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September 17th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Reflections on Turning 60

9017_1When you turn 60, you would not believe how many of your friends call to make the corniest remarks about you turning into an old timer. “Hey, Phil, have you bought your first bottle of Metamucil?” one of my buddies joked. “Come on, don’t be glum. At least now you can play in the senior division of tennis tournaments,” said someone else.  “Haven’t you heard?” said even another smart aleck well wisher. “Sixty is supposed to be the new 20! Why don’t you get a toupee and hit the town?”

At least I’m not the only one getting grief. Right now, every hour upon the hour, there are about 330 baby boomers in this country that are hitting the big 6-0. That’s right, there were that many of us born in 1950, during the heart of the Baby Boom Generation. We grew up in the carefree 1950s, came of age in the rebellious 1960s, experienced the absolutely peculiar disco era of the 1970s, pushed ourselves during the career-driven days of the 1980s, and sometimes indulged in the lavish excesses of the 1990s. We also were right here for what has, at times, been a very difficult first decade of the 21st century — a decade that has included the terrorism of 9/11, wars and an economic crash that none of us have ever seen before.

We’ve endured a lot of ups and downs, great accomplishments and great disasters, and I’m going to tell you, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world — not even for a few more years of staying young. There are a lot of people I meet who panic when another birthday milestone comes along — 40, 50 and so on. They are a little afraid that maybe something has passed them by. Perhaps they’ve seen the statistics about our life expectancy being 80, which means if you hit 60, you only have 1/4th of your life left.

9017_2But whenever I think about the amount of time I have left, I think about that famous Abraham Lincoln quote, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”  I plan to live my last years with all the passion and excitement that have driven me during my first 60 years. I have to say, I started this birthday off with a bang at a simply amazing party that Robin threw for me. On today’s show, you’re going to get to go inside the party and see all the hoopla and all the fun. We’ve also got other surprises for the show that you’re not going to want to miss, including a performance by a singer named Charice that’s going to knock your socks off. I know you’ll be entertained, but it’s my great hope that you’ll also be inspired to live your own life to the fullest and to have a ball, no matter what your age. Thanks to my family and my friends, along with everyone at the Dr. Phil show, I know I am.

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61 Responses to “Reflections on Turning 60”

  1. Jo says:

    Honey, even though I’m 45 and about to be 46, 10/8, I feel a lot younger than I am, at least I think I feel younger than my years so I refuse to give in to the gray hair and I sure don’t have any wrinks. I have been told that I look like I’m 30 years old not even close to being in my 40’s!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Way to go Dr. Phil…I am 55 years young this year and I plan on putting as much life into my years as possible I wasted far too many years worried about things I could not change nor control…PaRtY On

  3. Suzanne says:


  4. Laura says:

    I agreee with the Abraham Lincoln quote, I actually have that quote in a beautiful frame right on my fireplace….it reminds me daily! I am 48 and just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but I plan on having a good long life, full of everything!

  5. I had breast cancer in 1996 and greet every birthday grateful for another year. I’m 57 now, not nearly as well-preserved or beautiful as your wife, but I’m happy and smiling and loving life.

  6. Peggy says:

    Counting down the days left in my 50’s. Can’t shake the feeling of dread…I am healthy, happy, have a job, have a wonderful family. Am so thankful and fortunate. BUT cannot shake this feeling. I am going to the Atlantis in the Bahamas and celebrate all ALONE…and start my 60″s with a smile on my face..

  7. Adela says:

    Happy Birthday , and best wishes ..
    I am 43, and I believe that at the age of 60 I will start living the most interesting part of my life !! I think I can enjoy everything without worries and family responsibilities !! I am sure I’ll enjoy every single day !!

  8. Amanda says:

    I am proud to be almost 25 and getting told I dont even look 18. Even after having 2 kids. Happy Birthday and with age comes beauty and knowledge

  9. mimosa says:


    I will be joining the ranks in 4 years. The years go by so quickly. The road right now is a lot longer behind me than the one in front of me and that sort of scares me. I want to do so much yet I lack motivation. I’m trying though. You have a great day and know that those of us out here wish you many, many more.
    God Bless.

  10. Brittany says:

    Hey Dr. Phil….
    I think you look great for 60 and happy birthday to you….I am only 34 with 4 children…and most tell me I don’t look it at all…Probably because I am only 4′10.5″ tall and only 95lbs…..I embrace my age like Robin said. I look at it this way……. “You only have one life to live, so why not live it to the fullest” and when the day comes that I have to leave this world, I will know that my life was enjoyed and fulfilled for myself, and hopefully inspired others…

  11. Kerstin says:

    Happy birthday dr.Phil :-) ) I am getting 60 too in october !!

