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March 21st, 2011 by Dr. Phil

Little Avery Turns 1!

Avery-bdayI know it’s been a while since my last blog posting — I know. I know! — but I can’t resist sharing this special day with all of you. This past weekend, Robin, Jay, Erica, Jordan and I gathered friends and family to celebrate little Avery’s first birthday, and let me tell you, she had a ball!

Thank you to Mother Nature for holding off the rain, which came on Sunday. I mean, we got pounded, pouring all day with winds on the mountain up to 50 mph. So blessed we didn’t get blown away on Saturday.

What an incredible day. It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since that little girl came into this world and just stole my heart. Yeah, and my friends are still shaking their heads and asking what’s happened to me! HA! I admit it, she’s got me wrapped around her finger like never before — but look at her there with the cake all over her face. I know I’m biased, but is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

I told Jay and Jordan, if I had known how great it would be to be a grandparent, I would’ve had her first.

Avery-bday2I remember Robin telling me when Avery was born, “Honey, you are going to walk around with your heart in your hands.” And, boy, was she right. But it’s not just Avery’s cuteness and blooming personality that gets to me. There is something so moving and captivating about watching her get excited over the littlest of things, like a new stuffed toy or pulling on my mustache! If it sounds like I’m smiling as I write this, it’s because I am. We couldn’t be prouder of the parents Jay and Erica have become; watching them together is like seeing the world again through a brand-new set of eyes.

And I should mention that Robin, Uncle Jordan and I are the best babysitters you’ll ever find. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for that little girl. We are here to give her one more safe place beyond her own home with her parents. We are here to make sure she knows she’ll always have back up in an unfamiliar world. It’s an awesome responsibility. And we couldn’t be more honored to fulfill it.

Tune in Monday and you’ll see how precious little Avery is. And, Jay and Erica make a surprise announcement. I can’t wait to tell my old friends the news.

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193 Responses to “Little Avery Turns 1!”

  1. Joni Ritter says:

    I watch your show every day..I really enjoyed watching little Avery’s 1st birthday party. It looked like everyone had loads of fun!!! You and Robin looked so happy being grandparents. I have one grandson who is 2 years old and a little granddaughter on the way in June 2011. I’m totally excited, so I know how you feel with these tiny blessings in our life.. I’ am a single mom of 4 sons, ages 23, 22, 21(who is in the Army serving our country) and my “baby” who is 19(who is getting ready to leave for Army basic training. I miss my two soldiers very much , but at the same time, I’ am so proud of their courage and dedication to their country. Again congratulations on your growing family. Cherish every moment…God Bless you all

  2. Marjorie Lipsey says:

    I have a much bigger family but they are all just as precious. That includes the newest family member my great great grandson born Christmas eve.

  3. Amanda says:

    I loved watching you all celebrate little Avery’s 1st Birthday. However, I’m a younger view and missed seeing Uncle Jordan! ;)

  4. I watched your show yesterday and enjoyed seeing Avery. She is a beautiful little girl and is truly blessed to have so many people who love and care about her. Two people who were missing were Erika’s parents. Do they exist? Just wondering.

  5. I know what you are saying, I got 16 grandkids and 2 greast one
    In joy them when they are yound, they all grow up fast, To fast.
    Help them in school, Take them camping, You DON”T have to spen money on them, JUST YOUR TIME, That what they will remeber like my sever kids
    SHE is A sweet heart.

  6. Nancy Flecknell says:

    Dr. Phil, your little grandbaby is priceless! You and Robin are very blessed, and so is little Avery to have both of you! I agree with Robin, I could have a dozen or two grandbabies sitting at my feet to play with but for now, until my daughter is ready, I’ll have to settle for her Jack Russel Terrier! Hope Avery’s day was the best ever and congrats on the new grandbaby yet to arrive!

  7. marinowife says:

    I Absolutely agree with Robin! We are supposed to spoil our little grandchildren. We just got our first Granddaughter May 5, 2010, so she will be 1 in a few weeks.
    We feel so blessed. I could relate to Jay as our son is her father. My son and daughter-in-law are excellent parents, just as your son and wife are. They are teaching her sign language.

