfold that he had cut out of the paper that gave all the steps of alcoholism and he would watch where he was at and that is where he eventually found he was at. It was bad. The employee assistance man at the company where my husband worked went to our son’s house the next day and talked with him and found he fit the description perfectly. Then came the treatment. He had to go to AA meetings and he did not want to do that. Finally someone he worked with and was a recovering alcoholic offered to go with him. Then came a second meeting. He decided he did not want to be there and left as soon as it was over. Another young man followed him, they hit it off and he became his sponsor. He and his wife had him over for meals and the two of them did some things together. But our son liked to play pool and this was a hangout for some of these guys. His sponsor went with him for awhile then told said that had to end. Other than having his sponsor he’d come over to our house and sit outside with us. He was a very lonely person and failure he felt. We encouraged him as much as we could. His sponsor said he had to “find a new playground with new friends.” That was hard. We started going to AlAnon right away and that helped us to deal with a lot of things that were completely foreign to us but we learned and we went for 10 years every Monday night. Anyway, he finally found some friends in our singles group at our church and that is where he eventually found his now lovely wife and they have two little boys, 6 & 8 years old. He was married later in life, but he has told us that all the other guys he ran around in those earlier years have been married and divorced and no longer live around here. But the bullying was the start of the heartbreaking things our family endured. We told him we’d always love him. It took him a long time before he was ready to accept himself as a worthy person. He also saw a psychologist for quite awhile. Another instance of bullying took place with our grandson in Minneapolis. Our daughter & husband adopted him and his sister at 5 months of age from Colombia, So. America. They were dear to our heart right from the start. Now the oldest is 18, a senior and the daughter is 16 and a sophomore. The senior was identified as a talented and gifted child very early on. However, his sophomore and junior years he had to deal with race discrimination which finally got him into the hellish world of drugs. This senior year he seems to be getting a handle on things. He didn’t seem to get addicted and his grades have come up to A’s & B’s, mostly A’s and he has a college picked out where he is going to next fall. But all of those problems really raised havock in that family. The granddaughter goes to a different school and has had an easier time of it so far. As long as the grandson was using, my daughter and her husband would not let him drive a car. But it seemed like his pals didn’t mind. They would give him a ride. I am so happy that the schools are finally getting onto this bullying thing. It is very real and was when our son was in school too but most people just looked the other way. And parents of bullys need to be aware!! Your program was excellent on this subject.

  17. JW says:


  18. Kristin says:

    DrPhil~ I am one of those women you talked about on ur show today. I was begging for someone to help me and still to this day havent gotten help. My husband was beatin’ on me, told me he could kill me quick and nobody would know. Nobody would miss me or even know that I was gone. I lived 16 hours away from my family and they would never know or know I was missing. I was able to get away after a beating that was so bad it could have taken my life. He choked me I blacked out, when I woke up I was in pain because I blacked out and he beat me up becasue I blacked out. I have been trying to get your attention for some help. I was able to move to Chicago with my sister and now my son is the one suffering. He cant breath in this house and I wanted some help to get us into a healthy, happy home. I know its a big request but i NEED help please.

  19. Packratt says:


    While I dearly appreciate the thought behind what you’re doing by posting a link to my site here and I know that it’s because you really support what I do, I do have to ask that you please limit posting links to my site like this to discussions and articles where the subject matter is pertinent to the discussion on hand and adds to the conversation instead of interrupting it.

    As I said, I know you’re doing it because you support the site and we can always use the support, but when you link to it like this it only makes it look like comment spam and it doesn’t help the site. Thanks!

    To everyone else,
    I’m terribly sorry for the off-topic interruption, my apologies.

  20. Hello world, my name is George and I dwell in the glorious city of Sydney, Australia.

    Based on personal experience I have written an article that I feel will help MANY people – if you care to take a few moments to read it.

    In actual fact, I really wanted to send my article to Dr. Phil, but not being too experienced on the computer I could not find the right area. Therefore, I feel this may well be a good area to post my message.

