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May 10th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!

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As you no doubt know, I’ve not hesitated to use this blog to take on animal abuse, especially when it comes to the vicious mistreatment of dogs through the so-called “sport” of dogfighting. And I really thought we were making some progress against dogfighting this past year with law enforcement officers making a couple of major national busts.

Then came the stunning news that the Supreme Court had struck down a federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dogfights and other illegal acts of animal cruelty. The majority of the justices said the law was an unconstitutional violation of free speech, because it was too broad and could, for example, allow prosecutions for selling photos of out of season hunting. As a result, the high court threw out the conviction of a Virginia man who sold vicious dog-fighting videos that he advertised in Sporting Dog Journal, an underground magazine devoted to illegal dogfighting.

I was sick to my stomach. Dogfighting is illegal in this country but selling a dog-fighting video isn’t? We’re seriously going to let people profit from their films of pets being abused? Is there anyone out there who thinks that is even close to being the right thing to do?

If anything, the Supreme Court decision only proves that we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to protecting animals. That’s why we’re putting together a show that is going to shine a harsh spotlight on the animal abuse that still plagues our country. We’re not only going after people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave their pets cramped in cages with little or no water and blatant neglect, we’re going after those professional “dogfighters” who diligently train their pit bulls to fight other pit bulls to the death and every other form of abuse.

I’m sure you are going to find the show revealing. And if you know of anyone — someone in your neighborhood, someone from work, even a relative — who is abusing animals, let us know. We’ll try to do something about it. I promise you. This injustice cannot continue. It’s time to fight back.

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895 Responses to “Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!”

  1. Carolyne "Ollie is the name of my rescued pitbull" Williams says:

    I am a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. My pit bull, Ollie, is my best friend, my son, my protector, my dearest soul companion. Ollie was found when I was 21 as an abused stray on the streets of Florida when he was around one year old. I had never met a pitbull before, so when my friend brought him home after finding him wandering around in an abandoned parking lot, I was frightened of him, even though I am a huge animal lover & have grown up with dogs all of my life. Ollie ended up sneaking into my bed room later that night, and jumping up on the bed with me while I was sleeping. I awoke to he & I actually “spooning” each other, and from then on, he & I became inseperable.

    He has never left my side & he knows when I am upset or about to become upset. He is by far the sweetest dog in the entire world. Just like me, however, he too has a breaking point, and he can have a temper, just like I can.

    When I started to feel mysteriously ill 6 months before finally being diagnosed, Ollie started a strange behavior of having to lay with me 24-7 & he actually would sleep with his head plopped right across my left breast (where my tumor was growing & I didn’t know.)

    When I was finally diagnosed properly, after being told I was “too young” for breast cancer & “too young” for my state’s mammogram screening clinics, several months later, my breast tumor had grown all the way to 8 cm & I had to have an emergency partial mastectomy. Ollie, once again, never left my side, and he himself jumped the wrong way and injured his paw, causing him to have to lay in bed with me all week while we both were bandaged up by our doctors.

    My knowing & loving Ollie has made me the enormous animal rights activist that I am today. I am a strong advocate against the horrors of dogfighting, as well as all other kinds of animal torture & abuse.

    Dogfighting needs to become a felony in all 50 states and they need to make it so that ANYONE CAUGHT ATTENDING A DOG FIGHT WILL BE THROWN IN JAIL, not just the “owners” of the dogs. I have spoken to law enforcement officials who feel that this is the number one reason why they have such a tough time investigating dog fights, because when they finally go to raid a place, everyone throws their hands in the air and claims “it’s not my dog, it’s not my dog.”

    I feel that there is a reason that Dog is GOD spelled backwards. Dogs are there for us in our darkest hour, they are healers for us, they give us unconditional love without expecting anything in return. They are truly magical creatures & I couldn’t imagine this world if no dogs existed in it.

    Thank you for all that you are doing to blast these demonic animal abusers back into the depths of hell from which they have come from. My hope is that this is an inherited ignorance, one that for the most part we can erradicate through education & through enforcing the law to protect animals. The people who truly enjoy dogfighting are sick in the head & should be thoroughly examined my mental institutions.

    Thank you, Dr. Phil, for speaking up for the voiceless. Ollie & I cannot thank you enough & we send you all of our love.

