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July 9th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

The Last Day of Your Life …

292What would you do if you had only 24 hours left to live? On Friday’s show, Megan says she’s already living as though it were her last day, traveling through all 50 states in an RV. This amazing young lady quit her job and left her boyfriend and loved ones behind to raise money and awareness for brain aneurysm research. Megan says she’s doing all this to honor her father, who died from a brain aneurysm when she was 11.

So how would you spend the last day of your life? I know where I’d be — right here, surrounded by family.

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120 Responses to “The Last Day of Your Life …”

  1. Jimm says:

    I would go for a bunjee jump and a skydive. Eat the best food around with all my family and friends and loved one. And then spend the last 8 hours of my life chit chatting with my family and friends and my love. I would thank everyone of them for being in my life and make a video to remind anybody and everybody to lead a life of NOW and have no regrets. You’ll never know when will be your last day of life.

  2. Virginia says:

    If I knew I only had 24 hours to live, I would drive to Massachusetts to be with my sister, Valerie. I miss her SO MUCH and we have NEVER spent a holiday together. She is in failing health and I pray for her and think about her often. I would also try to help as many people as I could, while I could. Life is so short and precious, thinking about death, only makes it more clear to me, that we should live each day as if it is our last.

  3. gena says:

    if i knew i only had 24hrs to live, i would spend it with my family.

  4. Desi Alvarez says:

    I am in the middle of watching the show with the mom’s discipline of cold showers and hot sauce. I was not only so upset about hearing him screaming in the shower by malmute dog, Holly ran out of the room and would not come out. So she not only has us upset but evidently the dog does not like it either. I have three adopted girls and I have never done any of the things she is doing. I am sickened by this behavior.

  5. tracy says:

    I can understand how that Mom feels-frustrated and then guilty. Been there,done that. Then I learned to respond instead of react. They are like little versions of ‘us’ running around, mirroring back to us all of our stuff. We are the adults so it’s up to us to take the cues from them and figure out the next step. Never a dull moment that’s for sure.

  6. Michelle H. says:

    Today is the first time I have ever had to walk away and take a “Mommy time out” from watching the show! My heart ached for the children in the show today! My ex-husband has supervised visitation with our son for much less than what this mother did to her son! This woman ( I am unable to call her a mother) sat there calm and without emotion. There is something in her that is missing…. and that is the mother instinct to love, protect, guide and teach her child. I will continue to pray for these children, they did not ask to be born and should not be punished for it!

  7. Lisa S says:

    My mother did similar things to my brother and I back in the mid 70,s. In 1975 we were both taken away by child protective services and went on to live with our fathers. I dont know what state this family is from (we are in MI) but I hope someone knocks on their door & takes that boy out of the home. I know what its like to raise children – Ive raised two of my own. Frustration was a daily word though there is NO EXCUSE for child abuse. She needs counseling – and he needs to be removed ASAP. How demeaning for him & heart breaking to watch. I can tell her first hand what its like to have hot peppers shoved in my mouth for lying, or what its like to sleep in a van with no heat in Jan, in MI for 3 days straight to be taught a lesson. Maybe she should try some of her own medicine – I doubt she would ever do it to another human being again. I think all the other children need to be interviewed as well. If that is LOVE – then that child can do better without it.. I am just sick & full of flashbacks. Get him help! You should be ashamed if you dont help.

  8. Amal says:

    I am still sick to my stomache. She is a cold hearted woman, no compassion or love for this child. She has you fooled Dr.Phil, how can she sit there and hear those cries…not one tear or a bit of guilty.

  9. Monica says:

    My heart broke to see this little boy being “abused” the way he was. Having a behavioral problem child myself really hit me hard to see what she was doing to this little boy. I too came to my wits end and chose to find professional help rather than turn to this type of discipline. With a great deal of help from doctors and the special education department in the school system, my son has grown to be a productive and independent young man. I couldn’t be prouder of him. He tells me now that he knows he was a difficult child growing up but with alot of hard work and dedication we have succeeded. This mom never once showed an ounce of regret and guilt and didn’t shed one tear over her actions. I am truly appalled.

