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September 9th, 2012 by Dr. Phil

Dear Blog, A New Season of “Dr. Phil” Begins!

Dr. Phil and FamilyDear Blog,

Dr. Phil here. I know I’ve been a little neglectful with you. Please don’t take it personally. We’ve had some good times, and I hope to have more in the future. Maybe even by starting today. I will blame my absence on the summer heat, working on a new book and the fact that I’m still living in the Stone Age when it comes to technology. But I was assured that all I had to do was throw a few words onto a screen and someone would make sure it makes to people’s computers. So let’s give it a try.

I guess if you are reading this, then someone held up their side of the deal. I also want you to know that I’m not writing you today simply because Season 11 of the Dr. Phil show kicks off Tuesday September 11th. Did I say Tuesday instead of Monday? Yes, I did.  Why? Because for five years in a row, FIVE YEARS I TELL YOU, FIVE!!! the U.S. Open’s final weekend has been interrupted by rain, pushing the finals to Monday, which preempts my show. Maybe I’m a slow learner, or just an incurable optimist, because I thought no way could this happen five years in a row. Wrong again. I guess my show gets the rain delay because for some reason, the rain never seems to affect my daily tennis games in Los Angeles. I’d gladly give a few of my days next year to have a dry last weekend at the U.S. Open. Well … maybe one. Let’s not get carried away.

Where was I? Oh, yes … I said I wasn’t just writing this because Season 11 is kicking off next week.  Well … maybe I am. Either way, it’s good to be back. I hope everyone had a great summer! And Mr. Sun, how about taking it down a few degrees for September? We get it. You’re the king of the sky and you’re upset about the rover on Mars. But take it out on NASA, not USA. Now let me blog a hello and a little shameless self-promotion, because I have the best team in television and they are bringing in GREAT stories.

We come out of the gate strong on Tuesday with one of the most debated topics of the year: The shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by neighborhood-watcher George Zimmerman. We hear an exclusive Zimmerman defense that stunned our live audience. On the show will be Mark and Sondra Osterman, who, according to them, are Zimmerman’s best friends. This premiere episode sets the bar pretty high, but I’m excited to say we sure do sustain.

TrayvonLater in the week, Friday, I even have the first in-depth sit-down with Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, along with their older son, Jahvaris. They came to me seeking solace from this horrible tragedy and to learn how to move on with their lives. As a father of two boys, this episode hit me hard. While Robin and I watched this story unfold, we couldn’t help but remember all the times our boys would run down to the local 7-Eleven for candy and always return. It was a tough one for everyone to hear. This was about family.

Wednesday, I sit down with Anna Gristina, the 44-year-old mother who was arrested and accused of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution empire out of an Upper East Side apartment. She has been called the “New York Soccer Madam,” and she was anxious to tell me her side of the story, which included very little soccer. I asked the hard questions, and for the first time, you will hear what she says is the real deal. This show will make you wonder: What would you be willing to do to feed your children?

JaelThursday’s show is called “Top Model Intervention” and it was, without question, on the short list of most difficult interventions I have ever taken part in. I never knew how fast a model could run until I met this young lady. As you know, we air them all, the ones that work and the ones that crash and burn. We deal with the real world, which doesn’t have a soundtrack, laugh track or guaranteed happy ending by the end of the hour. Some work and some don’t, but this one has a twist  that you will NOT see coming.

The following week, we have Dina Lohan and Robert Blake. In “Robert Blake Revealed: The Man Behind the Murder Headlines,” I held nothing back with Blake, who in turn, wasn’t shy about his answers. He told me about that fateful night and his life since he was acquitted of his wife’s murder. As you know, he blew up on Piers Morgan and avoided answering any questions. I wasn’t as easy to get rid of, and he ultimately answered ALL of my questions except one — and that one had nothing to do with the murder.

I think that’s enough words for today. Now, I will try and see if these can really make it to my blog and to your computer. If they do, then I will try and post some thoughts more frequently. I’m not afraid of a little blogging here and there. Heck, I’ve become quite a little Twitter’er. Is that even a word? Who cares? You get it.  I hope you enjoy the first week of Season 11 as much as we are enjoying making the shows!

P.S. I will be on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night. Tune in, Jimmy is big fun and always goofing on me in some way! Fine. I will stop.

Dr. Phil

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75 Responses to “Dear Blog, A New Season of “Dr. Phil” Begins!”

  1. Shannon Orr says:

    Dear Dr. Phil,
    I am very excited for Tuesday’s kick off of 2012’s amazing new shows. I am a stay at home mom whose kids are in school and I have watched your show since the beginning. I have even pondered on writing you myself over issues that may arise in my life but try think about your famous saying and it usually gets me through my problem “You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge”. I apologize if I miss quoted you but I think I get it. I have moved 9 times in my 18 year marriage and it’s nice that no matter where I move your always gonna be on TV. I personally thank you for your advice. Maybe down the road I’ll have the bravery to be on your show and unleash my inner most frustrations from past to present but for now… I’ll feel more comfortable just watching the show.

    Much Apprecation,
    Shannon Orr

  2. michele alcorn says:

    i have been writting for over 6 years for help and recieve. i am trying to get off of oxycontin. I have reached a point from 240mg am/pm to 120/am/pm. Now I am having a really having hars time getting past that. I subsidise with norco and soma. the pain is back to where it was when I started. I am in the process of leaving my husband, I am tired of him calling me a doper or being stoned. I have lived with his crulity for the last 4 years. all each dr. I see gives me a new medication and I am sick to death of taking more and more medication. I am 59, and will be 60 in two weeks. I would love to spend the last part of my life in peace and drug free.