    Please read on:

    I would like to get the message across, that unbeknown to almost EVERYONE on planet Earth someone else could well may be in the Drivers Seat of YOUR being. This is not a scaremongering tactic for any reason whatsoever. I am quite sure that there are many people out there with different beliefs to my own. However, I would rather not get involved in heavy discussions of ‘Who is right and Who is wrong’ relating to my message. I am a Peace-Loving-Man who simply wants to make others aware of what I am aware of myself. When you can fully understand what it is I am projecting to you then you may well identify with what I am saying.

    There was a very dark period in my own life where I became aware, and learned VERY MUCH about what I am about to tell you. In fact, when I now look back l wonder how I possibly survived. Many do not. I am sure there will be many who will say, oh, this doesn’t involve me. I would think twice about that. To me, this is one of the most important issues in our lives.

    I intend to go ‘Right To The Bone’ on this particular issue as it will be very beneficial to many people across the planet.

    Please read on.

    Every person dwelling on planet Earth has been given ‘free-will’ – freedom of choice to speak, think, feel, and act as we so wish. As we go about living our lives and living the way we choose, we are automatically resonating to a certain spiritual frequency on what is known as the Etheric Plane. There are many frequencies and one cannot see or hear the other. This is the exact frequency – no higher, no lower, that we will find ourselves at the termination of this current life – the frequency we have EARNED.

    The higher HEAVENLY frequencies are filled with WARMTH, LIGHT, an abundance of exotic flowers, blossoms, and LUSH GREEN GRASS underfoot like we have never seen on dear mother Earth. The lowest frequencies are the complete opposite; COLDNESS, DARKNESS, no flowers, trees and blossoms and MUD UNDERFOOT fit for a pig only. My apology to Porky…….There are many frequencies in between.

    There is NO SUCH THING as death!!! Death of our physical bodies, yes, but most definitely not of our inner soul self – the REAL part of us. Until a person has actually had an OUT-OF-BODY experience, as I have had, then this issue is very hard for many people to accept. But rest assured, you WILL be very much alive after you die; perhaps in a comatised state due to a lack of spiritual knowledge, or very much awake and aware. The evidence found in many books relating to Out-of-Body experiences is too great to deny.

    Let us now say, for example, a particular person has lived their life with so much aggression emanating from their being, foul mouthed, never a good word for anyone, and basically hating and criticising everyone in hearing range. At the termination of this persons life, he or she will find themselves on the lowest densest vibration of what is known as the Astral Plane, a frequency full of HATE and REVENGE.

    Wailing and screaming at fever pitch fills these regions. Without a doubt these lower dreaded frequencies already house millions who have left the Earth plane. The fact that these souls have already vacated the Earth plane does not change them one iota. We are exactly the same in the spiritual realms as on Earth.

    These troublesome souls, dwelling in the lower regions of the Astral plane, spend their time imposing on certain people and are drawn to incarnated souls – still dwelling in their physical body, with the same inclinations and habitual thought patterns as their own. ‘LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE’.

    Souls dwelling in the spiritual realms are around us all the time but unless we have developed Clairvoyant vision then it is impossible to see them. We attract souls of the exact same calibre of WHAT WE ARE OURSELVES.

    At this particular point I would like to ask THIS QUESTION.


    Should you be living your life right now in an UNGODLY WAY then you certainly will have these lower entities around you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We choose to live as we want and we attract that certain level of entity to us. Simple as that. If you are currently living your life in a Godly way, clean mouth, clean thoughts, good intention toward your sister and brother; GIVING of yourself to help others, with no thought of reward, then of course you will attract entities of a higher calibre, exactly like yourself.

    There are MANY powerful people right across the planet who are constantly under the influence of the darkened souls.

    People now reading my message may ask HOW can I avoid the troublesome entities from plaguing my life. Well firstly, please allow me to say, YOU ARE TO BLAME for your unhappiness and suffering as YOU ATTRACTED THEM by the way you are living your own life. These spiritual entities are REAL, and once in the Drivers Seat, so as to say, it is extremely hard to get rid of them.


