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April 16th, 2010 by kristen

Our Kids are Counting on Us

bully_1Over the next few weeks, I’ll be delivering a series of public service announcements to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying. We have seen what bullying can do to our children — the hate, violence and even death. As I’ve often said, this is a real issue that is not going away, and the Dr. Phil team is determined to do everything we can to ensure that kids are protected from those who mercilessly taunt, intimidate and abuse them.   (more…)

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August 10th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

It's My First Day of School

Dr. Phil at workOne thing I’ve noticed about life is that it moves to a rhythm. There’s a rhythm to the change of the seasons, the time for vacations, the annual rituals of your family with birthdays and such. And for all of us, there was a rhythm with the beginning and ending of the school year.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for the end of school — to go rushing out that school door like in the movie Grease, to spend three glorious months sleeping late, hanging at the community pool and having fun. Even the summer job didn’t dampen the spirit because we didn’t have to study and sit still! But by the end of the summer, I was always getting bored with my “freedom” and secretly wanted to get back to school, and friends, and football and all the activities that went with it. Cracking the the books would be endured in exchange for the good parts! (more…)

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