  3. Alice Stephenson says:

    YAY! September 11th is the beginning of Season 11 of The Dr. Phil Show! Hope it is an Emmy winning year!

  4. Rachelle says:

    Hey there Dr. Phil,
    I just wanted to say that my mom and I have been watching your show since the beginning (I was only ten) and we’ll be watching this season too. Keep up the great work and God bless you, your family, and your staff for working so hard and always helping others. :-)

  5. Gary E Masters says:

    Dr. Phil:

    I am Dr. Gary (not a physician) and we both got our PhD’s at UNT. So I do feel a link with you. I see on facebook that you have a position on gun control. But I can not find it here. Is it just a rumor. I like gun control laws. Think they would be a useful activity – if they worked. But just like prohibition and drug laws, they are not enforced and are quite an easy fix to a tough problem. Look at Switzerland. No gun laws and no crine. There ought to be an answer to gun violence. But the laws we have do not seem to do the job. What will work?

  6. Renee Wilson says:

    Everyone in Switzerland owns a gun!To me that really isn’t a peaceful solution, but whatever! And I love guns, my boyfriend and I go to the range all the time, but I don’t agree with carrying them or being able to all the time. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love Dr. Phil, sometimes I think you are too easy on some but I get it, this isn’t Springer you are Dr. Phil. One thing I wish to say, how do you start being a star in your own life when you are 39 having no job, and having to find a new career? I am so afraid to try and I have panic and anxiety disorder and I start to panic at the thought of failure and even leaving my house sometimes. I am just stuck, I am a hilarious person, really, just ask me.Anyway, I am glad you are back, but one thing is your eye brows from some reason are driving me nuts today. Great show though, that guy is really kind of insulting to my intelligence!I hope he knows how ridiculous he looks!

    Renee Wilson

  7. Irene Nielsen says:

    Hiya Dr. Phil from Calgary Alberta, God Bless you and your loved ones and it will be a great year for you and your wonderful staff, you do wonders with God`s help and your understanding and Empathy of people…

  8. Barbara says:

    I am very, very disappointed in the one-sided treatment that Dr Phil is giving to the family of Trayvon Martin.

    I would post links of Trayvon Martin’s twitter page and photos of him since he was definitely not the sweet, young innocent that Dr Phil has made him out to be. But I’m not stupid enough to think that Dr Phil doesn’t know this already.

    I suspect that the status quo, the anti American, anti Christian moneybags who own and control all of the media have made it clear what they expect from Dr Phil and he’s just another Nordic White man willing to sell out his own country and his own people for personal gain.

    Still its stunning to watch the lies regarding Trayvon and his parents who are milking this for all its worth. No doubt if they have other children, they too roam the streets all night looking for trouble. I hope if they get shot, the parents won’t be able to milk the next shooting because according to stats they’ll be shot by other blacks and there will predictably be a media black out on that.

    PC and the diversity thing are not working. And no amount of lies and propaganda will change that. The evidence is all the lies and propaganda we’ve been bombarded with for the past 50 years.

  9. Jackie says:

    Hi Dr. Phil love your show have been watching it from day one. So glad you are down to earth and your advise is amazing. I just watched the show on the Top Model Intervention and it brought tears to my eyes as I also have a beautiful daughter in her thirties that also has a severe drug addiction and I am not understanding why she will not go and get help she has 3 beautiful little girls of her own, so wow it really touched home. Again Dr. Phil love your show. Jackie Ontario Canada

  10. Veronica says:

    Hi Dr. Phil.

    If the sun is to hot, pleace send it over to Norway. We have had a really cold summer and it was over before it started. I look forward to this new season starts here in Norway, so I don`t have to watch the reruns over and over and over again ;)

  11. Kris says:

    I was wondering if you were going to do any financial shows this season? Things haven’t gotten much better for many people in this country. In fact, the rise in food stamps and poverty show that things continue to get worse in many cases.

    I have watched a few of your older shows taped during the heart of the financial crisis and even though I live in ND, a state that never experienced the recession, I have family in two of the hardest hit states and watching those shows reminds me that you had been a very helpful voice during a very difficult time and perhaps it is time for you to take up that mantle again.

    Thank you

  12. Lynn says:

    I watched your interview with Robert Blake today. He seems like a troubled lonely man and I feel sorry for him. He’s been through a lot his entire life. If he was in the Chicago area he would have an honest caring friend, me…
    I’ve watched your show for years. Keep up the good work!
    Lynn (63 years young)

  13. Donna says:

    Dr Phil,
    I am thriiled to have meet you and your wife and Im thrilled things are going to get going for me soon. I knew that once I was able to get there and see u and listen and get the help that I need to get going I would do it. I knew God let it happen since I dont fly and did and I am so thrilled in geting started asap… Thank you just for being the Person you are and We watch you all the time, Husband and I. So happy I met you your wife Staff they were all so wonderful and truly you all are blessed I love you all and will surly be back on that update Dr Phil to show you and your wife and the adience what I did with the help from the Dr. Much blessings and Prayers to you all. I know you give always the best advice in helping others. Such a big heart you have and wife as well…..