  2. Karen says:

    Animal abuse and dog fighting are not near featured enough on any talk show. Thank you Dr. Phil for devoting a whole show to it. Rescue Ink is a fantastic group of dedicated men and women, devoted to rescueing abused and neglected animals. This disgusting behavior(i.e. dog fighting) will continue until enough people stand up and say no more! Remember, the squeeky wheel gets greased. Write the Governors of your state and tell them how you feel about this particular (YIKES) sport.

  3. Colleen Wiley says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I just want to thank you for your stand on animal abuse/neglect and the horror that is dogfighting. While the gentleman (I use that term loosely) said “it’s just like UFC, boxing, etc” – well my reply to that is – those people CHOSE to participate in that “sport” – these animals don’t get that choice – they are forced. I highly recommend that you might want to contact John Garica at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He was very instrumental in the taking in of 22 of Vicks pitbulls. He has traveled around the country with Georgia one of Vicks prize breeding dogs supposedly (she had all of her teeth “removed” by them). She is a goodwill dog ambassador for the Pit Bull breed if there ever was one. She’s an amazing girl. Several of the others have now been adopted. I have met several of them. On my many trips up to volunteer I have watched them change and grow everyday becoming wonderful loving creatures. It is truly amazing to me that these dogs after being horribly abused/treated can forget their past and become wonderful loving family members. I think they are stronger and more emotionally stable than most people on this planet – but that’s just my opinion! :-)

  4. kristy b says:

    Im very happy to see more people take a stand for pitbulls. These dogs for years have been looked down upon when they have done nothing wrong. People who fight pits should be ashamed. I own two pitbulls and i would love to be able to take them places or walk down the street without people looking scared especially when there are kids around, i even have a four year old and my dogs love my son. Everyone fears them because of stupid people. Pitbulls are really good dogs, if you have never met one you should it will change your life. They are loyal, smart and have a funny side as well. The thing I will never understand the most is why people blame the dog for what the owners are doing. I have even heard people say the breed should be wiped off the face of the earth! As if the dogs have a choice who owns them and how they are treated. Just like any dog raise it right and it will be your best friend for life. Not a mindless biting shaking monster of your nightmares.

  5. Love my bulls says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this topic to people’s attention. I wish that this guy and others like him did not perpetuate the stigma of pit bulls everywhere. I have 2 pit bulls, both rescues, and they are the most wonderful dogs I have ever had. Loyal to the end, which is what makes them so attractive to the fighters. They would do anything I asked them to. They are intelligent and loving. I hope this guy goes home and watches the video and realizes what a jerk he looks like and how wrong his is in his belief that this is in any way a sport.

  6. Robyn Roberts says:

    THANK YOU Dr. Phil for airing this! I am now a fan of yours forever!

  7. lisa says:

    After watching the show, I was amazed, but not surprised. In Indianapolis, there is a woman here who is wanted in the state of Ohio (Franklin County) for over 40 counts of animal related cruelty. The prosecuter there had Fox 59 locally feature a story on here as she had moved to the Indy area and set up a pet training business. Although there are outstanding arrest warrants in Ohio, nothing is able to be done unless she returns. This is because the warrants are not felony warrants. Something needs to be done to prevent this woman from moving again and starting another rescue/dog training business. She has acknowledged verbally on the news that she was aware of the warrants and has no intention of returning to Ohio to face the charges. What is even more disturbing is that she was visiting a facility for juveniles with her “therapy dog”. I think she needs the therapy and I think the animals need your help….

  8. Tracy says:

    OH MY LORD! I just got to sit down and watch the episode about the animal abuse (as I record ALL Dr. Phil episodes). I sat on my couch with my pug puppy Tucker and just cried watching the videos of the horrible things that people do to animals. It disgusts me to think that someone could ever hurt an animal! Still in disbelief! Thanks to all of the people who take a stand for the animals that can’t do it for themselves!

  9. George says:

    Carolyne thanks for sharing your great story about Ollie. I hiope your health gets better. I to had an opportunity to spend time with pit bulls at the Best Freinds animal sanctuary. We had one sleep with us between us in our hotel. It was amazing he trusted us and we trusted him. The pit bulls are amazing. We wanted to adopt one and bring it back home but we learned when we got home that they were banned. We were pissed off because they were banning a whole breed which is not logical and insane. So as a result of this my wife and I are trying to educate the public, city councillor’s etc. on the facts about Pit Bulls and also on removing the BSL. Dr. Phil thanks for sharing this with millions your courage and love for animals has won respect from me. I loved it that you would not allow the “monster dog fighter” to get away with this insane justifications. Thanks for having rescue ink on the show and I appreciate your wise words on the uncensored video. You may have started a ripple effect of not accepting “animal abuse” thanks again.