  10. Mary says:

    I am praying for Krischoff and ALL his adoptive family. I am deeply disturbed by witnessing his torture (it goes beyond abuse) on Wednesday’s show. I cried, my heart raced, my body was hot and numb at the same time. BOTH twins, and perhaps the other children, need to be IMMEDIATELY removed from that home. BOTH adoptive parents are guilty of the crime of child abuse: the so-called ‘mom’ for executing the abuse and the so-called ‘father’ for suggesting cold showers as punishment and for being compliant in the abuse. Her ”friend” suggested hot sauce? Clearly she needs new friends. The ‘mom’ never wanted Krischoff; she said she fell in love with the eyes of his twin brother. What I saw leads me to believe the less ”dominant” twin was favored from the beginning, which may have caused and/or added to Krischoff’s alleged out of control behavior. Besides ”pulling 3 cards at school” she never said what Krischoff does that is so awful she feels the need to resort to torture. Both twins should be removed because I am sure the less dominant twin is deeply affected by the abuse of his brother that, in turn, witnessing the abuse becomes abuse of that twin, and all the children in the family, as well. The daughter filming the torture also has to be deeply affected and may grow up to be an abusive parent herself if she isn’t removed and doesn’t get help. This ‘mom’s abuse affects the entire family. They all need treatment and to be removed for now. The problem is the parents, not Krischoff. I know Krischoff’s twin is turning more into himself out of pain for what is being done to his brother because twins are very much connected with each other. Please get help for both boys. I think this ‘mom’ is too far gone, at least at this point, to be trusted to stop the abuse. When the attorney on the show was explaining the depths of her abusive behavior, the ‘mom’ just stared with dead eyes and a ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ look on her face. I singled-parented three children of my own from ages 3. 22 months, and 2 weeks old. The behavior of the ‘mom’ on your show sickens and saddens. There are other ways to reach children. Besides timeouts try praise and reward versus loss of privilege, and here I need to emphasize PRAISE everything positive. This not only reinforces positive behavior, it also shows the child you are paying attention and they are loved. NO child should ever be tortured like this. I hope to see soon that these children have been removed from this home and child abuse charges have been filed against both parents. That should calm her down. I need to get back to praying for these helpless children now.

  11. Sue Bradbury says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE help that family!!! That entire household is going through hell and it is obvious that things are out of control and overwhelming. That little guy most likely has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and all of the strategies you would use with a regular child WILL NOT work with these children. Please find an appropriate doctor and help them get their lives back together.

  12. Daniel Shannon says:

    If it was the Last Day of my life, I would most likely make amends with my father that has been absent through out my life. I have very hurt feelings towards the subject and we havent talked in 4 months. I guess i just dont have the strength and courage to tell him how I feel. He is deep into alcohol and I believe he still thinks hes living the 80’s as a kid when he is 40. I’m only 17 and i want him to come to my graduation in May. I dont know if that will happen. But thats what I would do.

  13. Laurie Vest says:

    I too watched the “Mommy Meanest” show and was horrified with it’s content. Unfortunately in today’s day these stories are becoming all too common and have become our newfound “normal” with parenting and parenting techniques. Abuse and violence must cease to be our “norm” because there is nothing normal about it. It is the most “UN-NATURAL” way of Being. We all need to return to our natural state of Being…which is Love and has always been that of Love. Not only is she turning these children into damaged goods…she and her husband are a great example of same. This woman came across to me as being completely disconnected in every aspect of what it means to be a human being, a woman, and especially a Mother. To me the essence of being a Mother is that of a Nurturer. A Nurturer is one whom first and foremost loves you unconditionally and expresses her love by speaking words of love, words to encourage the child and words to instill confidence in the child. She expresses her affection not only with the words she speaks but also through her actions, by hugging and kissing the child, holding the childs face in her hand and looking into her eyes and embracing love. She praises you, she lights up when you enter the room. She is your shield, your protector and would do anything to protect you at any cost. This woman is not fit to care for Kristoff, nor any of her other children. I believe that what she has done to Kristoff has to some degree been done to her other children but has also been done to herself. How was she raised? Through abuse and violence at the hands of her abusive parents? I’m sure that was the case. I am grateful to Dr. Phil and his team of experts. I believe that they will do their best to help Kristoff and the other children heal from all this trauma and abuse. I will continue to pray for these children and I will also pray that the parents stop their cycle of abuse and fear. They need a serious “wake-up” and “shake-up” call!!

