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May 10th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!

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As you no doubt know, I’ve not hesitated to use this blog to take on animal abuse, especially when it comes to the vicious mistreatment of dogs through the so-called “sport” of dogfighting. And I really thought we were making some progress against dogfighting this past year with law enforcement officers making a couple of major national busts.

Then came the stunning news that the Supreme Court had struck down a federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dogfights and other illegal acts of animal cruelty. The majority of the justices said the law was an unconstitutional violation of free speech, because it was too broad and could, for example, allow prosecutions for selling photos of out of season hunting. As a result, the high court threw out the conviction of a Virginia man who sold vicious dog-fighting videos that he advertised in Sporting Dog Journal, an underground magazine devoted to illegal dogfighting.

I was sick to my stomach. Dogfighting is illegal in this country but selling a dog-fighting video isn’t? We’re seriously going to let people profit from their films of pets being abused? Is there anyone out there who thinks that is even close to being the right thing to do?

If anything, the Supreme Court decision only proves that we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to protecting animals. That’s why we’re putting together a show that is going to shine a harsh spotlight on the animal abuse that still plagues our country. We’re not only going after people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave their pets cramped in cages with little or no water and blatant neglect, we’re going after those professional “dogfighters” who diligently train their pit bulls to fight other pit bulls to the death and every other form of abuse.

I’m sure you are going to find the show revealing. And if you know of anyone — someone in your neighborhood, someone from work, even a relative — who is abusing animals, let us know. We’ll try to do something about it. I promise you. This injustice cannot continue. It’s time to fight back.

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895 Responses to “Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!”

  1. Margaret maranto says:

    We as human beings should never abuse or tolerate abuse of any kind there are many sick individuals out there that have no heart, no soul, that abuse. Our humanity should never find this abuse acceptable. These animals or companions as I like to call them. They were put here for us to shelter and take care of. We as a county need to stop animal abuse because as we all know it will lead to other abuses later

  2. Mark Chapdelaine says:

    Great show and great comments. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a voice that protects animals from cruelty. Let’s consider more funding to them so that they can help to change the laws to include greater fines and longer incarceration. Six months was no more than a slap on the wrist for your arrogant guest.

  3. Amanda-Brooklyn says:

    Dr. Phil:

    I found this show very hard to watch. The dog fighter needs to go to jail for a LONG time. Also, the moron in the elevator needs to get kicked the same way he kicked that little dog, then had the audacity to pet him and then kick him again several more time. I think we all need to see too it that he serves time for that crime along with his unrelated charges. Animal lovers can not let him get away with this and I personally would like to see too it that he gets punished for it. these people are sick and should no longer have the RIGHT or privilege to live in society with the rest of us.

  4. Carrie says:

    Hi, Yes, you make very good points. I think it is proven that animal abusers can be people abusers too.

    I am against dog fighting. I am against any fighting or violence. I am against any violence to animals including killing them for food. Dr. Phil and many others are very selective in deciding what is animal abuse. I think eating animals is animal abuse.
    Do you?
    I can follow your argument of animal abusers being or becoming people abusers when I say that if a person who eats animals was on a plane that crashed in the Andes that person would resort to cannibalism to survive. I don’t know what I would do that in that situation. I would hope to be strong enough to hold onto my beliefs and decline.

    I see dog fighting as a sport. I don’t think it’s right. And it’s illegal. Ever been to a rodeo? That’s a sport too. However it’s legal because some people have deemed it socially acceptable. I think it’s cruel. So do many others.

    I was very disappointed in Dr. Phil’s behavior on the show. That was the point of my comments. How can we understand other peoples motivations or ideas if we attack. Dr. Phil was very aggressive and I expect more of someone with his intelligence and stature. For a moment I thought I was watching Jerry Springer or the ex-cop who gets in everyone’s face.

    When Dr. Phil had Paris Hilton come out and say she would like to punch the guest in the face makes it sound like handling differences of opinion with violence is okay and correct behavior. Shame on you Dr. Phil.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions.
    I am grateful,

  5. Dinie says:

    I couldn’t see this episode because I live in Belgium, but I think that people who kill and hurt animals on purpose are mentaly sick!

  6. Jodie Carn says:

    I knew I would have a hard time watching this segment on your show. Being an animal lover and try and do what I can to help was very disturbing. To think your dog fighting guest is just one of many people who think like him. He is disgusting and very mentally ill. You didn’t call him a monster but I will.