  10. Sally Hart says:

    Good show on dog fighting it is a discusting past time that is way to prevalent in New Mexico. You made the comment that M Vick “was sorry” and is working with animal groups to get the info out. He has not done ONE thing that was not a 3min photo op for a press release. He has cancelled all his appointments. He could care less He “GOT OFF” as usual. I’m sure he has moved his opperations & have them in an other name sic the Rescue Inks on his trail Very cool guys & their work, hope it catches on in other states!

  11. Cody says:

    Im 21 and when i saw this on TV i had tears in my eyes and had to leave the room. I can’t believe people do this to any animal i don’t who u are or what type of animal it is there is no reason to hurt an animal.

  12. Kalee says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil for taking the time to open the publics eyes about this topic. It is annoying how society only potrays the wrong doing of Pit Bulls, have you once heard a story on the news about a golden retreiver or dalmation biting a child or another dog? No, its always pit bulls, yet dalmations and golden retreivers actually bite/attack more then Pit Bulls. Also dating back in history Pit Bulls were known as “mans most loyal dog”. Betty Boops dog in her cartoon was a Pit Bull, the little girl with the dog pulling her diaper off is a Pit Bull, back in the day Pit Bulls were used as the side kicks in most circus acts and one of our presidents actually had a pit bull. I think its time society sees the true side of these loving amazing dogs. I have 2 male pit bulls who are the most loving affectionate dogs I could ever ask for. The sleep with the cat and are actually more scared of the cat than the cat is of them. Its time we put a stop to the negativety that society holds against them!

  13. Aimee says:

    Unfortunately, I missed the show on animal abuse but I’m sure Dr. Phil did his usual job of getting to the truth and not letting anyone off the hook :o ) and I’m sure I would have spent lots of time crying and yelling at my TV.
    Please, please keep doing these shows! I have seen, and heard, too many horror stories about what we “brilliant” humans are capable of doing to innocent animals.
    I live in a small college town where everyone likes to think things like that won’t/don’t happen because we are “enlightened” folks.
    Who was enlightened when someone chose to shoot a sweet border collie between the eyes and leave her to die because she was too active for them to handle or dump a wonderful companion in an outhouse (or should I say under) for God only knows what reason and leave her to die.
    Fortunately, we have a wonderful humane society and lots of animal lovers in town. The border collie survived around 24 hours on her own and was taken to a vet by someone who found her accidentally. She is blind and deaf but there were dozens of people applying to adopt her after months of recovery and therapy. The other dog was rescued when she was found by a hiker, taken to a vet, and after almost dying from massive infections and other problems from being submerged in human waste, recovered and had people lining up to adopt her too.
    I could go on with soooooo many other stories and I’m sure there are millions more I will never hear…too many of them with less “happy” endings.
    The torture goes far beyond dog and cock fights, though they are some of the most blatant examples, and so much of it goes on right under our noses. From the guy next door who kicks his dog because he’s angry to the one who freezes a kitten in an ice block to put in the punch bowl at a halloween frat party.
    We humans are supposed to be so smart and superior! Why then do we insist on torturing the “dumber” species on this planet?! Personally, I think they are a great deal smarter than we are!

  14. Sandra says:

    What, if anything, was done to the young man who was abusing the dog in the elevator? His father is obviously in denial.

  15. Linda D says:

    I am on the board of the local SPCA organization and am very involved in saving several dogs’ lives every month. We have 2 rescued shelter dogs in our home as pets. How can someone treat dogs like cockroaches or ants? A dog’s dream is to please its master and feel safe.
    I turned off the show after the video where the dogs were fighting and one was screaming in pain. I don’t care if it was from panic or physical pain – it was very frightening to hear. The guy (forgot his name and don’t ever want to remember it) who tried to justify that dog fighting is a sport like football and boxing is an idiot. The football players and boxers have something this innocent dog didn’t have: CHOICE.
    I wish you would have a show on animal rescue organizations. Ours is a fairly small facility with many volunteers and kind hearted people.
    Thanks for exposing this, Dr. Phil.

