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May 7th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Your First Look at My Grandchild

averyFor those of you who might be wondering if I’m finally getting over my giddiness about being a grandfather, I have just one thing to say: “I AM JUST GETTING STARTED! SHE IS AS CUTE AS A SPECKLED PUP!”

On Thursday’s show, the littlest McGraw made her first appearance on our stage. I am so toast! HA! I’m telling you now; I’m putty in her tiny hands! She smiled at me yesterday; I promise she did! When Avery Elizabeth McGraw is in the room — I can’t tell if she is giggling and cooing at me, or is it me at her? With Robin in the room, we are a chorus to be sure. She truly was put on earth to be a grandmother. 

I also have to say how very proud I am of Jay and Erica as first-time parents. My daughter-in-law is thriving as a mother. For a window into the depth of this young mother’s loving soul, I only have to repeat one thing she said: “When I look at Avery, I can’t help think how I will ever thank her enough for the joy she has brought to my life.” That says it all about her as a mother. And Jay is having the time of his life with his baby girl. It seems as though he has been doing this for years, not just a few weeks! Although there are times when I shake my head, still finding it hard to believe he’s a father — I admit, he’ll always be my little boy — he too loves his new role in life. I have no doubt that Avery will be brought up in a loving, nurturing and healthy household.

Avery’s also making her big debut on The Doctors on Tuesday. Plus, you can get a copy of the new People magazine. Their photographer, Alison Dyer, took an amazing photo of our little bundle of joy. I promise you, this child is about the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

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161 Responses to “Your First Look at My Grandchild”

  1. Sonja Black says:

    Congratulations to you all on the birth of Avery. She is beautiful.
    As for names, I thought I would pass along our family funny. When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I asked each grandparent what they would like to be called. My Father-in-law responded “Sir”. I was no sure I was happy with “Sir” so we altered it and now he is called “Grandpa Sir” by all his grandchildren.

  2. Cathy Coleman says:

    Just want to say Congratulations on the beautiful Baby Avery. The name is lovely too. I have 6 grandchildren now and it is the most enjoyable time of my life. Robin and Dr. Phil, I hope this is the first of many for you both. Grandchildren are a true blessing from God.

  3. hi dr phil congrats on ur new grand daughter.avery is beautiful you and robbins makes wonderful grandparents.avery is the cutest thing ive ever seen

  4. Dear Dr. Phil and Robin, Congratulaions on your first grandchild, I know the joy I felt when my son, Bobby was born 41 years ago, I was never blessed with grandchildren but, no matter how many you have, Avery will always hold a very special place in your hearts. God bless all of you and I look forward to seeing her in the future.

  5. PAMELA LEMKE says:

    Dr. Phil I hope you and your lovely wife enjoy being Grandparents for the First time it is by far the most amazing thing in the whole world. Especially as they get older and you get to spoil them and send them home with mom and dad. Congrats again. Pamela Lemke

  6. Audrey says:

    Yes! Congradulations! Yip, Yip. Lovely little girl. It’s nice to see a health normal baby. It is a joy and wonder to welcome your grandchild into your family.
    Sorry, I’m all worn out from your show the other day, the one who loves “boxing”.

  7. mary flores says:

    What a cute baby, congrats to Jan and Erica as well as you and robin

  8. robin says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin, I saw your show with your granddaughter on it and she is adorable. I would like to make something special for you. If you are interested in at least looking at my blogspot and responding either positive or negative I would appreciate it….thanks.


  9. Patsy says:

    Now Dr Phil, I promise MY GRANDDAUGHTERS are the cutest things you will ever see..

  10. Charlotte Primrose says:

    What a beautiful addition to the McGraw Family. I am so sorry I missed the show the day Avery Elizabeth was shown. My husband Chip was in the hospital for a stint that was placed inside for his heart. My prayer: Gracious Lord, thank you so much for being with Jay and Erica throughout her pregnancy. Thank you so much for safely delivering this little bundle of joy, who will be loved and spoiled by each family member. Lead and guide the new parents, as they venture into a whole new and exciting part of their lives. Help Jay and Erica as they bring up this baby girl in to the admonition of YOU, Oh Lord. Protect this family from evil and harm, strengthen and give wisdom to these new parents as they raise Avery. Bless Phil and Robin as they cherish this beautiful gift from God. Guide them as they too venture into a whole new world of being grandparents to Avery. Lord may your hands be upon Avery Elizabeth, protect her and keep her safe as Jay and Erica raise and teach her with loving attributes. Bless each of the families as they will be a great part of Avery growing up. Thank you again Lord for this new life. May your will be done, Oh Lord, Amen. Congratulations Avery, you have a wonderful family full of love for you. God Bless

    Love & prayers, Charlotte Primrose

  11. kim says:

    Dr. Phil, I am a medium and was watching on your Friday show. About the man who has a wife missing? Well from my interptation of a reading, she is in Spirit now. She was wearing a Black shirt with white polka dots on it when she died. She is with her Angels , and sad about her family…they are so worried she can’t leave them. Her husband knows the TRUTH of what happened to her. She died of a head injury, in a basement. Call me nut, but I my reading was real to me. Maybe this info may help.

