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October 22nd, 2010 by kristen

What’s Your Personality

If somebody snooped around your home or office, what would your “stuff” say about your personality? Well, I was put to the test. Dr. Sam Gosling, author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says about You, took a gander at my office. Check out this video to see what he found out. Then tune in to see what your personality says about you. You just might be surprised!

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9 Responses to “What’s Your Personality”

  1. Maria C. says:

    Is there a personality combination that has tendencies towards becoming a bully?
    If so, is this personality combination more attracted to certain people with another personality combination?
    Is there a test that teachers and parents can use to see which personality combinations their children have in order to keep a closer eye on the ones with bullying tendencies?

  2. Shari says:

    Very interesting, thanks! My friend and I took the quiz, wow, pretty accurate. She tested as high neuroticism – since she has PTSD that was expected. I’m glad we took this together so I could remind her she’s not ”neurotic” as this test might suggest, but a recovering survivor with PTSD.

  3. pcrisp says:

    I would like to know what kind of dog personality I am but keeps going to DR PHIL’S face book

  4. Alice Stephenson says:

    Hi Dr. Phil: Can I have an ambidextrous brain? 1st saw woman spinning counterclockwise then clockwise.

    Dog personality test U gave us>Cocker Spaniel.

    Big 5 test you gave us: O>14 C>13 E>10 A>14 N>3

    That was fun. Please keep doing fun shows like UR dream video. See, Dr. Phil, you could have double majored in comedy as you often create more smiles than top comedians since you have a natural talent. Truly, laughter is often the best medicine. Thank you!

  5. Michele Montrose says:

    Dr.Phil showed the spinning dancer on today’s show. I first saw her counterclockwise…then clockwise, which caused me to do a double take. Then, she effectively switched right before my eyes. So, can I have “NO” brain-side dominance? Could we call it “ambi-dominance” LOL!

  6. Hannelize says:

    Hi dr.Phil i watch your shows often and i wish you could do a show about mothers that have depression and have basically no rights and there is no money to fight this matter in court. My ex husband tells my kids that is 10 and 5 that i am going to hurt them and he refused that they come and visit me. Any advice would be welcome.



  7. iowasweetee says:

    Dr. Phil,

    Please continue to talk about abuse. Reading the message board and some of the comments make it obvious that people still need to be educated. You’ll never be short of examples of abuse. I think you should have a show that includes men in abusive relationships too because both sexes experience it. Just keep talking about it and asking for support to bring awareness to domestic violence.

    Thank you for being a voice to those who can not speak for themselves or tell their story. Just keep having more shows about abuse.

    God bless you for bringing awareness and talking about a topic most people, unless they’ve been through it themselves, do not understand all the dynamics and endless examples of the damage any form of abuse has on a family.

  8. sharon says:

    Dear Phil,

    Sorry if this doesn’t belong in this topic but just quickly wanted to ask if you see this if you’d pray for me, please, whatever’s in your heart to pray if that’s ok to ask? Means a lot, God always seems to listen to you. That’s all I can bring myself to write and likely is all that’s needed anyway. Thanks, Phil. God bless.


    P.S. I hope you & Robin are enjoying your new home sweet home and may it always be full of love and overflowing with blessings of what means most to you.

    P.S.S. good housewives series. I can learn something from them all but related mostly to Michelle and Rachael in some ways. blessed to have your caring.

  9. Emily Pierce says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I would love to see a show on people who are suffering from borderline personality disorder. I feel that these people are far too undertreated and the treatment is way too expensive. These people suffer the most because for some reason no one wants to treat them. A lot of the time they fall through the cracks and wind up killing themselves because no one listens.

    Emily Pierce

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