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May 10th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!

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As you no doubt know, I’ve not hesitated to use this blog to take on animal abuse, especially when it comes to the vicious mistreatment of dogs through the so-called “sport” of dogfighting. And I really thought we were making some progress against dogfighting this past year with law enforcement officers making a couple of major national busts.

Then came the stunning news that the Supreme Court had struck down a federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dogfights and other illegal acts of animal cruelty. The majority of the justices said the law was an unconstitutional violation of free speech, because it was too broad and could, for example, allow prosecutions for selling photos of out of season hunting. As a result, the high court threw out the conviction of a Virginia man who sold vicious dog-fighting videos that he advertised in Sporting Dog Journal, an underground magazine devoted to illegal dogfighting.

I was sick to my stomach. Dogfighting is illegal in this country but selling a dog-fighting video isn’t? We’re seriously going to let people profit from their films of pets being abused? Is there anyone out there who thinks that is even close to being the right thing to do?

If anything, the Supreme Court decision only proves that we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to protecting animals. That’s why we’re putting together a show that is going to shine a harsh spotlight on the animal abuse that still plagues our country. We’re not only going after people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave their pets cramped in cages with little or no water and blatant neglect, we’re going after those professional “dogfighters” who diligently train their pit bulls to fight other pit bulls to the death and every other form of abuse.

I’m sure you are going to find the show revealing. And if you know of anyone — someone in your neighborhood, someone from work, even a relative — who is abusing animals, let us know. We’ll try to do something about it. I promise you. This injustice cannot continue. It’s time to fight back.

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895 Responses to “Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!”

  1. Eric says:

    Thank you very much for tackling this important issue. The man on your panel, and Rick, the puke defending him (although he “claims” to be impartial), are absolutely sickening to me. I appreciate your diligence and patience in handling these men in order to complete your segment, and bring about more awareness of animal cruelty. The fact of the matter is, there are two types of people in this world. Those who participate, defend, and accept this behavior, and those who don’t. I hope when the segment was over, Rescue Ink took the others behind the studio and gave them a chance to win their Darwin Awards.

  2. amanda goins says:

    I have seen this show just today. I agree with guy shooting the dogs. Itls the more humane country way of euthanasia. I have euthanized and seen many animals @ an animal hospial where I used to work. Alot of times it takes 10x the dose before it works. If you shoot a dog right, it’ll never feel anything.
    As to that guy saing that the dog isn’t being hurt while it is being bit, he needs to have someone bite his ear and drag him around. Lets see if it hurts then.
    These people also need to realize that even animal shelters put dogs down and not all of them can be rescued.

  3. Lyndie says:

    I am so disgusted by this man! Robert’s behavior is monster like. He has no remorse for any of his killings! He is 100% crossing the line. Lets take away all the other nonsense and look at the situation as it is. An animal that was once a baby and is helpless is dropped into a closed area with another animal to “see” what happens. Are you human? There intentionally putting there dog in harms way, how is this in any “okay”. This man’s father was probably physically abusive to him and his mother. I wouldn’t be shocked in any way. These people that think it is all a game need serious help. I think they are all a danger to society. If they can watch a helpless animal be torn apart, bleed, scream in agony they should not be in society. PERIOD! It is no different than a human being. Dogs breathe, bleed, and feel. The United States at least NEEDS to step up and speak up for the unspoken! Lets get some real punishments. 6 months in jail is a joke for killing and fighting animals. I think it is pathetic, extremely pathetic. These people including Robert will hopefully get what they deserve in the after life. I must have faith. I must.

  4. Jo-Anne B says:

    I just watched your show on animal.. VERY DISTURBING…
    I was really ticked when it was stated that the gent in the elevator was sentenced to 2 years in prison??? and then they go on to say they talked to he boys father and he says his son had lost his job, he cried and so on?? GIVE ME A BREAK!! Such a jerk!!!! He only cried because HE GOT CAUGHT.. !!! Maybe someone bigger than him should kick him around like that and see how he likes it.. I hope the owner of that dog was smart enough to ditch him… It really annoys me when I see people who leave their dogs outside when it’s 100 degree temperatures.. no water , or leave them in their vehicles thinking they are doing their dogs a favor by bringing them for a drive.;; I’m sorry but that guy that is on todays show deserve to be thrown in prison as well..

  5. Tammy says:

    I just cannot believe that so many people decide to abuse animals and each other. I am dealing with my daughter who is in an abusive relationship physically and mantally now her puppy of 6 month old has been abused by this looser, he has kicked the dog so hard that it brck her pelvis in two spots. the vet say an injury like that is comonly seen when a dog gets hit by a car. I really wanted this looser who did that to the dog to be put in jail for his crime but trying to get my daughter to bring the law in is just impossible. she continues to take abuse from this man verbally and physically. I have told her everything to do to get him out of the house but she has an excuse for everything once a very positive strong woman has been beaten down to someone who does not know how to get out.