    What impressed me was seeing the tough biker guys who have a heart and are doing their best to stop such horrible abuse. I appauld them.

    Thank you for opening up the eyes of the viewers even though it was disturbing and made me cry. We the public need to know so we can do something about it.

  7. Dr Phil, I was only able to watch bits and pieces of your show but I was mortified. I am involved here in south Florida with Pitbull rescue and there is quite a journey ahead of us on this plight. The humans are the animals! we are forcing these dogs into unwanted situations with fighting and breeding(also known as dog rape) to fight, then we wonder why, the rest of us are not allowed to have our beloved dogs. It is difficult to even find a place to live if you own a pitbull, because their reputation is so tainted from these men(Humans). If possible can you do a show on educating the people that breed specific legislation is not the answer. It is not the breed or the dog, it is their owners. Please continue to help us win this fight!.. THANK YOU, from me and all my Rescue Families here in Florida and all over the US that i deal with every day…. Lorenza Simmons

  8. Terry says:

    THANK YOU DR PHIL for adopting a shelter dog, for having the Rescue Ink guys on your show and for condemning dog fighting. We have a 12 year old pit bull who in his younger years was fought. His ears were cut off with scissors (like the dog on your show), his canines filed square so they give a more piercing bite, 9 inch scars which start at each shoulder and go down each leg and his name (spelled wrong) tattooed inside one of his thighs. He lives with my 94 yr old mom because he cannot live with our dog (or any other dog.) He loves every person he meets, especially children. He has forgiven humans for what was done to him. Hopefully soon the penalties for dog fighting will become more harsh and deter this heinous activity.

  9. Barbara says:

    Dogfighting is a crime and anyone involved should be put under the jail. How discusting of that man to try and justify the activity. Dogs are pack animals and no dog would choose to fight another dog for sport.

  10. Deirdre says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your show on animal cruelty. More people need to open their eyes to the reality that this happens and that they can do something about it and your show has done just that.
    Thank you again :)

  11. Christine G. says:

    I just caught a rerun of the animal cruelty show…it was fantastic! (Though it did bring tears to my eyes.) I’ve never seen you so upset, and I’m glad!!!

  12. Shane says:

    Personally, I think people should worry about more important things than what someone does with their own property. Maybe if we worried more about children being abused and put resources on things like that then this world would be a much better place. I know very few people see it my way but remember I have as much right to believe the way I do as you. Now let the bash fest begin :)

  13. Kim says:

    Thank You Dr. Phil and Rescue Ink for doing a show on this outrageous act that sick people perpetrate on defenseless animals. Our government needs to be more aggressive on animal cruelty and addressing the “throw away society ” we have become to these poor animals. When are we as a nation going to rise up and demand that this sick behavior will not be tolerated and make the punishments much harsher. Look at that sick Michael Vick who is welcomed back to the NFL after the cruelty he perpetrated on all those animals. Shame on the NFL and shame on the government who will allow this type of cruelty to go on with a slap on the wrists. Stand up people, demand action . Bless You Dr. Phil, Rescue Ink and SPCA”S for all that you do. (Shame on the NFL!!! You will never get another dime from me, you money hungry sick greedy organization!) Kim

  14. Carol Waterman says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil for this educational program on animal abuse. We need more people like you to do this throughout the world !! Rescue Ink is awesome!! I have been trying to find a group like this to help us in Canada. If anyone knows of one, please contact me at: cbwaterman@videotron.ca.

    I am a devoted animal activist and founder of a new organization “Canadian Volunteers for the Protection of Animals. How about interviewing Canadian Rescues and animal activists? Here is Quebec, Canada, shamefully, we are noted to be the Capital of puppy mills in North America. Many of our pounds use the gas chambers to kill LIVE companion pets, inflicting hours of long suffering before & during the gassing. We are fighting to end abuse for ALL sentient beings. We want the Criminal Code of Canada to drastically change their laws and punish the abusers. The laws for animals under the Criminal Code has not changed since 1892 !! In Quebec, we have laws that are totally inadequate Animals continue to be severely abused and killed and the abuser gets away with a slap on the wrist. Why? Because the law states that the proof is not sufficient. Here is one of many e-mails I get on a daily basis.

