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May 10th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!

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As you no doubt know, I’ve not hesitated to use this blog to take on animal abuse, especially when it comes to the vicious mistreatment of dogs through the so-called “sport” of dogfighting. And I really thought we were making some progress against dogfighting this past year with law enforcement officers making a couple of major national busts.

Then came the stunning news that the Supreme Court had struck down a federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dogfights and other illegal acts of animal cruelty. The majority of the justices said the law was an unconstitutional violation of free speech, because it was too broad and could, for example, allow prosecutions for selling photos of out of season hunting. As a result, the high court threw out the conviction of a Virginia man who sold vicious dog-fighting videos that he advertised in Sporting Dog Journal, an underground magazine devoted to illegal dogfighting.

I was sick to my stomach. Dogfighting is illegal in this country but selling a dog-fighting video isn’t? We’re seriously going to let people profit from their films of pets being abused? Is there anyone out there who thinks that is even close to being the right thing to do?

If anything, the Supreme Court decision only proves that we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to protecting animals. That’s why we’re putting together a show that is going to shine a harsh spotlight on the animal abuse that still plagues our country. We’re not only going after people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave their pets cramped in cages with little or no water and blatant neglect, we’re going after those professional “dogfighters” who diligently train their pit bulls to fight other pit bulls to the death and every other form of abuse.

I’m sure you are going to find the show revealing. And if you know of anyone — someone in your neighborhood, someone from work, even a relative — who is abusing animals, let us know. We’ll try to do something about it. I promise you. This injustice cannot continue. It’s time to fight back.

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895 Responses to “Animal Abuse: I Am Sick to My Stomach!”

  1. Jackie Scalf says:

    It tears my heart out, watching animal cruelty. I believe that people who abuse animals are weak! I’m sure they would not like to be abused. For all those out there that enjoy abusing animals, “WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND”!

  2. Ann Adams says:

    Dr. Phil, I, too was sickened by the abusive things shown today. We have an 11 year old dog who has had an embolism, a cancerous tumor removed, gone through chemo, and has had surgery for a torn ACL. The last 3 of these things since December 2009. She is loved and cared for no matter what she costs. Zoe was a dog that came from the local humane society when she was 5 weeks old

    I just can’t imagine anyone treating animals the way that guy on the elevator did. To be quite honest, I wanted to confront him and ask him just what gave him the right to treat a dog this way. I just couldn’t watch after the second kick.

    Thank you for making the TV audience aware of this horrible issue. Dogs don’t ask to be brought into this world and they are the most unconditional loving animals in this world. When Zoe is gone, my next dog will be another rescued dog.


  3. Barbara says:

    I am an avid animal lover. I have a problem with this man justifying fighting a dog for either sport or profit.

    But I also have a problem with the double standard and hypocricy that I see when the subject of animal cruelty is discussed. Because we really only talk about our pets (dogs,cats etc).

    We say it is wrong to do this to a dog but we have no problem with hunting for sport, hunting for profit, the racing industry as a whole with what is done to both horses and greyhounds after their racing careers are over. Yet we are suppose to throw this man under the bus for what he does and his attitude towards it.

    For example, if I go out and hunt shoot and slaughter a deer I am not doing anything wrong and this is not seen as animal cruelty in any way, BUT IF I DID THIS TO A DOG CAMERA OR NO CAMERA I WOULD GO TO JAIL. Something is wrong with this argument.

    Do not get me started on what is done to any slaughtered farm animal that we slaughter everyday in this country for food. When you look at the process it is anmial cruelty by definition yet we are all okay with that until we see the video footage of it.

  4. Amy Wright says:

    I am an owner of 2 beautiful Rottweilers. It is amazing the looks I get from people who see me walk them hands free. They are the most behaved and loved dogs. It is all about how you raise and treat them. If you CHOOSE to take on the care of an animal it should be for life. NOT to train them to be killing machines. It is sick twisted and disgusting people like Robert who give those breeds there bad name. What is wrong with our country where we allow criminals like him to get away with these kinds of acts. The dogs did NOT ask for this kind of life. All they want is a family who will love them for all their lives. Dr. Phil – what more can we do…how does one get involved in trying to change the laws. This cant go on any longer. We need to put an end to this now. Thank you for bringing such a painful situation to light. Hopefully this episode will open people eyes, hearts, and minds to how animals should be treated. With love and respect!