  6. Debi says:

    OMG!! How gut wrenching and tearfully pitiful.. How can any one act like such despicable low life! I now understand the death sentence. These individuals really don’t deserve to be called humans. AND don’t hide behind the title of “animal rescue” as did the woman with over 230 dogs, and 30 cats!! That IS animal abuse! Doesn’t she and others understand that!! I makes me mad as h***! and so disgusted. These shells of a human need to be in the same position, and see how they like it! (It’s like a death camp).
    Abuse in anyway shape or form should not be tolerated, and taken as “normal”. A Dog fight is not “normal”. One man commented~ as such a” weak” person could only think this is ok. People like this live in our communities, and this is NOT ok to let it continue.
    Need I say more, except thanks to those wonderful people who have a caring and concerning heart and soul to help out these animals who just want to be loved and cared for.
    It’s important to know every one can help, if you are not able to own a dog, give to your local SPCA, animal shelter, or donate a gift of time~ Volunteer!!
    PS~ Did all of the dogs get adopted?? Oh I hope so!

  7. wade says:

    This Show was one of the best shows ive seen Dr. Phil do. Maybe because it hits so deeply the pain we feel to see mans best friend in anguish. I wrote a poem on this very subject that id love to share with Dr. Phils community. Its called:

    Our Pets Need Our Love

    for the saying goes, they are mans best friend
    If we are there for them, they will love and protect till the very end
    they cant speak, only with their eyes will they convey
    there you can see if they are hungry, if they hurt, or having a bad day

    Our animals need the kids for they give without remorse
    they love unconditional, hug them, and ride them like a horse
    they bathe them, comb them, then whisper in baby talk
    they love dogs, and they love cats, even before they can walk

    Look into their eyes for they really want to understand
    why they have no water or no food, and their health is in demand

    our animal hospitals, animal shelters, and vets
    Our friends, our animals, and our pets
    they need our help, our trust and our love
    let them have food, shelter, and a home to be proud of.

    Written By Wade Groves April 25th 2009

  8. Julianne says:

    I would like to know if Robert, the man who defends dog fighting, is allowed to own dogs again now that he has done his “time” and if anyone is monitoring him to make sure he isn’t participating in his “sport” any more. His justification of his behavior is reprehensible. I think it’s pretty hypocritical of him to call Michael Vick a punk. Can we say pot calling the kettle black???

  9. Ann says:

    Wow. Watching this guy talk about how he thinks dog fighting is okay makes me sick. How can he sit there and listen to a dog cry out in pain? I almost started crying by watching that. What a sick person. Dogs are not born mean. People teach them to be mean. Many dogs are taken out of dog fighting and put into care, after they are evaluated, many of them have to be put down because they can suffer emotional issues. This is NOT the way to raise any animal. Sick, sick, sick.

  10. Carol says:

    I am going to sit down right now and send a check to ASPCA for $100 to hopefully help in putting this sub-human in prison with no chance of him ever getting out.

  11. Valerie says:

    I think the man on your show today is terrible! i have only one question for him… a human fighter chooses to fight and he chooses to quit that poor dog did not!!!!!

  12. Julie says:

    I am against animal abuse. However, I believe the greatest issue here is that training docile animals to fight changes them into a dangerous weapon. If that dog gets free, it could hurt humans! One of these dangerous dogs even has the potential to kill a child. This is just wrong!!

  13. Marla Stewart says:

    This guy is sick!! Don’t they have enough evidence to put him away?? This really upset me as I am crying over watching and hearing that dog scream and fight!! I have been around pitbulls all my life they are pleasers- they want to please and be loved!! My pitbull loves EVERYONE!! kids,other animals,Strawberry her name even let kittens when the mother got hit by car she allowed them to nurse from her and took on the motherly roll. She is 4 years old and is my baby I love her and treat her like my kid because that is what she is!! Please Dr.Phil help put the word like you are doing and sign petitons to have tougher laws for this!!

  14. kelly says:

    the dog fighter is a sick very sick man . do to him as he does to the poor helpless animals . animals can not fight the people who abuse them . we the people should and need to look after those animals . the lawyer ,,spit .. putting animals into pens and lettin them fight is like puttin children in a pen to fight for there life. both of them should b locked up and throw away the key. wish i could reach out and touch some1 ,,it wouldnt b nice. bless rescue ink for doin what they do ..bless them.