    {She was an abused pup, abandoned at the pound after the man who had her beat her, leaving a weakened back end and a hemorrhage in the brain. Someone told me about her, so I picked her up from the pound to foster her for Adopt a Rott rescue group. The next day she was very lethargic, starting vomiting, I rushed her to DMV as I watched her deteriorate before my eyes. Mercy was then diagnosed with the Parvo virus. Vet bills for Mercy are growing everyday, but she seems to be a fighter.}

    Last year after holding protests against a particular gas chamber pound, 3 large dogs were found hanging from a tree. They had been wrapped in plastic bags, up to their necks and beaten to death with sticks. We cannot prove who did these monstrous acts, but we believe that it was related to our protests. They were trying to warn us that if we continued, they would kill more innocent animals like this. But, we will fight until we abolish the gas box throughout Canada !!


    I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter,
    the cast-offs of human society.
    I saw in their eyes, love and hope, fear and
    dread, sadness and betrayal.

    And I was angry.

    “God,” “I said, This is terrible!
    Why don’t you do something?”
    God was silent for a moment and then
    He spoke softly.
    “I have done something,” He replied.
    “I created you.”

    ~ Jim Willis ~ Copyright Jim Willis 1999 http://www.crean.com/jimwillis

  15. Nancy says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,

    Thankyou for helping the cause of abuse on animals. It was very hard to watch the clips that you had on but was yet so helpful. I rescue animals of all kinds, mostly dogs. My heart fell to the ground when your guest spoke about wanting to fight these dogs. How can anyone think that dog fighting is ok. The one dog in the clip of yelping in pain not because it was scared, but it was in pain. People, like your guest have no idea what these animals want, these dogs just want a home, a nice home but now they are forced to fight. It made me cry and just pray that people will stop. Do they treat animals this way because they are cowards. Anybody who abuses anything should be punished. It is people like me who have to pick up the slack for the cowards who have to use animals as a means of money. You can’t tell me they are not using these dog fights as a way to make money. Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you!

  16. teresa says:


  17. Bonnie Dawson says:

    Excellent show, thank you. Since April 2008 I have been personally expending my time, energies and my own finances pushing the Govt of the Northwest Territories Canada to legislate a Comprehensive Animal Protection Act. The current NWT Dog Act protects people from dogs, and the maximum fine an animal abuser can receive under the current Dog Act is $25.00. There is NO Animal Protection up here. The Federal Criminal Code of Canada Bill C203 is the only legal option available and it must be enforced by the RCMP. While some larger towns do have their own B-Laws, the enforcement of same is minimal if at all.

    In 2009 the Proposed Amendments to the current Dog Act were finalized, however Minister Robert McLeod of Municipal and Community Affairs has yet to bring this before Legislative Committee for first reading, this has been postponed 3 times, and his last letter of May 6, 2010 uses the words “unknown” and “likely” when speaking of possibly bringing it to committee in Fall of 2010.

    I have shone a very negative light on the CRISIS situation in the NWT and across the Cdn North, via my Blog: http://giftofloki.wordpress.com; my online petitions have pulled in International signatures and scathing comments all of which have been submitted to the NWT Govt.

    Some remote Northern communities exercise a SHOOT TO KILL policy, rounding up dogs, puppies and killing them. Dogs have been found in Town dumps with their muzzles duct taped and their heads bashed in; in Behcoko six 1 1?2 week old puppies were found with their tiny throats slashed (only one survived). In Paula Tuk a dog was found alive, straved and literally frozen to the wooden floor of his dog house in -50 celcius temps (his owners moved leaving him chained to suffer a horrendous death) . Reknown Dene Artist Archie Bealieu of Behcoko was charged when 44 of his sled dogs had to be euthanized, he was charged under the Federal Criminal Code with one count, yet the Crown stayed the charges, failing to utilize Section 448 of the F.C.C.

    In May 2010 a raid was conducted on a property located in Hay River, NWT which involved 109 dogs, 23 of which are puppies. These pups remain at the town shelter, the other 83 dogs were left on that property, all as wards of the Town. 4 dogs were immediately put down due to health issues. The accused has been charged with one count under the F.C.C. and one count under the current NWT Dog Act. Note that this situation on that property had been well known by Municipal Officials and many town residents for over 10 years and nothing had been done to shut it down until May of this year. The accused appeared in court July 21, 2010 and the case was adjourned until September 2010.

