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October 14th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

What Your Dreams Reveal

Amazing what a green screen and some shoe polish can do.

Ever dreamed you were flying or falling a test? Check out the five most common dreams, and then share your recurring ones.

Expect the unexpected on the all-new season of Dr. Phil!

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24 Responses to “What Your Dreams Reveal”

  1. Alice Stephenson says:

    My first and foremost dream is a medical, dental & visual makeover via The Doctors and Dr. Phil since I trust y’all. Plus, hormone tweaking at The Hall Center that Robin talks about in her book, “What’s Age Got To Do With It?” Interested in that Las Colinas Pharmacist that Robin mentioned too for natural remedies.

    I’d also like a senior and eco friendly modest cottage, less than 1000 sq. ft. made of recycled materials like old country church pews & stained glass windows etc. in core Norman, OK by Andrew’s Park “or” OU. Right after I applied to be on Jay McGraw’s “Renovate My Family”… the show ended! I don’t see why show ended as a STELLAR show! A house similar to Prairie House at http://www.montfordinn.com except senior friendly (pier and beam) yet wheel chair accessible w/tub w/door for seniors PLUS a roll in shower for wheelchair, too. That’s in case what I was told that due to neck injury I would be paralyzed by 2012. Hopefully, medical person who said I’d be paralyzed by 2012, fall 2002, mistaken. I SO would like my own home in my home town before I die… yet since as yet still don’t… still a dream.

    Several have made fun of me online saying I’d never be chosen to be helped by persons on TV who help persons like Oprah, Dr. Phil and The Doctors since most my loved ones have passed away and I don’t have a big family or lots of friends for that warm and fuzzy KODAK moment after makeover. Sort of like “not until pigs fly” would I ever be so blessed. Yet, OMG(osh) Dr. Phil! I just saw pictures of pigs flying on West Wall at Chiles on NWHwy in Dallas, TX, when splitting Fajitas with Green Beret Medic Veteran, Lynn. Does that count? I hope so. Lynn so hopes Dr. Phil calls me to help me with medical, dental & visual needs so I quit asking every time the phone rings, “Is that Dr. Phil or Oprah?” I’ve been asking for over seven years.

    Dream to be helped filing affidavits of heirships in over 30 counties & 5 or so States. Since involves my dad’s death certificate etc. I never did and feel like I let my grandfather I never met down “and” let my dad down. I might could afford medical & dental insurance from royalties thereof. Also, dream of help securing best medical/dental insurance from legitimate place.

    Dream it’d be nice for Dr. Phil to be one of my brother’s since my mother had two miscarriages so I never met first two brothers. So, sometimes I dream of persons being my brother who have similar family traits. Dr. Phil is A LOT like my living brother except more conservative like me and Dr. Phil’s hairstyle more like my dad’s. One problem of saving up to buy things CASH like Dr. Phil and I do is that I have lost $10,000 of that savings in medical bills. Sort of like, “Whoops! There went my front porch of house I’ve saved 16 years for.” Oh, dream of making a time capsule of family mementos to place at Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, OK, so don’t end up in landfill when I pass away. To be continued… in my dreams! Yet, hopefully, one day at least the medical, dental and visual care I need comes true. I’d feel like I had a fighting chance to do the rest then.

  2. lorrie marqtubogin says:

    dera drphil for years every night i dreamt of a witch on a motorcyclechasing me and for years i could never see the witch she would kakkle and reach for me i was always so scraed . Now these dreams were in my early threw late teens …It horrified me for days i would stay awake to avoid these dreams …I did research trying to fix this horrible problem but with that just seemed to bring out all the horrific memories of when i was a child that i had worked so hard to contain deep in my memory bank.
    Now i am 44 and dont sleep but maybe four nights a week my head and what it likes to remind me of stalks me like a predator ……my dreams my memories my thoughts i fear will be the straw that broke the camels back one day …..Suicide plagues my family i try desperately to convince myself it is wrong because i am a suicide survivor and know the blame that plagues you when it happens .When i was young i was sexuallty abused by a sibling for ten years then my father took his life then my sibling took his life which i thought would be a relief but just made me full of guilt …i told him to jump.
    In a quest to help myself i have studied psycology and sociology on my own and have even been able to give my sibling a name socioath i think explains him best .
    I think i am a good person and i try really hard but i was dealt a crappy deck of cards Now i am plagued with a disease that again i researched and is caused from too much stress hardship and pain in my life …So now i dont work instead i have all day to think about why my life sucks the way it does . Dont get me wrong i do not play on that fact . I am on 1000mg of happy pills a day i dont think it is good to take so much but have been on them since i was sixteen and am afraid if i wasnt i would likely end my life ….I need a suggestion i need to know where to go from here . I have always admired your no shit attitude as i think much the same way …So i figure if anyone can tell me maybe it will be you . Thankyou for taking the time to read this . Hope your day was good ….

  3. Jo says:

    Last night is the first time in forever I remembered dreaming and it was a crazy one! Why couldn’t you have done this, oh, yesterday instead of today. Now I can’t really remember the crazy dream I had but I did remember this morning and it really did not make a whole lot of sense. The only thing I do remember is it was about something that I don’t know a thing about but I seemed to know about it in my dream.

  4. Kristin says:

    DrPhil~ I am a mother and boy do I need help. I dont understand why nobody will help me. I am worth it. My kids are worth it. I am trying to take a stand get my life back and it doesnt seem to be working. I am stuck with my abusive exhusban…d…… because my family wont help me in any way possible. My children need help in medical ways that I cant afford nor get them to the doctor because my ex sold my car for I couldnt leave without telling him and for more control. I have been threw beating after beating.I wish I could leave and never need to come back. My daughter needs surgery he wont bring us too. My son needs to see a doc about his allergies and heart. I need to get away from him for me, as selfish as it sounds I am so depressed for the crap he has put me threw, deprssion is why i have high bloodpressure and I cant get it undercontrol. My weight is also a big factor he says I was to pretty and only would get junk. When ur hungry you will eat anything. I need help like yesterday. I just found out I am preggo again because he pushed himslef on me. I dont want to live like this anymore. I wont kill myself becasue of these kids but if they werent here I wouldnt be writing u. can u please help me and get me the help I need. Please thank u I love U Kristin.

  5. Kristin says:


  6. Brandi Harkcom-Neis says:

    Dr. Phil
    i’m currently in college and i want to major in Psychology. I’ve done dream workshops and have gone to lectures to the Jung society. The past that you have has alot to do with dream work and the fact of if you are able to accept the past or not. My child hood had alot to do with adopting and moving from family to family and from orphange to orphange. The one family that i couldnt get along with made me have weird reaccuring dreams. I was flying in my dreams and it started off with me running first. once i was in the air the first thing that i would do is look down and search for some one to help and save. My teachers tell me that when working with other peoples dreams you need to start off with the phrase ” if this was my dream i would think it ment …..”. they’ve also said that once you understand the meaning of your dream you get the Ah Ha moment where chills start to run down your spine. It took a long time for me to try to understand this dream and alot of frustrastion, but i finally realized that in the place i was living, there was alot of blame thrown on me and i tried to block it out. when your a child your nothing but narcissisic, so i accepted the blame and told my self stories that i didnt know if it was true or not. flying represented freedom for me. i think the people represented blame in a way. i realiezed the dream ment, that i was saving all these people to impress them cause i had no one to tell me that i was a good child. i was thinking about every one except one person which was my self. i was telling my self that every thing is my fault instead of saying the opposite. the stories that we tell ourselves become very real.
    Again i’m extactic that your doing this dream work, people really need to know the imortance of it. Know your uncouncous lyes in the key of dreams!
    one thing i am confussed about is telepathy dreams, future dreams, pyschic dream. dreams have alot to do with your soul which i do say is your uncouncous. is there any input on your opion about pych dreams and if they are real?