  5. kenneth says:

    i dont think its right for yall to single out the dog fighters what about the guys that got hunting dogs that wont run a deer they kill them let them run loose starve the death and what about horse racing u have drug dealers and prostituts at them if the horse breaks its legs they put them down. dog racing if that dog catches the rabbit they kill it cause its no more good to them. so it aint just the bull dogsthat get the shaft,and it aint right that dont anything happen to them

  6. Marlene says:

    Dr. Phil
    This show just broke my heart and I don’t tell my daughter about this. They should have gave that guy more time in jail. He can’t possibility like any type of animal, what a jerk. I have addopited all my dogs and they bring such joy to my and my daughter. How do you not what the joy in lift instead of anger which this guy has. I love your show and watch it everyday and re-runs too.
    From St Clair Shores, MI

  7. Candice says:

    It was so hard for me to watch this show. I simply can’t understand how a person could be cruel to an animal. THANK YOU Dr. Phil for airing this show! This is reality and is up to us to stop animal abuse. Report animal abuse, it is not okay! It isn’t enough to feel sorry for mistreated animals, we must get involved to stop people like Rob!!! Be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood, if everyone took a little responsibility of their surroundings we could help millions of animals.
    I could sit here all day and comment to all that defend animal fighting, you are misinformed, it is not natural, we are not talking about instincts here, this is not a dog defending his territory. People are training animals to fight, for money and entertainment. It is cruel! As a social worker I see this kind of thing all too often, not just animal fighting but all kinds of abuse and neglect. It is real and it is horrible! DO YOUR PART, REPORT ABUSE!!

  8. Nathalie says:

    tna, you prove my point. People who enjoy these “animal blood sports” are teaching their children this. They are abusing their children by encouraging them to love the victimization of voiceless animals. They are teaching them to force a living thing to do violence for their own entertainment. In my eyes, you are training POTENTIAL abusers, criminal and in some cases serial killers. shame on you and I pray to whatever God, spirits or powers that be to save your children.

  9. Maureen says:

    This was a tough episode to watch. I own a large, very spoiled lab myself. Yet, I agree with Robert in that there is a line that people cross that is completely unacceptable-abandoning animals to die, chaining them without resources, beating them, and puppy mills are something straight out of hell.

    I think we can all agree that to some extent it took a lot of courage for Robert to go on this show where 99.9% of the audience is 100% against his belief. He did of course lose all credibility, eloquent or not, when he was shown to be abusive to the pomeranian in the elevator.

    I know after watching an episode like that, everyone’s emotions will be very high and I was certainly alternately flinching and muting the tv. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing. But remember people, an individual man shooting dogs instead of letting them suffer is still better than many owners-many like yourselves, who abandon their animals on the side of the road because oh…they’re moving. or they got a new baby. or a family member is allergic. That is a much, much more common occurrence than dogfighting any day. and for those that are considerate enough to bring their animals to the humane society or another rescue foundation-most of them are euthanized anyway, though we should still try to find them homes. Ever watch animal cops? I do not think this man a monster because he shot them. For dogs like the ones he killed, there is no coming back-either because of their lack of normal socialization for fighting purposes or because of their injuries.

    As to the issue of dogfighting-its common in just about every country. Has been for a long time and will probably be underground even longer. A dog does not have the option of backing out if the owner will not let him and there’s no referee in these fights to the best of my knowledge. Still, something in the dogs mentality pushes them to fight for as long as 2 hours to hurt/maim/kill the other dog. I certainly wouldn’t want one of these dogs as a pet which means one less home when their trainers are found out. It’s about teaching two animals to destroy each other more efficiently and people making money off it. And yet, lets face it-humans have done much, much worse in the name of money.

    Roberts defense of dogfighting frankly wasn’t very good. Of course it hurts the dog when he’s being bitten-it hurts just as much when a fighter takes a punch to the face. But that is the difference-you are not watching pets. You are watching trained fighters. There is a difference, just as a boxer or you are different with your family before he steps into the ring or you walk into the office. Though comparing dog fighting and boxing would be comparing apples and cars, fighting itself is a very, very base mentality-part of the id if you will common to all creatures. If you do not understand or try to understand fighting in general, you will automatically relate dogfighting to the animals you know and love which of course makes it seem like one of the cruelest things on earth. That’s not to disagree with you, but remember what these dogs have been trained to be.

    I do not support the continuation of dogfighting, but would much rather it was regulated and allowed the trainers vet visits than see every one of the dogs these people own be shot or wrecked permanently because of our attempts to crush a sport that has likely been around LONGER than dogs have been domesticated.

