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January 11th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Start Shooting for the Arts

camera1Not long ago, at the encouragement of my son, Jordan, The Dr Phil Foundation launched Little Kids Rock Across America, and I cannot tell you how passionate I am about what we’re doing. At a time when budget cuts have forced so many schools to eliminate their music and arts programs, our goal is to provide middle school kids the opportunity to play instruments, learn music and form bands — in other words, to get a chance to embrace their own artistic talents and watch them flourish.

And now, I am honored to be the spokesman for another unique program that will promote the arts throughout our communities. It’s called YouTube Video Volunteers, and interestingly, it requires your participation. What we want you to do is use your own artistic talents to create a video to help your favorite local non-profit arts organization. You can write and perform a song in favor of your city’s modern art museum, make a short film in honor of a theatre group, or choreograph and perform a dance promoting another arts organization close to your heart. The list of things you could do — a rap act, a dramatic soliloquy, a comedy skit — are endless.  (more…)

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December 10th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

It's Time for Kids in America to Rock Out!

found2My ears are still ringing from the jam session we had in the studio for last Thursday’s show. You would think I’d be used to it by now, after raising our very own rocker dude, our youngest son, Jordan. He can wail now, but boy, oh boy, those early years were rough! Ha! Jordan, I kid. I kid! (Sort of.)

I had such a great time with our amazing musical guests to kick off The Dr. Phil Foundation’s new music program called “Little Kids Rock Across America“, and man, they ROCKED. I’ve always said that parents need to encourage their children’s passions, and for some, that passion is music.

Not every kid is just a good student or athlete. For some, it’s music that can be a great way to enhance his or her self-esteem and help keep them out of trouble — “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” and all that. I really believe that when some children get to a certain age, they really want to feel like they belong to something, or at least have an identity that distinguishes them from being just a face in the crowd.  (more…)

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