  14. dr. phil,

    it’s great that you have the chronic pain message board available but, like some boards tend to do, without a guiding spirit, they tend to sort of fade away. i quit participating for many reasons, but one was that it doesn’t meet my needs.

    the pains from which i suffer are severe, and both acute and chronic. i have fantastic doctors whom i am sure you would approve of. they tell me that pharmacologic treatment of my pain is all that is left, as well as the occasional emergency surgical intervention. (the short list — and, personally, i hate these kinds of lists — CRPS of all extremities and my face, avascular necrosis in all joints, osteomyelitis due to biofilm communities of p. acnes in my shoulders and perhaps hips, lupus, and yaddayadda — you get my drift!)

    while it is the untreatable osteomyelitis that will kill me, it is the CRPS pain and dystonia that is going to make me insane enough first to possibly commit suicide. it will be interesting to see which one “wins out.” that is a quasi-joke.

    i understand the terrible consequences in this country of prescription drug abuse, and you have certainly done many a show that points out the problem. that’s a needed public service and i am glad you’ve done those shows.

    but what about shows for people like me? i don’t abuse prescription drugs; my docs are all very savvy about such issues, and i am prone to undermedicate myself, anyway. (i have this weird persistent desire to wake up from my naps.)

    i am a talented practitioner of biofeedback, and centering prayer (modified to my belief system). i use distraction techniques like a pro but am pretty much down to hours of mahjong, not the most exciting of past times. i am also losing vision due to a combo of glaucoma and cataracts — the gift of both heredity and side-effects of corticosteroids.

    this is not a cry for help or pity. just a request for you to do a show about an aspect of pain management that you’ve ignored. you know that witty philism about pancakes and sides? maybe this is more of a rubik’s cube kind of issue!

    thanks for your time and consideration of a respectful look at peoples’ lives lived in SEVERE pain, with no signs of relief on the horizon.

    bianca castafiore
    aka profderien

  15. Eileen says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I have tried so many times to reach you to get help for my grandson.

    I just sent another letter. Could you please read the letter I just sent and if you could advise I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank You very much

  16. Eileen Gahan says:


    Can you please let my sister in L.A know which door to knock on , so she can get the help she and her family need soo bad.I light a candle for her and prey they start to enjoy life again.
    Thankyou ,
    Eileen,Dublin Ireland.

  17. ELIZA says:

    I tried to simply find a quote I heard that would be perfect for my class in Psychology . I am thoroghly exhasted by my studies. I took a break at 4:30 am and had your show on, There was a comments made on a show with you and Danny Bonaduche and I cannot find it. No money – eyes and brain fried. Just would love to have the break around it to develop ideas. I finally took a break but heard it and now I have spent another 30 minutes trying to find it. I need sleep and I would appreciate some help.

  18. Lynne says:

    Dr. Phil….I just wanted you know I’ve been watching you live or recorded for 10 years now starting another decade. Today Friday 28 th…I’m finishing Thursday’s show about brutal beauty. Those poor parents….it was like talking to a potato with eyes. Nothing registered for them. The daughter was heart breaking.I raised two daughters and they can be stressful. Now with 5 granddaughters and one grandson behind me….I laugh at what my daughters are about to experience. God willing …they will all come out with little or no casualties when they’re grown. The reason I’m writing is when the show went off …I had to rewind you walking out with Robin 4 or 5 times. Your face and the shaking of your head said it all. You may not hear from me again…I just wanted to thank you and say God Bless You to you and yours.

    With deepest respect
    V Lynne

  19. Roger D. says:

    Dr Phil. just got done watching your episdoe on living in the same house after a divorce. The young girl seems to be being pulled apart back and forth between adult problems caused. I have never understood why some people just think of themselves and can not put there fellings aside and think of our inocent childern that did not ask or want these adult problems in there life. Children as u know are gods gift to us and and as adults in there lives please folks step up and think of them first before u say or do things bad to one another. I look foward to keeping up with your season episoides to come this season. God Bless u and your family. Roger D.

  20. Kathy Kenney says:

    Dr. Phil, Thank you for another season of the best show on television to look forward to! You and Robin are the most fascinating couple and I wish you and your wonderful family and staff the best year ever. Our only problem with the new scheduling is with OWN because they changed the airtime of your show reruns to the dead of midday. Why…Why…Why would they do something like this with their hottest show? What were THEY thinking?
    With deepest appreciation and admiration for all you do, K. Kenney