  7. TCarter says:

    As a child I had a recurring nightmare in which I, one of my brothers and a couple of our friends from school were being chased through the town we lived in by pigs wearing police uniforms. As we ran, we were tripped over severed body parts and knew that we would be next if the pigs ever caught up with us. We would seek refuge at the grocery store but they always found us there so we would run to the house of one of the friends that were with us. We then found ourselves trapped in a small bedroom frightened out of our minds because when we looked out the windows we could see the pigs who surrounded the house marching around it. I don’t remember how it ended.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Dr. Phil, I recently had a very strange dream of being obducted by Scientologists. They stole my purse and shoes, then forced me to sit in a Scientologist planitarium theater (very sureal and creapy). I noticed the Scientologists were all very attractive, young blonde women wearing red and gold military/space uniforms. The room went dark, a man started speaking (maybe Tom Cruise?), and the room started slowly spinning. Gradually, my feet and legs began leviating, though I fought and fought against the pull. This “fight” is actually what woke me! And my feet still felt airborn, though I was awake and aware they were firmly planted in my bed. I told my husband about the dream and had a good laugh, but it was a disturbing dream alright! Maybe I have a future in writing Dianetics like science fiction?

  9. FosterBoys says:

    That was a cute YouTube video. Nice legs! Seriously, your thighs are all muscle!

  10. tracy says:

    I had an eye opener of a dream. My stepson, his Mom and I were in our back lane. I was laying beside the garbage,paralyzed, couldn’t utter a word. They were standing close by. I don’t know if they know that I was there. Anyway, I analyzed it all by myself and here’s what it meant… getting involved or between those two is total garbage. I mean it isn’t my place and no good will come from it. So it was when I realized that I changed my approach and just let her be the Mom.KPMB

  11. Cate from Oz says:

    I often have dreams that my husband isn’t really dead (he died young from leukaemia about 20 years ago). He was a corporal in military intelligence. In my dream, I find out that he’s still alive and has been hidden away due to a covert operation gone wrong. When I wake up, I have to shake myself. Sometimes it takes a while to orient myself and work out if he’s really dead or not. Who knows? Maybe he’s not. Maybe he’s on a secret mission in the Bahamas, with Elvis and Michael Jackson :-) My other dreams would usually make fantastic movies, but I never write them down and I end up forgetting them. D’oh! The weirdest dream I ever had was that my grandfather (whom I never met as he died when I was very small) visited me. He was in the form of a huge silver-grey wolf with amazing golden eyes. In his mouth, he gently held a beautiful baby doll which he softly dropped at my feet. He asked me to give the doll to my mother and to tell her he loves her and he was sorry that he had never bought her a doll as a child. It was 3am when I woke from the dream. I’m not one to put a lot of stock in dreams or anything mystical, but I felt the dream was important, so I rang my mother straight away to tell her about it and give her the message from her father, fearing that I would forget the dream by morning. Mum promptly burst into tears and thanked me over and over. She said that, in reality, her father never had bought her a dolly as a child, and she always thought it was punishment for doing something wrong. The next day, I went to the shops and bought my mother a beautiful porcelain baby doll. She couldn’t have been happier. If my grandfather really did visit me (which it seems he did as I had no way of knowing about the doll) I just wonder why he chose me and my dreams.

  12. I had a dream one night that i was at my local college taking Physicology and all of the sudden i had saw first was my mom and she was talking to me about something..
    After that she disapeared then i saw my sis in law and she was with my Boyfriend and was telling him that i was in the college some where so my boyfriend started to look for me and he had found me i seemed to be walking down the hall way and then he grabed hold of my hand and when he did that it made me happy and i started to smile at him all of a sudden my dream started to change and my boyfriend that was holding my hand had just let go of my very same Hand he was holding… can u tell me what this means.. Thank u very much to take time to read this message.. Also i would love to appear on the Dr.phil’s show because he’s one of my Mentor and i want to follow into his footsteps because i just love working with people and helping them with there problems.. Thank u

  13. janine bates says:

    11 years ago i was the victim of an armed hold up. ever since i have two sorts of dreams. 1) i am trying to get away from someone who is chasing me, i keep running and hiding but keep getting found and only just escape again. occasionally i get shot or injured but keep running. i dont know why this person or people are trying to get me. 2) is basically the same as the first only my niece and nephew are involved; so im trying to get them out of harms way and away from me so they dont get hurt but on the other hand i need them right behind me so they dont get hurt.
    i guess these have something to do with the trauma, but i can no longer wake myself up when i realise im dreaming. sometimes i continue the dream when i do get back to sleep. i can never see the face or faces. these dreams happen to me nearly EVERY night. therefore i dont get much sleep. maybe 3-4 hours. any suggestions to get rid of them altogether would be wonderful. thanks for your time

  14. Claudia says:

    i have had this dream for the last to months and it is very upsetting and dont now what it means. Its about one of my best friends and the person i had a crush on and they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. that isent the bad part. My sister is there as well as myself, we are at a church. I was standing next to my sister and we were both crying and looking at a coffin. My bestfriend and her boyfriend come to support use and they cmfort us. I had to organise all the arrangements and it took alot out of me and also not effecting my sisters routine. This all happened and when i wake up i would be crying my eyes out for no reason. I dont even now who was in the coffin. All i guess is that it was a family member that me and my little sister were close to. The only people that we are close to is our mum and her side of the family. Each night it gets worst, it adds more heart ache into it. I have to support my sister and myself as well as get good grades at school. But the thing is i had to give up the school that i wanted to go to, to look after my sister. I didnt want her to live with my father, cause when she vists she comes back sick. I knew she wouldnt last so fought for her to stay with me. So i took her in and helped her took her to school. BUt in this dream it got worst i had to get a job as well as look after my sister who has a disabilty and it get very hard. I decide to move to the city were i can get a well paid job to help out more. My other oldest sister didnt care, as they didnt get along with my mother much they didnt even come to the funeral. But it all goes back to the church and coffin, i dont now what it means. If it means someone close to me is going to die soon and if so i dont now what to do. This is upseting me and dont now what to do. I need help it is urgent the more that gets added upsets me more and more. please help.

  15. Lulu Deane says:

    I’m pretty sure I dream every night. It’s like going to a movie, mostly entertaining. In early childhood every morning my grandmother and I would discuss our dreams from the night before. I enjoyed the conversations with my grandmother, she listened to me and responded with interesting questions and observations. I never felt like she was talking down to me because I was a child. I think those discussions set down a lifelong pattern for me to dream and to examine the dream.

    I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Sometimes I’m aware that I’m working things out in my dreams, as in I’ll have feelings in the dream that I’ve denied myself in real life. I keep a journal of dreams that are particularly intense or poignant. It’s great to look back at dreams I had years ago in context of what was going on at the time.

    One time I dreamt I was at the mall and earth was being invaded by space aliens who were using mind control. Much drama ensued, just as they were about to completely take over we all decided to put on inline skates and have one last hurrah skating thro the mall, throwing confetti, whooping and hollering up a storm. The more fun we had the less the aliens could gain control until they finally gave up and left!!

  16. Megan says:

    I seem to predict deaths of close ones in my dreams.
    My great-grandmother was very kind, she would never get mad at anyone at all. She was so sweet, wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I dont really remember her but one dream i had was kept my whole life, i had the dream when i was 4, thats when my dad said she died. In that dream, she was reading ” the ugly duckling” to me and out of random, she got out of her chair and started coming after me with red blood shpt eyes, i dont remember her voice but i do remember her screaming at me in that dream. I also had a dream about my very older friend, i would sell her products with her and one night, the night before i was about to sell stuff with her, i had a terrible nightmare that she got extremly mad at me because she had a headache and my friends were very annoying. She went away and sent me to foster parents. That was my dream and the next morning, when she was supposed to pick me up, she never arrived. A week later, in the news paper, i read that she had past away August 6th, the day she was supposed to pick me up to sell her products.
    I havent lost many close poeple except those two.