  10. Tamara says:

    How can this idiot compare dogfighting to UFC and the like?People choose to fight,they can speak up for themselves.Dogs can’t tell you they don’t want to do something.Human beings can find a way out through a door.Dogs can’t just walk out the door.
    It doesn’t matter if the animal is a pitbull or not,it’s cruelty through and through!Men like this clown deserve to be in jail.The so called “training”these animals are put through is just as horrible!How can he logically think it’s safe to have these animals as pets after all is said and done?
    Disgusting isn’t even a strong enough word to describe this kind of activity.It boggles the mind as to how anyone can defend this garbage.It’s abuse plain and simple!Basically these animals are defenseless against such activities,whether it’s dog fighting,or just out and out abuse.An animals life isn’t worth the money.Shame on you-you’re a monster!

  11. Animal Lover says:

    I watcher your show August 18,2010 on dog fighting. It was very disturbing. When I moved to Austell Georgia from another close by town I very quickly found that my next door neighbor was fighting two pit bull dogs. The very first day I was there I let my two Labs out INSIDE my fenced in back yard and went out with them to play with their ball. They love to chase a ball. Well the two pit bulls from my neighbors yard were loose inside their back yard which was fenced in also. The pit bulls knew how to put their feet in the chain link fence and climb over the fence and jump off on my side and chased my dogs into my screen porch. They tore up the screen tring to get inside to my dogs which I had already carried inside my house to get away. I called Cobb County Animal Control about this. They came out in a few minutes but the pit bulls had already went back to their yard and the officer said he had to see the dogs out of their yard before he could do anything.Well this went on for several months. During the next several months the pit bulls were observed roaming the neighbor hood loose numerous times.I would call Animal Control when I saw them but by the time they got here the dogs were back inside their fence and nothing was done. During the time they were inside their fence the owner would chain them to one or two cement blocks and even make them drag around a car truck on the wheel. They would just throw the dogs food out on the ground which attracted rats from nearby woods.

  12. Eileen Way says:

    When are we all going to wake up and have mandatory spading and neutering! No need for animal shelters, pounds, no strays around breeding unchecked and none would be as disposable if there were so many! How could we enforce this? Everytime there is and ad for puppies, cats or kittens there would be a great place to start fining people. And if you want to be a breeder, one should have to be licensed with a substantial fee ($5,000) and have to license (for a fee every animal produced ($100.minimum) And instead of shelters, have spay/neuter clinics that are paid for from the licensing and fine proceeds!

  13. Sickened says:

    Thank you for allowing your viewers to learn a little more of the cruel “sport” of dog fighting. It is animal cruelty outright and although your visiting ‘dog fighter’ failed to see the comparison, any person who has witnessed (via photo or rescued fighting dog) knows that the suffering of the winners and losers are nothing short of barbaric.

    As an owner of two amazing rescued pit bulls, a pit bull advocate, and co-founder of Families Against Breed Bans, my hope is that we can continue to fight for those dogs that have suffered at the hands of dog fighter and that they receive serious jail time.

    I must say that I was disturbed to read a fellow commenter make the comparison between a dog being euthanized and one being humanely shot to end suffering. I do understand that the mentality of farmers and those who live in the country might see shooting a sick or injured dog as a viable, and even humane option, however, in the case with the dog fighter, it was deplorable that he was trying to get audience sympathy for being a person who ends a dogs suffering by humanely shooting a dog, after he has watched and forced said dog to fight. The fact that dog fighters cause the injuries and are then required to dispose of the dogs is again, sickening! But there is no comparison between the humane actions of a dog lover ending the suffering of their pet and a person who intentionally provokes/forces dogs to fight to their death (or near death) and then decides to kill them. There really is no comparison!

  14. Shantelle Stobaugh says:

    I work in an Animal Hospital where we see signs of abuse on many occasions, not just from the ever present dog fighting but signs of horrible neglect from hoarders, the uneducated and people who should know better but simply don’t care. The man on your show today is a moron. It’s a shame to say but there are too many just like him in the world. What has to happen but never seems to is legal penalties that punish appropriately and harshly. We as a country have to say enough is enough and let these people know that acts like this will not be tolerated. We must pass laws that impose jail time as well as steep fines and perhaps some public humiliation wouldn’t hurt. Unfortunately I live in an area where dog fighting is rampant. The Pit Bulls that are used for fighting are also walked around on enormous chains with spiked collars and used as status symbols. I guess they use them as an extension of their own male ego or that’s the idea anyway. The Pitt Bulls often run loose in some neighborhoods and have attacked and mauled many, some folks were even killed. I state above all else, “It is not the dog’s fault.” These dogs often live in deplorable conditions and are severely mistreated and they are the ones that are either caught and euthanized or shot on the spot. I think we somehow have gotten that one wrong. Maybe it’s the owners we need to take care of instead. It seems the Supreme Court frequently gets it WRONG. What a world of ills a little pioneer justice would cure.