  21. Karen Svehla says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, Please Help !I watch your show all the time. I am a big fan, I am desperate at finding someone to help my nephew. Actually my whole family. I think our family has learned to exist on one tragedy after another. Always waiting on the next one to hit. I just lost my Sister which would be my Nephew’s mom. The trouble is he knows no life with out her. She was his main enabler. She would go with out food or anything for this kid. He lied so many times. Borrowed so much money, stole to get money. Here is the kicker. The guy has an amazing personality , he is kind, he would help anyone with anything. When he is not strung out. Every job he has starts off saying he is the hardest worker they have ever seen. He will do any odd job he can. His Dad, divorced from my Sister his Mom of course has a Tile Co. Krogman Tile. Dustin can set tile install shower doors. Make shower doors. He has been trained and is very good. Problem his father and given up on him. He had to go to the penitentiary of course for drugs. Meth is his choice. I don’t know how bad his habits is , but I can tell you that my sister has found needles. This in itself makes me think he is so close to the edge. Like I said if this guy could get clean he would be able to give back to the world what ever he has. I will give you some family history. This might make you envision what life has been like in the inner workings of our family. Even before Dustin came along. There were 5 of us in the main family. A few extended from divorces and what not. But the main 5 of us went through hell. When I say hell I mean it. We often discussed writing a book but never told our story to anyone that could have any effect on what happened. My real father was so physically abusive to my mother and the kids. He actually had my Mom go to court to plea for leniency. My Mother had 2 children by that time. My oldest Sister Vicki, My Brother Donald , She was 8 mo. pregnant with my brother Mike. My father was charged with statutory rape on the 15 year old babysitter! My Mother did what ever he told her to do out of the fear of her and her children’s life. She pleaded with the judge He had her say she had two children , my Brother Donald was born with severally club feet and had to have lots of Dr. visits and surgeries, She did not drive. She said with the baby coming life would be so hard for her. Back then statutory rape was handled different. He would have gotten 5 – 10 Yr. But because of my Mothers plea they gave him 2. Meanwhile I think we survived on the government I am not sure. I was not born. She had Michael while he was in the Nebraska Reformatory. He got out eventually he drank and would become viscous delusional. My Mom got pregnant with me. From what I understand my Mother had two miscarriages. Well they were not miscarriages they were my father’s home abortion he had learned from who knows where. He would take a coat hanger. Straighten it out and try to go through the cervix until he popped the water bag, of course forcing a miscarriage. I still can believe My Mom let him do this. One time she almost bleed to death. She told me the placenta would not come out and she had to go to the hospital with the dead fetus hanging out on her. Unimaginable to me. Well he had decided that they could do with out me as well. So I guess he had my mother lay on the kitchen table again legs spread pelvic exam position and when he was feeling for the opening of the cervix to insert the coat hanger my Mom said I jumped in her. She said it took all her might. But she said no not this time she is to far along she felt the baby jump. My Dad was furious he left only to come back over and over to beat her or the kids in rages. She finally threatened him to turn him into the police. When she was working and he was supposed to be watching us, and he beat my 2 1/2 year old brother so bad that my Mom said you would not have recognize him. He left she was pregnant with me of course. I was born he had to be told in a movie theater he was in with another woman. She abandoned once again got her first check from ADC. Because it takes so long to process it. Sure enough my father showed up he never seen me. He was drunk and almost sat on me though as I hear. He told my mother to pack as much stuff as she could into the car he was going to move us out of the projects in California where I was born. To a better neighborhood. She did as he said. Then once in the car he told her he was bringing her back to Nebraska where they were both from to live. My Mother was actually happy she would have some relatives to help her. When he got here he went to his Mothers house. Of course my Mother had given him all the money she had. He drooped us off at his mothers house and took the money and left us. Abandoned. He did not return again till I was about 3 1/2 but I never knew he was my father till I was about 7. For you see my Mother worked two jobs tried to go on met a man who wanted to marry and take care of us. So yep you got it. Part two. My Mother had one more child my younger sister Lisa. My stepfather was I think crazy, he had been in Korea during the war and he would correct us so severally that on occasions I am surprised one of us did not die. Yes my Mother had picked a cookie cutter or even worse man than my real Father. There were so many beatings with belts, he used bull whips on my brother, my mother, He shot our dog , I remember the dog would not die he kept running around the house again and try to come back to us and my Dad would shoot him again and again laughing why it was so stupid to come back around and get another shot. Well I have many horror stories about time spent with him. Now I will try to fill you in on our so called adulthood. Of course My Sister Vicki married twice both times to and abuser, first one physical, Second one mental, I Married and abuser so emotional I was completely mind controlled and could not get out. Finally I did. I am in a good marriage now. My little sister Lisa married a man that beat her so bad she made several trips to the hospital. If was finally found out that he was a narcissist person and a serial rapist. Oh boy…. She is remarried now. I was 18 when I got a letter asking me to call the California Coroners Office. I didn’t know why. The told me that they had my father and the only name or address they could located was sent letters. I was the first to respond. He committed suicide, shot himself in the head. Geeze I gave up smoking over two years ago and reliving this is making me want one so bad. So made it though that fast forward both my bothers were into drugs the oldest sniffing glue. I guess that was popular then. The younger just about anything you can get your hands on. Of course none of us had any confidence or believed that anyone really loved us. Always looking for proof. Mike was probably the worst. He just wanted to be loved and someone to be proud of him. Both my brothers were severe alcoholics. On April 6th of 1991 My Brother took a bottle of xanax after drinking all night told his wife he did it. He did not survive he succeeded in his multiple attempts to commit suicide. Michael Wayne Simmons. Oct, 30, 1953 – April , 5, 1991 he was 34 years old. Now My Mother took this very hard she had many medical problems, but I think this heartache of losing a child was to much. For she was not even allowed to grieve I remember standing at my parents house when we were just gathering because we found out , and my step father telling her to quit her bawling , now after we all turned to stare him down. Not afraid anymore. I said to all my family members we are going to my house. Time went by my step father would not let her get her medications he spent all the money he was on disability because he had lost a leg in an accident. My Mother tried to go back to work, We knew she was in no condition to. But like her it was less time she had to be in that house with him. He charged her for taking her to work gas money!!!! In my Mothers whole life she never got to cash a employment check for herself they were always signed over to him! Okay I have to let go of that rage. My father called me up one day I only lived about 6 blocks away. He said your mother has taken to many of her damn pills again and I can not make her wake up. I said I will be over. I entered the house they had 3 snouzers dogs that barked non stop when someone came in. I took one look at my Mother and knew he arm was purple and she was barely breathing close to death. I called my older sister tried to wake her. No response, My father would not allow me to call 911 because of the cost and upset the dogs. My Sister arrived with her Son Dustin he scooped my mother up. My Dad was yelling at him cause he said get these dogs off of me! I drove we took her to the hospital she had a stroke and we did not know how severe it was so we said save her. The said that will mean hooking her up to life support of course we said what ever save her. Then later they came and said they did some tests and there was no brain activity. So we called my Dad after 3 days of tests they asked if the family wanted her shut off it was a 2 to 2 My Father and My Sister Vicki , In favor of shutting it off because to keep her going they said they would have to start removing limbs they were dying. Lisa and I were selfish we wanted every second. I know it seems like I am rambling but there is so much more to this that I am leaving out. Just to make someone see that we have never asked or received the kind of help you would think a person would need to deal with all of this. Okay back on track. Feb , 26 of 1993 My mother gone Shirley Mae (Mann ) Simmons – Bryson Dec, 30, 1934 to Feb, 26, 1993 The oldest living female in our family ever at 59 yrs of age. It was bad real bad. But somehow us Girls held tight together and kept going. Some good times , Some bad times, Divorce’s , Marriage’s so forth. Now our Brother Donald was distant because he got into trouble as a teen. They gave my mom a choice between a juvenile home or sending him to live with my father — aka alcoholics , wife beating, abortionist, My Mom did not want to see him put away so she let him go to California with my real father. Now Of course all this happened many years before my real father shot himself. The point is my brother turned out just like him an abuser , several DWI wanted in many states , finally I think found refuge on an Indian reservation, for some reason they could not get him. Well On September , 26, 2007 My Brother Donald Martin Simmons- Feb , 28, 1953 – Sept, 26, 2007 , 54 years of age committed suicide , codeine and alcohol, So then that left us with 3 girls left Victoria Lynn ( SImmons ) Krogman – Huddleston , Karen Denise ( Simmons ) Hense – Svehla , and Lisa Renee ( Bryson ) Pittman – Keller. My sister Vicki fought cancer 3 times once at 18 of the bladder, Second at 45 of the Throat,Radiation for that time. I t came back lastly of the larynx she had to have her voice box removed, I was a long painful recovery, She had a more severe case because of a fistula they could not leave any connection between her mouth and lungs , Her mouth only went to her stomach and her stoma ( Hole in throat ) only went to her lungs. So she could not make any wind do operates the speaking devices that laryanectomy people use. Of course we could not afford the laptop keyboard that you type and it talks for you. Nor did she have the speed or typing experience to be comfortable with that .So communication was difficult. Thank god for the technology of texting so we had contact when we were not together in which she would simply write notes. How tired her hands must have been. Present time. Victoria Lynn ( Simmons ) Krogman – Huddleston , passed away on August, 12, 2012. of cancer metastasized from the lungs to the liver to the brain, When we had her in the hospital they told us she had maybe 2 days left. It almost drooped us all right there. She was a fighter she made it 8 but only about 2 1/2 days of consciousness’. Which brings me full circle to her Son Dustin Nathaniel Krogman, He has done time in the penitentiary in Leavenworth I believe. I think about 6 years not for sure, He never got clean , like I said he has his mom so afraid for his life , with the track records of the males in our family… She was an enabler……….. Now he has no life skills can’t pay bills , skinny as a skeleton, losing his teeth, and with out his mother in his mind he is nothing it was a co – dependency relationship. I know he just got busted again, DWI and I know he had drugs on him but not sure how much. I think it was enough to do time. I am for the first time Pleading for help , before we have another death to deal with. He is a worth while person a kind person. He is just hooked beyond his ability to walk away and he says he will do it on his own … he won’t he can’t his Mother my sister pleaded with him. He loved her so much , she was his world and he could not stop for her. So I guess I haven’t made this long story short , But I am asking, pleading, begging , praying for some help. Pease can you help us he needs treatment so , so bad. I don’t know how may blows this family can take. Not asking for pity , Just HELP.
    Thank you so much for you time. If anyone reads this if you have a connection to help, please help us we have no money to speak of we pooled what we had to cremated our sister.
    There is so much more devastation’s to this story I left out. I just pray it is enough for someone to feel some of what we are going through and help us.