  17. Darlene says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, I have a reoccurring dream that I am in a public building and when I try to leave the building I cannot find an exit. I get on an elevator that does not go up and down, it goes side ways and I am trapped. I usually forget the ending or wake up before I get out. Thank you! Darlene

  18. latonia says:


  19. haley says:

    i always have the dream that my boyfriend is cheating on me with a girl that used to be his bestfriend but even tho he is no longer friends with her i still have the dreams do you know why?

  20. manav says:

    my dream is that i always can rewind and fast forward time and fix or do things differently. Sometimes even save the world. sometimes i fell this was true so i could fix things with me parents or social life.

  21. sarah says:

    hi dr
    my dream is always happen ,i saw my bf with his ex in his home , when i asked him he say yes she come to viste , i always dream if i will pass from exams or not , alot of some time it was happen aready but i dont know and some time will happen in future , i so alt of house and i went to but one of them i realy like it anther one was ok , but i dream with last one i leveanig there , we aply to the 3 house the one i dreamd bout the one aproved … alot of things u will not blieave , one of my friend have dibitic he cant eat sweet stuf , one day i dreamd he sting eating alot of ice cream , i called him that really happing .i am not evry day dreaming no my be , 3 in 6 month , i start dont understand , now i just call any one i dream with , worried what going to hppen ppl some time feel not good to to ask bout prived life ,,

  22. Zaphora says:

    ive been having some odd dreams ,all right here goes, the first dream is im a scientist in america and i develop a way to shapeshift with nanobots and i change into a white wolf with crimson markings and angelic wings. i fly to and float above ground zero, people gather and so do the press, then i sing a sound about opression and corruption of the government and fly away. people thinks its a good and bad sign. for the next couple of dreams the story is told further and i am being hunted by the military for the secret to my shapeshifting but they dont know im even human, odd huh?

    now that one has stopped and a new story is told, im in school assembly (yes in school, im a teenager) and i hear a scream that no one else does, i run from the stadium normally on two feet. as the screaming gets louder my breathing gets heavier and im on all fours and my eyes are like a wolves. i see on of my classmates being assaulted and vialated by a scrungy 20 year old and go full beast and tackle him. he gets to his feet and my body is rigid and im snarling like a rabid dog. he takes out a knife and stares at me saying, back away from me you freak, over and over with fear in his eyes. i yell at him in a deep biblical voice, you will pay for your crimes, you are the freak for preying on an innocent girl, so fittingly the beast is beatten by the beast, but i say it in like a pig latin (even though i have never studied it) then i lunge at him. i bit the hand with the knife in it and he drops it. then i grab him by the throat and hold him above my head my yellow eyes stare into his soul and i start speaking iagain in something that sounds like pig latin. the police arrive and take him away from me the school is staring at me and i look at the girl and run off into the bush behind the school and hide in the trees. i curl up and close my eyes and the dream ends. i wake up. sorry the explaination is long, also all my dreams are in third person.
    they are very odd and i cannot explain them, the first one has been recurring for a year and the other has been happening for three months. one night its the first others its the other. I am very confused?????

  23. John says:

    Hey Martha- I think that it depends on what you are dearming about. Sometimes I dream about things that I thought about or read before I went to sleep. Then, other dreams seem so real that I am confused when I wake up as to whether they actually occurred in my awake state. You know as kids we had the wildest imaginations, then somehow when we grew up we lost a lot of that. I believe that dearming is sort of an expression of our long forgotten imaginations, fantasies (I’m not talking necessarily sexual!) which we want to carry out in real life, or fantasies we absolutely don’t want to occur. Does that make any sense? Moral of my comment? The brain is definitely an amazing thing. Kristi

  24. n leigh switzer says:

    hello team of dr. phil. n leigh switzer here. I have fascinating, engaging dreams. I have been white, black, yellow & brown, female, male, animal. I experienced my first (& only so far), non human dream approx. 6 months ago. I was a dna double helix made of popsickle sticks. interpret THAT one, dr. freud!!! too much “big bang”?

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