  15. Brooke Sosnowski says:

    Thank you Dr. Phil for being an advocate against animal abuse and neglect! I will never understand how some people think its okay to use dogs for fighting! They give a bad name to pit bulls, and they ruin so many things for responsible dog owners like me. I adopted a neglected, abused pit bull 7 years ago from the local humane society. She had every reason to hate all people but she has nothing but love. That is what makes me the most upset. These dogs just want to please their owners, they don’t know that fighting is wrong. My dog, Annie, has changed the opinions of everyone that has met her about her breed. Many people look at her and are afraid, but after a couple minutes, they realise how sweet she is. I try to introduce as many people to her as I can because I am trying to make as much of a difference as I can!

  16. Rita says:

    Dr. Phil
    I am watching your show at this moment. It made me so sick to my stomach listening to these poor animals crying and yelping. That jerk is an idiot to think the dogs are not in pain and hurting. He should still be paying for what he’s done. Unfortunetly I couldn’t bare to continue watching the show. My husband & I lost our pet companion a few months ago. It has broken our hearts terribly. We are now looking to rescue or adopt. Thank you Dr. Phil for airing this show

  17. Robin Porter says:

    I saw the show today,on pitbull fighting!! your right,dr.phil theirs know reason for people to have pitbull fighting and killing the dogs . theirs so much of this going on and this needs to stop!!!!if you have a pitbull in Ohio you need $5,000 of insurance on your dog!!i’ve watched all the shows on pitbulls’,it has to do with the owner of that dog he makes it a fighting dog and the dog should turn on the owner and bit him!!!!!KNOW dog deserves to be a fighter for money!!!!here in Ohio we’ve alot of this going on pitbull fighting and toddlers getting bit.something has to be done with the owners of theses animals before they hurt kids or kill another animal!!!! Robin Porter-Ohio

  18. Tina says:

    Its time to open the public’s Eye’s. As long as HSUS, PETA & ASPCA the national so called organizations, keep collecting money in the name of Animal Abuse and paying politicians to do their bidding. The farce needs to be exposed
    Animal Rights is NOT Animal Welfare. This about the TV ads asking for Momey & the so called celebs involved. Those cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars

    Not one animal will be safe & not one will be helped. It will as usual come down to the rescue people, who do the work, foster, rehabilitate, & help without funds, support & beg for donations.

    To get things changed, find out if your local, state politicians are supported by A/R groups., You would be shocked, appalled & realize why sickos are still out doing what they want. Not a crime? Its time ‘john q public’ learned and fought for the actual innocents.

  19. Susan says:

    You say that you will help if someone knows of an abuse situation that needs attention. Email me. I know of a situation that needs taken care of.
    Where we live the authorities won’t do anything. Woman has been convicted in the past. But has over 20 horses and has rebred all her mares. This woman if quite possibly a horder. The horses don’t have a voice in this county.

  20. Robert says:

    How can people say that it is ok to have a dog or cat that is old, blind, can’t hear, can’t walk, can’t really do much. How can that be fare to keep it alive, I have had to put 2 dogs asleep, yeah it’s hard but I was thinking of the dogs.
    I think peolpe that would keep them alive is abuse.

  21. Sickened says:

    In response to Barbara:

    Although I agree with you, in that it is easy to judge one form of animal cruelty and accept others (ie, hunting, horse racing, etc), however, although I am not a fan of dog or horse racing, these animals are not in the same state as a dog that has been forced to endure prolonged torture (as confirmed by the sick dog fighter since a dog fight can last anywhere from 2mins to 2 hrs!!) and then cruelly disposed of, or dumped and left to die. A horse runs and then is pampered in a stall, and I would hope that hunters would shoot to kill the first time (still not justifiable in my mind since I too think hunting is just another blood sport), and not torture the animal hunted, again, I am not trying to justify hunting, but to be a spectator who trains, fights and then sits and watches as dogs tear each other up – up to 2hrs! – is really unfathomable to me and there should be harsh penalties for the perpetrators!

  22. shaylin says:

    i wouold really like to speak my mind but this would be intapropriate so i cant thats all i have to say

  23. Teresa Sweigart says:

    Thank you for having this show. I own two pit bulls and they are one of the best dogs you can have. They are not mean dogs. Dog fighting is wrong there is no other way to put it.
    I would not trust any other dog with my children all of which raise with a pit bull.

    And what that man does to dogs is sickening and made me sick to my stomach. He needs to be in jail!!