  16. Sam says:

    Per your request, I would like to bring to your attention a large-scale animal abuse operation. I do not think an open forum is the appropriate place to do so. A response, via email, would be greatly appreciated.

  17. sprite says:

    I just watched Dr. Phil regarding the animal abuse episode. Watching this episode made me sick to my stomach. I thought Rob who was promoting dog fighting is sick and this is a disgusting sport. He said he enjoys this sport, how could anyone enjoy watching another dog drag another while a dog cries in pain. Dr. Phil said after watching the clip that is pain and his response was that isn’t pain it is pain. What an asinine remark! I was stunned when he admitted he has killed two hundred animals. He then justifies this and says that what he is doing is the same as the ASPCA. I couldn’t believe that he was stating that his sport was the same as boxing.

  18. Audrey says:

    This is my second comment. First – Rob said something about that BOXING is no different than dogfighting. Well, first – boxing is done by HUMANS. When was the last time a human was half-starved and had a big heavy chain around his neck? Not even to mention – the mutilation of cutting dog’s ears so it wouldn’t be mangled in the fight!
    Next – humans and dogs are not of the same intelligence! Humans have higher intelligence. But, of course, when it comes to dogfighting – those dogs- at lease- before their training- were like any other dog–just want to play and be loved.
    Next – I saw “Animal Planet Exposes Dogfighting”. I saw a clip of the ring – where one of the dogs was trying to get OUT of the ring, but the owner (poop-head) lead him back to the other dog.
    Next- Most of the people who do this are MEN! Are all these man single? Where are the women? The wives, girlfriends??? What about the boys brought into this “culture”? If the men are so PROUD of themselves – then maybe we should involve family members.

  19. Paradoxis says:

    Dr Phil, if Katherine from the Dr Phil Family kicked the dog as everyone on the boards keeps saying she did, then why didn’t you call her on it and drag her over the coals?

  20. Ruthie Weaver says:

    I totally agree that shows should be done about the other rescue groups that save these animals everyday.I visited a rescue/sanctuary in Myakka City Florida a few weeks ago called B.U.D.D.I.E.S. and the family that runs this place.I was amazed at what this family does on a daily basis.This man just took in a pitbull that has no eyes and aggressive issues with other animals.He is giving this dog a chance to be a “dog” and live a happy life.These type of rescues need the media to let people know what they are doing.They are angels on earth :) Thank you for showing just how ignorant these dog fighters really are.I hope in the future you will air shows about the many rescue groups out there.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I applaud Dr Phil for taking this on.
    One of the saddest parts of this show, was this guy has children who will think it’s acceptable to dog fight and the cycle continues.
    Not only are we in rescue having to take on the daunting task of finding homes for all the foreclosed on pets, we have to deal with puppy millers, dog fighters and just plain stupid folk.
    If you can not care humanely for a living, breathing animal….PLEASE GET A STUFFED ONE.

  22. Barbara Glynn says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil for your show on animal cruelty/abuse. While difficult to view the inhumane footage of animals being subjected to these cruel acts, it is a show that needed and needs to be done. Unlike you though I do not see the good in anyone (such as your guest) who allows the torture of these innocent creatures. I especially enjoyed all of the gentleman from Rescue Ink and I was happy to hear them speak without any fear or care of being “politically correct.”

    I hope we see more shows like this one giving attention to the ongoing problem of animal abuse in the all too many areas where it exists. It is your voice that will help get the message out loud and clear.

  23. Lynette says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I loved your show on Animal Abuse. You covered so many different areas of the topic, from dog fighting, to animal abuse (man in the elevator), animal hoarding, and I loved hearing about the Animal Ink Organization. They are so wonderful! I love them! I also liked learning about some of the strays that Paris Hilton brought out. One of them was abandoned when their owner moved & in today’s economy when people are struggling financially, often pets end up paying the price. So sad, but also inexcusable! If someone cannot afford to care for their pet they need to bring them to a responsible organization that can help them. No pet deserves to be left behind like that. Our dog, an English Mastiff, is a part of our family. I cannot imagine moving and leaving him behind. I loved the 2 black Cocker Spaniels. So cute, and I was wondering if you and Robin have thought about adopting a brother or sister for Maggie. She looks like such a great dog, and I bet she would love to have a playmate. Any dog would love to be a part of the Dr. Phil family. :)

  24. Lynette says:

    One other thing that I’ve been wondering about is whether the 1st guest, who feels that dog fighting is a sport, still has pets. I wasn’t sure if he did or not. I thought he made a few comments about how he felt that he treated his pets ‘well’ (His mind is so messed up. He can’t even see how crazy he sounds.). I couldn’t tell if he was talking in the past or present tense. I would sincerely hope that someone who has been convicted of dog fighting would never be allowed to own a pet again.

