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November 25th, 2010 by Dr. Phil

Thanksgiving: It’s All in the Family

thanksgivingblogTurkey Day! Ahhh. A much needed break that I am looking forward to, especially since I feel like my little family, now expanded by a new granddaughter, has so much to be thankful for. But I recently read an iVillage poll which found that 65 percent of all respondents are expecting some sort of family disagreement to break out before dessert is served on Thanksgiving Day.

And the disagreements aren’t usually about whether to serve pecan or pumpkin pie. For a lot of you, Thanksgiving has become that oh-so-unhappy day during which everyone gathers to carve up a lot more than the turkey. A sister might just happen to mention to another sister that it looks as if she’s gaining weight, and a mother-in-law might say something just slightly sarcastic about her son-in-law’s choice of careers. And then there is always Uncle Harry who drinks more than he eats, and starts flapping his big fat mouth, and tells embarrassing stories about his brother’s first marriage, or at some point, an overly-sensitive niece will break into tears because someone will ask her point-blank if she is EVER going to “catch” a husband! (more…)

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November 25th, 2009 by Dr. Phil

Thanksgiving at the McGraws

turkeyI, for one, love calling a timeout in November so that I can not only reflect on my many blessings but also say my thank-yous. It is a very relaxed family day at the McGraws that starts around noon as people begin to arrive.

I always get up early on Thanksgiving Day and head off to play tennis. I figure I’ll get in a good work out so I can pig out without feeling too bad about it! By the time I get home, Robin has the house buzzing! She always has the house fully decorated for Christmas by Thanksgiving Day, and she will have Christmas music playing inside and out. Every television in the house will be tuned to a football game (one of my long-standing traditions). Football and Christmas music: Who could ask for more?


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