    Thank you

  24. Julia says:

    I do not agree with fighting dogs. But I find it rather ridiculous to get so up in arms about this topic. What other living thing is put in danger, abused in a cage of sorts and the ultimate end is death? UNBORN BABIES there is more outcry for animals than for babies, they did not ask to be created nor do they ask to be killed but a PC person says it is choice. Why is fighting dogs not a choice? You go to jail for fighting and let a dog get killed, but it is okay to abort babies. Maybe in this world it is better to be an animal–more respect for them than a human life.

  25. Natasha Looney says:

    Dr. Phil, I am sickened by this behavior, I am an avid animal lover and it breaks my heart by how these dogs are being treated. I think all animal fighters/abusers should be beaten themselves. There is no good reason to do this to an animal. To everyone who fights or abuses an animal just remember what goes around comes around!!

  26. Ellie says:

    I was almost in tears watching the show. I volunteer for a wildlife rehab center and I love animals. All of our pets have been rescue animals. We are currently at 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 bunnies and a squirrel. I have 3 baby squirrels and 3 baby possums I am raising for release back into the wild. I dont want to see any animal abused. There is just no excuse for it!! Karma will get them in the end!!

  27. Dailyn S. says:

    I watched this show this afternoon, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you to Dr. Phil for how you can stand up for what’s right and for how you can influence so many others to do the right thing, too. Also thank you to the people at Rescue Ink for your incredible achievments and perserverance towards saving innocent animals in need. Also, thank you ASPCA for everything you do. You make a world of difference for the families of adopted pets and those furry little friends who we know and love so much. Finally, thank you Paris. It’s incrediblw how much you care and I love that you reach out to so many people who share your ideas. I also want to mention an INSANELY INCREDIBLE foundation, located in eastern Colorado called the National Mill Dog Rescue. The business started a few years ago by a woman who could no longer just sit around and do nothing about the current Puppy Mills that are still in operation. So she began small, with a small team of like-minded people and she rescued her first dog. An Italian Greyhound named Lily who is now the mascot for the NMDR. 3 years later, Theresa (the founder) has a full-blown operation saving and adopting out thousands of retired mill dogs and helping shut down these cruel and inhumane forms of business. I love this place and I have volunteered a bit (but never enough) of my time with some of the most adorable and needy dogs I have ever seen. I want to reach out to everyone who has never heard of this organization and express my grattitude to those who are as passionate about saving animals as Theresa and other amazing organizations.

  28. M says:


  29. Shea says:

    I did not know (and did not hear it mentioned in the show) that dog fighters often use puppies and kittens as “bait” to get their fighting going. I learned this when I rescued my puppy from a rescue group. I fell in love with her face and then noticed she was missing a leg. They told me she lost it in a dogfight. After the adoption, I had a long talk with the owner of the rescue who told me her leg was ripped off by a pit bull in a dog fight. Somehow, she ended up in a shelter whose veterinarian saw the spark in her eye and wanted to give her life. He did the amputation and Good Dog Rescue took her, before I found my faithful friend. She has the life of a princess now! I wish I could post a photo.
    P.S. I love all animals, including pit bulls. They get a bad rap because of idiots like these guys. They are as loving as you raise them to be.

  30. i think people that abuse dogs should be treated in the exact manner they treat an animal for an example that very sick freak psyco idiot that was on today’s show he should be tied up thrown into that pit & those poor sweet innocent dogs be let in & let the dogs loose on him so he can feel the exact pain that those poor things felt then not get to go get medical treatment after the dogs are done so that he’ll feel the pain long after the attack animals were given to us by God for to care for they are so full of unconditional love,are also loyal, protective, good companions, would give their life for the owners they love more than life always are happy to see you when you get home & hate to see you leave so how could anyone hurt an an innocent creature like that they sometimes can be a better friend than any person i just don’t & never will get that

  31. Kyle says:

    Dr. Phil, PLEASE PLEASE keep shining a very bright light on animal abuse. They have NO voice. The gentlemen (& I use that term generously) that you had on your show was so ignorant and WRONG! Dog Fighting is not like Humans fighting! Humans have made the choice for themselves and willing go into a fight, animals and dogs are forced to fight, not by their choice. God gave us dominion over the animals in this world NOT to abuse them for sport and $$, but to look after them. Your guest is sick and his attorney has no concious for defending such a broken person.

    Animals have emotions just like we do, Dog especially. It is a cruel “sport” that is illegal for a reason and should be stopped at all costs. Going on your guests logic it would be the same as humans putting their 3 – 6 year olds in a pen they cannot escape from armed only with swords and then only letting them out when one either had killed the other or the other is near death.

    What a ignorant and evil man. If he is still fighting dogs he needs to go back to jail for a long long long and allow these beautiful animals to live in peace which is their true nature. At least in jail your guest can fight every day of his life just like he has made his dogs fight.

