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July 9th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

The Last Day of Your Life …

292What would you do if you had only 24 hours left to live? On Friday’s show, Megan says she’s already living as though it were her last day, traveling through all 50 states in an RV. This amazing young lady quit her job and left her boyfriend and loved ones behind to raise money and awareness for brain aneurysm research. Megan says she’s doing all this to honor her father, who died from a brain aneurysm when she was 11.

So how would you spend the last day of your life? I know where I’d be — right here, surrounded by family.

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120 Responses to “The Last Day of Your Life …”

  1. anonymous says:

    The last day of my life, I would eat all of the fatty foods I deprived myself from while living healthy, hit all my favorite food joints and get one last bite or two of my favorites, listen to my favorite songs one last time & tell my enemies off in an email. Tho it would be totally surreal to actually know *when* your final day, I’d tie up all those loose ends with friends and family if I needed to well beforehand. I live each day like it’s my last (but with cautious annex). There are no guarantees in life. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

  2. DevonLee says:

    I would take my husband and two kids to Disneyworld and enjoy my family in the happiest place on earth! While there I would call my Dad….my brother and my best friend to say I love u. My life has been good and I have no regrets. :)

  3. Guy Farmer says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, When I reflect on questions like these I’m frequently reminded of how important it is for us to find what we truly love to do in life and to live from that place every day of our lives. We have so much noise that enters our space and keeps us from connecting with who we really are. It’s life affirming and deeply fulfilling when we can live from that place of true joy and meaning.

  4. Pam says:

    With only 24 hours left…I would be with the people who matter most…my family! I would call friends…tell them how much I love them and what they mean to me. I would let my kids know how much I love them…unconditionally…how proud they make me everyday….that they are my greatest accomplishment in this life…and that I really wasn’t truly living life to the fullest until they came along….I would let my husband know he is my best friend….and soul mate..and how much I love him…and that my life has been complete and heart fullfilled with him and the kids! I would just want them to know to always…Live Well….Laugh Often…Love Much! :)

  5. ghing tipudan says:

    ,if i only had 24 hours to breath..first,i want to apologize all my wrongdoings to the people who hated me before,i want them to know that all those hurts and pains they did to me,i am still love them no hurt ache feelin inside my heart.for past is past.next, is i would rather chose to quit my job,and wanna say thank you for accepting me as i am,for trusting me all the while,and i will
    go back to my province,where in my family stayed,gathering all my family, friends ,and relatives who is close to my heart.i want to tell them that i really cared and loved them,that im proud of them,and i am thankful for having them in my life.
    and i want to enjoy the last minute of my life with them.
    so clean and pure in heart to meet my God.

  6. craig says:

    have sex for 23 hr 59 minutes and 59 secondes then move on .

  7. Shelby Merryman says:

    I would call my family together and let them know how proud I am of the contributions they have made in their lifetime and how much I love them.
    Then I would like to be alone with my husband so I could spend the last minutes of my life with the man I’ve loved and been married to for 47 years.

  8. If I only had a day to live, I would want all of my loved ones, I have a very small family, to get together and just talk, laugh and maybe I could drag out a few pictures, my journals that I have kept on my grandsons and just read, laugh, and cry. When I was a youngster and being an only child, I wanted to have a family. I had two daughters, two son-in-laws, one good and one bad, and two of the most wonderful grandsons in the world. Those journals are a little funny, a little sad and just my heart on paper. My parents have passed on to a better land, so the six of us would just sit around, no cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, just letting our love pour forth.

  9. Tammy Reasoner says:

    I would spend my last 24 hours thanking people and letting them know how much I love them. I would videotape messages to my children for later in their lives, and then pull an impromptu party so I could see as many people as I could. I would ask my friends and family to pray with me and then spend the remainder of the night having cocktails and toasting all the things in my life that I’m grateful for. I’d spend some private time in prayer asking my dad to be there to meet me, and I’d sing — lots and loud!

  10. KOKO says:

    if i had 24 hour , i ll use for going to my niece and going to sea together to for plesant play with them. n give my family everthing they wont. n the last i ll’ make bulding home sweet for all them.

  11. MoodyGuy says:

    If i had 24 hours to live I would spend it as my mum did. Remembering God and making sure that no one was mad at me for any reason what so ever. This life is so unpredictable and I don’t want to live a life where I take anyone for granted.