  12. Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Dr. Phil, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I really wish I could find a man like you. You are so knowledgable and you really know how to treat a women. Love you, Dr. Phil

  13. Jean says:

    Hey Dr Phil,

    I am an incredibly longstanding fan who quotes you often…(do you want to be right or happy) Congratulations on reaching 60. You are very handsome as is Robin beautiful!

    I am looking at 73 in DEC. I am happier than I have ever been. I have a fun life that i work at to keep that way. If anyone asks me about getting older or being retired i always say “it only gets better”.

    I am lucky enough to live much of my time in gratitude and love for all the wonderful people in my life and in my past (and future).

    Keep up the good work!! You get so much valuable information out to us.

    A special thanks for sharing your new granddaughter….I love to see her pictures!!! I have 6 incredible grandchildren….I do think that is the best thing in life that happens to us.

    Well enough…have a great year!!!

    xxoojean w

  14. Catherine Barrett says:

    I am watching your show right now and listening to the girl compaining about never having just her name on her cake well i have my husband and 2 sons Not twins all born on the same day and not one of them complains about 1 name on a birthday cake she should be thankful she is having birthdays even if she thinks she is cursed.

  15. Celeste says:

    Happy Birthday! I look forward to 60. 51 now and finally enjoying life for the most part. Never in a million years would I want to be 20, 30 or even 40 again!

  16. Traci Soper says:

    My birthday is monday, I will be 47, I was born on my moms birthday, and 3 years ago she died on our birthday. I not only hate getting older but I relive her death every year. She always said I was her best birthday preasent. The day she died was my worst.

  17. Congratulations on turning 60. What a wonderful time in your life. Every day is a gift from God and it doesn’t matter that I will be 69 soon. I can’t believe the guests on the show are so shallow about looking good. Every line and wrinkle I have are my badges of life. Good luck to you and I sure love your show.

  18. Mary Freeland says:

    Congratulations on joining some great people, me included, who are 60 and loving life. You are only as old as you feel. Some days I am 95 but most days I am 18. I plan on living until I die and hope you and Robin do the same.

  19. Dear Dr.Phil First of all this is the first time that I have ever been on your website you see I just got a new computer and everyday I am learning something new.That is modern tech. for you! First of all I would like to say that I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy 3 yrs ago and I was in Rebabilatation learning how to walk all over again.I don’t take anything for granted in life anymore since I got diagnosed w/ this disease which affects both of my feet and legs.I can’t walk some days becouse of this.
    Iam so very truely blessed in alot of ways,don’;t get me wrong alot of my days I wake up and thankfull that I am still alive.
    So before I forget I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a blessed day today and everyday.
    P.S i have been watching you and Oprah since you started out having your own showon t.v
    What do you get a person that has everthing in life another Birthday wish from me to you! May God truely bless you today on your Birthday!

  20. Ps.DR.Phil I will have another beautiful Birthday on October 16 I will turn 53 yrs old then.I am thankful that God lets me live to see another birthday.

  21. Dorothy Hall says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Phil. I have lived my 60th birthday and am now living my 61st year as a triplett born in 1949. My two brothers Dennis and Daniel are still alive however the three of us are with 8 other siblings and all still living. When we get together we have a blast! We were taught to love one another from our parents (both deceased now) and by the grace of GOD we all do! Sadly, living in NY and one brother in KY and one in TN we rarely get to celebrate our birthdays together. SO, seeing you with your family and friends was a wonderful celebration and I would love to have been in your audience. You and Robin have beautiful sons and daughter-in-law too and darling granddaughter. YES, I and my husband became grandparents for the first time 18 mos. ago but she lives in VA. so we don’t see her very often. Twins are coming in April 2011 from our son and daughter-in-law in GA. LIFE IS GREAT! AND, on Sept. 19 we celebrate my mother-in-laws 93rd birthday. We live with her and watch over her daily. She is a lovely lady, quite charming too! SO, enjoy this next year and be filled with happiness each day! LOVED Robin’s video. My youngest daughter is the professional singer and can she belt out Shania Twain too! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

  22. Alice Stephenson says:


    The music video that Robin & UR friends & family et al did for you was SO cute and well done!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a cake with my name on it so was happy for other woman who hadn’t that you got Bday cake with name on for. Green Beret Medic, Lynn, with one silver & two bronze stars did a music video with pictures of me as an early Bday gift. Background music, BORN IN OKLAHOMA, written by my brother and dearly departed mother. Have you noticed photographs look so much more vibrant online so I really appreciated Lynn touching up photos of my dearly departed loved ones for music video. Enjoyed seeing yours today too. Below is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIDEO I did for you that Lynn filmed… not sure if you saw. Your staff asked us to make them.