  25. Sharon O says:

    Thank you for the show on dog fighting. Our pit is 8 and THE best dog ever – very smart and gentle.

  26. Jo says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,
    Thank you so much. I have been involved with pit bull rescue and issues for almost 20 years. I have had all kinds of breeds of dogs from mixes to Collies to Labs. I have never had sweeter dogs than the pit bulls that I’ve been living with. My passion has been to try to save these dogs’ lives and reestablish their noble status as the “All-American dog” and most human-friendly breed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for portraying them as the victims that they are, not the monsters of which they are falsely accused.

  27. Linda says:

    I just wanted to talk about the lady who was over her head in caring for dogs.

    As we all know, puppy mills are in much worse, or similar states to this woman’s.
    If i knew a dog was going to be euthanized because no one wanted it, I would keep it. She is doing what a caring person would do with the resources she had.

    Have you seen how dogs are gassed to death in AMERICA in shelters. You wont stop crying, believe me.

    My 2 dogs, Sophie and Patty are rescues from a state in the USA. I live in Ontario Canada, where a woman had the $ to go and pick them up from a KILL SHELTER where they would have been gassed. Many dont fully die and are dumped in the garbage alive and suffering.

    This isnt an issue of hoarding, its about poverty. and caring.

    We need to come to the aide to people who are trying to help innocent animals in the best way they can. Not condem them for not having enough money, resources or caring neighbours to help them.

    How many young girls are spending their time in malls instead of volunteering with animals, which i know , if they could they would much rather be doing, because their souls are aching for validation.

    Take a look inside thousands of puppy mills, and shelters!!! and you will find much!!! worse!!! filth and cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  28. Ellie says:

    The man has no empathy. This is a problem. When someone does not see screams of panic of being eaten alive, as pain, there is a problem with his head.

    The lady who starved her animals, and let them live in fecal material and out in the yard with no shade in 90 degree weather has the same mental problem.

    The kid who kicked that dog in the elevator should be in jail.

    The abuser’s attorney is as bad as the abuser. Same energy……God help all living beings.

  29. Ellie says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil.
    Please have even more on what we as individuals can do to stop this barbaric behavior in all of the world.

    Some don’t have money to give.
    Is there a petition to sign regarding getting a law that will outlaw animal abuse videos? What can we do and who can we contact to overturn the decision to allow this to continue? We want to help, but dont know what to do.

  30. Tracy says:

    Dr Phil, these dog fighters are operating in plain sight. They call themselves “show dog breeders” or “fanciers” to try to trick us. They fight really hard against anti-cruelty laws so they can keep abusing and killing dogs. They have lobbying groups. They have a lot of money. They are middle class people. Some of the dog fighters are scientists, teachers, lawyers.

    Here is one of them who is a scientist opposing anti-chaining laws so the dog fighters can keep fighting dogs. (Dog fighters often chain their dogs outside) http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/tethering-committee-appointment-questioned/Content?oid=1201571

    Here are some of these people operating now http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/

    Here are some AKC breeders who lobby for dog fighters (and for puppy mills too, because the AKC makes most of its money registering puppy mill puppies) http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=National_Animal_Interest_Alliance and http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=American_Kennel_Club

    There are middle class people who make money from animal abuse and they fight against laws! This is why animal abuse goes on. These people know how to deceive the media and legislators.

    They call themselves things like “Responsible Dog Owners” groups but they make money from animal abuse!

  31. North Carolina's Shame says:

    North Carolina’s Shame



  32. Tracy says:

    Ellie, about outlawing the the abuse videos.