  12. Laura Gomez/Filippone says:

    If I only had 24 hours to live, I would go out and find someone who truly is in need and has never had anything I did; that would not be hard because I am a nurse and see a lot of hardship, then I would dedicate my last day to them 100% and try to give them a memory to savor for the rest of their lives. My family gets that kind of love and attention everyday from me and i get it from them.My mark would be left with someone who really needs it.

  13. Yvonne Lehnen Kenworthy says:

    If I only had 24 hours to live I would continue to pray. As I spent time with my spouse, children and grandchildren I would leave them with special thoughts and share feelings just for them. I always live life as if I only have 24 hours. My deceased husband knew he had six months to live
    and certainly had a “bucket list”. He saw everyone on that list before he died and three days before he deteriorated and was semi-comatose, he was lying on the grass with his best friend, Larry, looking up at the sky and talking, the day before he had the “pooper scooper” out and with a big grin was picking up after his little buddies, Parker and Emmy; One of the last pictures taken of him. A day before he died his children and I sat on the bed surrounding him, sharing stories and eating sandwiches while he slept with a big peaceful smile and holding his son’s hand; His son’s birthday it was. He rose to the occasion as he talked to each grandchild before they said goodbye one last time and sent each a special message with humor. They still remember those moments. He could no longer golf but fished with his close friend, Vince, up to weeks before he passed away. We were able to sit on the deck and talk together about it being the last summer we could be together like this. Very sobering but a reality check of
    what is.

  14. sonal says:

    I would pray to God to give me another life so that I can do what I want . I was bounded by traditions and people who did not love me at all but I did all the best for them all my life .

  15. Hisham says:

    If only i had one day (24 hours) to live, I would ask my God to forgive me for my faults as well as people surrounding me.
    If only i had one day to live, i would pray all the day as few minutes and i will meet my God.
    If only i had one day to live, i would go for my lover (wife) and tell her that i love her so much….

  16. secretgf says:

    i would go to my boyfriend logans house in california or wherever he is filming and i would fuck the glory out of him many times because im a virgin and so is he and i would kiss him very passionatly all day long and then i would take him to georgia and marry him and then i would die peacfully in his arms

  17. June Bell Wynne says:

    Gather all my family, friends and neighbors, believers and non-believers. I would minister to them, sharing that God loves them and that death has no sting if we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I would share with them how to have that relationship so that one day we would be reunited in heaven. Then I would throw the largest of parties,giving all my belongs away, sharing with each one how they have touched my life and let them know how much I love them. Telling them that all that matters in my past is what type of legacy I left behind for Christ, hoping they will remember me by how I left a mark on their lives by living a life that was Christ like sharing compassion and leaking love wherever I walked as a lifestyle. I would hire a Christian DJ and we would sing, dance, laugh, play and take photos to keep the memories alive.

  18. Jeannie says:

    I would take my last day, and if magically possible, would save my little sister from her addiction, so when my life was gone maybe hers could finally go on. I would heal her in any and every way that I could. Then perhaps there would be a really worthy reason that I ever lived at all….

  19. Hania says:

    I would go to some kids’ play land with my only son and join eternity from there…

  20. Melissa Miracle says:

    I would take my little girl to the park and play with her because that’s what she loves most. I would push her on the swings and play on the slide with her. We would play tag so I could hear her say “Wanna catch me?” one last time. We would watch one last train together and do our chant of “Choo choo train! Choo choo train!” We would go to Mcdonald’s one last time and eat ice cream. I would take her to “see the airplanes at the airplane house” at The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force because she loves it there. We would have one last barbeque “fireworks party” together. And I would hug her and tell her I love her a thousand times. I would apologise for going away and beg her to forgive me for leaving her without a mommy. I would tell her that I’ll always love her. I would use my last breath to say “I love you” one last time. I would try my best to make sure that I’m still looking at her until my brain stops functioning. I would want her face to be the last sight I see. And this really made me bawl my eyeballs out writing it!

  21. Ms. Liz says:

    24 hours to live?? Ok so I would plan a huge party and invite my whole town, family, and friends. I would celebrate my life and say my goodbyes. I would have pictures taken and I would be happy. I would tell all my guests to continue to live thier life as if I was here, and ask them to remember all our good times..and assure them that we would all meet again!