  15. Julie says:


    You have a reason to be concerned. People who abuse animals often eventually abuse children, or women.

  16. smithangelae says:

    I cried today watching the man justify dog fighting. I had to mute the TV more than once. It is hard for animal lovers to understand this “sport” as we feel it is our responsibility to protect our friends who give us so much. It was particularly difficult as I looked at my rescued pit bull/lab mix – Dude. Dude was rescued by my son while working in a warehouse as a teenager from a man bragging about how his puppies waiting in his car were going to an owner who would use the puppies as sparing partners. My son convinced the man to give him one puppy for $50. That’s all the money he had. The puppy purchased is our Dude. Dude is our handsome, loving companion who would likely be dead if the original intent for his life was implemented. When my son brought this dog home, I was very angry. I got over my prejudice, but I am saddened that he was brought into this world for one purpose – to be killed. I insisted my son report the story to his employer – interestingly the employee with the puppies did not show to work. The story had circulated quicklyamong the co-workers.

    There is no justification for taking pets and forcing this cruelty. I live near Indianpolis, Indiana and there was a dog fighting business shut down just last week. The community is supportive of the continued shut down and intolerance of this activity. I am proud of our community for saying no!. So dog fighters – get a clue. You are not right. Find another “sport”.

  17. Angie says:

    I am sitting here watching this with my two golden retrievers. I’m so disgusted by this program. People that force animals to fight are mentally ill. The man states that UFC fighters are the same thing. NO, sir, they are not. UFC fighters want to fight and get paid to do so. You are forcing animals to fight for your monetary gain and pleasure. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sir, let someone bite your ear off ie “Evander Holyfield” style and see if you think it hurts…or if you need to seek medical attention. You make me sick!

  18. KG says:

    The guest, represented with his lawyer in the audience, uses dogs for his own gratification and empowerment. Just like to know, does this man even have a conscience, is he a product of domestic violence/dysfuntional family, childhood abuses, or is he himself an abuser perpetrating physical or psychological abuse on others? If you observe the tape of today’s show, you’ll see this convicted dog fight abuser, was intimidated by the man standing up to him, instigating a fight, that the perp’s lips were shivering, and seemingly glad, you, Dr. Phil, were standing between them. Anyone thinking it’s right to cause harm to anything or anyone, human, animal, plants, etc, are sociopaths, that have no remorse or moral conscienciousness.
    As for the woman that was overcome by helping the animals, she needed help, this would’ve been a good school community service task for the students of the high school or middle schools, to help in their community, those trying to be good citizens. She could’ve gotten support by having fund raisers and advertising in the community that she needs help and animals need homes. Don’t see her as a criminal, just emotionally overwhelmed by the task she’s undertaken and was in need of desparate intervention. She seems like a private and proud woman, not able to ask for help, as she may have been a survivor that has been taking things on independently, and can accept criticism over a compliment, not able to accept or reach out for help, as this would make her a failure!

  19. nancy miller says:

    Dr. Phil – while I was watching your show and the clip was being shown of the dogfight, my own sweet natured dog began to growl and became very agitated. She knew with all her heart that something wrong and frightening was happening.

  20. Cathy says:

    Dr. Phil, I am devoted fan and frequent viewer. While watching your broadcast today, for the first time ever, I had to avert my eyes. When that poor dog began yelping, I began shaking. The gentleman (I use the term loosely) who said that he fights dogs because he “enjoys” it is a sociopath. People like him become serial killers when they go up.

    We have four ldogs. Our oldest girl is blind and deaf, has severe heart disease and orthopedic problems. She came to us through a rescue, from a puppy mill where she had been abused and neglected for years. She is about 12 (we think). We have had her for three years during which we have socialized her and loved her and taught her that not all people are cruel.

    Our six year old is essentially healthy, although we are dealing with some medical issues related to a possible immune disorder.

    Our four year old was born with a catastrophic brain malformation requiring two brain surgeries and and bottle feeding for months on end until his second surgery. Add the other multiple hospital admissions, five MRI’s, and everything else and his bills alone ballooned to nearly $19,000 by the time he was two years old.

    We adopted our youngest pup (she is not quite a year) from a rescue situation as well.

    Our 12 year old GSD recently died after a lengthy illness. His medical care involved a home cooked diet and a strict food and medication regimen but it gave us 3 and a half extra years with him and memories that we treasure.

    We joke that we have singlehandledly funded a major addition to the local veterinary hospital. Our vet bills for three very sick dogs exceeded $45,000 for a three year period when Spencer was having experimental brain surgery, our rescue went into end stage heart failure, and our GSD was also acutely ill at the same time. No, we are not rich. We had been saving for a vacation to Italy and to redo our kitchen. Well, we got a canoe at Sam’s club and a new refrigerator instead. There will be time enough for the rest after our sons finish college in 3 years.