    Unbeknown to you but as you live your daily life there is a great possibility that it is THEIR WORDS, THEIR THOUGHTS, THEIR ACTIONS that you are projecting out from yourself. They are partially or FULLY in control of your being. Of course, you will not admit to this – or even be aware of it, but how many times have we heard people cry out – after doing a dreadful wrong to someone, I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID IT. These entities are powerful and can even push people over the edge to suicide. Why do you think the suicide rate is escalating? But they do not have to affect YOU. I will give you the answer to avoid these troublesome souls.

    Daily discipline of SPEECH, THOUGHT, FEELING, right MOTIVE and RIGHT ACTION. True INTEGRITY and HONESTY. AVOID CONFLICT at all cost. Project LOVE to your brother and sister, no matter the color. Cast away our physical body and we are ALL THE SAME SPIRITUAL SOUL SUBSTANCE.

    As we PUT IN THE EFFORT to Self Improve ourselves then we are resonating to the higher spiritual frequencies and attracting beautiful warm souls around us. You may even want to do as I did and become a member of a wonderful environmental company who’s main aim is the betterment of the planet and humanity.

    GIVING of oneself is of the very highest order in this great scheme of things. The GIVING of money to the less fortunate is also very good. However, TRUE GIVING is giving IN SILENCE, otherwise the actual MOTIVE of the giver may be to seek Self Praise, or even promote his or her own business. This is not true giving. The motive is wrong.

    As we exercise daily discipline of our being we are automatically building up our own personal Light Quotant thus resonating to the higher 5th dimension frequencies. We currently dwell on the dense 3rd dimension.

    I will now direct this particular section to people who are experiencing entity difficulty and depression.

    When a person is suffering with severe depression – as many do, then they are very vulnerable to entity interference. A persons mind can be likened to a department store lift fluctuating up and down. We all have our ups and downs. Due to certain circumstances a particular person’s mind may be really in the depths of despair. Their INNER LIFT is on the basement level. On this particular level dwells the troublesome entities who will give the sufferer a very torrid time.

    How do you escape!!! Well, I have been there and this is the answer that was given to me some 35 years ago. ‘KEEP SPEAKING THE LORD’S PRAYER’……….The following words I have taken from the Mario Lanza version of the song.


    Any line taken from The Lord’s Prayer WILL instantly protect you from Entity interference. Simply keep speaking it.

    What actually happens is this. The Lord’s Prayer carries so much power that it immediately TAKES YOUR INNER LIFT from the basement level up to the higher. Believe me, IT WORKS!!!

    No, I am NOT a religious fanatic. In fact, it has been many years since I went to a church. And the Bible, no, I have not read that either. I base my message on personal experience.

    The troublesome entities will do everything in their power to have you/us under their control. Have you ever wondered WHY you did this or said that. The very next time you experience a person’s aggression then have a closer look into their eyes. You just might actually SEE the entity with them.

    I welcome all comments from people who can identify with what I am saying. As for the others, PLEASE keep an OPEN MIND as what I am speaking of here is REAL!!!

    Please note: We are fastly approaching the end of this current 26,000 year cycle, pinpointed to the year 2012 – according to the Mayan calender. Mankind’s destination right now is our Ascension into the 5th dimension. This is a realm of LIGHT. Unless there is a HUGE awakening before the end of this current cycle then it would seem that many souls who do not resonate within themselves to this wonderful realm of light will be unable to enter. Therefore, my advice to any interested party; learn about what is happening right now and build up your own personal Light Quotant.

    I would like to also inform any interested party, that back in the 1970’s the Violet Transmuting Flame was released from the Hierarchy of Heaven for the benefit of ALL humanity. The Flame transmutes ALL negative energy. However, to activate the Flame it must be invoked by people like you and me. There are decrees written out specially for the invocation of the Flame and it is VERY EFFECTIVE once invoked. Believe me people, it is REAL!!! The procedure is as follows: Whilst speaking the decrees VISUALISE and DIRECT the Violet Flame into the negative areas across the planet. The Ascended Masters dwelling in the higher spiritual realms CONSTANTLY search for people across the planet to invoke the Flame. Not only will you be doing good for the planet and humanity but the Flame will also ‘PUT COLOR’ into YOUR OWN LIFE and build up your own inner Light Quotant. The more people to invoke the Flame, the more effective in cleansing our beautiful planet and humanity it will be. All it takes is just 30 minutes of your time during the day whenever possible. Any interested party please don’t hesitate to call me. Be a messenger of God (The Source of ALL THERE IS) and be ONE OF THE TEAM of Lightbearers currently invoking the Flame.