  22. Corrina says:

    Dearest Karen,
    As a sit here & read your life my heart aches & my eyes fill with tears! I myself am @ a point in my life where all my trauamas have caught up with me. I really feel you are at the point where you are screaming “someone just help our family please…..” I know that cry. I pray Dr. Phil will hear your cry now!! You are not alone, life is cruel, stick close to the ones you know will love & support you, that is what will get you through days where all you feel is torment. Love will conqueur all!
    Sincerely, Corrina Fischer

  23. Hello,

    I am writing you to bring attention to Dr. Phil fans that there is a very important episode approaching us on Wednesday, 10/17/12.

    While Dr. Phil has some amazing and relatable topics he discusses everyday, there is one we would like to bring everyone’s attention coming up on Wednesday 10/17.

    He will be discussing modern day slavery AKA Human Trafficking. It has been a topic of concern because it is becoming a worldwide issue that needs to be stopped. Women AND men are being used a objects sold into sexual slavery for money. Almost all victims are kidnapped, and can be as young as 5 years old. It is really astonishing and disgusting that people have the decency to harm people’s lives by selling them to others for money.

    This concern needs to be make everyone aware of what his currently and rapidly happening in our world today. Actress and goodwill ambassador against Human Trafficking for the United Nations, Mira Sorvino, will be the guest star as she reviews with Dr. Phil this horrific matter at hand. She will also be discussing her latest film “Trade of Innocents” which is solely about sexual slave trade of innocent young girls in South East Asia.