  12. mr.and mrs. says:

    dr and mrs mcgraw.congratulations on being first time grandparents.my husband and i watched the show last night you have an adorable granddaughter.congratulations to your son and daughter in law. we watch the show mostly every night at 7:00 p.m.you have a great show and you also have a gorgeous wife robin.congratulations agains.

  13. Kelly says:

    Congratulations! Robin isn’t being a grandmother the best thing ever!?!
    I don’t know what it is, I have three daughters and I love them with all my heart, but when my first grandchild was born I felt this new amazing kind of love I had never felt before. I know have 3 grandchildren and feel that same love I felt with the first. It’s hard to explain without your own kids feeling like gosh thanks Mom … LOL .She is beautiful by the way : – )

  14. Diana says:

    Congratulations on your first grandchild. They bring so much joy into our livesx. A whole new felling than yoy had with you children. I have a grandson who will turn 1 yr on June 11 & I have moved in with my daughter & family to be a Nanny for my grandsaon. I helped raise my other two gradchildren. luckly I only have one child. I gave my notice so as of July 1st my little guy will be going to a day care center. Breaks my heart everytime I think about it I cry. It is time for my Daughter & husband to be totally rsponsible for their own family now & time for me to move back home to my own life. I know the joy & love you feel in your hearts for that little baby.

  15. donna says:

    Avery is an erethreal beauty, she is special, possesses old wisdom inside..wait and see ;) Congratulations to you and your family, Dr. Phil!

  16. Tracey says:

    Congtatulations to all of you!
    What a perfect blessing.
    Her weight and length at birth was exactly the same as mine, neat!

  17. Juli says:

    Congratulations to both of the families once again. Avery is a gorgeous and lucky little girl! I saw both of Avery’s debuts on Dr. Phil and The Doctors. I absolutely loved the part when you were holding Avery. I could tell that she was smiling at you for sure!! After seeing you and Avery together, I was having lots of good flashback memories that I had with my Grandpa. He is still here on the earth as we speak. I am my Grandpa’s (and my grandma’s) oldest grandbaby, I have cherished all of the moments that I have spent with him because he’s my only grandpa who has been there when I was born. (My other grandpa passed away 10 years before I came into the world). Yes, I agree with you, Robin truly was put on the earth to be a Grandma! Congratulations once again to all of you especially to Jay and Erica on the birth of their daughter.

  18. Angie says:

    What a precious precious baby. I miss mine being that little. You and Robin will be great with this baby!

  19. DR. Phil and Robin congrats on that beautiful baby girl. what an angel. I have a march 18 angel also but he turned 24 on the day avery was born and i also had my first grandbaby on march 22 , 2009 he just turned 1 and i didn’t realize that i could have so much love for someone as much as i do for him he is amazing what fun you are going to have. and try not to buy for him is so hard so good luck robin on trying to keeping your money cause nannie thinks he needs everything. Good luck and god bless you all and give little miss avery xoxoxo for christina

  20. Jan Morse says:

    When we became first time grandparents … I couldn’t believe the connection that was immediate. She opened her eyes as if to greet us, and my husband said, “oh, Look, she’s smiling with her eyes.” She is 12 now, and still does have smiling eyes.

    Avery will find a name for you both. Our Alyson understood words and spoke at a very early age. She called her grandfather “Papa”. We wondered aloud if she was saying Grandpa or Papa. She clarified the question for us. She said “Im saying Papa, not Grandpa.”

  21. Diana says:

    thought of what little Avery can start calling you, your friends call you “doc” you said, she can call you Gran-Doc!

  22. Anne Hamilton says:

    Congratulations Dr Phil and all your family on the safe arrival of your dear little miracle. I remember the first time I saw my little girl nursing her little girl. My heart did flip flops and for some reason my eyes were very watery! I wish this little girl all the best life can bring. All the best to you all. Anne

  23. G. Miller says:

    To All,

    Congratulations!!! One of the most precious times in our lives, is becoming

    a granparent. In Italian, it is say that when a grandchild is born, so is a

    grandmother and grandfather.

    Be prepared to have your heart be filled with so much joy, love and happiness.

    My 11 year old granddaughter just informed me that of all the presents she received

    for her 11th birthday, I was the best one. So precious, and at such a wonderful

    time in our lives.

    May God Bless all you at this time, and I think that he already has!!

    Feel free to email me if you have any infant questions, as I am a

    Neonatal Rn.