    Dogs continue to starve, be without proper shelter, left on short chains in backyards, abused, abandoned, neglected, beaten, left in town dumps, shot in the face, left to freeze to death in sub-zero temps…and it must stop.

    We have no real animal shelters across the NWT, only one real vet hospital located in Yellowknife and unless one can afford to fly, the animal is doomed. An Alberta vet comes to Hay River once per month for about 4-5 days. Other communities do not have that at all. There are no resident vets spread across the NWT. We do not have the luxury of proper veterinary care, nor the Provincial Acts of Animal Protection that the rest of Canada does.

    While I have many letters of assurance from Min. Robert McLeod that the revised Dog Act is “an interim measure until comprehensive Animal Protection Act” is put in place (suggested timeline is Fall 2011 before this Legislative Assembly folds) I have no confidence that this needed legislation will be put into place. Note that the revised Dog Act will apply only to DOGS and no other domestic animals. I have called for comprehensive Animal Protection, that qualified properly trained Animal Cruelty Inspectors be established.

    As it stands, Municipal By-Laws are not being stringently enforced, criminal charges under the F.C.C. are rarely if ever applied against abusers, and as in the Bealieu case whereby charges were laid, the Crown failed to prosecute. SPCA’s do not have the legal authority to seize animals in crisis and in from what I have seen often do not even follow up on reports made to them on cruelty, (alot of talk and no action).

    In 2009 the NWT was designated by the Animal Legal Defense Fund to be the “Best Place to Live and Abuse Animals”…this made the headlines, in 2010 the NWT was again given this distinction.

    Despite the negative focus I have been able to place upon the NWT via my Blog, and media interviews; despite the numerous letters from Animal Welfare organizations that have been written to MACA Min. Robert McLeod and NWT Justice Minister Jackson Lafferty, despite the hundreds of pages of documents, letters, signatures that I have submitted to this government and the support of three Members of the Legislative Assembly , the animals here remain in crisis, with no protection, abusers continue their acts of violence without consequence.

    If you would like more information, please contact me via email. The decades of continuing animal abuse, indifference and complacency must stop.

    The Link between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence is clear and many published studies have been completed, many of these studies I sent to the GNWT Ministers. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association provides a great deal of information of animal cruelty, both Passive and Active Cruelty.

    Thank you again for airing this show. It was a definite statement on the moral character of a human society in crisis. Should you choose to view my Blog, which I hope you will, please view “Tuktoyaktuk Cruelty Capital of Canada” even PETA got involved, yet the surviving dogs were not rescued and no charges were laid in this case.

  18. Karen says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. PHIL!!! I am absolutely happy that you had a show about animal abuse especially dog fighting. So many people watch your show that so many people will be more aware of the mistreatment and how misunderstood pitbulls are portrayed in the media. The dogs are not the monsters it is the owners who train them that way and they should be the ones euthanized! I have a 2yr old pitbull and he is the love of my life. He is very sociable, loving and friendly because all he knows is love. It was hard to see that poor dog yelping in pain it brings tears to my eyes on how people can be so cruel. These monsters say it’s just like boxing? Boxers train and choose to fight these poor animals have no choice! How dare they say it’s a sport!!! Your guest had the audacity to say the dog was in panic and he was not hurt, who was he kidding? He should be put in a ring and get beat and see if he’ll yelp for help when he can no longer handle it, but oh no he doesn’t have the guts to do that because he has a CHOICE! He is scum and I hope the same department that arrested him had the opportunity to watch this episode and arrest him and lock him up for good… Along with the rest that think like him too.

  19. Carol says:

    As a rescuer who receives hundreds of emails about animals who have been terribly abused, I am appalled to hear Rob say how this is a sport and the animals aren’t hurt and abused! Think of yourself locked in a lion’s den, with no way out! That’s what you are doing to these poor, precious, innocent, loving animals!! Baseball, football, hockey, wrestling, etc., is a CHOICE that people make and participate in! These innocent animals have NO say/NO choice! They are MADE to fight and maim and kill other dogs, through YOUR choices, NOT THEIRS!!!! You are pathetic comparing baseball, etc., to dogfighting!!! People like you are a danger to society and SHOULD BE CAGED, to keep the innocent safe!!!

  20. Dr Sylvie C TOURIGNY says:

    I started my professional career working on death row, and never could stomach stories of their youthful experiences of animal torture. We have long known that it is a precursor of the abuse of people, including rape, torture, murder and serial murder. For my part, I have had the blessing of adopting Doberman, each of whom had the misfortune of encountering at least one vicious, heartless, uncaring human before I could offer them a forever home.