    Together, we can help stop and prevent this from happening to innocent people, and a good way to start is having the knowledge on how it’s happening and how we can help.

    Tune in this Weds. 10/17. We look forward to your feedback after you view this important episode.

    Thanks for reading!

  24. Bearhart says:

    Dr. Phil,

    Can you please have some “happy” shows? There have been too many sad, depressing shows & I would like to see some shows that have a happy result or something good happening.

    Thank You

  25. GSD lover says:

    Would like to see a show on the pros and cons of physical touch in therapy. Is “crossing the line” on the “slippery slope” ever acceptable?

  26. On your show about OCD, at the end of the show you said Dr. Lawless was giving everyone in the audience a tape on this.

    Then you said and for our listening audience you can all go and download one free. The link will be up.

    Well I have searched every where and can not find the link but would love the tape. Can you help please. Did I misunderstand or what. Thanks for any help. Eileen

  27. You can find it on that day’s Show Page under RELATED RESOURCES on the lower right side of the page: http://drphil.com/shows/show/1893/

  28. pat2hig says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Regarding your show, Fiancee vs. Mother-in-Law to be…
    When my daughter married, I couldn’t stand the man. I swallowed my pride and my tongue for 10 years. I put up with the man’s nonsense until my daughter realized what an idiot she married and they finally divorced. Had I voiced my opinion, I would have lost the relationship with my daughter and my beautiful grandies. Sometimes you have to GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. And, you can’t always have everything. Often, you must choose between being right and being happy. I chose happy… thank God!

  29. Rowaida says:

    Dr Phil;
    I’ve been watching you religiously for the past ten years and I love all your shows. I’d love to see more fun and happy shows with Robin on feeling good; self esteem, makeovers and keeping marriages alive. Also, I have a lot of single friends that need help getting a mate.
    Your staff is awesome!

  30. Stephanie Brewer says:

    Dear Dr. Phil, I watched the Thursday, November 8th episode about mothers who hate their daughters today. Dr. Phil, I am so disturbed by the second mother, Tiffany, that I am lying here awake at 1:15 in the morning tossing and turning because I am so concerned for this child. I have the utmost respect for you and I can’t imagine that you would allow this mother to be able return home and be alone with her daughter, but it would ease my mind so much if I knew for sure, as at the end of the show, you really didn’t specify. I cannot rest tonight and will continue to be restless until I know that this child is safe. When I heard this little girl talking about having conversations with her Barbies about her abuse, it absoulutely broke my heart. I know that these situations happen more often than we even realize, but it is so disturbing to actually see a mother have such a nonchalant attitude when she is clearly abusing her child. I lie here tonight shedding many tears for this little girl, as I, myself, are a mother of two beautiful daughters. I am praying for this child and will continue to do so. Please, Dr. Phil, put my mind at ease. Thank for your time. Sincerely, Stephanie Brewer, RN

  31. Renee says:

    Hi Dr. Phil, Robin & Staff!

    Great work so far on season 11! I recently watched your show on mothers who hate their children. I am losing my mind with worry about Tiffany’s daughter!! Please provide us an update! All over your site people are asking about the safety of this little girl. You have a very compassionate audience, an audience that knows that something needed to be done to protect that little girl! Yes, Tiffany needs therapy – I think we all agree. Her daughter, on the other hand, needs protection immediately! Again, we all agree. I, for one, do NOT want to hear, see or read about something horrific or tragic happening to this child. Please provide us an update so that collective minds can be put to rest, and I can actually get a night of sleep!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for a show that undoubtedly helps the masses!

  32. Jaime says:

    His remarks are aziamngly out of touch. How many years of anxiety, depression, and fear of rejection do we save our children by not being judgmental as his remarks clearly show him to be. I found his remarks to be so prejudicial. It is a difficult world to live in without our parents making it more so. I applaud your love for your child and the acceptance you give him. And you are right. It would so hurt him & traumatize him. The memories he has now even if he can’t name them later are the memories that will shape his inner joy and well being. I feel sorry for any child whose parents listen to Phil. And I congratulate you and your son for the journey you are sharing together!

  33. Melissa says:

    I found myself also looking forward to your season as I watched the promos on TV! Thank you for helping people. Thank you for always helping my own conscience grow.

  34. Denna says:

    Dr. Phil,
    Christmas 2012 has now come and gone and I hope you and your beautiful family had a very Merry Christmas. I don’t get to watch you very often but I am off work early today (my Mom has cancer and she has lab work every week and chemo every 4 weeks) I am my Mother’s care giver and her battle began 08/13/2011, she is doing quiet well all things considered. I am watching you on “Katie” and I really think this is awesome!! Two talk show host sharing the stage…kudos to you both! I admire you so very much for your upfront, straight talk, no bull take on life. I am certain that some people take that very hard….because sometimes “the truth hurts” and that is kinda hard to take. I want you to know how wonderful it is when I do get to watch, that you walk straight to Robin and you hold hands walking off. I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! I think you are wonderful, Your fellow Texan!