    People question our priorities; many, many times we’ve been asked why we don’t just put the sick dogs “to sleep” and get a “new” one. Hello? I wouldn’t do that to my mother or my child. Why would we do that to a sweet, loveable, innocent dog who does nothing but love us? And what do I tell our children? Perts, like children, are a responsibility. They are not disposable. We feel privileged to have our two legged kids and our four legged kids as well.

    Please keep fighting the good fight. And thank you, too, Rescue Ink. My little Cavaliers would like to jump up in your lap, give each and every one of you a great big kiss, and get their fur all over your truly fabulous black tee-shirts.

  21. Angelina says:

    I am litterally in tears from watching this episode… Dr. Phil I think you are an awesome man for standing up against these abusers. As for the man on this episode who thinks ” it’s ok and should be legal to fight dogs” I think he is an idiot. How could he think it’s ok to put a harmless dog in a box and make it fight for his life???! How could he think it’s ok to shoot a dog let alone hundreds??! I just lost the best dog I ever had to a man just like him 3 months ago, His name was Kane, a blue nose Gator, he was my best friend and this man walked right up to him and shot him in the face with a 12 gauge buckshot. He layed in the woods for two days just trying to survive to get home to me and say goodbye. I searched everywhere for two days straight, finally on the 3rd day I found him with half his face blown away under my front porch still wagging his tail and just happy to see me. I rushed him to the vet, they kept him overnight and we thought he would live…. The next day when I went back to see him before surgery.. I didn’t know it would be my last time seeing him get up adn come to me tail wagging ang acting like the dog that was my VERY BEST FRIEND! after I left I got a call 15 min after I got home, it was the vet, she told me I had to come say goodbye the dmg was too exstensive. I’m sorry for saying all that I didn’t mean for it to come out. I think this mans name is Rick you are just as bad as the man that shot my Kane and I think you deserve prison.

  22. Shelby says:

    I think this is nasty. Maybe the people who fight these dogs and animals should be put in a ring with a street fighter or boxer and not let out until we feel its time for them to stop. He needs his butt whooped just like he lets his dogs. I think if you have been convicted of animal abuse or animal fighting they should never be allowed to own or be around another animal in their lives. Animals are here to be loved and cherished not abused. I wish i had enough money to open a shelter for animals unloved and unwanted, they should be able to live the rest of their life being happy. DOG FIGHTERS ARE JUST AS BAD AS PEOPLE WHO ABUSE THEIR CHILDREN.

  23. carolyn says:

    what is dr phil thinking of air a show like that in a the middle of prime time tv it only gives kids a idea, i personally think that was uncalled for i have 2 pittbulls and a rottweiler .i could never see any one hurting them or any other animal thats just wrong way cant u take that guy and micheal vick and get them to fight each other would be a sport, i used to rescue pittbulls from people like the guy on your show i cried and i couldnt watch but 5 minutes of your show and how could anybody be so crewl as to do that to an animal im a 47 yr old mother of 5 daughters i think thats just so wrong to do that those dogs werent born to fight. this topic makes me so mad i could cry i dont usualy cry . how would that person like to be done that way he fights his dogs they are our pets not to be fighters they are to be loved

  24. Morgan says:

    I just watched the show, I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I think dog fighting is nothing but curl and inhuman. My mother in law rescues animals and tries to find better homes for them we have 5 horses in our barn that she saved as well as 3 dogs in the house. The dog that me and my husband have was also a rescue, I got her when she was a year and a half the place where she was at they kept her outside with hardly anything to eat, she was nothing but skin and bone. We could see her rib cage, now she is almost 3 and is healthier than ever. Anyone who abuses animals should have the same thing done to them, than they may know how the animals feels. Doesn’t matter if its a dog cat or a barn animal no one should have to go through it. More people should step up and help the ones who can’t defend for themselves and try to put a stop to help the poor animals. I know I would if I could but some of us can only do so much we need more help. Please help the abused and neglected animals!!