    I want to email a picture of her to you so bad! I have one of her sitting in a Huge antique bowl with a wooden spoon in her hand and she has the smeyes (Smiling eyes)….BUT the recent one I really want Dr. Phil to see, is a picture of her, with her mouth all twisted up and her arms out, palms up…I know I have seen some of your guests with the same look! And even you sometimes, Dr. Phil. LMBO!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. cindy says:

    avery is a cutie……but i still think my grandbaby kylie is most preious..she is now 20 mos.it is so amazing that such a little person can turn adults into babbling idiots…….

  9. Romo says:

    Happy Birthday Little Avery! God Bless You!

  10. Romo says:

    Happy Birthday Little Avery! God Bless You!

  11. nancy martin says:

    Congrats she is a cutie !!!!! god bless you family

  12. carol says:

    Phil & Robin

    Congrats: Avery is a very pretty little one .. My mother is 94 and she has 12 grandchilden & 20 great and one great great. she only had 3 kids .Now she only has 2 left .because my sister past away with abad heart. but she still has 12 & 20. I just wish we could all get together for her 95 birthday in september.My Dad & my husband passaway ..It would be so nice if we could.. carol

  13. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday to Miss Avery! She is just precious. Wondering where I can get a pacifer clip like the one she had on the show.

  14. Dear Dr. Phil & Robbin, I just had to wish your family and grandchildren ALL the blessings God promises! Avery is precious and I know you both will continue to cherish every moment spent with her and the new one on the way! Beings that I am half Norwegian, I thought you might like the Nowegian names Bestapapa and Bestamood or Bestamama for pop pop and mom mom? Just a thought? Looking forward to meeting you one day. Sincerely~Chris Jespersen

  15. Ruth Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday to BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS little Avery Elizabeth! ! !These wonderful years fly by so quickly. Enjoy every minute, the minutes turn into weeks, months, years. The cycle of life goes on. Best Wishes for the coming wonderful years!

  16. Mary Brown says:

    Hey Dr. Phil! I just want to say congrats on that little angel Avery! She is just adorable. I have 11 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. I just had to let you know that one of my granddaughter’s shares the same name as your grandbaby. I thought it was so amazing because my granddaughter is older than yours, but only by a few more months. How amazing that such a different name as Avery Elizabeth can be shared by two little ones and not on purpose! My Avery is a beauty too! Again congrats to you and your wonderful family! Mary Brown, CA

  17. Marie-Jose says:

    Hello Mc graw family.
    First congratulations with the B’day from your grand child.
    I live in the netherlands, so we get to see your shows, later
    then the american people, but i did see the one where you showed her as baby.
    You where sooo prowd lol, cute.

    Dr Phill,I like your shows, the topics you choose and the advice you give.

    I wish the whole family all the best.

    greeting from the netherlands

  18. Barb Butler says:

    Believe me Dr. Phil I understand completely how special those grandkids are. I have 10 now. My youngest is 13 and I so miss those baby days. But we now have a 9 month old great-grandson and except for the fact that he lives 900 miles away, I can’t believe how special he is. I just love babies. One of these days when I stop flying all over to see him and my other family, I would like to volunteer on the OB floor and just rock babies. Enjoy everyday you have them.

  19. Grandma Jenny says:

    Congratulations on Avery turning 1yr old. I know only too well the joy grandchildren bring as I have 12 & were there for 5 of the deliveries.
    I can see little Avery will always be so loved & that you all as a family enjoy family get togethers.
    I have a little grandaughter who turned 1 in DEC 2010 & have never seen her however I think about her everyday & wonder what she is like.
    I no longer get to see 6 of my grandchildren as my daughter lives in DV & has been brainwashed into believing her siblings, great grandmother & I are not good people. This is extremely hard as my little grandaughter aged 8 has now been sent to another school so she can no longer have any contact with me.
    I will never give up hoping that one day my daughter will come back to us.
    I now volunteer with a DV service & have made 2 quilts on DV & Child Abuse also made scrapbooks & use them when we do talks.
    Dr Phil your shows have been a tremendous help to me & I watch them everyday.

  20. stacy says:

    hey dr.phil i watch your show and you say some of the serious stuff and it makes me happy..you are so funny!!

  21. Meghan Ross says:

    Wow, I’m not even close to being a Grandparent and I’m walking around with my heart in my hands. I’m glad the weather had held off. Can’t wait for my little guys first birthday.

