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June 14th, 2012 by Dr. Phil

Be a Dad. Or Just Act Like One.

FDblogBigWe’ve done a lot of shows about dads — absentee dads, dads who are too strict or not strict enough, and even about abusive dads.

Father’s Day is this week, and I’d like to talk about the dads who stick around. The fathers who take their share of the sleepless nights. Those who change diapers without being asked. Fathers who push the stroller and the swings, who stick bandages on skinned knees and who applaud both the kindergarten sing-alongs and the high school drama productions. All you dads who’ve thrown your arm around the shoulder of the new graduate: both of you grinning with pride.

Thanks to all of you! You are giving your children a priceless gift.


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September 16th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Mommy Meanest?

blog9039_1In all the years I’ve been doing this show, I’ve never seen an audience react as strongly as during the taping of “Mommy Confessions.” I happened to look around the studio and noticed my wife, Robin, in tears. The video of a child’s sobs as he’s forced to stand in a cold shower as punishment literally took over the stage. It brought up emotions so powerful, I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the building. In fact, Robin told me that it was the first time she ever wanted to get up and walk out.

Jessica, a mother of six, sent me that shocking video. She admits to having difficulty disciplining her adopted 7-year-old son, Kristoff, and says that she’s tried other methods, but nothing works. Before you judge too harshly, remember that this 35-year-old, college-educated mom came to the Dr. Phil show for help and guidance. For Jessica, the cold shower — along with other punishments, such as pouring hot sauce in the young boy’s mouth — is a last resort to scare her son into behaving. (more…)

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May 20th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Loose Girls? Or Confused Girls?

TooYoungTooFastOn Friday’s show, we’re going to have a very frank and sometimes startling conversation about teenage girls and the reasons they are deciding to have sex.  I think you’ll be surprised at some of the things the girls say, including how so many of them see sex as no big deal.

The facts are what they are: this generation of teenage of girls is certainly becoming sexually active younger and faster than their moms.


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May 18th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

How Do We Stop Teenage Binge Drinking?

bingeDrinking1We’ve got an interesting show Wednesday on teenagers who love to party and their parents who don’t seem to know how to get the problem under control. Coincidentally, I’ve been following a lawsuit in Massachusetts filed by one mother, Kathi Meyer, who decided to do something about a group of teenagers who, one night, went out and partied, which she says led to tragic consequences.

Ms. Meyer’s daughter, Taylor Meyer, was a beautiful teenager — an honor student, an athlete, a young woman with a bright future. In October 2008, she was with a group of friends who decided to celebrate after a high school football game in their small Massachusetts town. After going to a couple of house parties, they headed to a wooded area that was popular for teenage drinking. They allegedly began binge drinking, throwing down one drink after another. Taylor, who was said to be drunk, wandered off alone toward a swamp and disappeared. She tripped and fell into the frigid waters. Three days later, after a massive search, her body was recovered. (more…)

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February 19th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Teen Love Drama

love1Do you remember your first kiss? Ah, young love. Admit it. You once went through it yourself — that feeling of being completely obsessed with a boy or a girl. You wrote your crush’s name all over your notebooks. You drove past his or her home at odd hours. You stuck anonymous love notes in locker vents, desperate to be noticed.

Today’s teens seem to be more obsessed with love than ever before. I have no doubt the fairytale romances they see on TV and in the movies — not to mention the reality stars they worship, who tie the knot after a month of dating — contribute to their behavior. A recent show, “Teens Obsessed with Love,” is an example of teen love gone way wrong. Seventeen-year-old Chloe was consumed with a boy her parents did not approve of. What’s worse is they believed Chloe was doing everything in her power to continue seeing the guy. (The teen says her folks have it all wrong.) On another recent episode, “Sami’s Struggle”, Sami says she fell under the spell of her older, controlling boyfriend, and hid her suffering from her friends and family. She even went as far as mutilating her body to please her boyfriend.  (more…)

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