    The Doberman who lives with me at present (and has done so for 9 of his eleven years) has saved my life 4 times, always because of attacks by humans whilst I worked in ghetto areas. He has suffered more than 300 stitches as a result, never hesitating a single moment to give me his total loyalty. The rest of the time, he gladly gives (supervised) pony rides to children, plays ‘daddy’ to puppies, and shares his food with visiting dogs and cats.

    Which species is humane, again?

  21. Deborah says:

    I love all animals and I have 3 little furdolls and my husband just adore them so much also. We could never ever do any thing like that to them or any other animal. We also Protect Children and Animals. We LOVE Every One and we try to protect and HELP Everyone and Little Animals. By watching Dr. Phil show about the abuse to these beautiful GODS animals I Bawled. How could this be happening to them they didnt deserve that treatment :-( matter of fact all of GODS children and animals DON’T deserve that treatment. We are protectors. We have to help these beautiful animals. When you look in a childs eyes and animals eyes you can see heaven. Eyes from GOD. I wish I could do more for every one. Please Help Them.

  22. Cydney Cross says:

    Thanks so much Dr Phil for using your position in the media to reach more people on this subject. We are in the trenches daily working to uplift the image of the Pit Bull to it’s former place of America’s favorite dog. We let our Therapy Dogs say more than any of us could, by making days brighter for people in nursing homes, hospitals,hospice situations,reading programs,schools,jails and drug re-habs,that are many times forgotten by a busy world. We have much to learn from the overcoming nature of this joyous breed! Thank You on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves! Peace,Cydney Cross

  23. Becky Fry says:

    Hi Dr Phil

    i would like to make a point, my dogs are like my children and i have to ask people that fight dogs.. if the dogs are like family members, would you put your child in a square box to fight another child. Can i take a person that fights dogs and put them in a box and say fight for your life, but don’t worry if you get hurt i will put you out of suffering. The gentle man that was on the show has a sick way of thinking. i could never imagine that some people think dog fighting is a sport. people fight all the time but they have a voice and a choice a dog looks to you to keep them safe, but by fighting them is like hanging you child over the edge of the Brooklyn bridge.No matter how you look at it, its wrong. I thought that dogs were supposed to be mans best friend, I would never treat my best friend in that manner. i am glad you are trying to bring this subject to everyone. thank you for speaking up for the ones that don’t have a voice. I am sure that dogs everywhere are saying Thank You Dr Phil.

    Becky Fry, canada

  24. Elly says:

    I just want to know the show on animal abuse you had a guy in the video kicking a small dog, I need to know if that dog was taken away from that guy was he confronted ?

  25. Elly says:

    did that guy that had that small dog and was kicking was this guy confronted for the abuse on that dog? I am so angry

  26. Kenna Powell says:

    I saw this episode first in Aug 2010 and I am so damn spitting angry I can’t stand it! Of course angry at the so-called sport, I’ll get to that later. But more angry at the worthless piece of protoplasm considering himself a good man. I am not coming from a bleeding heart liberal point of view. I was a Deputy Warden in a mens prison in AZ for a very long time and saw some things that could make one vomit. But NOTHING I saw there came close to pissing me off as much as this does.

    Dr. Phil was much more diplomatic than the dogfighter deserved and even though diplomacy and tact are necessary from him, it isn’t required from me. There are over 800 posts on this subject and the thoughts I am about to share may have already been expressed, but I will burst if I can’t yell this out:

    First: The dogfighter said that fighting is a natural behavior of dogs – WRONG! Fighting is ONLY employed in the dog world when defending it’s territory, food, pack or as self defense against attack. Unless a dog is impaired in some manner, dogs don’t think “gee, I think I’ll go out and rip the crap out of Joe Dog just for fun” It is NOT an action that promotes self preservation and it goes against the Laws of Nature!
    Second:The dogfighter said his dog enjoys it – didn’t we see his wagging tail? SOMEONE teach this man the language of dogs!!! A wagging tail in NO WAY is an indicator of happiness every time it is wagged! Wagging, like a persons smile, can mean happiness, stress, fear, uncertainty, etc… ask anyone who was bit by a dog whose tail was wagging.
    Third: Dr. Phil, you said you wanted to get to the heart of this man, as you didn’t believe him to be despicable, but did think that of the so-called ’sport”. The only type of people who enjoy seeing one living thing be forced to hurt another living thing, whether physically or mentally, are AT HEART nothing less than full blown sociopaths who transfer their sociopathic desires onto another for their own depravity and excitement. Not to be considered any differently than rapists, molesters, serial killers, torturers, etc… NO matter how “good of a person” they are in society.
    Fourth: To the worthless bag of protoplasm: You are WRONG, your behaviors and beliefs are inherently WRONG. Not just WRONG for the obvious reasons, but WRONG because you lack the moral compass that divides the truly good and noble from the rest of humanity and you are too mentally deficient to see how WRONG you are! I AM judging you as you deserve to be: WRONG! and nothing you will ever say or do to defend your WRONGNESS will ever be correct.

    What I truly wish is that those people could be permanently removed from the gene pool, but then that wouldn’t make me very humane would it? Oh, yeah, that’s right… I don’t care!

  27. Jafairal says:


    Sheriff: Man Killed Dog During Break-In
    Chelsi Zash Created: 8/11/2010 11:29:02 AM Updated: 8/11/2010 11:20:09 PM


    Madison, NC — A man is in jail after accusations he broke into a home and killed a dog.

    Rockingham County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home on Ailene Loop in Madison after Lonie Florence returned home from a doctor’s appointment to find her house ransacked and her dog dead.

    Investigators said Charley Joe Simmons, 30, broke into the house and killed a dog still tied to the dog run.

    They found two aluminum baseball bats near the dog, likely used to beat the dog to death, according to a report. Investigators believe the bats were found inside the home.

    Deputies believe Simmons was upset with Milton Florence, Lonie’s son, who also lived at the home.

    Simmons is charged with felony Cruelty to Animals, felony Breaking and Entering, and misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property. He was jailed under a $25,000 bond.
    WFMY News 2

  28. Patricia says:

    The show that I watched last night was so disturbing! That guy should have his mouth taped shut and put in with a few fighting dogs!!! OMG! Seriously and he thinks he does Nothing wrong. How in humane!!! People like this need to have things like they do done to them! Period! How awful for these dogs to even go through. There ARE people (I don’t even like to call them that) that do NOT deserve to have animals!!!! He stated they have a choice???OMG what a sick B!!!!Thank God for these other MEN who go in and Rescue them! I would like a T-shirt, how can I get one???

  29. Jocelyn says:

    Did Rob change his ways after the show? If he didn’t he should be in jail. His children deserve better. I agree with the Rescue ink men he prays on the weak because he is weak!

  30. Nelda says:

    I felt quite upset when I watched the dog fighting show but perhaps not why you would think. While I think it was sick I couldn’t help, as I listened to Dr Phil’s comments, but to think of the rampant abortion in our culture and the politically correct ‘pro choice’ response. The comments about the dogs ‘obviously being in pain and not having a voice so we need to be their voice’ bothered me because I wondered if Dr Phil would EVER in a million years have a show showing clips from The Silent Scream which shows an ultrasound of a baby while it is being aborted in which you can tell, if it was able to be heard, that the baby is VERY obviously crying and screaming in pain. I’m afraid that seeing a puppy get kicked in an elevator, although sad, is so mild by comparison that it doesn’t compare. And yet people are in tears in the audience, not to mention Paris Hilton, who are undoubtedly very ‘pro choice’. I cannot imagine how a person can be so heart broken over the one while purposely AVOIDING the truth of what is happening in the case of the other. Dr Phil constantly says that the children don’t have a voice and he (as well as us) needs to be their voice. I am sure he would be the voice of a 1 month old baby being abused…how about a baby that is 1 month prebirth?? Does THAT child matter when he/she TRULY has no voice, not even to cry, simply because they have not drawn breath yet. I guess they would need to be born 1 month premature because then, magically, they would ‘deserve’ to be defended because now they breath air and therefore they are now a ‘person’ and it would be considered a moral atrocity to scald them to death or tear them apart alive at THAT point. It defies logical thinking. Who of influence is brave enough to be their voice???

  31. Michelle says:

    Ran across this site from a search… I’m adopting a puppy tomorrow, shes an amstaff.. I can not believe the things these people do to these dogs! My puppy and the rest of her litter were confiscated after some lady chopped their ears off with a pair of kitchen sicssors when they were a day old! Would you believe that their mom and dad both pits, passed their temperment tests with a 100% score after living in fighting conditions? Goes to show how great these dogs can truely be. As for the people who have the heart to do such things, I hope they rot in hell!