    Thank you again for being such a strong and bold voice for all of us that want to see animal abuse ended and for taking on these shadow dwelling evil people.

    Charlotte NC

  32. Boots Baumbaugh says:

    I just saw this show today and there’s one thing I have never been able to understand: Why haven’t any of the animal shelters/groups launched a nationwide campaign for a law making spaying/neutering mandatory? Wouldn’t this go a long way toward solving some of the problems we have with overpopulation, feral colonies, puppy mills, etc?

    If you had to be licensed to breed that would mean inspections & regulations. Plus it would eliminate the thousands of unwanted litters born every year. Put more effort into curing the problem and stop putting nothing but a bandaid on it.

    Where are all the cause fighters on this issue? And while their at it let them go after the lawmakers, state & federal, to cease considering animals property and giving abusers nothing more than a slap on the wrist for causing the pain & surrering they so.

    Boots Baumbaugh

  33. Carla Turner says:

    I was deeply moved by the Aug. 18th show. Anyone who abuses animals should be locked up! ABUSE AN ANIMAL,GO TO JAIL! Kudos to RescueInk and Paris Hilton!Hopefully, due to this show, people will understand how serious this problem really is and how it escalates to domestic violence. Please keep up the good work via the media and good people with loving hearts!

  34. Kim says:

    I am just sick to death to what these people do to dogs to get pure enjoyment. I would like to say that what this man does is just plain disgusting. I wonder how he would feel if we put a logging chain around his neck and put him out in the middle of the woods somewhere, with little to no cover from the elements and barely any food or water..and see how he would like it. Better yet…lets put him in the swamps or in the deep woods and pour honey all over him and tie him up to a tree and watch and see what happens. Thats what the police should do to these criminal, the animals don’t ask for what they get. They are here to love us and greet us at the door with a smile yes I said a smile, when we are having a bad day..they don’t care they love us unconditionally. As I look at my animals around me, My 5 cats and My German Shepard Rocky, I thank God every day for them. Also, bless those rough and ready men that take on these creeps..I think Dr. Phil should of let them go at it..that would of been enjoyable!

  35. Sharon Coley says:

    Dr. Phil – I have just watched your program on animal cruelty targeting dog fighting. I volunteer with a local no-kill shelter. We see, first hand, the ravages of such brutality. There are so many and, sadly, we simply cannot save them all but our small group does what it can. I just want to express my sincere thanks to you for not only bringing this out originally but for rerunning it. If we can make the public aware and arouse the proper attitude in them, perhaps, someday, we can close and lock the doors on all animal control shelters and all rescue groups – because we are no longer needed. That is my dream. I doubt I will live to see it come to fruition but it gives me something toward which to work. Thanks again for bringing this to the public’s attention – and a big thanks to Paris Hilton and Rescue Ink. Great people doing wonderful work.

  36. Diane Cannon says:

    I had a hard time watching this but, I know you have a large following so I am glad you did it, I am so mad I can’t go to sleep so I am here commenting, I just got a daschund from the shelter a year ago, he was scared to death of men, but now goes to bed with my husband instead of sitting up with me, he has come so far, so please get a dog from the shelter, it just takes a little love and patience and mine is great, please go and look at all those faces and bring one home.

  37. Dayna says:

    Thank you for your show today on animal cruelty in its many forms. We can’t bring enough attention to this issue as it’s rampant around the globe.

    In my community it seems that I’ve been hearing more and more cases of what seems to be animal “hoarding”. It’s obvious that the individuals guilty of this form of animal abuse are suffering from some pretty serious delusions that differ greatly from the classic type of violent abusers, like the guy in the elevator for instance. What kind of help is there for someone who may be suffering from this condition? Who should they contact that can get the animals the help they need with no repercussions to the individual ‘turning themselves in’ so to speak?

  38. Shawn says:

    Animal cruelty in all its forms is disgusting even for food. Those guys on the show are all hypocrites because if they eat meat then they are helping those who kill (in a very inhumane way) other animals to get the meat. Lots of farm animals are abused and killed every day for their meat and it sucks. As an American I know for a fact that we have more than enough food including non meat proteins that we do not need to kill these animals anymore for our survival. Everyone on that stage eats meat. Have you ever seen how they slaughter a cow? The cow is still mooing as it is going down the assembly line!