  25. karin roe says:

    Dear Dr.Phill,
    I was watching some other movie and stopped it when your show came on.
    Because i love your show.
    I have 2 beautifull children and 2 loving dogs.
    I have been raised with cats,dogs and some other pets, from the first video you showed about dogfights i started crying unstoppable.
    I can barely have my dogs fleadipped and groomed which makes me feel like a bad dogparent.
    But i had a choice “do i want to watch this horrible segment which makes me feel so sad for those dogs this maniak is trying to justify” or do i “just turn it off” still crying my eyeballs out i made a choice i refused to rui”n my day with feeling sorry for these dogs.
    I can not imagine that there are people out there who are able to let their animals
    Which are just like kids to most of us animal lovers and dilliberatly put them in a :NO WAY OUT” situation.
    No body put their child in a “no way out kind of danger’ on purpose.
    I am raised over seas which those things happen there too just like any sorts of crime.
    I am glad that i chose NOT to watch it and in stead write you while i am still balling.
    Thanks for being a listening ear and advocate for animals,
    Sincerely, Karin Roe from TN
    (Born and raised in The Netherlands)

  26. Laura Carpenter says:

    I’m so pissed off i don’t know where to start. Rob is a sick person who IS a monster. His lawyer takes offense at the “inference” that Rob is a monster…well…duh! I was crying two minutes into the show and and am shaking as I type this response in outrage.
    He keeps trying to compare what he’s doing with the sport of boxing. While barbaric, boxing is a sport and as with any sport, it is regulated, has rules and a code of conduct. Human boxers choose to participate…they aren’t trained to kill like these poor dogs. They aren’t left at the mercy of a “master”. They can quit whenever they want…oh…and they get paid! What do Robs victims get? He says they care for the animals and rewards them. Most pet owners take care of them and reward them because they love them…the dogs don’t have to do anything to “deserve” being taken care of properly.
    I just don’t get it…I feel for you, Dr. Phil. I’ll bet every fiber in your being wanted to jump across the stage and throttle that guy. You are to be commended for maintaining your cool. I’m ready to kick a hole in my TV.
    I don’t know how Rob can call himself a good father and husband. A good father and husband should have respect for all life and pass that quality on to his children.
    Lastly, what does he see when he looks in the eyes of one of those sweet dogs? He must see something I don’t. I see an innocent victim, needing our help.
    Dr Phil…I’m willing to do whatever I can to help.

    Oh…and that guy in the elevator…he should be kicked around a bit himself and put in the same jail cell as Rob!

  27. Melissa Heathers says:

    Dear Dr Phil:
    I just finished watching your show today on dog fighting. As I watched your show especially on Dog Fighting portion I tried to hold back the tears. As this sparked a deep emotion in me since I have a love for Pit Bulls and other large dogs which people deem aggressive or monsters.
    That man who fights those dogs lives in dark place where he thinks its acceptable to fight dogs especially pit bulls. I live in Ontario Canada where Pit Bulls are banded. In the city where I grew up they were band prior to the band in Ontario. In order to keep a pit bull papers are a must and can be automatically euthanized without warning if there are complaints from the community. The man who fights them gives them the bad rap and makes inpossible for people like my husband and I who love them unable to have them.
    If it is Pit Bulls he is fighting which it seemed like it was, Pit Bulls have to have trigger and usually fight to the death of another dog. This trigger needs to be install in them in order to have them such a trigger to fight and kill. No matter what the bread it is wrong and obviously illegal for a reason. Aggressive dogs need to be loved and not trainned to kill or fight as once they get the taste of blood they generally enjoy that taste, how immoral is that?
    As a pass owner of two Pit Bulls I miss them dearly and had to be the responsible owner and put one down due to the female showing aggression due to her early upbringing. However people like that man make it impossible to for me to own another pit bull and give them a good home, where I can show the world not all these dogs are aggressive.
    I had to think when Paris was talking about Karma thinking man if Karma comes back on him I hope it is not from one of his pit bulls or aggressive dog. One trigger of any abuse from an owner will give them flash backs of all abuse they have recieved in which they will attack the owner based on this trigger. Let us not forget pit bulls are know for thier LOCK JAWS.

  28. Mary Aranda says:

    Dog fight is a sport! In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game. I can’t believe this man keeps say this is just a sport and that its not cruelty.
    It’s been a fact that major criminals started young by abusing and killing animals, this is an issue that should be talked about more, so there can be more conscious from communities and families.

  29. Holly says:

    Let me say 1st off that this would never be something that I would do personally… And I’m sure I will get alot of negative feedback… I have to say to some extent I feel sorry for this guy. For the majority he is right about most things… You can never fully understand this situation from the outside looking in. Almost 9 years ago I knew someone that was involved in this situation at the time… Most of the people doing this are Lawyers, Doctors, Proffessional Athletes, and YES even Vets and vet techs… These dogs are given better care than most normal pets. They are fully vaccinated, wormed, fed good quality food have top notch medical care by inside vets. They are born to fight, it’s in their blood. They are not trained to fight… they either do or they dont. The ones that dont are culled…. just like a Rhodesian ridgeback is culled for not having the ridge or a boxer for being white by some breeders… There are scum out there that dont take care of their dogs, and yes those are most of the situations that you see on tv…. Do you research on history and it’s easy to learn everything about this subject… I am a animal lover and I would never personally put any animal into this situation… but having an insite on the truth… This is no different than a Proffessional Athlete training for their sport… It’s by choice not by force….