    I fell out of recycle bin before 2nd part where I’m standing so needed a stunt person.


    Recycle Momma of Dallas

  23. Torill says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Phil :-)

  24. kathleen says:

    hi there,
    so many people are old before their time, I kow people in their 20’s that are older than me. i’m 54. it’s all about being young at heart and keeping going with a smile. age doesn’t matter. i have a positive happy outgoing energy and i don’t feel hard done by or old no matter what age i am. There are 2 sayings that i live by. one is “What’s for you won’t pass you” and the other one is “Laughter is the best medicine”. a sense of humour always helps. you look great for your age and have a good life. you,re helping others. that’s what it’s all about. i work with animals… mostly dog problems. i’m involoved in animal welfare and you learn to take things on as part of you day without getting sucked in. we can’t save everyone but we sure can help a lot with the ones that we do get to. age doesn’t come into it. x

  25. patty clark says:

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Phil! I am a long-time fan, ever since the Oprah days.

    My first impression of you was a little scary, but intriguing — you had a couples confrontational retreat (or whatever you called it) and your frank, hard-hitting honest approach was fascinating. I told myself, ooooh I wouldn’t like for him to counsel me unless I was determined to be completely and brutally honest. You seem to have the same approach with your housewives.

    I entered my sixth decade last year and I love being my age. I went back to school at the age of 49, graduated with a bachelor of science degree, majored in psych, am working on my master’s in Christian counseling — what a fabulous road of discovery.

    Now I teach 4th grade at a Christian school — it is so much fun, it feels like I have not held a real job since I started! I was born for this!

    Love your show, love you, love Robin (what a doll!) and keep up the good work!

  26. mylene says:

    hi dr.phil
    wow 60 years old congradulation on your life. Ive watched alot of your shows and i can still remember you saying on a segment show ” all the crying, the tamtrums, and the crazy 2″ and i remember saying to myself am human am not the only one going crazy with my toddler and you gave amazing advice to us parents and took them wisely.When your first appeared in your show i was in my early twenties and i feel that i grew up alot with your advice and think of you and robin are amazing people. Thank you for all your shows and advice. Take care from mylene

  27. Rita says:

    First let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Phil. As one who will turn 60 on September 23, back at you. I myself have never had a birthday party, but I have managed to survive two bouts of cancer along the way getting here. The first time was in 1966 and the second in 2001. So to the women on your show there’s more to worry about then a sag here and a wrinkle there. As always Robin came up with such a nice idea with the bracelets everyone received. Well enjoy and many more

  28. Katie says:

    I turned 22 in May and I’m often mistaken for much younger. To me it seems like life is moving way too fast, this year is closer to the end than the beginning and it feels like yesterday was January. I want to get out there and make a difference, but it feels like I have to get out of school first and even though I graduate next year, I don’t see the end of school in sight yet, it’s so frustrating to want to make a difference, but be told that you have to be “qualified” first

  29. Linda says:

    Happy birthday to you! I hope you had a great birthday. I´m 36 so maybe I am don´t get this, but It seems to me like many people think turning 40 or 50 (and sometimes even 30) is a lot worse than 60. You don´t get the “oh my god, what am I supposed to do with my life” thing anymore.

  30. Judy DeHart says:

    A belated happy birthday to you, Dr. Phil. I will be 71 in January and I relish every birthday that I have. There has been no one in my family on either side that has made it to be 70 years old. I started a trend. When I woke up on my 70th birthday, the sun was shining bright in my window and I gave thanks to God that I’d made it. During my 60’s I had dread because of the history of my family. Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles (both maternal and faternal) had died in their 60’s. In fact only one of them made it to 69. So I am grateful for every birthday that is to come. The only bad thing is that my body is telling me the exact age that I am, and my mind says, “Nah, you’re only 45!” Wish they could met somewhere in the middle. Just can’t climb trees anymore, although I’d really like to give it a try. I feel sorry for people who are not aging gracefully. As the saying goes, the alternative is rotten…..or words to that effect. Embrace your age and thiank God for giving these days to you.

  31. Brenda says:

    My mama died at 30, my daddy at 37…..I’m very blessed to have made it to 53!