  22. marjie smith says:

    hey dr phil she is such a beautiful little girl. u n robin r the luckyest grands there r. i have 3 gramd daughters but only get to see 1. actually dont see any now daughter moved out of our house no took her upstate n is now homeless. sad situtation there.

  23. Kimberly Cagle says:

    I enjoy watching your show. Friday April 22 2011 I learned alot. i have a soon to be step son. Congrats on your second grandbaby. Avery is just a doll. she will be a great big sister.

  24. Susani Sacca says:

    Dear Dr Phil and Robin,

    Godbless you and your family sons..beautiful daughter in law,and sweet precious gift from our HEAVENLY FATHER Your very first granddaughter Avery.

    Jay and Erica announced she is 5 months along with your grandbaby number two on the Doctors and life for ya all…and them are so (HEAVENLY) here on earth and filled I truly pray with love,joy, bliss and abundant health for each and everyone of you!

    With all due respect to you dear Robin…I simply adore your husband and all he has done for me after reading All his books as tools for my life because I grew up as an unwanted child, dysfunctional abuse on all levels and who in June 2005 was preparing to take my own life as a result of zero coping skills left.

    You also Robin helped me out to on November 15, 2005 You and Dr Phil did a show on woman involved with abusive husbands and Dr Phil stood behind each woman and you Robin said you must get out…along with other great lines. I divorced my abuser, had therapy, realized I kept repeating patterns of abuse from my original abuse, In short got rid of that zero and for the first time in my life I found a man, now my husband who treats me like the queen of his world.

    The Dr. Phil show indeed saved my life and gave me educational information to not only exsist but to live…live free of any and all abuse and me my now grown children who are each outstanding, wonderful adults..have learned through Dr Phil shows and his books how to be happy, healthy on all levels and wish we could be related to both DR PHIL AND YOU ROBIN because the formula you both used as parents and now grandparents in my opionion is so outstanding, simply beautiful your sons have such respect and devotion to you.as well as your daughter in law…and your sweet granddaughter your lives each year because of your greatness will continue to be blessed, and filled with 100% happy love filled days…Thank you Dr Phil and Robin for sharing your life and family with all of us who from show one love ya…..xoxoxo

  25. Daniel says:

    My daughter’s name is also Avery Elizabeth (what a beautiful and unique name :) She was almost named ‘Elizabeth Avery’. She was born 5-7-92 in a suburb outside of Chicago. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. She is currently finishing up her first year of Nursing College. Best wishes to your family.

  26. hannah says:

    hello dr phil! just wanted to say congrats on such a lovely granddaughter…by the way, my daughter whom is five, her name is avery elizabeth! she is such a joy to my husband an i.

  27. Maria Mercer says:

    She is a real cutie and adorable ,”Happy birthday sweetpea” she looks like Dr. Phil I am not kidding !

  28. Mary Ann Olsson says:

    Hi Dr Phil and Robin…..I understand your captivation with your little Avery.I too am captivated with my grandson Johnavon and he will be One on the 18th.He is here with me today, and Im on a fun rollercoster ride.I saw you with your baby girl as she was running in her walker LOL, on a teenes court.My Johnavon runs like that here at home and the joy never ends too see him running to me.I loved it when Avery blew out the candel on the show…to cute!It truly is a blessing to be a grandparent.Who new you could love them more then our own kides. Don’t get me wrounge it was the joy of my life to be a stay at home mom, like Robin was, and now to be able to help with my grandson as he grows oh so fast. God Bless you and your family as you see it grow.

  29. Nancy Landa says:

    It’s very cute watching you guys celebrate Little Avery’s birthday. Having kids is really a blessing. And this one is just an angel. She looks wonderful. :) Heaven-sent.