  32. Lynn says:

    I have always thought dog fights were cruel! I think like most of you that the owners should be tied up and let these dogs show them how they feel! What also bothers me is that these people give Pit Bulls a bad name. I have owned several of them. People say they have a mean streak in them. NO THEY DO NOT! Dogs (ANY) dogs are just like kids they act according to how they are raised. I have gotten to the point of because the dog I own right now also has another kind of dog in him that I do not mention the part of being a Pit Bull. But he is. And as I said he is not the first one I have owned. They all have been great around the kids. My kids grew up around them. Not one of them ever turned on one of the kids for biting their ears or pulling their tails. NOTHING! And we all know how kids are with dogs. The one I own now His name is Blu. I have a picture of him laying asleep with my granddaughter when she was just a few months old. And he weighs about 75 pounds. He just nudges his way up close to them and cuddles. He gives strangers hugs. Like he really puts both paws on your shoulders and hugs you. My two grandsons at 2 years old try to ride him. Although he really does not like that as he is getting older now. All he does is just goes to a room that they can not get too. Then later he will come back to play with them again. Pit Bulls have gotten bad reps and all be cause of all the JERKS that like to watch them fight. If I were put on a chain and starved and kicked and beat on. I would want to kick some ass too! I know this is kind of off topic but I just had to put it out there. Thanks for listening. And Send all the A–holes to Jail. Let some one beat on them for a while.

  33. Jilly says:

    To Shane from August 20:

    I can’t believe you feel that living things are “property”. You’re right, children should be protected from abuse – that way they won’t take it out on helpless animals. I’ll never understand people who think the way you do. I feel that children are brought up to be indifferent or uncaring towards animals, which, imo is a form of abuse also. Is that what your parents taught you? Because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. People who have no heart for the suffering of other beings besides humans are pretty screwed up in the heart and don’t have credible opinions, as far as I’m concerned.

  34. Jilly says:

    To Julia from August 18:

    You find it ridiculous to get up in arms about it? I find it ridiculous that you would even say such thing. You have a problem if you think you can rank suffering – whether it be human or animal. And you obviously have NO idea how much animal abuse there is out there or you wouldn’t have said people care more about them than babies.

    To M from August 18:

    If people are enraged about animal abuse, they already have morals.

    What both of you fail to notice is that one has nothing to do with the other. I’m sick of people bringing up children when the discussion is about animals. It has no place in the discussion. And you’re assuming most people don’t care about babies – which is more ridiculous than anything.

  35. Ina says:

    Its a good thing I couldn’t lay my hands on that sick psycho! I would have strangled him with a smile. Actually I wish I can put him in a cage with a couple of very angry pit bulls. Would serves him right if they tear him to pieces. Never, ever in my life was I so livid about something than I was when I saw the show about dog fights and that lower than live scumbag who thinks its alright to torture defenceless cornered animals. I hope dr Phill doesn’t give this issue a rest. Someone should stop that maniac!

  36. One More Dog Lover says:

    Being the dog lover that I am, I am appalled at anyone abusing helpless
    animals! They should receive the max penalty and treated the same way
    they treat animals…and I do believe that this abusive behavior will
    spill over into their own lives and they will end up abusing the loved
    ones in their lives also.

  37. Wayne Tills says:

    I agree with most of the comments made so far. Dog fighting should be a lifetime in jail. I will never understand dog fighting. It is such a useless form of entertainment. Why did Michael Vick have to do dog fighting when he played in the NFL? It does not make any sense. Anyways, law should crack down on dog fighting and stop it for once and for all.

  38. Mishele says:

    I agree dog fighting is horibble. People should put a stop to it and people selling videos. I hope in the future there is no animal cruelty at all.

  39. Sue Maybaum says:

    I feel sickened in regards to our actions as a society. The thrist for blood has been around for 100 of years. We as a people should be ashamed of our thrist for animals and children’s blood. The sense of power over the weak is horrible! We need to wise up and treat animals and children with respect—THEY ARE LIVING BEINGS. We have no right to such behavior. It is totally unacceptable!