  22. Tjeu Moonen says:

    Hello,from The Netherlands ,
    Very good initiative.
    It dos not matter how long you have,you should try to live every day as if it was your last day.
    Every day you should say to the people arround you I LOVE YOU , and act like it.
    Do not only contact people when you need them,bud contact them also when you do not need them.Most people only contact you when they want something from you.Keep an eye on that .Ego love,or absolute love

  23. CSL says:

    If I had 24 hours left to live, I would live it pretty much exactly the same as I would live today. I would still cook and clean – because my family needs a clean house and would need it more if I died. I would still play with my son and talk trips with my husband – because that is our normal life. I would stay home, make sure to call my parents and brothers, and probably spend the evening in the living room with my family, playing games and maybe ending with a barbeque outside. That night I would cuddle with my husband and tell him how much I love him – because that is what we do. Because every night there’s no guarantee that you’ll wake the next morning. So whether or not I did die at the end of the day… I’d still be happy.

  24. Jessica says:

    I have 2 kids and one step son. I would live life to the fullest. Do all of the things I’ve always wanted to ‘check off of my list’ and then in my last few hours, teach my kids to LIVE like they only had 24 hours to live. It’s important to complete your bucket lists in life, as you only get one chance.

  25. dr. phil says:

    I would go to vegas get a suite with 20 of spearmint rhinos best and 8 ball and some X. After that I would visit with all my family and friends, followed by a 30,000 foot ski dive with no parachute at 23.59 and end it on my own terms.

  26. Elizabeth Frias says:

    If I only had 24 hours to live, I’d spend the day with my parents, who I’m very close to, I would take them to Saint Lucas because its beautiful there, even if it meant I’d have to rob a bank to get us there (I’m kind of poor) … I would bring my two baby boys along with spider man to keep them entertained!!! and Dr. Phil and his Wife would have to come along to lecture my parent on marriage (they need help!!) I’d also make a phone call to my oldest sons dad who was my high school sweet heart to let him know that I never stopped loving him:)

  27. I thought I might comment on this as a few years back my mother went into a narcisstic rage and I thought it was the “Last day of my life”. My mother is and was in her 70’s, not much of a threat eh… that’s what I thought too. I’m safe it can’t hurt me anymore…it’s too old. Yep, I pissed it off…I’d had enough and said I never wanted to see her again. The next day I’m leaving my building…heading off to work and there it is!!! Sitting in the parking lot that’s next to my building is my birth mother in her SUV, motor running, and has a perfect view of me…crossing the street! Obvously I’m still here, but the experience did leave room for thought and some resignation. I told myself just before I stepped out… well, if she wants to kill me she can just go right ahead. It never dawned on me that even at her age she could still enforce her will physically! It just goes to show the children of the mentally ill will never have that privileged pleasure of relaxation. It could get us killed.

  28. Janet Albanese says:

    If I only had 24 hours to live I would be the happiest person in the world. I hate living and I have a lot of physical problems including epilespy. My home life is terrible and stressful and I really wish I could die.

  29. vikkie says:

    oh my i belive if i only had one more day,id make sure those i care for would know just how i love, respectand truley feal,i would then have a soda a fantastic meal ,my faveorite music (50s)SIT BACK AND WATCH THE REST OF THE WORLD go crazy. i learned in 2005 i had cancer and thay said 6 months max ,oh well so much for that,what i did find out is,i have everything i need ,that i really dont have much to bitch about and that im ok with that.

  30. Helena says:

    If I only had 24 hours to live…. I would do what I love the most. spend it with my family! Though my life has had it’s ups and downs, I´m so truly blessed with a caring husband who is my true friend, three sons who are growing into kind, loving, honorable men, parents whom I love and have been my close friends, and siblings whom I love dearly. I would write my sons each a letter where I would tell them what I hve told them all their lives, how proud of them I am and how much I love them. I would phone my friends and just have a big bbq and games evening with loads of laughs and good times. The best things in life – aren’t things! Life is a row of beautiful/fun/loving moments and I would make sure my last 24 hours would be filled of the same :)

  31. Carole Anderson says:

    you should live each day as if it the last day of your life. As they walk out the door you never know if they will come home. on Friday, March 3, 1994 my youngest son Andy went fishing before he went to work at three oclodk. He took our 10 year old Australian Sheperd with him.There was a woman at his work it was her last day. her breast cancer had come back so he went fishing for her favorite fish Trout on the Sespe Creek in Las Padres National forrest. He had caught two trout and was walking back to Lions camp ground when he met a person who told him they had just restocked Mid Lions Camp. he went to Mid Lions (15 miles north of Ojai. and was standing at the back of his truck when a 19 year old white scum bag shot him in the back from 144 feet killing him instantly.dragged him into a Ravine and covered him with branches.Killed the dog and car jacked his truck search and Rescue found him Sunday morning. Andy not knowing it was his last day was out in the wilderness doing something he loved fishing in a beautiful place. from the mother of Andy

  32. clayton barker says:

    I would spend my last day just looking around at this planet and the beautiful sights it has to behold. I don’t know how my existance will play out in my transition from this life but I think it’s all about taking in what I called “home” Knowing that I will never see it again… just that one long last look….