  32. Susan says:

    I am excited for you onturning 60. Dont’ listen to the smart allec remarks!!.. Life is a gift for how ever long you have it ;) . I am not supposed to be here according to statistics due to a rare disease called congenital rubella syndrom. I am just starting to get grey hair. I want to live long enough to get a nice full head of grey hair. I am jealouse of your grey hair becuase each strand of it means wisdom and you have to earn every one of them :) . If I make 50 I am gonna party big time .. if I make 60 that’s gonna be a huge defeat but a great goal to shoot for and I am aiming for it! So go, celebrate, play, hug everyone and indulge in that cake. Dance with Robin like you never danced before and smile up at the stars and say thank you :) .


  33. Mary Jo Moerkirk says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Dr Phil. I am in my 60s, a widow and live in an Adult Community. I work part time as an emergency room nurse. I feel so blessed. I have had my share of challenges in life and yes dealt with depression over losses but feel I have come out stronger because of it. I am blessed with many friends in my community who make life interesting and fun. I think of your statement “I want you to get excited about your life”; well I am excited about my life. So many times in my job and in my life I hear individuals grumbling about their life and feeling sorry for themselves and yes I ask them “how is that working for you” (their expressions are priceless.). I want to enjoy my days and rejoice in my friends and family. Life is a gift that needs to be nurtured and cherished!

  34. Brenda says:

    For me, it is not the age as much as the perception others have. The preconceived ideas about one’s abilities physically and mentally are the most difficult hurdle. I am just me and me at this number is still me for Heaven’s sake !!!

  35. Linda says:

    I turned 60 last year. At 49 yrs old I lost my sister-in-law to diabetes and a nephew in a car accident, and was diagnosed and survived breast cancer, a double masectomy and radiation treatments. Last year I was diagnosed with COPD and had to retire earlier than I thought I would. I LOVE LIFE and life obviously loves me, because I’m still here. I find something to smile and laugh about every day just because it feels good. My 9 yr old grandson gave me one of my most treasured compliments a few weeks ago, even if he doesn’t know it.
    I was telling him and his 12 yr old sister why I love them (I do this every week, and then I ask them why they love me. Some of the reasons are so funny). He got a very serious look on his face and said “well, I DON’T love you when you make me laugh because you make my stomach hurt!”…….. I wish you and Robin love and laughter Dr. Phil, always.

  36. Donna Terry says:

    On 10-10-10 I will turn 60: It never bothered me before to turn the next decade older, because I have always looked somewhat younger than I am. However latly I have been feeling mortality settin in, as I stand up I wait just a minute before walking away from any seat. and I have wrinkles. I also have been looking back at the things I have never done, Like I never went to the Oprah show or Your show. I would like to travel a little, Oh well a lot, now you know. I never really had a birthday party, and thats ok. I just wish I could get a job. Oh well you have heard enough of me…

  37. Yvette says:

    Happy Birthday,Dr.Phli I have watching show from the time I saw you on Oprah show you have came a long way and your new showa are very good this season as whale as the past shows,so keep up the good work.And enjoy the life you levaded so have a ball. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and more to come.

  38. All have to turn to it at some time or the other. But family and friends that gather and wish us is the greatest thing ever that happens with these occasions.

  39. Christine says:

    Happy 60th!!
    I’ve learned that for women….it is tougher…and much more expensive. Maintaining this aging body….is much like maintaining a car that’s hit 100,000 miles. First…no one wants to give you a warranty/insurance at that age and either you drive around in a old beatup body/car…or you pay the price. So to my husband and all the men out there…I ask do you want your wife to let it go…or should she pay the price…to be polished and well maintained?

    P.S. I’m not saying MEN should let themselves go….it’s just much easier and less expensive…. one example…as we all know most men look great with gray hair or bald…..get the picture. :-)

  40. Christine says:

    Happy 60th!!
    I’ve learned that for women….it is tougher…and much more expensive. Maintaining this aging body….is much like maintaining a car that’s hit 100,000 miles. First…no one wants to give you a warranty/insurance at that age and either you drive around in a old beatup body/car…or you pay the price. So to my husband and all the men out there…I ask do you want your wife to let it go…or should she pay the price…to be polished and well maintained?

    P.S. I’m not saying MEN should let themselves go….it’s just much easier and less expensive…. one example…as we all know most men look great with gray hair or bald….:)

  41. Stephanie Siebert says:

    HAPPY HAPPY 60th! Mine is coming up in January & I must admit I am bit apprehensive! Didn’t think I would be where I am at this stage of my life but I am healthy & have a job–I have been blessed!