  14. Gm says:


  15. abdabhi says:

    I am not in the condition to feel that situation of the last day of life as in really some one is suffering those conditions. By thinking deep makes me feel that there would be a strong will for life to live some days more. Everyone will be left behind and how much the pain will be….. Oh imagine that pain. There will be a greediness for life. That moment will remind me all the sins which I had ever done. Want to do confess for those sins with my family, my friends and with my love. There will be only tears all around.

  16. Cheryl Cardenas says:

    My heart gose to all the people that was in the tusson traggity! I wish that had never had happened to those people. I watch the news just to see how they all are doing. I have a daughter that is 9 years old. I can only amagine what the Green Family are going thought. My thought and prayers are for all the people that died or shot that crazy day! Mrs. Gabbie Giffard you are just incredible! I cant beleive your recovery! You go girl! You run again for office and you will always have my vote. God bless you all! Cheryl C.

  17. Roy Beaman says:

    I want to know what freeway ramp I need to go stand on so I can be taken care of? Or is there no chance cause the Media doesn’t know they could make $ money $ off of Me I was trained to be a radio DJ,I was in the USMC, I am a Viet Nam war Hero with letters of Thanx from many branches of Our Government & the Medals…& I’m crippled.But is My problem of not being told what ramp to stand on so I can be found is cause I’m not a Drunk,I’m Not a Drug addict? I haven’t been able to bite into a Hamburger for almost a Year,I don’t make enough SS to live on!
    Ed Williams is totally being taken care of cause He will make Money for all the Media outfits cause of his golden voice He Quite Rehab he’s gonna screw up cause of Drinking & Drugs BUT all the rest of Us folks that are Good & Honest & could use a little help will keep on suffering cause Hollywood won’t make money on Us I guess My Medials from being a hero in Nam will buy me a cup of coffee BUT only if I have the $2.00 to pay for it. Well sometimes when I sit her & think of this Ed Williams insanity I’m a little sorry I gave My ALL to become Crippled,Honest,Drug Free & A USMC Viet Nam War Hero, I deserve to be told WHICH FREEWAY RAMP I CAN BE FOUND ON … My Life Story is a drama But I probably can’t make millions for Hollywood

  18. Nancy says:

    I watched a Dr. Phil show on child molestation,it was proven the child was not molested by a rape kit, there are other reasons a child can have pain in the lower regions. children are not aware of anatomy and may refer to the entire area as the ‘Pee Pee”, children can have bladder issues such as bladder infections from bubble bath using too much soap not rinsing it off well when bathing can cause bladder irritation as well as bladder infections also children often put of going to the bathroom holding urine can cause bladder infections and irritations in children and adults,too much soda and citrus juice also can cause some children and adults to have infections and or irritated bladders this does happen and some children have problems with this, when I was a child I had this problem .Bubble baths cause big problems for a lot of kids,and baths some children and adults take showers maybe a tilted bladder causes fluid to get trapped, I’m not sure exactly why but I was that child who had those bladder problems and still today I must take only showers to avoid bladder issues caused by taking baths.Something that must be considered that the child’s pain in the “pee pee “may have not been not molestation but real pain from another condition,That was not even addressed on the show you must rule these possibilities out. There could be there could be other medical reasons besides molestation for pain the those nether regions.

  19. Heather says:

    First, if it were the last day of my life, I would spend it with my children, making them laugh and holding them and smelling their hair and giving them a memory. That’s all.

    Re: hot sauce mom & the dad. He [dad] points out that cold showers are used in the army. I want to point out that the lovely little boy is not in the army, he’s a child, for God’s sake and I hope he and his siblings have been taken away for good. We’ve all been at our wits end with our kids. Torture of a child is NOT an option.

  20. angel carothers says:

    all i can say is we wonder y we have rapist,murders es. out in the world.people that raise their children with no luv make them very hateful people,im sure im not the only that feel like this!!

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