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October 4th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Caption This!

Dreams blog

What in the world is Dr. Phil doing? Check out some of the following captions from Facebook, and then give us your best!

Laura writes: “Come on Dr Phil, let’s make sure your vampire teeth stay in for the halloween party!”

Lissa writes: “Dang it, is this my last rodeo???”

Narrelle writes: “How on earth did your tie end up in there!!!!”

Cheryl writes: “I know that BUG got in there….git em out…git em out….”

Tune in on October 14 to find out what Dr. Phil is up to!

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November 19th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Cell Phone Use is off the Hook

rude1So I’m sitting in a restaurant on Melrose and I hear someone’s cell phone start ringing at the next table, and a guy puts the phone to his ear and begins to shout — not talk, but shout.

I sigh.

The man, I realize, is one of millions upon millions of cell phone users who don’t seem to realize that cell phones electronically amplify your voice, which means that you can speak normally — or, in most cases, even more quietly — when talking into them.  But then, I realize that the call is probably meant to impress the person sitting around him, as much as to impress the poor guy on the other end, and for that, yelling is sadly required. (more…)

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August 20th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

A Page Torn from the "Duh" Journal

aIt probably won’t come as any surprise to you that I get absolutely flooded with “scientific” studies from friends, colleagues, researchers and even some of you viewers with a great sense of humor, who believe you have uncovered new insights to human behavior — or at least like a good yuk-yuk moment. I love getting these.

Sometimes I’m thinking, “Jeez, this must be our tax dollars at work!” Somebody, probably you and me, is likely funding some of this “research!” Anyway, I thought I would clear a bit of my inbox. Who knows, maybe there is something here you really didn’t know. If so, you are either a guy with a football where your brain is supposed to be (I swear, I get that way this time of year!) and would be out of your emotional depth in a street puddle, or have been in a coma for a few decades. Anyway, enough smarty-pants remarks. Here’s the current crop with a few observations (more smarty-pants remarks).


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