  33. ciaobello says:

    I wouldn’t change much. I’ve been to all 50 states and have a published journal of One Magical Summer. I’ve worked and traveled in Europe for 13 months. I raised three beautiful children, have a daughter-in-law and son-in-law, and was married almost 27 years. The key is to be doing what you enjoy, every day.

  34. ciaobello says:

    To Janet,
    Your words are shocking to read. I’m sorry you feel the way you do.

  35. ciaobello says:

    To CSL, Right on. My co-worker’s 40something brother died in his sleep.

  36. ihrtstpete says:

    First I would smoke. I know it sounds terrible, but I quit a long time ago (10+ yrs or more) for my health, but I truly enjoyed it. I would light up. I would speak to each of my family members, since we are totally nuts and dysfunctional it would have to be individualized. I would prepare my young adult son as best I could and spend my last moments with him. We love the beach so that is probably where I would head. Peaceful meaningful moments with memories and pictures. I have lived a good life, no regrets, but I would be ready to go to the next journey. I would tape a message to him and expect him to keep my cremated remains with him on his journey through life and pray he doesn’t loose me in some college dorm or on a plane, stolen car, old girlfriend’s house. LOL My only regret would be not seeing him grow older and meeting grandchildren. Having the warning would be nice, more than some have! Best regards-
    To Miss Janet Albanese, I can relate to pain and stress. I wish you peace and comfort and I don’t wish you dead. Please look to the good in each day, may it be little or almost none there has to be something each and everyday and just maybe you have a purpose. Julia Butterfly Hill spent 738 days doing a sit in on top of a giant redwood tree, named “Luna” to bring recognition to our forest clearing. She says “What is your tree?” What is your tree Janet? maybe epilepsy is your tree, letting people know just exactly how difficult life is with it. Maybe spending time with children suffering as well. Your post is a cry for help. Reach out to someone local and find your tree. Maybe your tree is YOU. I wish you love and connections and peace. Good solid peace internally as well as externally!
    Quite sincerely, CKS.

  37. Donna Huskins says:

    I ask myself that question almost every morning. I have ALS-Lou Gehrig’s disease. Prognosis is 2-5 yrs. I have had it for 6 yrs. So I feel like I am living on borrowed time sometimes. But at the end of each day I say the same thing, well, I really made a difference today. I’ve tried to start being more honest with people about my feelings for them. I’m giving people things I want them to have now instead of leaving them behind for someone else to throw away. I think I would go to the beach and sit for awhile and then go on a picnic in the shade and curl up with that special someone and talk. Maybe take in a good flick, eat a funnel cake, and take a long ride on a motorcycle. Nothing to emotional with family and friends gathered round looking at me like is it time yet. I would just do the things I love to do and live life to the fullest right up to the last second.

  38. Mary says:

    I wish I knew the answer to this question. After reading the book “The Last Lecture” I have been trying to figure out just what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. I am working on figuring this out.

  39. Terri says:

    Tomorrow is never a sure thing, you should live each day as if it were your last. Always say I love you when leaving a conversation with family or a close friend. I would hope to spend my last day with my children, my husband, any other close living relative but I would take the time to make amends with people I have hurt or were hurt by. I regret not swallowing my pride and apologizing to a friend before she passed, I do not want any of my friends to have that same regret after I’m gone. Thanks for making me think about this, it has enlightened me.

  40. Mike Simpson says:

    I live every day as if it is my last day since the year after I graduated from High School. In 1987 I was diagnosed with AIDS. I have been living with this disease for 23 years now. I wake up and I think about it. I walk down the street I think about it. I go swimming I think about it, and wonder when I am going to die. Sometimes I feel as I am going stir crazy because of these thoughts. One year when I was in the hospital I met an Angel. Her name was Gayle. Through the years I have always stayed in touch with her and we became good friends. Last december I made a New Years resolution to crochet 20 blankets by the end of September. My friend Gayle came to me with an offer of her buying the yarn for me as long as I give the blankets away. This year was the first year that I made a resolution and kept it, and it was from the help of my Angel Gayle. I have given these blankets to the Homeless, the sick, women with New borns. The feeling that I get from giving something to someone without wanting anything in return, and the smilles of amazement on their faces is all that I need. I have found something that makes others feel great, and me to. I dont think about my problems when I crochet. It makes me feel happy. So I crochet every day sometimes 8 hrs a day. great therapy. I was able to give a blanket to my Angel recently because she has been very ill. Something to keep her warm, and made with Stitches of Love….