  30. ANDI says:


  31. Judy says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil for this show. That disgusting excuse for a human being should be put in the ring with one of the top boxers and knocked around to see if he wants to fight. First he needs to have his mouth sewed shut so he can’t speak to let anyone know if he does or not. I admire what Rescue Inc. is doing. Keep up the good work guys. There are also a lot of hoarders out there. There have been quite a few cases around where I live and a lot of horror stories about horses also. Starving them to death in some cases.

  32. tna says:

    I dont agree with everythin u are saying on the show we have a pitbull he 6 yrs old we have had him since he was a puppy we hsve never used him in a dog fight but when ever another dog comes around he wants to fight them especially male dogs so they really arent trained to fight they me be trained to build up their muscles. But i never have seen a dog fight its to each his own. Like my family chicken fight an from the time they hatch they automatically start to fight with one another i am so sick of these animal rescuer’s yeah they rescue them but if they cant find a home they just kill the animals themselves thats kind contradicting themselves. I love cockfights i dont think there is anything wrong i have grown up around them from the time i was little i like it my kids like it my whole family loves it. An our country is more worried about animals an kids across seas why cant we focus on the children in need right here in the USA thats what bothers me not if some animal is fight animals do it on a daily basis its how they survive an if people wanna bet so be it we bet on boxers, mma fighters wrestling its the same thingmaybe we should focus on the children rather than dogs because our country puts animals befor our children what does that say about ur country!? Not one show or anything have i seen anyone worried about our children our future its about stupid bull crap like animal fights

  33. Krystin says:

    This really makes me sick and sad to watch. 2 years ago we adopted our Boxer/Staffordshier Terrier from the humane society. She was so skinny, scars all over, chunk of her tounge missing. She had been used as a dog fighter. She is now ten years old. She is loved and spoiled and has a great life now! I cant even begin to think of what sick people have done to my dog, Roxy. Im so happy that she came to a good home where she can now live a happy, healthy life. This just makes me so sick that any one could ever want to hurt a helpless animal.

  34. Cindy says:

    I absolutely commend Dr. Phil for doing this show. I also have a love of animals. I shed tears during this show. I believe that the human race needs to learn more about so many things to do with animals, such as proper care and control. I have a chocolate lab at home here and she is one of the most precious being in my life. She is treated with dignity and respect. People please do the animals out there a favour, think before you get or recieve a pet. Lets not forget about the animals in the wild to, they also deserve dignity and respect. Just my opinion.

  35. Tammy says:

    I cried at the clip of the man kicking his girlfriends dog in the elevator. I am not sure what type of dog it was, but it looked a lot like my Papillon. It breaks my heart that the dog was so loving and forgiving that after being kicked a few times he willingly put his paws up on the mans leg, only to be kicked again. I can’t get that horrible image out of my head, how can someone be so cruel? I don’t understand.

  36. Judy says:

    For the person asking Dr. Phil..( what is dr phil thinking of airing a show like that in the middle of prime time tv it only gives kids a idea, i personally think that was uncalled for). Aren’t kids supposed to be in school and if they aren’t, I have yet to see a TV that doesn’t have another channel or two or an off switch. Kids don’t need to be watching Dr. Phil anyway.

  37. Tj says:

    Rob Rogers (a.k.a. White Boy Rob) and anyone else involved in dog fighting are all weak minded scared trash and poor excuses for human beings!

    We along with Dr Phil need to stop this in any way possible.


  38. Erin says:

    I am an animal lover and today’s show was extremely difficult to watch. I could hardly breathe while viewing the video footage. Especially the video of the man in the elevator kicking the small dog as it tried move itself to safety within the corners of the elevator – it was horrible. I am thankful that you covered the disgusting realty of dog abuse on your show. Exposure makes a difference and one voice make a change!

  39. nelta says:

    I want to Thank You for doing this show its wrong in so many ways to fight dogs and if we get the message out maybe it will help stop this . I have adopted to dogs coutons and they are like my children now i would have missed out on so much with out them they bring unconditinal love to us they are so spoiled my real children think we treat them better then we should but they have had a rough life before they came to us and i just want them to know they are loved and bring joy to us .