    There is pending legislation. Get everyone you know to contact their legislators NOW. Call, write, email, everything. Contact your Representative in the House of Representatives to SUPPORT HR 5092

    Here is information https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4553&s_src=homepage

  33. cpmchenry says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Dogs are like small children—trusting, loving and protection. Once they get a little older, they return all of it back in turn to you. I can not see why anyone would want to harm these loving and trusting animals, whom wants the approval of the ones they love.

  34. Rhonda Emery says:

    Im so sick and tired of animal abusers making excuses for their doings!! They act like” oh I didnt that was wrong” , etc. OMG are you kidding me??? How sick are these monsters?! Taking poor helpless animals, who would unconditionally love anyone, and beating, neglecting them?!! Animal abusers are the scum of earth!!

  35. Ellie says:

    Dr Phil:
    Please please please tell everyone on the air the information in Tracy’s post 2 posts above this one. If everyone knew that there is a chance to get these videos outlawed, they would do it.
    Please tell Oprah to tell everyone too. !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Rhonda Emery says:

    Re: Sandra may 13
    If any thing he should be jailed, fined, and given not only counciling, Im sorry, I couldnt watch the whole thing, I started to cry, If I knew this guy personally, I would honestly make him pay!!!His girlfriend who owned the dog, should kick his A** to the curb and make him feel the pity and helplessness the dog did!!!This was sickening, just like the pit bull fighting guy!,,, As for that “lil IT” and I say that becouse he isnt a man at all,,It was HIS actions that made HIM kill them poor dogs after they “lost” as he put it. It wasnt the dogs fault! It was all HIS fault! What a poor excuse for a human being. I am a loyal animal lover, I have 5 dogs and a bird who I absolutly adore and treat them just like my kids…My animals love me, and I treat them all with respect and love I have becouse they deserve it….Just like any other animal on this earth does! I’d crap on these animal abusers graves!

  37. Linda says:

    Can we start more volunteer RESCUE INCs around the country?

  38. Dani A. says:

    Dr. Phil, It made me sick. I wasn’t going to watch the show, and broke down. I cried the entire time. I woke up several times thinking of that little dog being kicked over and over, crouching near the wall and then coming up the the guy on his leg only to be kicked twice more. The guy was actually petting it’s head before kicking it again. Why can’t these people be punished in the same way they hurt these animals. Have the guy be kicked over and over again. Who knows what happened after leaving the elevator. And put the pitbull fighter in a box tie him up and let him be attacked by the animals. I was wondering if the guy on the elevator is going to be prosecuted? I know you said he was in prison for 2 yrs for something unrelated also do you know if the dog was severely injured? He kicked it very hard it would be hard to not have internal injuries or broken bones. Could you post if the dog is ok. I hope the guys father kicked his ___!!!!!

  39. Rhonda Emery says:

    I agree with Tracy and Ellie… so, lets make Oprah know…make her “get the message out there”!!! Dr.Phil did a wonderful job on this segment, but I honestly think He should have done a ” you dont deserve to be on my stage, GET outta here” approach…dr. phil, you need to start being more “empathetic” towho/ whats `making` your show, than to the BAD people who are on it. Be more realistic and hard to the truth…you ARE a doctor!

  40. Rhonda Emery says:

    Dani A. amen to you….all the way! I couldnt have said it better.

  41. Ellie says:

    The guy in the elevator is in jail for something else… so he is a criminal that could end up hurting people if he does not get help. Maybe he already has. And his dad defends him???

    What kind of woman would be married to that man? ( the one who dog fights ).
    And have kids with him yet? That is instant child abuse… I wouldn’t let him near my kids.
    She must be the same as him.

    They both must have lived in the Roman Empire in a past life. They sat and watched in joy as the men were thrown to the lions in the areana. How fun they say!! They are not being hurt…. Just screams of panic. Such a sport. Today they cant do that with men, so they pick on dogs.
    Sick world we live in.

    Thanks For the info Tracy.