  42. JD says:

    I want to say that you’re the best Dr Phil. I know that you’ve heard this a million zillion, trillion times but it’s true. I just want to take the time out to wish you a happy belated birthday and I hope that you have many many many good ones to come. Mine was Sept 20th and although mine was so much fun, mine wasn’t nearly as nice as yours. Congratulations on your 9th season. I love watching your show every morning. In fact I have my alarm set to make sure that I don’t miss any of your shows. Happy birthday again. Sincerely JD

  43. TCarter says:

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Phil! Sounds like you celebrated with a fantastic bash, that’s awesome!

    P.S. Love your show…watch every chance I get.

  44. Toni Johnsick says:

    I have adopted 4 special needs children, ranging from down syndrome, sexual abuse with my older two and a down syndrome child. I would love to be a spokesman for understanding cocaine addiction, down syndrome and drug addiction from my son. I do not enable, he is in jail for the second time. How could I help others. I am 48 yuear old Christian and my purpose in life is to help others. I am enrolled in college now majoring in social work. Please help me to direct where I need to be. Could you guide me. I would love to talk to people about this. I have so much information. My kids were sexually abused also, my two oldest. Please contact me if you can help me get started so lives of other people would be turned around. Thank you Dr. Phil, I believe you are the best. Toni

  45. Delvet says:

    Congratulations on reaching 60 I kinda remember reaching 60 and I don’t think it was a big deal. It was just another day to me, had a Birthday dinner and back to work the next day. Reaching 70 is what I will never forget. I had my Birthday and then suddenly I was sick. From June till Match of this year 2010 I was in and out of the Hospital 12 times. Now I am 71 and hoping that things change this year. So far so good. The hardest thing I have had to do is to stop working, which created a lot of different problems. If I could I would be back to work tomorrow and my problems would be solved. Plan ahead people you all will have to retire some day or forced to like me.

  46. Sherry Graves says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Phil, on turning 60. Thank you for all the positive contributions you give to society. As you mentioned, with the number of baby boomers increasing drastically, so will our aging population in the not so distant future. Will we be prepared to take care of them? Are we planning now? As one who has worked in long-term care for the past 21 years (since age 20), I’ve seen the influx of people coming into the facility where I work and the lack of beds in our area. I’m also concerned about the negative images nursing homes and assisted living facilities are given in the media. Yes, there are some out there that are not fit for an animal, much less a human. But, Dr. Phil, there are many of us out there with extrememly dedicated, long-term, dedicated staff who are like family with the residents who reside there. I’m proud to say I’ve worked my way up from Receptionist in the nursing home to President & CEO of the place where I work and I could not be any more proud of my staff and the loving care they provide. With that said, I know we are thinking towards the future, but I worry about those who may be left behind or may be mistreated. Perhaps you may consider a show about this? These devoted caretakers deserve to be recognized and thanked for they truly do a selfless job. I hope you read this — thank you for your time….hope you’re not 61 by now! Sherry Graves, Charlottesville, VA

  47. Maintaining this aging body….is much like maintaining a car that’s hit 100,000 miles. First…no one wants to give you a warranty/insurance at that age and either you drive around in a old beatup body/car…or you pay the price. So to my husband and all the men out there…

  48. Sandy Warren says:

    Happy 60th Dr Phil!! I too turn 60 this year – October 2nd – same day as “The Peanut” gang. I can’t wait and love your attitude. It is truly how we live the life in our years. Cherish each day and look forward to the next one. Life is meant to be celebrated and shared .. with those we know and love, as well as with the strangers we meet each day. Here is to at least another great year!!! Congrats.

  49. Idatyna Rasheem says:

    I look forward to turning 50,60,70 whatever age I am blessed to see in my future.I enbrace it! My mother was 49 when she passed away,my sister 21 at the time of her death and my brother was 37 when he died.I have made changes in my life so I can live to be 60 or longer if God has it in the cards for me.Watching my mother do the amazing things she did with the challenges her had to deal with taught me to live life fully no excuses! I live today because of the example she left me to follow and follow it I do. Thank you…

  50. teri says:

    hey i am one of the 330 born in 1950 and will be 60 in October so happy birthday to you on the big 60. no matter how poor we were we always had a birthday cake with candles (homemade cake) and my folks managed at least one gift even if it was underwear. my mom even sent a birthday cake to me when i was at college –my boyfriend brought the cake and the care box of goodies when i turned 18!! so birthdays are always special in our family

    ps. my mom will be 80 in Nov and my son will be 40 in October so we have alot to celebrate.

    keep up the good work and if i can find your show i will dvr to watch when i get home

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