  35. Meg says:

    Chritmas promises are starting to fade and once again as I pack away the ornaments, I find the promises made to Him are tidely placed in the box until next year. Ogden Nash (I believe) wtote the poem, So That is That ( ?), which says these thought of our yearly habit of the promises we make in the name of The Christ Child each year, pushing the aside by New Year’s Day.
    Why is it, Dr Phil, I simply can’t follow through with those Christmas promises? I know the ‘tsadness that has been in my life (cheating husband) for the past yeats (4) is like this wall that blocks me. He who is an oncologist, left me and the kids, dogs and horses around the time I was diagnosed with MS and Lupus, for an old friend who Googled him about her recent cancer issues.
    Yes I know, there were problems in the marriage. Well, he came back a year ago and not much has changed. In fact, “it is the elephant” in the room. Where did my pride go? I prayed for strength, but it is fear I was given. I prayed to be the example my children need, but I sm the
    oposite. This was the first Christmas, that He wasnt present at. Another year of abuse and shame. Wondering where did my guts go? Even I don’t revgnize myself. And the latest ha ha you’re making too much out of something….was finding before Christmas that he’s on Ashle Madison. The old me would have kicked him to the curb. Where did that Meg go? An ornament to be placed back in box now. Maybe next year

  36. Cynthia Aiken says:

    I grew up in a home where my parents were abusive. I left my first husband when he wanted to kill our six children then myself then himself. At that time I started a path of healing. The healing and growth I have experienced has been enormous. You talk on your show about how writing your story can be healing. Lately I have been feeling stuck in my growth and think writing my story could get me unstuck. I have no clue where to start with that. I’m not a writer, I’m an artist, so I would need to have a writer work with me and a publisher willing to print the resulting book. Is it realistic to think this could be done? I grew up in the woods in Alaska so the book could be called “Growing Up Wild In The Last Frontier”. I love watching you on your show helping people to grow and heal from trauma. I totally respect your ability to find solutions to help people grow and heal. Would you be willing to help me get past this block in my growth? Anxiously awaiting and looking forward to your reply.

  37. jimwv says:

    the show of a woman shot her husband 6 times; and, you went to see her in prison. she received only four years, for this. now, if this was male, he would have received a much stiffer sentence of at least twice the amount of years. why wasn’t this explored? there is a double standard when it comes to men i.e. a friend and his wife were next door outside. the home caught on fire; their 4yr daughter died. they were standing next to each other. they were convicted of child endangerment – she got 8 months, he got 4 years. why aren’t things like this brought in more of your show. another example, a woman makes a detailed list of things her husband has to, clean…why didn’t you ask why??? if it were a man – it would be said he was trying to control his wife/girlfriend.

  38. jimwv says:

    I am enjoying your lasted book. however, why did you feel marking oprah’s battle in texas? I dislike her for several good reasons; one reason she if pregitest of social status and race. she was taking question from the aud. she came up to an elderly white woman; oprah told her “you have to stand in order to ask a question.” the lady said he has problems standing. oprah repeated her comment. the lady could hardly stand on her own. once finshed with this white lady, oprah went to a black lady. oprah did not required the black lady to stand, the black lady was in her 30’s. another (but, not all the reasons), there was a mud slide on the coast in CA. these were very upscale homes that upper middle or upper class. she (oprah) was raising money for these people because they didn’t have home owners insurance. if people that are smart enough to have an income to live there…just like people by $300,000 – 400,000 homes on a veriable interest rate. well duhhh why doesn’t oprah, help me? I am 100% disabled thru the VA. I have no savings, I live month to month. the 5+ years Obama has been in office – us disable VETS has not received a cost of living allowance (c.o.l.a.); except, during this last election. we got the raise in words only I can prove I/we have not received it.
    but you get my idea. there are double standard for the have’s and have-nots. I have not received any kind of help. I cant even file a home owner’s claim. the claim would be my 2nd claim – therefor, I will be dropped from erie insurance, my roof received damage from last years storm and I didnt claim my roof then. I didnt think there was damage; no roof parts fell off. seeing I do not do heights, a friend looked and said there was damage…

  39. Judy says:

    This was my first time looking at this blog and reading so many stories of insane abuse. Yesterday I watched a documentary called just, melvin about a family who had been abused so violently that even in death his evil cast a shadow over the two ex wives and the many daughters he abused in vile and disgusting ways. There is evil in our society and no president, police department or a single wonderful Doctor such as Dr. Phil can wipe away all the anguish, anxiety, fear and illness following the survivors of such devastation to the human soul. Still, there is hope given by some people that you can heal. The Lord gives hope and a promise of rest for the day. Prayer does work and it helps. I pray each of you will be able to find a safe place in your lives, a way to find it is through the Lord. Be sure you read how not to get caught up in a cult on Dr. Phil’s web site. Seek solace in good things not in drugs. They only mask the problem and cause more harm to the body. Don’t strike out in anger but get away from the negative atmosphere and seek some true joy in this world. You only live once and having all this turmoil is not what God wants you to have but you must help yourself get away from the abuse. We must find ways to show one another true care and love. So stand up and find a way out threw the cracks and crevices that remain. Abuse of a human person is not a life and should not be tolerated. It’s hard to get away but you can do it. Hide a little money in the garden or some place safe and when you have enough get the hell out. Go to a shelter and start over with some free counseling available in most cities through a church or mental health department. You don’t have to stay with people who hurt you. Yes you stumble and sometimes women don’t make good choices the second time either. Seek your strength and take care of yourself. Of course he says if you leave he will kill you but he might not especially if you stand up for yourself and continue to stand up by getting away. Yes sometimes thy follow you and try to get back in your good graces by making promises they can’t keep but be strong and don’t let them in learn by your past mistakes. Take care of yourselves and may God shine his grace on you as you makea new life. Maybe nothing I have said helps you but maybe it does. Just the fact I understand the pain.

