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October 4th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Caption This!

Dreams blog

What in the world is Dr. Phil doing? Check out some of the following captions from Facebook, and then give us your best!

Laura writes: “Come on Dr Phil, let’s make sure your vampire teeth stay in for the halloween party!”

Lissa writes: “Dang it, is this my last rodeo???”

Narrelle writes: “How on earth did your tie end up in there!!!!”

Cheryl writes: “I know that BUG got in there….git em out…git em out….”

Tune in on October 14 to find out what Dr. Phil is up to!

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27 Responses to “Caption This!”

  1. kelly hastings says:

    Just as I suspected, ” They are ALL wisdom teeth.”

  2. TCarter says:

    “Come on, let me see…I know you’re cheekin’ your meds Dr. Phil…”

  3. Blgspc says:

    “Land Sakes! It’s as BIG as Texas!”

  4. sharon says:

    Um Phil, I’m pretty sure when Robin suggested you put your money where your mouth is, she didn’t mean literally! Common sense isn’t common anymore. ;) ha!


  5. Alice Stephenson says:

    I’m thinking Halloween Party Makeover too as looks like that black goo persons put on teeth to look like have cavities so my caption tweak of Crest’s old commercial, “Look Mom! No Cavities!” IS “Look Mom! Cavities!”

  6. “Hell no, this isn’t working for me! OW!”

  7. mimosa says:

    “Damn, I hate it when the dental floss gets stuck between my teeth!”

  8. Patti Marino says:

    Open wide, Dr. Phil, there ya go….Now only a True friend will tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.

  9. Steve Peters says:

    Hold still you big baby, one wiggle and the tooth comes out!

  10. Nicole Lisle says:

    You want me to pierce WHAT……… ;-)

  11. Andrew says:

    Gimme my breath spray back!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    “How many times have we told you not to chew gum while filming the Dr. Phil Show???”

  13. Maureen says:

    Dr. Phil, you know you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Let’s just get that root canal DONE! That pain isn’t going to go away on its own . . .

  14. Karen says:

    What is going on in that picture is quite obvious lol.

    “Good grief Doc, how in the world did you manage to lose 4 caps at once – did someone tell you to bite your tongue, ha ha! Ok, ok this is no time for jokes. I’m trying as hard as I can Doc, but this floss is just not going to hold your caps in place for the full hour. Seriously Doc, you’re 60 now, don’t ya think its time to stop being so vain and time for a full set of dentures”.

  15. DENISE FELTY says:

    Hey Dr. Phil,I’ve been watching your show since Oprah. I think that you do such a great job at what you do. I always wanted to get on your show because I know you can get good connections with the right people who need help.I needed help with medical problems for 10 yrs. So many Doctors have given up on me, and some say don’t give up. I just want to that this is not all in my head,which some doctors have said. I did have neck surgery for a dicsectomy for disc 5&6 which were flattening my spinal cord.I just don’t have the resources here to get the tests I need. Pain and spasms are my best friend right now. I don’t expect you to help me, but-oh know, I used the word but .Yet I do hope you will consider me. 51-Denise

  16. Karen says:

    Where I come from, when someone is trying to fish for information from another we say “she/he is trying to pick my mouth”. So in the picture, it is obvious that Robin has talked her her best friend into picking her hubby’s mouth to find out what the great Christmas present is that Dr. Phil has been bragging about for months on end that he is getting for Robin.

    Picture caption is:

    “Listen Doc. I cannot go back to Robin empty handed so if you’re not going to tell me what the great present is you’re getting her for Christmas, then I need the proof to show her that I tried my best to pick your mouth. This is going to hurt Doc, but I need at least 2 teeth to show her as my proof that I did try, now open up wide, or are you going to spill the beans after all!”

  17. Karen says:

    Picture caption:

    “Doc you’ve been 60 for only a few days, what do you mean you could swear the label on the tube said Campho-Phenique. Come on Doc, Krazy Glue smells nothing like Campho-Phenique. Well that’s 2 senses you can check off on your List of “Changes To Look For After Turning 60″ – both your eye sight and smell are shot to hell. Crap, now my fingers are stuck to your bottom lip!”

  18. Lisa Paganelli says:

    Dr. Phil,

    You do a lot of shows about child molestation and we all know how horrible that is to have happen to a child. You need to have a show explaining to parents how and when to have this discussion with their children to protect them from the predators that are out there. I mean for a lot of reasons. Young parents who don’t know how or when to talk to them, what the right age is. Parents who think their children are safe when no child is safe. We’ve just been educated that children and parents get groomed not to tell/or see and they don’t because they think they are doing something wrong. Also that what age do you explain it to a child and how so that when or if a child does come to you you know what to do. You also have to know how to know if it’s a lie because some kids lie.

    I know this seems like it should be self explanatory parenting 101. Dr. Phil I would bet you there are a lot of parents out there that NEED this kind of show. Help with having this exact conversation step by step conversation with their children. If it saves one child or helps one child tell a teacher or a parent. I mean you and I both know it might even be a parent within a home that the child feels he can’t tell on and has to know how to seek outside help if a mother protects a father or vice versa.

    I don’t have children. I have a nephew and we haven’t had this conversation with him yet. He’s being raised by a single mom and I’m secure that he’s never been touched. But now that he’s preschool age I’m concerned that it is time for us to have this conversation with him and as I started to think about it for how we have the discussion I realized I bet there’s a lot of parents who don’t know how either.

    Just my thoughts Dr. Phil you always know what to say when it comes to protecting kids.

  19. Cynthia Murray says:

    ‘This has to be another bad dream, am I in my boxers too”!!!!

  20. Patricia Robinson says:

    How much more can I get in here

  21. Patricia Robinson says:

    No more kisses drphil, I dont know how the little wife does it

  22. Pam says:

    The tooth fairy is supposed to leave it under my pillow!!!!

  23. Steph Bouder says:

    “Huh… Hey, Robin, get me a pair of pliers, and I’ll take care of this for ya!”

  24. Mary Hunt says:

    This is a chocolate intervention!!!!! Don’t you swallow it!!!!!!

  25. Ashley says:

    Dr. Phil: “What do you MEAN peanut butter can’t be used to keep the dentures in?”

  26. Tonie Sullivan says:

    You need to see the dentist. That wisdom tooth has to come out

  27. Yvette says:

    “If someone says that looks good in there, then somewhere a village is missing
    their idiot.”

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