  30. 22 May 2011
    Hello Dr Phil & your pretty wife Robin! My name is Amanda Van Vuuren and i am writing to u from the Eastern Province, South Africa. I have been a follower of your advice since the days when u were the guest of Oprah. I have the utmost respect 4 u 4 what u have bcome in ur life. Mostly i try to remember your example when the going gets real tough. I am from a home where i was told, it was my fault that my mother could not go work after my birth. She simply did not want me and sent me back to the hospital with my dad & late uncle Boetie. The staff simply sent me back home and my mother never let me 4get that my birth messed up her life. That’s a short version. As u can imagine i was never good enough 4 anything, hardly ever 4 at least a kind word. My mother passed away in 2002 and never mind all this, i miss her still. I will b turning 55 soon and are mostly still struggling with who i am, as i have allowed people to decide 4 me, who i am suppose to b. Anyway i listen with care when ur program comes on tv here by us and try to learn from there as much as i can. At the moment we are in 2010 somewhere with ur program. There’s also many other people that watch ur program here. I love to work with people, care 4 them and raise funds as often as i can 4 those who are less privileged than myself and my family. My one brother often says that raising funds and caring 4 others does not pay the bills. I suppose he has a point as i don’t work full time anymore and we just live on the little income my husband bring in each month. Somehow i cannot stop, just carry on with what i do. At the moment i am looking 4 sponsorships here to help me put my Spring Carnival together in early September 2011. The funds will be going to the elderly under privileged of one of the homes here in Port Elizabeth. I want to take them out for a xmas lunch on xmas day & spoil them with presents, especially groceries etc. Why i mentioned this 2u is because my dad could never understand why i through many years cared about what happened with other people and still does’nt. He always said that charity begins at home, but it was a bit difficult to live according to that saying, still is actually. Anyway, i actually wanted to answer to ur comment about ur little beautiful grand daughter>>> I have a nephew, he turned 5 this year and he lives with his dad (my youngest brother) and his mother in Johannesburg, Gauteng. I call him cousin Heinrick! When he says his name, he calls himself Heinrick Koppe, instead of Heinrich Klopper! Mayb u got lucky that u have a little grand daughter, cause after all they are not competition 4 each other. Heinrick is the most beautiful little boy that ever walked the earth!:-) Kind Regards

  31. Michelle Aguilar says:

    I love being a grand parent also. My Meliesa gave birth to Cooper Ryan on Jan. 23rd, and I always joke and say, I love my grandson and like my children. LOL
    I love them all but, I know exactly what you mean, having a grandchild is the best. It is hard to explain right Dr. phil? It is the most amazing gift to us all From God above and your Avery is a doll. so beautiful. take care

  32. cheryl Zeh says:

    My daughter gave birth to her second daughter on March 26 after Avery was born. She is now walking . Is Avery walking now? I have 7 grandchildren and my hearts been taken and my pocket empty for years. How we love them all. Avery is so cute. Love your show never miss it.Robin your first book was wonderful.

  33. Clare Lonigro says:

    Hi there! Am expecting our first child *any day now* We just recently aired Avery’s 1st birthday here in Aus – don’t know how long ago went to air in the States. Loved watching it because my mum (and dad and inlaws) will be going through the same thing soon. All the best from the bottom of my heart!And can’t wait to hear about the “second coming” in the coming weeks/months (?) Clare

  34. Dear Dr. Phil: I have watched your show back when you started on Oprah. If anyone in this world needed a grandchild and many more it is you and Robin. I am a grandmother of twins, one girl Ella and Chris they are going to be 8 in July. They are are miracle children. My son and his partner have been together for about 15 years. They are both highly educated, both electrical engineers and computer science along with their MBA. When they became pregnant the first time it didn’t work. They uses an agency in California called generations, I believe the same one that Jane Lunden used. Anyway they tried again, and our miracle twins were delivered in L.a. My friends always worried on how I would feel, they being surrogate and all. Also, because I was raised in a orphanage and foster care program until I aged out. The first time I held them precious human babies in my arms I melted. I never in my life felt so connected. I remember my husband and I talking about when you were at social gatherings how boring it was about the grandparents showing pictures after pictures and stories of their grandchildren. I now understand we are one of them special grandparents. Because the parents are male partners my son from day one wanted no one nut him to be the primary caregiver. He called us and wanted to thank us for everything even his education but because of us giving him the opportunity to have this education he wanted us to understand that he was to be the primary stay at home dad. He read every book their he could he joined mothers group right along with the other mothers, they loved him and thought he was so funny. The children grew up with all kinds of friends from every culture and both gay and straight homes. From the time of birth and now he planned their day from morning to night. They never watched tv at night after baths they were allow one hour of a children DVD. After school they did outside activities until supper time then baths and their DVD. From the first night of their birth they read them a story, they still do today every night before they go to bed. I am so very proud of both my son and son in law. They have gave us the most precious gift of all. I wanted you to know how very much the feelings that you and Robin have. I am also a CASA Advocate and want to thank you for the work that you are doing for the less fortunate children as I was. I only wish that I had a Casa Advocate then. Bless you both and your family. Jackie Holmes

  35. Lisa Kelleher says:

    This is so sweet Dr. Phil, I almost cried reading this post. I’m so glad I googled your blog! She’s so lucky to have you as a grandfather.