    Please do not hesitate to give me your thoughts and feelings of whether or not you agree that there just may be substance in what I have written. I am eager to know just how many people there may be out there who are ALREADY aware of this HUGE problem. Perhaps you may even know of certain people who are ALREADY in the tentacles of the troublesome entities and see NO WAY OUT of their unpleasant predicament.

    The suicide numbers are escalating at an alarming rate due to troublesome entity interference.

    Suicide, the so-called ‘easy-way-out’ is AGAINST the law of life and should be avoided at all cost. The consequences for this particular action will be GREAT, therefore I strongly advise anyone contemplating this course of action to fight hard AGAINST any entity pull. Better still, DO NOT attract them to you.

    Please feel free to tell YOUR story regarding entity interference. It is the only way to make others AWARE!!! No matter who you are I invite you to reply to my post. I AM an easy going guy and will speak to you on any level you see fit. Perhaps you have been reluctant to talk to anyone, thinking that they may just label you as a nutcase and ready for the mental asylum. Well, I will not. Therefore, let us take the covers and secrecy off this issue. Please speak to me………This all relates to PEACE ON EARTH………..

    I pray that our Father/Mother God (the Masculine/Feminine aspect) pours HEAPS of LOVE, LIGHT, and an ABUNDANCE of ALL GOOD THINGS onto EVERY LIVING PERSON on planet Earth.



  21. Dr. Phil, I’m so relieved that you are staying on top of the topics of “Teens Under Pressure” Suicide Prevention plus Anti-Bully Campaign Jay began. That there was a 45% increase of calls at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline after “Teens Under Pressure” aired on Dr. Phil Show means your show is often not only life changing and IS life saving. I cannot think of a better “Change Reaction” than to empower persons to get help to change “suicidal thoughts” to thoughts to choose life by reaching out to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. To spread UR and Jay’s Anti-Bully Campaign that reaches everyone and prevents “bullycide” is a life saver as well. THANK YOU DR. PHIL AND JAY and NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE et al!

  22. FosterBoys says:

    When I was a kid, I thought that the emptiness was hunger, so I fed it food.
    When I got older, I thought it was loneliness, so I filled it with people.
    Many years and countless fillers later, I see it now for what it’s been all along — too much.
    How misleading it is to think of it as a depression (a hole). It is an abundance — of feeling and thinking.

  23. Janella Howe says:

    What about when our kids are being bullied by the teachers at their school? What then? The school doesn’t do anything about it. I know because it has been happening to my son and other parents children.