  24. Pat Dacus says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful and it is so much fun to watch grandparents become almost different people, especially the way they talk, when the new grandchild is near. I have one granddaughter who will be two in August. She is so cute, but of course I’m a bit prejudice. I can tell she is loved by many and will get the very best of care and lots of attention. Congratulations again and I know you will have fun being a grandpa, Grandpa!

  25. louise says:

    Congrates to ur family of the joy of this beautiful little girl . love to say love watching the show .im from australia

  26. kerri l miceli says:

    sweet baby mcgraw,
    dream baby of pooh bear.
    the cat in the hat or green eggs and ham.
    grandpa phill and grandma robin will keep you safe.
    your mother will too.
    i love youall.

  27. Bonnie says:

    She is so sweet!!!
    It’s the best to be a Nana… lol

    You know that saying… if I would have known how good it was to have grandchildren, I would have had them first???
    It’s almost true … not quite … but it’s so much fun!

    Enjoy your sweet baby

  28. barbara says:

    I am a huge fan of the show. I must say that is one lil cutie. I think she looks a lil like Robin. Lucky lil girl. She’s just lovely. Enjoy every moment. I want grandchildren so badly, but it isnt lookin good for me. So you enjoy that child and hold her dear. Congrats to the McGraw family

  29. Melanie Flood says:

    There is truly nothing like being a grandparent. My husband was so excited when my daughter had his first grandson. My husband only lived 18 months after that event. He was so over the moon with this boy. He is now looking down over his now 3 grandsons.

  30. Jonette Burns says:

    Hey there, Dr. Phil & Robin, congrads on our first grand child, mine is 22 now… Everytime u see her you’ll get those gitties forever more :) What a blessing to see it done the right way.. I have watched u from day one, even on Oprah !! Thank u for show America it doesn’t have to be a disaster, life I mean …. Mine was my whole life, I’m 58 now and between u and Oprah I gave learned so much, I just wanted to thank you for all u have done for everyone !!!!
    I would like to speak for the abused children, phyiscal and mental !!! We were tourchered as children, and the effects r still lived daily…. I would love to tell u my story to help save some others out there !!!!! And of course meet ur precious awesome family, ur newest of course…. How funny I just became a greatgrandma, and her name is Averie also…. Please let’s get together, and help more abused kids out there, God Bless you and all ur hard work and Robin ur awesome beauitful wife and ur children and grandchildren <3 always

  31. Tani Ray says:

    Congrats to you dr phil and robin on your frist grandchild and daughter its a blessing,
    My oldest daughter and her husband had our frist granddaughter and child to this year she was born on april 2nd i was wounder when avery was born cause our sweet serinity and avery could have the same b-day not sure though congrat again to you and youer family.

  32. Russell Vlaanderen. says:

    Russell Said Vlaanderen. That is a baby cute aswel as for Erica, Jay are looking—
    good. I think that Erica, Jay McGraw baby is adoboe baby name Avery McGraw.–
    And I know that Avery will grow up as fast as it came out. Good luck this week.–
    Day Happy Memorial. Sincerley Your Russell Vlaanderen.————————–

  33. LWashington says:

    Congratulations! On the birth of your grandbaby. It is wonderful to be a grandparent and to behold your next generation. Grandchild add a great joy to a loving family. Enjoy! Enjoy! and Enjoy!

  34. LWashington says:

    By the way, Dr. Phil your grandchild should call you G-pa and your wife G-ma.

  35. charu says:

    Congratulations Dr. Phil & Robin on your first grandchild. In my mother tongue you are Aaji & Ajoba.

  36. gwenn burns says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin, Congradulations on your 1st GRANDDAUGHTER she is beautiful and a miracle from GOD Make everyday like its your last may GOD BLESS your family .Grandparents are the best spoil them and send them home. now Jay needs to have one. By the way I HAVE TO WATCH YOUR SHOW EVERYDAY . I LOVE IT, THANKS FOR 7 LONGS YEARS, LOVE TO ROBIN GWENN

  37. gwenn burns says:

    Dr. Phil and Robin, Congradulations on your 1st GRANDDAUGHTER she is beautiful and a miracle from GOD Make everyday like its your last may GOD BLESS your family .Grandparents are the best spoil them and send them home. now jordon needs to have one. By the way I HAVE TO WATCH YOUR SHOW EVERYDAY . I LOVE IT, THANKS FOR 7 LONGS YEARS, LOVE TO ROBIN GWENN

  38. jmdhouse says:

    My son is one year younger than Jay. One year after your son got married my son married a wonderful girl. I am so excited to finally have a daughter :I call my daughter-in-love. So maybe one year from now? I can only hope. AVERY IS PERFECT!