  40. This is what I really want to report; http://blog.peta2.com/2011/08/urgent-

    turtle-torture-event-scheduled.html This is where they are horribly cruel to turtles just for entertainment. It would be best if you watch the video and decide for yourself if you think this ‘Annual Event’ this one being the 15th, should be stopped, or even up for discussion on your show.

    Please look into this as I believe this is very much cruelty to the turtles.


  41. Sorry, the link got messed up. This is the proper link again for the cruelty to turtles.


    By the way Dr Phil, did you know that USA is Pro-whalling? I am disgusted, and what does the captain of the Sea Shepherd, our hero, Paul Watson think of this?

    That would make a great show! Trying to stop the Japanese from cruelly killing sea mammals, and this country IS DOING THE SAME THING!!! This maybe a secret, but all US citizens ought to know about this, don’t you think?


  42. Ohio County, IN: Recently into controversy, an event called “Snapperfest” that inflicts cruelty onto turtles. Thanks to social networking tools such as facebook, animal advocates and Snapperfest supporters have been able to debate this issue. Animal advocates argue that “every form of abuse” is unacceptable. Snapperfest supporters argue that “humans are above animals” and while being asked if they would accept upon their dogs/cats to endure cruel treatment, they argued that “turtles” are below dogs/cats, and therefore, do not matter when it comes to mistreatment.

    This issue is currently on the table of debate and receiving attention worldwide. The governor of Indiana, thought invoked, has not yet given his opinion on this matter. Being the psychologist of our day, what would you say to this, Dr. Phil?

  43. Cat Jones says:


    Light a candle

    Dear Mother & Father God
    Dear Universe

    My prayer today is for all those people who find pleasure and monetary gain in the exploitation and killing of animals, work in any animal industry, fishing industry, fur industry, dairy industry, pork industry, egg industry, and/or perpetuate the killing, torture, enslavement, vivisection, starving, suffering, any kind of cruelty of any sort towards animals or perpetuates suffering without remorse or care in their attitude and behavior towards animals. You will be referred to as animal abusers.

    My karma prayer asks that all animal abusers dream, each and every night, of all the animals you killed or caused suffering to without remorse, may you feel the pain, terror, experience their suffering and despair of each and every creature you hurt in any way, all at the same time, experiencing their horror, and may you never awake from this dream until morning, remembering this dream, to only repeat this dream of horrors each and every night, until you have that enlightening moment of clarity and change your attitude, your ways and behavior towards animals for their betterment. ALL animals have a right to live with respect, dignity and freedom.



    Animal abuse is more rampant than you can even imagine. It is an all out genocide on animals. This blog is too limited to provide people with more information that limit animal abuse to just dogs and cats. In america alone, over 14,000 dogs (not cats and dogs) are murdered every DAY because people won’t spay and neuter. That is animal abuse. To kill dogs, just because they are alive.

    Just this year South Korea buried over 8,100,000 million animals ALIVE.

    The meat industry, the dairy industry which is one of the most cruelest which removes baby calves from their mothers within 24 hours and then kills them, bolt guns to the head or a pick axe and left to die which can take days. There is no compassion or care. You don’t even need milk. Milk belongs to those baby cows, not to us and is one of the most unhealthiest products to drink. Check out youtube on the dairy industry, that will be an eye opener. Lots of information on how milk does NOT do the body good, if you search it out.

    Did you know, that over 50% cattle in slaughterhouses, are eviscerated before they are dead, fully conscious. So, legs, cut off, disemboweled, all while alive. Kosher meat is not kosher and halal is even more horror induced torture for animals. Learn where your food comes from. Food, Inc., Earthlings are documentaries that help you to understand truly what is going on in this world to wake up. If we don’t stop eating meat, abusing animals, this world will die and that means you and me…extinct. Not hype, the truth.

    My Karma Prayer is creative and non violent. I hope you use it. The animals need our help on a large large scale, to micromanage this chaos and genocide against animals is ineffective with the abuse only growing. We need a collective conscious to make change. The power of prayer can create miracles.

  44. Vânia Vieira says:

    Dr. Phill,

    When I saw that man in the elevator, I couldn’t belive it. I felt fisically disturbed, I just wanna punch that sick man. I start helling at my tv, it was horrible.
    I think this people should go to jail for a very long time, hurt someone that cant deffend herself it’s not acceptable. I couldnt belive when the poor dog still was trying to get affection from that man, still proving how they are our best friends. That man has no heart, is no human being.

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