  39. Robin Perry says:

    Thank you for airing this show. I have been a fan of Dr Phil for a while now and this show is one of the reasons I am a fan. I run a small private rescue from my home. I have had dogs show up on my doorstep starved close to death. I don’t hunt but I live in a very rural area where hunting is prevalent. I disagree with this “sport” because of the way I KNOW dogs are treated. They are run relentlessly during hunting season and fed very seldomly during the “off season”. I have seen dogs thrown out to fend for themselves if they didn’t hunt and please their owners. I have two such hounds now in my care. They have trust issues they may never put behind them. I have 13 dogs currently. Some may consider me a hoarder but my house is kept clean, my dogs get vaccinations and medical treatment when it is needed, and they know they are loved. They get two meals everyday, plenty of water and the shelter of my house in bad weather (and EVERY NIGHT!!). These dogs have seen me through some tough times in the last couple of years so they are my best friends. I cannot comprehend how anyone can intentionally hurt or neglect an animal. They lavish us with uncondional love, never judge us for our short-comings or mistakes. It takes a cold, unfeeling, sick person to mistreat an innocent animal. I have rescued several so-called “bait dogs” that would have been used for fighting. They are good dogs and appreciate what you do for them. Dr Phil, thank you for being an animal rights advocate. Someone with your popularity and celebrity status can make a huge differences in the lives of these poor babies. Bless you for speaking out for them and for adopting your baby from a shelter. This country needs more people like you!!!

  40. Cherree says:

    Thank you a thousand times over for airing your Animal Abusers show and exposing the type of horrible, horrible people who cause pain in the name of fun and sports. Your show tonight is too sad for me to watch – my heart, ears and eyes cannot tolerate the cries of help from the animals or listening to these low-life people, but Dr. Phil, you have just scored huge points with karma for using your celebrity power to shed this level of light in an effort to help our animal friends.

  41. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for the unsettling episode on animal abusers. I hope that it will give a real face to the many animals who have no control over their lives and who suffer at the hands of people. It is healthy to care about the well being of animals and to speak on their behalf, and I truly help that those who feel otherwise will get the help that they need. Thanks also for directing viewers to adopt pets rather than buy from breeders or pet stores. There are so many wonderful animals in shelters. My truest BFF came from the San Francisco SPCA.

  42. Kelly says:

    My husband and myself have two pitbulls as family dogs! They r the biggest babies. They luv to sleep in bed with us! But they have to be under the covers! Lol! People like that ass give the breed a bad name! when people fight dogs they should be ripped apart and let them see how is feels. Dog fighting is not a sport it is cruel! And any person with a brain would no this! I was watching another pitbull rescue show and some person said they fight dogs because they need money! Really how about getting a job! Thanks Dr.phil and everyone who helps these poor animals!

  43. Erna says:

    I hardly could watch the scenes from today’s show. I just cannot understand how people call dogfight a sport. It’s cruelty! Pure cruelty!! I love animals and cannot see how people can abuse the man’s best friends. I’m totally against this, as well as bullfights.
    No animal cruelty should be considered a “sport”.
    People who consider dogfight as a profitable business, should spend the rest of its life in prison.

  44. they won! says:

    pitbull and little white dog

  45. Amy Smith says:

    I sat and watched this episode with my mouth open the entire time out of pure shock! Everything that came out of that “man’s” mouth had me in disbelief! He compared dogfighting to martial arts or boxing. I have no idea how someone can actually be that ignorant to think in such a way. It tore my heart out to listen to him talk about how many dogs he has killed and that he actually likes dogfighting.
    I watched this episode while cuddled up with my dog on my couch and shed tears for the many dogs who endure such unbelievable animal cruelty. I am an avid animal activist and do not believe in harming any animal, no matter what it is. Animal abuse is so prevalant in society and too little is done about it. There needs to be more penal action taking by the courts and harsher sentences need to be passed down to animal abusers.
    I dont recall hearing this on the show, but is this person allowed to own animals still? I know he went to jail for 6 months (not enough at all in my opinion), but he should also be banned from ever owning any animals ever again!
    As for the guy who kicked his girlfriend’s dog in the elevator, I say….boo hoo that you were upset about losing your job. Does that give him the right to abuse an innocent animal? I have three pets at home and have been confronted with many stressful days and been angry several times, do I take it out on them? NO…..because I think before I act!
    The only way that animal abuse is ever going to stop is for society to come together and acknowledge the fact that all animals are sentient beings who deserve to live and be treated humanely. I do what I can to help animals, whether it be volunteering at a local shelter, raising money for charity, protesting for animal rights or educating others about animal abuse. Please do your part to try and help animals in need, because without us, they have nobody.
    Take 5 minutes out of your day to write a letter about an issue happening in your community or anywhere. Donate money to charities that help animals. Volunteer at an animal shelter and always adopt from shelters as there are millions of animals there. And the last point would be to spay or neuter your pet because that is the reason that there are millions of pets waiting for homes in shelters! ACT NOW!!!!