  42. Dear Dr. Phil,

    This is a bumper sticker I created after Vic was arrested. I’m a companion animal behaviorist and I always strive to educate and cause, my beloved humans, to think, and then re-think, and then have a new awareness and understanding.
    Long, long ago, in lands far away, there were dogs bred to fight. Akitas, Shar Peis, Chow Chows and, in Europe, the Neopolitan and French Mastiffs. The breeders of these dogs created a dog with their own built in suit of armor. Akitas have fur so dense you can’t part it and see skin, if you grab their fur around their neck it feels like their coat isn’t attached to their body. In a fight, if a bite gets thru- the fur, it won’t penetrate deeper than skin. The Shar Pei…, just picture a Shar Pei and you can see their armor, thick skin protects, eyes, ears, muzzles, and loose skin protects the neck. If you shave a Chow, you almost have a Shar Pei. The Neopolitan and French Mastiffs are nothing but loose folds of skin protecting their head and neck. At that time in history, “Dog fighting” was to determine the stronger and better fighter. They didn’t want to see their dogs injured! Long, long ago mankind had not yet evolved to the level of, senseless cruelty, we’ve seen in the last, 150 years, or so.
    The Amarican Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier and Bull Terrier were not bred to fight! In England, the cruelty of “bear baiting” was outlawed, so they started “bull baiting,” when bull baiting was outlawed, they starting “pitting” dogs against each other. These are the same people that decided to get 25 to 50 dogs together to chase down one fox, while they looked good on horseback.
    I wish I could’ve been a guest that day. A little knowledge goes a long way. The, “I think it’s cruel,” vs. “I don’t think it’s cruel,” debate doesn’t go beyond that belief. We have to change and affect the mind that doesn’t think dog fighting is cruel.
    Always Theirs, Judi Halliburton

  43. Stephaine says:

    Dear Dr.Phil,
    I cannot express my true and honest respect for you on your show against animal abuse. In my oppinion i feel as though the only type of “humans” that abuse animals, or even children, and our eldery are weak and are unable to pick on anyone that can fight back. I was so up-set watching the show, that i couldnt wish anything well on Rob, and if i would hve been at the elevator during the low life that took his anger out on his girlfriends pet, i would have surly went to jail.he blamed the dog for his poor work skills, which is prob. why he got fired. I let everone know that comes to my home that #1 this is our pets home, they are only company. We love our friends, and family, but that they are here to visit, our 4 legged babies live here, respect is demanded for our helpless babies. Thank-you for acknowledging this horrible act against helpless animals. Just remember grown men and women have the choice to get into a ring where they make money, and sometimes gain fame, animals cannot make this choice, so people need to stop saying their dogs love it,they need to get in a ring and stop being a coward and fight themselves.

  44. gia says:

    Cindy Bemis is an “animal hoarder”; she doesn’t “love” her animals, she collects them, allows them to live on the brink of starvation, disease riddled until they die, without knowing what a loving home is.

    To define what Ms. Bemis is almost defies logic, but according to Tufts University, Hoarding Animal Research Consortium she is a “rescue hoarder.”* Rescue hoarders and not overwhelmed caregivers or animal advocates, they are mentally ill individuals who should be fined, jailed and receive mandatory psychiatric care, and never be allowed to own an animal again.

    Unfortunately, there are currently only four states that recognize hoarding within their laws: Hawaii, New Mexico, Illinois & Vermont.

    Hoarding is only listed within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM) under Obsessive Complusive Personality Disorder (OCPD) and is just now being considered as its own mental illness for the newest revision DSM V slated for a May 2013 release.

    The case surrounding Ms. Bemis is not unusual; there have been several similar cases of rescue hoarders over the past several months. Many operate as ‘non-profits”, receiving tax free donations:

    Noah’s Ark – Alexia Tiraki-Kyrklund & Gloria Ramos – Long Beach, CA

    Mommies Cat’s Little Ones – Cynthia Gudger, Riverside/Bakersfield, CA
    (see Save the Chihuahua’s “Captured Abuser” section http://www.savethechihuahuas.org)

    Pet Rescue, Penny Horak & Dale Armon, Bloomingdale, Illinois

    A search on Pet-Abuse under “hoarding / abuser works in animal welfare” yielded 9 pages of cases, from convicted to alleged.

    There are several common themes to each of these cases:

    -Martyr – many tell stories about how the saved animals “right before the needle”. How the make daily sacrifices so their babies have the best of care.

    -Delusional – they may believe they have special abilities to communicate with their animals, that no one can take care of them as they do. They are unable to see the filth and decay; their surroundings are acceptable and “normal” and undeniably better than death.

    -Their animals are like their children – as with Cynthia Gudger, she “loved them like they were my children,” yet the animals stuffed into crates filled with feces and trash, practically taking up over half the space.

