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November 6th, 2009 by Robert Reames

Body Image vs. Self-Image

The following post is by a good friend of mine, and someone who knows a thing or two about living healthy, fitness trainer Robert Reames. Robert is a nutritionist, personal and group fitness trainer, motivational speaker and author of the book “Make Over Your Metabolism.” He is also the creator of the “Robert Reames Lifestyle Transformation System” DVD and Web series. You may recognize him from his many appearances on the show, including the “Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” series. Robert helps both Robin and me stay healthy and in shape, I know he can do the same for you!

Body image blogIf you’ve ever looked at celebrities and thought to yourself: “Does she really look like that?” “Is he that perfect?” The answer to these and other questions like this is — highly doubtful! I think it started back as early as the 1950s and the glamour days in Hollywood. The the way stars look seems to set the tone and the quest for the flawless body. Sometimes, even when a healthy weight is achieved, there are still parts of our bodies, that in our thoughts, don’t quite meet a level of beauty that the media and the fitness industry somehow convinced us that we need to reach. As technology continues to develop, so has the ability to enhance looks of perfection. Airbrushing, great lighting, make-up, photo shopping, plastic surgery, extreme dieting prior to a movie, TV or photo shoot, and other techniques are all used to create these illusions. This is the “glamour machine” in action. (more…)

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