  39. Shannon says:

    Oh you are so right! (again!) Avery is just as beautiful (if not more! :) as the rest of the entire McGraw family!! No, I do not know you but I can still tell by the way you talk is that you are on top of the world. Cograts! To Robin also. And with parents like you and Robin I know Jay will come as close as a perfect father as he can be!! I so wish I could do it over again! I hope I am in the right place to ask a question.
    I wasn’t a good mother at all! I lost my children due to a drug problem and when they were very young I had brain surgery. (due to falling off a horse) Wich I believe the drug problem and the head injury was both a factor in the way I was a mother! My sister adopted my girls they are now 15 and 18. My oldest just graduated high school and will start college in August! I am still stuck on the hurt of when I lost them. I see them occasionally, atleast every Christmas, and I went to Oklahoma ( I live in Ca.) in May for her graduation. Wich of course I will always have that hurt. And it has been 10 years ago. Altho I know I will always!! have that hurt, guilt and shame it seems to be getting worse it seems as time goes by because as they get older it is hitting me that I have missed absolutely everything. And I can necer go back! And yes I suppose I deserve that for what I have put them threw. My question is How do I even begin to forgive myself. Or do I even at all? I so want them to forgive me But so many say that they cant begin to forgive me until I can forgive myself. And I want to but I don’t think I know how!! Alot of times I feel like since I have hurt them in the past then maybe my punishment is to feel this pain everyday for the rest of my life. I feel like since they were so young when this happen they have adjusted and believe that my sisters was were they suppose to have been all along. So that is the life they have basically always known. Another words I could be wrong but I think they have gotten over the pain. But I haven’t and I know I never will. I am sorry to make this one question so long but that was my question Do I and How do I begin to forgive myself? Thank You for your time and again Congratulations on your precious gift Avery! Sincerly Shannon V.

  40. peggy polak says:


    Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild.

  41. patty fenton says:

    hi dr.phil & robin,she’s so cute & if she grows up to be as lovely as her granma [blossom] she’ll be a treasure! blessings to all!!

  42. Jane says:

    OMG so cute!!!!!

    Have FUN, y’all!!! :)

  43. Cher says:

    Avery Mcgraw is gorgeous! Congratualtions to your entire family.
    Our grandchildren named thier grandpa themselves based on thier ability to pronounce grandpa therefore, my husband is “Dampa” to our grandson and “Crappa” to our granddaughter. Too funny!

  44. Marianne Karlsson says:

    Hej, Phil I am from Stockholm Sweden, I like yours grand childs to bee called you fa…star /Marianne

  45. Debby Gibson says:

    I must say congrats on your new grandchild and how very blessed you are in having her in your life. I am also a grandmother but not so fortuante to see my grandson Brayden and his new baby brother due to arrive very soon. My daughter in law will not allow me to see my grandkids and for my own son to see or even call me since they got married. I get very down knowing I willl never get to see them and they live not so far away from me. My daughter in law’s family has nothing to do with me as I was a single parent who was married 2 times and my first husband died and then I went on to marry again and have 4 children to him, he also died but I had left him yrs before that due to his being a heavy drinker and a wife beater, I went to protect the kids so they wouldn’t get beaten. Her family also gave them the land to build their home on and because i wasn’t able to afford to give them money towards building the home I am considered a non fit grandparent. Her mother lives on the same bit of land where they are and she does heaps for them, she also had a daughter same time as she gave birth to my grandson. Do you think it is fair that I get treated in this manner and the grandkids miss out on seeing me just because i am poor and also in poor health. I have fibromyalgia, CFS and IBS and am on pills to control the pain and help me get rest from the pain. I am sad and get depressed knowing I can’t see them. have you and idea what I can do to ease this sad feeling I have and to try and get her to allow me to see my grandsons. I hope to hear from you and again congrats, she is beautiful, by the way who chose the name? I love it. I had 7 children sadly my first baby died at 2 hours old and the remaing 6 are now living away from home except my youngest she is 21. God Bless and may God watch over this wonderful bundle of joy.

  46. Debby Gibson says:

    Dr Phile would love to hear what you think about what I should do to be able to egt through the rough time not getting to see my grandkids.
    Thanks D Gibson

  47. MoodyGirl says:

    Congratulations!!! She is so adorable :-) One understand what kind of love parents got for their kids when one become a parent themselves – untill then they can only imagine N think, but once they are blessed with a baby they realize where all guidence N care, concern came from that they saw in their own parents. God bless the lilttle one as well as her parents N grand parents!

  48. Kelly says:

    She is simply breathtaking, Dr. Phil! I did not know Jay had become a father recently, so thank you for sharing this wonderful news with your fans. We love you! Congratulations!

  49. Mary says:


  50. I watched the show that you had Avery and her parents and you are so right. She is absolutely beautiful. You, Robin and her parents have every reason to be so proud and thankful. I would be to. I am a mother and grandmother and I know exactly what it is like to have that beautiful little girl in your family. May god richly bless all of you.

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