    -Continues to collect without regard for level of care of existing animals – just like a shopaholic, they get excited by the thrill of the rescue, but once the animal is in their possession it is tossed aside, like another pair of shoes.

    So how do we help the animals in these situations? I wish there was an easy answer and a speedy solution, but there is not. As in the case with Pet Rescue of Illinois, volunteers there had been complaining for 30 years. Their license was finally revoked in 2009. Horak in exchange for pleading guilty was sentenced to two years’ court supervision and barred from ever again running another animal facility in Illinois. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing Armon, accusing her of spending approximately $70,000 of the non-profit group’s funds for personal use since 2007. Arnon was due back in court on April 27th.

    If you believe a shelter or rescue has become a harmful place for the animals, there are several things you can do to help alleviate some of the animals’ suffering. Volunteer, get firsthand documentation and pictures. If your city has a Hoarding Task Force contact them – anonymously. You have to protect yourself, as many times “whistle blowers” can face lawsuits. These “rescuers” will do whatever they can to protect their babies, and you could be the focus of their anger and wrath. Task Forces are multi-disciplinary agencies which work together to solve hoarding situations by pooling their resources. If there isn’t a Task Force start with your local animal control.

    If the situation doesn’t improve you could go to other agencies e.g. health department, building code and safety, fire department. Sometimes the “rescuer” may only receive minor fines and violations. You may need to accept only minor victories, but whatever you can do will help, even when the law falls short.

    *as defined by Tufts Hoarding Animal Research Consortium

    To learn more about hoarding visit the following sites:
    Animal Hoarding: Alone in Crowded Room http://www.animalhoarding.org
    Animal Hoarding News & Info @ http://animalhoardinginfo.blogspot.com
    International OCD Foundation (IOCDF)
    Tufts Hoarding Animal Research Consortium (HARC)
    Children of Hoarders (COH)

  45. Rhonda Emery says:

    As for Cindy Bemis, well, i cant tell if she a animal hordour that despratly needs help or someone who just really loves animals and have so many that she cant bear to part with them. Im sorry, but this is a tough one. Id have a hard time too trying to seperate w/ a animal I love, I cant tell if she acually loved them all, but I can understand that if someone has a animal and wants to care and love them, but then she finds it overwhelming to her to take care of them all. she gets one, then, two, then three…….and so on and and then cant deal w/it herself…..if thats the case, then I pray for her dear heart. If , on the other hand, she’s just a collector, looking for a mill right, then, diffrent story. God bless all

  46. carla says:


    Video Shows Columbia SWAT Team Killing Dog in Drug Bust
    over zealous swat team thug shoots family pets one a pit bull puppy and a corgi puppy both of whom were in kennel crates.
    COLUMBIA, Mo – The shooting death of a pit bull in a SWAT team raid is bringing about policy changes in the Columbia, Missouri Police Department.

    A SWAT team raided a home in Columbia and during the raid, shot and killed the family’s pit bull. They also shot and injured a corgi. YouTube video of the raid shows a child was also in the home at the time.

  47. carla says:


    dr.phil please watch this video then please help us to stop the sensless slaughter of our pets here in columbia,missouri!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. pam says:

    these losers who promote dog fighting are lucky that I’m not the President. These creeps would get the death penalty and be thrown into a pit and the dogs would be set free on them. Dog fighting is barbaric and you have to think that the scum who supports this is a hair shy of being pure evil. how can they be productive memebers of society?? the humans should die and the dogs should be given a chance at love and happiness, not forced fighting and dog raping of the females. there isn’t a hell deep enough for these sorts-they are no better than pedophiles.

  49. mary flores says:

    Thank you for airing such an important subject. Many people want to keep their heads in the sand over such issues. Am proud of Michael Vick for turning his life around and i salute the men that have organized the rescue squad. Wish more places had something like this.

  50. Ellie says:

    Cindy the hoarder is an abuser. I don’t care if her so called intentions were good in the beginning or not. She is just hiding under her “good intentions” so people would feel sorry for her. This is conjered up by her attorney.

    She let all of those dogs suffer. They would have been much much better off dead – put to a restfull sleep by the spca.
    When the choice is staying alive and suffering or beign put to sleep. Of course let them go.
    I think she should be forced to stay out in the heat with no water and no shade for days on end. Hey why not if this is not suffering…….

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