    Janella Howe

  24. Nadine says:

    I’m writing you in desperate need to
    help my daughter. My 10 yr old daughter was attending
    P******** elementary school in the Florida area.
    My daughter has been complaining about the bullying all year and we’ve gone to the school administration and counsellors and principals about this throughout
    the year. My daughter is 10 years old and stands 5′3″
    so she is very tall for her age. We all know that children can be cruel yes. But the problem is in the way some schools are abusing this (Baker Act).
    In 1 previous incident before this one. My daughter
    complained about the bullying that some of the other students were doing to her. One 13yr old classmate who was left back a few times and in her class even said to her one day, ” I don’t believe you are really a girl, Why don’t you prove it by wearing a skirt to school so I can see if you are. Why is it that when my daughter cries out for help from being bullied is she punished instead of the bullies. Just yesterday mourning my fiance’ and I were on our way to Miami to pick up my youngest son from his grand mother. I get a call from P******** elementary school counsellor saying that I need to come and pickup my daughter because the principal did not want her on school grounds. I told the counsellor that it would take me about 2 hours to make it there but she said the principal wanted her gone now and did we have anyone who could pick her up. I told them I did have someone who could pick her. The school stated that it was fine.
    So Ms. Joan went to pickup my daughter.
    When I attempted to call the school back, I could not get a straight answer from anyone as to what was going on. After the 7th attempt at calling the school I finally got through. At this time, they tell me that the assistant principal decided not to release my daughter but instead decided to Baker Act her and called the police. The police were there questioning my daughter for 40 mins without my presence or the presence of any attorney against my will. My daughter did tell them that she was being bullied. So at this point why was my 10 yr old daughter then handcuffed by police thrown into the back of a squad car and taken to an institution all without my presence or consent and against my will and her own? This has really gone too far. And Now I really worry about the kind of damage done to my 10 yr old daughter all because she decided to cry out for help because she was being bullied. The school system is supposed to help these kids who are being bullied. Instead they are abusing the Baker Act and actually punishing the children who are being bullied and not dealing with the children doing the bullying. What good is this stop the bullying campaign when you have people in authority at school systems who abuse these program’s attention and this Baker Act law by using it to punish the innocent child who are being bullied and are trying to use writing as a form of therapy to help them cope. I really believe this incident really damaged my daughter instead of protecting her. I served 10 yrs for this country and I have to come back and experience this type of injustice. It makes me feel betrayed because I gave my all to protect people like this but they refuse to protect my daughter. Do you know that My friend I sent to pick my daughter up over heard the counsellor informing the principal that Jenelle’s mother does not wish for her daughter to be Baker Acted and is upset because all this is happening against her will and without her presence or consent, and the assistant principal responded by saying. “I don’t care if she’s upset, thats too tough, I don’t give a D–m.” So I take it that he feels its ok to use his authority and position any way he feels even if it abuses a minor, a mother and her family. Along with the laws that are suppose to
    Protect the children being bullied not the ones doing the bullying. Who’s going to protect my child in the school system? Im reaching out Oprah to you and everyone else you may be able to contact to help me.
    She’s still being held in the facility against her will and mine.

  25. Barbra says:

    Great information thanks Dr. Phil

  26. Amanda Pool says:

    My son Joshua hung himself in 2005 when he was 15. I am training to walk in Boston http://www.theovernight.org and I am so thankful for this blog and your attention to this matter. I also have a facebook fans page called Life Is A Highway for Joshua. It is amazing how prospective can enrich peoples lives and give them a fire for so many different causes.

    Thank You

  27. Acts of Congress and Mental Health starting in Kindergarten is a start to saving lives of children as they would at least have tools and skills to reflect upon. AND still that’s not enough.

    My Son was considered a disabled child due to his sight he inherited from myself, he and I both lived through many bullies growing up in school.

    Despite his disability he was determined to be successful and he was to a degree, the problem, bullies get bigger and use these children if they’re Gifted and groom them to use as cash machines. They Rob there Mind for Profits and will go to any length to ruin the lives of children…Most is Public Record….Just start there…and you’ll see the truth. We have to find a way to help up coming children that’ll be Robbed of their innocence in one form or another…

    We are also losing our Senior Citizens, when they have to become co-dependant after years of Independence..

  28. When my brother and I was growing up. We where bullied in highschool terribly. After highschool we started to get involved in drugs we both became violent and didnt take any bull from anybody. It almost got to the point of murder, I had to go into drug treatment center. I have been drug free for 20 years, thank God . It broke my heart when I saw your show on teen suicides something has to be done. My brother took his life on 3/13/2010 at 53 years old .

  29. Kathleen Greenwood says:

    Has it been discussed by the person who was planning to commit suicide how at peace making that decision made them feel? How angry they became when they failed to follow through with the suicide? I was just wondering because there were so many feelings involed when I was planning my own but I don’t hear it being discussed.

  30. Odalis says:

    i have been dealing with alot of pressure also. Knowing that my friends are happier than i am. I am really glad that Dr. Phil. I am glad that tour helping people in changing their perspective of life.
    I havr also dealed with injustice. My parents divorced and ive gone through depression a couple of times. Even if i have been over it, i still have that feeling that ill never be happy. I almost have gone to the point to cut myself. It was only once, but i still feel bad about it.
    Thank you for helping us teenagers
    Sincere thanks

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