  36. Marieke says:

    Congratulations with your granddaughter here from Holland. Indeed she’s very cute and looks a bit naughty with all the cake on her face. I always watch your show here in Holland and think it’s great, I wish you a lot of more birthday parties with little Avery. By the way, I love the name Avery, it’s really a beautiful name. And what is the news you told? Is your daughter in law pregnant again? I couldn’t watch the show because here we see shows from maybe 1 year old. I wish I could live in America. I like the vibe there and everything is much cheaper than here. Anyway, I keep watching your shows. Greetings Marieke

  37. I know I am late but I still wanted to wish Avery a very Happy Birthday with lots more to come. She is so cute. I am Nana but my grandchildren are all grown up. My granddaughter,Alexandra, turned 20 April 2, & my grandson was 17 last December. When my granddaughter was born she had both my husband, Bruce, & I wrapped around not just a little finger but the whole hand. Enjoy every minute with her, as you know they grow up way to fast. God Bless You All.

  38. Shawna Wright says:

    Congratulations McGraw Family. Here’s to many more years of Cuteness and Blessing. Little Avery is Precious.

  39. Linda Castro says:

    I have to say that Avery is just too cute for words. I must say I’m just a little jealous…:O) I can’t wait for my kids to give me grandchildren. It’s not happening any time in the near future but i can’t wait!!! Enjoy her!!

  40. Wendy Hunziker says:

    I see all the comments on here about being grandparents, I became one on May 12th and most of my friends are not aware. I am not thrilled about it and really believe the child was brought into this world for all the wrong reasons. I keep asking myself why I do not feel closer to this child, I will definitely protect it but I do not feel a bond. What is my problem, I should be thrilled and going gaga over the child.

  41. ashton guess says:

    Dear Dr.Phil and robin um so glad tht little avery is now a part of your life I have a baby nice and it’d like she is one of my own kids she is warped around my finger like a bee needs honey she is the best thing tht has ever happened to me and I’m so glad tht now u have it own grandchild to lovehave a great time with her and good luck to your family and god bless…………….

  42. cheryl jager says:

    well so far how do you feel about beeing grandparents ? is it close to being anything you ever thought it would be ? well ive been taken out of my grandchilderns lives, even after being clean from drugs for almost 5 yrs now. a deseperate grandma of 4 gkids, 2 boys 2 girls ! from age 9yrs old down to 3 yrs old. im missing sooo much and so are they i believe ! my daughter trusted only me besides no one else would watch my 4 yr. old gson w/ heart dissabilities since birth ! please if theres anything you might be able to help me out, please let me know as soon as you can, to ease my mental stressed out mind. currently under a dr. care for a few disabilities i have. even my councler said what my daughter is doing to me is streight up abuse. most mentally. she said it saunds like shes revenging back against me. thank you and enjoy every minute you have w/your granddaughter !!!bless you all !!!

  43. cheryl jager says:

    well so far how do you feel about beeing grandparents ? is it close to being anything you ever thought it would be ? well ive been taken out of my grandchilderns lives, even after being clean from drugs for almost 5 yrs now. a deseperate grandma of 4 gkids, 2 boys 2 girls ! from age 9yrs old down to 3 yrs old. im missing sooo much and so are they i believe ! my daughter trusted only me besides no one else would watch my 4 yr. old gson w/ heart dissabilities since birth ! please if theres anything you might be able to help me out, please let me know as soon as you can, to ease my mental stressed out mind. currently under a dr. care for a few disabilities i have. even my councler said what my daughter is doing to me is streight up abuse. most mentally. she said it sounds like shes revenging back against me. thank you and enjoy every minute you have w/your granddaughter !!! bless you all !!!

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