  41. jane arcus says:

    Interestingly enough many folks start off by saying ‘if I only had 24 hours to live….’. The truth is no one is promised tomorrow and today is all we do have. I live each day as if it is my last because one of these days I will be right. I try to be a worker among workers and a friend among friends. I strive to be of maximum service to God and my fellows. So when I lay my head on my pillow at night and drift off to sleep I won’t have to worry about what might have been

  42. Connie Thompson says:

    Dr. Phil my husband had an aneurysm of the brain in 1984 or 1985, I can’t think right now, but it was a miracle that he lived! his main artery from his brain to his heart ruptured while we were making love and he actually died on me! Can you imagine the horror??? Well paramedics got there, they did a few things after I had already saved him, not to my knowledge, but I had, and he is fine today. His main artery from his brain to his heart ruptured, we were kicked out of the hospital, and what a fiasco it was to say the least! our insurance had lapsed unbeknownst to us….but, I found him an excellent surgeon and he made it by the Grace of God! Doctors say they didn’t iknow why he lived, and with no phisical ailments other than massive migrains….thanks for listening

  43. Golfnlady says:

    One of my life’s greatest experience was in the catheral in New Orleans. The stained glass windows were amazing and it was like being face-to-face with God as I saw the sun reflecting on the windows making the stain glass come to life. So on my last day of living, I would like to start off with family and friends, thank them all for what they have done for me. Then I would speak to all those who are losts letting them know there is a wonderful home in heaven waiting for them with a God with loving arms and all they have to do is believe in Him. I would want to make sure that on that day I would be able to go back to New Orleans to the catheral and once more see the stained glass windows of Christ bearing the cross for me. Then I would want to be at my home with my husband sharing time up to the last minute. And as I lay down to sleep, my soul to keep by the loving welcome arms of Jesus.

  44. Jean Anne Sturrup says:

    Megan, have you been to Maine yet? I lost my sister in her late 40’s to a ruptured brain aneurysm less than 2 years ago My father had one in his early fifties, but it did not rupture and he lived to be 69. Thank you for doing this to raise awareness.

  45. Lisa says:

    As a Hospice Nurse I see many people on their last day of life. I like them would want to be home with those I love…spending time telling them how much I love and appreciate them.

  46. Connie Shuga says:

    I have been near death, with 3 brain aneursyms and a leak in my brain. I have had the Last Rites before my surgery. I am not fortunate nor lucky to be alive, yet Blessed by God Almighty to have survived. What would I do? Call my mother, have my friends over, Pray, hold my partner and on that day, know that I am finally being released from the migraine pain and going home to be with God, whose Son Jesus is My Lord and My Saviour. Don’t mourn me, yet know that I will wait with God at the Gates to welcome you at the time that God calls you. Bless you Megan.

  47. john b says:

    i lost a brother in law to aneursym . he was only 23 cudos to all your doing for awearness keep up the good work/

  48. Mohabee Serrano says:

    What would I do if I knew that the next 24 hours were my last? I’d likely live in bliss and peace, and then die.

    I love life, and I live loving life. Every day is a miracle; waking up to sunlight is a miracle. So death is also a miracle; it’s a part of life, and a part of the unexplained processes of being.

  49. I am a stage of life to recognoze and acknowledge that I have to face reality in ‘keeping my eyes wide open’ and not make excuses for how people may mistreat me. I have been on path of sharing my true and honest feelings because ‘tomorrow is not promised’.

    I have separated from some people because I have been the consistent ‘giver’ of time, concern, contact and I don’t get any response in return. I had made excuses before but no longer. I deserve to be cared about and the people who are in my life don’t want to be’friends and show care’ then there are other people who will.
    I want friends and I will be friends to others. I am my own best friend.

  50. shelli says:

    I would find my daughter ,tell her I’m sorry we could not be mother and daughter anymore. I would tell her there has not been a day I havent thought of her and cried for our loss. I don’t understand drugs, I do understand it made her someone she is not. I would use my last breath telling her she is loved, needed,valued and wanted .Just ask God , I’ve told him all about you , Its been a painful 10 years.

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