  46. Tatiana says:

    I can’t stop crying, I can’t get those horrible images out of my head or the cries of that dog in the dogfight. I’m shaking and feel sick that people can be so cruel to animals. The man in the elevator has shaken me to the core, I wanted to throw up watching him kick his dog over and over and they were really hard kicks. He is disgushing and when he called him back as if he were going to be nice and then kicked the dog again and again? Absolutely wrong. That man should be punished for a very long time. I think it is a privilege to have an animal. People should be required to have a license to own an animal. They are a gift and should be treated as such. I just cannot believe people are so mean to those who can’t speak for themselves. It hurts my heart so badly. Dr. Phil, as much as this can hurt people to watch, please educate people more on animal cruelty, that society doesn’t turn their eyes from it, instead- gets mad and gets even. Laws need to be stronger and people need to speak up if they see something happening.

  47. Fran Arsena says:

    Animal abuse is horrible. As I look over at my gorgeous golden retriever who is sleeping on my down comforter, I realize that anyone who can abuse an animal is a person without a heart and also has to be missing part of or all of his brain. No one that has an intact brain could commit such a horrible act.

    I don’t care what these people have been through in their lifetime that would cause them to hurt an animal. At some point in your life,you have to stand up and take charge of your life. You shouldn’t have to be told that dog fighting or kicking or punching or burning an animal is not right. Everyone should know this – it’s called common sense.

    Animal abusers need to be in jail. Not for 30 days or for 12 months. Lets try 20 years – put some muscle behind the consequences. It’s time, for the next generation to learn that animal abuse is wrong, and if they see a 20 or 25 year jail term, maybe this will help them see the light.

    What a sad situation – once these fools get past the animal abuse, then they move on to people. They abuse their wife or girlfriends, their children and anyone that gets in their way. The abuse doesn’t stop with animals. Animal abusers are really nasty mean people. It needs to be stopped now. Thanks Dr Phil for showing this to the public.

  48. D Muller says:

    People like Rob are the most dangerous kind of humans: they have little to no conscience. They are truly warped! And Rob appears to be severely below his chronological age, emotionally. All he knows how to do is parrot what has been indoctrinated into him: using the man-made term “sport” as if it were a constitutional mandate. Any person who can, with a clear conscience, kill over two hundred dogs, because they did not live up to his expectations, has no moral or ethical compass, and they are a danger to society.

    He was careful to try to make us believe that the dogs he killed were killed for humane reasons–yeah, right! two hundred of them!!! He’s cunning, devious, and a liar. He thrives on violence and cruelty, and he gets a high from hearing and knowing the animals are in pain. He can’t stand to see a frail, scared, or none compliant dog. He truly believes he has the right to torture and kill the animals because they are “his.” Please tell me he has no children.

    And the creep in the elevator, his parents have their heads in the sand. I can assure you that was not the first time he abused an animal. His parents just never knew of his violence towards animals because he was very careful not to get caught. I have to be suspect as to why he was taking the dog anywhere if he was in such a fowl mood. The elevator door barely closed before he was kicking. That way he got his jollies before anyone else has a chance to get on the elevator.

    These sickos exist everywhere. There are signs as to their behavior, unfortunately, trusting souls will not have the presence of mind to recognize them.

    I hope the caring public will support Animal Legal Defense Fund’s (ALDF) initiative for an animal abuser registry. And because many people will not take proper responsibility for an animal, perhaps the time is right for considering making animals more than possessions.

  49. Lori says:

    I get home from work in time to watch your show and I must say what I saw yesterday MADE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!!!!! That so called man is a MONSTER!! I don’t care that his lawyer said he was a good father and husband. What kind of morals is he setting for his children? What kind of wife would stand aside and let her husband do this atrocious and inhumane thing. My entire family and friends are animal lovers. We have a pit, shepard and terrier who are all indoor dogs and are treated with loving care. They all love being around people no matter what their age. In my opinion, ANYONE AND I DO MEAN ANYONE who fights animals needs to be put in the ring as bait and let the pack loose on them!! Jail time is not good enough for these so called humans. What they do is disgusting beyond belief. To me this is no better than abusing a child or the elderly. As far as an earlier comment, I don’t condone hunting as a sport either. If you are going hunting to feed your family that is one thing, but to hunt and kill an animal for the sport of it is no different than dogfighting. My belief is that people who do and are attracted to ANY KIND of neglect whether it be to animals or humans has a definate psychological and sociological problem and should seek help. Of course if it was a perfect society, we wouldn’t have idiots out there like the MONSTER you had on your show.

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