  40. Annie says:

    I am furious and disgusted at this man. SPORT?! He is sick. I cannot imagine how Dr Phil could keep his calm as well as he did. I will be sickened and upset about this show forever. I don’t know if I can watch this entire show, to be honest. They police need to keep an eye on him because it is OBVIOUS that he feels no remorse at all for what he is responsible for. He makes me sick.

  41. zeny says:

    I think it is about time for a show like this. Robert’s thinking is very wrong, if he thinks what is beening done to these dogs is ok. What he and others are doing is horrible, and I am glad he had to serve his time for his crime. Did serving time change his way of thinking? Apparently not! I can’t call the man a monster, because I don’t know him personally just the poor choices he’s made. I do know that he should never be allowed to own a dog again. As for the intimiating guys on the show..Rescue Inc…Everyone agrees that Robert’s way of thinking is disgusting and sick, however I thought they were suppose to be working with the police on busting these guys? One of the members of Rescue Inc. talked as if he wanted to “rough up” the guy himself. As much as we want to react to this man’s actions, we must remember it all about the animals..not our own need to dispense justice. Make the focus about the poor animals..not how tough bikers can be..we get it you’re tough. If what you are doing is for the benefit of these poor animals , then I’m sure we all will be thanking you for a job well done.

  42. Jan says:

    I just saw your show re: animal abuse & totally agree that dog fighting of any kind is wrong. I have been a dog trainer for 20+ years at a major university. I see much animal abuse in the ‘obedience classes’ taught today. God gave us dominion over the creatures of the earth; to me, this means take care of what has been entrusted to us. I have always trained in a manner that makes the dog ‘want’ to please me and ‘want’ to obey me. I sometimes use quick discipline to get their attention immediatly followed by praise. I have seen harsh discipline to make the dog obey because it is afraid of the handler. I think that is animal abuse! I also think there is a lot of abuse when humans try to force an animal to ‘be human’. Some species of animals are domesticated for man’s use, whether it is to do a job or just provide love & companionship. These animals need to have a job and need to be able to love and be a companion to their owner. When an animal is neglegted and left with nothing to do or no way to be a companion, then it is being abused. I have a beautiful horse that was born on my farm. She is very well taken care of but has no job to do. She is a young, healthy animal that loves to be a Mom and loves to work. For some valid reasons, I am forced to let her stand in her paddock with nothing to do. I love this horse but I am abusing her. For this reason, I am selling her so she can be what God intended her to be. The biggest abuse going on today is the failure to nueter dogs & cats who are pets. There are more dogs & cats on earth than there are people. God gave us these animals to care for, yet so many of us are abusing them. I am soooo sad about this!

  43. Stacy says:

    Dog fighting is horrible! These creatures, unlike MIke Tyson, are not choosing to do this…they are being forced. Anyone participating in this sport – trainer, owners, and yes, even people who go to view these fights – are sick and should be in prison. The lawyer is just as much a jerk too – how do you defend someone that thinks this is ok?! Money/fame obviously means more to him than moral values. So sad

  44. Sherry,B.C. says:

    THIS WAS A HORRIFYING REALITY to the ABUSE OF ANIMALS!!!! I have a rescue fight dog, we have had her for 4 years now…AND i can tell you this has not been a picnic. I kill her with LOTS AND LOTS LOVE and HUGS, this has taken so long…and yet to this day she CANNOT play with other dogs…she gets agresive, and wants to fight. I cannot take her to the dog park, the dog lake, the doggy day care…She has lost out on all her fun activities because someone out there made a desision to ruin her life. I just about gave her away…BUt common sence took over and today I continue to train, love and try over and over for her to live a FUN, Loving life!!!Tears came fast watching this show today! I am still very disturbed and could not watch the rest of the show. Shame on the abusers! I am very active in Coquitlam, B.C. for the abused dogs….

  45. Susan Woods says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,

    THANK YOU for your show on animal abuse today! I am a retired Adult Protective Social Worker, living in rural Front Royal VA. Having always loved animals and having to retire early on Disability, I have had the time to participate with and donate to many national animal welfare organiztions, as well as wildlife animal rescue groups. Although I can no longer donate financially, I have learned so much about the sickening abuse of both companion animals and wildlife in our country that I am a constant “voice” – via letters to legislators and endless petitions – for all animals with whom we are privileged to share the Earth.