  40. Sharon Colbert says:

    I am amazed at how many shows that i have watched is mine and my family. Dr Phil i have been wriring to you and Robin! I have an amazing 16 yr old that has turned wrong-he is very athletic-he is a left handed pitcher-he plays catcher and 1st base too- he has always wanted to be a professional baseball player-He is good enough he could but has turned to these nasty drug and I can not seem to get a grip on him or his drug habbit!!!! He has turned to drugs-weed- but i thinks its alot more than i know about! He and i both need desperate help. I used to be a bad drug addict and kicked it years ago. Now my son is and i and we need help I have asked the whole state of Maryland for help and can not get it where do i turn and what do i do???? I have even written to Robin-your adorable wife! I love her to death. She is pretty amazing! I was hoping and praying i could get help from you!!! Please Dr Phil can you help my son and I???????????

  41. mrs burton says:

    i havent seen anyone that does a show like yours dr phil…whatever negatives are said.. just let em roll off..cuz the dr phil show is more than a show.. its a public therapy miracle… and its what the public needs..im not gonna put my my long 50 year life story on this blog.. but i know where alot of people are comming from..and im gald you have made a public forum to help, and bring out in the open options to help those in struggle and crisis..its time to help those we can help, and heal those we can heal.. cuz too many good and deserving human beings have ben left in darkness..fighting thru their lives with the pain of felling like theres no hope for them…may the good lord bless you and yours…sincerely, robin..

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Dr. Phil,
    I have always loved your show and your advice continually seems dead on. However, I have been very disappointed recently. Your continued reference to your book and the fact that it was published by your son’s publishing company makes me feel like I’m watching an paid programming show hocking your book. The fact that you are so diligently promoting your son’s publishing company is almost embarrassing to watch. I wish the episode could be about the people you are helping and not helping your son’s career.

  43. Leslie says:

    Dr. Phil,
    First of all, I love your show, and your advice is always spot-on. I think you’re great!
    Now, my second reason for writing is my family could certainly use your help, if you are willing.
    Basically, my aunt, Paula, is mooching off my poor cousin. For the past 8 years, she has lived on Aundrea’s couch, letting her wait on her, hand and foot. Then we have Aundrea’s husband, who goes off to work every day, to bring home a paycheck to support his family, AND mother-in-law. Paula is taking advantage of the situation, with free room and board. There is no bedroom for her, so she resides in the living room on the couch 24/7. Can you imagine?

    I have tried my best to tell my cousin, Aundrea, to tell her mother she has got to live her own life. Get out and find a job, and either contribute to the family, or move out. I live several hours away, so I haven’t seen this for myself, but poor Aundrea tells me over the phone how miserable she is. (Not to mention she is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and is taking a chemo drug once a week). She is not in good health and should not have to cater to her mother. How can a mother sit by and let her ill daughter wait on her?

    I realize what needs to happen but cannot get it across to Aundrea. Can you help us?
    Sign me, “Helplessly Trying to Fix the Situation.”

  44. I have been reading over your blog(s) today. And I thought, “Just like James Dyson know about sawmills and how they work”, I know about the overwhelming grief of losing a child.

    I have been trying to cope with the loss of my beautiful son. Losing your only child has been extremely difficult and it’s gotta to be one of the greatest challenges of one’s live. I am living with the horrific pain and managing my grief by helping others. I created http://www.heaventine.com in honor of my son, Brent Robinson. Heaventine is a safe haven to share your thoughts, photos, videos, tributes, and to connect with others who have experienced a great lost. We offer an interest groups – or a member can start one of your own. It’s free to join and you login using your Facebook login.

    As I was reading through all your interesting stories, I felt a high percentage of your readers could benefit from Heaventine. Please stop by Heaventine.com and see this wonderful social network that we have designed to help grieving souls. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook Heaventine Like Page. Many interesting stories are there… I could not survive the death of my son without my Heaventine. It is my precious son’s legacy.


  45. Natasha Crenshaw says:

    Hello Dr. Phil, I’ve emailed your show numerous times. My name is Natasha from Oxford, Ms. I’m in a verbally and mentally abusive marriage. My husband and I have three boys ages 9,8&6 that are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and two of them are in wheelchairs. I have to literally do everything for the boys, dress and undress them, fed, bathe and changing of their diapers to name a few. I so desperately need your help. My husband is very much controlling and the only one that works and I have no finances to get out of this controlling marriage. I
    I posted a video on YouTube titled Dr Phil help me 3 boys with AUTISM.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely Natasha

  46. wanda hensley says:

    Dear Dr.Phil i am the mom of a national guardsmen serving in afghanistan. This is his second deployment to that dangerous war torn country. When the war first broke out against the taliban we heard news stories and support from many media sorces. Now it seems these brave heros are forgotten by everyone. You get the death toll on the news about once a week and thats pretty much it. Could you mention the job they are doing and give them some honorable support now and then? Thank you for your consideration. #proud army hero mom

  47. Bunny says:

    Finally. It will be a breath of fresh air. I was just about to start watching something else because I got tired of seeing reruns. It will be exciting to see follow ups of some older shows. Thanks.

  48. Carolyn Tessmer says:

    My comment is for all of those people that are in a controlling relationship as I have been and can’t access the Dr. Phil.com or the use of a phone safely to call the domestic violence abuse hotline. If that is the case then what?????

  49. Joanie King says:

    Hello Dr. Phil, is this blog still active since the last post was nearly a year ago? Is there a newer one u could direct me to? Thanks a lot! J. King

  50. Susan Anderson says:

    I’ve many e-mails to you about my 2 kids who are both special needs. We are a family in crisis and could use your help.

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