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About Dr. Phil’s Blog

Dr. Phil

Through his many books and his daily syndicated television talk show, Dr. Phil McGraw has galvanized millions of people to “get real” about their own behavior.

With his blog, Turning Point, Dr. Phil adds even another dimension as he comments on everything from the major front-page stories to the latest in pop culture to the most recent social trends that seem to be changing the way all of us live.

In his entertaining, dead-on style, he shares his opinions about the country’s most prominent newsmakers and celebrities. He talks about ordinary Americans who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. He even talks about himself and, yes, his own foibles. Above all, Dr. Phil challenges his readers, pushing them to discover what they have to do to move confidently forward.

Through humor, satire, straight talk and old-fashioned insight, Turning Point provides a large dose of sensibility for those trying to make sense of their lives.