    What you presented today is the tip of the iceberg. Aerial hunting of endangered species such as wolves and cougars in enclosed spaces, with no option for escape, is promoted in many states. Hundreds and hundreds of our wild horses, including pregnant mothers and foals, are routinely rounded up by helicopter by government agencies until they are run to exhaustion. They are then jammed into small transportation vehicles with no food or water, and endure days of shipment to Canada or Mexico for a brutal slaughter. Investigative footage shows healthy horses being stabbed in the neck repeatedly until their spinal cords are severed and they fall over twitching in agony. Alive in that state, they are suspended by one leg and their throats are slit. They bleed out, alive, while dismemberment begins, and they become meat for consumption in other countries. All under the approval of the Bureau of Land Management, which also managed to get Congress to remove wolves from the endangered species list last year, and 500 were slaughtered aerially, despite desperate efforts of wildlife agencies to save them. Finally, this month, a federal court has squelched an upcoming slaughter, giving wolves hope and saving at least 1,700 Yellowstone wolves just in time. Wolves are the ancestor of the family dog. They are highly intelligent and feeling, with a master family and societal structure. They have much to teach us about family life.

    Cats have been “showing up” in my life since 1987. Each of them has an amazing story, and one of them saved my life. Shaman is a classic story of pet abuse. He was chronically choked for fun as a kitten in Maryland. Via several connections, he was brought to me in Virginia in 1981, a gorgeous longhaired orange male with big feet, a damaged trachea, and 3 congenital heart problems. As soon as he arrived at my house, he began to play and play. Against all odds, he has lived with me since then, affectionate, totally loyal, and dominant!

    Animals are far more intelligent and feeling than we give them credit for. Time Magazine has finally featured that in their August 16 issue. We are not the superior species. There are many kinds of intelligent and cooperative, feeling species that make the Earth truly alive. The one thing they don’t have is a voice. They are in big trouble in a “civilized” nation, and their only salvation is in federal legislation and solid enforcement. My legislators know me. I am one voice. There are millions, and we have a lot to accomplish. I saw how strongly you feel about animal abuse, and I hope you will give it even more national exposure to people who just don’t know. Celebrity participation of people such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sarah McLaughlin, many others, is increasing voices and knowledge. Thank you for being one of them.

    Very Sincerely,
    Susan Woods

  46. Anna Harmar says:

    I understand everyone’s horror regarding dog fighting and animal abuse in genera.
    Almost 14 years ago my beautiful german shephard and his son climbed over my washer and dryer, pushed there way through a screen and ran off. They were both wearing ID collars and electric collars. Within an hour they were picked up by the spca. I called and was told that both dogs were there a 4pm. They told me to pick them up the the morning. When my huband arrived the next day they were both dead. “sorry” they said it was a clerical error. As I am typing this I am crying and I just can’t get over the horrid death of my dogs. I live in Philadelphia, Michael Vick is to me, so much better than the spca. He has worked had to put this behind him. The spca had done nothing to make me feel any better.

  47. Mag says:

    I am so glad that Dr. Phil did a show about animal abuse, promoting the loving treatment of animals. But, it seemed like only domestic pets were the animals being defended on the show. Animal abuse is a huge epidemic in our world today, but it is often something we selectively ignore. If you eat meat, buy products made out of animals, or buy products that are tested on animals, whether you realize it or not, you are indirectly supporting and enabling LEGAL animal abuse. It is so sad to see dogs and cats beaten and killed brutally – but what about cows, chickens and pigs? Don’t they deserve the same love and respect that we give our cherished pets? Every day, millions cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals we eat for food are living in horrible living conditions (some never see the light of day their entire lives) and are brutally tortured, electrocuted and even slaughtered while they’re still breathing! These animals are just as capable of feeling pain and suffering as humans, dogs and cats. I would like to see Dr. Phil or another talk show host do a show on the truth behind slaughterhouses and animal testing laboratories. Just like the guys of Rescue Ink said, we need to stick up for the animals, because they can’t defend themselves. We need to put an end to animal abuse on all levels.

  48. Judy Fugett says:

    This is why God put me on this Earth. Every single day, I’m fighting to end this horrible cruelty to animals. This has got to stop!

  49. jackie says:

    I know that this is one of those shows where everyone has an opinion… Here is mine… Dogs love to please their owners, and will do ANYTHING for them, to see them happy hear words of praise, it is not that the dogs want to fight … they want to please their masters, it is discusting how he can sit there and say that the dogs choose to fight…. Dogs are born to please us… if God knew what some were doing to them, i wonder if he would have still given them the desire to please us… somehow i think not

  50. Donna says:

    I can not tell you how very pleased I am that you are doing this show. I have live in the north and south and know that this horrifying cruelty goes on. I can only hope that the laws get tougher for the dog owners and their staff who fight dogs when they finally get caught. Also the guy on the elevator should send out a message to all abusers, eyes may be watching everywhere,and I hope there are. I know my eyes are always open,and I do not hesitate one moment on confronting anyone who is abusing an animal.

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